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Thread: grumble mumble gergle Hi

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*Sheryl throws Aule in with the orcs! *
Thank you is great to be backWink Smilie

*Aul’ cries: "Oh no! Orcs! I am sooooo frightened..... NOT!! Come here little orcscum and I’ll ring your filthy little necks! Muahahahha!" and as soon as the orcs runs towards the holy body of the Vala Aul’ they get attacked by an entire legion of his special bred badgers! Muahahahaha He then does as he promised....and rings every orcs neck Very Evil Smilie *

ty 4 doin that 4 me Aule, I didn`t want 2 break any nails myself, now u know y I threw u in there... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

*Sheryl hoses Ross down, u look like u could do wit a bit of cooling down Ross...*
Aul’ sends forth another legion of badgers to terminate Stonehelm.......but Aul’ had underestimated the battlefury of Stonehelm and although he was severaly damaged he had killed an entire legion of the badgers.....this makes Aul’ furious and grabs a couple of waterballoons and starts catapulting them at Stonehelm and Sheryl!
*Sheryl hands Stony and herself an umbrella. They both block the bolloons and make their way over to Aule and throw water balloons in his face. Big Smile Smilie *
*Stonehelm arms his cannon and begins to fire on Aule and all his Badgers*

I'll have to make myself a nice Badger cloak!! Big Smile Smilie
*Sheryl throws a party as she has just found out Stony has become a steward! Congratulations hun!*
Steward or no steward....he is gonna die by my hand....Muahahahahhahahaha!!! Very Evil Smilie
Thanks Sheryl!!

Steward or no steward....he is gonna die by my hand....Muahahahahhahahaha!!!

Oh right, uh-huh, suuuuuuuuuurrrrreeeeee!! I'm ah shakin in me boots!
Hmm.....shaking in your boots you say? better empty them and check for rattlesnakes StoneyWink Smilie I wouldn’t want you to be pushing up the daisy's just because of a little snakeTongue Smilie
your welcome Stony.

*Sheryl throws a water bomb in Aule`s mouth and it explodes and blows him back to his home planet: Uranus! Big Laugh Smilie *
Snakes? I put them all in you underwear drawer. Big Laugh Smilie
Wait for it, wait for it! Stay on target!
*Sheryl creeps up behind Ross and knocks him out by hitting him on the head with a frying pan and yes Ross, it was definately u! Big Laugh Smilie *
Sheryl, you forgot to clean out the leftover eggs from that pan. Ross has breakfast all over him!! Big Laugh Smilie
ignore's blow and eats eggs Stay on target!

*Sheryl goes and wraps herself in her blanket so it keeps her warm, she shoots water bombs from her water canon at Ross, One in the face! YES!!!* Sweet. Big Smile Smilie
Aul’ throws himself in front of Ross and takes the H2Obomb....."Ross! I have one dying wish!.................................Destroy Stonehelms empire! ......... gurgle gurgle gurgle "
Dead Smilie
*Sheryl goes over to Aule, "NOOOOOOOO!"*

*Sheryl bombs Ross and Ringy on the way and says, "1 down, 2 2 go!" Big Smile Smilie *
Fire! *Ross fires the water Photon torpedo's destroying Stony, Sheryl and Tommie's house.
bye bye Ringy, I`ll miss u!

*Throws a water bomb at Ringy for luck! Big Smile Smilie Bye! Throws water bombs at Ross! DIE ROSS DIE!...not literally by the way..."* Big Smile Smilie
Hace a good time Ringy!!

*Stoney walks over and grabs Aule "No dying yet for you my friend! Stop playind the dead hero!" Stoney then stuffs badgers up Aule's nose.*

*Stoney shoves Ross down the rubbish chute*

*Sheryl adds some glue to the badgers so they stay up there... Big Smile Smilie *
Have fun Nat, pull some hunk floridan bloke, treat him like rubbish all the time you're there and then come back to us all and well destroy these wimps! Wink Smilie
Don`t treat him like dirt! That`s not a gd thing to do.

ROSS! Don`t encourage her! Would u do that 2 a girl u met?
Don`t treat him like dirt! That`s not a gd thing to do.

ROSS! Don`t encourage her! Would u do that 2 a girl u met?
Well, he is on the evil team after all; he has to keep in training. Good and Evil Smilie
Aul’ comes to and smells the badgers in his nostrils....."What are you little fellas doing? I thought I told you to charge them! NOW!!!"

Then Aul’ unleashes the entire army of 4 000 000 Crouching Badgers Hidden Uruks on Stonehelm!

They spit and drool on him and their saliva’s viskosity is extremely thick so it takes a while to get it offTongue Smilie
And Very Evil Smilie don’t Very Evil Smilie you Very Evil Smilie worry Ring....we will keep thriving for Very Evil Smilie complete Very Evil Smilie
and Very Evil Smilie utter Very Evil Smilie domination! Darkness Very Evil Smilie will fall! Muahahahahahahhaa Very Evil Smilie
Very Evil SmilieVery Evil SmilieVery Evil Smilie
*Sheryl lights up the sky a bit more...*
*Stoney skins the badgers and uruks and makes Sheryl a nice cape to wear.*

*Stoney drops Shelob down Aule's pants*
ty Stony, but I can`t take it, I don`t like animal skin...
ty Stony, but I can`t take it, I don`t like animal skin...
What not even chicken skin or pork crackleing?

Don`t treat him like dirt! That`s not a gd thing to do.

ROSS! Don`t encourage her! Would u do that 2 a girl u met?

Well, he is on the evil team after all; he has to keep in training.
Well most of my ex girlfreinds would say so. Fella had hairy arms, hence the nick name Fella! So wrong, hairy women. Hurrggggghhhhh!!!
*Aul’ throws Ungoliant after Shelob so that she can assisst her descendant!*Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Ross pulls out his Vulcan water cannon and mows down the drenched Stony and Sheryl.

Ross, pulling some floridian bloke - as you put it - was totally on my itinerary!!! lol. Or I was at least going to try to!! own personal love slave for a week!!! Well, that`ll just have to wait for a bit! And by the`s Tasha. Nat sounds too much like those annoying little bugs - gnats, I think that`s how they`re spelt.
Ok Midge Tongue Smilie. Tasha it is then. See Sheryl, Ringy is what you call a sensible person. She realises us men are nothing more than toys and slaves! Wink Smilie
*Stoney sneaks up and drops The Watcher In The Water down the back of Ringy's shirt.*

Speaking of pork crackleings...*Stoney hops onto the back of Smaug and roasts Ross*
Squeeeallll, weeeeeee!!! Big Laugh Smilie
Roasty toasty Rossy!! Big Laugh Smilie
*Sheryl grabs Ringy`s beach boy and runs off with him!* Big Laugh Smilie Thanx 4 distracting her Stony! Very Big Grin Smilie
Ross makes Wolf sounds and eats ElberethGilthoniel. Tongue Smilie
Ok, Mellie is back. I have not read the back posts yet, so I have no idea what is going on. Are there still teams? Who is on whose team? Just wanted to say hi, and I enjoyed playing in the water fight in the beginning of this thread.

Mellie gets a water hose, hooks it up to a faucet and runs it over to a fountain that just sprays the entire room, making beautiful rainbows and get everyone refreshingly wet, not drenched.. oooohhhh look at the pretty colors of the rainbows.

Rainbows? How does one destroy Ross's team with rainbows? Big Smile Smilie

*Stoney calls on Ulmo who washes all of the evil team members away.* Waving Hello Smilie

*Sheryl is ill today so she just sits and sprays some water ova her enemies...* hehehe
Ross takes advantage and flushes Sheryl down the Toilet and subjects Stony to water torture. Ross ties a knot in Mellie's hose, Mwauuhhahahahahahahahaha
*Stoney stuffs Ross down the toilet and flushes it. Then he pours cement down it to keep Ross from coming back up!*
Round the U-bend throught the septic tank and freedom no to the dark tower to plot!
So, all toilet pipes lead to your tower?
Aul’ grabs Stoneys foot and throws him into the Belegaer and he sadly cannot swim Very Evil Smilie
Swim? Who needs to swim?

*Stoney pulls Aule in after him and stands on his back. Surfin' down the Belegaer!* Cool Smilie
Aul’ leaves his body as is the power of the Valar, and goes to seek out Ulmo in Ekkaia.....there Ulmo grabs Stoney and pulls him down to the bottom of the ocean....and don’t even try to get loose Stoney because I got Oss’ and Uinen on my side tooTongue Smilie
*Aule wakes from his dreaming..."What?" he says. Aule finds that he is in a catapult. Aule looks behind him and sees Stoney on the ground. Stoney has his axe in hand...he cuts the release cord...""Bye Aule!!"*
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