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Thread: grumble mumble gergle Hi

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Oi where's my beer I've just swam out of a bog! Tongue Smilie
’Peeks head in door’ Hmm.... interesting, can't believe I hadn't been in here before!
Mind if I join right in the middle of this little "battle"?
YEAH SURE! Big Smile Smilie Join the team I`m on Andrea! (Stony`s team-the winners team!) Big Smile Smilie
If you're the winners how come we always end up kicking your butt's?

Just got back from another day of shooting, used the PSG, Mach 11 and the Glock 18c all day. Mwuuuahahahahahahaahahaha!!
*Boots Ross back into a bog* Yes join us Andrea!!
’pulls out a pretty little sling-shot’ bring it on!!!

*me loads Andrea with some water bombs and a balaclava* hehehe well, at least they won`t know who u r. Big Smile Smilie
*drinks the malt beer and burps* Thanks for that refreshing beverage Ring.....Now attack those buggers.....And Andrea....they are just trying to get you to their team because they NEED reinforcements....we don’t....that’s why we don’t bother recruiting new people since we kick their butts even if it is just us 3 against 7(propably more)Tongue Smilie
Heh, if your team wasn't so evil maybe more would join you! Big Laugh Smilie

*Stuffs Aule in a soda bottle and throws him out to sea*
Lol, sorry Aule! I'd side with ya if I could, but I was drafted!
’orders a pop and chugs it, then bounces the bottle off Ringy's head’
Bah! You have chosen well Andrea! They are just upset that you didn't join them!
No see this is where you are missing the point my stonehelmed lad! I couldn’t care less if she joined your team........not even if there was 50people on your side and only Ring, Ross and I.......we still kick your butts! Muahahahahahahaha Very Evil Smilie
Right Ross?

*Aul’ just jumped in front of Ring’s head and catched the bottle as if it was an american football! He then tackles Stonehelm into orbit around the EarthTongue Smilie*
Right on Aule, Ross Picks up Stony and flips him upside down and crashes him to the ground.
*Mighty Stoney takes hold of Ross and Aule. He dips them in axle grease, covers them with sand, and seals them in a cave with one billion fleas.*
Well that's very nice Aule!
’Takes some kerosene, pours it on Aule, lights a match and hands out smores to Sheryl and Stoney... Opa!’
Andrea turns round to hand out the fag only to notice it's Aule and Ross, "No thanks I don't smoke."
Phwomfh Stony goes up in flames. it's amazing what you can do with illusions. Wink Smilie
"Smores" Ross, not "Smokes"!!

*Stoney stuffs a grown fire lizard up Ross's nose*

Ross sucks up the fire lizard by it's tail spagetti style.
Talk about heartburn!
Aul’ grabs some heartburn medicine and gives one to his mate Ross.....then he grabs Stoney by his hair and flings him across Aman screamingTongue Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
I am wearing a helmet Aule, hence the name.

*Aule hands slip off of Stoney's helm. Stoney turns about and pours cement up Aule's nose.*
But Ross kicks the cement shoot, causing it to pour on to Stoney's feet. So that the dark lords can use Stony as a boxing ball.
’Andrea spins the shoot around and pours the cement on Ross's feet, then picks him up and tosses him the nearby lake to swim with the fishes!’
Aul’ turns around and manages to get some epoxiglue and puts Andrea and Stoney together by his helmet and her head! it has dried! You are stuck! Muahahahhahahahah Very Evil Smilie
There's not ennough cement to cover my feet. Big Laugh Smilie
*Stonehelm drops a roach bomb down Ringy shirt. Then he stuffs Aule's mouth with cheese and puts him in a cage with 500 hungry rats. As Ross trys to escape Stoney grabs him and drops scorpions down his pants.*

Stonhelm and his comrads ruturn to his Mithril stronghold.
Lol, ’Andrea then begins to spit slimy icky spitwads from one of the towers at the stronghold at Ross, Aule and Ringy that are the size of boulders, pinning them down to the ground covered in slime’ Wink Smilie

[Edited on 9/26/2003 by Andrea]
Aul’ builds an odd machine which he connects 5000 guinea pigs to......he then opens fire at Andrea and Stoneys mithril place....a big guinea pig saliva boulder hits them and they are stuck nowTongue Smilie hahahahhahahaha
*Norman (my pet Balrog for those that don't know)comes leaping down from in high, he bats Aule away and eats the guinea pigs*
Ahhhh Norman! How are you mate? Why you serve that thickheaded twit? Come on let’s take a drink.....Ross...could you finish Stoney off whilst I take a shot of whiskey with me mate Normy?
Thanks mateWink Smilie

*Aul’ sits down with Norman round a table....they then start quenching their thirsts Tongue Smilie*

Big Laugh Smilie
No probs Aule. Ross Puts Stony in a vice and chisels Marines all wet the bed into his stone bonce and then ties him to the flag pole of the local barracks. Big Laugh Smilie
Hahahahahahahahahahaha Big Laugh Smilie

Really good one Ross! hahahahahah
*Stoney takes maneating leeches and puts them on Ross and then seals him in a coffin. Stoney then takes the pine box and drops it into the void.*
*Stoney grabs Ringy AND stuffs her into his cannon. But instead of shooting her into the air he points the cannon at the ground...BOOOOOMMM!!!*

[Edited on 3/10/2003 by Stonehelm]
*Stoney grabs Ringy nad stuffs her into his cannon
Tasha is a lady, she doesn't have nads. Wink Smilie
Sometimes I want to shoot you out of a cannon Ross, waaaaaayyy out to sea. Cool Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Hey! Ill say hi to u too and welcome u here along with all these other people
Hail! I do not think that we have met. I be Stoney and am glad to know you! Big Smile Smilie
Miss me? ’Andrea uses the newly implanted radioactive leeches in her head and grows superpowers... I can fly!!! and then zooms above Ringy and Ross with her pidgeon companions...’ ’SPLAT!!!’
Shhhhh! The enemy has fled this thread Andrea! We have won! Cool Smilie

Let us leave quietly before they come clunking back in here!

Buy you a victory Mountain Dew at the local cyber cafe?
I have been sitting on a chair watching and waiting idle for this moment....Stoney left....Now they are truly we have won!! Muahahahhahahahhaa......And I am not leaving my evil dominion hahahahhaha
I'll join you Mwuahahahahahaha.
*Lights fuse...*
Pop?? What kind of weapon is that?

I'll show you a REAL weapon!

*Stoney aims his cannon at Ringy... BOOOOOM!!!

My head does not "pop off" Ringy. I am helmed in stone, hence the name! Cool Smilie
Your avatar looks like a metal helm if you ask me! Double pop!
Your avatar looks like a metal helm if you ask me! Double pop!
Naw, it is probably made of Trollstone* and has been finely polished and has added gilt highlights.

*Trollstone = The material to which trolls change when subjected to direct sunlight. The portion from their heads is often made into helmets, it being the hardest part of their bodies. While it does require diamond cutters to mar its surface, it is not brittle. Teacher Smilie
See? Grondy knows all about my helm.

Tsk,tsk,tsk. And to think that Ross knew nothing about Trollstone! might have a stone HELM but I’m sure you do not have a stone CUP! *Aul’ swings his mighty sledge-hammer at Stoney’s privatesWink Smilie and sees him fall together and cryTongue Smilie*
*Stoney dodges Aule's hammer*

"Foul move that!"

*Stoney stuffs a pumpkin up Aule's nose.*
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