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"Hey toad get over here and give me a slimeball special." Toad lept over "where you want it boss"
"Get Sheryl" smiled Dar
well you left yourself wide open for that one my dear
Sooo you are gonna attack my team members with toads are you Darous????

*Stonehelm captures the toad and puts it in the badgers cage*

*Stonehelm rallies his team in an all out attack on Darous*

*Darous is hit by by a giant mudball and knocked into a swamp*
Asteroth is the one you want Ross, not my team!!

*Stonehelm cages the badgers*
Ross arives in the Nick of time to free Aule by using Gengar, the ultimate ghost POkemon and therefore resistant to all attacks except other ghost pokemon. Ross was actually given a Ninja Death Badgers so he realeses it on both Stony and Asteroth for ganging up on my old buddy Aule whilst I was moving offices!
but then Lilandra arrives from the shi'ar galaxy after xavier sent out a telepathic cry for help.
"You wish to take their souls Imperial guard attack them."
And so Gladiator leads the guard into battle.
Be gone you demonic can of turpentine Darous!! hahahaha I shalt smite thee if thy forces do not surrender.....hahahaha
ARGH!!!!*Still Asteroth’s offer is EXTREMELY tempting....Aul’ has always wanted some power but cannot betray his friends....but where are they in his time of need?? ROSS!!!!! RING!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!! AIRE!!!!!!!!!*

Moderator SmilieLanguage please Aule!Moderator Smilie
(btw, I think Ross is away for a bit, hang in there, also, Cuddly Badgers are the sole right and property of Me, if you are going to offer them please consult first, or you may accidentally get the Ninja Death Badgers)

[Edited on 6/5/2003 by PlasticSquirrel]
"you speak to us like this fool" laughed Darous
"Come now imperial guard let us smite down our foes"
"And you'll even have my help" said Bishop as he teleported in with the X-treme X-men from an alternate time line"
and so the two battles fought while Aule battled with his dark side and the conclusion would rock the very universe
Allright whose side are You on?

*Stonehelm mud balls Aule*

[Edited on 6/5/2003 by Stonehelm]
*ARGGHH!!! Asteroth gave me a very tempting offer...just as hard to decide as it was for Luke to decide wether to join his father Darth Vader or not....
...............I have decided that I cannot be unloyal to my most trusted ally Ross....Ross help me!! PLEASE!!! He is tempting me......AHH!!!!
HELP!!!! He is tempting me to join his forces to rule the world.....ARGH!!!!*
Aul’ pleads to Ross to come again to rescue this poor Vala who has put his foot in it again.....I wonder where he is?
Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! *Aul’ laughs at the face of Asteroth and throws a mighty fist against the mountain side which crumbles upon Asteroth burying him alive!!!*
I`m BACK! Right, a word of warning!

!CAUTION! Do not get me wet or dirty! I`ve only just had a shower and I`ve only got one towel around me! So in other words, I`m watching for the moment and watching the funny film and helping when help is needed! Big Smile Smilie

Look Aire, I didn`t mean to make you feel guilty. I mean that. I just want you to stay on Stony`s team, oh and by the way, there isn`t a time when we have to ask or feel guilty for doing something! We just have a team leader! Do you understand me Aire or shall I put it in more simple terms? I don`t think I made any sence so I may have to re-word that for you.

Anyone need help?
I don’t think you’ve got it Asty old chap....They are like the dwarves were before Eru blessed them with life.....they cannot think, they act ONLY on MY command!!! So Na-na-na-na-na SmilieNa-na-na-na-na SmilieNa-na-na-na-na Smilie
Sorry old chap!

(they cannot be manipulated or changed to the other side neither can they die!)

The three demons target the X-Men at first.Lucifer takes Wolverine's soul, Asteroth takes Xavier's soul

THAT INCLUDES TAKING THEIR SOULS!! Because without their souls they are dead!!

HEY! What took you so long *looks at watch* Sheesh, ya get a guy an email address an he takes weeks to join us.
Cower in terror! My boyfriend is here! *pokes Um-Ger with a stick* Be nice Um-Ger.
Pary Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, boyfriend of Halo_Black. Have a great time here.

So are you an Uruk too, or does Halo have a taste for cross-species relationships?
Hello! And Welcome!
Pary Smilie I Juggling Smilie Wiggle Smilie
We're all normal here aren't we?... Wink Smilie
<----------Not normal.

I'm certainly NOT normal!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien! Well, I know I'm most certainly not normal, but I usually just lurk, so you don't have to worry about my insanity! Hope you have a lot of fun here! I know I do!
On behalf of Normality, I would like to offer the hand of Sanity (being the only sane normal guy here I think.) so here it is.
Most of the poeple who know me in real life say that I have a couple of 'roos loose in the top paddock.

Welcome to PT, Um-Ger. Big Smile Smilie
Hello Um-Ger, I am most certainly sane, I can even write a letter to prove it for you.

Ross is sane
signed Ross

Ok got that.

Ok I'm mad, which means I'm not mad because mad people don't know the're mad!

[Edited on 13/3/2003 by Ross]
We are normal too at times.
Not often though.
You will fit right in.

Welcome to the asylum Um-Ger!

Um-Ger: Welcome to our zoo, er forum. Happy Elf Smilie

Watch out for Mizz Halo, she's wired, er weird. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
lol. funny funny funny
Welcome to this very strange place. I would say that i was the sanest person here, but i think that everyone would start throwing water balloons at me filled with purple dye so some such nonsense
Hey should we start the forum water fight again now it's spring.
Ross pulls out his super soaker and sprays mellie in the back!
The best invite shall win, Stony`s team is going to need to do something and quick, I`m edging towards Ross`s team. Orlando Bloom merchindise? Free? I don`t think I could get better than that. Come on Stony`s team, I`m being drawn over to Ross` team, quick b4 I decide....
OH NO!! Not Sprout the Psychotic Rabbit!!
*Aire fetches some carrots and tames Sprout the Psychotic Rabbit into becoming Peuw, the nice little bunny who'd never hurt anybody*
See now, Ross, how nice animals can become if you just show them some affection. *Aire pets Peuw's ears and gives her some more carrots*
Nadorhuan, Ross, to be mean to a poor little Rabbit like that.
Lle naa haran e' nausalle, your team will never win. We're like the huggybears. Big Smile Smilie

*Aire fixes her panties once more and fetches the fire truck with its big giant waterhose.*

Now let's see who'll apologise...... Very Evil Smilie
Peredhil jumps out of the shadows and uses the opportunity to wedgie them all. Tongue Smilie
Ross wipe's the water out of his eye's and use's his poor kids water gun (a two litre fizzy pop bottle Wink Smilie ), legs it after Ringfacwen and squeeses it all over her back!
*Jums aside as Ross runs by*

Yo Um-Ger! Welcome! I guess I am normal...but just to be sure I'll have to check.

*Takes up hose an blasts everyone in the thread*
Ross picks up his catapult and repeatedly water bombs Stonehelm!
*Jumps behind a rock and turns fire-hose on Ross, destroying his catapult*
*Aul’ takes control of a Hercules and drops the whole load of water right smack unto Ross’s and Stonehelm’s surprised faces and laughs to protect the holy Ringfacwen* Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
*Laughs insanely and opens fire on Aule.*
Pulls out his auxillary catapult and fire two water bombs at both Aule and Stonehelm, but the forth water bomb explodes in the catapult making Ross look like he's pee'd himself!
*Seeing that Ross's ammo is gone Stonehelm advances and blows Ross away with his photon water cannon*

*Draws a bead on Aule...*
Well here it is that none of you ever hit me....I was to high up and when I refueled I came back with my Hercules and a couple of JAS-39 Gripen who fired water missiles! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie LAUGHING INSANELY WHEN ROSS TAKES ONE WATER MISSILE UP HIS **S!! WHILE STONEHELM LAUGHS HE GETS THE ENTIRE DUMP OF WATER ON HIM!!!
Ross arrives wearing a dry suit armed witth an armoured personel transport with water cannon and hoses both Aule and Stony right in the mush! Big Laugh Smilie
*Aul’ summons the Vala Ulmo, The Lord of the Waters. Ulmo grants his brothers wish and takes all water from the earth and dumps it right on Ross!*

Can you beat this Ross? Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
*Says a silent prayer for Ross...then jumps in his F-16 and fires 10 water missiles at Aule*
*hhahahaha but then all of a sudden Eru Il’vatar interfers in the battle and SWOOP, BANG, CRASH, BLUBBER, SOB, AHHHHH.....then silent because Stonehelm has crashed because Eru made a powerful EMP and Stonehelm was swallowed by the seas and could never return!*

Eru seeing what a horrible creation Aule has become brings his might foot down on his head

*Stonehelm ejected from his plane in time and is now launchin ICBM water missiles at Aule.*

Where is everybody?? I need some help!!
*Aul’ repenting his bad acts Eru gives him another wish.....and this time it CANNOT BE REVERSED!! He plunges Stony into the fiery cassums of Mt. Doom and cools it down with all the water of Arda and makes it fast into more stony...too bad kidsBig Smile Smilie*
Aule is fooled!! Eru, seeing that Stonehelm is the true hero, raises him up and grants him immortality

All of of Valinor rises in anger against Aule, and a chasm opens right under he feet swallowing him forever. FOREVER...GONE...BYE BYE... NOT HERE ANYMORE

*But then all of a sudden....Eru destroys everyone EXACTLY EVERYONE TOO DUST IMMORTAL OR NOT!!! AND HE SAVES Aul’ from whatever the Valar did and makes him the TRUE RULER OF ALL LIVING BEINGS NEXT TO ERU!!! AND THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NONREVERSABLE!!!!!!!*
Ross sit's and laughs (whilst drenched)at both Aule and Stonehelm, for they both in actual fact sit on my palm and the four pillars at the end of the universe are my very own fingers! Big Laugh Smilie
*Eru doesn't destroy Stonehelm because he know how much he bothers Aule* Big Laugh Smilie

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