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ty 4 warning ppl F, that was last night and guess wot? I feel just the same 2night! Mad Smilie

I may be only 11, but u don`t know how mad I can get and wot lengths I get to!

*Sheryl lashes out! Just call me 'She-Hulk'! Sheryl makes her way over to Darous and picks him up like he`s a little toy and throws him around, Sheryl then ties him up and says, "U ticklish?" Then she tickles him till he needs to go to the toilet but he can`t go on a toilet coz he`s strapped up and he wets himself as I tickle more and more! *

~Incredible She-Hulk!~
I see yah fell for my trap did ye...and as Dar is supposedly bein' tickled he steps out from behind a boulder and ......."By the crimson light of Vishanti let the viel fall"
And suddenly the Darous which is bein' tickled changes and in its place is Stoney.
Hahahahahaha you may think you have me mighty She yer too small ta be the She Hulk and ya have ta be green, not pink.
Then he goes and climbs the this brings back memorys all I need now are some petrol bombs and stands a top the highest tower and fire forth a bevy hellstones.
Da*n there hot
Fine Dar! 2 can play at that game!

I correct my name! It is: mini-pink-she-hulk!

oh! BTW big meany boy! (Wot a rubbish cus! Big Laugh Smilie ) I`M NOT SHORT! I`m tall for my age! ok? get that into ur big head! Wink Smilie

*Sheryl dunks Dar and says, this one is definately u and there`s no deneying it! Then she gives him a makeover, now u look pretty! Wink Smilie * ROFL!
*Stoney adds his own fair touch to the makeover... a nice thick chain that goes around and around and around...*
*Stoney rips chain up, grabs Ringy and tosses her into Mt. Doom*
*Sheryl stuffs water balloons up Ringy`s nose jut b4 she falls and they explode up her nose as she falls into Mount Doom.* Smile Smilie
Not water balloons Sheryl...thermo-nuclear water bombs!!
lol, Stony. Got a better idea!

*Sheryl stuffs both types of water balloons up Ringy`s nose. Big Smile Smilie *

My job here is done, until next time...
Ross carefully removes the ballon's from Ringy's nose, drops them down Sheryl's pants and gives her an atomic wedgie (pune intended)
Not water balloons Sheryl...thermo-nuclear water bombs!!
*Sheryl takes her small wet bum and sits on Ross` head! Then she gives him a wedgie and puts atomic water bombs down hs pants and up his nose! Btw Ross, I don`t wear pants! I`m not a boy!*
*Stoney sneaks up behind Ross and dumps a can of Mordor Death Fleas down his pants.*
*Sheryl slips some lacsitive into Ross` drink, Ross drins it and I think we all now wot`s gonna happen, I don`t really want to say. Then Sheryl adds sum pepper and ants to the can of Mordor Death Fleas down Ross` pants.* MWAHAHAHAHA
It's ok because I wear a flea collar and wear rubber incontinance pants. Ross then whistles for Norman. "Fetch thenm both to the dungeons." Mwuuuuaaaahahahahahahahah. It's good being evil.
Once in the dungeon Ross treats them both to some water torture!
U always have an excuse, but little did u realise that we had taken off ur flea collar and ur pants! And little did u realise that I drink anything, so I just kept drinking the water and btw, Norman`s Stony`s pet and he only listens to Stony! Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl pins Ross on the floor and sticks the hose he was squerting us with up his nose, I hate getting water up my nose!* MWAHAHAHAHA
Ah but Ross' flea collar isn't around his neck, plus Norman is in love with me so only obeys me.
Ross preforms the worst act of water torture and the way to win sibbling fights. He grabs Sheryl and Stonys face's and licks them both! Tongue Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
umm, Ros, u don`t want to be doing that, I don`t exactly have the nicest skin in the world, I`ve got acne...

I can`t believe it, I`ve just confessed and came right out with it! I don`t usually do that, bc alot of ppl then think of me as a different person... Sad Smilie

*Sheryl jumps in the shower and scrubs her face, trying to get Ross` tongue germs off of me, then I wash Stony down, then Ross coz he looks as if he needs a good clean. Wink Smilie *
Well i don't now! Tongue Smilie
lol, I know!That was the whole point! Big Smile Smilie
Lick me will you Balrog Breath??

*Stoney stuffs goat cheese down Ross's ears.*

That's good, it'll go with the bread that's stuffed down there.
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Want some butter with that? lol

*Stoney pours grape jam down Ross's ears to top it all off!*

[Edited on 20/8/2003 by Stonehelm]
*Sheryl places Ross in the toaster and prepares him for Stony and co. to eat him!* Wink Smilie j/k We should be cannibal and co. Big Laugh Smilie

[Edited on 20/8/2003 by Sheryl]
I like jam, could you find me some blackcurrent jam please?
*Sheryl pours Blackcurrent jam down Ross` ear to plz him...*
Dar wakes up from a heavy session...."how long have I been a sleep...."he sees figures running about and just shoots everyone from a vantage point and lots of nasty things happen eyes poppin' heads exploding and even ingrowin' toenails.
*Darous's head is so fogged with sleep that he didn't realize that he was staring into Stoney's Magic Mirror. All the things that Darous shot bounced back and hit him.*
Dar crouches and headbutts the mirrior shattering it..."so much for ya magic mirrior bub" dar then suits up into his max pounder and runs to a near by hill and anchors himself and lets rip with a bevvy of mortars
*Sheryl lays low for a while, won`t be back in here for a couple of days so don`t touch me, I need time to think!* Smile Smilie
Ross grabs Stony and puts him into one of Dar's seige mortars and fires him into the atlantic.

*Darous dives headfirst into the mirrior and it tranports him 200 feet down into Mt. Doom*

Oh Ross? There in no Atlantic in Middle-Earth!!
Thats because you're no longer in Middle-Earth.
*Sheryl grabs Ross` head and shoves it down a toilet, then she rescues Stony and becomes:'SOUPERKID!'*

*Souper kid shoots all her enemies with vegtable soup! Eat ur way out of that one!* Wink Smilie
*Stoney shoves Darous down the toilet also and flushes it*
*Stonehelm dunks Ringy in glue and then pours sand over her!*
*Sheryl adds salt and pepper, I guess u r Ringy! Big Smile Smilie *
How when you are paved in concrete?
Friend Ringy was drunk again when she "went-a-paving" It is Ross and Darous that are really stuck in cement.
That`s how Saucemonkey! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Thats quite an accomplishment, confusing a English 11 year old female and a American bloke, for a usually drunk Irishman and a almost always drunk English bloke!
wot r u goin on bout now saucemonkey? Wink Smilie
Well, stranger things have happened Rossy old boy!
Aul’ is back with his 5 000 000 Crouching Badgers Hidden Uruks and he will distribute them to all of his allies to conquer the world and put it under a third and final darkness which will last for a thousand years!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Bad King Smilie Very Evil Smilie
*While Aule is day dreaming (AGAIN!) Sheryl stuffs a hose pipe up his nose! That should wake him up! Very Big Grin Smilie *
Ross removes the hose from Aule's nose and shoves it in Sheryl's mouth, whilst Aule turns the tap on! Wink Smilie
Aul’ thanks Ross for the removal of that infernal nostral squirtTongue Smilie and then he turns the tap on max.....the pressure is intense and blows Sheryl all the way to Lothl’rien where she will be tormented with elvish culture Big Laugh Smilie

Aul’ then summons his army of crossbred badgers and launches an assault on Peredhil, his true nemesis, and pops some popcorn*with a touch of tabascoWink Smilie* and offers his mates some, to have during this ludicrous show where we shall see(and very much hear) the slashing of bone and sinew! Muahahahhahaa Very Evil Smilie

(Actually I can’t describe how evil I get when I am here at this thread....I can only say that there has not been any Dark Lord before me who could compare him/herself in evil and cruelty! therefore I have this little emoticon to describe the true evil of Aul’ Mahal ---> Very Evil Smilie Muahahhahaha)
*Sheryl removes the hose from her throat and begins to speak..."Hey, I like Elves and Elves like me! Oh and btw Aule, no 1 benifits from running away with themselves. Wink Smilie "*

(I didn`t know Peredhil was in the water fight...*very confused*)

*Sheryl rams the hose pipe up Ross` bum and throws Aule down Mount Doom.*MWAHAHAHAHAHA
Sorry to burst your bubble there Sheryl but I cannot be cast down into Mount Doom like a little trinket....for I am [AU]le Mah[AL] and as you can see...I am of both Gold and AluminumTongue Smilie
And btw you are not near me since I do not dwell near those dirty sindar elvesTongue Smilie the only elves I can stand is the noldor which are more like my children then anyone else so Tongue Smilie
(I didn`t know Peredhil was in the water fight...*very confused*)

Argh a major blunder from my side Sheryl....and if Peredhil sees this I hope he can forgive me for mentioning him instead of my true ultimate nemesis....the man with the stoney helm....the one and fortunately only: Stonehelm

Our battle has just been delayed....Muahahahahahha Very Evil Smilie
Aule old boy!! Good to have you back with us!!!

*Stoney pours his famous Orc Hide Glue over Aule and and dumps troll hairs over him*
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