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H but little does Airecristiel know that she actually captured Sprout the Psychotic Rabbit as she was acting as a decoy knowing fulwell that you were after capturing Yogurt and she only acted as team mascot so she could pounce on you all in one go, destroying your water ballon cache!

Ross return's to his trusty water ballon catapult and launches three ballon's at Aire and yet again gives her a wedgie! Cool Smilie
You know you want to join our team Sheryl as we give free Orlando Bloom merchandise to our team members! Wink Smilie
Hehehehe.... Lasta lalaithamin, Ross....

Airecristiel auta miqula orqu Smoke Smilie
Oh come on now Sheryl, do you really fall for those sneaky methods? I think you're still pure at heart, join our team now, let's get a good and clean fight!
Besides, I've got 133 pictures of Legolas and I'll give them to you if you join this team... Wink Smilie
*removes sodden rain coat and dons a new dry one (she has an inexhaustable supply).

*Drags in firehose she left in the Gondolin thread and showers everyone with pure Gondolin spring water from the fountains. Everyone is washed sparkling clean - much to their annoyance. Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
After lulling Aire into a false sense of security, Sprout turns vicious again and bites Aire's toes and runs of to free Yogurt from the vile clutches of Perwing, whilst Humbug the incontenant guinea pig goes and pee's on Allysia for making Ross clean when it's his job to try and empty his bladder on him everytime he's being cuddled!

Sheryl I've kidnapped Orlamdo Bloom for you he's tied up and hidden in a safe place for you!

Ross turn's round and Water Zeplin's Perwing for his cruelty to Yogurt the Sabotage Guinea Pig! Mwa haa haa haa!!!!1 Big Laugh Smilie
Sheryl I've kidnapped Orlamdo Bloom for you he's tied up and hidden in a safe place for you!

Now Sheryl, do you really want to be on the team of a kidnapper?? You really must join us, and e will rescue Orlando from the clutches of Ross.

*Stonehelm takes Sprout and Yogurt and drops them in Mt. Doom*
Srout and Yogurt escape due to it being dormant.

But I kidnapped for you to do what ever you want with, including release him if you wan't, Now Stony's team have just shown their true colours, a bunch of animal torturers! Wink Smilie
omg, now we've got Allyssa in here too! People are gonna be soaked!! (as if we weren't already)
Ooh, btw, thank you Allyssa, I've been trying to get the grass stains of these pants! Big Laugh Smilie

Hey Sheryl!! LOOK what they've done to Orlando!! *Aire grasps* Why don't you join this team, we're about to win anyway! We'll release Orlando and then you'll get all the credit and then he'll consider marrying you! How does THAT sound, ey? Big Smile Smilie

*Aire never heard an apology so she turns on the giant waterhose on the fire truck and blows Ross away. She then laughs evilly* Muahahahaa! Very Evil Smilie Muahahha! Very Evil Smilie Muahaahaaha! Very Evil Smilie

[Edited on 17/4/2003 by Airecristiel]
Mt. Doom is never dormant. Sorry Ross! Big Laugh Smilie

*Stonehelm fires green slime at Ross and turns him into a pile of goo.*
Ross pick's him self up and brushes him self down and launches yet more water ballons at Aire and start's yet another bought of wedgies on her, finishing with an almighty atomic wedgie!

Just think Orlando Bloom might marry you if you join their team and in the unlikely event of them managing to release him but, if you join our team you can force him to marry you when you're sixteen!
Mt. Doom is never dormant. Sorry Ross!

It is when Sauron's not there and guess what he's not there. How do I know because he's on our team making some speacial water bombs for us! Tongue Smilie
Proof Sheryl, Look, Ross is a professing agent of Sauron! Do you really want to be on that kind of team?!?!
It seems someone needs some help here. *starts throwing super sticky super glue bombs at ross, then coats him with a layer of fathers*
Pereghil as your Pressident I order you to join my team or I will remove your rank and have the Muppets hunt you down.
Sauron is an amatuer in evil compaired to me he is my agent and so is Melkor! Tongue Smilie
Guns Stony down with his super soaker!
Sheryl hoses everyone down and shouts out to them and demands them to listen.

Ross, you`ve turned that invite into an ______? Wink Smilie Can`t think of a word right now, Big Smile Smilie I liked the idea of the Orlando Bloom merchindise, but kidnapping him, come on!! Smile Smilie I wouldn`t kidnap Orlando just for my pleasure, oh and forcing him to marry me? I don`t think so....Marriage is a sign of true love and forcing him to marry me is NOT true love! Sad Smilie Even though I`d love to marry him, he`s 15 years older than me though age doesn`t really matter though, it`s not right for me to force him.

I suppose I`m going to have to save Orli myself, a one woman mission, don`t worry about helping me! Big Laugh Smilie Yes Ross he might marry me, Wink Smilie Wink Smilie , but I`d rather take a chance like that than force him. (By the way you have to be 17...) Big Smile Smilie

Agent of Sauron!! ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

*Sheryl throws goo and everything she can get her hands on and throws it at Ross!!*

Ross I`m disappointed in you! Big Laugh Smilie That`s not a good choice!Sauron your agent? Sure that isn`t a cover up so I`ll get on to your team? Big Smile Smilie Tut, tut....

Don`t worry Peredhil. There`ll be a long line, you at the beginning running away, then the muppets running after you and then your fellow team mates with swords and bows and arrows. We then shall kill the muppets chop off there heads and send them to Ross. Big Laugh Smilie (J/k! Except for the line bit.)

*Sheryl asks what`s our next plan or stratergy and gives each one of Stony`s team an umbrella and waterproof clothes!* Big Smile Smilie

(This post was not meant to be taken seriously or personally.) Big Smile Smilie
HAHA! I knew you would come around Sheryl!

You're in trouble now Ross!!

*Stonehelm fires cement at Ross, turning him into the first Mount Ross!!*
Shouts to Ross:
Bring on the muppets! You've just about had too long in power. My army will always be loyal to me. Let the Geeksylvanian Revolution begin! Who's with me?
*Coats the oppressive dictator with flour, as well as the feathers and the cement.*
I`m with you Peredhil! I`m behind you 100%!! Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl blasts suage at Ross and company and laughs evilly!!*

"MWAHAHAHAHA, MWAHAHAHAHA!!"I shouted, "Good luck Ross and company! For Stony`s team shall rull over you! MWAHAHAHAHA!!" Big Laugh Smilie
Errr, I don't think that there is a Ross and company Sheryl, he is alone!

*Stonehelm's stonetroll eats Ross' muppet*

Now what more can we shoot at Ross? Paranoid Smilie

I know!!! Genius Smilie How 'bout LARD???

*Stonehelm fires giant lardballs at Ross*
Butter and oil! Very Big Grin Smilie

*Sheryl makes balloons full of butter and oil and throws them at Ross. Then she finds some petrol, throws it at him, laughs, gets some tins of oily paint and secretly runs and tips them over Eoss`s head and leaves the bucket there so he couldn`t see who done it. Ha Ha Ha Smilie Then she grabs some permenent marker pen ink Orc Grinning Smilie and turns on the hose, it comes shooting out and hit Ross right where it hurts! Big Laugh Smilie *
Hehehe, I'm completely behind you, teammates! Big Smile Smilie

How about feathers? Orc Grinning Smilie Very Evil Smilie

*Aire fetches some nice feathers in easter colours (that is every colour possible!) and shoots them at the greasy Ross. Of course, every feather sticks to him and he soon walks around like the living easterman* Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Feathers? Right on Aire! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

*Stonehelm summons a rain cloud that pours down on Asteroth and his minions. Now with the fire gone they are just things of slime!*
Go Stony! Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl collects everything that has been used so far and throws it at Ross and Asteroth! Big Laugh Smilie Take that!*
What else can we use? I'm all out of ideas1
Far away, Tommie's singing a nice little song to herself. She hears some rumble-mumble in the distance, but doesn't recall much. Suddenly it starts raining in her distant part of the land, and she remembers there's a waterfight going on and she's supposed to be helping her team (ever growing, welcome Sheryl and Elda!). She goes to fetch her extra long garden hose, attaches it to a rusty tap and runs to help stony & co. (water's back, I'm afraid, Asteroth Very Evil Smilie )

Tadaaaah! Very Evil Smilie Mwahahaha! Tommie's in the house!(there is no house, but, well, I'm here anyway)

*soaks everyone just for fun*

I know!! Why don't we flood them with cat & dog hairs? You know, those tiny little hairs you never get out of your clothes again! Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie

[Edited on 20/4/2003 by TomBombadillo]
*Asteroth looks to the horizen and sees...what are they??? It is the famed half Balrog half anteater army of Stonehelm!!! In mere moments all of Asteroth's army is gone! The Balants are still hungry though...they look at Asteroth*
*Sheryl fires bees, bum first, onto Asteroth and Ross. She laughs!*

"Heehee." Big Laugh Smilie she laughs.

*Sheryl can`t stop laughing, quick, someone slap her! Sheryl slaps herself, b4 she gets a slap so hard her face goes pink. Wink Smilie Sheryl then throws cat, dog and other mamels hairs at Asteroth and Ross. She sits back and watches them try to get every single one out of their clothes. Then she has an idea, she throws itching powder at them, they start itching. They also know that the only way to stop everything from itching, would be to take every singl item of clothing off and go naked swimming until they are clear of all itching powder. But we know that Ross would do that because he`s crazy Wink Smilie and comment! Big Laugh Smilie j/k*
Ringfacwen's pirhana's hav no effect whatsoever on me, because all pirhanas obey me!! *turns his army of thousands of pirhanas on Ring, Ross and Aul’*

>-<||\'> >-<||\'< <(")> Smoke Smilie
Come on Ringfacwen we'll destroy the infidels for their impudence. Now that I look like a naked cockatrice, coloured feathers indeed!

Ross picks up his sniper water rifle and blasts Asteroth, sheryl, Stony, Tommy and Aire right in the mush!

Then he realises his faithful darklords and army of Muppets on the treachorous Peredhil and has him arrested for the act of treason against the newly formed state of Geeksylvania. The army of Geeksylvania has remote control heart plugs fitted incase of mutiny. Mwaahaaahaaa. Ross masacers the entire army of Geeksylvania in one sift push of the button. Victory, he wails as he's see's them all curl up (please don't worry they're only second rate puppets), Ross then wedgies all of the above. Very Evil Smilie Very Mad Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
BUT!... Ross, in his blind rage, has overlooked one key tool of the Revolution, Peredhil's WedgieMax 9000’ IronPants Protection System. His wedgie attempt is foiled by several retractable spinning blades, which slice through his hair, without which he loses all his power. Pere's pirhanas promptly devour him.
I've got it Ringy, Magnessium ribon, It's light, burns easily and will melt all iron and steel like a knife through hot butter!

Peredhil is carried to Ross' mad dictator's tower by his loyal Muppet's whilst Ross wrap's Magnessium ribbon round his pants and light's it melting the iron pants. Then he gives Peredhil the biggest Atomic Wedgie ever comited and has him put in the Stocks for all loyal members of Geeksylvania to laugh at and throw rotten vegtables at! Pledge your alliegence to me once more or I will have atomic wedgies preformed on you every hour for the rest of your life! Mwaahhaahaaahah! Tongue Smilie
OK Ross, you win.
Orc Going Huh Smilie No he doesn't! Hang on a minute! We're still here aren't, we? Our trusted alliance under Stony's command... We don't give up this easily! (certainly not if it's Ross we're up against Tongue Smilie )

*fetches her supersonic atom water bomb aeroplane*
*bombs Geeksylvania with atomic water bombs*
*folds plane up and puts it back in her pocket*
*follows the big leader Stony to charge Ross' tower*
*succesfully rescues Peredhil and voila! Team complete again!*

(We're not going to let evil Ross win, are we? Orc Going Huh Smilie Nothing personal, but the good guys are supposed to win, right? Very Big Grin Smilie Tongue Smilie )
And Sheryl........tsk, tsk........because you shunned our team I had to take matters into my own hands....... Ringfacwen runs to holding cell and plants a huge, seductive kiss on Orli. He is now smitten with her and will think of no other!! MWA HAHAHA HAHAHA!!! Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

Na-na-na-na-na Smilie

*Sheryl slowly walks over to Orli and plays around with him and shows him the time of his life. Then she gets up to allsorts with him and he marrys Sheryl and throws Ringfacwen off a cliff and curses her! She never comes near him again and fears the worst!*


*Glad you`re back, I couldn`t take atomic wedgies. That gave Sheryl an idea. Sheryl grabbed Asteroth`s, Ring`s and Ross`s underwear and pulls them over their heads. Now they can`t see! Yes, do whatever you want to them now fellow friends!* Big Smile Smilie

*Stonehelm grabs Ross,Ringfacwen and Asteroth, ties them up and throws them into Shelobs cave*
*Elda appears from nowhere.Looks around and cracks his neck with a slight move first to the right and then to the left.*
*Draws his super-pulverizing-neutralizing-water gun filled with stinky sewer goo-water Smoke Smilie and starts spraying at the guinea-rabbit thingy.*
"Take that you freaky creature"
*Then looks at the prisoners*
"Poor souls..."
Uh-oh, a lightsaber??
*Aire summons Qui-Gon Jinn to join their team. He fights Aster and breaks Aster's lightsaber.*
Hehehe.... Ok, Qui-Gon, Now go fight Ross as well, as we take care of Ringfacwen and Aul’.
*Qui-Gon goes to fight Ross*
*Aire then throws a couple of elven ropes to Stony, who ties Ringfacwen and Aul’ even harder and with inbreakable ropes*
Yes Aire, good Elven ropes!

*Stonehelm ties Asteroth back up and takes all the prisoners to Ancalagon's(I guess that is how you spell it)cave.*
So we can use our Sith power's little did everyone know that Tommy rescued a large cabbage do to my mind trick and water bombed Bruges. Mwahhahahahaa.
Ross releases his faithful sith lord Exar Kun who goes of to battle Qui-Gon Jinn casting bolts of Force lightning at him (being that he has damp feet it results in a terrible scene).
Ross Pleades his case to Asteroth to join the team of the most slandered ones. I may be evil and Aule may be evil, but Ringfacwen isn't evil, she's just nuetral in personality and decided to side with the winners. Yes evil wins half of the time and this is one of them!

Pulls out his water detonators and sticks one down all of the pants of the opposing team.
What Ross doesn't know is that Pere's getting captured ewas all a plan, and he has sabotaged all the water detonators to automatically turn on Ross...
Ha ha but I did know this so I had already anticipated you dasturdly move and planted all the sabotaged detonators in your bedroom and used new detonators for everyones pants. Wink Smilie
*Ah Ha! But Stonehelm cast a spell of madness of Ross so Ross actually put the water detonators down his own and Asteroth's pants!!*
Big Laugh Smilie Good one.

*Sheryl is hiding while all of this is happening and working on her new invention, Sheryl takes her wedgey machines and stuffs one done Asteroths, Ross`, Aule`s and Ringfacwen`s underwear, they did not notice until the machine started to pull their under wear up out of their trousers and over their heads, but little did they realise that these machines can not be taken off, they are a permenant wedgie machine. Sheryl laughs evily, but stops herself, just in time to avoid getting wacked, while he was trying to get the machine off, Ross. Big Laugh Smilie Tough luck Ross, you`re quick but I`m quicker! Sheryl grabs the hose and waters Ross like a plant!"

[Edited on 22/4/2003 by Sheryl]
Old Ross may be evil but I don't think he was trying to punch you, he was just flailing around trying to get your invention off!!!
Got it off. It's amasing what you can do with a philips head screw driver and some vaseline. Thanks for sticking up for me Stony, I may be evil, but I'm a gentle giant reall!
But the Madness spell doesn't work on Ross as ahe's already mad, Neeehheeehhee! Ross starts wielding a choclate orange segment and starts imatating the shower scene from Psycho "Ree Ree Ree Ree!"

Ross now resorts to dirty tactics, he picks up humbug and places him on both Stony and Sheryl's laps, resulting in his imediate loss of bladder control!
To me, you`re a BFG! Wink Smilie *Sheryl says sorry and has edited her post but is not sure whether it means the same thing....HUMBUG????HUH???*

*Sheryl pushes him off, runs away, takes a quick shower, comes back in complete humiliation and puts a water bomb down Ross` pants and says, take cover, everyone runs for cover. Ross is left trying to get the water bomb out of his underwear and the next thing everyone knows is that Ross is a mile high in the sky! Big Laugh Smilie mwahahahaha!!!!!
And he is still going!
Tommie doesn't need to read UT to learn the art of water wars.

*gets her giant water-with-soap-bubbles cannon out*
*sprays water-with-bubbles all over Ross' team, who now find themselves caught in giant bubbles slowly drifting towards the sea*
*provokes the winds a bit*
*winds get angry*
*hides herself and teammembers in a cave*
*kills the cavetroll*
*winds blow Ross & co. to the sea*
*and when they're far off shore, the bubbles explode. Of course.*

Very Big Grin Smilie
*Sheryl paints Ross by firing paintballs at Ross and covering him in them....MWAHAHAHAHA!!With bright floresaint pink mostly.... Big Smile Smilie *
Ross lands with luck on a large feather bed and pulls out his water tank and levels both Stony and sheryl with one blast!
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