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.....thinking of an alternate method of obtaining our supper, for without any travellers it will hardly pay us to say, 'Stand and deliver!'

'Kill all but NOT the Halflings; they are to be brought back ALIVE as..... - from 'The Uruk-Hai' of Book III in TTT.
...we have to find use for all the clothes I shrinked last Thursday when I was responsible for washing clothes."

"Then come, and let your brother go with us, and some other of your folk who is most....." Gandalf to Gwaihir in 'The Field of Cormallen' (RotK)
.....adept at playing croquet and juggling five balls at the same time.

Twelve more years passed. Each year the Bagginses had given very lively..... - from 'A Long -expected Party' of Nook I in FotR.
...frogs as gifts, though a lot of the recipients of said gifts had a lot of trouble managing...
Oops, Laurelindhe ilmarin: We went back to the old rules in this thread. Now you are supposed to finish the previous partial quote from Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit in any way you choose and then add a new partial quote from one of the same sources for the following person to finish.

When we went back to the old rules in this thread we created the Sentence Game to replace what we had been doing in this thread, where we add and a bit to a neverending nonsense (?) story, like we did for a while in this thread. provide flies enough for these frogs to eat while they reside for years in the various niches in the better hobbit homes.

'Mercy!' cried Gandalf. 'If the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I shall spend all the rest of my days..... - from 'The Palantir' in TTT.
Okay, fine. Rolling Eyes Smilie

...caught in the net of the Doom of the Noldor; and they did great deeds which the Eldar remember... from "Of the Coming of Men Into the West", from "The Silmarillion".

Yup, but they don't need to be continuous and you can make-up the sentence's ending.

.....such as placing lit matches between Balrog toes; tying Gandalf's boot strings together while he's asleep; and pulling the plug from Ulmo's bathtub.

Gollum got in his boat and shot..... - from 'Riddles in the Dark' of The Hobbit.
...several wild ducks, a couple of birds and two vultutres which he shared with bilbo after having roasted them.

"Now," said Merry, "if only we had our legs and hands free, we might..."
Merry to 'fool of a took' in The Uruk-Hai in TTT
.....challenge those Orcs to a round or two of match play golf.

'I was looking for a hobbit called Frodo Baggins. I wanted to.....' Strider to Frodo in the Prancing Pony. - from 'Strider' in FotR.
...have play domjinoes against him having learned that he was the under 2.5foot champion.

"No need, no need at all." said Gollum. "Not if hobbits want..."
Gollum to Frodo in TTT chapter The Passage of the Marshes.
.....their popcorn plain without salt and butter; however, if you want it tasty, it will cost you extra.

Then there was Lobelia. Poor thing, she looked very old and thin when they rescued her from..... - from 'The Grey Havens' of RotK.
...the well in which she had been thrown by poor master Sharku the blessed who had unfortunatly met his end some times before.

Eventually, after a week or two of this sneaking sort of life, by watching and....
barrels out of Bond, chp 9, The Hobbit
.....listening to the guards as they made their hourly rounds, our hero learned there was no way to approach the cage wherein his sweetheart was kept prisoner by her evil uncle, the Wizard of Odd; and so he returned home heartbroken and empty handed.

I'm tired o'gnawing old bones and skins;
I've a mind to dine on.....
- from Sam's Old Troll Song found in 'Flight to the Ford' of FotR.
"Merry and Pippen stay out of the fireworks!!!"

"Fool of a Took! Next time..."
"Stay away from my fireworks Merry and Pippen!"

"Fool of a Took! Next time..."
...i will marry you and take you to Barad Dur for our honeymoon.

"Look!" said one. "The lights again! Last night the watchmen saw...."
Fire and Water, chp 14, The hobbit
.....the aurora borealis which filled most of the northern half of the sky with greenish filmy streams of light which portended bad things to come.

I remember laying on my back on the lawn at the farm some fifty plus years ago, and watching the Northern lights against the background of the Milky Way; they and it filled a third of the sky. The moon was below the horizon and the stars were as bright as I've ever seen them that night. That was in eastern Washington 10 miles from the nearest small town and three from the nearest neighbor. It was really dark and the only other light was from the occasional airplane flying over on it's way to Spokane/Seattle.

'Little do they know of our long labour for the safekeeping of their borders and yet..... - Halbarad to Aragorn about hobbits as Merry left with King Th’oden on the way to Dunharrow. - from 'The Passing of the Grey Company' in TTT.

...i grudge them the favour for they do nothing but eat, smoke and sleep all day, not mentioning dancing and singing nonsense.

When Mr Bilbo Baggings of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating....
A long Expected Party, chp 1, book 1, FOTR.
....the forthcoming World Cup of Tiddly Winks with a tailgate party in the parking lot next the venue where the championship game will be played.

At that rage blazed in Sam's heart to a sudden fury. He sprang up, ran and..... - from 'The Tower of Cirith Ungol' in RotK.
...unfortunatly tripped on his own foot and fell head first into the spider's open mouth.

They rose to find a coll sun shinning in a great court,..."
TTT, Treebeard.
.....on the King and Queen and all the King's horses and all the Kings Men.

A whirl of bats frightened from slumber by their smoking torches flurried over them; as they sprang forward their feet slithered on stones rubbed smooth and slimed by the passing of..... - from 'Not At Home' in The Hobbit'
...of the great slug invaders from i-don't-know-what-planet looking for fresh leaves to eat.

'Look,' said Gandalf. 'How fair are the bright eyes in the grass!Evermind they are called,...'
The King of the Golden hall, TTT
.....'Never-mind the flowers!' said Sam hungrily, 'Me wants fish and chips and pint of ale. Wot's yours?'

'There was a battle here three nights ago,' said Gimli, 'and here Legolas and I played.....' hide and seek and i am pleased to say that i won as he could not find me in the meelee due to my hight.

"Yes," said Gandalf. "I shall return to Isengard,..."
The road to Isengard, TTT
.....near the end of the war so I can say to the natives’who I left to the enemy and ran with my tail between my legs’so I can say, "I have returned."

Goblins had scaled the Mountain from the other side and already many were..... - from 'The Clouds Burst' in The Hobbit.
...were starting the party without waiting for the dwarves, elves and humans.

"I do not know myself for certain," answered the wizard. "I was there at nightfall..."
Gandalf to Gimli in TTT, The road to isengard.
.....but when the sun rose in the morning it was gone. Probably the Fool of a Took filched it in the middle of the night; though I had thought his encounter with the palentir would have taught him the lesson.

The assailing hosts halted, foiled by the silent menace of..... - from 'Helm's Deep' of TTT.
..the little girl sitting quietly on the wall and sucking her ice-cream.

"Forlong!" men shouted. "True heart, true...."
Minas Tirith, FOTR.
....feet, the fastest runner away from danger in the West.

'I learned it from Mr. Bilbo when I was a lad. He used to tell me.....' - from 'Knife in the Dark' of FotR.
...that when you're afraid all you have to do is screw up and run as fast as you can.

It will serve he said. "the worst is now to..."
The House Of Healing, ROTK
.....figure out how to attach this headlamp to the top of Shadowfax's head towards enabling Gandalf to ride on stormy nights.

'Follow me!' he cried. 'The water is not deep. Let us wade across! On the further bank we can rest, and the sound of the falling.....' - Legolas to the Fellowship-minus-one, from 'Lothlorien' of FotR.
...drops of rain on the dirty orcs was probably the best music they had heard for a long while.

Where now the horn and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?
Where is the helm and the...

Aragorn's song in The King of the golden hall
"cottage cheese? I'm hungry!" Sam said angrily. "I want a feast, not this miserable galldarned lembas anymore! This stuff makes me want to hurl!"

"My Nibs is with them. But you can go and help him, if you have a mind," said Farmer Cotton with a grin. Then he and his sons ran off towards... From ROTK, The Scouring of the Shire.

Grondy, I read your description of seeing the Aurora Borealis when you you were young and it really was beautiful...I wish that I could have seen it in that instance, too.
.....the boardwalk to buy cotton candy and salt-water toffee; and then to watch the volleyball players spiking the ball over the net and diving on to the sand, with the grinding skin from the players bare arms and legs, not to mention their noses.

'I can guess some of it,' said Sam gloomily. 'What I saw in the Mirror:.....' - from 'Homeward Bound' in RotK.
...about ted sandyman courting rosie makes me want to hang him in his own mill.

"Good! Good!" said treebeard. "But i talkes hastily. We must not ...."
Treebeard in TTT
.....forget to pack a picnic lunch with all the trimmings, else when before noon we become hungry, we shall have nothing to eat other than leaves, twigs, and toadstools

We heard of the horns in the hills ringing,..... from the poem at the end of 'The Battle of the Pelennor Fields' in RotK.
,and the dead reawaken singing,
or avenging, and killing.

"A just question," replied Bard. "But you are not..."
The Hobbit
.....professional Dragon Riders, are you? You look more like trouble making amateurs who give the professionals a bad name."

"But why should I wish to leave? And what do you mean by....." Saruman to Gandalf in 'The Voice of Saruman' of TTT.
don't get my beard in a knot?"

"I must rest awhile Sam," said Frodo, "It is heavy on..." legs carrying that king's head we found at the Cross-roads, up these straight stairs; I think that if I had to do it all over again, I'd just as soon roll it up instead.

'There were rowan-trees in my home,' said Bergalad, softly and sadly, 'rowan-trees that took.....' - from 'Treebeard' of TTT.
...water from my own roots to grow up as i wanted.

"That can't be helped," said another. "But wht can't we..."
The Uruk-hai in TTT
.....just slope on up to the Prancing Pony and have some of that good beer Barliman Butterbur is rumored to sell, instead of having to drink this swill?

In the middle of the table, against the woven cloths upon the wall, there was a..... - from 'Many Meetings' of FotR
a man hanging by his collar for having beaten eowyn in a sword duel.

"Farewell wherever you fare, ...."
The Hobbit it on land, at sea, or in the air.

'When I first looked on her and perceived her unhappiness, it seemed to me I saw.....' - Aragorn to Gandalf and Pippin about Eowyn in the Houses of Healing - from 'The Houses of Healing' in RotK. ugly young lady trying desperatly to find a husband.

Then the dwarves themselves brought forward harps and instruments regained from the hoard,...
The Hobbit, The Gathering Of The Clouds.
....and invited all the Lakemen and Mirkwood Elves to join in the dance to celebrate.....
FINISH THE SENTENCE FOOL. Elk Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

3rdtime for ya grondy!!Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Yup, though I had tried to lose count. Orc Grinning Smilie

'Mercy!' cried Gandalf. 'If the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I..... - to Pippin after the Stone of Orthanc was rewrapped and prior to their ride to Minas Tirith. - found in 'The Palantir' of TTT.
...i will take m retirement fund and go for a permanent holiday in valinor.

"If you're right in your reckoning, we haven't dealt with the..."
Merry to Farmer Cotton in The Scouring of The Shire, ROTK. grimey faces or barbed words, let alone their sticks and stones, so wait for it Gentlemen; wait until you see the whites of their eyes before loosing your slings and arrows at the dogs of war.

The mist cleared and he saw a sight which he had never seen before but knew at once: the..... - part of Bilbo's visions in 'The Mirror of Galadriel' of FotR.
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