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Delidia, you must join my team in the fight against Aule!

The pumpkins are coming Aule!!! You too Ross, I've got a nice squishy one comin at you!! Pumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie

Well, I have been called Evil Mellie and Queen Mellie. So I guess I am the Evil Queen Mellie. < Very Evil Smilie evil gigglesVery Evil Smilie > Well, Mellie is actually friend of all animals of Arda, land and water included. So the Pirahna’s won't hurt me. I convince them to just go away and not hurt anyone. Not even Aule or Ross. This is a water fight no one is to be eating by any type of animal nor is acid rain allowed Police Smilie . (So much for being Evil, eh?) hehehehhehehhehee. Big Laugh Smilie Very Mad Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Mellie tosses lots of floaty Wiggle Smilie things into the room for everyone to enjoy the water fight. Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie

Mellie starts aiming purple dye filled water balloons at Aule and Ross. She gets but bumbed by someone on a rubber duck and her aim is off, and accidently hits Perwing. OOOPs Sorrrrrrry. Perwing, Ross and Aule are now all purple.

[Edited on 4/6/2003 by MelliotSandybanks]
Ahhh Ringfacwen! Will you join my side? Mellie, Perwing, and I are are in a all out attack on Ross and Aule!

Ready...Aim...FIRE! Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie *Rotting pumpkins hits Aule*
Back off Stony, I already claimed Ringfacwen. Ross after waking up really late today due to being on holiday water bombs Stony and gives him yet another atomic wedgie!
*Stonehelm readies his atomic pumpkin and fires it at Ross* Pumpkin Smilie
How about pumpkin juice?

*Drops a pumpkin juice bomb on Ross and Aule*
*Stonehelm somes to help his ally Perwing. Stonehelm locks his Super Ultra Ion Carrot Juice Cannon on Asteroth and fires, WHOOOOOOSH!!!!*
Bwahahaha! Tommie has finally arrived with her giant garden hose! Beware everyone! Orc Grinning Smilie
*aims the garden hose at everyone in sight*

My humble very late welcomes to Um-ger, though he's very quiet isn't he, Halo?

*spots Mellie and Per in her range of water, and blasts water all over them*
*giggles and runs like the clappers*

*Homing missiles fire at Tom!!
hmmmm, it appears that Mellie is all wet, and orange from the carrot and pumpkin juice, and Tommie's garden hose.

I get my super soaker water gun back from Perwing and fill it with purple goo, hehehehehe, and just start blasting everyone. So now everybody is covered in purple goo as well as pumpkin and carrot juice.

I do belive that Aule and Ross have been defeated!!
*Airecristiel comes out from nowhere. She were just hiding, waiting for the right moment when Ross would show his weak side. She grabs hold of her entire stock of goo-balloons and Juggling Smilie juggles them around before smashing them, one after one, on Ross and Aul’. Ross and Aul’ are both completely covered in paralyzing goo, they can't move at all for over one hour. Aire laughs evilly before looking at Ringfacwen. She then grabs hold of her and throws her in a boxingring full of mud. The mud stiffens and Ringfacwen is stuck, like a statue covered in muc all over.*


[Edited on 26/4/2003 by Airecristiel]
I think that you have a dangerous enemy now Mellie!
Bubble Bazooka?!?!? It takes more than that to stop Stonehelm!

*Stonehelm fires his Super Ultra Ion Carrot Juice Cannon at Ringfacwen, then he launchs rotten pumpkins at her! Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie*
They weren't sprout and I, That was the Maddame Tussauds waxworks, by the way you're barred from there fro that now!

Ross has Sheryl's hand cut of the wand removed and destroyed. Then he has Sheryl's hand reatached. "No magic!" Tongue Smilie

He then returns to the Water gatling gun and blasts both Stony and Sheryl right in the mush!
here's the reason not to target me, If you look at picture's DSC00342 and DSC00370 you will see two nice shots of me!
Now where did Aule go??

*Stonehelm fires more nasty rotting pumkins at Ringfacwen! Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Ross, I believe those pictures are of you playing paint ball?
(Ross is not really killing anyone or anything folks!)
Nearly BB airsoft, although the paint baller's were there that day so we shot them when they tried stealing our playing zone! Tongue Smilie
Not much of a contest, Paint Ball against BB's!!
Paintball's may hurt more but when I can fire 700 rounds per minute you'll find that we win! Wink Smilie
None of them are paintball guns, they're all Fully automatic BB gun's, I just have the good old fashioned trusty Heckler and Koch G3! Wink Smilie (It's me aiming!)
*mumbles* "I don't like guns." Well, if they contain anything other than water, that is. Big Smile Smilie

*takes her garden hose and gets all the purple goo and pumpkin squash off her*
*aims the garden hose again*
*wets Stonehelm all over*
*hides behind a giant tree*
Ha Ha Ha Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Water bombs Tommy and gives her an atomic wedgie!
Ross Hoses Asteroth as he's running away knocking him to his knee's!
*Stonehelm fires his quad-water hoses at Tommy, knocking her back 1000000000000000000000000 miles* Big Laugh Smilie
Sheryl just watches! Big Laugh Smilie
Come on Sheryl! Join my team!
Hum.. I've got all these balloons filled with extra terrestial goo in various colours from AlienH (GailH)... Now what team to join? Big Smile Smilie

(Hint: I'll join those of you who suck up the most hehehee)
Hahaha! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
That's pretty good, Perwing! Now let's just see how the other team responds.... Wink Smilie
Btw.. what ARE the teams? Who are with who?
Aha, mhm.. I see. Well, the teams seems to be a bit unfair? There's two, maybe three, against four right now... Hum.. And then you want both me and Sheryl on this team.. well.. The other team has to suck up really bad for you to have a chance now... Wink Smilie
If you want to be on the loser's team Aire that's up to you! Wink Smilie
I don`t know what team to be on. I`m confused. I know I`ll......*Sheryl drenches everyone with her water hose!* Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Sorry, but I can`t possibly chose between my friends and my friends.

*Sheryl hides now so no one can get her for what she just did.* Big Smile Smilie
*runs back 1000000000000000000000000 miles*
*is totally exhausted now*
Well at least I'm dry again now...

I don't know who's team I'm on either. I think I'll join Mellie and Stony. Very Big Grin Smilie More chance to win if there's more of us. Cool Smilie

*attaches Aster's goo tap to her garden hose and guess what?* Big Laugh Smilie *you're all alien's now (if you weren't before) Na-na-na-na-na Smilie

Serious now, Halo??? You still out there? If you are, what happened to your Um-Ger? And to yourself? Tongue Smilie
If you want to be on the loser's team Aire that's up to you! Wink Smilie

Lol, well Ross, thank you very much.

I guess I'm on the loser's team then. Big Smile Smilie

*Airecristiel takes one of her extra-terrestial-goo-filled balloons and throws it on Ross*
I wanna...uhmm....whatever.
You guys are going to make the forum all wet!
*Gets a bucket*
I guess I will clean after you Boring Smilie but since I have few more balloons from Aire... Big Smile Smilie
Btw Mellie you owe me 4 water balloons!
*starts throwing balloons at everybody*
I think I will join Asteroth in his lonelyness Tongue Smilie !
Or maybe I could join a team.I wonder who will give me better invitation?!?!?! Alcoholic Smilie Wiggle Smilie

[Edited on 16/4/2003 by Elda]
But Ross has supplied terrestial goo proof vaseline to all our team. He hose's down Aire and gives her a good old fashioned wedgie! Big Laugh Smilie
Join us and we can rule the Forum as Geek and Geek! Plus if you don't join us you will be beaten and drenched to the bone!
This "nice" invitation sounded more like "join or die".
I will have to think about it in the mean time...
*throws enormous water balloon at Ross and gives him a wedgie*
There you go mate...enjoy Big Smile Smilie
*hides behind the same big tree tommie did*
Ahhh, welcome to our winning team Tommy!

Come o noble Elda, and join this lonely team that is in great need of your bright companionshipin in these evil times.

Is that a good invite???

*Quad cannons fire green slime at Ross*
Oh come on now Elda!! I wnat you on my team! You're my prince and absolutely THE best!! Big Smile Smilie
Come on now, Elda, we know you want to... Animated Wink Smilie
You're the Angel Smilie of this place and you're my I . And if you don't join this team you know I will become Very Sad Smilie and then I'll Very Sad Smilie my eyes out! -> Dead Smilie

*Airecristiel fixes her panties and brings some tar and feathers...* Hehehehe.... Lasta lalaithamin, Ross.... Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie
Well how could a guy refuse such warm invitation Cool Smilie

*throws a water balloon at Ross and his team*

Juggling Smilie -Just look at those coloured goo balloons I got here for you guys...COME GET SOME Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Juggling Smilie - I think I will start with the red ones Angel Smilie

[Edited on 16/4/2003 by Elda]
Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie YES! We got Elda!! hahaha! Now the other team won't stand a chance!

*Airecristiel grabs a blue gooballoon and throws on Aul’*
*Sheryl runs from her original hiding place and gets a goo balloon that had ben left behind and wonders who she should get....* Wink Smilie
Oooh, Sheryl! Look, there's Ross.. hehehe.. doesn't he look like the perfect target? Wink Smilie And why don't you come to join our team?
You have had your chance Sheryl, join us or I'll use my quad slime cannon on you! Big Laugh Smilie

OK!! It's Stonehelm,Perwing,Mellie,Airecristiel,Tommy and Elda. Great team!

Little does stony know that Ross has sent Yogurt the sabotage guinea pig in to destroy his quad slime cannon's. Resulting in the momentry safety of Sheryl!

Join us Sheryl you know you want to!
Death to the infidels!!!!!!

Ross engages his hi powered turret mounted water Vulcan cannnon and hoses down Stony, Aire, Elda, Perwing, Mellie, Tommy and Asteroth for good measure!
And little does Ross know that Aire saw Yoghurt the sabotage guinea pig on his way to destroy the cannon's and captured it in a cage. Her team now proudly uses the guinea pig as their mascot.

Come on now Sheryl, see? This team is always one step ahead! But Ross uses sneaky methods. We want you to be on our team! Big Smile Smilie
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