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Thread: Finish the sentence fool!

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.....the radar screen shows no pips and only a slight trace of garlic which I believe can be laid at your doorstep.

'There might be a difference between an old cow sitting and thoughfully chewing, and a bull charging..... Pippin to Merry during the Entmoot - from 'Treebeard' in TTT.
...straight at you but i believe you obly have to kick it to make it stp, unless, unpredictable variables occur.

"I don't keep water in my...."
Frodo to pippin in FOTR, Three is company mouth it is full of brandywine, and as I'm already drunk as a bat, I do not dare to swallow another drop." Shaking Head Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Shaking Head Smilie

"You try to choke poor Smeagol. Dust and ashes, he can't eat..." Gollum to Frodo in 'The Passage of the Marshes' (TTT)
.....anything but fisheses, tiny little gold ones what don't have spikesees or sharp teethees.

'Regiments of black crows are flying over all the land between the mountains and the Greyflood,' he said, 'and they have passed..... Aragorn to Gandalf having spotted the crebain in 'The Ring Goes South' of FotR.
...through isengard where they had read and butter offered by Esq. Saruman the kindhearted.

"Saruman," i said, "I have heard speeches of this kind before, but only..."
Gandalf storytelling in The Council Of Elrond in FOTR.
..... by snakeoil salesmen trying to bilk me from my hard earned money."

'Hullo, hullo!' he said. 'So you've come back? And tomorrow's my birthday, too. How clever of you! Do you know, I shall..... - Bilbo to the four hobbits on their return to Rivendell in 'Many Partings' of RotK. happy as a duck being roasted and will go to Gundabad for the party prepared for me.

"Once i do get to sleep," said sam, "i shall go on sleeping, whether i roll off or..."
Sam to Pippin in Lothlorien in FOTR
....Rock on as long as I don't get the Country or the Western".

"Here's the Gate, and it looks to me as if thats about as far as ..." Sam to Frodo in 'The Black Gate is Closed' (TTT)
.....this can of spray paint will reach. I'm going to try and get a little closer though, so I can write, "KILROY WAS HERE."

Now at last they turned their faces to the Mountain and set out, thinking....." - from 'Mount Doom' of RotK.
....about how it would be possible to trade the shoes uncle Oswald gave him last Friday, with a pair of red boots, his own size."

"He has brought rabbits, nice rabbits. But master has gone to sleep, and perhaps Sam wants...." Gollum to Sam in 'Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit' (TTT)
.....a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale and a plate with Deep Fried Watcher Rings, Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs, and Spicy Hot Balrog Wings instead.

Soon there was great peril of fire behind the wall, and all who could..... - the narrator in 'The Siege of Gondor' of RotK.
...carry buckets of petrol, bundles of woodwork, indeed anything believed to catch fire joined in to make a masterpiece of the pyre."

"You have been trying to trap me in words, playing with me? Or are you now trying to snare me with..." Frodo to Faramir in 'The Window on the West' (TTT)
.....pretty bouquets of praise for the shape of my gams and......

'I left a fool,' snarled Grishn’kh. 'But there were some stout fellows with him that are..... - to Ugl’k in 'The Uruk-hai' of TTT.
...trying to find partners because they are gold diggers hoping to land a fortune."

"For one thing, he knows little of Men, and sly though he is, refuge is so hidden that..." Frodo to Faramir in "The Forbidden Pool" (TTT)

.....even if the way to it was marked with a yellow brick road, he couldn't find it with either hand.

Good-bye now! Take care of yourself! Look out..... - Gandalf to Bilbo after Bilbo's eleventy-first birthday party in 'A Long-Expected Party' of FotR.
...of your windows and note what the weather is like, note it down every evening, so I can do some reading business if we meet again."

"If you take my counsel, you will not turn eastward yet. Go straight on, for thus you will have the cover of...." Faramir to Frodo in 'Journey to the Cross-roads' (TTT)
.....all the beach umbrellas, which will keep some of the rain off your faces as you wade through the snow.

'Now.' thought Pippin, 'if only it takes that ugly fellow a little while to get his troop under..... from 'The Uruk-Hai' of TTT.
...the water, they'll drown as mice within minutes and we can continue our journey in peace and quiet."

"I thought you said there was a tunnel,"said Sam. "Isn't there a tunnel or something to..." Sam to Gollum in 'The Stairs of Cirith Ungol' (TTT)
.....allow trains of cars and passengers to cross the mountains with out having to climb over them? I believe it's called the.................................wait for it............................the 'Mounnel'."

There was no tree nor any visible water: it was a country of grass and short springy turf, silent except for..... - from 'Fog on the Barrow-downs' of FotR
... the music from a Metalica- band playing heavy Rock'n'Noise."

"I guess this is just exactly where he meant to bring us. Gollum! If I ever lay hands on..." Sam to Frodo in 'Shelob's Lair' (TTT)
.....a case of Old Winyards or a keg of Gimli's Finest’ Ale, he ain't gunna share in it.

The hobbits, bent nearly double, toiled along behind..... - from 'The Ring Goes South' in FotR.
....bushes and brummels hoping to hide from their slaves' sight. Dicipline would go if anyone detected them being mortal!"

"Orders to you. I'm in command of this pass. So speak...." Gorbag to Shagrat in 'The Choices of Master Samwise' (TTT)
.....softly and carry a big stick of pepperonni salami and damn the heartburn!

'He had had no time to consider himself, but he realized that he was weary, weary almost to exhaustion: his legs would not carry.....' - from 'The Choices of Master Samwise' in TTT
.....coal to Colchester".

"See,there is the fire on Amon Din, and flame on Eilenach; and there they go speeding...."
Gandalf to Shadowfax in 'Minas Tirith' (RotK)
....down the Greenway in their 1959 Corvette Roadster.

The elven-ship in haven grey
Beneath the mountain-lee
Awaited her for many a day

- from The Song of Nimrodel as sung by Legolas in 'Lothlorien' of FotR
... for every one to see."

"They have no need to ride to war; war already marches on their own land." Legolas to Gimli in 'The Passing of the Grey Company' (RotK)
.....and across it into the next country where it will face-off between the Blue Bombers of Mordor and the Fighting Rebel of Rh’n.

'No said Pippin. 'It won't be so easy scaring them a second time. They were.....' - from 'The Scouring of the Shire' in RotK.
.....really enjoying chinese water torture first time they met it, yellling for more and more all the time!"

"Maybe, Lord," said D’nhere."Yet the same, or another like to it, a flying darkness in the shape of a monstrous..." to Theoden in 'The Muster of Rohan' (RotK)
.....yellow spotted toad that looks exactly like my mother-in-law. (Not really, my late ex-mother-in-law was a fine lady who was anything but ugly and we also liked each other. Cancer did her as it did her husband, so they both died too young.

Now let the song begin! Let us sing together
Of sun, stars, moon and mist, rain and cloudy weather;
Light on the budding leaf, dew on the feather,
- from Tom Bombadil's welcome to my house song in 'The Old Forest' of FotR.
Pots on an open fire, chestnuts boiled in water,
No friends to share the loot, just my bonny daughter."

"You know quite well," said Gandalf. "To keep you out of mischief; and if you do not like being here, you can remember that you...." to Pippin in 'The Siege of Gondor' (RotK)
.....had the chance to be sent home and away from all this trouble in a burlap bag.

'Which way do we go from here?' asked Frodo. 'Is that the opening of.....' - to Sam in 'Journey to the Cross-roads' in TTT.
....a newly re-discovered book of Ian Flemming uncovered underneath one of some Bush'es pillow in Pennsylvania Avenue."

"Nay, nay", said Elfhelm, "the enemy is on the road not in the hills. You hear the Woses, the Wild Men of the Woods; thus they talk together ...." to Merry in 'The Ride of the Rohirrim' (RotK).
.....with the pounding or square pegs in round holes instead of communicating via the more modern string between two tin cans.

Out of the shadows a ladder was let down; it was made of..... from 'Lothlorien' in FotR. sugar-spin and the four hobbits ate it before it even touched the ground."

"Mourn not overmuch! Mighty was the fallen,
meet was his ending. When his mound is raised,
women then shall....."
’omer to the Knights of the Mark in 'The Battle of the Pelennor Fields' (RotK)
"Mourn not overmuch! Mighty was the fallen,
meet was his ending. When his mound is raised,
women then shall.....weep; their sackcloth renden,
whilst mornfully chanting, a dirge for the praised."

Then Aragorn took the stone and pinned the brooch..... - from 'Farwell to L’rien' in FotR
...on Harek's mantel, where now everyone can read:"The Winner of Norwegian Yatzey Competition 2006.""

"Thou hadst already stolen half my son'd love. Now thou stealest the hearts of my..." Denethor to Gandalf in 'The Pyre of Denethor' (RotK)
.....marked deck of playing cards. How can I cheat if I'm not allowed to play with a full deck?

When Thr’r came to Moria the Gate was open. N’r begged him to..... - from Appendix A of RotK.
.....close the door, because the draught from the door caused him a very serious cold."

"I will ride to Lossarnach with Ioreth behind me, and she shall take me to the woods, but not to her....." Gandalf to Aragorn in 'The Houses of Healing' (RotK)
.....the house of her father, for if she can talk an arm and a leg off you, he can talk you to sleep and leave you only your bare bones.

Then Aragorn laid his hand on Merry's head, and passing his hand gently through..... - from 'The Houses of Healing' in RotK.
...his pockets he came up with a dead toad, two nails, a half-eaten apple, one rubber-string, a silver coin, two half-melted bon-bons and an almost un-chewed chewing-gum."

"And that will lie in the dust and rot to spring up again in times and places ....." Legolas to Gimli in 'The Last Debate' (RotK)
.....unknown, but certain to cause many problems when it again rears its ugly head.

Looking up he saw before him a tall white tower, standing alone on a high ridge. A great desire came over him to climb the tower and...... - from 'A Conspiracy Unmasked' in FotR.
Not quite prepared to join in; I see your nice touch though Grondy.

It's what I call a master's piece

Striking here, and there and everywhere!
Elf Confused Smilie Huh????
To answer every huh in this thread!!!!

Not quite prepared to join in; I see your nice touch though, Grondy.
It's what I call a master's piece
Striking here, and there and everywhere!
Sorry, but I wasn't able to join the Planet at the time, but I saw that Grondy used my answer to the Wheel in this thread. I was impressed as the old fox was striking here there and everywhere! Animated Wink Smilie Angel Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

...see far, far away! He was certain that he would be able to view most of his known world from the top of the White Tower."

"Justice shall be done upon him. For wrongfully he has made war upon Gondor and ...." the heralds at the Black Gate in 'The Black Gate Opens' (RotK)
.....must forfeit: five golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtledoves, and partridge in a pear tree.

I am sorry there is no green stuff: the deliveries have been..... - from 'Flotsam and Jetsam' of TTT.
.....muted to send only red stuff such as tomatoes, chili, apples and grapes."

"I'm not going down those stairs again," growled Snaga,"be you captain or......" Snaga to Gorbag in 'The Tower of Cirith Ungol' (RotK)
.....the Wizard of Oz, or Dick Clark,there's a grunge band practicing down there and I can't take anymore of their so-called music.

Light 0n the budding leaf, dew on the feather,
Wind on the open hill, bells on the.....
- part of Tom Bombadil's song at the end of 'The Old Forest' in FotR.
Light 0n the budding leaf, dew on the feather,
Wind on the open hill, bells on the...heather!
Tom is jumping down the hill,
so Bombadil will pay the bill"

"Bless me, Mr Frodo, but I didn't know as anything grew in Mordor! But if I had a'known, this is just what I....." Sam to Frodo in 'The land of Shadow' (RotK)
.....would have guessed: that there would be red sunflowers with metallic petals and iron seeds that would spray at you and hurt like the devil when they hit you.

In the years of their power the N’menoreans had maintained many forts and havens upon..... from the section entitled 'Men' in Appendix F of LotR.
.. the hither side of our marvellous coast where ferries travelled between England and Norway trice a day to keep the tourist-trade going."

"I've been having a look round and thinking a it. There's nothing on the roads, and we'd best be..." Samwise to Frodo in 'Mount Doom' (RotK)
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