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Thread: Defenders of Osgiliath

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Setting Since the end of the War of the Ring, King Elessar has led a peaceful reign over the united kingdom of Gondor and Arnor. 2 generations of Kings pass, nothing has changed. However in the 4th Generation, in the reign of King Elbador, evil is stirring again. This time, it is known what the source of evil is, everyone soon knows of the dreaded warlord, Ner-zhul, who has bred an army of orcs and have decided to attack Osgiliath, and having failed once before, makes this a huge and carefully planned attack. Osgiliath has fortified itself under the military General, Helnor, and the city is probrably the last chance of the world of men has against this unexpected evil. Soldiers from all over Gondor have gone to Osgiliath to make this last stand against the evil that wakes. The RPG is set in Osgiliath. Everyone, except those who are evil, stay within the walls, or around the place, not too far until the right time

1. Just a reminder this is an RPG and there is no controlling of what others do.
2. No post can exceed 12 lines, NOT sentences.
3. The choice of characters are: Archer, normal soldier(handles sword and spear), trebuchet soldier (guy who handles the trebuchet), citzen, ranger, knight, all can be played by male or female, and if possible an evil genius to attack the city.
4. Alright I've changed the rule, elves allowed but you have to be one of the above characters.eeg elven trebuchet soldier.
6. Just a note to add that there could be catapults and trolls attacking as well.

I want to know whose interested, and when there's enough I'll start.
This could be cool. I'm a warrior elf, skillful in using a sword as well as bow and arrow.
I'm with Eo! Either that or I'll be an archer.
Ill join if Rue can
Ya Bradly!!!
Yes it is me
Haldir,are you happy now?
Peoples, rangers are those who are skilled archers as well as swordsman. and Rue, thanx for bringing people!
Got it that means I'm a ranger. (No problem!)
I am a skill swordsmen bowsmen axman and alot of other things
I guess no one really wants to be any of the characters i set right? but ill still leave them there.
Ill be a knight but i want me and Rue to...............
I'm going for that okay Haldir? Or would it be better if I was some one else? If I have to I'm willing to change.
well here is my profile for my knight.
armor:Beast armor
weapon: Beast sword,Knight's ax,hunter's bow and arrows.
desc:He has short midnight black heir. Dark Red eyes. Ware armor only for his chest and leg. He has wisrt bands that have the infernop beast symbol on them. He wares his sword on his left side his ax on his right and bow and arrows on his back. His body his cover in scars. It looks like for has seen to many wars but still he wants to help.
background:His family were killed by a evil man. He was 2 when it happen. When he turn 4 a pack of wolves caem and feed him and save him from more evil. Now he has the power to call on the aniamls that help him. Like the wolves and ravens.
Name-Rue Auburn(nick-Little Red)
Appearence-Short red hair bright green eyes,fair skin,high cheek bones,slightly pointed ears.
Clothes-Typical ranger garb
Weapons- broadsword,whip,daggers,sword called Holy Wolf from Hunter,throwing knives,bow'n arrows
Items-Cloak and raven given to her by Hunter.
Rue dont forget about your raven.
Oh ya!

Hey Haldir,when this starts up are we already inside the walls or on our way there?
I think i will join, as a evil one. but first ill see if V has some time off.
Your alwas the evil guy.
Before you came to PT i was always the good guy. Im just having some sort of faze. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Maybe becuase you like trying to kill me
Smile Smilie Now can you give your info so we can go with the role play
oh yea
Moderator Smilie
Just a reminder from your friendly neighbourhood council member:

Website rule nr 4:
No single line posts, or single smiley posts. (...) We have a chat room and private messaging is also available so please do not use the forum to ’chat’.

You have now used 3 pages to post one intro and two bios. Is this a RPG or a chat room? Haldir, you are GM and responsible for this thread. Take control. Please get this show on the road, people come here expecting to read a story, not to see your private one-line conversations.
Moderator Smilie
Peoples, I need more people, at least 2 more, than we can start, don't worri i got some people interested already. and yeh post your bios. No hurri though, im still thinking of mine.
Ok, V's already in too many other RPGs so shes not going to be in this one, is there another person whos good at controlling evil hordes? If theres no-one then ill have to be the evil as well.
Eowiodith unadrieniel, r u still in?
Hey count me in although I dont yey know what to be I'm still not to good at this, but heay why not right! I'll post my bio later tonight.
Race:human?? probably was human.More like undead
Looks:Skull like face with wisps of black hair. Eye sockets that gleam with a blue shine.Wears some black armor under a torn black cloak.
Weapon:it is told that he has fiersome powers, and the only phisical weapon he wields is a bastard sword.

Now, is this ok? Just let me know, ok? Then we can start laying seige to this city called Osgiliath...
Hm...I'll be evil in this RPG as well

Name: Kahlan
Race: Of men
Homeland: Gondor
Age: Late twenties, early thirties
Gender: Female
Physical Appearence: Wears masculine attire, long brown hair, slate grey eyes
Skills: Able swordsman and bowman, along with cavalry skills
Special Items/Weapons: Long sword, knife hidden in boot, bow and arrows on back in quiver
Backround/History: Raised by foster parents, she was raised to be evil. She has associated with Arthas in the past (? if that's okies Ethy!) and is a good friend, him her only friend.
Ok I'v decided to try being EVIL!!!

Name: Delu-Firiel
Gender: F
Age: She appeares to be in her mid twenties.
Home: Near Harad
Height 5'8''
Hair: long black hair, she keeps it braided down her back.
Eyes: Black, and hazy
Clothing: A long ancle length brown robe, that is tied at the waist, and it has an attached hood. (similer to what a monk wore) She also wears plain lether sandles.
Weapons: She caries a crossbow on her back, a three balled iron mace is tucked into her belt, and at her side is what resembles a Godfred Viking sword.

If I need to change anything let me know.
sorry guys, i might take a wihle sometimes to post. i'll try to keep up

Race: Elvish
Age: in human years 17
Gender: female
Appearance: Dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, about 5'10", elvish ears (slightly pointed)
Clothes: Earthly toned loose leggings and shirt, forest green hooded cape.
Carrying: Long bow, quiver of arrows, sword, couple of knives attached to waist belt
Before we begin, I would like to know if people even chose any of the options? Besides Bradly and Rue. Besides that, the numbers are good, just clarify which of the options you are, exxcept if you're an elf or evil
i'll join
Name: Algernon
Race: Man
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Appearance: Black hair, grey eyes
Clothes: Ranger clothes
Carrying: Broadsword strapped to back
Skills: Good swordsman, able leader of soldiers (the average warrior really. depends on his sword to get him out of trouble)

(Would a Ranger carry only a sword or is that a knight?)
Profile of my character

Name: General Helnor
Age: 34
Good Guy
Appearance: Wears ranger clothing, except for the white tree emblem on the front of his 'shirt' (same as faramir.)
Weopons: Elvish blade he received from the elves, when he saved some of them once, normal Gondorian bow and arrows.

General Helnor paced along the city wall with some other rangers. Being a General, others thought he should wear better clothing than this, but his clothing reflected on what he was before he was general: a ranger. He smiled as he paced, he was in the city in which so much had happenned in, and he remembered one of the stewards of Gondor, Faramir, was just like him. But on General Helnor paced, watching for any signs of attack from outside.

any objection to me being general? I wont really boss you around, I 'll just know whats going on, and also, I wont be here as much now, so try not to talk to me but acknowledge that I exist!
Haldir, you being General rox! And on the positions...there are positions? There were too many pages to read, so I didn't see anything on that sorry. Just state which are the positions of evil and I shall choose!
Haldir, just one question: may i play two people? One could be good, and the other evil! If that's okay of course =)
I'll join, as soon as I come up with a name... which considering my ability to think and focus today, could take a while. I'll come in as a Gonorian solider of some sort, and female. Smile Smilie
Adreia: Yes u can be two people. and as for ranks or positions, for evil in particular, its really up to you if you want to have positions
Okay Thank you Haldir! =D Since I've done my evil person, here will be my good person

Name: Twian
Position: Ranger
Race: Dunedain
Homaland: Gondor
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Physical Appearence: Average face, dark hair and somewhat cold grey eyes, garments of Rangers
Skills: Extremely good with a bow, fairly well with a sword, horseman and cavalryman
Special Items/Weapons: A good bow and good set of arrows in a good quiver
Backround/History: unknown
Other: Has a good and gentle disposition
hmmm seems like the ranger is the most favourable position. Smile Smilie
When we start? ( sorry for the one line post) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Etharian, We already have started! Just read my post before.
"We need another company of archers along this section!" Captain Algernon's deep shout brought 5 or so archers to attention before they marched to where they had been newly posted. Not a stain showed on their uniforms as they held their bows ready. Algernon himself was a neatly dressed man whose standards he pressed onto the men under his command. His dark green and brown uniform was unwrinkled as he paced the battlements, occasionally barking out orders to unkempt or lazy soldiers.

Noticing General Helnor, Algernon marched up to him and saluted.
"The men are as ready as is possible, sir."
Rue approched the Captian and General,"We're weak on the eastern side and missing a company of archers,Sir". She turned and looked to the archers already in position.
Hunter walks out of the castle wearing his armor. He is also wearing his weapons. He looks around and thinks to himself. Im the only knight. He walks to Rue and wishpers into her ear,"Can you help me put my cape on."
Twian silently rode up to the castle on a bay mare. She moved quickly and quietly, not noticed. Twian pulled her to a stop and looked up, seeing her good friend the General.She smiled and went up silently.
"Need anymore bowmen?" she asked with a warm smile. Quickly, Twian embraced the General and gave a salute to the Captain.
Kahlan looked through her eyeglass from across the Pelannor. She narrowed her eyes, putting it down against the saddle of her horse.
"Blasted, they've got quite a few troops. C'mon men, let's get ready."
She gave a motion for them to gather everything up. Then, she rode silently and unseen along the border of the fields.
Eowiodith rode up and saw everyone already assembled. Dismounting, she walked over to the one who looked like he was in charge. "General Helnor? My name is Eowiodith Unadrieniel. I heard of the need of warriors here. Can I be of assistance?"
I'm finally joining, took me a while to find a name generator that came up with a name I liked :P
Name: Onigosien Calicien (goes by Cal or Oni)
Race: Man/solider, friend of Gen. Helnor and Capt. Alegrnon
Gender: Female, about 19-21
Appearance:curly red-brown hair, tied back, 5'7-8", almost golden eyes, usually wears a dark grey cloak.(she can be stubborn)
Skills: good with most weapons and with working out conflicts(treaties, surrenders, that sorta stuff)

Oni stood with the soliders working the trebuchets. She wasn't really in command, nor was she part of the trebuchets but she had found that she was of much more use when she was able to decide which areas needed her help the most and those above her had yet to tell her to do otherwise.
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