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I’m running and running but all of a sudden I ran into a darn Candystore.......then I think....hmmm......well the candy is on me everyone!!!
"Norman just pee on my leg, Ahhhhhhhh. Sothing!"
"If you tread on my toes one more time I'm going to deck you. You funky chicken like my Grandma!"
"Ouch, right that's it!" *Ross smacks Norman the Balrog right in the gob knocking him cold out!*

"Right now for that belgian."
Ross grabs Tommy and places her head first in a vat of lime jelly.
Is it safe candy Aule?? You haven't rigged it to blow up or anything have you??

*Norman still wants to dance!! He grabs Ross and and starts to dance cheek to cheek with him!!!*
Oh Norman you're my hero! I Love You Smilie

*Ross then gives Norman a passionate kiss on the lips and Norman and Ross enjoy the rest of the night together, while having a dinner for 2 in the dustbins!* Big Laugh Smilie
*Ross then gives Norman a passionate kiss on the lips and Norman and Ross enjoy the rest of the night together, while having a dinner for 2 in the dustbins!*
Excuse me I'm a classy bloke. It was a dumpster! Wink Smilie
lol Big Smile Smilie

Don`t forget the children, the rats! Big Laugh Smilie

Don`t forget the children, the rats!

No no no. They would be Rossrogs! Big Laugh Smilie
you`re absolutly right, oh and we know who would be having the children don`t we Ross? Wink Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Why of coarse me! ThenI get to be all motherly, Making Patry butties over the left over pastry. But I don't do Ironing have you got that Norman. Don't you call me woman! Right come here. *lots of head slaping and feeble woman style slaping*

Ross then wedgies Stony and Sheryl plus dunks both their heads in a sheep dip!

*Grabs Ross and puts water bombs down his pants*
Ahhhhhh, thats nice in the heat wave we're having at the moment!
But there were man eating worms in the water!
Sorry, Ringy, but Norman is Stony`s pet and only Stony can control him.

*Sheryl comes back with parahnas. She throws them at Ringy they eat all of her body except her head. MWAHAHAHAHA! By the way, no one can control the parahnas, except me! Big Smile Smilie
Because of this, Ringy grabs the man-eating worms (sorry Ross, for having to put my hands down your pants to extract the worms! Tongue Smilie )
And I thought we were family freindly, ah well shouldn't complain about a young lady having her hands down hwwughghg.......! Wink Smilie
ROSS! You dirty boy! This is a family friendly site, lets keep it that way, ok?

Ringy, you shouldn`t have saved him, he thinks too dirty...You should have let the worms do a good job! Wink Smilie
The worms won't bother members of my team Ring!

*Stonehelm climbs out and pelts Ringfacwen with slimy mudballs*
Sorry Ringy, you must have misunderstood! I don`t know about Stony, but I certainly didn`t pass out! It`s a fragrance I shall turn into a perfume! Nice work Norman!

Oh, Norman isn`t my pet, he`s Stony`s. Big Smile Smilie
Sorry Hun, he`s wind is a lovely smell, better than any perfume that could ever be found! You`ve mistaken Normans for tall men! Big Smile Smilie
*Sheryl comes back with parahnas. She throws them at Ringy they eat all of her body except her head. MWAHAHAHAHA! By the way, no one can control the parahnas, except me!

That’s a darn lie Sheryl and you know it....they do not obey you because I made those Pirahna’s!!! They only obey actually they didn’t even attack my decoys because I just resent those towards you and you were like Sauron, laughing where you stood and thought that you were victorious but then something unexpected happened......something bit you in the buttTongue Smilie

And there was all 500 Acme Pirahna’s + 30 Flying Super Ninja Badgers I borrowed from Plastic and I bred special Binja Badgers which I shall call Meles-HaiTongue Smilie (Meles= Badger in latinTongue Smilie )!!
Correction, Norman was Stony's pet, now he's mine! Very Evil Smilie
Ross then hands Ringy a flanel to help clean the mud of her. Then picks up his jelly bazoka and blast both Sheryl and Stony in the mush knocking them both into Aule's nija badgers. Mwahahahahahahaha!
Muahahahahaha!!!Bad King Smilie
Muahahahahaha!!!Bad King Smilie
Muahahahahaha!!!Bad King Smilie

Great teamwork Ross!! Bad King Smilie

[Edited on 2/6/2003 by Grondmaster]
Look Aule! You may have ad some paranahs but these are my paranahs! Not your`s! They did bite Ringy! Now face the truth for once! Wink Smilie

*Sheryl`s paranahs bite Aule now and decide not to leave the head like they did to Ringy!* MWAHAHAHAHA!

Sorry Ross, Norman`s the man and therefore doesn`t let women control him, only one man can: STONY! ok? That`s not a question you`re supposed to answer by the way! Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl blasts Ross and co. off their feat and up through the atmosphere to their worst place imaginable: Heaven! Big Laugh Smilie *
Sorry Ringy, you must have been dreaming! Angels don`t turn evil and turn violent against other angels, we are angels, that like to have fun, therefore they didn`t hurt us, they hurt YOU! HAHA!
Where is the light switch well if Im gonna get out of here i need a light switch...wait a minute what am I thinkin..
Darous gets out his phone "Operator get me out of here"
"Theres a old line just 2 clicks south from your postion"
"Well I need some digging equipment."
"Patching it through"
Alright one of Mole Mans transporter. This will be a sinch...Watch out kids Darous is comin' home woohooh.
*Stonehelm puts Darous in his water cannon and fires him out to sea*

*Norman turns on Ross and rubs Ross' face in rotten eggs*
Darous wonders what just happened one moment he is digging underground the next he is flying threw the air...truly it is a marvellous place.
"Cheers stoney...that got me out of that ruck, now to repay the compliment"
Darous pulls out his acme toad firing fireball boom gun and fires a barrage at stoney "Right back at ya Bub"
Sheryl, I am sorry to say that the pirahna’s did’n’t get to meTongue Smilie
I used the Neo trick on them.....stopping them in the air....Tongue Smilie
Just because Anilorak is new to the water fight, whilst Anilorakis on the floor I gives her a wedgie.

Now for Sheryl and Stony, knowing full well that angels will fight angels (Lucifer), Ross calls them down and has both Sheryland Stony dunked head first into Aule origonal pirahna’s.
I accompany my fellow Dark Lord Ross in the evil laughter....

MuahahahahahahhahahahaBad King Smilie
Mwahahahahaha! (hey I can do that too!)

*climbs out of jelly vat*
*Mixes the jelly from the vat with her especially designed for sticks-to-everything glue-jelly-slime mix*
*Fires her super-good-jelly-plastic-mixed-with-green-and-blue-slime balloons at Aule*
*Fires another (bigger) load at Ross*
*hides where no one can find her, cause no one knows where B*lgium is* Big Laugh Smilie
Ross finds Tommie cowering in Belgium (which was hidding in between France Holland and even Luxemberg!) Grabs her and subjects her to an acts of supreme terror eating liver and listening to Vanilla Ice Tongue Smilie
Hey Anilorak, come join our team!

*Stonehelm fires hot tar at Ross and Aule and then covers them with feathers*
I apologise Anilorak. After that shameless bout of full frontal male nudity/flashing you should join our team, for you are as the romans would say a "Impudens es leno" Wink Smilie

Ross cleans the tar and feathers of both Aule and himself and just throws Stony into the tar.
Anilorak! Please join our team!

You`ll have a great time with us, we treat you how you want to be treated, we haven`t done anything to you and Ross has, our team is the winners team. We don`t hurt our team! Big Smile Smilie You can drop anything of your`s in the aponents face whenever you like, just please don`t put it in mine, I`ll have to stamp a 18 stamp on it to warn everyone. Big Laugh Smilie j/k

So, please join us. *Sheryl gives him the permission to use her however he likes...not in that way of course...but in the other ways!* Big Smile Smilie
Yes Anilorak, join us!!!

*Stonehelm pulls Ross into the tar and uses him as a step ladder to get out*
I can’t believe it.....can you Ross?? I mean....they have supreme quantity of warriors and still they recruit more.....can you believe how much they must suck??

Stony and Sheryl.....the parents of Legolamb:P hahahahahaha

We shalt be victorious in the end I mourn for your destruction!!
*sob* Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Sad Smilie
But I laugh at the thought of Stony and Sheryl’s destruction....

Hey by the way.....where is that beautiful swedish woman Aire???
We maybe fewer in number, but we are the creme de la creme and pure evil. Everyone knows the good guys never win, they just foil the occasional plan only for us to come up with a new plan a crush them utterly.

Ross climbs into his quintuple planetary shielded Water Death Star and procedes to destroy Sheryl, Stony, Tommy and Anilorak's house's!
Watch out!
Friggin-hairless is propelled into the fight by his badger trampoline.
Whilst he is flying through the air he gives Darous a solid poke in the eye and a rasberry in the face.
Take that, evil scum!!!
Take that, evil scum!!!

Thats a bit harsh, we may be evil, but we're not scum!

Even though Darous is indipendant, Ross decides to help him because of the unprovoced sneak attack by Friggin-hairless and the use of the word scum.
Atomic wedgie! Tongue Smilie
Ow ow ow.
OK i apologise for the use of scum.
Friggin-hairless uses a toe stamp to release himself from the anally-probing wedgie. Ross hops up and down because of his throbbing pinkie.
Friggin-hairless uses the time to unleash his most devestating of attacks............the badger charge.
12 of his best badgers run rampent.
HE HE HE!!! Moderator Smilie
Ross quickly throws dog ffod for the Badgers and with draws to his death star, where he incinerates all twelve of them. Mwahahahahahahahahaha!
No need to worry i have thousands of badgers, a windmill and a field of carrots. After conditioning the badgers with both i have formed a super army of badgers who can see in the dark and are impervious to the wind.
Friggin-hairless uses super badgers as a diversion and sneaks into Ross' death star whilst he's out buying badger repelant; therefore claiming it for his own.
Ross seeing this activates the self destruct sequance destroying the bagers and plowing the debris into the carrot field and windmills destroying them.
Friggin-hairless is scared by Ross' power so hides and waits for some friendly help.
Wary Smilie
Would you prefer me as an enemy or an ally? Join us!
We'll see.
Prove yourself worthy of my skills!
Cool Smilie
Just read our team's exploits, We kick Stony's team ****'s.

[Edited on 5/6/2003 by Allyssa]
Well well.....seems like Friggin Hairless has got some major cahonesTongue Smilie

Challenging the evil bloke Ross in his own deathstar is very impressing.....well were lucky not to harm my ally!! Wink Smilie

*Aul’ casts of his fair shape and reveals his true Aul’ the Cruel*

And by the way....MY badgers are super-mega-duper-uruk-badgers Tongue Smilie with a taint of Uruloki DNA in themBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie

As you can see Ross.....we have an army of 5 000 000 of those badgers that I have from the beginning of this thread breeding and twisting them in my sense of evil....and they are called my

"Crouching Badgers, Hidden Uruks!"

Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie

There can only be two Dark Lords and one Dark Queen!!!
And those are Aul’, Ross and Ringfacwen!!!
Bad King Smilie
Bow your heads for the mercy of my "Crouching Badgers, Hidden Uruk" army!!!
Bad King Smilie
Oh and by the way....I know that you always try to overthrow my plans of world domination Stony so I have made them immune to any spells, physical attacks, or attacks from any god like Eru, Thor and likewise......nothing from the team of Stonehelm can destroy them OR any else who I do not trust!....since this has taken me loads of time to breed I have not been sloppy with my detailsWink Smilie
Only betrayers can destroy them....but this may never happen because the only ones they are vulnerable to is Ringfacwen and Ross......and they will never betray our plans!!!Bad King Smilie

MuahahahahahahahahahahahaBad King Smilie

[Edited on 5/6/2003 by Aul’]
Only betrayers can destroy them....but this may never happen because the only ones they are vulnerable to is Ringfacwen and Ross......and they will never betray our plans!!!
This will never happen. As the Emperor of Geeksylvania, I would crush anyone who betrayed us with my army of Muppet's. Ringy is to true to the cause ot halm them.
We'll have to breed an army for Ringy, something that she can use her beer trucks, in order to them loyal to her!
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