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Thread: Defenders of Osgiliath

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Rue spun around then, her blade resting on the figures cheek, ’And who are you to bark orders?’ She cocked her head slightly and gave him a once over. ’New comers’.’ she said, frowning. ’My my, you guys are just popping up everywhere these days aren’t you? If you need silence so badly, take it into the woods’, she sheathed her sword and walked off to where she’d stored her belongings.
From the darkness outside of the light radius given of by the fire, creatures started to arrive. They appeared suddenly, limping and stumbling towards the brave adventurers. The source of the stench was apparent, for the creatures were rotten men....supposedly men, and skeletons. Most of them have some remains of armor on them, and pretty much every one had a weapon of some kind. They look hostile, at the least.
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