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Good on you Aule!

Ross' Badgers turn on Stony for his impudence and gives his butt a good bitting! Mwaahhhaahahahahahahha!

Ross wipe's himself down and flushes sheryl's head down the toilet and then gives her an atomic wedgie! Tongue Smilie
You just thought that the badgers were attacking me. It was Darous that they were attacking! Big Laugh Smilie

*Stonehelm takes the bat from Aule before he hurts someone.
No because my badger's have a super sense of smell, therefore they knew it was you due to the stench of granite radiating of your bonce!
ARGH! Mad Smilie *Sheryl flushes Ross`s head down the toilet and laughs. MWAHAHAHAHA! Big Laugh Smilie Sheryl gives the atomic wedgie back and brings back the invention that she once brought out to defeat the other team. THE something? Wink Smilie She pulls Ross`s underpants over his head! MWAHAHAHAHA!*
they knew it was you due to the stench of granite radiating of your bonce!

Funny Ross! Big Laugh Smilie

*Stonehelm stuff the rest of Ross down the toilet and locks the lids down*
Grondy rescues Rednell's ferocious cat from the toliet and turns it loose on the posters of this thread. Elf Winking Smilie

(Read Rednell's 'How to Bath a Cat" joke in today's Jokes in this tavern.)

*Stonehelm puts Grondy down the toilet with Ross*

Good one! Big Laugh Smilie

*Sheryl adds sewedge to it to give them a starta meal! Big Laugh Smilie Sorry. You`re main course will come when you see a bottom over the screen. Big Laugh Smilie And drinks of course. Big Laugh Smilie j/k*
They are miles down the pipeline now Sheryl.

Should we put Darous down there???? Very Evil Smilie
Darous kicks the badgers to the ground. and grabs Stonehelm and shoves him down the pipe.
"right then who wants a piece of me then" smiles Darous as he runs into the fray blades a flying
Stonehelm puts Grondy down the toilet with Ross*


That could be the worst mistake you've ever made. Have you seen what Grondy does for a hobbie. He strips down and fire rifle's and he plays with toy trains . He could A shoot you or B tie your fingers to the track and mow them down!

Ross climbs from round the U-bend after having a long chat to the eighties crocodile that used to present a TV series from there. Pulls out his Water Gatling Cannon and pelts both Stony and Sheryl with enough water to feed 40 acres of cabbages!
Aire stands infront of Darous dressed in a tight black leather suit and highheeled boots. She's got one hand on her hip and a smile on her lips. She looks at Darous and says calmly: "I want a pice of you."

As Darous stops, startled, she grabs him with a kung-fu move and throws him several hundred meters from there. She then drags Stonehelm up from the pipe and gives him a watershower to get him clean. "There you go"
*Stonehelm hands Sheryl a towel*

That could be the worst mistake you've ever made.

Well he started it Ross, setting a mad cat on my team!

Oh, and this is for you Ross.

*Stonehelm opens a cage and out comes a wicked, hungry-for-a-juicy-Ross Swamp Monster!*

"right then who wants a piece of me then"

Well my Balrog is a bit sore about the fact that you laid hands on me. I think he would like nice big piece of you!

*The Balrog grabs Darous and tosses him down the abyss in Moria*

Errrrr, Ross?? Those Badgers are quite angry at Darous for kicking them.

Your back on our team Aire?? Jolly good!!! Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 10/5/2003 by Stonehelm]
Hum, I'm not sure yet. I just felt like throwing Darous away. Tongue Smilie

[Edited on 10/5/2003 by Airecristiel]
ty 4 the towel! Big Smile Smilie

Aire, you have to stay! We all love you on this team!

*Sheryl chains Ross up and throws garbadge and vedgetables at him!*

Anyone else want a go? Big Smile Smilie
HELP! Super Scared Smilie
Peredhil hoses Sheryl down, removing all the garbage and helping her get her underwear off her head, then the two start throwing bits of garbage back at the opposing team.
Pesi happens to walk by and notice the big fight and wants to join, he trys to decide wich team he should join.
Pesi old friend! My dear chap you must join our team! We are the side of good (except my pet Balrog Norman) and we would love for you to join us!! Homemade cookies? HA! We have the Table of the Valar to eat from!

*Norman the Balrog takes Ringfacwen and tosses her into the swamp. When she drags herself out Stonehelm dumps thousands of ichy cat hairs on her*
"They wanna a piece of me" said Dar as he climbed the abyss. Well there get it.
He climbed up and saw them all.
"Well lets begin....." He grabbed Ringfacwen.."nice catsuit does nothing though" and throws her against a wall.
"Whose next...." Felt like throwing me away did ya Airecristiel well here ya go." and a uppercut followed and Aire went flying across the air.."Stonehelm yor next" and Dar ran forward and swung out a baseball bat and smacked him across the legs."Hahahahaha...Hey Aster wannna join me good buddy."roared Darous while kickin alot of cream-puffs.

[Edited on 11/5/2003 by Grondmaster]
Aire gets up again, luckily enough she had the time to put a mattress up before she landed, and she also put one on the wall so that Ringfacwen wouln't hurt herself. She helps Stony up and plasters his legs.
Then she takes Darous's bat and smahses it into small, small pieces, showing off her strenght a bit.
Aire then grabbes Darous by his neck and hangs him in a hook high above the ground so that he can't get down.

"Hum. That should do it. How are you Ringfacwen, I hope you didn't hurt yourself? And Stony, how are your legs? do you need any balm of any kind?"

Aire then changes her catsuit to a short, tight, white little dress with buttons and puts a white little hat on her head with a red cross on.
Meanwhile, Pere makes his 500th post! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Peredhil hoses Sheryl down, removing all the garbage and helping her get her underwear off her head, then the two start throwing bits of garbage back at the opposing team.

ty Pere! Big Smile Smilie

Aire, are you okay? I do hope so! *Sheryl hugs Aire in relief! She then throws baseballs at Darous while he hangs helplessly! MWAHAHAHAHA!*

Stony! Are you okay? *Sheryl helps Aire aid Stony. She then hugs him and give him a comfy bed to stay on until the brusing heels. * Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl sets up a hose in an approprite possition and turns it on. It hits Darous in the face and he can`t turn off the hose! *
I`m okay!

Don`t say that, I`ll always worry about you, in a good way! I always worry about my friends!
Stony, you alright?
"Oh, no problem Ringfacwen, I'm just here to help." Angel Smilie

Aire gives Stony a hug and comforts him for the loss of his table. "It's only material, Stony, it has no real value." Aire then gives Stony a little framed picture of Stony and his Table of Valar that she painted a while ago. "Here you go, keep it close to your heart, dear."

Aire approaches the abyss carefully and sends some sandwhiches after Asteroth, just in case if he gets hungry on his trip.
Ross releases the Badger's Mr Burns style on old MableCap. Then goes on to throw Sheryl in the River Ankh. Big Laugh Smilie Laughs his @$$ off a he watches her slowly begin to sunk into the fepostThreadID morass. Then snatching a dual ended super soaker manages to wet Nightcrawler, sorry Asteroth. Thinking that these catsuits that Aire and Ringy wear look like fun he starts to try on on, only to find he will turn into a eunuch Disturbed Smilie . Oh well back to my 17 year old pair of dangermouse pyjama's (when is someone going to buy me a pair that fit a six foot five tweenty year old) Tongue Smilie
*sitting atop a nearby Hill, Plastic watches the proceedings with interest. He seems particularly interested in the catsuits for some reason. Yawning slightly he sets loose his latest creation, a team of Hedgehogs, they are Blue and reminiscent of a famous hedgehog from a 1990's SEGA computer game. Of course they all have Spider powers as well, and so the Spidersonic Hedgehogs run into the fray to cause as much chaos as possible. Plastic then sends his personal Ninja Badger Guard in to help the hedgehogs, and wanders off whistling a jaunty tune*
Aire dives in the river and rescues Sheryl before she drowns. She gives Sheryl a big, nice and warm towel and a change of clothes. Then she gets Ross a pyjamas that fits a six foot five tweenty year old and asks him to stop trying on her and Ringfacwen's catsuits, they get so stretched out.

After all this Aire notices her little white nurse dress is all wet, so she goes to change it.
BOOOOM!!!! Aul’ just threw a water grenade at Stony’s way and splashes him completelyTongue Smilie
Yeh new Pyjama's with not only Dangermouse and Penfold on there, but also Baron Greenback! Big Smile Smilie
* Sheryl washes the mud out of her hair and throws mud balls at Ross! Shame! Then she throws lava at him and tat will take him weeks and weeks to wash that out! HA!*

"Ross! I was going to get you a nice pair of pj`s of your choice, but seeing as you threw me into the river, I have reconsidered!"shouted Sheryl.

*Sheryl rebuilds a table for Stony and gives him some tissues and a nice big hug!* Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl then gives Aire a hug for saving her life! Big Smile Smilie She then goes out and buys Aore a new cat suit and a new little white nurse dress!* Big Smile Smilie
*Sheryl then gives Aire a hug for saving her life! She then goes out and buys Aore a new cat suit and a new little white nurse dress!*

Good for Aore.
Mean while Ross is unconcerened about his muky appearance so he grabs Sheryl's head and fushes it down the bog!

[Edited on 12/5/2003 by Ross]
*Aire! haha Ross!

Sheryl grabs Ross`s head and flushes it down the loo, he gets stuck and Sheryl just sits there laughing at the twenty year old! She doesn`t really care now! This is war! Mad Smilie
I have no idea what is going on anymore, or who is on whom's team either, (are there still teams????) So, Mellie just grabs a huge water hose, covers her eyes and just starts blasting everyone in the room blindly. I hope I don't hit any of my team mates. I have missed everyone.
hehehehheheheheeheh, Mellie runs away before she gets hit again.

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Pesi thinks the Evil Very Evil Smilie team is a little outnumbered, soh he decides to join them to keap it a little more even.

Pesi starts by sticking Bubble-Gum in Sheryl’s hair and while she’s extractet to get the Bubble-Gum out helps Ross out of the loo.

[Edited on 13/5/2003 by pesi]
Welcome to the Dark side Pesi. I'm really the only evil one on our team but feel free to be evil if you wish!

Ross notices that Sheryl's hands have got stuck in the Bubble gun so goes over and gives her a good old kick up the arse. Knocking her head first into the toilet. Then Ross flushes the toilet let's his Badgers in and closses the door. The following events can not be typed in due to the family nature, but lets just say there was lots of bloodletting! Big Laugh Smilie
Pere telepathically tells Sheryl that the badgers are coming, and she manages to escape unscathed. Everyone knows that peanut butter gets rid of gum from hair, so he hands her a jar. He then bombards Pesi (wrong choice mate) with super dooper wooper exploding balloons, filled with old traditional water; they do the job spectacularly enough.
*whispers* Mellie, you're still on our team, ok?
Ty soo much Aire! You`re great! Big Smile Smilie I like the new hair style and I`m glad you liked the new dress! Big Smile Smilie

Mellie! Is it only me or was that chinese on plates on tables, not CAT FOOD ON THE FLOOR! Wink Smilie

I hope you`re okay Peredhil! Ty Pere 4 the peanut butter! ty for telling me about the badgers, it helped! Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl keeps Sprout as her new demestic pet! Then she kicks Ross up the bum and says,"LANGUAGE ROSS!"*


*Sheryl sprays sticky gum all over Pesi! You can`t see a single piece of hair now!*

*Sheryl says ty to Mellie for spraying her own team mate down! Wink Smilie Then she sprays the enemies with sticky gundge!* She hides so NO ONE can get her back!
*Sheryl keeps Sprout as her new demestic pet! Then she kicks Ross up the bum and says,"LANGUAGE ROSS!"*

Come on every one knows the evil queen sprout can never be domesticated and is only nice to my dad!
By the way the language is English, I thought you would know that with it being your mother tongue (mind you with you being British it's probably your only tongue. What with us all being to lazy to learn a second language and having terrible schools that don't go to any sort of measure to drill this into people that it is bad not to know a second langauge!)

Ross then water bombs Sheryl and runs back to finish reconcilling the bank accounts so that he can go home.
*After being away for a day Stonehelm returns to battle with vengence*

You have refused our offer Pesi, face the rath of Norman.

*Norman lights Pesi's pants on fire*

Sheryl, Aire, Peredhil, you guys alright??

WHOOOOOOMPH!!!! Aule steps on a nuclear water mine set up by Stonehelm.

No more punching my team mates Darous. Very bad form. The Valar frown upon thee.

*Stonehelm fires his water cannon at Ross, Ringfacwen and Darous...but's not's Super Glue! They are all stuck to the floor!!! Stonehelm pelts them with rotten veggies tilll they are covered*
Whatever Ross! Wink Smilie I don`t care! Big Laugh Smilie

I`m fine Stony, you?
Well, seeing that my enemys are frozen I'd say that I am doing quite well!! Cool Smilie
Thats a bit unsporting considering super glue contains Cyanide! But never mind, Ross has some shampoo with him so gets the super glue of Ringy and himself with even enough spare to release the indipendent Darous!

He the picks up a water bomb adn hit's QuartzMullet right in the mush! Big Laugh Smilie
No more punching my team mates Darous. Very bad form. The Valar frown upon thee.

What are you blabbering about Stony?!?! I do not frown upon that action and neither does my brethren....we SMILE and LAUGH!!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Orc Smiling Smilie
I might’ve used this before but who’s to forbid me to use my old tricks aye??

Aul’ takes forth a chair, sits down, takes a nice Tolkien book AND a book by David Eddings...perhaps the Sil and Sagan om Mallorea....then he starts reading and finally he reads about the heinous crimes by Morgoth against Eru Il’vatars' children and what Zandramas has done and goes berserk....He summons his brother Ulmo and the conjerers Belgarath, Polgara, Beldin, Belkira, Beltira, Durnik and Belgarion! Ulmo does his brother a favor and starts taking all the water from the world to the heavens in form of raindrops....then all the conjerers use all their WILL and unleash a HEAVY RAIN OF ACID RAIN!! Everyone gets hit by at least 5 million drops except for Aul’s trusted ally Ross and Ringfacwen.....He then takes his ingeneering skills to max and makes a super duper nuclear water pellet gun.....He then puts in some of the water created by the acid that came down and squirts everyone when they are on the ground crying: It burnsss usss preciousss it burnsss.....He then tosses everyone into a pool of water filled with Pirahna’s and there is NO WAY that anyone escaped his furious fists!!!!

Aire does not get hurt by this like Ross and Ring because they are immune against my attacks....
Mi compadres! Viva Ross, Ringfacwen y Aire!!
Grondy waves his magic wand and everybody is healed of their wounds and towards seeking vengeance against the minor god Aul’, they all start disbelieving in him, and he disappears in a puff of smoke never to be seen again.

(Until his next post, where he miraculously is regenerated in a new form, which we hope will be a little less megalomaniac.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Maybe he will come back as a camel?? Or a chicken? Big Laugh Smilie

Ross has some shampoo with him so gets the super glue of Ringy and himself with even enough spare to release the indipendent Darous!

No, Darous still can't move.

*Stonehelm puts Darous in his catapult and fires him out of Middle Earth* Waving Hello Smilie
As I was flying through the air I remember the cloak of shadow...."Oh yes this is a teleportation device so back I go" and just like magic I was back...
"Right wheres that catapult" and saw Stonehelm doing a merry jig around it. "right then and he runs up and chucks stoney in it and away he flys to the land of flippy flops.
"Right then I am pe'ed off" and he wonders what he can do....then he sees a ACME dynamite box lying to the side.
"Ahhh my favourite" so he lights up a cigar and lifts a few sticks and throws a barrage at anything moving.
And then by magic or some sort of mystical magic doings a Naplam launcher appears.."Oh Hell yeah" laughed Darous "Nothing like the smell of Naplam in the morning...smells like victory." smiled Darous
*The G-force of flying through the air has sent Darous to sleep...he wakes up..."Ahhh, what a nice dream I was didn't really happen".


*Darous slams into the moon*
*Sheryl throws sticky gunge at everyone who isn`t on the team she is on! Then she fires feathers and cat and dog hairs at them!* Big Smile Smilie
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