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.....that open well so some poor hobbit girl-child doesn't fall in and discover the Frog Prince that lurks there looking for free kisses.

At that moment a shadow fell over them. The bright moonlight seemed to be suddenly..... - from 'The Palantir' of TTT.

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie After completing Thorin's sentence above, I left the computer and went into the other room and grabbed my copy of TTT. It opened and my eye glommed onto the line above. After I had typed the words of Tolkien's sentence, I then checked in the book for the chapter name, and I found Thorin's sentence was actually the one directly preceding mine; his ending a paragraph, mine starting the next one. Now that really was a coincidence. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
...falling rapidly onto them which made them so nervous that they ran and hid themselves in a rabbit hole next to an old willow!

"The animal can nearly talk," he said,"and would talk, if he stayed here..."
Extract of a speech of Sam from The Ring Goes South

Elk Grinning Smilie That really is a strange coincidence Elk Grinning Smilie
.....listening to the poetry of the Elves. Pretty soon he would be spouting stanzas, quatrains, and sonatas to match any that Elrond has ever before heard.

The hateful night passed slowly and reluctantly. Such daylight as followed was..... - narration as they headed towards the mountain just prior to Sam's tossing away their heaviest equipment. - from 'Mount Doom' in RotK
...good enough to make the Cold Barrow Wights abandon their cold tombs and come enjoy the sun.

"Three times!" he whimpered. "Three times is a threat. They feel..."
Gollum to Frodo and Sam in The Passage of the Marshes
.....three little mistakes, three little mistakes are enough to lock one up and throw away the key forever.

'But I have so little of any of these things! You are wise and powerful. Will you not take.....' - Frodo to Gandalf in 'The Shadow of the Past' in FotR.
...Saruman? I'm tired of guarding him and taking him out for his daily walk is really a hardship!

"He has never been away," said Aragorn. "I am Strider and Dunadan too, and I...
Aragorn to Pippin in Flotsam & Jetsam
.....swear by the hair on Sam's wooly feet, that if you give me that ring you're hiding behind your back, I will become King of the Mountain.

'There is the land where our fathers worked of old, and we have wrought the.....' - Gimli to Legolas while they were looking at the three peaks of the Dwarven dreams in 'The Ring Goes South' in FotR.
...metals of these mountains into spoons, forks and knives which we sell to all passer-bys!

"But what?" said Gandalf. "Only one but will I..."
Gandalf to Pippin in the Siege of Gondor able to use this wish for anything I desire? Oh, I just can't decide. I wish I could narrow all my wants down to just one thing? I have it! Oops!

"They were not in the least satisfied by his explanation that he had....." by the narrator in 'At the Sign of the Prancing Pony' of FotR to the common room's company about Frodo's excuse for disappearing.
...had spent the night at the Prancing pony. Instead they guessed that he had drunk too much beer and had fallen asleep in the stable itself.

"The enemy still lacks one thing to give him strength and knowledge to..."
Gandalf to Frodo in The Shadow of The Past
.....climb the Eifel Tower with one arm tied behind his back.

'"What has it got in its pocketes?" The sound came.....' - by Gollum, after discovering the Ring was gone, as found in 'Riddles in the Dark' of The Hobbit.
...sweetly carried over the wind and it had that gentle air which sent babies to sleep and adults into dreams.

"That sounds well," sneered Saruman. "Very much in the manner of..."
Saruman to Gandalf in The Voice of Saruman the manner of an old interfering busy-body sticking his nose into a hornets' nest.

"I do hope I put the lids on..." - Bilbo's thoughts about the Dwarves' barrels in 'Barrels out of Bond' of The Hobbit. rabbit stew. For one it will not get pried into by greedy people and for another the eagles will not be able to peck my meat.

"The Corsairs of Umbar," men shouted. "The Corsairs of Umbar! Look! The Corsairs of Umbar are coming! So..."
From the battle of Pelennor Fields
...let's all go down to the City Docks; get in our dug-out canoes; and sell them sea-shell necklaces and fresh vegetables.

'We might try to hurt or frighten this tree to begin with,' said Sam fiercely. 'If id don't let them go, I'll have it... to Frodo about Old Man Willow who was swallowing Merry and Pippin, as denoted in 'The Old Forest' of FotR. go find Treebeard as only he will be able to help by telling the willow that he has found the Entwives which will ofcourse make it follow Treebeard and release my bag of mushrooms.

"A share of the profits, mind you," he went on. "I am aware of that. Personally..."
Bilbo to Bard and the Elven King in The Hobbit CEO of the Company, I'm expecting a golden parachute, stock options, and multi-millions in salary, whether or not we make a profit or go bankrupt. In other words, I'm a greedy little git.'

'I don't know,' answered Frodo. 'I thought I heard feet, and I thought I saw a... to Gimli on there way to the Golden Wood in 'Lothl’rien' of FotR.
...headless chicken following us though i doubt if I was right as Legolas was badgering me about how he used to go hunt chicken in Mirkwood.

"Rohan? Rohan did you say? That is a glad word. We seek that land in..."
Halbarad to Theoden's company after they were returning from Isenguard
...hope that they will have treasure maps for sale, with which we can find the Fabled Fountain of Youth or even the nowhere-to-be-found Northwest Passage.

'Three of the servants of Sauron were upon the Bridge, but they withdrew and I...' - Part of Gandalf's story to Frodo of why he hadn't returned to the Shire in time, as found in 'Flight to the Ford' of FotR.
...was so happy that I started to dance straight away and seeing me do this they came back and we held hands and danced together.

"I have thirty with me," said Halbarad. "That is all of our kindred that..."
Halbarad to Aragorn in The Passing of the Grey Company

You're bold tag is not closed above Grondy
Yes I did or someone came by later and closed it for me; Oh! now I remember. I closed it yesterday; and had written an finish to your's above; added a new quote for you to finish today; and hit the [Save Post] button and it was all for naught, for the connection was lost. P-T was still gone forty minutes later when I checked again, so I hung it up for the night. Orc Sad Smilie That was going to be my last post anyway as I had covered all the rest of them that I wanted to do.

...would come to your aid; after they heard Elrond give me his message to you, the other thousand said, 'We aren't going anywhere near that vale, it's full of undead spooks."

Bilbo, however, soon slipped away to a different place. The idea came to him to lead the furious spiders... - by the narrator after Bilbo discovered the rest of the Company hanging in the spider wraps as told in 'Flies and Spiders' of The Hobbit.
Hmm, I also noticed that in the last few days I have had connection problems with sometimes Firefox telling me that the server was bust! the river as he was nearly knocked dead by their dreadful stench and thought that a bath would do them good!

"Steady!" said Bilbo, " you have it thrown right into the wood on the...."
...other side of Middle-earth. Now if you hadn't taken those foolish steriods you wouldn't have thrown it so far; and now we can't get that hook back, unless you can jerk it back without breaking the rope.

Gollum was tugging at Frodo's cloak and hissing with fear and,,, by the narrator at the beginning of 'The Stairs of Cirith Ungol' in TTT.
...begging to be allowed to go fish the dead as he was feeling hungry and thought that meat soften by water would be absolutely delicious.

"It is true," said Gilraen. "But that was long ago and in another..."
Gilraen to Aragorn in Appendix A of LOTR.
...Galaxy far, far away.

'It was only a feeble blow and the cap turned... by Gimli about his head wound, to the assembly before their ride to Isengard after the Battle of Helm's Deep, and found in 'The Road to Isengard' of TTT.
...mad and afraid deciding that it had had enough blows and so jumped off and ran away to find the legendary Gingerbread man.

"Very well," said Gandalf. "Take us where and as far as you will! We are already..."
Gandalf to the lord of the Eagles after their rescue from the Goblins' party in the Hobbit
...tired, and smoked, and hungry, and lost so anything else you can throw at us won't so much as surprise me. So take us where you will."
It seems you forgot your sentence in random story game! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Aye that I did, except it is the finish the sentence fool game. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Well, finish this one. Happy Elf Smilie

'Then I would like supper first, and after that...' - by Merry to Aragorn in 'The Houses of Healing' of RotK.
...will take the a boat and go visit the elves of Avallone and have dinner with them after which I will return with a palantir.

"I brought him, and I don't bring things which are of no use. Either you help me to look for him, or I...
Gandalf to the Dwarves in the Hobbit after they thought they had lost the hobbit in the misty moutains.
...or I'll...or so help me Todd, I'll go home, taking my ball and bat with me; and you can just play by yourselves. So there! How do you like them apples?

Sing and be glad, all ye children of the West, for... sung by the great Eagle to the City of Minas Tirith with glad tidings that Sauron was defeated. - found in 'The Steward and the King' of RotK.
...the children of the East are now tired and have decided to go back to where they came from but they have said that they'll come back one day.

Arise Arise, Riders of Theoden!
Fell deeds awake, fire....

Theoden's call to arms bill,
Fire at Tom, Dick and Harry;
Fire at Martha, fire at Jill,
But never fire on Mary.

'The day after the battle Frodo rode to Michel Delving and released...' - by the narrator in 'The Grey Havens' of RotK.
...the Balrog from his cave and together they unlocked the cellars and drank and smoked as much beer and leaf as they could.

"Alas! I cannot forsee it, and how it may come to pass is hidden..."
Aragorn to Arwen in Appendix A the deepest, darkest, dankest dungeon where the Wild Women Warriors of Woo are imprisoned.

Long will I tarry, ere I begin this war for... by Elvenking in 'The Clouds Burst' of The Hobbit.
...a couple of dried octopus, fried fishes and red shrimps. I hate sea food.

"There's no news of the Rohirrim," he said. "I'm afraid Rohan will..."
...will remain newsless until the Printer's Union end their strike and accept the offer that is before them.

' I bid you keep this key and guard it, until...' - Gandalf to Beregond upon locking the Steward's Door to Rath Dinen in 'The Pyre of Denethor' in RotK.
...the end and the beginning of the final battle whence i will return to claim my own.

"I cannot say yet," said Aragorn. "As for the King, he will go to..."
Aragorn to Legolas in The Two Towers
...bed tonight and sleep like a baby, while we will stay up all night contemplating our navels.

'In 1974 the power of Angmar arose again, and the Witch-king came down... from Section (iii), Appendix A, RotK.
...from heaven and blessed all those who was present. Indeed in the days following that event every flowers and trees bloomed for a whole year.

"Strange names you give indeed!But I will report them as you bid, and send...." - Hama speaking to Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli and Legolas in the King of the Golden Hall. uncle Fester to the local green grocers to see if they have any of that there Athelas stuff for sale.

Very soon there was a fine commotion in the village by the riverside; but Bilbo escaped into the woods carrying... - from 'Barrels Out of Bond' in The Hobbit.
the princess of the village with the aim of marrying her in the woods and building a magnificent tree house for her partly with her money.

"I galloped to the weathertop like a gale, and I reached it before sundown on my second day from Bree - and they were...."
The Council of Elrond from The Fellowship of the Ring
...many booths set up there for a fair or gather, one of which sold such delicious bubbly pies.

'It is all dark, but it is not all night,' said Gh’n. 'When Sun comes we...' - from 'The Ride of the Rohirrim' in RotK.
...go to the river and play the game of throwing stones in water.

"Well I am afraid the songs have not come west over the mountains to the..."
Merry to Treebeard concerning the Entwives
Trolls, though they do have a few woodsy clearings with silent rock bands that got caught playing far too late into the night.
Did you for get something Grondy? Elk Grinning Smilie
Could be. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

"Good-bye! Be good, take care of yourselves’and DON'T LEAVE THE..." - Gandalf to Thorin's Company as he left to help the White Council face down the Necromancer at the end of 'Queer Lodgings' in The Hobbit.
...sandwich wrappings on the forest path! But bury them deep, such that the ravenous forest creatures can't dig them up and plug their innards on them.'

In Dwimordene, in L’rien
Seldom have walked the feet of Men,
Few mortal eyes have seen the light
is the Lady Galadriel.

By the Ring that shines on her finger! Thou shalt not pass!
Unless you brought Mc donalds, I'll have a big Mac and large fries, and can I swap my Coke for a Milkshake??

His magic ring he kept a great secret,
for he chiefly used it when.......
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