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"I have been regainin my sanity and now Im completey sane again isn't that right Mr Chub Chub"
Dar then yanks out his toffee apple makin bazooka gun and splats everyone...."And dont even think ta eat yer way out of it I have put seeds in it
But I like the seeds!
Good for you Ross!

Darous, shoot at Ross, he likes it.
"Ye like seeds laddie well noochie noochie enjoy them" Dar fires toffee apple sauce all around him covering well everyone and then called in some kid orcs or were trick or treatin'.
"there ya go kiddies just as I promised tuck in and dont leave anything
That tickles!
and then called in some kid orcs or were trick or treatin'.
"there ya go kiddies just as I promised tuck in and dont leave anything

Don't leave out the trolls!

*Stoney lets loose a pack of stone troll on Ross.*
*virumor, curious as ever, walks in, notices a lot of crazy fighting ppl, and leaves again as he loathes violence not directed towards any of the LOTR movie cast or directors*
*Stoney fires a rotting pumpkin at virumor as he leaves* Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
*Stoney, ever alert, catches the pumpkin and throws it at Ringy!!!*
Ross belt's the pumpkin back at stony only to watch it slip down stony's throat due to his manic laughter!
*Stoney's new helm protects Stoney's head from Ross' attack.*

*Aul’ sends Bruce the Shark from the Pixar movie "Finding Nemo" upon Stoney and watches as he tears him apart whilst laughing hysterically! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

Tongue Smilie
Dar runs behind everyone and gives em a melvin.
Arco the 3' 6'' hobbit wanders onto the battlefield and wonders what is going on. And he has a Ring on a chain around his neck. :-P
"I have decided I shall fight against you all" and like some kind of magic posibly magic from a well we just dont know it might be from a sugar cube....Darous the mighty brill chap made a fortress...."hahahah ye buggers come get some.....and bring some sugar I have ran out.
*Stoney takes a cork and stuffs it in Darous's mouth. Then he drops him down Mt. Doom.*
Arco is bored of being a hobbit, so luckily he's an Ainu. Arco sheds his hobbit form and takes on the shape of Morgoth Bauglir, complete with Grond, the Hammer of the Underworld. Who wants to oppose me? Big Smile Smilie Very Evil Smilie
Grondy points the nozzle at the pasteboard cutout of the hammer weilding shape of Morgoth Bauglir and turns on the firehose, washing the silly thing into the bay, where the seagulls use it for a landing strip and temporary rest stop. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Sorry about the mess Arco, if you want it washed off, come on by and I'll hose 'er down for you. Elf Winking Smilie
*Stoney lets loose a pack of orcs on Grondy. They capture him and carry him off to their cave.*
*Aul’ sets loose a bunch of khaz’d. They capture Stonehelm and uses him as firewood Orc Smiling Smilie *
*But Norman the Mighty comes and eats the khazad. Them he stuffs a goblin barker up Aule's nose.*
Aiee! My cutout is gone! Luckily I have another cardboard! Arco tapes a life-size cutout of the fat hobbit in FotR who ate a cupcake. Now, he charges at everyone throwing bags of flour. *Poof*! Random members are covered in white. And cutout-man rolls to victory on his barrel of fatty foods and pastry byproducts. Big Smile Smilie
And cutout-man rolls to victory on his barrel of fatty foods and pastry byproducts.

...and goes off the edge and falls into Mt. Doom.*
Aul’ summons Manw’ and makes him blow Stoney away! Muahahhaha

P.S. I know this post was lame compared to previous posts...but sometimes I run dry of ideas Wiggle Smilie
Suddenly there is a puff of sinisterly familier flamingo pink smoke (with sparkly bits!) and Halo_Black enters the fray. Pausing only to observe the carnage before her and to utter a curse (which results in an oliphant falling from the sky and crushing several people), she pulls a strange black sword out from under her cape and takes two strides forwards. "Mind if I play?" she grins. menicingly as the runes on her sword start to glow red, as if lit by some inner fire.
Suddenly the lights go out. "Poo! Its out of batterys again." Halo squeals in anguish, nearby glass shatters and sevrel people turn into weasles. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
"Oh goody summer is a good time for water balloon fights," says Grondy as he whulumps a tub of them towards Ms Halo. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I fling cockroaches in the eye of every traitor who've left this place untended too!

"Laure putters through the thread as a pink penguin. 'Rrrrrrrrawk' *flap*"
heheheh. bet you didn't see that one coming... Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Just browsing through some old threads...this one looked like fun...
It was, if you didn't mind getting blind-sided by a water balloon and if the members didn't get so rambunctious that the moderators had to knock heads together. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ladyoflegolas breezes on in and then stands around uncertainly...not sure what to do...
*Thorin appears, flings water ballons on everyone present and disappears double quick in the opposite direction*
Ladyoflegolas promptly hands out towels.
****Thorin appears again throws some feathers on the wet guys and disappears agin*** *

Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Angel Smilie
Ladyoflegolas quickly pins a 'kick me' sign to Thorin's back. Angel Smilie
Grondy awaits, chocolate cream pie in hand, for Thorin's return.
Throin reapperas but hides behind lady legolas and grins at grondy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ladyoflegolas takes the pie that Grondy hands her and plows Thorin directly in the face with it. Then, she leaves.
Grondy, with three spoons hands one to Thorin, "Enjoy," he says as he goes to work on the mess; "too bad LadyofLegolas took off, this is rather yummy pie."
Ladyoflegolas hurries back in to enjoy the pie!!!! Smile Smilie
"wow that taste really ghood and considering i haven't taken a bath for 6 month i hope you enjoy the pie"
After hurling, Grondy gave Thorin a shower with a fire-hose.
Noooooooooo, my pie!!! I was so enjoying it!!!

Thorin throws a bucket of water at grondy.
Grondy caught the bucket, but got drenched by the wave that flew out of it. The he shook himself Wiggle Smilie like a dog and rained on his fellow combatants.
Thorin open his bags and takes out a couple of custard pies.

"Who's hungry?"
From the distance a small dot came spinning around and around towards the smell of pie, until it gotten bigger as the sun grew smaller, he was wearing a punch bowl on his head and was drenched in pink liquid.........It was Loss!!! "I'm up for pie", as he lifting the punch bowl slightly to see who was around....... then pulled out a garden spade from his pocket...
LadyofLegolas revives from her swoon that happened after Thorin mentioned he hadn't bathed...she then decides to go and make fresh piping hot orange cinnamon rolls.

"I'll be back in a bit," she says, "but only clean people will be getting them..."
"Okay loss take yours," thorin cried, throwing the pie at loss face.

"Bon appetit," he added as the pie hit him on his face.

"Now's my turn," he continued smashing his on his face. "Anyone else wants some?"
Me, me, me, I'd like some pie please!
"Here grondy," Thorin cried sending a pie in full flight at grondy.

"Now who's gonna give us some drinks? I feel thirsty"
Ladyoflegolas comes back in armed with a hose...
"Have a drink!!!!!!!"

Once Thorin and Grondy and company are TOTALLY soaked...she brings out a platter of freshly baked orange cinnamon rolls.

"Now...who wants one?"
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