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As he opened his eyes Rue quickly slapped him across the face, "You idiot!" she exclaimed harshly, ignoring his question, "What in the world were you thinking? You almost died out there, if Helnor and the other troops hadn't come, you'd already be buried". She issued a series of oaths before settling down, "Well, hope you're happy, you wont be out of that bed anytime soon, we couldn't get all the venom out of your body, and the way you wrre attacked, a few ribs broke too".

I'm assuming we're skipping everthing that happened in between.
"I don't know what I was doing out there I just felt like I had to be out there.Ya know?"said Iesseus weakly."That thing paralyzed me temporarily.I heard my dad but then it wasnt him and the person attacked me and then I woke up.Tell uhh you know the general I say thanks",said Iesseus and he fell asleep.
sorry peopels i was really busy these few days.

"Are you two all right?" Helnor asked running up to them with drawn swords followed by a few rangers, "What was that thing anyway?" He pointed to four rangers, "You lot, get these captains to safety" Gesturing to the rest of the strangers, " The rest of you cover them as they move back to camp, now move." All the rangers silently and swiftly did as the general ordered.

btw Rue, I had a look at that RP war site thing out of curiosity, interesting
Rue rolled her eyes and left the tent, "We're fine", she called softly, approching Helnor and the troops, "Iess is asleep. He was attacked by something that apparently only he could see, I was watching him the whole time, there was nothing but the spider thing". She lowered her voice, "I don't think it's safe to stay here, there could be more".

Oh yeah? It's kinda dead though. Hey.... did you read a duel of wits and will?
Iess woke up alone in a tent."Woe that was not cool man Im not runnin off again,and where the heck is everyone it sounds silent out there"said Iess.He stood u and his arm was wrapped in bandages.He let out a groan.
"Everyone", muttered Rue from the fire, "Is asleep, but if those strange noises coming from you continue, you'll have the whole army up soon". She drew her sword and picking up her bag, walked further into the camp.
"Remember, I want you not to miss a single thing out there, strange things are happening, I'm trusting you all to keep the camp safe." Helnor spoke pointedly to the group of guards in front of him. Waving his hand he dismissed the group to go guard and walked to Rue, "Is he all rite?"

Yeah I did, there was that guy who thought he was god was weird
Rue shrugged, sheathing her sword, "Hope so, but since there's still some venom in his body, he's still in pain. I'm not sure if there's a way to stop it or if it eases away slowly", she shook her head slightly, smiling, and continued walking.

Yeah, Sovhar (?) he's a weirdo. But Bleys, he's cool, they're having a big fight on aim & stuff, but I doubt it'll go anywhere.
Im apologise for my rather long absence. I shall try to make up as much as i can.

Ner'Zhul lifted his head as a figure wrapped in a raged cloak aproached him. "...Yees?..." he said with a cold drawling voice. "My lord...our agent has still alive. I..i am sorry." he said backing up a bit. Ner'Zhul nodded. " I am aware of matter. I have achieved what i must gather my strenght....send out the is time....For i am...home...."
he said looking over the desolate frozen wasteland from the outcrop of rock he was on. All around the white plain, black masses of his minions moved in rivers towards a huge mountain, perched in one of the oldest mountain ranges still existing on Middle Earth. There he came seek his throne. The undead were now terrible to behold. Thousands of them lumbering forward, by their masters will.
Welcome back Eth!
Scouts from Rohan and even the beornings, reported that the unded horde broke apart and scattered between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, somewhere near Carrock. They were happy to inform the Gondorians that the enemy was no more. All the lands south from the Grey Mountains were now safe.

Meanwhile, back at Gondors army camp site (right after Less's accident with the misterious spider), a bewildred man was caught by the guards. They were leading them to the commanders tent. Helnor heard the commotion and went to take a look. The guard said "He's insane my lord....keep him still!" he yelled as the man kicked and screamed. He was in poor shape... scratched and starving, his clothes only rags. He whimpered "He....he is coming!! He is here!! Let me go! He is here!!!"
At that moment, a cold wind blew through the whole army even as they slept, right to the centre, where the commotion was happening. Helnor saw someone move behind a lose tent sheet. A dark figure loomed in sight. It was in a ragged massive plate armor, a torn cloak fluttering in the wind. Its spiked helmet covering most of the face, but still a bone white gleam was seen. Bone, where flesh and skin should be. It raised its grining skull up to the commander. holding in its bony right hand was the sword. Frostmourne he wielded, its blade covered in ice. " is me here to finish....what i started at Osgiliath....long you chased me in vain...and now"
Iess was still in his own litle world in the tent and he was in a state of shock."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!",he screamed and he was being attacked in his head.He kept screaming and then he stoopped and didnt speak again.
may i ask who is kicking and screaming is that me???
"So Ner_zhul you have returned," Helnor was not surprised to see him. Wit unexpected things happenning around him, he had expected something like that to happen. "Go wake all the troops, prepare for any surprise attack," He ordered the guards. He turned back to face Ner_zhul, "I have anticipated this moment, but not here. I had hoped your defeat would have humbled you, but it seems you have not leanred your lesson. When will you understand there is more to life than power?" He continued to speak coldly, "Of course, you have lived longer than me, and maybe understand things and know a lot more, but I know you are reliant on that sword, without it you are powerless. You dare use my own brave men who sacrificed themsleves for Gondor, and turn them against their own countrymen. You will pay." Helnor slowly drew his sword, "You see this sword? It was elven crafted, not nearly as special or as fine as your weopon, but nevertheless, it is the weilder of the sword, not the sword that determines the victor."
"...Not in this case....human....humbled....i know not the meaning of that word....i have forgoten.....but why the anger? Let your troops rest....for i was never here...." he said with another grin on his skull. And like a mist caught in a sudden gust of wind, Ner'Zhuls shape vanished with a heart freezing cackle. The guards stood dazed, looking around as if they didnt quite register what happend. Perhaps some kind of foul magic. The unnatural cold vanished from the camp, and everything seemed to be back to normal.
Calin gets up from where he is still sitting camly and then knocks the pyro unconsious. he then starts up a tea that will help agaisnt delusion and the headache pyro is gonna have tommorow.
"I want all the captains here NOW. I want the guard doubled, and I want everyone to prepare to move by 4 hours, we're goign to speed up the pace. Get these dazed men and tend to them, I want a cavalry squad ready to scout ahead, and a messanger to report to the king NOW!" The silence was then interrupted as soldiers moved about, captains bellowed orders and hurried to Helnor.
Iesseus woke up aain and heard a lot of commotion outside so he went out and saw people running around everywhere.He walked up to Helnor and asked,"Whats going on did I miss something?And why is everyone packing up.

ooc:hey what rank am i
Scouts from Rohan and even the beornings, reported that the unded horde broke apart and scattered between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, somewhere near Carrock. They were happy to inform the Gondorians that the enemy was no more. All the lands south from the Grey Mountains were now safe.
This is what the messenger had to say, when he reached Helnor right after the mirage of Ner'Zhul. The messenger then asked Helnor "My lord, if i may ask, what has happened here? I come with news of victory, and the vanquish of our enemies, and here i find you in full battle mode! What is wrong?"
" Whats wrongt, whats WRong!??! I shall tell you whats wrong, messanger of rohan, I just watched my enemy appear and dissapear from this camp! IF he could do that, so could his army. You tell the king of Rohan, I call for aid, in the name of the king of Gondor. Captains!" Helnor wearily spoke, "For many years most of you have fought by my side, and now, we fight an enemy that we fought long ago, save now, he reveals his true power. We are fighting something that is beyond us, even with this army, we may lose the fight, even with the aid of Rohan. Thus I propose this. I want my second in command to take the army back to Gondor, while myself and a few select men will go alone against Ner_zhul, large armies wont defeat him."
The messenger looked startled. When Helnor was out of hearing range he asked Rue "Whole army's appearing out of thin air?? I fear your commander has lost his mind! I have heard of wizards disappearing and appearing, but this! I shall have to inform my lords of this situation. it seems your commander is leading you on a wild goose chase, and that could take lots of lives. I just came to tell you that the enemy is no more, and you are still fighting them even if they are not here!!" he shouted. "Excuse me, i must take my leave."
Iesseus couldnt believe how many people were panicking outside.He asked a captain what had happened and the captain told him about the intruder....
Rue rolled her eyes as the other man left and made her way to the general, "What in hoolies are we doing now?" she asked in a rather frustrated tone.
"Well we're going to leave the army behind, and me and a select group will go after Ner_zhul alone. Armies cannot beat him, not after than display." Helnor then gave some order to some other captains and then they departed, "Ner_zhul just appeared and vanished."
"Master... your spell has worked....the enemy is in dissaray." said the cultist. Ner'zhul nodded "Yes...i know....a simple illusion is all we are alone,....with no armies to help them...." and he laughed to the bitter bone freezing north wind....
Rue put her hands on her hips and blew out an annoyed breath, "Can we get this thing over with? I want this guy dead and standing around isn't gonna get it done".
"Alright men, you know where to go, back to Osgiliath." Helnor then mounted his horse, "Well, you know which ones of you are going, everyone who had been searching for the sword before come with me. But this is your choice."
"Yeah, right", muttered Rue as she mounted her horse, "This is duty Helnor, we do it no matter what."
And so the army of Gondor retreats back to Osgiliath, post haste. And on a dangerous (and suicidal) journey to the far north, went.....who?
"Ill come with you Helnor.."said Iesseus sounding eager to go .
Iess, the sword thing was before you joined, we already found it & stuff...
I am with the group even though i was not there for the search, says Calin walking up from his camp.
oh well that sucks forget i said that part ok guys
just delete it
Yea ok ill join in. i would like to be an Elven Ranger/Archer Smile Smilie
Then post a bio.
I'll begin the 'journey' when we have at least 6 people in the company.
You're stalling aren't you? Boring Smilie
He probably is but oh well. and Ugluk i can give you an entrance if you would like. I will post it in italics on this post if you use it i will make it normal, if not i will delete it.

Calin steps up. " i have someone in my group of elves that i trust a lot and believe he would be a great asset to our group. If you want i will send for (whatever name you end up picking will fill in when you name your elf).
Well I do need more people, at least two more of the former characters back. So if anyone suddenly beccomes inactive we still have enough to continue.
i am being a little forget ful but who do we have right now?
The list of the CHARACTER names:


And Ugluk who hasn’t posted his bio.
Iesseus was trying to talk some people into going with Helnor and him but everyone said they were to scared or it was too far.He would just have to wait.
Helnor shook his head sadly, "It's a dangerous mission, it's no wonder few are willing to go." Helnor looked up, "Peopel better start volunteering or we'll be spending the nite here."
Yes..a lot of nights.... Well!! It just seems that people are to afraid of Ner'zhul!! I
"Were gonna have to spend the night here because it seems noone is gonna volenteer to come with us."said Iesseus to Helnor.
"So many dead. And now the army returns back to the city." Helnor shook his head, "And now we go alone into the the very centre of enemy territory. How much worse could it get? And I got a few captains missing or dead."
i say we start and say we are gonna meet some people there
good idea
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