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*Stoney grabs Ross's leg and pulls him in*
*Sheryl pulls Stony and anatea(seajewel) out of the mouldy chicken and folds Ross up like a ball and puts him in the tub of mouldy chicken then slamms the lid on and nails it so he can`t cum out. Sheryl hoses Stony and anatea(seajewel) down, throws them both a towel and says, "I`M BACK!"* Big Smile Smilie
karla opens a little the lid and puts in last mondays leftovers, then quickly closes the lid again. and said Wink Smilie
"thought you'd be hungry"
(ummm you can call me karla or anatea whichever, but karla's my real name)
Ross who can eat stuff that would make a guinea pig puke, eats all the chicken jelly. Then projectile vomits burning a hole through the side of the vat. Now it's time for my revenge. He walks away not rising to the bait!
Na I'm back. Ross atomic wedgies all of Stonys team!
I wasn't just enjoying myself on holiday, I was also constructing a mega mega ultra ultra super death ray.

*Pere blasts the opposing team into orbit with the mega mega ultra ultra super death ray.
*Stoney takes up his Swamp Goo Gun and sprays Ross*
Dar fries his bowel disrupter at several atomic hedgehogs which had escsaped from his pocket...." Get down they like chicken.
*Stonehelm pours chicken fat on come your hedgehogs!!!!*
*Sheryl gathers her angry tears and throws them at everyone!*

Ahh nice cold beer. Pssst I think Dar was sort of helping us, better offer him a beer!

Ross throws a beer on all of Stony's team and continues to do so every 15 minutes Tongue Smilie

[Edited on 16/7/2003 by Allyssa]
*Stoney takes hold of the drunken Ross amd Ringfacwen, he drags them to a sewage pit and drops them in*
Cool look Ringy a kebab shop. Ross pulls him and Ringy out go and buy a kebab and then throw Stony in the sewage and sit on top of him.

How long until Aule gets back?
*Stoney steps on Ross's fingers as he is trying to get out, causing Ross to fall back in. Then Stoney puts a lid on the sewage pit so Ross and Ringy can't get out.*

I don't know when Aule will be back.
Waving Hello Smilie

Sorry I took so long guys, was just fetching the dragon-fire, but the dragon didn't cooperate, so ermmm... where were we?

Oh yeah:
*fires a load of dragon-fire at Ross and the rest of his team, wherever they are, the fire will find them*

NOTE: Dragon-fire is not your regular fire-thingie. It doesn't really burn anything, it just keeps dancing in front of your eyes, so wherever you look, you have flames dancing and jumping up and down in front of your eyes. Water doesn't help, jelly doesn't help, nothing helps really. So eventually, you go crazy and stab your eyes out. Have fun! Big Laugh Smilie
It is good that you are on our side Tom!!! Big Laugh Smilie
Ross accepts Anilorak water into his tribe, then Ross sits on the Darklords tower with Ringy getting drunk as they watch the Tidal wave they have conjured sweep Stony and all the other detritus out to see (please note any smart arse out there, I'm not specisist!)
*Ulmo (being on the side of good) rescues Stoney and his comrads.*

*Stoney chomps garlic and breathes in Ross's face, knocking him out*
Yum Garlic. Osse controls the waves and he's on our side *splosh*
Ha! Ulmo trumps Osse anyday!

*Stonehelm takes a bite of DeathGarlic and ...AAHHHHHHHHHHH...Ross falls down...*
Ross had eaten regenrationcorriander so he was fine.
after Ulmo helps us out Anatea thanks Ulmo and brings a big whale to swallow Ross and co.!

sorry for the delay guys
hehe,hahaha...I have not dropped in for a while so I don't know whos my enemys. But I know a good way to find out!
*throws some cow cr@p at Ross, signed: Sincerely, LadyFeawen. Then runs for dear life... Wink Smilie *
Watch out LadyFeawen I have you in my sights

(URL deleted)

Moderator Smilie Sorry Ross, nice picture, but even if it's a paintball weapon the sniper was using, it portrays too much violence for

[Edited on 28/7/2003 by Grondmaster]
hehe Ross,im sorry but you make for a very good victim of cow dung. Wink Smilie

But it was me Sad Smilie
Ahhhh!! I am back!! (Power was out at my house for 10 days).

*Takes hold of Ross and Ringy and dunks them in tar*
Ahhhh!! I am back!! (Power was out at my house for 10 days).
Yes that was my doing, Muahahahahahaha!

As Stony tries to dunk Ringy and I in the tar. Ross grabs hold of stony's wrist and flips him over into the tar in their place. He then throws feathers over him! Ross the retreates to his Dark Tower for two weeks as he will have no internet access. Sorry Ringy. Ross weaves an Invulnerabilty spell over both Ringy and himself!
*As Ross casts his Invulnerabilty spell he misses a word and instead turns himself and Ringy into camels.*

*Stoney takes the camels and sells them to wandering orcs.*
That was actually Sheryl and Tommie!
See you all in two weeks
No wondwer I`ve not been in the forums for ages!

*Sheryl and Tommie make their way back and (this is where being camels cums in handy!) spit in Ross and cos. faces! Take that!
Dar finally is roused by the offer of free beer.....give us a Lone Star beer ummmm better make it 10 and if ya have it a bottle of JB as well...
He then grabs a rather large pointed stick and sets Stoney in his sights and shoves in a rather uncomfortable place...( the inner ear if anyone is wonderin') and then lifts him up and flings him to far corners of outer mongolia..."tell Gengis I said hello and ask him for my lighter back..."
he then runs to a hidden hole and drinks his beer. Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie

*Stonehelm's mithril armor breaks Darous's stick. Stoney then grabs Darous by the collar and drops him down Mt. Doom*

Nice to have you back with us here Sheryl!
Welcome Back 'Sis'! Tongue Smilie
ty, ty, I`m here till Thursday(Shreck)


*Sheryl sets fire to herself and runs riot! Y did I just do that? ROFL! (God I crack myself up!) I hit myself over the head with my keyboard the over night! I was hyper, don`t ask me y, usually, I can`t remember, ask Calenthang, I was chatting to him at the time...But back 2 the subject!...

*Sheryl poors water over herself and says, that was lucky, then she throws super glue and feathers over everyone that is her enemy!* Hee hee hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee! :p
Dar fires his hookline and catches a ridge....that was close. He climbs the mountain face and gets out his can opener and starts openin' Stoneys armour this will do nicely for my roof
Sorry Stoney, but that made me laugh! lol Dar!

*Shazz pours water over the metal, now it ain`t! Then Shazz pours more glue over Darous and covers him in teddy bears...Where did that come from? Don`t ask me, I still feeel giggly!* Big Laugh Smilie
Unlimited beer yeeeha ya got it Ringfacwen.
Dar jumps onta the stockade and whips out his extra large bowel disrupter cannon and lets rip.
The goodies all with a compeling urge to relieve themselves run ta the porter cabins situated at the shops..
That will give us a wee bit of a breather....he then grabs himself a bottle of Jb and deploys his photon matter energy conversation flutz wave dark light mini cannons in the turrents and sets them ta shoot anything that moves.
*Sheryl shoots Darous with a bottle of beer, it knocks him out for a good hour or so and when he comes round, he finds that he has had been put in a ocean of ber, now join our team! plz?*

U can have a life time suply and even more beer if u join our team for a little while, or permenantly if u want...

Big Smile Smilie
*Sigh* Looks as if we are fighting the drunks again Sheryl!

he...deploys his photon matter energy conversation flutz wave dark light mini cannons in the turrents and sets them ta shoot anything that moves.

*Stoney grabs the stupid little thing and crushes it in his Mithril armored fists.* There ya are Darous! I fixed it for ya! Na-na-na-na-na Smilie

*Sheryl catches Ringy drunk with Dar in the fortress, so much for powerful and strong! More like floppy and weak! lol Sheryl poors beer over them, they becum sticky and then Sheryl puts little bits of horrible smelly things all over them as they fall asleep, too bad, u drank the beers that were drugged! Sleeping pills that is...Smile Smilie Hush little drunkies don`t make a sound, or I`lll just have to put u in a little doggies pound, where the h*ll did that come from, that isn`t even funny, I`m wierd. lol *

We are all weird Sheryl.

Yeah, I suppose ur right actually, none of us r the same so we`ve all got 2 b wierd in sum sort of way... Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl stuffs the hose up Ringy`s nostril, that should wake her up! Big Laugh Smilie *
Dar wakes up and elbows Sheryl in the gut....try my patience will ya woman... he then summons all the power of the Vishanti and sends Stonehelm into the 45 level of hell...he then binds the fort in the crimson bands of cyttorak and any good guys trapped within it become liver and onions. He then wakes Ringfacwen and they begin to summon daemons and beasts from the darkest reaches of the cosmos
*Darous summons Norman who eats Darous whole*

*Stoney climbes 45 levels out*
*sheryl elbows Dar in the gut! Take that back boy! I have 3 things to say to my enemies:
*I`m in a bad mood!
*Don`t fight with me! U WILL NOT WIN!
*DON`T upset me! I`m running out of places to hide the bodies!

Very Evil Smilie

*Sheryl then throws water over Dar! I hope u r sobre now! *

*Norman belches* Yummy Darous!!
Look out fellas,Sheryls crabby!
*Unleashes a mad mad Troll on Darous & Ringy*
Paranoid Smilie Pixie Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Dar slashes hiw way outta Norman belly gonna take more than that ta take me down fools. He then skins Norman and wears his hide as a trophy.
right then who wants some as he sees the mad troll comin' at them and uppercuts it and it falls to the ground.
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