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'There lies the fastness of Southern Mirkwood,' said Haldir. 'It is clad in.....' - from 'Lothl’rien' FotR
.. chocolate, cream, red jelly and marzipan, it engulfs any intruder or trespasser and they have to eat themselves away to their Doom.

"Shall I always be left behind when the Riders depart, to mind the house while they....." Lady ’owyn in The Passing of the Grey Company (tRotK)
.....get to go on Retreat where they pray, study, and fast, all the while maintaining silence for one whole weekend.

'But why not kill them quick, kill them now? They're a cursed nuisance, and we're.....' - from 'The Uruk-hai' in TTT
....already late for our gym-classes, I bet we'll have a parade tomorrow if we don't hurry, boys!

"For you are not daunted by words; and you have courteous speech, strange though the sound of it may be to us......." Denethor to Pippin in Minas Tirith (tRotK)
.....nevertheless, I don't like the tone of your voice so I am going to cut off your ears and feed them to my dogs.

'But there was so much at stake that I had to take some risk’though even when I was far away there has.....' - from 'Shadow of the Past' in FotR
.........gossiping, yes, talking behind my back, which is why I had to be carried back here by eight dainty dandies to face the thruth; yes I can dance!"

"I have seen a good deal of you. I have sat by your side with....... Bilbo in 'Many Meetings' - (FotR)
.....a glass of beer in one hand and a book in the other, hoping you would soon wake up so I could turn the page. I do wish Elrond would put a bedside table in his visitor rooms."

Full memory flooded back, and Sam cried aloud: 'It wasn't a dream! Then where....."
...can I find find a kettle of new-brewed tea and perhaps a flask of sherry to go with all the cookies and muffins I recall I've hidden here somewhere!"

"And I am going to make for Buckleberry Ferr as quickly as possible. I am not going out of the way, back to... Frodo to Pippin in 'A short Cut to Mushrooms' (FotR)
.....Bag End just to make sure you turned off the gas. If you did, no harm done; if you didn't, well, we'll just let Lobelia sort it out.

'We aren't careful about that.' said Merry. 'As a matter of fact I'm a Brandybuck, Meriadoc Brandybuck, though most people call me.....' to Treebeard in the chapter of TTT by the same name.
... stupid; because I've been flung out of every school I tried to attend, inscribed though by my family; except a friendly school of herrings I joined on their "road" to Greenland last September!

"But there is only one Power in this world that knows all about the Rings and their effects; and as far as I know there is no Power in the world that... Gandalf in 'The Shadow of the Past' (tFotR) Snowman Smilie
.....can both move mountains and empty the seas, all the while brushing their teeth.

The light of sun and star and moon
In shining lamps of crystal hewn
Undimmed by cloud or shade of night

- from Gimli's Dwarrowdelf song found in 'A Journey in the Dark' of FotR
...too dark to read, I'll get a light!

"Some years ago the Lord of the Black Land wished to purchase horses of us at great price, but we refused him for he puts... Eomer to Gimli 'The Riders of Rohan' (TTT)
.....them to use running inside the great wheels which power the forges and industry of Barad-d’r. We think this form of equine labor is unfitting for horses, especially those bred in Rohan.'

'Hullo! Good Morning!" (there he goes again) said Bilbo. 'Feel ready for the great council?'

'I feel ready for anything,' answered Frodo. 'But most of all I should like to .....'
- from FotR 'The Council of Elrond' a major part in one of J.R.R.T's adventures, maybe I could play the part of a famous and very inventive elf who gets and destroys a dangerous, powerful ring to save our civilisation!

"There's a party that came up the Greenway from down South last night - and that was strange enough to begin with. Then there's a travelling company of dwarves going ... Mr Butterbur ' At the Sign of The Prancing Pony ' (tFotR) perform a dramatic play in the common room tonight. I believe it is called 'Little Women' by one Louisa May Alcott, and is about a family of dwarven sisters making do until their father comes home from the mines.

There was a flash as if lightening had cloven the roof. Then Wormtongue..... from 'The King of the Golden Hall' in TTT .
...once again tried his blitz to get a proper photo of the Nine Ringwraiths struggling to master their new ponies without spoiling their nice new frocks and dresses.

"I dwelt there once, and I still return when I may. There my heart is; but it is not my fate to sit in peace,....." Strider to Frodo Flight to the Ford FotR

.....and eat cream-cakes while swilling hot chocolate mixed with swirl of red licorice.

'Haste, haste! Do as I have bidden! Slay me this..... ' - Denethor to his servants in 'The Pyre of Denethor' from RotK.
....time and I promise I will have revenge in the next game, it must be my turn to have five spades this time".

" I can see no signs of the enemy", he said "and I wonder very much what that means. But I have found something..." Aragorn to the four Hobbits 'Flight to the Ford' (FotR)
....but what is it, I've got, precious? Is it crunchable? Is it tasty? Yuck! Wishy-washy, wishy-washey, wishy-washy-whish.'

'After a little they found they were on a path descendind steeply; soon it grew so narrow that they went.....' - from 'The Window on the West' of TTT
...right into the Pearly Gate, where St.Peter called them by name and asked them to join a team he was forming to fight evil in past, present and future".

"I am so sleepy", he said,"that soon I shall fall down on the road. Are you going to sleep on your..." Pippin to Frodo 'Three is company' (FotR)
.....hammock strung between two trees or on the stony ground being attacked by creepy-crawlers?

'When Winter comes, and singing ends; when darkness falls at last;.....' from Treebeard's Ent & Entwife Duet found in 'Treebeard' of TTT.
... so many prayers and folded hands;
they beg in hope, perhaps in vain: give us another cast."

"His sword was long, his lance was keen,
his shining helm afar was seen;
the countless stars of heavens's field....
Sam Gamgee 'A knife in the Dark' (FotR)
.....were mirrored in her eyes of green.

'Will you ride with me then, son of Arathorn? Maybe we shall cleave a .....' - from Helm's Deep of TTT.

.. hair or split an argument or two, while our fiends, friends and enemies enjoy our competition of quarreling."

"Still, we have thrust a lane through the drift; and for that all here may be grateful who cannot run as...." Boromir in 'The Ring Goes South* (FotR) as these snowflakes are falling. They seem to buildup faster than we can shovel their bodies away from this fast filling cutting.

'It was already nearly as hot as it had been the day before; but clouds were beginning to come up from the West. It looked likely to..... from 'A Shortcut to Mushrooms' in FotR.
.. be a trailer for a country & western show, where the unknown hero gets the girl he never deserves and they both ride into the sundown where they'll find the golden treasure buried at the rainbow's end."

"Even our Nob has been doing some guessing in his slow pate; and there are others in Bree quicker in..." Mr Butterbur to Aragorn -'Strider' (FotR) Elf Smilie
....footwork, so they have probably already arrived at the finish llne, before Nob even got out of the blocks; so that about wraps it up for this trackmeet. The homeboys lose three out of eight.

He let blow the horns to rally all men to his banner that could come thither; for he thought to make..... - 'The Battle of the Pelennor Fields' -RotK
a choir who could sing such songs, so sweet that Sauron himself would surrender to that sweetness and volunteer to use rest of eternity to write them marvellous laments."

"Nay, my lord, when you are a dotard you will die. You can use even your grief as... " Gandalf to Denethor in 'Minas Tirith' (RotK) instrument to play upon the heart-strings of those who share your surroundings.

' "Hoom! Gandalf!" said Treebeard. "I am glad you have come. Wood and water, stock and stone.....'
They may use them a contest and see who's winning but controlling Mother Nature they cannot .

" The hunt is over , and we finally meet again in a place no one ..." Aragorn to Pippin and Merry from TTT in Isengard (Chapter.9)
.....will ever find us; so now I can get even with you for dropping that stupid stone down the well, you lazy ignorant fool of a Took! Be afraid, be very afraid!

Ho! Ho! Ho!To the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
And many miles be still to go,
But under a tall tree I will lie,
And let.....

- Sam and Pippin's 'To the Bottle Song' found in 'A Shortcut to Mushrooms' from FotR.
.... those Bimboes kiss my eye!"

"Wake now my merry lads! Wake and hear me calling!
Warm now be heart and limb! The cold stone is fallen;
Dark door is standing wide; dead hand is broken...."

Tom Bombadil in 'Fog on the Barrow-downs' (FotR)

Gather all its gems and gold; 'twill make us rich I'm hopin'. Happy Elf Smilie

.....Smaug the Golden, greatest of the dragons of his day, arose and without warning came against King Thr’r and..... - From Part III of Appendix A of LotR
..and asked him to sign his autograph on a sweater he had promised his brother-in-law's nephew as a token of the Dragon Reborn Story, sung by Robert Jordan's bards.

"I don't know in the least how far down the Withywindle we are, or who could possible come here often enough to make a... " Merry in 'The Old Forest' (FotR) paddle for our canoe, but unless some one does come, our canoe is stuck here in the roots of this mangy old willow tree.

There I lay staring upward, while the stars wheeled over, and..... - from 'The White Rider' of TTT.
.....and over and over again, 'til I was so dizzy that I had to close my eyes and dream away to sleep-land.

"Victory cannot be achieved by arms, whether you sit here to endure siege after siege, or march out to ..." Gandalf in 'The last Debate' (RotK)
.....gather limbs from dead trees for addition to the enemy's Victory Bonfire, especialy if you also carry enough marshmallows for boyh armies.

'Well, answered Merry slowly. 'He is dead. It has brought it all back to me. He said he was sorry.....'
.. he had got it all wrong when he brought his school-sack instead of the para-glider we use to have kiting from Mount Everwhite.

"It soon came out that he already did own a sight more than was good for him and he was always grabbing more, though were he got the money...." Farmer Cotton to Frodo in 'The Scouring of the Shire' (RotK)
.....was muchly in doubt, for he had no visible source of income other than the small amount of lunch money he could coerce from the local hobbit children on their way to school.

Bilbo huddled in a cloak stood silent on the doorstep besides Frodo. Aragorn sat with his head bowed to..... - from 'The Ring Goes South' in FotR
... avoid vegetables thrown at their outgoing party. He had already collected enough provisions for their future journey".

"The Road runs along the edge of the hills for many miles from the Bridge to..." Aragorn to Merry 'Flight to the Ford' (FotR)
.....o Far' for them to journey in one day, so they had to camp out under the stars. ('A Bridge too Far' was a WWII movie about over-extending one's goals, biting-off more than one could chew, or in this case, more than one could hold.

"And Eomer said: 'Kings of old would have laden you with gifts that a wain could not bear for your.....' " - from 'Many Partings' in RotK. to our secret service-people. Who else could come up with the design for those tight-fitting pink uniforms, the nice light-green hats with peacock-feathers and bright yellow sneakers."

"So many strange things have chanced that to learn the praise of a fair lady under the loving strokes of a Dwarf's axe will seem no ....." Eomer to Gimli 'The Riders of Rohan' (TTT)
.....big deal Master Dwarf, as long as you have both arms tied behind your back during said teaching.

Now let the song begin! Let us sing together
Of sun, stars, moon, and mist, rain and cloudy weather,
- a pair of lines from Tom Bombadil's song at the end of Book 1, Chapter 6, of FotR.
....jumping high and falling deep, in Annie's bed of feather."

"In Dwimordene, in L’rien
Seldom have walked the feet of Men,
Few mortal eyes have seen the light
That lies there ever, ...."
Gandalf's song of Galadriel 'The King of the Golden Hall' (TTT) the night.

So if you go out in the woods tonight
You're sure of the biggest fright.
If you go out in the woods tonight
You'd better go as a wight.

For every elf that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Tonight's the night the Elvsies have their picnic.

Frodo sat for a while in thought. 'I have made up my mind,' he said finally. 'I am starting....'
- from 'A Conspiracy Unmasked' of FotR.
Frodo sat for a while in thought. 'I have made up my mind,' he said finally. 'I am starting...

to brew ale tomorrow .

Where is the horn and the rider ,where is the horn that was.....
...stolen from my car back in the -90thies, I can no longer ride along using a bell."

"The cold hard lands
they bites our hands,
the gnaw our feet.
The rocks and stones
are like old.....
Gollum in 'The Passage of the Marshes' (TTT)

Not soft like peat,
nor very sweet.
Were to wish
they'd be no dish;
For stringy meat,
they can be beat.

"Burn, burn tree and fern!
Shrivel and scorch! A fizzling torch....."
- from 'Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire' of The Hobbit.
.....shakin' us up; 'n rockin' us down
we're still in a world with Elvis forever IS THE KING on the Throne".

S’nn e det bare!!! Elf Smilie Angel Smilie Elf Smilie

"I hope you will pardon it to one who has so far made his orders....." Faramir 'The Window on the West' (TTT)
It's been a while since I played.....are there some new additonal bits?
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