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Hi. I'm von steiner.

I've just joined this site and i hope that i'm going to have fun.

My favorite movie is the good, the bad and the ugly and my favorite books are the lord of the rings trilogy and the return of sherlock holmes.

I'm planning to write a fantasy novel.

Hello, I am Nger_warlord. 

I am 21 years old and I major in the field of 3D arts, Animation, Design and Visual effects.

I love to shoot my Scar-17, ksg shotgun, glock 17, DTA HTI 50.bmg and etc, but I what I truly enjoy is just sit on my bed or couch and think or imagine about the script or Fanfic that I'm writing.

I sometimes enjoy remixing musics, such as dubstep, chillstep, or sometimes classic-hybrid music.

I play waterpolo, and I practice Taekwondo.  

Now enough chit chat. 

We must kill all da orcs and drink their blood!!!

Exactly, but how did you discover Tolkiens works?

Welcome to PT, Lord Von Steiner and Nger_Warlord. I hope you'll enjoy of your stay.

Do explore, do participate. I'm Oerath Windsoul, or just Oerath and I manage two threads: Musician's Guild (Misc Guilds) and Do you've a poem (Writer's Guild).

I also aim to be managing The Wanderer's Tavern (Writer's Guild), which I re-launched today. So if either of you are into writing or music, be sure to check these threads out.

Welcome to all new members! I hope you'll all have a wonderful stay at this amazing planet.
If you have any questions (or problems) regarding the website, please let me know.

Welcome Lord Von Steiner and Nger_Warlord 

Taz is still here!
Taz is still here!



My name is Alana, I am 20 year old girl from London; huge fan; I was a regular here a couple of years ago; does anyone remember me? I had to go away for a couple of years.

May I humbly request I be allowed back into your most excellent company?

Hello, Alana and welcome to PT. And yes, your username rings a bell. Smile Smilie

Hi Oerath,


Thanks for your reply; I have tried to reply in "chat" but I am not sure how you "send" the reply?


Just type in your message and press enter. It should work, but if it doesn't, then the problem is not in your end.

Ah!..thanks , Oerath, I will try that....Is LeeLee still here?..I remember her with great affection...the kindest soul I have ever encountered...please dont say she is gone from us?,,,

Grrrr. Why hello. New dragon on the block here. Wink Smilie While I love the films, I prefer the books by a big distance. I look forward to making some friends here as a lonely dragon can be a terrible dragon. Wink Smilie Grrr

Welcome, Smaug; ...truly songs & tales fall utterly short of the reality, O Smaug, the chiefest & greatest of calamities....

Welcome to PT, Smaug. I hope you enjoy of your stay here, just don't go sowing too much destruction with that fire breath of yours. Smile Smilie

Hello,  am Aniron. I'm really not sure if this is where I should introduce myself, though I was directed here. I am an undying fan of Tolkien's works. I've read the Trilogy, the Silmarillion, and just bought the Book of lost Tales part one and two, and Morgoth's Ring. Of course, I love the movies as well to no end. I am always on a quest for more insight on Tolkien's World and everything to help me learn more about it's people, cultures and history. 

I love to read and write. That is how I stumbled upon this site, because I was looking for some information for a story. 

As you may have noted when I said I wasn't sure where to introduce myself, I'm quite the klutz when it comes to technology.

Um, what else? I'm glad to be here Smile Smilie

Welcome to PT, Aniron Faensigil. I hope you'll enjoy of your stay here.

You're among fellow Tolkien fans now. Smile Smilie

And oh, you write stories and such? Then by all means; give some of our story aided threads a shot. 'Do you have a poem to share' (which has fallen out of use) and 'The Wanderer's Tavern' are managed by me.

Happy exploring!

- Oerath.

Welcome Aniron! Thanks to the illustrious member Oerath here, i now have a stolen Welcoming Song. So yes Aniron You are Most very welcome here, have a happy stay!

Hey I'm new I'm Man of West Gondor! I'm glad to meet fellow Tolkien Fans and I hope to get to know people on here Smile Smilie

Welcome to all the new members! Enjoy your stay and feel free to ask for help when needed. ;-)

I am Corey, I like sports and designing, I am 11 years old and I love lord of the rings. I am currently reading the sillimarion and waiting for the 3rd hobbit movie to come out.

Welcome Billin! It's always great to see fellow Tolkien fans here, and even young ones, started young. Have fun and explore .

Welcome Billin

I'm not new (one of the old guard, actually), but just to say I'm back! I'll try to contribute some stuff I've been working on over the next few days.

Can anyone tell me how to make a forum? I have looked but I can not find out how.

Hi Billin

If you mean make a new thread there should be a 'Create New Thread' statement that you can click on when you are in a given forum...

... meaning click on Message Board to get to the larger selection of forums -- then click on a forum [like 'The Author' for example] where you can then see the threads listed in that forum -- then you should see 'Create New Thread' -- before you click on any individual threads in that forum however.

I think only moderators can create new forums, although I'm not wholly sure about that. Although it does say 'Forums' above the list of recently bumped threads... hmm, anyway I call those threads... 

... and that 'Forums' there might just mean these are threads in the forums. I guess.

Welcome, Rudi! I hope that you find your visits to be enlightening as we share our talents, gifts and insights into Tolkien's worldl. 

Hello all! I'm new and.. I'm not sure what to say, I'm really shy

But I hope I can make lots of friends here and.. This place is really cool!

Hullo, I'm Russandol Big Smile Smilie  I've loved Tolkien since...well, awhile.  I think I first read lotr about 6 years ago.  My friend told me I should read it, so I did.  And then I re-read it about 15 times.  And watched the movie about 100 times.  And read everything by Tolkien that I could get my hands on in general...  Anyways, not sure what else to put here...  This place looks like tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to start!

Hello everybody!

My name is Aryan and my title is Captain I am born in 1996 and I am an Iranian I am pro. tolkien fan and also I am a great fan of germany football team and also bayern munchen

Really it is my pleasure to enter this forum and to speak with you guys!

thank you for your attentionindecision

Hullo Lina, Russ, & Captain (and all the other newcomers, as well) - welcome! Always look forward to hearing new perspectives on anything Tolkien-related!

I am the traveler that many of you know as Inwithiel, and that name a friend gave to me to wander with, though in my younger days, I was known as Iheithian. Ilumíre is a name I still hold in my heart from the most ancient days, in a world that is now gone.

Welcome Inwithiel, great to have you here! I look forward to seeing whatever avatar you upload blush

Hello! I'm some young person with dwarfism (though strictly speaking my height more resembles a hobbit's) and still, I have an Elven name, Nemirwen Helyanwë.

I'm from cold northern Europe, hailed all the way from Norway and I'm 17 years old Smile Smilie Loving everything of Tolkien! My boyfriend and his brother owns all the books and have read them all which makes them so much better! I haven't read them yet but I think the movies are marvelous! 

I like reading and writing and watching movies, and spending time with my eight brothers Smile Smilie (My actual eight brothers!)

Hope to be accepted into this community! indecision

A warm welcome to Planet Tolkien, Helyanwë. I hope you'll very much enjoy of your stay here, and oh, consider yourself accepted to the community already!

Be seeing ya across the threads.

- Oerath.

Hi! Im from South Dakota. Im a young guy suffering with depression and schizophrenia. In my time alone as a small kid I discovered LOTR and fell in love with the books and tales and just the whole world enchanted me! Besides LOTR my favorite things are gaming, fishing, hunting, and music. I play guitar and I have a few close friends i play music with and cause mischief with. Im just a highschool kid, senior year,  and trying real hard to just keep movin on. Suffered a break up and thats brought me closer to suicide than ever.. but in my room i found my old LOTR books and opened them up again.. Read through some of my favorite parts and it reminded me its not quite the end of the world, no matter how bad it seems. So Im recovering ^.^ well thats me.. I look forward to meeting you others and having fun in this comunity!

Hi I'm Mariah. I'm from California. I have a couple mental things wrong with me. Like i have ADHD, and minor OCD, an anxiety disorder, and dyxlexia. But when I was in thrid grade, I started reading the Harry Potter books and it's like my dyxlexia vanished. I have trouble writing sometimes, but reading comes naturally. I found this website while doing a little research for a friend, and since I love the LOTR and anything tolkien I figured why not. I'm in high school, and I'm really into theater. My first monolouge my frechman year of drama was the opening of Fellowship. I hope to find other people who share the love because I've found like no one in my derranged high school! I'm the lead singer in a band, I play guitar, I also write. I work a lot, and hate math. and what like coffee? I love to rock climb and boulder, and I long board. And I'm a firm believer in ALL of the hobbit meals. Mainly because I hate eating disorders in the past. But I'm all recovered. In all, I love music, books, and coffee/tea.I love talking to people, so by all means, please, talk to me if you so desire. Unitl then I'll be sharpening my arrows for the next battle! Oh and in case you're wondering, my name in elvish means golden sun

Welcome, welcome Tyfir and Mal. I understand your ailments completely and you are more than welcome here at PT. It truly is a second home. Though not at the glory it used to be, you'll find that in a world of hate, politics, judgement, corruption, lies and just plain evil, Planet Tolkien is a bastion of hope. I have frequented many forums, and this place is unlike anything. No trolls, no insults, the occasional passive aggressive argument but I'll take that over name calling flame wars any day! People use reason and logic here and it's amazing.

Never be afraid to ask a question or make a comment, even if you're unsure about something.  I promise nobody will think any less of you. In fact we love when people ask questions because we also love answering them! Anything to talk Tolkien.

What Balrogs said. Smile Smilie I couldn't come up with a better welcoming speech. So, Tyfir and Mal, welcome to PT. Here you'll find everything you need to find about The Professor and his splendid world of fantasy. And rest assured, if you catch any of us over the chat, do not hesitate to say hello. Your hails shall be answered.

So, both of you, dive into the ocean of threads filled with hope, wonder and information, explore the contents of those threads and remember.. To do a lot of posts!

I am Oerath Windsoul, a writer among many, who enjoy publishing material on this site, but just call me Oerath. Everyone else does!

What else.. Well, if you're into music, or you play some instrument(s) - head to Musician's Guild. (An older thread managed by me). If you're into writing in some form - head to 'The Wanderer's Tavern / Do you have a poem' (Which is quite in-active though). And last, but not the least, there's a thread called 'Stories, fifty words or less', which is a very clever and fun thread. The basic idea is to create a Tolkien inspired shorty by using only fifty words at max.

Alright, one more thing left to say. Be seeing ya over the chat and the threads!

PS. Planet Tolkien is a bastion of hope. Balrogs, that was utterly epic.

Hi everyone! I'm new, and I hope to get to meet you all who love LOTR. I love LOTR too, and I'm so excited to be able to join a group of people that share the same interest. So, I'm going to explore this site now, and hopefully be able to join your discussions. Smile Smilie

Hello and welcome to PT!


You've come to the right place! Lots of discussions thread and kind people to help you should you need anything. If you do don't hesitate to ask us!

Hello Planet Tolkien members!

I'm new to this website, and I'm very excited to meet everyone who loves Tolkien and his works. I am a teenage girl, and I like writing, acting, and chicken.

I hope that I would be able to join your discussions, and hopefully someone can tell me about this website first... (what is weather??)

I'm also a learner of Quenya, and I hope to meet other people who learn Quenya too or other languages of Middle-Earth.

Mostly, I just want to get to know other fans of LOTR, The Hobbit, and J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm very glad I found this website, and hello! (I also love Legolas, by the way)

Hello and welcome to PT Anvanye! Waving Hello Smilie

You'll find loads of interesting information and discussions around the forum. If you need any help feel free to ask us Wink Smilie

As for the weather you'll have noticed that when you log in you received Mithril. These are used when you send private messages to other users. As you know the weather in Middle Earth is very capricious and the postmen fee will depend on how good or bad it is.

Hey after all its not very comfy going through the dimrill pass through a snow storm Orc Grinning Smilie

A warm welcome to our newest members, Eleldriel and Anvanyë.  I hope you both will enjoy of your stay and do a lot of exploring. Smile Smilie

If there's anything I can help with, assuming that I'm online, though I tend to lurk about during most evenings, then I'll gladly offer my help.

So, be seeing ya!

Hi I just watched TLOTR & The Hobbit and  I love it obviously. I would be starting to read the books. I join this forum because I have A LOT of Questions. 

Welcome! Thrice Welcome to the best fan community of Tolkien lovers! Fire away on the questions mate...

Greetings, I am Bywll (Bill) I'll be brief, for I am a dwarf, and dwarves are brief in many ways...

Gi Suilon! I was very pleased to have found this place, as it looks warm, inviting, and very interesting. My elvish name is Idril and I enjoy singing, drawing, reading, and experiencing new things. I am not only a fan of Tolkien's work, but also of Rowling and C.S. Lewis. [I'm also trying to learn Sindarin, but I'm using many different sources, so I wouldn't mind it if you'd correct me if I'm using the wrong phrase.] Gi Hannon!
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