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See Aire, now they're mocking you! Join the dark side or as i like to call it the winners!
AIRE GOING TO ROSS`S TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You`re insane! Don`t do it. You`re one of my teammates my sisters and my queen! Please don`t let me have to ruin your beautiful face in a fight! Wink Smilie I`ll Very Sad Smilie if you leave! There are NO words to describe how I`ll feel if you leave!

You can have all the stuff you want if you stay with Stony`s team! Including me as your personal assistant, servant and the gratest defender of all time! Anything you want is your command your highness! Big Smile Smilie We love you being on our team and we`ll be soooooo sad that we won`t be able to fight any longer, please don`t do that to us! Sad Smilie

Ross putting poo in my mouth is soooooo immature! Wink Smilie(No affense Ross!) We have more fun than that, but we`re also very very hieghgenic! Big Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Aire if you want costumes, you can have them! You just ask me and you`ll have them as soon as possible. In other words, we`ll take care of business in a flash! Big Smile Smilie

Ross`s team may be fun, but they`re not loving! Mad Smilie We are! Big Smile Smilie

Look, Ross, Aule and Ringy are trying to pursuade you to get you on their team, but once you`re on it, you`ll be forgotten! You`ll be like another face in the crowd that`s left behind! But if you stay with us, we shall never forget you, we shall love you always and get youa screw driver when ever you want it! (Plastic`ll know what I`m talking about! Wink Smilie )

Aule, don`t talk like that! No, I`m not a lady, I`m a girl, but guess what! You may be able to treat a girl and woman like dirt but I can treat a man like a voo doo doll! AND WORSE!!!!!!!! So beware!!

Aire, don`t leave! PLEASE!!!!! Don`t break a sweet girls heart! Stony`s team all love you here and we always will! Big Smile Smilie

Sheryl xx

[Edited on 29/4/2003 by Sheryl]

[Edited on 29/4/2003 by Sheryl]
Ross`s team may be fun, but they`re not loving! We are!

Ha, is that why none of you rescued her. Who handed her the flannel? Me. Who offered her the cat suit? Me. Who offered to let her use the god's as weapons? Aule.

All in all we're more Caring, Noble (Ok in my case Ignoble), Swedish (well Aule is) and better armed!

Ross turn's his water gatling gun on Sheryl and Stony.

By the way Sheryl and Stony, did you get my PM's yet? Big Laugh Smilie
YEAH! I did, did you get the one I posted back? Wink Smilie
Yeh, but I'm not reading it! Big Laugh Smilie
PLEASE!!!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie Aire what would you like me to do for you, kick Ros`s @ss? Big Laugh Smilie Wink Smilie
Ross imediately has Sprout rabbit jump out from behind the toilet door (she was waiting incase the Badger's failed) and starts to savage Sheryl the badgers catch up and start digging on her head as they are enticed by the peanut butter!
Ross then Water Bombs and atomic wedgies Peredhil for attacking our new team mate. Mwahhahahahahahah!

He then finds Mellie by leaving a trail of cat food, which she instinctivly follows and uses his poor mans water weapon on her. Aren't pop bottles great!
Big Laugh Smilie Oh, I'm shacking in my boot's! Tongue Smilie Wink Smilie
*Grabs Ross and takes him to Sheryl*
-There sweety kick his ***!
btw...Aire you HAVE to stay!!!
By the way Sheryl and Stony, did you get my PM's yet?
Don't read those PMs. He's just brainwashing you like he did to Aire, *wipes tear* but as long as you wear your helmets you'll be OK. Smoke Smilie
Elda, glad you are with us!

Odin steps up with his trusted steed Sleipner and tosses his spear Gungner at both Stonehelm and Sheryl!!!!!
Now they are skewered!! hahahaha

Aul’ calls for a valkyria and she takes care of Stonys wounds and he is back in the game just to get Gungner straight in his belly

There Aire, Proof! Sheryl and I both got speared!

I sent YOU a little gift Ross!!

But what PAGE? Elf Confused Smilie
Aah, yes, now I found it...
But what YOU seem to have missed here Stonehelm, is that I was pinned underneath several levels of caked mud when the whole thing happened......... So I'm sorry if I didn't helped you with the spear, as I was using my full attention to dig myself out of there before I was suffocated. Tongue Smilie

[Edited on 29/4/2003 by Airecristiel]
Are we even now Aire?? Will you stay on our team? Huh ?Will ya will ya will ya? Pleeeeeeezzzzzzze!!!!
Hum.. well what can I say? I really love this team..
With Elda and Perwing and Sheryl and Mellie and Peredhil and of course, the betrusted leader: Stonehelm. In Love Smilie
Hum.. but on the other hand.. the evil side inside of me has awakaned... Very Evil Smilie

Aaaargh! What to do? I'm drawn between the bad sid of me Orc Smiling Smilie and the good side of me Happy Elf Smilie !!
Look, Ross, Aule and Ringy are trying to pursuade you to get you on their team, but once you`re on it, you`ll be forgotten! You`ll be like another face in the crowd that`s left behind! But if you stay with us, we shall never forget you, we shall love you always and get youa screw driver when ever you want it! (Plastic`ll know what I`m talking about! )

What a load of MALE COW DUKIE!!!!
You and your team caring??? Please enlighten me Sheryl and Stony when you have ever really REALLY helped your allies unless they begged for it!

Aire you have to see that even though it’s just me, Ross and Ring we are still the more powerful! I mean hello look how well we have defended ourselves!
Even when we were scattered and leaderless(we still haven’t got a leader which is great because none of us are more worth the other.....we have no ranking! We have only power when we are together! Speaking as true compadres for life!)

Am I not right Ross and Ring???
Hell yes Aule!

Don't read those PMs. He's just brainwashing you like he did to Aire, *wipes tear* but as long as you wear your helmets you'll be OK.

I wasn't, I sent them PM water bombs! Tongue Smilie

Hum.. but on the other hand.. the evil side inside of me has awakaned...
Aaaargh! What to do? I'm drawn between the bad sid of me and the good side of me !!

listen to the Dark side it's more fun and creative.

By the way Stony I didn't open your Pm either! Cool Smilie

Ross Water bombs Sheryl , Stony and Peredhil! Wink Smilie
Stay with us Aire. We will from now on start helping our team members more.

*Stonehelm hands towels to Sheryl and Peredhil*


*Stonehelm shoots swamp goo bombs at Ross and Aule covering them with slime*
Peredhil chips in, bombarding them with Guatemalan Slime Slugs, which stick to Ross and Aul’, eat all the slime and regurgitate even nastier slime. They cannot be removed. Ever.
*Sheryl kicks Ross`s @ss! and laughs! Do you want a go Aire? Let the evil side out! Anyone else want a go?

Aule! Look, I may be younger than most people on here and I have a lot to learn, I know, but I care for all people! Don`t you ever say anything like that! Don`t you dare! On Stony`s team, we have a leader bc we`re organised, but we still do our own things! Aule I hope you think about this and realise my point! Wink Smilie (That was all a load of waffle I know!) Wink Smilie Still like you loads though Aule! I always have and always will! Big Smile Smilie Please don`t take it the wrong way!

Thanks for the towel Stony! You`re great! Big Smile Smilie
*Sheryl passes a towel to Stony!* Cool Smilie

Aire, you`re going to brake my heart if you leave, PLEASE DON`T!!!!!! We love you so much for being on this team! You`re the best! It`s nice to have one of the prettiest ladies from what I`ve seen in the pics, on our team!
*Sheryl cries just thinking about Aire leaving* If I cryed just thinking about it, what am I going to be like when you do transfer to Ross and enemy! Very Sad Smilie
Peredhil chases down Aster, hits him with an immobilising goo balloon and unties Aire. He then ties him to a post and leaves him there. See, we do help each other. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ross water bombs Peredhil and tell's him to leave Asteroth, alone he's an Independant.

Yes your helping each other now but only because people are thinking of deserting your loser team. Too little. Too late!

Ross had already supplied the vaseline to his team causing the slugs to slide off our skin.
Kidnap one of our team will you Asteroth??

*Stonehelm ties Asteroth back to the stake and drops hundreds of little Balrogs down his robes*

*Stonehelm's army of Balrogs attack Ross and take him to Angband...forever.*
You kidnap any of my team mates, you`ll be looking at heaven b4 you can even say "...but....." Wink Smilie

Don`t mess with an 11 year old! Big Laugh Smilie You haven`t seen the maddest side of me yet! You`ve had your first and last warning! Next time, you`ll have to deal with me in person! I know where you live! Wink Smilie I shall come and pay a visit to you when you least expect it! Then I shall take back my treasure, (My team mates!) and restore them in there rightful place!

So! DON`T MESS! Big Laugh Smilie

Aire, glad you`re back! *Sheryl recaptures Ross!* "Do you want a go Aire? How about any of my beloved team mates? Asteroth, my neck is not available so please leave a postBody after the tone!" Big Laugh Smilie
Sheryl, he's going to suck your blood. You must know that the only way to get rid of a vampire is to kick him in the nads.

Warning to Aster: Don't mess with Sheryl, especially now she knows a vampire's weakness. Big Laugh Smilie
*Asteroth doesn't see the small Balrog that was hiding in his robes...the Balrog slashes Sheryl's bonds and sets Asteroth's pants on fire* Big Laugh Smilie
Aul’ understands Sheryl’s point and tells her that he has always liked her and will always like her.....But now I say that all the Aratars came and made Eru-wedgies on everyone!!!
*Stonehelm doesn't know what an Aratar is but he kills it none the less.*

Moderator Smilie Grondy thinks you better go back to throwing marshmallows, soap bubbles, and dandy-lion seed pods for you are starting to get a little too violent.

Thanks Moderator Smilie
Peredhil showers the opposing team with marshmallows, soap bubbles and dandelion seed pods. the bubbles dissolve the marshmallows, turning them into a sticky goo. The seeds then stick and, being so floaty and light, bear them up into the sky. They are suspended there, unable to resist, and are hit by a volley of water balloons, which wash off the goo and seeds. They fall to Earth, landing in a massive pile of the stickiest slime ever. Tongue Smilie
*And then Stonehelm drops thousands of of little cat hairs that stick to the slime* Big Laugh Smilie
*Stonehelm doesn't know what an Aratar is but he kills it none the less.*

"Among [the Valar] Nine were of chief power and reverence; but one is removed from their number, and Eight remain, the Aratar, the High Ones of Arda..."

And the aratars are: Manw’, Varda, Ulmo, Yavanna, Aul’, Mandos, Nienna and Orom’. The one removed was Melkor aka Morgoth Bauglir!

*Aul’ tosses sallads at Stony and covers it with Rhode Island dressing...He then takes a mouthfull of it and digests Stony alive for 1000years like the mighty Sarlacc in starwars would’ve done to Luke Skywalker and the rests if they hadn’t fought back!*
Aul’ starts reading UT to get more info of the art of water war!
Thanks for helping me guys! Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl throws goo balloons at Asteroth and other evil enemies! MWAHAHAHAHA! She then gives her team mates a waterproof suite each and has one spare....Where`s Aire?*

Aire...! Where are you?

*Sheryl sends a robotic search party out to find Aire. No one can control the search party except Stony`s team and I!*

Probably won`t see anyone till Tuesday now! Very Sad Smilie Bye!
See ya then Sheryl.

Nice to have you back Tommie!

*Stonehelm jumps out just as Aule is about to bite down, instead Aule bites a big water balloon!*
Aire...! Where are you?

I'm still thinking Sheryl... Sorry.. Sad Smilie
*A LOUD SMACK IS HEARD WHEN RING AND ROSS HIGH FIVES WITH AUL˴S HUGE HANDS!!! He then starts tossing in furious and irritated badgers to bite and scratch Sheryl and Stony AND seeing that he has come back Tom Bombadillo on the butt!!!!! The badgers are running towards Aire...I am not worried because I know what they are to do!
Then they stop next to her and starts cuddling with her....and I say: I offer you cuddly badgers if you come over to our team...but it’s all up to you Aire!*
*Aul’ takes out his master pok’ball and screams(while tossing it): GO ZAPDOS!!!! and Zapdos uses his thunderbolt attack on Squirtle who get’s completely fryed! And Asteroth sits next to him and weeps like a sissy!*
*Aul’ brings on the Blastoise he had who quenches the fire.....he then brings out Articuno to freeze bellsprout and then sends Venusaur who makes his multipleleaf attack on the frozen bellsprout who cracks and breaks....and Asteroth gets five leafs right in the face as they cut up his face and scars him for life:P*
*Aule is so busy fighting Asteroth that he doesn't notice Stonehelm's Balrog until it's to late!! Aule's pant are now blazing!!*

What will Aule do?? Tune in later to see what happens!
Aul’ jumps into the sea and let’s Ulmo carry him out on a piedestal.....Aul’ then charges at Stony and takes his 3 X-Men out of his pocket(they cannot be manipulated or changed to the other side neither can they die!) and that is Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Dr. Xavier! They attack Stony with alot of fury....OUCH TO BE STONY RIGHT NOW!Big Smile Smilie
Asteroth then sends Lucifer against Stonehelm who's happy of Aule's defeat.Stonehelm is taken to the deep pits of Hell as well.

Sorry old boy that won't be happening!

*Stonehelm fires his water hose at Asteroth putting out the fires of evil*
*Aul’ tosses out Articuno, Zapdos and Mewtwo and they kick butts right about.....NOW!!!*
Yes, of course I'm ok, Sheryl, the question is: How are you?

I'll always be ok, never worry about me. Smile Smilie
But not Darous..."Come Lilandra let us save Charles and the the others"
"Yes Darous we must save the X-men..the sha'ir galaxy is indebted to them time and time again." said Lilandra softly
So Oracle the imperial guard telepathy and funky mystic weaved a few spells and returned the souls of the X-men.
"Hey guys what you say we clean up this place." said Wolvie.
"But first we must rescued mutant even a member of the Brotherhood of evil mutants will be caged like a animal." said Charles.
"Always helping Chuck..even in a different realm." laughed Logan
I am afraid that Toad is no longer with us. Ross's badgers were very hungry.
Big Laugh Smilie

Thanks for helping me Stonehelm! Big Smile Smilie

Darous, how dare you get your toad to throw at me a slimeball special! Wink Smilie

*Sheryl hoses Darous down with soap and water, it gets him in the eyes and the mouth! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! But, seeing that Sheryl is sooooo kind hearted, Wink Smilie she gives him a glass of water and cleans his eyes for him. Big Smile Smilie *

Back to the action!

*Sheryl hoses down Ross with slim and then swarms him in feathers! She laughs at the new chicken of the month!*

MWAHAHAHAHA! Sorry Ross! I just couldn`t resist! Big Laugh Smilie
"...that is the question"

*Stonehelm sics Ross's badgers (who are now very fond of Stonehelm) on Darous*

*While Darous is fighting off the badgers Stonehelm's Balrog sets his pants on fire!* Big Laugh Smilie

I am and will always be loyal to mi compadres! Viva La Resistance!

He takes up a baseballbat with a Adamantium alloy! He then swings away and beats up everyone EVERYONE!!!!(
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