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Ross Water bombs LadyFeawen for questioning the thread. It's our thread now and there is a water civil war going on in it! Tongue Smilie
Join Stony`s team! The one I`m on Feawen. The one that doesn`t have Ross on it. Stony`s teamis the winners team! Us sisters can fight alongside with eachother! Smile Smilie

*Sheryl hoses Ross down and gives him some flea treatment.* Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Nooooooooooooooooooooo my pet fleas.
Ross Grabs Sheryl and places her head first in a vat of chicken jelly. Fight that sister. Wink Smilie
Pere pulls Sheryl out of the vat, before it has any effect, except giving her special chicken powers. Sheryl can now fly, and manages to avoid the beak and feathers.

Now seems like a good time to unleash the new, specially trained renegade Geeksylvanian Army. I have subjected them to an intense training programme, and they have now become special cannot-be-vanquished-in-a-single-post-no-matter-what-happens-or-has-already-happened soldiers, with the power to crush the opposing team forever. Smoke Smilie
Ross thinks about pushing the heart plug button.
Ross pushes the heart plug button. Therefor destroying the renegade army of Geeksylvania in more than one post.
He then releases his Muppet who capture Peredhil and Sheryl. Strip him of his title and plunge them both head first into the vat of chicken jelly!
*Stoney is back after the truce*

*Stoney goes over and pulls out Sheryl and Peredhil out of the vat, then he grabs Ross and shoves him in and nails the lid shut*
I should have seen that coming Ross, even though when these soldiers are destroyed, each one comes back as two new ones, who now easily outnumber the muppets and kill them all, so they are all now officially as dead as dead can be. The new soldiers also have the courtesy to help Pere and Sheryl out of the chicken jelly, and put Ross in a vat of chicken concrete.
First of all it's Rossey.

Ross' muppet's were rigged to explode if they were killed taking Peredhil's renegades with them, Ross then calls out his second legion of Muppets to rescue him from the river, he reaches for his gravic detornator reversing the flow of gravity around Stony's team causing all their water to wet them for the bottom up. Ross then goes for a weekend rest at the dark fortress. See you on monday!
ty 4 getting me out of the vat. Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl, having her new flying powers, swoops over to Ross and co. and shuts them all in a vat of chicken for eternity! MWAHAHAHAHA!* Big Smile Smilie Cool Smilie
*Stoney goes in with his cannon and blasts Ross' fortress to bits*
*Stonehelm and Anilorak go through the tunnels until they are right under Asteroth...they pop out and put him in a vat of chicken fat!*

Aire digs Stony & co out from the caves and puts them on a little island, safe from all explosives and all evil teams.
There. Now both teams can make warplans before you're at it again. It seems like this little waterfight is losing the "water" part...
Join Stony`s team! The one I`m on Feawen. The one that doesn`t have Ross on it. Stony`s teamis the winners team! Us sisters can fight alongside with eachother!

Sure will Sheryl! Is Anilorak on are team??
throws a bucket of manure in Ross's pretty boy face!!!
good prevails over evil,duh... Angel Smilie
and for the manure back in my face,its all worth it!! Elf Smilie
Good only prevails over evil in religion.
Ross pulls out his a10 waterhog and guns down Stony's team!
*Sneaky Stoney puts a cork in Ross' gun causing it to blow up and drench his team*

Hey, welcome to the winning team LadyFeawen!!!
Wouldn't happen, first of all my gun has seven barrels and has a 7800psi, destroying the cork instantly.
Or really??? It was a MITHRIL cork old boy!! I am afraid you gun is destroyed!!
Dar fires a salvo of killer bees at Stoney. "Sorry Bub but that is the way of things."Stoney runs around with a thousand bees chasing after him.
"Now I never thought Id see that again Cassidy."Laughed dar
"Da*n right my friend I think we need some whiskey.."So Cassidy and The Captain salute the battle with a nice drink Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie
Ross joins in the cacophany of Asteroth, farts at the opposing team of losers and guns them all down with his water Bazoka. (Woo hoo, my new scope and mount has arrived for my G3)
*Stunned by Asteroth's voice Stonehelm can't move for a moment...finally, Stonehelm grabs Asteroth and shoves a gob of Orc hair into his mouth to silence him*

Oh, by the way Darous, Norman just set you britches aflame!
He didn't burn my britches mate but unfortunately I ain't wearing any haha. Dar turns to Cassidy...well my old friend let say we do this old school.
I think tats a blo*dy fantastic idea mate...let me get a pint glass then.
Peeeeuuuhh!!!! Eau de Orc BO! Oh a fate worse than death to be sprayed with that noxious stuff, it is even worse than Balrog wind, which can corrode armor at thirty paces.

So remember:
When attacking gassy Balrogs to stay up wind of them lest your cast-iron knickers turn to a pile of rust.
Jumping Flame Smilie
After a long restorative nap friggin-hairless wanders into the battle wondering what was going on and not knowing who the 'good guys/gals' are. But friggin-hairless has always remembered his Scout motto and he is always prepared. He pulls out a squirty gun filled with ultra concentrated Fabreeze. So ridding the world of unpleasent oders!!! Smoke Smilie
I got kicked out of scouts.
Really?? And why?
Orc Going Huh Smilie Silly question Stonehelm... lol At least you can guess... Very Big Grin Smilie

*bombards everyone with fresh snow from Siberia*
Very Big Grin Smilie
Ross probably got kicked out of Scouts for beating up on a Brownie!!
I wish! No I got kicked out for makeing the explosives, the adventure scouts used to destroy the beaver play ground at Tawd Vale(near Liverpool, if anybody wants to visit the scorched ruins). When the scout leader found out this, it was sort of the straw that broke the camels back. I think it was slightly unfair, after all the mot was "be prepared". For a twelve year old to make explosives from a can of deoderant and some barbeque lighters, powerful ennough to destroy a playground, I think that shows real initiative! (Please note Ross admits he is a geek, has never denied it and a s such was employed on many stupid misions by druken adventure scouts. Please do not try to emulate these hap-hazard and somewhat crazy/stupid adventures! they resulted in many beatings by parents and many singed eyebrows!)
Yeah, building high explosives would get you kicked out!

*Stoney dashes after Ringfacwen and puts Mordor Orc Flys down her collar.*
Ross releases the Mordor Flys from Ringy and puts them in Stonys mouth, causing him to swallow them!
*As Ross is reaching for him, Stoney jumps aside causing Ross to shove the Flys in to Asteroth's hair!*
Ross pulls out his bolas trips stony and forces him to eat all the flies from Asteroths hair!
*No matter how hard he tries, Rossey can't get Stonehelm to eat the flies.*

Nice little tune that would be!!

*Stoney drops a water bomb right on Ross' head*
*Stoney shoves a Ton Tongue Toffee into Ring's mouth*
*Stonehelm takes his water gun and sprays Ringfacwen with "Instant Wart"* Big Laugh Smilie
*Stoney jumps aside and returns fire with Instant Hair Growth Formula*
Cool. I`ve been trying to get my hair to grow longer!

Yeah, but did you really want 10 foot long ear hairs?? Big Laugh Smilie
Is it just me, or has this thread just died?

Yeah, Ithink it has.

*Stoney holds out hand to Ringy*

Truce old chap?? You have fought well!!
Grondy rolls into the bedroom, grabs a pillow, rolls back to the computer, tears open the pillow, removes one small feather, places it on the palm of his left hand, blows it in the direction of Ringfacwen, and blurts out, 'Take that you, you, you nicest member of the evil team.' Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ross was just lulling you all in to a false sense of security. He pulls out his water bambs and gets both Stony and Grondy!
Shame! Deduct 10 points!! Attacking after a formal truce has been agreed to!!!
can I join this "war" or battle??
can I join this "war" or battle??
Just standing there makes you a target. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Grab a hose, a bubble blower, squirtgun, or soaker and defend yourself.

Watch out for that giant mashmallow!
Shame! Deduct 10 points!! Attacking after a formal truce has been agreed to!!!
But I'm a dark lord!

Ross eats the giant mashmallow and then water guns Stony! Tongue Smilie
anatea! Join right in!! All my comrads have fled so you can join my team if you like!

*Stoney takes a cream pie and splats it into Ross' face*
thanxz! stoney!!!!!!! (takes water gun) what side are we on????? who do I shoot???
what side are we on????? who do I shoot???

We are the Good side. Shoot Ross!!
ok! (loads water gun and shoots)
(takes nice music and turns it really loud)
take that dark lord!!
Ross pushes both Stony and anatea(seajewel) into the vat of now mouldy chicken jelly! Tongue Smilie
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