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My name's Timothy. I enjoy role-playing games and love lord of the rings. I do Asian, Arabic, and some European martial arts and collect weaponry from the movies and love to compare them fighting styles of real ancient cultures. Some of my friends also do martial arts. One of my friends recently bought a $300 replica of an elven blade and hates it because it has no guard. I have a great dwarven axe that I accidently broke a lamp with when I was... fighting a dragon. I got a uruk blade a while ago and it is really cool because it works amazing with this one Arabic sword set. I'm rambling now so I'll stop but so far I love the forum and am thrilled to get to talk with all of you!

hello Timothy, lovely name by the way. I am thinking you are about , hmm sixteen to eighteen? I remember thinking Thorin Oakenshield was in his thirties and then we met on Facebook and I was so amazed at all the knowledge and expertise and intelligence flowing from one so very very young. I would love to see what you have, I love sword play, and archery as well. We have a good archery club here and we all take turns with the sword. I , however, suck and if we used real blades I should be , er, very broken up to say the least.

Please, talk as much as ever you choose, we are listening. Smile Smilie

Welcome Smeagol,Eruaphadriel,Frodo's Finger,Cat and Fool of a Took.

Wow,I did actually get all the names right.It's great to see so many new-comers.Have fun guys and keep in touch.PT has resources for every kind of race that passes bySmile Smilie

See you.

I'm not 16.... or 18.... Would you believe 12? I usually don't like to share my age in fear of being treated as a child but I'm very comfortable in PT. I prefer to talk to adults only because they are more mature but it is weird or uncomfortable for some adults to talk to a child online.

I hope I'm not weirding anyone out but I only ask to be treated as any other Planet Tolkien member and taken seriously because I am capable with communicating with adults. I don't think you would treat me differently, in fact you are all fantastic people and I am so happy to have found Planet Tolkien and all of you!

Er...Hi..I am new here..not sure what I am doing..I dont even know if I am on the right site ?

Oh well, here goes...My name is Alana, I am an 18 year old girl living in UK...It is cold & wet here, but I have LOTR to keep me warm....really nice to meet you guys...I am huge Tolkien fan...lok forward to talking to you guys (hope there are some other girlie fans out there?)

@Fool of a Took:Good to have you here too.And by your username and avatar I'm sure we are going to be best friends in no time.There was a 13 year old fellow recently on PT who came by the name of Grishnakh and who has stopped visiting sadly and he was the youngest I believe till you came along.

@Alana:Hia there and welcome

Ahhh...thanks, Odette; hey , I have a friend !!

look forward to talking to you & all the other people here

It seems like this is really friendly site; we are going to have soooo much fun!!

Hi, I'm from Spain, forgive me if my English is not very good.
I'm a big fan of Tolkien's universe, and I specially love The Silmarillion. I hope I can share opinions and ideas of diverse topics with you Wink Smilie.


Hi Fingeor,

My name is Alana; I am from England; actually your English is very good.

I love The Silmarillion too ;my favourite story is Beren & Luthien; guess I am a hopeless romantic.....

What's your favourite story ?


Welcome all new members! (Sorry, hard for me to remember your names right now, but I know who you are) Hope you all have a wonderful stay in PT and join me in some of the games sections soon. blush

Thanks for the welcome, Gimli-Man 43; the games section sounds good!!

I am so happy to have found PT.

Hi Fingeor,

My name is Alana; I am from England; actually your English is very good.

I love The Silmarillion too ;my favourite story is Beren & Luthien; guess I am a hopeless romantic.....

What's your favourite story ?


Thanks for your welcomes!

I was just talking about it in the Silm's thread. I think the sad, dark and destructive story of Turin is one of the best things Tolkien ever wrote. But I can't choose... Gondolin and its fall, the painful life of Húrin and Morwen, the fate of Maedhros, who was brave but had to deal with a terrible curse upon him... and of course Beren and Lúthien...

Games section? Ufff, I have to inspect this site deeply...

Yes, we have a wonderful selection of game threads on PT (I am currently working on reviving some old ones...) and I usually spend most of my time in them. So unless you want to miss out on the best part of PT, head over to Wheel of Tolkien, one of the longest running threads we have here (140 pages so far).

Hi new peeps, If you'd like to be mentioned in the birthday list please PM me your birthday and I'll sort it out for you.

Oh and welcome to PT.

Actually I think Cheesy is the youngest user at the moment Odette Smile Smilie

Hey everyone. Still getting the hang of posting on here. I am capable with a computer but not in the least eloquent of speech. Not on the internet anyway. Smile Smilie I am someone who does tend to ramble a bit so... If I do so too much, just tell me. 

I am a Canadian and live in an igloo and ride polar bears. Wink Smilie Not actually. It is very cold over here though.

In fact, I am a huge fan of the LOTR movies and unlike lots of you, the movies got me into the books. Not vice versa. Tolkien has been one of my huge inspirations in some of my writings. I accredit him for that. But another one of my greatest inspirations is Peter Jackson, director for the LOTR. I am an aspiring director myself. (At least that's what I say.) After all, I'm not out of school yet. It's a work in progress. 

So... I write, a lot. And about many different things. Smile Smilie Writing is a massive piece of me. 

That's about it. I would love to meet all of you! Thanks for listening.

Welcome to PT, Justus!

I, too, am Canadian. However; I am on the east coast.

I look forward to reading some of your writings in our writer's guild. Leelee moderates that section and reads all the submissions.

Enjoy your walk through the forums and feel free to share your opinion and insights. Smile Smilie

For all who I have missed welcoming...  Welcome to our humble abode and stay as long as you like

Hi Everyone,

I'm Kate and I've just joined. A bit about me... The Hobbit was my favourite bed time story and I was very excited when the lotr films came out. I was young and they made a big impression on me and remain the best films I've ever seen. I tried to read more Tolkien but wasn't ready! So now aged 17 I have started and am half way through The Fellowship and have The Silmarillion and The Children of Hurin lined up! However this is the first time I've read a book after seeing the film and imagery from the film keeps popping into my head! Oh well... its amazing

Welcome to PT, Kate, and I hope you'll enjoy of your time here. I'm Oerath, the wandering poet, and this place is full of secret pathways and hidden halls. So..

Be sure to discover them all!

- Oerath.

Fool of a Took,

I am honored that you chose this site to hang out in. And, honestly, I can say, at least for my part, that to be here in Middle-Earth takes the child like wonder and joy such as you have and Merry and Pippin and the other 'tweens' to be a success. Stay please, you are already precious.

To all the rest of you, as I read each one of your posts I feel excited and thrilled, you each of you seem so incredibly talented and are unique and special in your own way. Exactly what we need.

I am so sure if dear Grondy was here right now he would shout out his happiness at the addition of so many dear ones. Welcome, a thousand times welcome.

Hi Fingeor,


Oh yes...Turin...what a tortured hero...and the fall of Gondolin was so sad...i cried...and what about Tuor & idril; and their son was Earendil, who married Elwing(who was descended from Beren & Luthien); and Earendil & Elwings sons were Elros & Elrond......sorry, I am going on a bit here.. I tend to get carried away...sometimes I fantasise that I am that really sad ?

Dont think i could be as brave as her,

Fingeor,Justus and Communikate..welcome to PT and have a great time here.

Alana,your joy is infectious.We are all friends now and I look forward  to interacting with you all.See youSmile Smilie

Hi Odette,

AWWWHH..thanks very much, are so kind here...yes; lets get talking...!!



Come to threads,just jump in anywhere you find is your interest or comfort zone.Plus we have the chat section,but due to members all around the globe,it's really hard to get together for a chat.

See youSmile Smilie

Thanks Odette,

Yes I can see it would very difficult to get every body together from around the world... I will explore.....

Take care now...

Thanks for your welcomes!


Alana, why don't talk about all of this in the Silmarillion sub-forum?
I feel so isolated there talking alone

Oh gosh...Iam so sorry Fingeor; I didn't know about this Silmarillion thread....

I hate to think of you all alone there......!!

I will try & find this forum...sorry, I am not very good at this stuff...

see you on the Silmarillion forum soon....but I can only get online at certain times; I am patient with me.


Don't worry, anytime you want. It was only a suggestion 

Ah, the sub-forum is here, for if you don't find it.

Thanks for that, fingeor; speak to you on that forum soon....

Hey, I'm Ash and guess I might be the oldest member of PT (with the proud age of 24!). Like all of you, I'm a huge Tolkien fan and write a few pieces of fantasy-fiction every now and then. I work as a translator and I'm also having a master degree in English Literature. I don't think that was a successful introduction but still...Well, thanks for this site everyoneSmile Smilie

Hi Ash and welcome.

You're hardly the oldest here, by a long shot Smile Smilie

Welcome, Proserpine. Hope you have a wonderful and lengthy stay in PT. You'll find everything you came here for, and more.

Well, I am quite new so I thought I would introduce myself here. I love this site as it is such a wonderful place to talk and interact with people who share the same love and passions. Reading your posts is an inspiration to me in all my works. Writing... so on. The first time I heard of Tolkien was from my older brother, who had read some of his works. I watched the movie before I read the books so I have quite a respect for it. After I watched the movie I went on to read many of his other books. I am a heartfelt follower like most of you on this siteSmile Smilie I love to learn new things about them and discuss area's of opinion. I would also love to get to know more of you, I love to talk so feel free...



And so thy words were read, and thus I welcome you, Fahvier.

I've been more into writing than reading lately, but tonight, I'm going to continue my journey with 'A song of ice and fire'; and see where it leads me.

I'm looking forward to talk with you, since I like to be very social and friendly to each person I see on the chat, or talk to on the threads.

And if music is your passion, be sure to tell about it in my 'Musician's Guild'.

- Oerath.

I am excited to talk... I have to admit I have almost zero musical talent:/ I try, but utterly fail.

Hello Fahvier,

I must admit I love talking too,so just ravage the forums,see what you like best and put in your opinion and we will join youSmile SmilieI watched the movies first too so they are pretty special to me.Anyways,stay as long as you wish,a hearty welcome to youSmile Smilie

Wow, I already like this placeSmile Smilie Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm super happy that I'm not the oldestSmile Smilie Will try to be as active as possible! cheers

Thank you Odette! I look forward to speaking with you, whether it be on chat or the forums. I will be sure to search through the history books of forums, and give my opinionSmile Smilie 

Im awesome and i love the lord of the rings, the hobbit, the silmarillion, children of hurin, etc. This is an awesome website!

Hi, I've just signed up, I've been an avid reader of Tolkien for over 15 years, with the Silmarillon being my alltime favourite book. 

I love to talk about any aspect of Tolkiens works, and have a good in depth knowledge I think.

Hello everyone. Deeply immersing myself in the HoME at present, and wanted to join a forum to be alongside fellow travellers through the mind of Tolkien.

Hi all

I am a new member. I am a LOTR FANatic and have read the the books so often I've literally worn mine out! I have watched the extended version of the movies so often that my son and I speak the lines with the actors. We are eagerly awaiting the Hobbit. i read the Hobbit before the LOTR but i didn't read the Silmarillon until after the LOTR, so of course I had to start again. I found the appendices interesting and enlightening, they were the reason i read the Silmarillon. My favourite race are the Elves, if i were younger I'd have a go at learning the language.

Welcome all new members! Hope you have a wonderful stay here, and find everything you were looking for and more.

Most welcome,Fahvier.

Awesome67,Andwe,Urilwe and Opaleyes.Wonderful to have you all here.Welcome to the siteSmile Smilie

Hello every one!

Well hello there!

For those whom I have not had contact with I am Brego.  I've been a member of this wonderful site for a few months now and have have it to be a great experience in all things Tolkien.  I love all of the professors' books, the films as well.  My interests are horse riding, film, graphic design and having fun with my friends. I live in Melbourne Australia.  Im waiting with great interest and expectation on the new Hobbit films and am intrigued by the fantastic posts on this site regarding it.

Favorites -  Valar Yavanna -  Maia  Tilion - Elf Finrod Felegund - Man Beren - Dwarf Balin - Hobbit Lobelia

Happy life to you all and by the way we have the same grading system here as you do Cheese in the UK.

Welcome, welcome. How  very interesting your studies sound. Almost like a holiday in some ways. We hope you will stay forever, then we too shall have a happy ending here.

Eamdil,Brego...welcomeSmile Smilie

Kia Ora/ Hello/Hi as they would say in New Zealand, I am new to Planet Tolkien in a registration sense but have also being a regular contributor to the website that has come under the umbrella of Planet Tolkien and that is The Hobbit movie news.

I enjoy movies, reading(LOTR) at the moment, I play a bit of online games, I work during the day.  This site is a whole new ball game for me. indecision

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