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Hunter has join the battle for the other bange. He fights for his dear life.

i think about 2 foot.
Twian finally made her way to Helnon. He staggered over, still fighting a bit, then collapsed at his feet in a heap, panting loudly.
"They're taken the gate General...I have failed you. I must fight!"
She stumbled up to her feet again, and Twian was lost in the wave of the battle once more.
Sorri people, forgot that those evil horseriders weren't across the bridge yet.

r back into battle, before he could say anything. Dismounting his horse he saw that the black riders were not crossing the bridge yet. Drawing out an arrow he moved tohis formation, where desperate fighting was. A nearby area was smashed by catapult bombardment, and thte General staggered. "Oni, I want those enemy catapults cleared, Rue support the forces at the bridge, Hunter back her up, Twain move to the bridge." With those orders, Helnon moved painfully to the bridgem his head throbbing with pain.
Twian barely heard her orders, but followed immediately. She went down to the bridge, where the men seemed to be struggling hard enough. She joined in with the struggling, keeping up the best that she could.
Oni nodded at her men, who began to redirect their fire to the catapults, then leaving her man in charge rushed to Helnon's side before he should happen to pass out or fall from blood loss.

"Come with me. Algernon can command them while we get that cut on your head patched. Otherwise your men might be short their finest leader."
Helnon desperately wanted to object, but he was fast weakening, and now found standing up a problem. he collapsed to the ground, his head stinging and throbbing very painfully.
When there was a lull in the battle, Algernon stepped back and allowed another Ranger to take his place on the bridge. Looking around, he saw the strange covered contraption on the last bridge. The orc ranks swelled as more of the evil creatures joined their fellows. At another point, he saw General Helnor collapsing, Oni by his side. He grimly realised he was now in command.
"Hold them my men! They shall not come through if we do not break!" He shouted. Around him, soldiers cheered and threw themselves into the battle with renewed vigour.

Algernon ran to a contingent of archers.
"I want you to strike down any orcs that come out of that covered thing they are using." He ran to another group and instructed them to attack the orcs near and around the devil's contraption.
"Captian,we're barely holding,and the enemy keeps pushing us farther back,there is no where to flee to and almost no room for us to fight,is there any other way besides falling back?" She looked back to the bridges for a moment.
Hunter is in the middle of a grounp of orces and trolls. He is bleeding badly. But he keeps attack. "I need same help." He falls to the ground. He still is fighting though.
Ner'Zhul did not engage battle. He was saving that card for later. He was satisfied with the advancment of his army. And he was impresed by the humans strong resistance. But that could not be allowed. He ordered the trolls and uruks to retreat from the covered bridge, with his usual dead voice. Instead of them, the goblin archers surged into the tunel. As they positioned themselves, they began firing directly at the row of pikemen that was offering resistance. As they were under the bridge, and the pikemen directly infront of it, the arrows kept hiting them in a straight line. The tunel now looked like a huge gun that kept sending arrows out of one side.
Weakening the defence of the bridge like that, the uruks and trolls were getting ready to charge the enemy lines once more.
Hunter was still fighting. He was still srouned by them. He rasied to his feet. He finsihes a line fo trolls to get the others back in.
Algernon sighed and set his face in a grim expression. He was afraid to make the final necessary command that would save Osgiliath, but kill many of the soldiers under him. He turned to Rue.
"I see no other way we can defeat the orc armies. We are going to have to - "His voice broke as he struggled to say the words he dreaded. "We are going to have to - sacrafice the soldiers currently on the bridge. When that last bridge falls, there is no way the enemy can defeat us, but we will lose hudreds of men. I see no other option before me. I fear not even the General can save us now."

He turned back to the battle raging in front of him. The tunnel device was vomiting arrows at his pikemen. Algernon sent a runner to the leader of the pike men with the order to raise their shields and interlock them.
"Have you seen Hunter Rue? He is not with his knights."
Hunter gets throw to Alger's feet by one of the ocrgs. He is bleeded so bad he cant go on. He looks up at Rue and Alger. Then gets knock out.
"No,and I'm worried about him..." She looked away for a moment then walked off to the group of knights who didn't seem to know either.
Hunter fianlly got up. He walks to his knights. He ask them if they had a potion to heal him. He then saw Rue. He called for her to came here.
Twian kept the fight going on the bridge, but not for long. She fell, unconscious to the ground.

Kahlan pressed her forces forward, shouting orders.
"Keep it moving maggots! You think this is a fight! I've seen rats fight better! Now c'mon! Keep it moving, or we lose the bridge!"
She rode her horse forward onto the bridge, looking around for the leader of the group. Kahlan growled, still not able to see him. Soon, however, she spotted Twian, slowly closing the gap between her and the fallen captain...
As Delu-Firiel listened, a icy cold,rasping voice floated into her mind.....Firiel....they are about to destroy the last bridge....find a way to stop them.....or flee from it.....i canot afford to lose you much is at stake....
The orcs fought on with fierce bloodlust. But Ner'Zhul was already setting the next part of his plan into action...
Helnon couldn't take it anymore. Ignoring any protests or scoldings, he got right up and ran to the bridge. "ALL ARCHERS TO THE BRIDGE. ONI KEEP THOSE TREBUCHETS TO POUND THAT BRIDGE!" Drawing out his bow and arrow he ran to where arrows were being fired out from within the contraption surrounding the bridge. "ALL ARCHERS TO THE BRIDGE, LEAVE HLAF BEHIND."
Twian, barely holding together, stumbled over to Helnon and put an arm around his chest, bringing him down to the ground, along with herself.
"Stay...stay down M'lord. W...we don't anym...ore injured!"
He kept Helnon down by force, which she barely had.
Rue ran over to Hunter,"Are you alright?" She asked embracing him,she looked at his wounds,which were pretty bad.
Helnon hated to do it, but he shrugged off Twain and left him in the care of some other soldiers. He found a wandering horse, it was riderless, a knight must have fallen from catapult fire or something. Drawing his sword, he pointed it to the bridge and yelled "Gondor!" charging all alone, against the goblin archers holding the bridge. With archers covering his back and creating diversion, he succeeded in scattering the goblins, claying a few before retreating back.
Hunter looks at Rue. "No i cant fight much longer. We need to end this war now."
Ner'Zhul looked around in dismay. His careful plan was in danger. He raised his sword and charged at the bridge. Only two pale stars were seen underneath his hood, his eyes. As he charged, his death knights followed him straight into the battle.
As he rushed among the orcs, he went straight for the lone captain, Helnon. As he came into melee he brought his sword down heavily on him. His eyes gleamed madly with a blue shine, for this man had nearly laid his plans in rubble. His death knights made a short work of the captains archers and his followers.
Hunter had got same strenght back. He jumps over his captian. He blocks Ner's attack. As he dose the died knights starts to attack him. He cuts them down to sizes. He sees Ner readying a attack for him. He jumps at Ner. He trys to cut his head off.
Rolling her eyes at Helnon's "courage" Oni grabbed the reins of a nearby horse and took off after him, catching up and fighting alongside him.

"Helnon, this is foolish, we must abandon this bridge to be destroyed, regardless of the heavy casualties, otherwise we'll lose the city. However it is your choice and I will obey."
Helnon turnned squarely to face Oni. "If you thought the action was for bravery, then you were wrong, my pikemen were nearly annihilated by those filthy archers. I will not see my men fall by that cheap tactic." Turning he headed back to his men before adding, "Oni with that contraption in the way, we can't destroy the bridge, just aim for the middle of their ranks."
Ner'Zhul grabed Hunter by the neck with his cold skeletal hand and threw him away 10 feet in the air. As he did so, all the nearby orcs and trolls began their attack again against the other side of the river. Seeing that the captain had evaded his blow, he decided to let him live for now.
Dilu-Firiel realized what she needed to do. As Ner'Zhul charged at the brige, she spied a man on one of the walls, carefully she took aim, and with Elf like percision she hit her target. Quickelly she scaned the oposing army, and her eye was caucht by one individual who stood out from the crowed. there was a young archer aiming at Ner'zhul, Dilu-Firiel fired, and the young archer instently droped.
Rue saw Hunter get thrown into the mass of Orcs and ran off after him.The man, or whatever it was, seemed unstoppable in every way.Looking around she tried to find him,but boddies were littering the ground so rapidly it was nearly impossible.
Twian stumbled off into the surge of the battle again. Not paying attention to where she was going, Twian walked right to Kahlan. She dismounted and faced Twian squarely.
"Be ready to be killed by a fellow girl," she growled lowly to Twian.
Twian swung her sword, starting a fight with Kahlan.
Dilu-Firiel's troop was pressing in hard on the brige. Forcing the opposing army slowely back. Delu-Firiel was running , when she sliped on a small patch of ice, fell and hit her hed on a rock. She stumbled back and reached up and grasped her head. It was bleading!
After a few minutes, Twian was barely hanging on. Kahlan laughed, sticking her sword into Twian's stomach.
"Having fun yet?" she asked sarcastically.
"Of course," Twian answered, taking Kahlan's sword out, sticking it into her gut.
With a cry, Kahlan fell back onto the ground, not to move again. Twian went back to her men, calling out orders, them all charging at the oncoming troops.
"Hunter!",Rue called over the cries of the battle, She looked around a few minutes longer before running off in another direction.
Hunter had fanilly be able to get up. He try to fight the trolls off but he was to badly hurt. He just cryied out Rue's name over ever one. Then falls to teh ground pass out by the losed of blood.
Rue heard her name and ran in the direction,seeing Hunter on the ground she knelt beside him,he was close to dying,that was obvious,"Hunter!," She grabbed his hand and felt for a pulse,She could just barely feel one.
Helnon was rallying the remnant of the formation he had guarding the bridge. Trolls, though heavily reduced in number had broken through and orcs were pouring through the gap. He ordered the archers and pikemen to attack the orcs flooding south-west while he and the swordsmen held back the orcs charging north-west. "HOLD STEADY!" Helnon yelled, but he knew, overwhelming odds had helped evil had finally won the battle against him.

Any suggestions on what should happen next?
Ummm...We could flee across the river or something and later on try and regain it,and the bad guys could come looking for survivors that way they stay main parts...Just a sugestion...
Hm...did they lose the bridge? Maybe...there could be a big fight at the gate? I have no idea!
Mahhaha (evil laugh) You could SURENDER! Er.. but what fun would hat be, you should run then we could have some fun hunting you!!! Very Evil Smilie So Angry Smilie Lighening Smilie Bad King Smilie Bad! Smilie
I like Rue's idea. That why we can heal and get our strenght back.
Twian hurried up to Helnon's side, readying a bow.
"One of the evil leaders is slain!" she managed to say. "What orders to you have next for us Sir?"
Zephrah riped of one of her sleves, and used it to bandage her bleeding head. Then mustering all the strength she had, she raised her sword, and charged back into the middle of the battle. Her sword, was raised, above her head, and as she rean she scremed. In one motion she had beheaded one man, and sliced open the gut of another.
I say momentarily retreating sounds like a good idea too. Sorry, I've been rather swamped irl and it might be a while before i'm on daily again, but I"ll get on as often as possible.
Rue looked down to hunter,"Are you alright?" She pulled him up and began to lead him away allowing him to lean on her shoulder as they walked."Can you make it?"
Maybe you should do the same thing as in the story. Retreat from Osgiliath, and fight on from Minas Tirith. What do you think? Because i was thinking that i still have enough orcs to overrun the city soon.

The evil horde surged on over the river, destroying everything in front of them. Orc batallions have managed to get to the other side of the river on rafts, in the less defended areas, since most of the fight was till now only by the only remaining central bridge.
More orcs had just finished constructing crude wooden bridges on some of the old destroyed ones, and were now transporting forces in great number.
Ner'Zhul was on their side of the river, appearing now and then to sow terror in the men's hearts, and then retreat once more, leaving the orcs and trolls to wear down the defenders.
And so he came over Rue & Bradly, who were slowly retreating towards their friends...
Hm...retreating to Minas there's a smart thought! I agree with Ethy! Big Smile Smilie Truely genius
I agree with Etharion as well.

Rue saw the man,or thing, approch them.Slowly she let Hunter down and pulled out Diresong then readied herself for the thrashing she was about to get.
Hunter shows the man. Then tryed to get up but just couldnt.
k, I'll take the advice, thanks peoples! We'll make a retreat to Minas Tirith.

Helnon knew the battle was lost, although Twain had reported an evil leader slain. Orc battalians had crossed the river, his trebuchets were now useless, and his men pitifully outnumbered. Quickly getting two horses, he quickly instructed Twain, "Quickly go to Minas Tirith, tell the king to fortify the city and the enemy has triumphed here, quick, hurry!" With no further words, he gathered all the men he could and positioned them in a thin line of defense along the bank. He hoped enough time would be stalled so that Twain could get to Minas Tirith in time. With Twain, he sent half the cities defenders and a few extra messangers, to help fortify Minas Tirith. It was then he saw the leader of the orc armies advancing on Rue and Hunter. Drawing out an arrow he notched it carefully on his bow. Aiming even more carefully he loosed it towards his head. Then he changed his weopon for a sword and rushed to help them.

Its your choice if you want to stay or be messanger Twain
Rue saw the General as he made his way to them,dropping her sword she brought Hunter back up and backed away from the horseman as the arrows flew. She wanted to get farther from thier attacker yet closer to the Genaral and friends.With the man standing bewteen it was rather difficult to accomplish the latter.
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