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The General gave a quick smile to everyone. It always started his day to have something to do. "Twain, bring your archers to the eastern side, Eowiodith , I'm sorry we couldn't welcome you here any better, but go and defend the gate, Oni, you're in charge of the trebuchets for now, tell them to load, aim north, thats where they'll attack. Rue, position your archers so they're more spread, I can see from here, that you haven't covered all of your section. Algernon, I change my orders, go defend the gate, give me some soldiers, I'll need some for the opposite bank defense. Hunter, go along with Rue, just incase they use ladders and climb the walls, archers will be a bit useless then. Everyone has something to do, now go! Twain, you are to take any leftover archers and defend the gate, understand?" The General then gave another grin, "There's always hope my friends." He was confident in his men, every one of them were all very experianced people.
Twian smiled, then frowned.
"My men were lost along the way in a landslide. I came along my friend. I am very sorry."
Twian huing her head some, ashamed.
"I wish I could make it up to you."
Rue smiled to Hunter,"Here",she said pinning his cape to let him move freely,"Be careful,it could snag",She gave him a wink,Then turned to the commander,"Yes Sir,moving out!",She walked off and hollored directions to her archers.
The general now looked concerned, no archers? But he knew what to do. "Change of plans, Twain, go to the gate any how, you're a good bowman. Rue, spread your archers out even more, don't worry, I'll send the rangers I have with me now, they're the best of the best." But silently the General wondered what to do. There was a lack of defense at the gate. "I'm sorry Rue, but I'll have to take the rangers and defend the gate. Twain, come, we go to the gate." The General gave one last look before he went to the gate, "As I said before, there is always hope my friends."
Twian nodded and followed the General with a smile. The gate! Yes, the first place of action! She grinned, stepping lightly and quickly.
"It's alright I'll improvise", she said understandingly. "But if you can scrape up any extras let me know...I'm running short". With that she walked off to set the archers into position.
Oni nodded to show the General she understood then turned to the men manning the trebuchets.

"Well, you heard him, aim for the North and don't let me catch a single one headed in any other direction. Load and fire at my command."
When the General reached the gate, the men nervously were pilling logs, and bolting all the bolts they could find. They started to stand to attention, but the General waved them down. "Good work my friends, keep it up." He turnned to Twain, "If they breach the gate, its our job to hold them, and then, if the wall isn't attacked, I'll get Hunter, Rue, and some of her archers to help me defend here. If not, " The General put a hand on his long time friends shoulder, "We're on our own." Then turning to his rangers, he rapped out orders, "Form ranks, first row, get swords out, second row, notch arrows, 3rd row and forth row, same as first and second." The General then joined them, in the front row. "Alright men, we can win this fight." Warcries from the rangers rang out, and died down as they prepared. The General unsheathed his sword. "Let them come."
Do I have some sort of authority or something because I didn't think so?

Rue walked back down to the General,"Sir, The most I can spare you is four dozen, the rest must remian at thier origional posts".
The General smiled at Rue, "No, I have all the men i need here, keep the four dozen, use them on the wall." He started practising his swordplay a bit, before holding it in a vertical position with both hands on the handle, resting the blade on his shoulder.
" Permission to speak freely Sir,...Wait until they get here...",she smiled and walked back to Hunter, Watching for the threat to arrive.
As men were running here and there among the ruined buildings of Osgiliath, something droped on the commanders face. It was snow. Slowly but steadily, snow began to fall. It started in the same time as the sun began to set.There was no sign of activity on the enemy shore....
Nice Etharion way to set the scene!
Oh, I like it Eth. There wouldn't happen to be anything evil coming after the snow would there? :P

Oni watched as the snow began to fall. Great, these aren't exactly the most ideal conditions for fighting in. We'll have to strengthen our resolve and be on our guards. She glanced down at the Commander to see if he had any orders.
Hunter looks at Rue. Then smiles. He looks at his cape seeing it has a symbol of a warleader on it. "Be safe will you Rue. I dont want to have to dig a grave for the one i love."
She kissed him,"You won't have to", She said, brushing snow from his cape,then walked off preparing her company of archers.
Hunter kisses her back. Then walks around for the other knights.
"Oni! I want the trebuchets clear of snow, understand!" Then turnning to the east wall, "Rue, make sure your archers are lined up properly, Hunter get your knights into position!" Helnon felt uneasy about the snow. This was the sort of weather that wasn't good to fight in.
"Oni! I want the trebuchets clear of snow, understand!" Then turnning to the east wall, "Rue, make sure your archers are lined up properly, Hunter get your knights into position!" Helnon felt uneasy about the snow. This was the sort of weather that wasn't good to fight in.
"Third and fourth company! On the gate battlements now! Fifth and sixth company, go down to gates and support the general!" Algernon barked out orders as he himself made his way to the gate, leading fifth and sixth. He saluted the general again as snow came floating down.
"Not good conditions for fighting, sir." Algernon observed, grinning at Helnor.
"Clear out the snow! One mistake could cost all of your lives, so make sure the trebuchets stay clear!"
Oni paced back and forth rather impatiently, waiting for the fighting to begin. The longer the wait, the more impatient she became and that wasn't a good sign, especially for those against her.
One question. Do you guys control both sides of Osguliath? Or only one side of the river? Just so i can develop my strategy.

Hrm beats might have to note/wait for Haldir, he'll be the one to know Ethy =)
Hunter tells his knights to line up. He jumps down. He howls into the air. Telling his wolves to clear the snow around the caslte and for 13 miles.
???? Bradly, sigh, i think you should limit your use of wolves here. Second, wolves cnt clean up snow. Next...your not in a castle, your in the city Osgiliath, if you saw the movie you should now that it does not really have any solid walls or boundarys, its a city. I doubt any wolf can hear you. My forces are outside of the city, and they will make wolf burgers out of your wolves (and there should be no wolves, because your in a city, and there are no great forests nearby with loads of wolves in it that are just waiting for your comand.
Yes Eth i have seen the movie like 100 times. But there is a stone wall around the city. Plus its like 23 miles to the forest remeber the Woodmen.
Sitting in the shadows within a dark crevice a good distence outside the city, sat Delu-Firiel. The hood of her cloke was pouled up uver her head, and small pufs of smoke would ocasionaly escape. For as she sat she smoked the pipe that had ben hidden in a fold of her robe. There she sat in silence, waiting the comand of Ner'Zhul.
Kahlan sighed and turned away from everything. In the distance, she saw a faint line of smoke. With a smile, she rode over, thinking she knew who it was. Delu-Firiel! Kahlan smiled, dismounting.
"Well well well! My old friend Delu! Long time no see!"
Dulu-Firielwas on her feet, and had drew her sword, at the sound of a strangers aproch. As the stranger rounded the courner, Delu prepaired to strike! Then seing that it was Kahlan she relaxed, and resheathed the sword. "Broshn (Welcome)" Delu said in the Black Speach. The sound of her voice, appeared to come frome multiple directions.
Kahlan kept her men by her.
"You here to fight too?This will be fun. Being good is so overrated."
Kahlan took a seat and brought out her own pipe, smoking with her friend.
"Yes of course I am here to fight did you think I would show up merely as a spectetor? I am thirst for blood! Why do you travel in souch a large group? I find traveling companions to do nothing but slow you down, not to mention EASIER to track!" Delu laughted, and went back to her pipe.
Rue had finally spread her archers far enough ,and was now wandering the city helping out the others not yet ready. Walking around aimlessly was accualy fun after a while.She decided to return to her post not wanting to keep away from her company of archers much longer.
Hunter sees Rue walking and takes her by then hand. He pulls into a house with a gary roof. Inside it was covered with his symbol. On the table lay two rings. He says to her softly,"Now pick on my love."
"What...?" She asked nervously looking at them.
Ner'Zhul was outside of the city, on his skeletal steed. He searched the horizon and the city with his mind. Then he opened his eyes. He lifted his hand, and momentarily the forces were on the move. Legions of orcs pressed on, trolls pushed great siege engines of destrucion and began fixing them to their bases. They should have never stoped watching Mordor. Evil always lurks. Now they will pay...
Through a trench that was secretly digged around most of the city, alchemists fire was now poured and it roared as it burned its way around the city, making a ring of fire. Trebuchets were already set, and they began launching their deadly loads among the city walls.
As the first wave of fiery missiles came over, Algernon yelled out:
"It's starting! Archers ready! Fire at the General's command!" The order was shouted out and immediately the archers on the battlements responded, bows taut. Algernon quickly checked his soldiers one more time and loosened his sword in its sheath. Adrenaline pumped through his body, tensing it.
"Shields raised! Hunter! Get your knights into a supportive position of the infantry men! Damn it Hunter! Where the hell are you?!" He called out over the beginnings of the mighty battle as the missiles began diving at the soldiers defending the gates.
He turned to Helnor.
"As far as I can see, Hunter isn't here. Your call sir. "

Tell me if I'm taking too much control of the soldiers Haldir. I'll change my post accordingly
Rue heard the shouts,quickly she turned away from Hunter and ran back to her post,calling out signals as she went."Ready,notch your arrows!" She called to her archers. "Knights,get ready!" Rue took over Hunters command before the General even turned,he was already busy with his own command." It's starting", she whispered to herself.
Forcing her way through the vast army of orcs, Delu-Firiel finaly stood befor Ner'zhul. Then speaking in the Black Speach she said "Latu! (You!) Who do you think you are thretining me? Did you think that I would have missed this!? Besides, I was already on my way here. For personal reasons. However I would be more then willing to take part in destroying this city!!!!" As she spoke she was practicing fighting with her mace.
As the enemy's trebuchets began to fire, Oni ordered hers to return the deed. She kept a careful eyes on those below her. She had already appointed someone to take over for her should she decide to help the others or if something happened to her.
Rue looked over her shoulder and saw that they had begun to return fire,quickly she notched an arrow and gave the firing signal,Calling out to the knights to pull up as she did so.
"Delu-Firiel.....I have not forgoten you..." a cold otherwordly voice produced those words, even if Ner'Zhuls mouth did not move. Its sound was as of tombstones sliding into place.
"The time has come for you to prove yourself to me.....You shall soon have the command over the first wave that shall enter the city itself...I want the main gates broken until sunset...or i shall know that you are not worthy of my trust....You have the freedom to use the special uruk division...use them wisely......"
He then turned his gaze back towards the city. Seeing the trebuchets of the enemy return fire and spread destrucion among his troops, he waved his arm towards them. Divisions of archers marched forward, thousands of goblins and wild men with longbows. They stood behind the smoke curtain that was made by the fire trench and began filling the darkening sky with their arrows. They particulary concentrated their fire on the positions of the trebuchets.
Meanwhile, the first orcs were coming before the city gate....
Hunter yells out,"Stand your graud wait for them to came."He runs to a twoer with his sword out waiting for them.
hey guys. haldir won't be able to post for about two days and he asked me to take command of the situation. hope you don't mind.

"Twian, take control of the gates! Oni, the trebuchets are yours! Fire at when they come about two metres into our range! I'll take the archers on the battlements! Rue and Hunter, stay with the knights!" With that Algernon strode up to the battlements, grabbing a spare bow and arrow as he went.
Thats fine.
Rue walked to the edge of the archers platform,looking down she saw them heading toward the main gate.This didn't look good.
Twian went down to the gate quickly, following orders. She took charge immediately down there, shouting orders left and right.
I'm fine with you taking over Connovar. Big Smile Smilie I know there's a rule against one-liners but I can't think of anything else to write, so sorry!
Delu-Firiel, and her newly appointed troops began to move towards the eastern shore of Osgileath. Once there Delu-Firiel, comanded a small batallion of orcs to quickely dig a hole onder the wall, this was done on a small secluded, and poorly armed section of the wall. "This will be the easy par!" Sneared Delu-Firiel.
Looking over the edge of his high vantage point, Algernon cursed as he saw for himself the amount of orcs the Enemy were going to throw at Osgiliath. He turned to a young archer, his arm trembling nervously.
"Go to the eastern bank and tell companies 13 to 18 to go to the main gate." The archer saluted in relief and ran as fast as he could. They were going to need every soldier they could spare to defend the gate. Algernon drew his bow taut and ordered:
"Keep steady men! Loose your arrows at my signal!"
Delu-Firiel orederd an ork messenger to run to Ner'Zhul, telling him to send her the Uruk-hai batalion. "I will be entering the city from the Eastern shore. This is child's play! Once I am in the city I will need reenforcement!" and with that message the Orc ran to Ner'zhul.
Ner'Zhul nodded as the orc spoke to the ground in front of him.That is fine... He raised his hand and a horn sounded out. A war call was heard and the front of the uruk battalion apeared. They were heavily armed and they were ready to fight. They were the elite part of the army. As support to the uruk battalion they had armoured trolls. It is said that hardly any man can stand before a fully armed troll and not weap... They headed straight towards the city. Ner'Zhul nodded once more. The fight had begun. As they neared the gate he signaled to a orc to call the siege engine for tearing down the front gate. Osgiliath was a old city that had seen too many would be more easy to open the front doors.
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