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Maydmarion: we are again playing this one as it was originally intended: finish the partial sentence of Tolkien's from 'LotR' or 'The Hobbit' however you like. Then pick a new partial sentence for the next person to finish. Happy Elf Smilie

.....for two cheeseburgers, a small side curly-fries, and a large strawberry-banana shake. "No, I won't require any ketch-up! Thank you."

The night-wind blew chill up the valley to meet them. Before them a wide grey shadow loomed, and they heard..... - from 'Lothlorien' in FotR as they were arriving there.
.....three famous tenors singing well-known duets from La Traviata while the entire London Philharmonic Orchestra came whistling Colonel's Boogie to own enjoyment; and it rained dogs and cats, so all were happy!"

"If you're right in your reckoning, we haven't dealt with..." Merry to Cotton in 'The Scouring of the Shire' (RotK)
..... the deck that Gandalf brought to this here poker party, because Pippin suspects it is marked, as Gandalf's one bad card playing habit is he hates to lose, so instead he cheats.

.....knocking at a cottage door to beg for a drink of water, have been answered by a fair young elf-queen clad in living flowers. But before they could say anything she sprang lightly up and over the....
........cottage roof where she joined Jack'n Jill and jumped over the hill so that all three disappeared out of this story and into...."

".. therefore I must guess that you saw Saruman. Evidently we look so much alike that your desire to make an incurable dent in my ......." Gandalf to Gimli in 'The White Rider' (TTT)
.....1949 Cadilac Fleetwood limosine's hood (bonnet) which had been left running outside Moria waiting for the return of Durin in vain.

'Come!' said Aragorn. 'This is the hour when we draw.....' - said to Eomer as they entered the battle at Helm's Deep.
....attention from the two bonny cheerleaders sitting on the front-porch giggling; let's do something daring, let's blow them some kisses." Kiss Smilie In Love Smilie Kiss Smilie

"Suddenly I shivered and felt that something horrible was creeping near; there was a sort of deeper shade among the shadows across the road, just beyond the..." Merry to Frodo and Aragorn in 'Strider' (FotR)
ancient crypt of the Gnome King. Standing there amidst the shadows was a withered old being who looked as though she had just crawled out from her sarcophagus.

'Not that the Brandybucks of Buckland live in the Old Forest; but they're q queer breed, seeminly. They fool about with boats on that big river’and that.....' - said by Gaffer Gamgee to Daddy Twofoot in 'A Long-Expected Party' of FotR.
.....can not be a proper thing to do. We have two feet which means that we are to go in dry land. If we were intended to be in water, we would grow fins and paddle devices; this cannot be a Hobbitan way!"

"When Summer lies upon the world, and in a noon of gold
Beneath the roof of sleeping leavesthe dreams of trees unfold;
When woodland halls are green and cool, and wind is in the West,
Come back to ......"
Treebeard's song to Merry & Pippin in ' Treebeard' (TTT)
.....San Juan Capistrano, where the swallows come to nest.

....."even when I was far away there has never been a day when....." - Gandalf to Frodo upon the former's return from his investigations in Gondor as told in 'Shadow of the Past' of FotR.
....I had time to sit down and find correct places for my newly-bought stamps in my pre-war-collection."

"Close to the Ford there is a small hollow beside the road masked by a few ...." Gandalf to Frodo in 'Many Meetings' (FothR)
Shucky darn!!! The computer ate my first response and quotation as I was spell checking it; I hope I can recreate it.

....masked men including Zorro, the Lone Ranger, the Green Hornet, Batman, and the entire Beagle Boys Gang sans their maskless mother, whose face was so ugly people thought she must be wearing one. (the latter gang was the nemesis of Scrooge McDuck.)

"Swiftly then he told of the haunted road under the mountains, and the dark....." - Legolas recounting the journey on the Paths of the Dead in 'The Last Debate' of RotK.
....mysterious stranger who was selling cockerels and mushrooms "alive" as she yelled through the streets of her hometown."

"You had better come and live here, Frodo my lad said Bilbo one day;"and then we can celebrate our birthday-parties..." Bilbo in 'A long-expected Party' (FotR) Elrond's hot tub, drink his ale, eat his food, and listen to the tales of the eldar years.

"It seemed to grow larger as it lay for a moment on his big brown-skinned hand. Then suddenly....." - Naration about Tom Bombadil and the Ring found 'In the House of Tom Bombadil' of FotR.
....he returned the Ring to Frodo, filled his glass with Rowdy's Root-beer and told them how to dress up in women's garment and pretend pass as Entwives".

"He looked at maps, and wondered what lay beyond their edges; maps made in the Shire showed mostly white......" Frodo getting a bit restless in 'The Shadow of the Past' (FotR)
.....dragons in each of their four corners signifying how very dangerous leaving the bounds of the Shire could be. Lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my!

'They have many ways of gathering news. And the Lord Denethor is unlike other men: he sees.....' - Beregond to Pippin in 'Minas Tirith' of RotK.
......the editors of newspapers, radio and telly before any major decision is made. He is known to be the first one to have the results from the Idol competition every year."

"That wouldn't do at all! I said soon, not instantly. If you can think of any way of slipping out of the Shire without...." Gandalf to Frodo 'Three is Company' (FotR)
....being followed by all your cousins and aunts, and the hanger-ons from your favorite tavern, as well as the butcher, the green-grocer, and His Honor the Mayor, then I think you should probably do so."

'What does he not hate?' said Frodo. 'But what has the Tower of the Moon to do with....' - Frodo to Gollum after they found 'The Black Gate is Closed' in TTT.
.....the Tower of the Stars and the Tower of the Sun and the Tower of London? As far as I can read the has to be "the Tower". All has Towers; but does any one know why?"

"Mrs Maggot brought out beer in a huge jug, and filled four...." 'A Short Cut to Mushrooms' (FotR).
.....small thimble sized glasses and proceeded to fill them, "That's all you get Maggot," she said, "for you are driving and rest of these young scallywags will still have to get home after you drop them off at the ferry."

'Now for it! Now for the last gasp!' said Sam as he struggled to his feet. He bent over Frodo, rousing him gently. Frodo groaned; but with a great effort of will he .....'
....took up the microphone, adjusted his head-set and said:" This is your captain speaking! Will all passengers please remain in their seats as we now are landing here near Santa's work-shop. You may each buy two items from Santa's souvenir shop, but please remember; no feeding of any deer you see! Have a happy holiday!" Snowman Smilie Christmas Smilie Merry Christmas Smilie

"I have prepared practically everything. There are six ponies in a stable across the fields; stores and tackle are all packed, except for ...." Merry to Frodo in 'A Conspiracy Unmasked' (FotR)
.....Santa's bag of toys which is much too heavy for any of his elves to carry, so he must load that himself as soon as those horses are hitched up to Santa's sleigh. Standing Up Santa Smilie

'I thought we were going to Helm's Deep!' said Pippin. 'Where are you going then?'

'To Minas Tirith, before the seas.....'
- replied Gandalf in 'The Palantir' of TTT
...from North turns into ice. I will try to get us there when it happens, then we can go skating and have some fun this winter."

"If you mean the old bogey-stories Fatty's nurses used to tell him, about goblins and wolfs and things of..." Merry to Pippin in 'The Old Forest' (FotR)
.....which really could get ya if ya don't watch out!!

In those days our bounds were away south beyond the mouths of..... - Damrod to Frodo and Sam in 'Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit' of TTT.
....stampeding Oliphaunt's land, but now those animals are trumpeting their way against Ragnarok!

"This is Goldberry's washing day," he said, "and her autumn-cleaning. Too wet for hobbit-folk - let them rest....." Tom to the band of Hobbits in 'In the House of Tom Bombadil' (FotR)
.....their drunken heads on their plates of birthday cake.

And he answered: 'I have wished thee joy ever since first I saw.....' - Aragorn to Eowyn on her wedding day in 'Many Partings' of RotK.
...i saw you dancing with wormtongue on the golden hall...

"you look splendid," he said alound. " i will risk a brief tale without consulting..."
gandalf to frodo in rivendell parson, my barristers or even my lawyer; if we get another suing for injurious talk and bad behaviour,- so be it!"

"And hold to your purpose! North with the wind in the left eye and a blessing on your..." Golberry to the four Hobbitan-companions in 'Fog on the Barrow-downs' (FotR) and all those who come within it from now til the breaking of time.

Ents the earthborn, old as mountains,
the wide-walkers, water drinking;
and hungry as hunters, the Hobbit children,
the laughing-folk, the little.....
the Half-grown Hobbits singing along"

"We surely aren't going to stay here for the night, are we, sir?" he exclaimed."If there are hobbit-folks in these parts, why don't we look for..." Sam to Frodo in 'At the sign of The Prancing Pony' (FotR)
.....a room at the Hobbit Hilton Hotel, instead of here in this big folks' inn.

PPPS. I hope Butterbur sends this promptly. A worthy man, but his memory is like a lumber-room: thing wanted..... - Gandalf's letter to Frodo in 'Strider' of FotR.

(What is a lumber-room in England? Is that any different than a box room or an atic?)
.. may often be forgotten, even if his intentions are the purest he has a very short memory."

"I knew these horsemen were pursuing me; but now at any rate they seem to have missed me and to have gone..." Frodo to Aragorn in 'Strider' (FotR)
.....south for the winter; mayhaps they will return in the spring, but by then I hope to be long gone from these parts.

There was a noise like wind in many branches. The Ents were drawing near the crest of the ridge now, and all..... - The description of what Pippin saw and heard near the end of 'Treebeard' in TTT.
....the public gave their encouragement, they knew The Ent-team of -46 was in a scoring mood and had a fair chance to win the match."

"As for other animals, horses or ponies for draught or what not, there are very few of them in Bree, and they.... ." Butterbur to Strider in 'A knife in the Dark' (FotR)
...and they are so overworked that they are on the verge of becoming wraiths.

"knock on the doors with your head, peregrin took ," said gandalf. "But if that does not shatter them and i am allowed a little peace...."
....I can sleep this night over, and recovering early next Tuesday, we'll all have another bottle of Hobbitan Snail Juice and try this entry over again."

"These leaves", he said "I have walked far to find; for this plant does not grow in the bare hills; but in the thickets away south of ...." Aragorn to Strider in 'Flight to the Ford' (FotR)
...denethor's villa where it is rumored that he passes winter and it is even said that sauron and saruman are frequent guests whon are called over for tea.

"Come along!"said merry, recognisimg one of the hobbits. "If you don't know me, Hob Hayward, you ought to. I am..."

Merry to hob in the Scouring of the shire in the return of the King
...the largest Hobbit in my time; twelve feet high, my weight is 89 stones and my nickname is the Hulk, do you still want a fight in the Ring?"

"The wound was overcoming you at last. A few more hours and you would have been ..." Gandalf to Frodo in 'Many Meetings' (FotR)
.....fodder for the sausage machine.

'I observe, my good Fangorn,' said Gandalf, 'that with great care you said dwelt, was, grew. What about is? Is he.....' Gandalf to Treebeard at Isengard in 'Many Partings' of RotK.
your new Master, has he finally bought new bowling ball so he can outsmart you also in this game?"

"Moria! Moria Wonder of the Northern world! Too deep we delved there, and woke the nameless..." Gl’in debating in 'The Council of Elrond' (LotR)
the nameless shadow who gave us loads of mithril and gold, and he gave us so much that we were forced to flee.

"To walk to buckleburry as quickly as possible," answered frodo, and gave his attention to..."

frodo to pippin in A shortcut to mushrooms in FOTR
...the lovely golden haired girl he had rescued from the three angry bears."

"When winter first begins to bite
and stones crack in the frosty night,
when pools are black and trees are bare,
'tis evil in the ..."
Bilbo to Frodo in 'The Ring goes South' (FotR)
.....'tis evil in just your underwear ! (Sorry, I just had to ignore the trailing article to make the poem work.)

At last they set off. They led their ponies down the hill; and then mounting they trotted quickly..... - from 'Fog on the Barrow-downs' in FotR
...after their masters because they did not want to spend another night again in the barn with the pigs if they were late.

"We can't go on like this," he panted. i want some..."
merry to pippin in treebeard
....girls by my side, they let me play with their dolls and I can find names to their kitten, they only hit me when I tease them, they know what are friends are for."

"Did you not hear what I told you of Saruman? With him I may have business of my own ere all is over. But the Ring must not come near..." Gandalf to Boromir in 'A journey in the Dark' (FotR)
....him unless it is disguised as a cigar band of a brand that Saruman is known to hate. Only then might it slip through is sticky fingers.

' "Where be you going? says she.
' "To Bag End," says they.
' "What for?" says she.
' "To put up some....
- conversation between Lobelia and some ruffians in 'The Scouring of the Shire' of RotK.
......posters", say they
"For what purpose?" says she
"To show all hobbits in Bag End that there is a reward for Lobelia Sackville-Baggins!" saysthey"

You take after Bilbo,"said Gandalf. "There is more about you than meets the eye, as I said..." in 'The Bridge of Khazad-d’m' (FotR) my Nuncle Ned one evening in the Prancing Pony while we were checking out Barliman's brewmastering skills.

Treebeard rumbled for a moment, as if he were pronouncing some deep, subterranean...... - from 'Treebeard' of TTT.
...curse on the poor errand boy who was late in delivering his usual 1418 brew which he prized so much.

"That would not baffle a Ranger,' said Gimli. 'A bent blade is enough for..."

gimli to legolas in TTT chapter 5 'The White Rider'
....shaving most of our company of Amazonian before they are parading King Elassar!"

"There was something in this tree that I have never seen before," he said,"It was not an orc. It fled as soon as ....." Haldir to Frodo in 'Lothlorien' (FotR)
.....Pippin started practicing the song he was to sing before the Steward of Gondor.
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