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It's okbecause as of last Thursday Ross, fianly has Hot water and heating. Ross uses his scalding hat water and pours it right over Sheryl! Tongue Smilie
*Stonehelm jumps in front of his team mate Sheryl and blocks the hot water with his Stone Shield*
"Questions ahh vacuum cleaner I hate them..Wait a minute I know" and with a thought the claws pop out of there housing and Dar cuts himself free..."Well Asteroth old buddie I don't know about you but I am feeling vindictive" and a evil smile came to Dars face..."And before any of you's try and funny tangerine doorframes all you chairs are wired so one person moves boom and I ain't cleaning up that mess...So get answering them questions."
And just for extra security Dar calls on the Imperial Guard and Arkon and the Imperion warroirs to watch over them.."now wheres the beer"

Moderator SmiliePlastic says, remember to keep your language clean or you get to sound like a moronModerator Smilie

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My StoneShield can take anything Ring!

*Stonehelm puts Asteroth and Darous in a pit and pours tar over them*
Hey Ringy Aule and Me love beer, please can we have access to your beer truck? Wink Smilie
Tut tut tut, drinking during a battle. Big Laugh Smilie

*Stonehelm ties the drunks up and puts them in prison*
Grondy used his spoon to eat through the wall of his cell. "Some of the stones were milk chocolate, others were white, but I enjoy the semi-sweet bestest," he says.
Yum yum....good beer....but I have a keg here that we can open up!.....then I toss a big huge angry badger.....and my special bred ninja beavers! They slice and they dice Stony and Sheryl!!!
Ross in a druken stupor aims his water irfle at stony but his aim is impaired and he hit Sheryl! Wink Smilie
Now, now, I have a nice new room for you all. There are nice people there to take care of you.

*Stonehelm takes the loud drunks to a new room with pink padded walls*

There you are nice and safe here! Big Laugh Smilie
Just like my bedroom!
You should feel right at home then!!
*Sheryl goes into the room with Ross and company and sends in her ninjas! Then she washes all the blood off of them, they were chewing themselves, Wink Smilie and throws soap bars at them!* Big Smile Smilie
Now now Sheryl, they are harmless when they are drunk. Don't hurt them! Big Laugh Smilie
Plus it's almost impossible to cause significant pain to someone who is drunk.
Chhuome on, I'yyylll thhake the hlot of ya on. *hicup*
Oh shhoood it, lheets go get a khebab! Tongue Smilie
*Stonehelm and Peredhil each take an arm and lead Ross back to his room*
Ross' rouse worked, he pretends to fall over ties Stony and Peredhil's shoe laces together and atomic wedgies the pair of them. Mwaahahahahahahahaha!!!!

He then pours freezing cold water over the pair of them!
*As Ross trys to run away Stonehelm grabs him by the collar and tosses him back in his cell*
Peredhil promptly slams the door. Good teamwork Stony. Smoke Smilie
Little known to both Stony and Peredhil, Ross stole the cell keys from them when they tussled him back into thee cell. Allowing him to let him and his team mate out to cause havok once again they all go for a celebratory Kebab. Then start causing havok by Locking both Stony and Peredhil in one cell and Sheryl and Tommie in another. Throw the keys away, leaving only spoons in the cells for them to escape so the fun can continue! Wink Smilie
But then Aul’ opens up the door to the cell where Stony and Tommie are.....

They all are suprised by the cruel and coldhearted Vala’s kindness to let them out.....but they thought wrong!

While they both where about to run out of the cell, in comes a flying Grondy! It was Aul’ who, for fun, built a catapult infront of the door and putting Grondy on it because he stopped worshipping me.....So Grondy knocks both Tommie and Stony off their feet!
Aul’ slams the door shut and brings Ungoliant and Shelob to guard it so that they MUST dig with the spoons Ross gave them(I won’t spoil your fun RossWink Smilie Big Laugh Smilie )
And then I stand outside the prison waiting for someone to come out of the ground with a broken spoonTongue Smilie
Golly refuses to guard the cell's, being that she's to busy sharing foul jokes with me and plastic!
*Aule forgot to disarm Stonehelm, so Stonhelm chops the door down with his swprd and tackles Aule. Aule is then taken to a new cell and thrown in*
Ross see's this and pulls out his bolas triping stony causiing him to fall into the cell. He catches Peredhil and hand cuffs him to Stony disarms them both and pulls Aule out and locks the door. Then to be utterly evil he has cough, music by Tatu and Scooter piped into their cell!
Ross must have just turned that music up a little too loud, because the poor workmanship put into building the ceel means that it is shaken to pieces by the vibrations, and Pere and Stony escape to fight another day.
Well enjoy them whilst you canBig Smile Smilie

*Aul’ tosses three nuclear water thermal detonators at Grondy’s, Peredhil’s and Stony’s direction!*
*And Stonehelm tosses them right back!*
*Stonehelm starts firing rotten pumpkins at Ringfacwen*
Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie
*Ringfacwen didn't know that they were homing pumpkins*


End of Ringfacwen.

Let us play some taps...
*Sheryl catches Stony unties him and puts him back on safe ground, knocks Ringy out, ties her up and throws her in water.* Sad Smilie
*Sheryl throws death kisses at all the enemies!* MWAHAHAHAHA
*Sheryl escapes and gets back into heaven, fixes her bum and it now says, "Property of Stony`s angels!"*

*Sheryl then pays a visit to Satan, makes a deal with him, Satan eats Asteroth and Ringy, she has now turned Satan into an angelic person!* Big Smile Smilie Angel Smilie
Aul’ tosses Ring in the air so that she can do her super-duper-explosivo-magneto-emp-nuclear-heat-attack at Sheryl, Stony, Grondy and Peredhil!

When she comes down again Aul’ catches her with grace and she came down very slow because I asked Manw’ to make an upwards windBig Smile Smilie

Great teamwork Ring!!
*Sheryl dodges everything people know do to her and no longer gets wet hurt or anything! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie *

Do you know why, bc I`m in love! In Love Smilie
*Norman the Balrog grabs Aule and Ringfacwen, puts them in a cannon and blasts them away.*

P.S. That was a good trick, eh Ringfacwen!! Wink Smilie
*Sheryl shoots luv arrows at Aule and Ringy, they hit and Aule and Ringy fall in luv! awwww... There`s nothing anyone can do until the arrow wears out I`m afraid.* Big Laugh Smilie
Let's put them in prison quick!!!
Seeing as Aul’s spouse is already Yavanna the arrow has no effect on the mighty Vala! So he takes it out, slaps Ring a tad (not hard at all) so that she snaps out of it trying to kiss me....then I take the arrow and use my good friend Legolas and shoot the arrow straight for Stony’s and Sheryl’s butts.....
Ross the master of PM water bombing returns after a long weekend. He grabs team Stony and has them pinned down whilst Sprout wee's on them and Humbug drags his smelly bum across their faces!
Aule, you must have been mistaken! Legolas is my well what should I say, friend will do. You must have got him mixed up with Legolamb, the clumbsy, hippy, wuss! Therefore, he is so clumbsy: HE MISSED!

Ross, no one can match the strength of Nefritiri, reincarnated from Ancient Egypt! ME! Big Laugh Smilie *The great Nefritiri bursts out of the rope, frees her team mates, captures the defenceless Ross and wees over him. Big Smile Smilie
Ypu can't of because I wasn't using Rope, I was using Titanium laced Steel cable. Which would snap your whithered bones and skin Mummy Girl! Wink Smilie
No I am sorry Sheryl...did I say Legolas?? I meant Beleg!
The greatest elven archer ever to walk Arda!

And believe me he did NOT missTongue Smilie

I am so happy for you are inlove with Stony! Which neutralizes the threat of a Stonehelmed guy and a Sherylized girlTongue Smilie
Ummm...Aule?? You hit Norman not me...I think he is in love with you!!!

AHHHHHHH!!!!! Here he comes!!!! Run Aule!!!!
Ross Itercepts Norman and takes him for a curry. Where Norman passes out due to copious ammounts of beer and the lack of an asbestios gob when Ross orders two Phall's! Wink Smilie
After a loooong leave, Tommie's back on scene. She makes up for her absence by bombing Ross and co. with jelly-filled waterballoons that stick to your hair and skin. :evilgrin: Mwuhahahaha! Smile Smilie
ROSS! Mummy girl? Mad Smilie Wink Smilie

*Sheryl throws gelly fish at Ross and company, do know that the only way to get rid of the sting is to get someone to wee on it right?* Big Laugh Smilie
*The drunken Norman grabs Ross and starts to dance with him*
GOOD ONE STONY! lol Big Laugh Smilie
HAHAHA!! I thought so! Big Laugh Smilie
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