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Twian nodded, then went quickly on her way. She found a riderless horse, then mounted, hoping the other men she was to bring found mounts as well. She rode across the Pelannor quickly, the other men beind a bit. When they closed the map to Minas Tirith, the gate opened up. Twian and the others rode in quickly.
"They've taken Osgiliath!" Twian shouted out. "They've taken her! General Helnon has sent some men along with me!"
Twian left the men at the gate, then continued riding up toward the top level of the city. She eventually got there, stopping her horse near the White Tree. Twian dismounted and hurried into the King's halls.
Hunter had saw the fighting. He then saw an arrow hit Rue in the left leg. He trys to get off to help her. He lands on his feet. He is still weak but he still help Rue get to safely.
"No! you can't help,you're too weak",she pushed him back and checked her leg,it wasn't that deep not any worse than her shoulder before.She couldn't get back up instead she dragged herself out of the way,not daring to put pressure on it. She couldn't find her sword and some of her daggers had fallen from her belt.
This'll be cool! I'm a Lorien warrior with two elven blades and a longbow.
Welcome! and hope you enjoy PT.

Shouldn't you post a bio?
Hunter dosent let her go. He uses all of his strenght to carry her to the lake. He then puts her down and falls to the ground hard. He knocks himself out as he falls.
"No, you'll hurt yourself",she wacked him on the shoulder,not exactly helping the situation"You can't even stand,much less get us out of here". She winced as she tried to get up,"Were's the General?"
Hunter keeps carrying her. " fighting still i do belive." He fanilly makes it to the lake. He drops her down.
"Please,I'm fine, why must you keep underestimating my abilities? I could have stayed back there and helped". She pushed away from him angrily and started back.Not being able to use a sword,she pulled out her knives.
Elf Hobbit, as Rue said, post your bio.

Helnon reached Rue and Hunter. "Are you alright?" and then when he saw them, he shouldn't have asked. Then there was the menacing evil man nearby. "Look we have to get Hunter out of here."
"I know, but I'm using all the energy I have to stand",Rue staggered over, "How will we get him out of here? Theres no way".
Twian rode back across the fields, blowing a horn. A troop of at least one thousand men followed behind her, shouting, swords and bows raised in the air as their horses flew across the fields.
"FOR GONDOR!" Twian shouted, riding into the battle. "FIRE AT WILL!"
Twian took up her bow once more, slowly making her way over to Rue and General Helnon.
Rue bent down to Hunter,"We're going to help,just take it easy until then", She stood and saw the rider slowly comming towards them,then turning to the General,"It's an odd feeling,isn't it? We've lost".
Twian dismounted, first turning to Helnon.
"General, King Elessar sent reinforcements, and more are on their way, along with the King himself."
She saluted the General, then turned to Rue, handing her the reins of the horse.
"My Lady, get Hunter up on this steed, you also, and go to Minas Tirith. Some nurses are waiting for you."
She saluted Rue as well, then went into the battle.
Rue nodded greatfully and turned to the General,"Can you help me get him up?" She walked over to Hunter as she waited for a response,"You'll be fine",She was mostly reasuring herself by now.
sorry, i forgot to write my bio. Dunce Smilie

Name: Dren
Race: Elf
Homeland: Lorien
Age:15 000
Physical AppearanceBig Smile Smilieressed like a Ranger but ranked as a Captain
Skills: Bow & arrow/Good with the two elven blades I own

Dren waited in the King's chamber, being the only elf of the King's bodyguard. Sacrificing immortality, to serve Gondor. Dren stood stiffly to attention at the King's right hand side. He was a valued member of the body guard. His instincts told him that something unexpected was going to happen that day. He raised his bow and notched an arrow. "There is danger, my King. I sense it."

Yay! another elf,theres now a total of three if my counting is correct...
Ner'Zhul laughed with a voice that was heard as from another world. Pitiful creatures! Me, a man?! You have no idea what you are facing. just then as the battle cries arived from Minas Tirith, he turned his head and rode off.
He smiled to himself, and thought Perfect! They are right on time. I knew i could count on the humans foolish bravery.
By now both sides of Osgiliath were overrun by orcs and foul monsters. As the reinforcments for the already dead city arrived, the evil forces had positioned themselves by Ner'Zhuls orders.
They prepared the ambush for the human fighters that were coming to Osgiliath. Trolls fastened great chains to stop the horse riders from escaping, after they entered. Archers litered the tops of the nearby buildings, ready to halven the human force with arrows. The rest of the uruk and orc forces hided around, making it seem like their numbers were few, and that they were voulnerable.
Now the battlefield was set, and the Edain were aproaching.
Hunter lays there on the ground. He still bleeded but he dont do much moveing.
Rue knelt down and propped him up, letting him leen on her shoulder again,she limped over to the horse."Alright,you're going to have to work with me,my strenght is thinning as well..." She manuvered his foot into the stirrup and continued from there.
Hunter stands up on the horse like he got his strenght back. He takes out a bottle from under his armor. He drinks it intell it was almost all gone then hands it to Rue. "Here drink this is well give you same strenght back."
argh! i am so sorry about not posting for ages. i had to go to another state for a week and was unable to have to access the internet. i'll post now

Algernon slew the last of an orc company he and a few men had been fighting. He instructed another soldier to take command of the men and rushed to Helnor.
"Sir, our troops are being slowly pushed back and the orc army seems to have no limits. Should I send any men to help fortify Minas Tirith?"
"No,you need it,I've just got to get this blasted arrow out of my leg and I'll be fine",She grabbed the saddle horn and slowly brought herself into the saddle behind Hunter. "Lets go".

Good to have you back Connovar.
Hunter looks at Rue. He takes the arrow and pulls it slowly. He takes it out. He then takes his shirt off and put it around the leg. He begins to ride off.
Rue winced as the arrow slid out and pressed Hunters shirt against her leg. He unexpectedly started the horse and her hands clutched at the saddle.
`Dilu-Firiel crouched befond a broken down section of wall, her head was no longer bleading. she held her crossbow ready to fire as soon as the enemy was within range.

Ok I have to say it is loking like we may be fighting another Pelenor Fields, but at least this time the dead are on our side!
Sorri bout the delay, had to go to camp!

Helnon urged the rest of the defenders out of Osgiliath. The city had been overrun, and he needed cover for his retreat. "Twain had better hurry, Captain Algernon hurri up and get the rest of the men out." He ran up and down the lines of defence calling a retreat.

Well, looks like Osgiliath is gone, well for now, I'm planning to maybe try and retake it later.
Sounds like a good plan Haldir and welcome back Connovar Big Smile Smilie.
Oni urged her horse to the front of the retreating mass of soliders, making sure that some small form of order remained. Yelling at the men to keep their heads and stay organised, she waited to see if Helnon had any other orders for her.
So shall we ignore the post where Adreia was bringing reinforcments from Minas Tirith to attack Osgiliath, or not? Because if it stays like this, you are all fleeing the city towards Minas Tirith, and Adreia is advancing towards it where my army is waiting to ambush her (that she dosent know). Or there is no help, and your all just retreating to Minas Tirith, and the orc horde has taken over Osgiliath? Just let me know
Etharion, I just sent her to tell the king to send forces to cover our retreat. Reinforcing Osigiliath now is suicide.

Helnon urged the last of the companies out the gate sadly watching some the trapped defenders elsewhere being cut down. "We must get across the pelenor fields quickly or too many will be killed." He hoped that the enemy would not chase them. "Elite rangers fall to the end of the line!" Helnon also hope if they did he and his rangers could hold them.
Algernon shouted the order of retreat into the city one last time before rejoining Helnor. A little breathless, he said to Helnor
"It seems that we got all the survivors out of there sir. Can we defend Minas Tirith with the men we have?"
A warg war party was sent after the retreating soldiers, but nothing else was seen leaving Osgiliath. The wargs were fierce enough for the shaken rangers, but they retreated when they got in the firing range of the archers in Minas Tirith.
"Algernon, we can defend this city, now I think if we prepare for an assault." Helnon looked around. The had just come through the gate, "What a narrow escape from those wargs. Filthy creatures, killed two of my rangers. Now to business, Oni, you're in charge of trebuchets, Algernon, move all your forces to the south-west of the city, we need more defenders here at the gate, this gate maybe muchstronger than the one at Osgiliath but we still need more defences, Rue, you take charge of arcgers on the northwest, Hunter, you and your knights cover her there."
Oni nodded once then set off for the trebuchets without another word. She moved quickly back and forth on her horse, telling the men to ready themselves.
Algernon saluted and gave the order to defend the south-west part of Minas Tirith. Before joining his soldiers, Algernon said to Helnor
"Now we just have to wait."
They did not have to wait long....
Ner'Zhul soon gave the order to move forward. The orc legions were now marching on in perfect order. The trolls were given the tasks of pushing and pulling the siege weapons from Osgiliath. The great city was not totally ruined. The orcs have destroyed anything worth saving and they now intended to do the same with Minas Tirith...
"They don't have too many, we have enough to hold them off, I think, actually I think they have a lot more coming than what they had at Osgiliath." Helnon gave a sweeping glance at Osgiliath before adding, "Oni, first targets are the siege towers and their other siege material, avoid only aiming for orcs. Hunter, make sure there are some horses nearby, if the situation dire, we'll send a sortie to throw off their attack for some time, and in the meantime, someone should be lighting the beacon."
Algernon stepped forward and said:
"I'd like to volunteer sir. My second-in-command can hold the south west side, while I light the beacon."
Twian went to General Helnon and the Captain, saluting to them both before speaking.
"Are we to retreat to Minas Tirith, M'lords?"

Are they there yet? Am I misreading things again?!
Adreia: we're in Minas Tirith and the enemy is approaching.

Waiting until her men's targets entered into range, she watched them load the trebuchets then ordered them to begin firing.
Dren turned to the King. "My Lord, Helnon & his Men have been chased out of Osgiliath. We must enlist the help of Rohan once more." He grabbed up a torch, ran up to the beacon and threw the torch onto it. "That should do it."
Twian walked up to General Helnon and the Captain and greeted them with a salute before speaking.
"M'lords, I can take men out into the swarm and hopefully back them up a bit, if that's your bidding. Will that be okay?"
Helnon nodded to Twain, then turnned to Algernon again, "Well Algernon, maybe you cou-"he noticed that the beacon was already lit, "Well no need for it now its already lit, return to your post soldiers."
A little disapointed, Algernon saluted the General and returned to his post. He loosened his sword in its sheath and stood waitng for the inevitable attack.
Rue walked off to her few remaining archers and began to dress her wounds,discovering new ones as she went.She scraped off dry blood from her leg and poured water over it.
Sorri, I'm going away for a few days around 8 days, so I'll allow someone to take control of my character, nothing stupid, no idiotic actions with him.

Helnon ran up the steps to the area above the gate. Drawing his sword he shouted some more orders and encouragement. "Soldiers of Gondor. Some of you fought well at Osgiliath, most of the tactics we used there, we use here. You were outnumbered, you fought well against them at Osigiliath and you can do it here too. We hold them until Rohan arrives."
Dilu-Firiel was yelling at her batallion of orcs, to fall in line behing the third contingent. They would be among the first to tast blood once more. She was stioo feling a bit light headed but she had drank an entire bottle of the orc licor, and was now feling a cold burst of energy, and the longing for more blood!
Ner'Zhul was aware of the beacons calling for Rohans help. He had a welcome party ready for them.
As his death knights warned him, they were not going to let the Rohirim slip by like they did at the end of the War of the ring. This time orc scouts kept a tight watch on them, and when they finnaly moved out of Rohan, orc raiding parties kept them busy at night, letting them have no sleep. Nearly every warg from the southern hemisphere was mounted and ready to take on the rohirim, cavalary against cavalary. The other orcs were diging a moat accros the Pelennor fields, making a secure foothold and a point to stop the riders "if" they would come so far. Ner'Zhuls troops were instructed not to get into the range of the archers in Minas Tirith, nor their trebuchets. This was going to be a long, well planed siege, and so the orcs were virtualy building a whole new wall before Minas Tirith to discourage any possible attack from the city. With bort fronts so secured, Ner'Zhul ordered a message to be sent to Minas Tirith. The message was not signed by him, but rather by one of his death knights, and it asked for a letter to be sent in response, stating the name and heritage of the man in charge of Minas Tirith.

Rue walked around and helped the wounded troops,splinting and bandaging at every turn.After a while she returned to her archers and waited for further instructions.
Comon people!! Lets get this moving. Or should we stop?
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