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.....he had a piece of spinach between his upper two front teeth and they were trying not to laugh in his face.

'The days are short. If thou art in haste, remember..... Elrond's message to Aragorn concerning the Paths of the Dead found in 'The Passing of the Grey Company' of RotK. call BERT'S TAXI SERVICE, they know all the short-cuts and side-roads to avoid the heavy traffic. The roads are just so congested at this time of year, with all the people going on vacation.

"I am a herald and ambassador, and..."
The Mouth of Sauron, to Aragorn and Gandalf. ROTK, "The Black Gate Opens" such I'll expect you to read my nightly bedtime story just like my mommy did when I was home.

....I suppose we ought to thank our stars and Mr. Baggins. I am sure he has a right to expect it, though I wish he could have arranged.... - Thorin to the Company on the Shore of Long Lake near Esgaroth upon their disembarking from their tour ship as written in 'A Warm Welcome' of The Hobbit.
....a more luxurious cruise down the river and into this lake, he better call the Cunard line!

"I was just going to ask you that," he sais. "This isn't your....... Farmer Cotton in The Scouring of the Shire (RotK)
.....father's Oldsmobile; it looks more like a well fed pony. Where'd you get it Sam?'

'Hallo! Hallo! And who may you be and what..... - Farmer Maggot to Pippin, Frodo, and Sam in 'A Shortcut to Mushrooms' in FotR.
....can I ask is that is that?" *points to Frodo's head* "AH! A wig, you fake, you are a dwarf!" Orc Grinning Smilie

"Death is just another path, one that we all must take, the grey rain curtain rolls back and....
.....there is either a lovely person or a famished tiger staring you in the face.

'Who are you then, and what had you to..... - Faramir to Frodo before the ambush upon the Southrons in TTT.
.....for breakfast this lovely morning"

"I will tell you enough for....." Legolas to Pippin & Merry in The Last Debate (RotK)
' to finish today's New York Times Crossword Puzzle.'

'And I,' said Aragorn, 'councelled that we should hunt.....' - from 'The Council of Elrond' in FotR, to the assembly in Rivendell.
"... for some Kingsfoil and then eat it like I do in the movie!" (If you watch closely when Arwen comes to Frodo's side when he is turning into a wraith, Aragorn puts the Kingsfoil in his mouth and appears to swallow.)

It is a Balgrog, a demon of the ancient world. This foe is beyond any of you,..."
.....for it can dance the tango like no one else in Middle-earth nor Valinor even.

"Pippin sat with his knees drawn up and the ball....." - from 'The Palantir' of TTT.
...firmly between his legs. He was wondering with whom to play when suddenly he saw.... Ogre carrying a crickit bat, so they agreed to go out to the nearest pitch and startup a game.

'No, you do not understand,' said Gimli. 'No dwarf could be unmoved by such loveliness. None of Durin's race would.....' - from 'The Road to Isengard' of TTT.
...think of planting grass here having foreknowledge of the greedy rohirim horses.

"It may," said Gandalf. "The evil of Sauron cannot be wholly...."
Gandalf to Theoden in The Two Towers, Chapter The Road To Isengad.

PS: sorry for my above post. Has become a bit rusty. Wink Smilie
".....bottled and sold to the Ents as liquid fertilizer, for it causes the roots of trees to wither and die."

And Sauron lied to the King, declaring that everlasting life would be his whom possessed....." - from RotK Appendix A, I, (i) N’menor
...the tooth of Melkor the blessed and to obtain it he proposed a visit to Manwe whom he said was the official dentist of the Valar.

The horn of Boromir," he cried. "He is in need......"
TTT, The Departure of Boromir
.....of a drummer, a banjo player, an accordian player, and a harpist in order to start his own garage band.

'Walk warily!' said Merry. 'There are loose slabs that may tilt up and throw..... - from 'The Voice of Saruman' in TTT. in the moon alongside its owner, the man in the moon, where you will be obliged to sing and dance like a mad thing all night long.

'This is true,' said Celeborn. 'But is all the company going....'
The Fellowship of The Ring, Chpt Farewell to Lorien
.....huckleberry picking on the slopes of Orodruin with you?
Where's your question Grondy?
.....interrogated Thorin inquiringly.

'A porter sat in a little house beside the way, and with fear in his eyes he came forth bearing.....' - from RotK, 'The Siege of Gondor'.
...a bottle of Old Wind Yard wine stolen from Bilbo Baggins cellar, which he hoped to finish in secret behind the tombs of the Kings.

"Why are you waking?" asked Frodo. "It is not your..."
Frodo to Aragorn in The Breaking of the Fellowship.
.....cow that they are stealing; so just go back to sleep and let them have their fun.

"At one point it crawled sideways right to the edge of....." - from 'The Stairs of Cirith Ungol' in {i]TTT
...the precipice and jumped over it. But not finding the other side interesting it attempted to come back but slipped and fell into the precipice.

"Grievous is our loss," said Legolas. "Yet we must needs make...."
Legolas to the company in The Breaking of the Fellowship
....our beds and clean our rooms, before we can even think about what we would like to have for breakfast."

Then the guards stepped forward, and Faramir opened the casket, and..... - from 'The Steward and the King' of RotK.
....out jumped Shelob, fat as a a balloon from having eaten the crown which was inside.

"Strider," said Frodo. "You seem to have a lot of..."
Frodo to Aragorn in Many Meetings fans of the female persuasion; but Legolas seems to have even more, does that make you jealous?

'As for the longer road: we cannot afford the....." - Gandalf to Boromir as they were debating whether to enter Moria after the Fellowship's near-disaster trying to cross the Redhorn Pass. This debate can be found in 'A Journey in the Dark' of FotR.

...delay which will certainly be caused by Legola's female fans, so i propose we take the shorter road across the river.

"I don't know," said Frodo in a dream like voice. "I have seen them...."
Frodo to Sam in The Two Towers; The Passage of the Marshes
.....and they is us: 'Soil Ent Green' is Elveses.'

It was already mid-day when they drew near the southern end of the path, and saw before them, in the pale clear light of the October sun, a..... - narative from 'A Knife in the Dark' of FotR
...little elf maiden clad in red dancing and singing and enjoying herself in front of a loving goblin crowd.

I'll tell you later. Let's get indoors and then we can..."
Frodo to Merry after having crossed the Brandywine and escaped the Black Riders
.....have a nap before we go on stage with the premier performance of our jug band."

"This wizard has bewitched you. Are none to be left to defend the Golden...." - from 'The King of the Golden Hall' found in TTT. when all of you will have fallen drunk from wine and revelry?

"I cannot," said Gimli. "But i am glad the Shadow came..."
Gimli speaking to the Company after Legolas had shot the mount of a black rider in The Great River
.....for it blocked this darned bright sunlight that is causing havoc with my hangover's headache.

'Now by Fangorn's leave I will visit the deep places of the Entwood and see such trees as.....' - Legolas to Gimli at the second breaking of the Fellowship.
"....will provide the best timber for the palace i'm planning to build in the woods."

"Their farewell's had been said in the great hall by the fire, and they were only waiting for..."
Narrative from The Ring Goes South
.....Sam to finish writting a letter to Rosie, asking her to wait for his return; for when he did he would pop the question.

"Make it short, and then you won't have to cut....." One of the Gaffer's sayings as recounted by Sam to Frodo towards the naming of Rose and Sam's first daughter in 'The Grey Havens' of RotK.
...your hair twice a month and will thus same some pennies for additional foodstuff.

"The new 'Chief' evidently had means of getting news. It was a good..."
from The Scouring of the Shire
.....too, for if he had to wait for the arrival of the Pony Express, he never would have heard that Sam was back in town.

'Why your hair is twice as thick and curly as when we parted; and I would swear that you have grown....." - Gimli to Merry and Pippin in 'Flotsam and Jetsam' of TTT.
...a bean stalk to rival jack but you should water your stalk a bit more i think."

He cut the thongs round Pippin's legs and ankles, picked him up by his...."
Narrative from the Uruk Khai
.....ears and said to him, "Me boy, this could be the start of a wonderful relationship."

"Bake and taste 'em, fry and roast 'em!
till beard blaze, and....."
- from the Goblins' song found in 'Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire' of The Hobbit
... nose glaze,
then put then in the plate,
and turn them into paste.

Sam ran after him, cursing, but he did not go far. Soon the thought of...
Narrative from The Tower of Cirith Ungol
... a hot roast beef sandwich passed through his head causing him to forget about chasing the pickpocket, and return to the restaurant.

Inside the passages were lit with red torch-light, and the elf-guards sang..... - from 'Barrels out of Bond' in The Hobbit.
..drunken songs alongside their human friends and in the end it went to...

Oops! Elf Winking Smilie Wrong game; in this one you are supposed to add part of a Tolkien quote for the next person to finish.
... oooooops sorry Elk Grinning Smilie

drunken songs alongside their human friends and in the end it went to a contest where unfortunatly both failed.

"We are all at fault," said Elrond, " and but for your vigilance..."
The Council Of Elrond
.....we would have lost all our shoes and sox when the tide came in. We should not have left them below the high tide line; hopefully, the next time we go wading in the sea, we each have taken this lesson to heart.

'All right, Mr. Underhill! But if you're going to do any more tumbling, or conjuring, or whatever it was, you'd best..... - Barliman Butterbur to Frodo Baggins in 'At the Sign of the Prancing Pony' found in FotR, after Frodo accidently '.....put his finger in it.'
...put up a huge sign by the entrance to warn people before hand so that I get much more customers and in any case that will also make you more popular.

"Put it out! Put it out!" cried Merry. "He'll squeeze me in two, if you..."
The Old Forest
.....let that humongous spider eat its dinner in here.

"Light!" he cried. "Can anybody make a....." - Bilbo to the Dwarves in 'Not At Home' of The Hobbit to light the bonfire? SMAUG get here and light this. I have a dinner to cook!

"You're right, Dad!" said the Gaffer. "Not that the Brandybucks of Buckland live in the Old Forest; but a queer...."
A Long Expected Party
.....folk have been seen in that forest, one wearing a top hat, spats, jodpurs, and a wesket, but no shirt or shoes. One time I sees him crossing the Withy by swinging on a rope. I hear tell he visits Farmer Maggot on Saturday nights when they play.....
... the banjo together till late at night and as soon as dark settles they also light a bon fire and dance around it till the morning.

"As you will said," said Gandalf. "But make all the speed you may to the cover..."
Gandalf to he remainder of the Company after Pippin had looked into the palantir
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