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"Sorry to dissapoint you,but I barely have enough troops to make one company", She sighed,"It wouldn't be wise to send me, I know none of these men or in general,who would be the most trust worthy, I only came here to win a war." She dropped her sword in disgust,having had Diresong for so long,"What a pitiful excuse for a sword", she muttered unstraping her Cwellen. She began taking aim,blue and black disks slicing through enemies."Thank Achmed".

Cwellen- Crossbow like weapon that shoots razor edged disks.
Helnor found his foe was a formidable swordsman, Helnor only just being able to fend off his blows, not having enough time to attack. 'Its like, his sword is connected to him.' Helnor jumped back to avoid a swipe from Ner-zhul. 'How do I win?' Helnor leapt forward again, swinging his sword above his head, and binging it down in a downward swipe, only to chop his sword sideways, then throwing the sword at his foe, planted both hands on the ground flat, and kicked Ner-zhul with both feet in a forward flip. Grabbing his sword again, Helnor stabbed at his feet, then attempted to knock Ner-zhul' face with the butt of his sword, kicking his legs at the same time.
Ner'Zhul roared a hoarse cry at his foe. As he did, Helnor was dismayed from his attack, for his breath brought a cold that was such that it made the skin itch with tiny crystals of ice.
When he used this on his enemy, Ner'zhul leaped at Helnor, trying to cleave him in half. But when Helnor parried this move, he planted his foot on his chest ,sending him flying through the raging battle.
"Come.....Frostmourne hungers for your soul......" and he kept walking towards Helnor.
Helnor stumbled back up, gasping for breath. His last desperate moves hardly affected the enemy, and the last move by the enemy, had hurled him away. 'I can't run away from this, my troops will lose morale.' Picking his swor he twirled it in the air, and aadvanced towards the enemy, a fire within his eyes, rage building up. "You threaten Gondor for the last time Ner-zhul. I wont let you, while i still draw breath." With that he hacked at his enemy, his blue blade flashing rage building up constantly.
Ner'Zhul was taken aback with this sudden rage. All normal men would tremble before him now. But this human.....he had not anticipated that......." cannot.....Frostmourne..why do you betray me.....Noo!!!" he fought back, but it was obvius that he was giving away under Helnor's blows. Finnaly, he fell to his knee, his sword above his head. " reward has been denied..."
Just making sure Etharion, you're on your knees, and you got Frostmourne above your head like in a defensive position and you're kind of surrendering. ill change it if its wrong.
Helnor was on the verge of driving his sword throughNer-zhuls head. However, he instead kicked the suddenly less strong form of Ner-zhultoward Osgiliath. Fighting around the battlefield had given way to orcs running towards Osgiliath, towards the last bridge that held in there, and the western alliance of free men charging forward crushing the rear of the retreat. HElnor knocked the sword of Frostmourne away from Ner-zhul, and pushed him away. Helnor had felt every urge to kill Ner-zhul but now, he didn'tknow whether he should. "Continue to pursue and kill the orcs, destroy them all before they can regroup." HElnor stood over the form of Ner-zhul , continueing to think of what to do. Two riders of Gondor dismounted and stood nearby in case Helnor needed help.
Ner'Zhul looked down at the ground in front of him. " I....have failed...." and from amidst the retreating orcs a group of creatures arived to Ner'Zhul. Most of them were trolls, kept in the rear for a retreat like this, and now they were "distracting" the Gondor fighters. While that was happening, two of Ner'Zhuls death knights came. One lifted his master of the ground and onto his foul steed,and the other stood before Helnor blocking his path to them.
Ner'Zhul shouted forth as his knight carried him away "I am still not finished..... i shall be back...the North awaits me out....and you shall find a cold grave for everyone you care for..." and with that he fell limp, for he was weak now, without Frostmourne.
"So we won." Algernon said with a smile playing on his lips. "No doubt the orcs will come back, but at least we'll have some peace for a while. Come on Rue, let's ride out and congratulate Helnor on his victory." Though Algernon said this cheerfully, he was bitter about the fact that it had not been Algernon who defeated the enemy in single combat.
Helnor is to blame. He has had victories everywhere, and I am just a Captain with no great glory to my name. His honour could, no should, have been mine. He is undeserving
These suboordinate thouhts ran through his head. He would not voice his thoughts yet. Algernon would greet Helnor like a hero, all the while his anger would burn away inside his soul.
Rue couldn't hide her smile,quickly,she kissed Algernon on the cheek and mounted,"Of victory", she explained,noting the look on his face,Then she spurred her horse and rode through the fallen bodies,to reach the general.
Helnor watched helplessly while the trolls guarded their leader, as he was carried away. HElnor felled the death knight, then just stood, watching as the enemy leader was now out of range. "I didn't kill him." Helnor muttered, "HE threatened Gondor more times than i hav ever imagined, and I, general of the forces of Gondor, I the one who faced a previous assault, let him live." However, he spoke softly, as to not demoralise his victorious troops, as instead of pursueing had fallen back on Helnor's command. "There is no point in the chase, the trolls will leave when the retreat has finnished and their leader has escaped. Archers, kill the trolls." How could he tell his troops, who had fought with all their strength, that he had not killed the leader? He smiled quickly when Algernon congratulated him. "Thank you for holding the defences." And as Rue came, he thanked her for the defence as well.

IT was then the blaring of a trumpet sounded, and King Elbador himself rode out with a company of men. HElnor quickly knelt, and soon the king dismounted and walked towards him and the others. "You have done well General. Gondor and myself thank you for the victory." Turning to the Rohirrim, he thanked them as well, telling them to express his gratitude to their king, and also praising the Arnorian forces. Turnning to Algernon, he smiled. "Captain Algernon, your willingness to stay behind and defend the city is great sacrifice of honour, and shows your priority of defending the city. With good reports from your commader, I declare you to be general of the armed forces of the sourthern army. General Helnor, you shall now command the Arnorian forces. And Rue, you are now raised to the rank of Captain, and leader of the Ithilien Rangers, that I now withdraw from permanent positioning in Ithilian, and place in your hands. To all you others who fought well That means every other good person in the RPG, who aren't that active. you are all hereby raised to the rank of captain. Rue, you shall stay with the Gondorian southern forces, and General Algernon, you must combine with the northern Arnorian forces and take back Osgiliath. For even here, I see evil festers there still. From there, if you are victorious, march to Mordor. My messengers shall further instruct you, I stay in Minas Tirith, for my advisors have forced me to do so, but I would go with you if I could, but for now return to Minas Tirith for more must be said on this issue." With that he rode back to Minas Tirith followed by his escort. Helnor was motionless for a moment more, then he mounted and rode after the king in silence. "I let him get away. I am dishonoured." Behind him, the Arnorian army cheered on their new general, but HElnor could not bring himself to face them. He was disgraced.

Sorri i know i broke my own rules on the 12 line limit on posts, but this can't be helped.
Algernon was surprised by Rue's sudden affection, but covered it up well - at least he hoped he did. He doubted Rue's explanation for it, but he kept quiet. Riding out quickly, picking his way through the hundreds of dead bodies that littered the field, Algernon grinned, but still the anger and bitterness flooded his soul.
Bowing at the king's prescence, Algernon was shocked to say the least. General Algernon. It sounded good. But he felt it was a reward that had been given for the wrong reasons. Algernon put it to the back of his mind for the moment. Osgiliath was still to be taken back, and it would be there that he would gain true glory.
1 day later
Reason i made the king say that was so it made more sense.
General Helnor rode out of the city, followed bay all the armies, except the Rohirrim, who returnned to Rohan. "Alright troops, our mission, is to retake Osgiliath, that is all for now." He then rode in line wth the captains and the other general. "So my comrades, I hope you do not object to moving out so quick, the king requested it," He yelled louder, "Slow down the pace! We cannot approch too quick." Continueing in a softer tone he continued, "After Osgiliath, our orders are to leave the southern army in Osgiliath, the king himself will take over the defence of the city, even speaking here, he is a man that is able as a military leader. We are to go to Dol amroth, where you might not have known, many elves who changed their minds on going to the Valinor, we will call them and return to OSgiliath to launch an assault against Ner-zhul in Mordor."y
Rue had kept quiet, her mind racing with sudden occurrences,and losing Diresong. She had gone out earlier and searched, but only found blades of other soldiers. She took care in checking her Cwellen over,and retrieved some disks from bodies.
Ahh, but Ner'Zhul is not in Mordor. He has fled to the far frozen North, where he first found the blade, Frostmourne, the blade which now lies somewhere on the battle field....the blade of ice
Twian walked around a bit, scanning the battlefield. She stopped when something caught her eye...She walked over quickly and bent down, stepping back with a gasp. It was the sword Ner'Zhul had used in battle! Twian looked at it, puzzled. She reached a hand out to touch it, then drew away quickly. It had numbed her arm completely. She kicked it somewhere he could find it later, hoping no one would notice. Twian then got a horse to ride after Algernon.
Excuse me, where are the Gondorrian forces again? I don't know whether I'm staying or going! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Don't worry Rue, everyones staying together. Just follow.
Noticing the silence, Helnor just continued to stare down the path. Suddenly a scout was seen galloping back to the main army. Helnor raced to meet him. "What news?" HElnor was troubled by the scouts expression. "The trolls, they were a diversion! I met a Rohirrim messenger, who told me to tell you, that the main enemy army has gone north. To Angmar." The scout panted out the words. "Fall in with the rest, tell thetm to change direction." Helnor turnned his steed, "We still go to Dol Amroth, but we go north from there! You, scout, go back ot the king and tell him of the news, take half the southern army with you." HElnor was not in a good mood. Foiled by the enemy he had spared, he rode alongside the captains and general, "Well it seems we have been outwitted."
Koiler who had been knocked out during the battle and was presumed dead awoke abruptly. He got up and turned to see the battle was already over. "So much for my help." Koiler turned around to see if he could find the general. It took 3 minutes before koiler caught up with the general.
"So what did I miss?"
A man comes runing to Helnor just about when he was to leave the battlefield, and head to Dol Amroth. "My lord, my lord!! You must come quick! There is foul magic nearby. We have began the gathering of the fallen, and then we heard a creepy moaning and chanting. We thought that it was some wounded fiend, but it is a blade! MY lord, it is awfull. Jonoleth, my brother, tried to pick it up, but he couldnt. And now he lies in some delirium, shouting that the blade is calling him! I..i do not know what to do!" the man really looked worried.
Helnor is stunned. "The blade, Frostmourne..." remembering Ner-zhul's words. IT must have been a powerful sword indeed. "Continue the march, follow General Algernon, I'll be right back." Turnning to the messenger he pointed to him. "You, get a mount, and follow me." With another escort of six men, and a flag bearer, he raced to the battlefield where the sword lay. It looked cold and even seemed to deflect or absorb light. "Frostmourne....sword of the north" Helnor was entranced by thte strange sword forgetting about the messengers brother, who lay nearby, "Could it give me power like it did to Ner-zhul? General Helnor... wielder of Frostmourne, making the greatest empire Gondor has ever seen." He was steadily reaching out to it, but as soon as he touched it, he drew back quickly, the very coldness of it hurting him. He ran over to the messengers brother, "Messenger, get your brother on your mount, ride to Minas Tirith and tell the King that this man needs help." AS he rode away, he looked at the sword in fear. He had very nearly been completely overwhelmed by the power the sword rediated. "Stay away from that sword, it is cursed." With that he rode back to the front of the army.
Helnor heard Frostmourne's voice in his head, for that is how it comunicates. It was a deep, chilling voice, full of dread and power.
"...Helnor......lord of Gondor.....the power....the fame.....hundreds of lives, saved.....because of you....all is yours....accept thy destiny...take me up, and wield me!!" as Helnor turned away, it happened that Twian was passing by. The blade, seeing a victim with less strenght in will, turned to her.
"..Twian the Great the world that they underestimated you.....he....the pompous one(suggesting at Helnor).....he wants to take away your glory.....he plans on discarding you when you fill out his needs....will you let this happen?.....take me up, and you shall be the greatest!!"
Twian stopped when she was walking by Frostmourne. She paused and looked at it curiously, trying not to reach for it. Her arm was still numb from before. Twian grappled with her thoughts in silence, debating whether to follow the sword's will or not. Her decision came soon, and it was a foolish one. Twian took the blade for her own and snuck it away from the battlefield, hiding it with her own things.
Algernon was curious as to why Helnor had warned them so. Drawing up next to Helnor, he asked:
"Why should we stay away from the blade? It is a fine weapon and one I would very much like to have."
Collecting a stray horse on the battlefield, Koiler rode up to the general. "My lord, Helnor. i am sorry I haven't been around lately. Give me orders and I will carry them out."
"Algernon, I said that blade is cursed, evil is rooted in it, it can never be cleansed. And would you please take Koiler under your command, after all, only half of your army will be with us." Helnor frowned, something was not right. He shook himself, just hallucinating. "Hmmm I wonder where NEr-zhul has gone, he would be heading for Angmar, but he can't get there that quick." Helnor muttered, then changing tone. "What about the rest of you, any ideas where he might have gone?"
Koiler turned towards the captain. "Just tell me what to do Captain Algernon. I will follow you as best as I can." Koiler picked up his belongings, and grabbed his silver spear and short sword. "Lead on sir."
Sorry Adreia. I fixed the mistake. Now, lets get back to the story... I
Oni walked up to where Helnor, Algernon and Koiler were gathered and tapped Helnon on the shoulder.
"We have a major problem, Helnor. Someone has taken that cursed sword and gone off with it. There is nothing where it was that gives any clue about who it was," Oni said, not waiting for them to stop talking first.
ah, its general koiler

"Someone took it? Helnor we have to search for it. Do you know who took it?"
"If anyone knew they would have reported it already", Interjected Rue, "Our best chance is to search as we continue, there's no reason to waste time".
Koiler nodded in agreement. "Rue is right. We can't stay here, it will do nobody any good. The person who stole this blade you call Frostmourne can't be far. If we keep travelling, we are sure to cross them. Besides, the enemy is still on the move to Angmar."
"We realyl don't have much of a choice. We have to continue to chase the enemy. So I suggest we move now. Although the person with the sword is dangerous, Ner-zhul is a far more important issue. We have to catch him before he reaches Angmar. i suggest we move out General Algernon, because if you don't I will anyway." Helnor called to the Arnorian troops, "Double the pace, we have ot get to Dol Amroth quickly!"
Some scouts came from the Rohan pastures seeking Helnor. "My lord. We have been sent to inform you of the enemy's movment. Before two days they have past Rohan, and they were headed towards the North, by the east side of the Misty Mountains. All kind of vile creatures and orcs were passing through our land. But it was short. So fast were they that we didnt even have time to organize ourselves and hunt them. Once they passed Rohan teritory, the King forbided us to follow them into the North. That is all. I hope our news is helpfull."
Rue shook her head tiredly,"What if we sent a small party out? You know, to check around, and besides,I would like very much to see these things for myself". She shifted in her saddle and adjusted the Cwellen on her back.
"Then let's split up. Half of us to go after the cursed sword and half to go after Ner-Zhul. That way we can take care of both of the most pressing issues."
Koiler shook off the pain in his lower back. "if we do split, i would personally like to go with the party to find the blade." Koiler turned towards Helnor for advice."I would very much like to see this sword with my own eyes." Koiler grinned smugly. "Maybe even try using it."
"We need not split up our combined armies. As Rue said, only a small party is needed. The person who took the cursed sword is probably ignorant of its evil. I should like to help search for it. I am still an unruly captain at heart." Algernon gave a smile.
"I think we should pursue Nerzhul and not worry about the sword right now, unless you want to fight another war." Helnor was thoroughly tired from battling invasions, especially the first invasion of Ner-zhul. "We should crush his army from behind, if we're quick enough. The person with the sword can't do too much harm, as Ner-zhul can do to Gondor when he reaches his stronghold in the north."
"On the contrary, that sword in the wrong hands can do unspeakable harm, I see it very important we look into it". Rue shook her head slightly, "In all this time we've been debating, we could have been looking for it".
"The more we argue, the further away Ner-zhul is getting, we should be chasing him now! IF we waste time finding whoever has the sword, we will be wasting way too much time." Helnor shook his head," Speaking of which, we will have to change direction of movement, forget Dol- Amroth. We'll have to move past Osgiliath, and move north-west and then through Rohan. ALRIGHT MEN OF ARNOR! CHANGE DIRECTION! MOVE TO OSGILIATH!"
Osgiliath? But your in front of Minas Tirith now. You only have to go a bit north, and then west following the White Mountains to reach Rohan. From there you could go further North, if that is your plan...

Time is short, and your enemy's power has long been uncheked and underestimated. "The hunter might just become the hunted"....thought Ner'Zhul.
"Helnor! Why are you running away from this sword? I saw you touch it. Is it turning your mind against searching for it?"
Koiler rolled his eyes, the debate could take a turn for the worse. Now they would argue each other's trust. Koiler couldn't stand it much longer. "Decide what you will, but hurry."
thanks for that Eth, my mistake, I got confused on the locations. But I'll work a rason from that

"I touched the sword, and not in a long while, or ever, have I ever touched so vile a thing. All I can say is, it is like Saurons one ring of old." Helnor turnned his mount toward his army. " Speaking on a different issue, you may be wondering why I did not go directly north. That is the most obvious way, and no doubt Ner-zhul will have thrown everything he has to slow us. It would be faster to go unbothered, then to go constantly assaulted and attacked on a shorter route. We cannot delay, our victory here will be for nothing if we od not move. the person with the sword can definately do less harm than Ner-zhul reaching Angmar and raising another army."
Rue took a long, deep, breath. "If what you say is true, if it is like Saurons ring, then we have even more reason to find it! You are bent on the welfare of the troops and unwilling to go, but enough of us are concerned on what that sword could do, if you let a few chosen break away from the army we could accomplish two things!"
"Helnor, consider our situation. Some of us leave only temporarily, deal with the matter of the sword and return before we are even missed." Koiler lifted up his spear and struck it into the ground. "We must hurry though, if we linger anymore, who knows how far this person can go. And if this person is in out party, we will be able to find them, if we keep moving." Koiler sighed. He couldn't remember how long it had been since he had felt so sick. His whole body felt weakened. He did not tell the others, he would soon leave. "Please Helnor, hurry."
Helnor threw his hands up in defeat. "Alright, do what you want, Most of you are in Algernon's command anyway. I will pursue Ner-zhul while you look for the sword. MOVE DOUBLE PACE SOLDIERS!" Helnor turnned back, "Those of you under my command, fall in with my troops. I do not like splitting up and chasing a dangerous enemy, but we do not have a choice. Tiill we meet again, General," nodding to Algernon, "Captains," Nodding to the others, and he rode in at the head of thet Arnorian army chasing Ner-zhul.
Koiler smiled. The debate was over, and they had the chance to retrieve the weapon of destruction. Koiler looked to the other captains as they watched Helnor disappear. "Captain Oni, Captain Rue and General Algernon." Koiler bowed low to them. "We better prepare for the journey. The robber may learn to use this sword's powers for their cause.'
Anyone see or hear from Adreia? Its just that we need her to continue this part of the story.
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