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I think everyone's rather at a loss about what to do seeing as Haldir is absent at the moment.
Sorri i waz away for so long

Helnon watched the building of the wall around Minas Tirith surrounding and cutting them off. He managed to see a group of fierce looking mounted beings ride off, presumebly to counter the Rohirrim. "This is not good." Helnon muttered under his breath. Speaking louder, he turnned to the defenders, "There is only one way to stop this, and that is to charge them. I know it is crazy but with them out of arrow and trebuchet range, this is truly the only way."
Dilu-Firiel closed her eyes, and let her mind wander. Then she focused on Ner'Zhul, "The wall is going up rather nicely. What is my next move?" She asked telepathically.
Algernon stepped forward at this point and cleared his throat.
"Sir, there is no need for you to lead the charge. The enemies of Sauron will need a strong leader and cunning general such as yourself. Therefore sir, I would like to lead this charge."
"I agree with Agneron, Helnon. You are of too much use to the enemy to lose you now. Please stay and let him go in your stead. I believe it is for the best," Oni stated, coming up behind him. Though her men were still firing every so often with the trebuchets whenever anything came in range, she had realised it was time ofr a new plan and had come down, just in time to hear Helnon's plan.
"Algernon, this charge is one in which I must take part. It is dishonourable to not do this. This is cowardice if I do not do this." Helnon countered, uncheathing his sword, and leaning on its hilt with the tip of the sword on the ground.
"And if we lose you?! You must stay here, it is not cowardice, but a necessary move if we do not wish to give the enemy the upper hand. Sheathe your sword and stay where you'll be of the most worth, rather than running off like some hard-headed, honor-obsessed fool."

Oni crossed her arms and looked at Algernon for support.
" I have fouught with these men for a long time. I see your point, however, we just need to attack the 'knights' that are waiting to stop Rohan. If we time our move so that Rohan arrives at the same time, those 'knights' will be caught in between, there is little chance of me getting hurt at all, let alone killed." Helnon continued to lean on his sword.
"It wasn't your death I was worried about. You must stay here, at least until after Rohan's men have arrived."

With a swift movement, Oni hit Helnon's sword with her foot knocking it to the ground, and sighed.
"THats good because if its not my death, which Algenrnon mentioned, that mattered, I should go. The Rohirrim need help before they get destroyed by those 'knights'. We need to move now, nopoint in wasting time." With that Helnon picked up his sword and started down the stairs to where his horse waited.
Ner'Zhul was overlooking the siege when he heard Delu Firiel. he anwsered to her "....They have not anwsered to my massenger........they are planing to storm the outer defenses.....take us head on and hope that we will be caught between two spy has told me much....but i know this even without him.....i have sent reinforcements........and the ritual is already started......the unholy ritual that shall bring down the loofty Numenorians........Now WE shall do what was to happen if the gods were more succesful in the drowning of Numenor......We shall prevail.....our enemy is weak from these fights......the Scourge shall prevail....." the voice stoped, and all the troops started to fulfill their masters orders.
There was a great clearing behind the hosts of evil. It was being prepared.....inscriptions were made in the floor, forming a octogram, and prisoners were being brought out. They were tied in the middle of the clearing, and then some kind of sorcerers formed a circle around the octogram in a low chant...
Meanwhile.....the orcs, and much darker fiends, began to assemble in orderly groups, waiting for their master to unleash them upon the humans within the city... And the wargs were already near Edoras....
"Defenders of Gondor! Rally to me!" Helnon raised his sword as he rode to the gate on his sword. The all of the Gondorian knights left rode in precision behind him. The gates openned, and the looming construction of the walls greeted him him as he rode out. "This day, we ride out into the midst of a overwhelming enemy! This day, we may even ride to our death! But this is the only way, the only way, we can breach the enemy. Now, draw your swords, for this day, our swords will taste orc flesh. For Gondor and the King! To Rohan! and for the freedom of all men!" The silence was shattered with the unsheathing of swords as the knights charged.
Grumbling, Oni turned to Algernon.
"Stay here, I'll accompany him. After all, someone will need to lead the defence if anything should happen to him."

She turned, jumped on a nearby horse and rode after the charging mass of Helnon's group.
The force of men was greeted with orc steel. The archers rained them with arrows, and then the legions were set free. They were in the path of the riders, and they met them with a mighty clash!

Meanwhile, the ritual had begun. Prisoners from Osgiliath were hoarded in the middle of the octogram and the chanting grew louder. The symbols shined with a greenish hue, and all of a sudden, the prisoners fell like limp sacks to the ground. They were all slain at once by some foul magic from this ritual. As they died, the symbols went wild, and whispy shadows rose from the octogram, rising into the sky. And the darkened... it was a dark unmoving mass of black.
As the sky went dim, the forces of orcs grew bolder. They were in a frenzy, and naught could stop them.
Algernon watched helplessly as Helnon and Oni both charged, possibly to their deaths. But he had been given a order, and had expressed his opinion. All that was left for him to do was to defend Minas Tirith as best he could. The appearance of the prisoners of Osgiliath did not surprise Algernon, but their deliberate slaughter sickened him. It drove him to his knees and he retched violently. He had seen many methods of death, but this brutality was too much. Struggling to his feet, Algernon saw the clash of steel and flesh. The orcs recovered from the initial assualt and counter attacked with a seemingly berserk attitude. He watched in horror as the orcs swelled and crashed onto the knights of Gondor.
Rue saw Algernon and walked up behind him,"You don't seem to be holding up very well", She shifted her gaze to the falling bodies,"It isn't that hard to look at is it? I mean,there are worse ways to die." She swung her bow over her shoulder and started back to her archers.
Twian stepped up beside Algernon and watched the mass trying to fight. She sighed slightly.
"It seems almost hopeless...we need help...will Rohan come?"
She kept a tight grip on the hilt of her sword.
"If there are worse ways to die, then I do not know them." Algernon whispered to himself in reply to Rue's clinical statement.
Turning to Twain, he answered in a sombre tone:
"It seems helpless because it is. If Rohan were to come to our aid, there would be a small chance of victory, but the cost would be high; I do not think I could pay it. I do not think anyone could pay it. The lives of men are far more valuable than those of a thousand precious stones. Nay, more valuable than all the jewels in the world. However, soldiers are meant to die. Their lives may be spent, but never wasted; the first lesson a leader learns."
Rue's elven ears picked up the comment,she turned to Algernon,"Have you ever thought of what it would be like to die without honor? There can be no worse way to leave this world than to have none when you do so". She gestured around herself,"This is nothing but a Sword-dance,victor leaves with honor,looser dies with none".
"Honour is a valued thing among warriors, but a man may live without it. A man would choose his life over honour. Do not lecture me on how to live and die with or without honour." Algernon said softly, feeling very angry.
Helnon fought until his sword seemed attached to his arm,but still he continued to hack at the oncoming orc hoards. His knights rode together with him, maintaining a tight formation, but they were outnumbered. Helnon heard the thud of arrows into his men, and the wild orc cries of glee, as they cut down a horseman. He blew the horn he had, in one loud crisp sound, then continued to to hack through the orc hoards. There were two answering calls, one of whom he knew and the other of which he didn't. He knew the one answering call of Rohan, of whos riders he saw sweeping in on his left, but the third was the unexpected call from an ally that he should not have forgotten at all. The northern army of Gondor, stationed in Arnor, had come. The larger part of Gondors united armies, they crushed in on the left, their large contengent knights thundering in. With the three armies combined forces, especially with Arnors huge force, with more reinforcements arriving in a matter of time, they drove back the bewildered orcs, who were cut down under the huge cavalry forces. Helnon led his knights to join up with Rohan and Arnor, so that they now formed a bulky large force, attacking the enemy walls being built up.
Rue walked over to Algernon stifly, "Than that man is a fool, he will die for nothing in the end,and this life will have been nothing but game." She looked back to the falling bodies,"You see them? They are dying with honour,not running or trying to preserve thier own lives,they see what they're doing as an honourable thing. Now that,is a good way to die. As for lecturing you,I really wish it wasn't neccessary,but if you truly believe what you said,I can't do much than anticipate the moment a jitivimas steel kisses your throat". She turned on her heel and walked off angrily.

Jitivima-blooding blade/soul sucking sword
"Men fight long and hard, risking life and limb! And for what? Something that they cannot see nor touch! I try my best and beyond to preserve my honour, but if they choice lay before me, I would choose my life so that I may win my honour back! Your words mean nothing to me!" Algernon shouted at Rue's back. He would settle the matter between himself and her later, if they were still alive.
Hearing the ringing tones of a horn, and answering calls, Algernon rushed back to the battlements. Before him, the combined might of Gondor, Rohan and Arnor charged forward, orcs and other vile creatures trampled under the forces of the West. The orc army were forced back inch by inch under the terrific onslaught.
Soon the arrows of Arnorian archers, the crushing boulders of the Arnorian trebuchets, and the Arnorian foot soldiers arrived, attacking the half built wall, while the cavalry, led by Helnon drove the orcs back in a thundering charge, trampling them, or cutting them down. "Stay together! Force them into the River!" Helnon roared pointing his sword straight into the orcs, while the orcs scrambled into a retreat, as the united Western horsemen pushed the orcs back towards the river.
Ok Haldir, this will be the first rpg i am going to do.
i am in
thats great Koiler! but first u gotta post ur bio
The orc horde was bewildred! ARNOR!!? When was that kingdom rebuilt?? It is not possible!
Even Ner'Zhul was struck with this imposiblle turn of events. But he did not waver. He ordered his forces to rally around the walls and start anew.
Meanwhile the cultists were not idle. Slowly, the slain prisoners of Osgiliath stumbled to their feet and lumbered forward. Their black, empty eyes showed no emotion. They were Undead!!! The servants of evil slowly marched forward through the orcs, and the orcs were afraid, for they had already slain these men, and now they arise again. But soon they understood that they were on their side, and the undead soldiers of Gondor attacked their own allies and kin.
As the orcs were pushed back to the walls, they stoped their retreat, and began again to fight, inch by inch against these "newcome" allies of Gondor.
Helnon was in somewhere on the battle field when he felt a searing pain in his mind, and following, a icy voice in his mind. It was Ner'Zhul, "Warrior of Gondor..... you said there are better ways to die.......but their are worse things than your own country men slay thy kin.....and your forces panic before the soulless undead.....I know not from hence came the Arnorians...or how the Rohhirim defeated my wargs.....but i tell shall fall.....and Gondor will feel the cold embrace of the ever lasting winter..."
Helnor gremaced as the icy cold voice of Ner-zhul filled his brain. Gritting his teeth, he saw the undead soldiers come forward with the orcs, who one by one turnned back. "THIS DAY SHALL BE THE VICTORY OF ALL FREE MEN ON THIS EARTH! I DO NOT FEAR YOU NER-ZHUL! COME AND TASTE DEATH, YOU SERVANT OF EVIL!" Helnor noticed that even though Ner-zhul spoke with malice, there was a very tiny small sense of fear in it. He had not known that Arnor had been rebuilt by the king Elbador, a land so full of peoples, an army was quick to be built, perhaps he was surprised that Arnor was even alive, or how his fell creatures on wargs and steeds were beaten by Rohan, even Helnor would have been surprised, if he had not known that Rohan had improved their cavalry strength, armouring weakest part of the horses, and making very long lances, so the wargs would be killed before reaching the riders. Of course, Helnor smiled grimly, the lance could be switched with another weopon easily for manouvering purposes. He continued to ride at the head of the column cutting through the orcs and undead soldiers. Somewhere behind the seething mass of orcs, was Ner-zhul.
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Name: Koiler
Race: Elf
Homeland: Rivindell
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Physical Appearance: Short hair, brown eyes, small frame
Skills: Lance and spear strength
Special Items/Weapons: lance and spear
Background/History: wanderer
Other: No family in rivindell, just born there. Stayed when other elves left for other lands
i am a GOOD guy
Name: Koiler
Race: Elf
Homeland: Rivindell
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Physical Appearance: Short hair, brown eyes, small frame
Skills: Lance and spear strength
Special Items/Weapons: lance and spear
Background/History: wanderer
Other: No family in rivindell, just born there. Stayed when other elves left for other lands
Koiler stumbled in the darkness. He could see that there would be alot of trouble if the sun didn't rise soon. Koiler sat down in the shrubbery, he twisted his neck back and heard a crack. He really needed a messager. Leaving Rivindell a year ago, Koiler was a wanderer. He knew no parents and his friends had left him for the undying lands two generations ago. Koiler looked up and saw the most eye opening sight. There was a battered castle. It was falling apart, overrun by goblins, orcs and other evil creatures. The world here was dead. OSgiliath was gone. It wasn't even an ancient city. Koiler got up and without thinking ran in the opposite direction. He ran and ran, hoping he would soon see the direction of Minas Tirith. Three days and nights passed. He finally glimpsed the White city on the horizon. He had to speak with the General of the warriors.
Algernon was thinking very fast at this point. Arnor had come to the aid of Gondor and the Riders of Rohan had defeated the wargs, but now a greater foe faced them; former soldiers of Osgiliath, now the undead. If Algernon were to send out a number of companies, they would help Helnor a lot, but if he sent them out and Helnor was defeated, then there would be little use of resisting.
"Rue! Twain! I need some help." Algernon quickly filled them in on his choices.
"So what do you think? Should I send some out or keep them as defenders?"
Koiler saw the castle of Minas Tirith in the distance. He ran without stopping to the drawbridge, where he requested to see the king. A quick conference with the king, Koiler found out there was a battle outside led by the general Helnor. Koiler stayed one day more in the white city, before journeying out to Osgiliath. There amidst the chaos, stood a man surrounded by dead bodies. The man was swift with the sword, and all those who stood against him fell. Koiler asked Helnor what was going on. Helnor explained that the forces were bringing back dead soldiers to life and using them for their armies. Koiler pulled from his pack a long slender spear. The spear was not thick for throwing, but thinner used for close combat. Clad in thin metal, blades would not cut through it. Koiler began his massacre alongside the general.
Sorri Koiler but can u not controll other peoples characters? controlling wat the king does is alrite, but conrolling someone elses character is not allowed.
The orc forces nearest to the middle suddenly shudered and there attack was shortly weakend.Ner'Zhul himself came out to the battlefield. He was slowly moving through his forces.
He appeared as a person clad in heavy siler platemail, with a long cloak. His armour looked odd, like it had frost gathering on it constantly, as well as his sword. The blade he wielded was a keen bastard sword with a horned skull at the bottom, where the blade meet the handle, and the skulls eyes glowed with pale blue/white light. From its maws a cold mist was constantly seeping forth. When close to the blade it seemed as if it had a voice of its own, a low slow voice, speaking in a strange and horiblle language.
As he aproached the acctual fighting he did not stop to engage in meele. He would only push aside anyone who would be foolish to stand before him. He was looking for someone.....

Koiler welcome. Try and follow the others advice. Now, there is a great fight going on in front of Minas Tirith with many foes. On one side is the orc horde, with trolls and much fouler beast. On the other is Gondor, Rohan and apparently the North kingdom of Arnor (dont ask me how that happened).
Helnor felt the growing presence of great evil moving through the orc ranks. While he wasn't concentrating, an orc stabbed upwards at him, toppling him from his mount. Quickly scrambling up, he delt the orc a few heavy blows with his sword, dropping him instantly. Helnor's sword was glowing blue, being in such close contact with orcs. He fought his way througth the orcs, looking for the foe that had now twice disturbed the peace of Gondor. " RIDERS OF THE WEST! DRIVE THE ORCS TO THE RIVER!" With that he plunged deeper through the orcs, continoiusly hacking through and looking for their leader. "COME TASTE DEATH NER-ZHUL! MY SWORD SINGS TO MEET YOU!"
hey guys, haldir told me that he had to change his post so don't pay any real attention to the part in his last post about me helping him. and koiler, dude, read the previous posts
Koiler grabbed hold of his spear-like lance and twirled around. The surrounding orcs and goblins fell to the ground life less. "General Helnor, I am Koiler of Rivindell. I have enlisted my service to the King of Gondor, king Elvbador. I also bring word that some rangers i met along the way have agreed to come, every warrior makes the difference." Koiler tossed the spear into the closest undead warrior, he ran over to pick ot up. As he did so, a giant undead man jumped from behind and knocked Koiler to the ground. The undead warrior took out a knife and leant close to slit Koiler's throat. A single arrow pierced the undead man throught the eye. Koiler got up and retrieved his spear. "Thank you Helnor."
'Helnor had little time to think. He was still searching for the foe of Gondor, the leader of the mindless beasts that now attacked his forces. "We're finally winning" He breathed, resting a very short moment. But before he could say another word, a messenger reached him, on horseback. "General, the Arnorian ground troops have destroyed the wall" Helnor leant back in wonder, 'In such a short time" The messenger then cut down an orc about to slash Helnor. "I see you can fight, fall in among the chargers." The messenger offered his horse, but Helnor waved him away searching for Ner-zhul. "Ah Nerzhul,"I remember that invasion 5 years ago. You dared to come to the border, in a time of peace. Do you still bear the scars of that battle?" Helnor smiled grimly as his forces smashed past him, ripping through the undead and orc warriors. They were getting close to Osgiliath.
Ok, you can erase those last two parts about the elves from Valinor coming, and the Hobbits as well. I dont want to be part of some powermongering RPG (and this one has already streched the LOTR world so much that it worries me). If you dont erase those parts, then i shall add a party of Balrogs that just "happened" to by near by, a few dozen dragons that were going home from their vacation to Disneyland, The Watcher in the Water that went out on a search for his rubber ducky and Morgoth, who came down for a game of cricket. So, its up to you.....
Ill wait to see what you'v decided and then ill post again. Happy Elf Smilie
Sori Eth, guess i got carried away, but ive changed mine, excuse Koiler he's a bit new to this. he'll change his.
hey everyone I leave for Mexico tomorrow and I'm not sure how often or if I'll be able to post there so keep me in plz...but nothing ridiculous w/ my char.
sorry, i am still kind new to this. i have changed the parts and i wont be going on Pt for a couple of weeks. i am moving to hong kong from tasmania. i hope i see u guys in the rpg when i come back online
Ner'Zhul was close. The troops that he came near to seemed to split in fear before him, and so he found Helnor. As they stood watching each other, it began to snow.
Ner'Zhul lifted his head to the skies and then he let out a deep icy laugh. As he did he charged at Helnon with his cold blade.
"Come taste steel on your throat Ner-zhul." with those words Helnor brought his blade to counter Ner-zhuls sword. The impact sent vibrations through Helnor, who stepped back and kicked at Ner-zhul's feet, then got back up and moved back, circling around his foe. "Twice you have disturbed the peace of Gondor, this time will be be the last." Helnor managed a grim smile, feeling the old scar on his side burn continueing to cautiously circle him, "Last time, you were lucky, do you still bear the scars? Do you?" Helnor brought his eyes in a piercing stare towards Ner-zhul's, "Because I do, and I will fulfill my vow to destroy you forever."
Ner'Zhul meet his steel indeed.
" are so naive...I have meet death already...and i came back....twice you say i attacked Gondor......but that is not so....I have on this world before you were born....My lord fell, and i left Angmar....i headed out North and then i found called me....and now...i must do what it wills me to..." he was clearly talking about his sword, Frostmourne.
He continued to fight Helnon, never taking his eyes of him. And his eyes...they were two pale blue stars that pierced into the heart of his foe.
Rue sighed,gabbing a sword in place of Diresong,she ran out to help Algernon. "Fighting with a man who lacks honor, not one of my strong points", She said as she came up beside him,"And I wouldn't suggest sending anyone,too large a risk".
Comon. Finnaly things are heating up!!"
"Alright then. I want three companies sent out to help Helnor. They should present a large enough threat for our enemies. Helnor can then take care of Ner'Zhul. Rue, yo umake sure that the leaders of those companies are reliable men. I'm just wondering whether to send you out as well." Algernon thought over the choice that lay before him.
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