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Hunter sends his knights off to fight. He jumps to a horse and rides off into the battle.
Sorri bout the delay peoples, bout my posting, but im bak. Smile Smilie (briefly)
General Helnon had been planning with his other high ranking officers, on the battle plan just as the gate. He had been concentrating so much, (Hey best excuse i could think of) he hadn't noticed the catapults. But it was when he finnished planning he realised the attack was on. "SOLDIERS OF GONDOR, STAND FIRM FOR KING AND COUNTRY." Turning to Twain, he nodded to him, "You take the gate for now," Shouting a bit louder he turnned to the others, "Oni, put burning fuel in the the trebuchets, HUNTER retreat ur knights and yourself back to the opposite bank, wait there, until i give my signal, rangers follow me, Algernon move your men, east!"
Hunter didnt like this but he dose. He rides back with his knights to the other side. He holds is stand there. Then he makes sure ever one was there and had armor and weapons.
Rue readied her archers,"Prepare,light arrows,notch,fire!" She assumed the General would pull her back soon,but wanted to make what time she had by slowing them.She looked at the flaming arrows fly,notching one of her own she she joined in with her command.
Algernon grinned in acknowledgement and gave the order. His troops briskly began moving to the east side. He guessed the General was expecting an attack from that side. He shouted at his troops to move faster. The attack could come a any time.
Finally the wall was breached! Delu-Firiel screamed at the orc troops "Kill everyone! Let's go, don't let them stop you! Now CHARGE!!!!" and with this the entire mass began to swarm into the citty!
Hunter stands his graud intell the solders begin to came at his knights he yells,"Fight them all." Then begin to fight
"HUNTER! try hold them, Twain, stay here with the rangers, Rue, give me some archers, I need to support Hunter more on the east, Oni, aim trebuchets more east, their catapults wont fire with their own orcs here, but turn half of them only, just in case." Helnon loosed an arrow into the mass of orcs. The orc gurgled and slumped to the ground. Helnon smiled grimly, "Rangers rarely miss," as his rangers did the same.
Delu-firiel was now in the cit, she only hoped that Ner'Zhul would respond to her message! Soudenly Delu-Firiel saw a Ranger aiming for her, and in one quick motion was holding her cros bow, loaded. the ranger loosed his arrow, and Delu-Firiel just barely avoided being shot, but was able to loose her arrow, killing the ranger. Looking down she saw a hole in the sleve of her robe.
"ATTACK!" Algernon's shout brought motion to his previously stone like men. His infantry charged as archers brought down a rain of feathered death. Whole legions of orcs fell, but still they came on. The meeting of the two sides resounded with a mighty clash. The flood of orcs crashed against the rocks that were the Men of Gondor.

Algernon nocked and loosed arrows until his quiver ran out. Handing his bow to an empty handed archer, he drew his sword and ran into battle. He thrust his sword into the chest of an orc that stood a head above him. He rallied some some soldiers around him and together they began to cut down a multitude of orcs.
Helnon cursed under his breath. Few escaped his arrow, and an elf (Zephrah, you are an elf right?) had dodged it. He grinned despite of the situation, he probrably looked liked a common soldier to the enemy. "Hunter! you have done well, hold them there! Rue, I need those archers! Oni! move the trebuchets quickly to the west bank! Twain, move the rangers to the other bank, it wont be long now, before they take this one! Rue, change of orders, retreat to the west bank! Hunter, you can stay or retreat with them! Algernon, you can also go, I'll hold them with my rangers." Notching another arrow, he somehow knew of who was attacking the city. "Whoever it is, I'll kill you if its the last thing I do." Helnon aimed over the wall, stretched the bowstring to its limit, and fired the arrow over the wall. Then he returne to fighting against the overwhelming number of orcs that were pouring through the gate.
Rue was getting tired of the General's last minute descision making,but brought her archers back, again.Looking down she saw the city flooding with the enemy,aiming she took a few shots.
Hunter holds them back. He sees same get free. So he runs at them killing them by cuting there backs. He gos back to his group.
After the initial wave of the orcs, the uruks moved in.They proved harder to kill, and one arrow was often not enough to kill them. With some delay because of enemy catapult fire, the trolls arrived. They began squashing rangers and orcs alike. The orcs seemed to be pushing the humans back to the river.

Sorry, but every time you move the trebuchets, that takes time. And i dont think youll be able to transport them to the west bank. They are great heavy machines and not very portable. You would need cranes and time to move them. And you surely dont have that in the middle of the fight. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
sorri Etharion, forgot that, how bout we presume we have trebuchets on the other bank Big Smile Smilie

"FALL BACK! FALL BACK!" Helnon continued to hold back the tide of orcs, along with his rangers. "We have to hold them, Oni, just use the trebuchets on the other bank, we can't move those!"
Delu-Firiel shot six more arrows three of them were fatal for the men they hit. Then she unsheathed her woard, and attacked a man, before ha was able to respond his head was lying on the ground. At just that moment Delu-Firiel turned blocking the swoard of a man who appeared to be a ranger! she cursed at the man whome she well know, and had sworn vengence on!
The General knew it was soon time to withdraw all his forces to the opposite bank. With the arrival of trolls, those left remaining on the east bank were being trampled. "FALL BACK! FALL BACK TO THE WEST BANK!" The General then turnned his head to the knights who remained defending the gate, "There is no time for heroic gestures, retreat, or you are a fools to stay behind." As he turnned he slized in a horizontal sweep with his sword. An orc fell headless, and the General Helnon kicked back another orc as he retreated along with those remaining on the east bank to the west bank, as the tide of orcs triumphantly rushed in.

Haldir in response to you'r earlier question, No Delu-Firiel is not an elf. She is a woman of Near Harad a desolate land south of Gondor. And just a reminder my army is on the East bank, and Ner'Zhul's is on the west!
Sorri Zephrah, but that wouldn't make sense, if Etharian held the west bank, how did he get there in the first place? Remember theres a river through Osgiliath that goes on either side, how did Etharian get across the river, also noting that we'd be hemmed in the middle if you both came through, and the RPG would be too quick for my liking. If it was like that, then im afraid ill change it, that Etharian attacked the north-east and you attacked from the direct east side. Smile Smilie
Hey thats fine with me I might just be confused! You are right though this RPG is moving quickely, and I have not done this kind befor, so I'm just hnging on! Sory.
its ok, im kinda confused myself Smile Smilie
Haldir is right. We are attacking from the east. We came from Mordor, we couldnt have posiblly attacked from the west side, because we would have needed to cross the river first and that isnt easy. So our first point of attack is Osgiliath.

The uruks pressed on pushing the humans into the river, many perished just at the river, but some escaped over the bridges. Now the orcs assembled at the bridge getting ready to cross over.
Meanwhiel, some engineers on the bad side got in control of the trebuchets in the city. They began firing at the west side of the city with their own trebuchets!
A great contraption was seen being transported through the orc masses from the east. It looked huge.
As one of the uruks was killed by Helnon, it slashed at him with its scimitar and gave him a nasty wound on his forehead before dying.
If Etharion is right about Haldir being right,then you guys are like next to me,and we're stuck in the open! darn...

Rue heard thr General shouting,turning,"Archers go!" She ran with them,it would take them longer to reach the west bank,being set upon the east side. They're chances were becomming slimmer and slimmer,there was even a doubt they would reach the bank,boddies falling around the company and all.
"Thid is not you'r time to die" Delu-Firiel decided that the Ranger she had sworn vengence upon would have to wait, She had to focus on the bigger picture, she would deal justly with him after the battle! With that she spat in hes hace and with him momentarly distracted, she turned anr disapeared into the mass of Orcs. From somewhere in the throng her voice was herd. "Pound them! Mash them! Destroy them! Follow them acros the river!" and without further thouht to the fire either friendly, or foe, the orc army began to follow.
Running over boddies and dogging Orcs,this seemed alot better then she thought it would be,usually the enemy would have already gotten them by now,Continuing to run to the river she watched the boddies fall.
Hunter and his men were killing orcs. When he hear Rue in troble. He runs to her side fighting off orcs as he dose. He reaches Rue. Seeing that she is srounded by orcs.

Rue continued to watch the Orcs fall around her,as Hunter fought them off. Notching an arrow she hit a few.

Hunter gets cut up and gets hit in the shoulder by an arrow. He still fights them.
"Hunter", Rue yelled,she pulled him back. "We need to get to the river,now!" Looking around she found a way over,"Lets go..."
Hunter stops and follows Rue. He dosent look back. He just keeps following her.
By now, all the humans still on the east side were slaughtered. The others fled in panick over the bridges, escaping the teriblle horde only for a short while.
The orcs forces were now advancing over the bridges. Step by step they were taking over the main bridge. In this, the trolls were great help indeed, with theis great clubs and thick hide. The trebuchets and catapults on the east side now began firing at the west side of the city. This was another advantage. The humans were heavy hearted to shoot at their own city and destroy what they had barely rebuilt after the War of the Ring, but the enemy had no such remorse. They kept bombarding the other side with great wrath. Only the bridges had to be won now, and then it would all be so easy.....
Hunter sees the orces and trolls cameing. He takes out his sword and battle ax. He then runs at them. With his knights and warriors behide him. They attack the trolls and orces.
Rue turned to Hunter,"I'm going...My orders need to be fullfilled,so be careful". She ran off towards the river with her archers trying to find the General,or at least Captian.
Delu-Firiel led the charge of orcs acros the rive, in her right hand she held her swoard, and in her left was her mace. After crossing the brige she found herself up agenst a wall of Knights! she did not let this stop her, she ran full out at them! Swung her mace abover her head, and brought it down acros the brestplate of the knihts armor, tearing a gash in it. Just then Delu-Firiel felt the cold bite of a swoard brought down upon her back!
"Helnor! We have to destroy those bridges, otherwise Osgiliath will fall!" Algernon shouted over the din of battle. He made his way through the ranks of his archers, who parted before him and quickly closed ranks as he left. He gave them a few orders before saluting Helnor.
"The orcs and trolls are going to be all over us in a short time if we don't destroy the bridges under them. That is my advice, but you are the General. It's your call."

sorry about not posting for a while. i'll keep up now that it's the holidays
Helnon was dazed from the uruk cut on his forehead. In the confusion, his rangers had been seperated from him, led by Twain (Adreia r u in this anymore?) He gropped his way around dizzy and sick, and soon , he reached the stairs going up to the battlements, on the east side, where orcs milled around, but Helnon managed, to slip through the alleyways undetected, he knew the city well. There he found orcs fighting some soldiers and archers that had stayed on the walls. Grabbing his bow, he loosed arrows behind the orcs, and soon had thinned their ranks so the soldiers killed them off easily. Looking down from the wall, now supported by soldiers, he saw a huge contraption being hauled through the city. Now seperated from his main forces, he ordered the archers to shoot down the trolls pushing it, (Trolls are pushing it right?) They were still in range. Notching an arrow he began to loose arrows at the trolls. Everything on the west bank was now not in his command, his men would have to figure to hold the enemy.
hehe yeah sorry, just lost track

Twian jumped back, taking on two Uruks at once, but not doing as well as hoped. She suffered many wounds as it was already, and this wasn't helping too much. She still fought on, "her" men still beside her. She kept pushing though, ready for anything coming her way.

Kahlan directed her men secretly along the battle lines, then waited for the right moment. Overwhelming the gate, she charged full throttle at once, taking down all in her path, losing many men in the process.
Hunters sword gos up agaisnt Deli. He fights her. He cuts at her amrs. He then jumps back and then rolls forwarded missing her hits. He jumps up doing a uppercut.
It was a fierce match, and both the Knight and Delu-Firiel took manny blows. Delu-Firiel used her sord to block the attacks of the Knight, then spinning away, she turned and ran at him full force, swinging her mace. With one quick blow she had struck his arm, forcing him to drop his sword. Delu-Firiel expected him to be finished of by the orcs, an so she leaped over his now slumped figure, and continued to battle along the brige.
The men on wall had regrouped and under Helnons command were starting to retreat from the wall, to return to the west bank. Under the Generals guidance they slipped past the orc ranks, and eventually reached the other bank, fighting past a group of orcs on the bridge, and reaching the other side. Once there he assigned the soldiers and archers to various positions. "ALGERNON I WANT ALL YOUR COMPANIES ON CENTRE BRIDGE, HUNTER STAY WHERE U ARE, RUE GIVE SUPPORT TO THE OTHER BRIDGE, ONI AIM AT THAT BIG CONTRAPTION COMING TOWARDS US." Helnon hurried to the main bridge where the main attack was.
Hunter didnt here the other for he was hearing Deul lauhging at him. He picks up his sword. Then runs at her. He caches her. He throws her to the ground. He jumps into the air. On his way down. He punches her mace. Breaking the handle. He cuts at her. This time is was a hit.
Hunter we cant keep this battle going! neither one of us wants to die, we are both main characters! We ned to go back to the main battle!
To stop the battle between Zephrah and Bradly, the following happens. Just for this thread I will controll what happens.
Helnon let loose an arrow at the woman fighting Hunter. The arrow narrowly missed clipping her cloak andmaking her stumblke back. Suddenly a trebuchet amo smashed onto the bridge throwing Hunter back, and destroying the bridge. Helnon signalled his thanks to Oni, a bridge had finally been destroyed.
Bradlys on one side and Zephrahs on the other
Nice stop Haldir

Algernon lead his men onto the centre bridge and ordered a volley of arrows to cover the infantry he was leading. The bridge was just wide enough for the men to stand four abreast, but the orcs could only come at them two at a time, making it much easier to fight. Algernon took to the front line, and was immediately attacked by a typically brutish orc. It swung its axe at his head and was only just blocked by his sword. His arm feeling slightly numb warded off another blow before Algernon launched his own offensive. He feinted a thrust to the orc's chest and instead cut the blade deep into the orc's axe arm. The next slash tore into its side. Algernon's sword was a flurry of movement. When he stopped, the orc stared at him in shock and amazement. Taking advantage of this, Algernon thrust his sword straight into a gap in the orc's armour. The long blade found the evil creature's heart.
Hunter gets back up slowly. He looks around for Rue and the others but sees no sign of the. He runs off to find them.
Im on the side of the good.
There was now only one bridge left.
The contraption was now inside the city. Many trolls pushing it were killed, but it managed to get there. The contraption looked slightly like a tunnel. It was made of wood and reinforced with iron. As it came closer to the bridge its purpose was clear. It was meant as a shield for the bridge underneath it, protecting it from catapult fire. Even as battle raged underneath, orc engineers were fiting it in its place. It was the last bridge standing, so Ner'Zhul was adamant not to lose it.
As the fight kept going on the bridge, a hush was heard at the back of the orc mass. They quickley parted and a dozen black armored figures rode through toward the bridge. They wielded great swords that seemed to gleam black in the torch light. As they rode on, it was clear they were someones guard. And finnaly, as they neared the bridge, the figure in the middle was seen.
He rode a odd, black, skeletal stead that had dark blue eye sockets. Its very presence was unnerving. Its rider was even worse. He was completly covered by a ragged black cloak, and only one skeletal hand was seen holding the reigns. His guards were equally anonymus. As they wore heavy black armor, not a fleck of their skin was seen, only hard steel.
Ner'Zhul turned his hooded head towards the bridge and raised his hand with a chilling sound. As he did, the orcs morall was sudenly boosted, by fear or bloodlust, it isnt known. They rushed at the bridge with some trolls following. Goblin archers fired inumerablle arrows over the river, blackening the sky.
Twian fell back against the wall of a mostly deteriorated building, panting heavily. She lightly held her side, men scattering. The uruks pressed on, mercilessly. Twian stood her ground, but not for long...

Kahlan charged upon a scattering troop before her. She smiled evilly and charged at them all, killing the lot of them. Kahlan mounted again, riding on toward the main core of the battle.
Hey sorry guys, I can't get on on the weekends so just keep me in, I give you full control of my character, except killing her. Otherwise, the sotry doesn't really make sense and yeah, so just poist for me if I'm not on every couple of days.

Oni gave a triumphant yell as the first bridge tumbled, but it was only short lived. She turned back to the men manning the trebuchets.
"We must destroy the other bridges. All but you two aim for the bridges, you two aim for the enemy, they must not be allowed to overtake our men!"
Helnon watched as the last bridge was reinforced by a strange contraption to prevent it from trebuchet fire. Orcs and trolls rushed through, and the formation Helnon left at that bridge held them. The formation were the front 4 rows were the pike men then swordsmen and the next 2 row were the archers, and after a gap, there were archers ready to shoot any orc or troll who broke through the formation. Helnon had ordered on either side of the formation to have more archers to support it. It worked, the charging orcs and trolls rushed straight into the pikes and killed themselves, some were shot down by arrows, and those that got past the pikemen were set upon by the swordsmen, those that got past the whole formation were shot down by the last row of archers. Until the dark unknown riders rode in, slicing through the formation led by the leader himself. "Ner-zhul!" Helnon remembered the name from a battle before, but he wasted no time. Geting a dozen of his best rangers, they mounted horses and charged to meet them.
Twian slid down the wall, taking more, deeper breaths, still clutching her wound. She closed her eyes after seeing the men she was in charge of all dead on the ground. Such a massive battle! She slowly pulled herself to her feet and made her way off toward Helnon, fighting along the way as well.
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