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I eat it if i can have some toad sauce to go with.
Don't have any toad sauce, would toe jam do for you?
yes, if it has the old socks smell it will be perfect.
Yes, it reminds me a bit of a certain Belgian/German cheese.
And what's the name of that cheese?
Limburger: A cheese by any other name would smell as sweat.
then I guess we can have it for breakfast. What's the color? Green or yellow?
I think it was white with yellow rind; however I had my eyes closed so I wouldn't have to smell it, so I'm not really sure. Elk Grinning Smilie
Cool!! When are we eating some? That will go right with french snails. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Those are S-cargo not snails; they carry their parcels inside those little houses on their backs, just like UPS does in their brown trucks and airships.
"well since i'm feeling very happy today you'll get the escargot with its oil," thorin cried sending showers of snail and snail oil in the air.
Grondy opened his boombershoot and spun it around so that the snails and oil flew off to the side.
seeing the snails falling off on one side thorin decided tohave a bath and so jumped in the puddled and mimicked a duck in water.

"come on grondy, its fun."
Ladyoflegolas turns green.
Thorin throws some on ladyoflegolas and invites her in the puddle
Grondy gets a leaf blower and a giant bag of broad-leaf maple leaves which he empties and blows at the puddle paddlers.
Thorin looks at grondy and tells him to find dried yellow leaves because he prefers such leaves.
Ladyoflegolas runs hastily for the showers.
Which showers, Grondy has re-plumbed with hot chocolate controlled by all the the left knobs and ice cold lemonade by all the right knobs.
Hearing about that Thorin rushes in to the shower to try that abd turns on the tap and look as what will be falling out which is...
A half lemon frozen-half chocolate scalded LadyofLegolas comes running from the showers lookings for WATER!!!
Grondy, not wanting to disappoint a lady, hit her with a washtub full of clean lukewarm freshwater and handed her a towel.
While Thorin slips quietly behind grondy and pours some warm milk on his head to help the growth of his hair and beard.
Thanks Thorin, I needed that. At least it was fresh milk rather than the month old fluid in that jug over there on that shelf. I don't even want to think about removing its lid.
I wonder wat it is. its the first time i see it? Do you think its a recipe of ladyoflegolas or some elf special dish?
Thanks Thorin, I needed that

So has the beard and hair grown back again Grondy?
Sian interrupts to ask if there is any more hot chocolate! Mmm..m!
Of course Sian, you'll find in in the tub there, in the bathroom. You can have as much as you like. But do not forget to remove the leaves from it!
"No Thorin, the hair never fell out; though it now glows in the dark," closing his eyes and tossing a Mariana Sauce filled balloon towards Thorin's chest.
Cool, Thorin cried as the sauce hit him on the chess. Do you think it can be used for body building?
'Not without the addition of these yellow mustard and orange marmalade filled balloons,' which Grondy tossed towards Thorin, 'Oh, and of course body building requires iron, so here's some of that,' and he lofted a large anvil towards Thorin.
Good Thorin cried catching the anvil but i was just asking and didn't really mean to do body building. Anyway can you help me open that drain pipe? My toothbrush fell in it and I really need it for tomorrow morning!
Ar-edain charges into he room wearing long-johns and begins to poor vats of scalding honey mustard on everyone who is not wearing the color turquoise. He then begins to shreak," Everyonewhowishestoavoidthefateofthechickentendermuststandononelegandplayasilvertromboneat
once!" The upper half of his body became invisible halfway through. What is now scampering about the room is a pair of long-johnned legs with a large cauldron suspended a few feet higher in the air above.
Thorin who certainly didn't want to stand on one leg went to fetch a hose and full sprayed Ar-Edain away and washed all his honey away and sent a deluge of water after Ar-Edain.
Grondy brought out a pile of pink polka-dots, which he proceeded to stick on everybody as the klezmer band was playing a umpah-umpah-polka.
Dancing to the umpah-umpah-polka, Thorin decided he had enough of Grondy's old boots and stole them and set them afire around which he danced singing Two little boots burning bright and blue
Grondy tapped his toes to the music, while he fanned his feet with exuberance, which wafted aromatic aromas Thorin's way.
At first Thorin thought that it was Sian's pies which were causing such a horrible smell but after nearly fainting he realised it was Grondy's feet! Thinking for the safety of everyone, he picked Grondy and threw him in a pond filled with disinfectant to clean his feet.

Ohh, and here's your rubber duck grondy. You can play with it while you bath. And do not forget that you should stay where you are for a month.

With that Thorin resumed dancing to the umpa-lumpa folk tune.
Grondy searched through his backpack and deciding to make a day of it; pulled out a loofa, a bathbrush, a hairbrush, and a toothbrush; and got to work.
Well at least people will thank me for finally being successful in making Grondy take a bath! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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