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Helnor then hesitated and wavered. Finally he turnned and walked off, then crouched to the ground and put his head between hands, as he desperately fought the temptation of taking the sword. Finaslly when his mind strengthened he had won. He stood and strode back towards the group. "Now we have the sword. We must decide what to do with it."
Algernon pushed through the men who had formed a line, keeping the newly appointed general from the far more experienced one, and said reluctantly:
"One thing is clear Helnor; we cannot have you near it. It has a toe hold on your mind. It will wait until a moment of weakness before striking."
Helnor turnned and mounted his horse. "Very well, I will patrol nearby with my escort. Move!" The escort immediately fell in behind as they gallopped to some distance then slowed to a trot once far enough.
A voice speaking in the dark tongue was heard somewhere from the sword. It spoke in unknown words, but its meaning was clearly evil. It chanted repeatedly, faster and faster! Twian had to let it fall from her hand, it was burning her. But the sword didnt fall. It stood unsuported with its tip barely above the ground, hovering. The chanting became to fast to discerrn the words, and then it stoped...
Suddenly a horn sounded. It came from the North, and it sounded like many a horn that was used by the dark races of orcs and goblins. A black banner was seen aproaching from behind a hill ahead, and many voices accompanied it. From the woods west and south war dums could be heard, goblin schreches filled the air. And the sword heard them, and waited.
"I'm going to take a wild guess, and say that isn't good. Said Rue reffering to the increasing sound, she glanced to the others for a moment and began pulling levers of her Cwellen, fixing the disks into place.
Algernon looked about him warily, his eyebrows knit in a frown. He drew his sword and nudged his horse's flanks and came to face the North, where the horn had sounded from.
"Call the armies to this position. Arrange them in a circle. I don't want anybody within twenty metres of the sword. Archers to the back and spearmen in the front lines. Someone go get Helnor and his guard."
Okay...for some reason, the majority thought my character was I went back through all my posts and made Twian a girl. No more confusion, I hope

Twian glanced around to the others, shifting on her saddle.
"I'll go, if no one else wants to."
Helnor had alread started racing to where he left his army, whne he heard the horns. His second in command was handling everything efficiently when he arrived, his army on the alert. "Everyone, the enemy is coming from north. I know you fought yesterday and you drove away the enemy, but we stand here, to fight again. We are the largest Army Gondor has now. Pikes in front, swords men behind, archerse stay back, cavalry flank the sides. Move out!"
The soldiers started moving by their commands and getting into position. The noise of the enemy grew closer, and then it stoped..... Nothing was to be heard.....nothing was to be seen.
The soldiers waited nervously to see someone, but nobody came. The air was silent.
"Hold it steady men!" Helnor walked along the ranks, patting soldiers on the back and encouraging the soldiers. "Alright, archers, instead of the usual showering, I think we should give the enemy something special, like fire falling from the sky," Helnor gave a grin, "If they are brave enough to face us." The Archers got ready to light their arrows with fire.
Spear men in front right?

Koiler got up and started to run. They had to prepare for the coming battle.
Ethy, you started this u continue the batle

Nothing was heard from the North.
It was nightfall, the sun had just set. As the soldiers looked around, a ragged,torn black cloth was being carried by the wind above them. As they looked at it, it simply got blown away over the trees. A wolf howled. Then ,again, there was silence.

Concentrate for a second, and try to imagine the setting and the current emotions in the place. Nice and chilling.
To everyone who knows our Arwy(Arwen evenstar), i have something to tell.
She contacted me to tell me she's having some problems with her internet, and she dosent know when she will be able to come back. She asked me to say hy to everyone she knows here. So, Arwy wont be RPGing for some time, ignore her character, or exclude her from the RPG's (she asked me to do this). She hopes to come back as soon as possible.
Koiler sat in meditation. He sat silently. He was scared and fearing. The tension in the camp was enough to scare anybody. "How long will it be before the enemy returns? And will we be ready?"
There's no sign of the enemy at all, if thats what your all waiting for to continue.
my char is out. Sorry to bail on u guys..I don't know when I'll be back and I'm going to miss you all tons. *hugs* Sad Smilie
can i be a dwarven axeman? Smoke Smilie
be anything u want, just the rle is no magic.
Helnor watched intensely at the strange sight. The was no enemy in sight. He broke the slince "Alright, I don't think the enemy is coming, Captain Aldian, form a rearguard, just in case they attack, everyone else, break ranks form columns, MOVE OUT!" The eerie silence was replaced by the sounds of moving soldiers. Helnor, again for the second time, was retreating.
name:Valin Talonarmor
race: dwarf
age: around 85
sex: male
items: axe named Durin's wrath and set of mithril armor
history: led expedition into moria left because of the balrog
residence: Lonely Mountain
skills: master craftsman and master fighter
appreance: brown beard and hair mithril suit always carries and axe with him

"Ahh I have arrived in the city of Osgiliath," said valin as his pony breeched the gates, "Haldir I have been sent by the wise dwarf Dain Ironfoot to help you, assign me my position on the lines."
Rue looked up from her mount and said in a mono-tone voice, "Oh goodie, now we're safe". She spurred her horse and made her way to the back of the troops.
"'R you mocking me, young ranger," said valin and he dismount from his horse and drew his axe.
Rue cocked her Cwellen and pointed it at him, "Don't move, or I'll kill you before you swing that thing. It's not safe to mock someone bent on helping you, but it still isn't safe to get over exited". She glanced coldly, "And you might want to reconsider before you call me a ranger again".

Cwellen-crossbow like weapon that shoots razor edged disks.
" Well then what are you because you look like a ranger?" said Valin angry at Rue and restrapped his axe.
"Another Captain", She lowered her Cwellen a bit, "Watch yourself, I may be of lower ranking, but that won't stop me from killing you if you get in the way, this war is already against us". She watched him a moment and loosened her grip on the Cwellens lever.
actually im going to be

name: Farusil Mithrandir
age: 3,000
items: white blades of lothlorien and bow of galidiriel
history: born and raised in lothlorien. mighty elven ranger
skills: those of a ranger
appearance: elven cloak and mithril armor.bow on his back w/ quiver blades by his sides
allegiance: good and nature

Just a friendly reminder that im not Haldir but Helnor
Okie Dokie peoples, and welcome Valin talonarmor! It's good to see another elf![ /i]
Some of the men in Helnors rows pointed at the newly arrived elf ranger and muttered in low voices. They werent used to elfs like him, and they thought that he came because he thought that he alone was stronger than the Edain forces. Many was a tale of the pompous elfs, and some of the men belived them.
Farusil walked over to Helnor, "If you want I can set up a scouting perimeter around Osgiliath in a few moments or i can get in formation."
"Well," Helnor responded hesitantly, "I appreciate your help, but you just came and we are in a situation where we don't even know where the enemy is. Thank Valar that the southern army is back in Minas Tirith." Helnor thought for a moment, "Well, maybe you could set up a scouting perimeter, I do need to access their strength, and it would be appreciated."
With the constant changes and wierd random posts that have been pooping up here, i am REALLY confused. WHERE exactly are you now? (i mean, where is your army Haldir
i don't know, other people having been changing the locations around.
An elf rides up with a band of elves behind him. I was out on a scouting mission when I heard news of your plight so i got here as fast as i could and what few man I could gather with mein a few days time. Sorry i have not arrived earlier but we encountered some orcs on the way.

Appearance-blonde hair, Green eyes, pale skin with a tan from being on the guard for a while
Clothing-Dark Green and brown forest garb with a green cloak
Weapons-longsword, long bow and arrows, and a couple hunting knifes
Armour-prefers not to wear any because it is noisy and cumbersome
"Where, where did u see the orcs?" Helnor asked the stranger, " where and when?"
about a week ago. we didnt pay much attention to them because they looked like an average orc band.
You are supposed to be the Game master not me lol
Rue looked up from her Cwellen, "Well, the odds certainly aren't in our favor, and by the looks of it, will remain that way. Helnor, if we continue to sit here and do nothing we'll be surrounded, by all the enemies we've let slip behind the lines".
And i would really like to know where the cursed sword of Frostmourne is. If nobody knows, i shall place the sword somewhere again, so this time we dont let things get out of control. And lets say that your current location is somewhere near the Wohl, east of Fangorn, and some miles south of the river Limlight (above which is the field of Celebrant). Ok?
Koiler got up from his seated position and slung his spear onto his back on a holster. He took up his sword and turned to find Helnor. "I believe the enemy is much stronger than us, I don't think this is a battle we can win."
Comon people! Where's everybody gone? I guess its just everyone has to much on their hands. So...
"The enemy is clever, and he has outmanouvered us, so, I say, we move back toward Minas Tirith and discuss with the king again what to do." Helnor sighed, "the enemy is much more dangerous then I thought.'
"I will however have the opinion of others." Helnor gestured to the captains and the other general, "What shall we do?"

Lets reposition so that we're just in front of Osgiliath, on the East side.
Sounds fine to me. It is easily defendable and you might be able to get a few reinforcements from the king.
"I don't see what talking to a king will do to help our odds, but you're at head command and I can't argue", Rue cocked her cwellen and swung it over her shoulder.
"They are retreating master" said the orc. "I see........move out your troops as instructed.......there is no time to waist.....this time...we do it right......" replied a cold cold voice.
"The king," Helnor replied firmly, "Is a very good strategist" Turning he called to his troops, "Alright men, march back to Minas Tirith!"
"Anyone can tell others where to go, it's those who go that make a difference", said Rue with a smile, "Have you ever done anything but serve a King? Or do you just find pleasure in taking orders, even if each time, your life is on the line?"
"I serve Gondor, and thus I serve Gondor's king," Helnor replied with gritted teeth, "Do you have a problem with that? Or are you openly declaring treason?" Helnor then smiled, "I suppose, you have a better idea captain?"
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