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"No treason, I've just never served and don't see the point in it. I came here for a war, to fight for good, but that does not mean I serve those who are good", She replied calmly. "And a better idea, staying, but we would need to talk to the king about that, wouldn't we? So either way it seems we're going, but that doesn't mean opinions can't be spoken",She smiled annoyingly, enjoying the argument.
Koiler smiled. It was about time they started moving on. He pulled his spear upright and leaned on it for support. They would need help in the battle. Service to Gondor or not, they would need the help.
"Where are their troops now?" asked the cold voice.
Helnor glared at Rue for a while before finally he let out a sigh. "I suppose you're right, going back to the king wouldn't be that helpful. Although he really is a good strategist." Helnor held up his hand, signalling for the army to halt. "I will attack where the enemy will never think I will strike. I will march north, everyone will pretend that strange incident before did not happen, and I will attack the enemy right at its heart." with another sweep of his hand the army marched straight bback to their original direction.
Common peoples lets continue this thread! Its going great!
I'm back, and I swear I'll re-enter Haldir, I just gotta get caught up and see wth my character is. It might be about Weds. or so of next week seeing as I leave for a stupid family reunion tomorrow nite.
Rue smiled to herself as they turned again, "Good choice, Helnor, it's a start". She glanced out around the army a moment before turning her gaze to thier destination.

Helnor dropped back to ride alongside Rue. "Satisfied?" He smiled grimly, watching his army march, "But now that I think of it you were right. But we're fighting a dangerous enemy here, He moves his armies more than twice as fast as we do, he has a larger army, while we chase him in exhaustion. But I guess there really is no otherway to beat him."
Rue turned and smiled, "Yes, satisfied that you chose to act without consulting a king first". She sighed lightly, "And every enemy is dangerous, and fast, and large, only this time more than ours. We just have to figure out the right way to overcome those obsticals. All we have to do is get rid of the leader, then chaos spreads through the army, as they have no direction, they can't function, and we win easily", She shrugged her shoulders, "You see, you Helnor, fight with mass and power, we don't need either, that's why we're loosing".
Helnor shook his head grinning, "Well Rue, you are right about once you kill their leader, they will scatter, but as for his advantage in speed and army size, they are all crucial factors in victory. Exhaustion is something that may lose me the battle." Helnor shook his head, "If the enemy chooses the ground of battle, all the fighting we just did will be for nothing."
"Then stop your army now. If you're so worried about loosing this fight, just quit, because running strait into an enemy that is stronger than yours is suicide". Rue looked out over the troops, "I can't understand they way you fight, I've never understood how a large number means you're going to win. All my life, it's getting in and getting out whether or not you have enough people, usually it works". She glanced over to him and spoke much softer this time, "Do you know how many people we knew that are dead now? Because of the way we fought and how we chose to act? We shouldn't have to sacrifice anyone else."
Helnor shook his head, "In war, we have no choice, men will have to be sacrficed, friend or foe. And I guess you're right, I shouldn't be so negative about this. And these Arnorians are newly trained, so they'll handle it, all the marching the fighting."
Rue forced a smile, "I hate admitting this, and you know it, but you're right, even if it's unwanted innocent people are going to die". She shifted uneasily in her saddle and let out a sigh, "I'm tired of watching it though, I'm tired of seeing good warriors get destroyed like nothing."

Is anyone else out there?

"Yes, I know, I hate seeing innocent men die, but war is war." Helnor pointed to the north, "Once we can defeat Ner-zhul, then there wont be any more deaths."

yeah we need more people to continue this.
Arwen said she'd post, & Iess & Freyr both RP...

"And after that?" she asked, her gaze fixed on their destination, "What about all the damage and dead bodies? It's going to be a long time before this is put aside, I guess a soldiers job is never done, even after the war". She rubbed her eyes with her hands and took a deep breath before pulling a ring from her pocket, "He's dead", she tossed it into a bush.

I was just reading through Division, that was a really good group of people to RP with, wish it could have continued.
Calin arrives from the camp his elves had set up. The generals seemto be falling in skirmishes and so unless we get reinforcements soon, or replacement generals, i doubt we can hold out.

yes i'm here and i hope they show up soon,
Helnor questioned Rue as she tossed a ring into the bushes, "Who's dead?" then he quickly turned to the elf, "Thank you for your help, but if you are willing, then please jin the cloumn moving north." Then he watched as his army moved ever more north.
Rue looked up quickly, shaken from her thought, "Hunter, I think he's dead". she glanced back to her saddle and changed the subject, "Hey, how exactly do you plan on winning? Are you going to kill their leader yourself, or let anyone do it? I mean, you've gone through enough with that sword to deserve the satisfaction of his death by your blade. But, the chances of defeating him are better wth free choice and letting anyone try".

Welcome back Robbin, long time no post.
"Hunter's dead." Helnor repeated slowly, "One of my most valiant knights is dead." Rue's changing the topic did not affect him. "I thought all the captains made it through the battle, but I was wrong."
"What's that suppose to mean?" she asked quietly, watching the army as it marched closer to thier destination with every step.

Shouldn't we make camp soon? After all this time it would be getting dark...
"Excuse me'"said a slightly tall and handsome man," I am Iesseus Reyndous.I own the Crouthing Hobbit Inn.I'm sure youve heard of it before,its puite fun.Oh,hello Rue how are you?

Name: Iesseus Reyndous
Race: Dunedain
Currently living in: Osgiliath
Age: 24
Height: 6'0
Description:A young brave warrior and bartender.He inherited the Crouching Hobbit Inn after his father Reagous Reyndous died courageously fighting off orcs near osgiliath.He has Blond hair mixed with black hair.His weapons are the sword his father gave him which he called Alsouda Katana and throwing knives.He will do anything for his friends and family.He never gives up.He is very recognizable with his black chain mail and long hair.When he works in the bar he wears black leather pants and a White short-sleeve shirt under a leather vest.
"I came because Id like to help out if you can give me some more information I would be honored to fight along side you."said Iesseus with a sincere look on his face....
Rue looked up with a sad smile on her face, "How do you think I am Iess? We're at war, these are not happy times". She turned back to Helnor speaking quietly, "Sir, I think we will benefit if you let this man help us, I know from experience that he is reliable".

Handsome...aren't you modest.
Helnor looked confused and spoke with hushed tones to Rue, "This man owns an inn, Rue, an inn, with a unique name at that, how can he help us? But if you think he can help then very well," Helnor turnned to Iesseus Reyndous, "Alright fall in with the army, we're marching north."
Rue grabbed Helnors arm and whispered, "I know he owns an inn, I've stayed there. It was under attack one night, I don't recall what beast, orc maybe... but we both fought along with others, he's good with a sword, and much like you as a leader". She released her grip and smiled, "And apparently undetectable, seeing as no one in your army intercepted him on his way here".
Helnor looked startled, "You're right." He had positioned scouts around the army column to detect enemies, and that man had gone past them. "If he is what you say, then he would be a good addition to the army."
"Thank you for letting me help in your cause.I will not fail any of you.Oh yes I brought some friends to help out." Just then about fifty men most of them Dunedain,but some Hobbits stepped out of the shadows wielding swords and croosbows and daggers.When they saw the other troops and Iesseus they bowed instantly."They WILL help too."said Iesseus firmly.....
"Iess, that's not how we speak to generals", taunted Rue as she glanced to his troops. "You're lucky he lets you march with the army, these are trying times and you do not always come off as someone to trust", she shifted her gaze, again, back to the North where they would soon end the war.
"Iessius, I wouldn't be so sure on instantly allowing your men to be part of the army, I may trust you , but Idon't trust your men. What in MAndos name are hobbits doing here?" Helnor didn't know how to regard this new stranger.
"Im sorry.",said Iesseus with a look of remorse on his face."They just wanted to help but if you dont trust them they can leave at my word." "Im sorry for being disrespectful it was very rude of me.",said Iesseus as he bowed to Helnor."And sorry to you to Lady Rue I hope you will exept my apologies."said Iesseus very sincerely....
Rue rolled her eyes and turned back to him, "The only way I'll except this apology is if you understand one thing, no one addresses me with "Lady", it's Rue and you know it. As for the general here, you need to know that he's the one in charge".

Seriously, Haldir, wouldn't it be getting dark soon?
yeah you're rite

Helnor looked at the sky. With all their talking and moving about night was setting upon them. "Alright, I'll accept your apology, but I suppose you're not used to this kind of warfare. You got skill, so I''ve heard, but you need discipline as well. Right, we'll have to camp here for tonight."
CAlin heads up to where his men are and tell them to set camp, then comes back and sits down to listen to the conversation again.
"Yes I will help you set up camp.Would you like me to build a fire Ive got plenty of wood in my pack.Well in one of my mens packs let me get it."said Iesseus blankly...
Rue swung a leg over her horse and dismounted, pulling her pack along with her. She tugged on the reins and led the mount to a nearby tree, taking care to feed and water him before tying off the rope and heading to the fires.
Iesseus sees Rues horse and he goes over and starts talking to itand petting it.At first the horse is startled but then he becomes friendly with Iessseus.Iesseus walked over to Rue and said,"You have a very fine horse.Unfortunately mine died about six months ago."
Rue looked up and pulled a bota ( hard water sack) of ale from her lips, "Yes, Pendirrin is a good horse, named him after his old owner, fine young boy". She set her drink down and motioned a seat on the log across her, "I'm sorry for your loss".
After talking to some other captains, Helnor then walked to where Rue and Issues sat. "Hello there, don't mind if I join you?" He squated near the fire throwing a stick in. Then he looked up, " Weathers good," Then his expression changed slighty, "Hard morrow, I think we're goign to have to force march the army to keep up with the pace Ner_zhul's going at, wouldn't you agree?"
Rue, who had resumed drinking, pulled the bota away again, "Whatever we have to do, we'll do it, push the troops as far as they'll go. I'm getting fed up with this guy and his choice of who to kill, the sooner he's dead, the better", she took another long sip and turned her gaze to the fire.
Iesseus stood up and went over to the fire."I hate to admit it,but I'm a a bit of a pyro.Eversince I was little I loved fire."said Iesseus sounding almost embarassed."Well I'm going for a-a walk.Ya a walk see you later."said Iesseus and he ran off holding a torch.
"He's gonna hurt himself", muttered Rue to Helnor as she sipped slowly. She grabbed another stick and poked it in the fire, letting it catch a moment, she pulled it back and began twisting the end around in her hand, "Hope the forest doesn't burn down with all this, especially with him running around".
"Strange person, I hate to say, but thats what I think of him," Helnor threw another stick into the fire, "and what on earth are hobbits doing here? I haven't seen or heard of a hobbit fighting since the war of the ring. Ah well, I guess its all right to have them. Well, if you agree then, we'll force march the army straight towards the north, and we'll see if Rohan will give aid to us once more."
Rue looked up as her stick burnt out, "Look, I know he's odd, and I don't get the hobbit thing either, but he's an old friend so I vouched for him". She grabbed another stick and poked the flames once more, "And what does my agreement have to do with marching north? Weren't we already doing that?" she emptied her bota with another few sips and stowed it in her bag before moving the lit stick through the air.
"Actually it was the bit about force marching the army that you agreed with. I've never done that before but in this situation I guess we'll have to do that." Helnor threw another branch in the fire, watching slowly burn.
Rue nodded, "This is taking too long though, we need to move faster, we've been too slow ,no matter what we've done or how far we've marched it still isn't enough". She tossed a branch into the fire in frustration and watched as the needle's crackled.
While Iesseus was in the woods he heard a strange grunting noise.He immeadiatly drew his Alsouda Katana and yelled,"Show yourself you coward!!!"All of a sudden a giant creature leapt upon him first he burnt it with the torch and then he stabbed his sword into it and the creature wailed in pain.It bit Iesseus right in his arm.He let out a cry of terror...
Rue looked up slowly, hearing the cry and turned to Helnor, "Told you he'd hurt himself". She got to her feet and unbuckled her cwellen before grabbing a torch and heading in the direction of the call.

Hey Iess, JJ's sleeping over tomorrow, we'll be on to give you a hard time.
Iesseus tried to move but he felt paralyzed.Then it hit him he had been injected with venom.He couldnt tell what but he thought it might be a spiderlike creature.Iesseus tried to talk but when he opened his mouth it made no noise.All he knew was that he was lying there bleeding to death.

oh ha ha ya come on jj thinks pt is dumb though so i dunno
Yeah, but for a chance to bug you, I bet an exception will be made.

Rue scrambled blindly into the woods until she heard the sound of something large up ahead of her, as her eyesight adjusted, it turned out to be an abnormaly large spider only a few yards away from an unmoving body. "Iess", she whispered hastily to herself, "You idiot, figures something like this would happen". She didn't know whether or not to leave him for help or get the creature away, so, she did both. "Helnor...someone!!" she yelled into the dark, hoping her voice would carry back to camp. The creature suddenly turned from her friend and slowly advanced toward her, she pulled her cwellen out but hesitated before shooting, "Iess, get up!" she called to the unmoving man.
Iesseus was out cold all he could hear was screaming and then he heard his fathers voice and he saw his father in the darkness."Dad?Is that you?"asked Iesseus almost afraid to hear the answer."No."said the creature,and then it drew a sword and started attacking Iesseus.He screamed with all his might but it seemed like noone heard him.The next thing he knew he was falling into nothingness.Then he heard voices,familiar voices.He opened his eyes and he was in a tent Rue was standing near him and so was the general."What happened?"
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