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Yeah, Haldir, we're bored.

"Please", said Rue sharply, closing her eyes, "Let's not speak of the dead, right now". She waited a moment, "Let's just do something before others die".
"Oh alright, we'll move out, we don't have enough but lets just move." Helnor looked at the sky, "I don't know whether we should now or later tommorow."
"Why would we wait?" asked Rue, a confused look on her face. "Leaving later tommarow won't do help or anything, we could have more attacks by then. Leaving now will give us a better chance at advoiding more deaths, deaths we don't need".
"Yes we must move out.I sense a strong magical force coming closer.Sir I dont mean to be rude but couldnt that disappearing act have been a trick an illusion?"the exprssion on Helnors face let Iesseus know he thought Iess was just a young Dunedain with an overactive imagination.
it could but i say we dont stay around to find out says calin as he brings his mount and gear up.
Well lets go"said Iesseus.He pulls out a strange horn shaped object and blows it .Immeadiately a horse of flaming darkness comes charging out of nowwhere."You like it?"
"Well, at least you won't get it confused with the any of the others", said Rue finguring Penndirin's mane. "Can we go now? Sitting and doing nothing isn't going to prevent any further deaths, we've let too many innocent people die already. "
Helnor got up and whistled his horse over, "Thats true, we better get going." He patted the horses back, "We have been through much, my friend." Then he quickly swung on the horse, "Well, are we going?"
"Lets go!"said Iess as he mounted his horse and kicked to gallop.He started to ride away quickly."Catch me if you can."
Calin followed Iess's mount toward whereever they were going.
Iess stopped and waited for others to follow him to the mountain known as Higaka."Come on to we want to wait until night and get attacked by one of those spider things again?"said Iesseus shuddering at the thought of the spider attacking him.
Rue rode up beside him and smiled, "Scared? Cause that thing almost had you the other night. Wouldn't be surprised if the venom that's still in you gave off a signal to others."
"If it did then you might want to stay 20 feet away from me at all time."said Iess laughing.He and Rue rode of with Calin following.'Where is the commander?'thought Iess to himself.
"Funny, but I think I can handle myself. If I recall, you were the one on the ground, laying in your own blood", said Rue in a quick tone. She gave him a sideways glance and nudged her horse into a gallop.
"Women."said Iess to himself."They think that theyer never wrong and that they always know what to do."Iess let out a big sigh kicked horse in to a gallop and he caught up to Rue.
"Well, if you truly believe that, you can fall back and ride with Calin and Helnor, have a man to man chat on what we women think", she said pulling out another ale.
Iess laughed loudly.He too pulled out an ale."Cheers!!for still being alive!"he said laughing.He held bota out to Rue waitin for her to tap his back.
Rue rolled her eyes and took another sip, "You're such an idiot, just because we've made it this far doesn't mean anything, there's a higher chance of us dying than coming back".

Haldir...Robbin....come out, come out, wherever you are...
"Well arent you positive"said as in a sarcastic tone.
ya where the heck are they??
Rue shrugged and took another long swig, "Well, at least I'm realistic. You're the one drinking for joy instead of sorrow or anger", she emptied her bota and pulled out another.
meanwhile calin is laughing his head off at what is going on in front of them.
Iess heard Calin laughing."Laugh at this."said Iess as he threw a dagger it went right threw Calins bota and its contents leaked out."Is that funny to you too?"
First of all i wasnt drinking anything says calin. and technicalyy... my "bota" is a wineskin or waterskin or whatever you want to call it. CAlin laughed as the dagger went past not doing anything and realising that iess had mabye a little too much to drink.
I know u werent drinkin anything but you could have a canteen type thing strapped to u
You guys don't have to use the term bota, they all carry drinks right?

Rue glanced between them both, pulling her drink away from her mouth, "You guys are funny together. I never realized, guess it's all in the timing huh?" she stated, clearly amused.
"Yes Rue and you and your twin there are funny together too."said Iess pointing to her horse.He prepared for what was next.Either a sarcastic remark ,a slap in the face ,or both.
Rue grinned to herself, "That was funny, too bad it was an insult, guess I'll have to act accordingly". She emptied her bota and leaned over, whacking it hard across the side of his head. "Do you realize that you always give me an excuse to hit you? Not once have you let me down".
Whew, haven't been on for a while, tests homework, and of course, my most recent fanaticism on Battle for Middle Earth! Can someone please fill me in on what I missed?
Just riding..... Boring Smilie
Riding? oh well I'll try fit back in...

Helnor rode back from scouting ahead. "All seems claer, no sign of the enemy. I think we'll have to go through a nearby forest for cover, I saw smoke rise from further up where we were going to ride. So, what did I miss?"
Rue shrugged as she finished her last ale and turned in her saddle. "Nothing much, a friendly row or two, good insults, that sort of thing. close are we?"
"I can't say for sure, I have no idea whether the smoke rising are Rohirrim or the enemy, we best should avoid anyone until we are sure its not the enemy." He looked back at the other two, "Well they seem to look as though they had quite an argument."
"Yeah, well, as long as we're all on the same side, I don't care what they do", she said sticking her empty bota inside her pack. "Hey General, you don't happen to have any extra ales, do you?"
Iess rode up to the general."Hey boss you mind if I goahead and check out whats up there.?Ohh and Rue."She turned and he threw a bota at her."It has your favorite in it."
"3 things Iess, one, you may call me Helnor, general commander, but not boss. Do that and you'll live to see tomomorow, second thing, I just did that. Third thing we are avoiding everyone until we get deep into Rohan where I'm sure there are no enemies." Helnor continued, "Anything else?"
Rue smiled, "He's something else, no doubt about that", she said glancing from the bota to Helnor. "Let's just hope it doesn't come back and hit us in the end".
Helnor nodded keeping an eye on Iess, "I just hope he doesn't go and play with fire again. I don't want Ner-zhul popping up again. LEts move into the forest now, I'm guessing we should be able to reach Dunharrow in 3 days. If we ride hard."
Iess rode over to a tree and tied his horse there.He walked over to a tree and said"Aggigi hormash agabar!"Instantly the tree opened up and he walked in.He saw a man standing there.It was Ner Dule."My lord I bring you news the men are going to the Glittering caves.There we can strike."Iess knew this was a lie but Ner was paying him hansomely for information annd it seemed Ner was beieving it."I must go my lord."said Iess bowing and walking out.
Ner Dule?? Who is that? Are you thinking of Ner'Zhul? Or what?
P.S. Helnor, can you tell me exactly where are you and the lot? East Emnet in Rohan? Or more north?
oooops my bad
Etharion, I think we're on the great west road, going on the borders of Druadan forest looking on my LOTR map. Smile Smilie

"Well it looks like its going to be dark soon, we'll camp in Druadan forest and NO fires whatsoever, no one is to know our location. I don't think we should have taken this Geat West road, I feel we're being followed." Helnor then urged his horse to a gallop towards the trees
But thats just a few days away from Minas Tirith Helnor. I thought you guys were on the road a lot more than that. But its ok, i just wanted to be sure where you are.
Less, i dont remember me (that is Ner'Zhul, my character) hiring anybody, and that includes you, as a spy. Its just that God Moding isnt allowed here, that is, you cant control another persons character or his actions.

So.. your camping in Druadan forest. Continue... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well I dunno, maybe we could make it so we're further on. But yeah I suppose I'll stick by it.
Okay, so your camped outside Druadan forest. As you prepare the camp you smell a awfull stench, and then hear some movement just outside the light that your fire gives.
Srry etharion just tryin to spice things up but ill stop.
No Les. Its ok to try and make the story more interesting, but you just cant do it like that. You gota do it through the game, with no GodModing. Just RolePlaying, and maybe a suggestion when you have a idea, so we can all agree on it. Or at least, we, the bad guys. I
"General?" asked Rue as she finished a walk-around of the camp. "This awful smell, the soldiers can't find a source anywhere, and it's getting stronger. Should we move camp?"
"Ya that smell is nasty."commented Iess with a look of disgust on his face."Im gonna go get some food I had stored at my horse."

ok sorry and my name isnt Less it is Iess it is and iI not an lL
"Yeah, that'll fix the problem", muttered Rue under her breath. She made to move away but stopped in her tracks as a rustling nearby became apparent. "Sir?" she asked glancng to Helnor, "Do you have anyone out scouting?"
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