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Helnor rode at the head of the Arnorian forces as they continued their chase of Ner-zhul. Having passed Osgiliath, they now headed north. 'I wonder how long they are going to take to catch the person with the sword.' Urging his mount on, he frowned, 'They're right, now I think of it, the person with the sword could do a lot of damage.'
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The pursuit was under way, but Ner'Zhuls party had passed through this land a long time ago. They had a head start, and they were hastened by their masters constant gaze.
Rue glanced around impatiently, "I'm gonna get going, if you don't mind General", Rue slipped off her horse and removed all weapons save her quarter staff and the Cwellen, finding it more convienient to travel lighter and faster. "If we split up we can cover more ground and find the thief in better time".
A captain rode up next to Helnor, "My lord, I do not mean offense, but at this pace, we will never catch them." Helnor nodded, "However, I do have a plan. We may be able to cutt them off, they are going to Angmar, so, they will need to cross the mountains further north. Send a messanger to alert the elves at Mirkwood and Lorien." The captain bowed slightly, telling it to a standard bearer riding next to him what to do, and in moments, the rider was gone, riding toward Mirkwood. "Send 2 riders to each place, in case one is lost or killed." The captain did as Helnor requested.
Koiler started along with the others to catch up woth the stolen sword
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Rue unstraped the Cwellen from her belt and loaded three of her disks before walking off, checking the levers and placement of her weapon repeatedly. She decided to move parallel to the army as soon as she created enough distance and continue searching.
A scout reported to Helnor. "My lord. Some travelers coming down from the north said that they have meet the dark creatures on their way. They only survived by hiding before the enemy saw them. By their story, the enemy is near Dol Guldur, and they are moving fast." the scout bowed and leaved.
"Alright, let's move out!" Algernon kicked his horse into motion and caught up with Rue.
"I thought we were not going on horses." Koiler called. He shrugged and got on his horse to catch up with Algernon.
Rue smiled and looked up,"You two need them, I can't manuever the Cwellen on horseback, there are too many opportunities to set off my aim". Rue explained as they caught up, she looked around for a moment, "Should we split up? There's so much ground to cover".
"We could, but this person with the sword could be difficult to overcome by one person. I'm against splitting up. What about you?"
"I'm fine with whatever", said Rue as she resumed walking, "But I'm convinced the sword thief is close, I mean everyone is heading toward the same destination, good and bad, I suggest moving deeper into the forests". She unlatched a bota from her belt and began sipping aqivi.
"Whatevers good with everyone else is good enough for me." Koiler smiled. "So how do we find the person though?"
Helnor hoped that the messengers would succeed in their mission. Everything else was going well. He looked back at his captains, everything was fine with them too. A tiny thought entered his brain, 'what if the sword was among his own army?' He raised his hand, a signal for the whole troop to stop. "I am sorry my soldiers, I do trust you but I must do something that may seem strange, listen to your captains." He knew he could at least trust thte captains, who were completely loyal to Gondor and were extremely resiliant to evil. "I must ask you to search the soldiers for the sword of Ner-zhul." in a low voice. The captains nodded and began to search the soldiers for them. There were a good hundred captains in the army. IT would take some time but not too long. The chase against Ner-zhul would have to hold.
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"If we're going to go into the forest, e might as well send our horses back."
"Well then, you should do so now, shouldn't you?" Rue said impatienly, nodding to the men. She forced herself to sit and wait, fingering the Cwellen eagerly. "If we find the thief, we can kill it, right?"
"That's a bit iffy for me." Koiler replied. "What is the sword is possesing the thief. We should let Helnor decide when we find the culprit."
Captains were still inspecting the cavalry units for the sword. A captain had wisely suggested to Helnor to check them first, because if they had the sword, they could get away faster and more easily. Helnor was becoming increasing suspicious that someone from the small group he had left behind held the sword. They had all strongly suggested that they seperate from the main army. The Gondorian Army was in Algernons command but, they had returnned to protect Osgiliath, and Minas tirith. HElnor frowned. Someone was definately not right. He turnned to his second in command, Lord Aldian, "You are in command of this army, I trust you to do tyte right thing, once the search has finnished continue to chase NEr-zhul. I have something to do." The young second in command nodded, and Helnor rode back to the small group with an escort.
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The sword was already beggining to start strife between thw humans. Ner'Zhul was pleased....
Twian was following the others, listening what they had to say. Kill the sword's carrier. The words hung in her mind, her heart becoming lead. She was starting to regret ever picking up the sword...she wished she was smart enough never to have done that! Twian sighed, waiting to hear more on the topic.
"Alright ", said Rue nodding, " But if we can't bring 'em down, I'm letting the disks fly". She began walking again, scanning the landscape.
Helnor finally caught up with the group. Dismounting, he thought of who possibly could carry the sword. There was the biggest possibility of Algernon. Loyal to Gondor as he was, it was possible that Algernon jeolously wanted more power. Coldly he faced the captains and the General. "Alright, so, have you got any clues to who has the sword? I came back becauseI admit, finding the person with the sword is more important."
One of the soldiers in Helnor's party steped up to Helnor and asked to speak. "My lord." said the man "I just wanted to say that in the last few days i have seen sir Algernon acting oddly. I just thought you maybe wanted to know that." he said with a meaningful look directed to Helnor.
Twian had remained quiet until now. The soldier of Helnon's patrol made her get thinking.
"What are you planning to do to the carrier of the sword?"
As soon as she asked, she regretted ever asking. She bit her lower lip slightly, wondering if she should give up the sword or not.
"Algernon!" Helnor marched right over to where te general was. It was time to pose his authority. "Just because you are same rank as me, it does not mean i hav no authority over you. I cannot, and will not tolerate people who use their position wrongly. Now, if I may put it bluntly, hand over the sword!"
"Algernon!" Helnor marched right over to where te general was. It was time to pose his authority. "Just because you are same rank as me, it does not mean i hav no authority over you. I cannot, and will not tolerate people who use their position wrongly. Now, if I may put it bluntly, hand over the sword!"
"Who's to say he has it?" Said Rue. "We need proof to accuse someone, assumtions don't cut it, it could just as well be you". She looked around then, "It could be anyone here".
Helnor was furious. He was definately sure Algernon had the sword. His rise to power so quickly must have made him bold enough to take the sword. Then to top it off, a soldier had just told him of Algernons oodd behaviour. "No proof. No Proof, think about it, Algernon's quick rise through the ranks makes him a bit proud doesn't it? and that sword is just like that ring, it uses pride."
, "We've both", she gestured to the other man," been with him all day, it's not here, and if it was, we would have found it by now".
"I know he's been with us all day. That sword has a mind of its own. Its power over Ner-zhul was tremendous, not to mention the power it gave. It could very well make Algernon appear innocent." Helnors eyes narrowed, "And of course, his sudden promotion by the king, might miake him proud enough to submit to the will of the sword."
Rue laughed out loud, "Oh, would you just listen to yourself! Just becuase he's full of himself doesn't mean hes got that piece of hoolies." Rue shook her head as she got up and walked off.
"What?" Algernon's voice was shocked and outraged. "You dare accuse me of hiding such a cursed blade? Just because your rise to General wsa not as quick as mine! Your jealousy is maddening. You have no proof of any wrong I have done. Your only way out is to defeat me in a trail by arms. Draw if you be a warrior!"
"You dare deny this! Your pride is your weakness, people have told me of your queer behaviour. Draw my sword? Against someone who lies treacherously?" Helnor spat his words out one by one. For the first time in a long time, Helnor lost his temper. "You dare go against our king. You take a sword of the enemy that is cursed." He turnned to the captains. "One of you must agree with me." He turnend to Algernon, eyes glinting dangerously. "What you have done, is shamed yourself in front of Gondor." Helnors escort rode forward as if on cue. Helnor was taking precautions, Algernon could have ambushes around.
Koiler smiled. The men were now fighting amongst themselves. "Let us not lose the plot generals.' Koiler took a breath. "What has happened has been the cause of the evil within the blade. Do not be fooled by what is going on, I'm sure this is just the kind of thing Ner Zhul wanted for us to happen." Koiler held himself up by his spear. "We should be able to trust each other by now. If it is true that one of us has the blade, than maybe we can bring them to the light before it, the sword consumes them completely. We still have a chance. We still can defeat Ner Zhul."
Twian watched Koiler as he spoke, and the words felt like a hammer driving a nail into her heart. She sighed some, looking through her saddle bags.
"It takes a brave man to say that, Koiler. You are indeed honorable among us."
She found the sword, but stayed her hand a moment. Should she? She stared at it, as if it would get up and say something. But, of course, it didn't.
"Helnor, he does not have it. I...I do."
Twian took out the sword and looked at it in disgust.
"Cursed, this blade is...causes men to fight their most trusted friends."
Helnor turnned and looked blankly at Twain who stood there holding the sword. Twain? "You had the sword?" Before he went any further, the sword started speaking to him. Helnor in his weak state of mind, starting stepping closer to it entranced. His hand reached out to touch the sword.
Twian raised a brow at Helnon.
"Yes, it's the sword..."
She drew her hand back, with the sword, watching his General's eyes.
"I'm sorry, M'lord, I can't let this cursed piece of work poison your mind."
"This is Gondors finest hour! The sword of the enemy in my hands." Helnor moved for the sword. "Gondor, the greatest power in middle earth, with the power of the sword," Helnor took yet another step closer, transfixed by the greaming ice sword.
"Helnor! Forget the cursed blade. It must be destroyed!" Algernon shouted. Seeing Helnor reach out for it despite his warning, Algernon put his horse between Helnor and Twain.
"Stop this madness Helnor. The sword is not worth it. Ner'Zhul is still far ahead of us. We can catch him if we leave now."
The escort of Helnor rode forward to help him. Helnor reacted strangely to Algernons intervention. He simply stared up at him with empty eyes, and with a click of his fingers, his escort rode forward and pushed Algernon out of the way. Helnor continued to reach for the sword.
Twian looked at Helnor, wide-eyed.
"You're supposed to be a noble general, and look at you now! You are putting shame to the name of Gondor. Is that how you wish to be known?"
Rue rode up, newly mounted, "Listen to him Helnor! Once you touch that blade nothing but evil will come of it." She drew her Cwellen, loaded, and pointed it at him, "Don't do it, please".
Koiler twisted his silver spear. "Listen to your comrades, Helnor. But most of all listen to your friends. Leave the sword" Koiler sat down. He was too tired for this mess.
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