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Leelee, you've my sympathies, it is never easy when one of your life's closest persons passes away. And I also liked of your poem, it had the same good feeling to it, like all of your poems, and it'll definitely honour the memory of your sister.

And I think that you would like of this song that I'm listening at the moment. It is very calming and relaxing song. Vintersorg's 'The Enigmatic Spirit'. I hope that it will ease your mind and thoughts.

Be well, and keep writing! Wink Smilie

- Oerath.

PS. Happy New Year.


I am so sorry to hear of you sister's passing. It is a sorrow that I cannot imagine and my heart goes out to you and your family. Your poem is beautiful and does her a great honour.

Take care. I hope that 2011 brings you peace and healing.


How very kind of each of you. I did not expect such empathy, but that is just the high calibre of understanding and kindness routinely displayed on this site. My little sister is actually the third sibling to die in a very small time. I am not as yet used to any of their passings, and in the small hours when I awake suddenly and for a scintilla of time think they are still here, it is lovely. And then the pain comes. Yet, like our beloved Tolkien, I simply reach out my hand to God and be still. And you know, suffering really does give you the opportunity to understand the griefs and trials of others , here in Middle-Earth or in that other place we must live in most of the time. And understanding in turn allows us to shun self centredness and reach out to others. And that is a privilege one should never pass by.

I wish each of you a New Year full of promise, hope, realization of your deepest good dreams and plans, and to always know that you are welcome here at Planet-Tolkien. I think of JRR and feel sure he is proud of all of you, appreciative of your deep interest in his life, his work, his beloved family.

Happy New Years beloved friends.

Good evening to all of you. I'm sorry that I've been so absent after new year. It was such a blast, and took me nearly two days of recovering ('cause I was so damn drunk), but well, now I'm striving to keep a non alcoholic January, it is not so hard after all. Smile Smilie

And well, today I ordered my first own amplifier together with a microphone of Shure, so, I can finally start my practising, and that way I can also record my first own demo before summer arrives.

I'm also going to write something in near days. So, stay healthy and be well.

- Oerath.

PS. check out the facebook group called 'Bloody Mary's Dream', I'm a vocalist of that band. Smile Smilie

Cool. A new amp, I remember when we got our last one, total excitement. We now have a drum kit, four guitars, keyboards,harp, small though, two amps and assorted strange rain forest music makers.  We do have our own recording studio, but small though powerful. So the only trouble we have is making time to turn poems into music. Perhaps more time will come. I want to do an album in tribute to those we have lost on the journey this year. Because they are so worth it and like the elves of middle-earth I find great solace in beautiful words to beautiful music to remember events and the trials and joys of life.

A Certain White Star


I do not wander

like my elven brethren do.

My gaze is just fixed

upon a certain white star,

plain and rather small-

nothing to look at.

Young was I and wild ,

she who took no interest

in anything much

except that which lifted her

to glory status.

among all the other elves

this elf was legend.

wild, daring, conquering all

the Enemy sent,

Glorious and Beautiful.

I was defeated.

Sauron's laughter hideous,

unbearable 'til

I saw through the bars the star

and felt a strange peace.

"Erendil guide me back home

by this star's pure light-

A remnant from Ages past.

It became my  guide .

Without a word it did speak

and stilled my tired mind.

Calm was I so that Sauron

forgot I was there.

By miracle this elf girl

found herself now free.

 Gone home to friends, companions

I had once ignored

in  my  selfish quest.

Now this elf girl walks

with clear eyes fixed up

 upon a certain  white star-

and it is enough.


aw, cut it out Odette! Smile Smilie. At any rate I had to do something. My ducklings, or was it chickies, well , whatever, seem to be on vacation and not writing a great deal these days. So, come on , spare this person who does not know a thing about poetry and let's put pen to paper and wow this middle-earth , 'kay?

You have every right to spank me Leels but the thing is I'm not getting any time to write.As soon as I'm able I will post it here on your stellar threadSmile Smilie

I really liked of that poem, and well, you've told me earlier that your family is quite musical, and the amount of instruments is impressive, and even a small studio. I do not have that much money to spend on gear, but one day I definitely will. Now I just have to rely on my father's good friend's (my godfather's help), he has some studio gear and equipments, and he knows a lot about production. So, when I'll find the last two band member's to aid me in my quest, I'll begin to practise the four planned songs, that I'll record before summer. And with my good amount of vocals, I am planning to record one faster track, a mid-tempo track, one epic track and a ballad. Vocals will go from my well known harsh/guttural vocals & scandinavian style screeching/screams to high pitched screams and clean power metal singing. Smile Smilie (though I will keep the status of my most blackened vocals as low as possible.)

Also, I wrote this a few days ago, and now I completed it, and I'm quite satisfied with this lyric. It's still fantasy fueled, but something more than just that.

I hope you'll all enjoy of it, I also did put some of my emotions and joy into that lyric, so it's maybe something you've been waiting for from me.


The Broken, The Poor and The Blind

I went outside, and then I saw the moon, it shone so brightly
and as it smiled to me, it gave a part of it's own radiating light
to the glimmering stars that were shining high above.

And at that moment, I remembered the events of my tragic past
and no matter how I tried to forget, I just couldn't..
let those memories to fade away from my mind.
I tried to forget the day, when I abandoned the realm of light.

So I walked to a nearby forest, and sought out the sanctuary of dreams
and then I called out for the spirits of nature, they could help me to find my lost inner peace.

And as I looked up to the sky, far beyond all of those high pine trees
clouds were floating above, wind calmed down, and then arrived that strange mist.

And soon very familiar pictures began to form from those clouds, and it all reminded me of day,

when I decided to run away.

And soon I saw a clear vision inside my mind, and I felt how it took a hold of me, and so it returned me back to that day..


I feared for the one, who lost his heart and his beloved
I feared for the one, who lost his crown and his throne
and even though their fates are so dim, I still have to follow them
'cause in the end, our paths aren't so different.

And they both are my friends, so I just cannot let them to die
and as long as the great silver moon shines, there may still be enough hope.. For the broken, the poor and the blind.

'I caused my own miserable fate, when I decided to be blind, and when I decided to run away. And after that, I became a exiled hermit without any friends, or a place where to stay. And I owe my life to those two, who shared my grief and pain, they understood my feelings, and they taught me how to dream all of the nightmares of life away. And they also taught me to be strong, and to help others if they are in need of aid. And that's how I'll always remember them, and every morning, I speak my prayers to them, 'cause they taught me to smile at the light of every day.'

And so that vision disappeared, and together with all of those clouds, it faded away from sight of my eyes, and I decided to head back to my home.

And even though past is past, we three are still good friends
we're still the broken, the poor and the blind.
And maybe one day, they'll both find what they're looking for
'cause I cannot even remember anymore, what I truly left behind.

Was it just a short moment of joy, or was it a great gift from my ancestors, or perhaps even something much more.. who knows.
But now it's time to lay down on the wet grass of evening.

'I feel remorse for the deeds of my past, and I'm glad that the spirits of nature still want to help me, but I don't know can I be a servant of light anymore..'

But now it's time to look at the stars, I want to see the great silver moon.
I'll always be grateful to it, because it helped me to remember

what is friendship, and what is that small, but delightful joy
when you can smile, as you enter through that same old and grey door..
Of your silent, but happy life..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

Dear Odette, I should not think of spanking anyone! Yikes. . You are WELL  worth waiting for dear.

Oh never leave the realm of light dear Oerath, What poignant thought, what deep thought. And we all create in many ways our own misery, don't you think?

I should like to throw out a palantir to each of you, and please if you don't think you can catch it, by all means move and duck! These are palantir formerly unheard of, no one in recent memory knowing of their existance. Each of you , when you have the time, are encouraged to take heart now that the eye has passed on, to look and see and share what knowledge and thought has been imparted to you . I would be so very interested to learn through you.

I assume that you liked of my writing, Leelee, and by the way, it has been awfully silent here, I've also been a bit busy with this and that, but starting from monday, I can be seen on some other threads too. Smile Smilie

It's a promise.

And well, the light and the darkness, two main paths to choose. The unending battle between good and evil will always go on in my world of fantasy, 'cause so it has always been, and so it should be. In Arcadian, servants of light are students or followers of Xathor the Lightbringer (he's first and oldest of Oerath's apprentices, and his most trusted friend, Xathor also serves The Mother Earth), and as it has been told, together they fight against Mógrah, The Dark One, his right hand, Vordrém the Blackheart, and against their servants. In Arcadian, light is the source of life, purity and peace, and darkness is the source of death, evil and destruction.

Light and Darkness, those two things alone are the key elements of pure fantasy.

Now, something to enlighten this night.


Sing with me, trees, rivers, flowers and birds

and together we shall sing a song to the heart of this world.

Brightly it burns, but it joys to hear our words

it knows that we mean no harm, our song is not a curse.


Oh, a journeyman wanders forward in the woods

he's seeking for something, something that he lost in the days of past.

And as our song reaches his ears, he begins to run towards the sound

soon he'll arrive, and as long as the sun will shine, so long this song will last.


A young dragon flies high up in the sky, it has lost it's way

but soon there'll be no more grief, as we finally manage to save it's day.

Sing louder, my friends, let our voices reach far beyond the end of the sky

if we're able to do so, we can joy once more, when this dragon finally arrives.


And so it heard out cries, and soared down from the skies

and now we're all here, under this sky so white and clear

One heard us from the depths of this world, one heard us from the long forgotten woods

and one heard us from the heights of our sky, and if we now sing together, our voice will be..

as strong and loud as the eagle's cry!


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

I love the thought of the rivers flowers trees and birds singing with you, it is so comforting and rather Tom Bombadilish don't you think? :}

So you are on other threads, I will try to come and visit. I am so new at this taking care of threads thingy that I tend to hover here. I am rather like a homing pigeon.

That poem gave me a  strange feeling, it really touched some part of me deeply. I shall stop at that before I get all teary and mushy. well done dear friend.

I'm glad you liked of it, and yeah, heh, Tom Bombadil is one of the most unique persons you would imagine to cross paths with while walking in a nearby forest, but well, it was a short poem, shorter than most of my writings, but it was very lyrical, I just wrote and figured out good ways to end and continue sentences to form a four-part poem, and oh, I forgot to mention the entitle of that short, but joyful piece of text.

'If we now sing together' - which is mentioned near the end.

Also, the lyric points to a familiar and nearly forgotten/ancient moment in the depths of silent and green woods, where Oerath stands together with many of his friends, and they call out for the very heart of world, they shout to a wanderer, and asks him to sing with them, and then they sing to the heights of sky to ease the thoughts of a dragon, and so that dragon happily flies down, joins them, and together they sing, so their voice would be as mighty as the cry of an eagle.  I hope this doesn't sound too ridiculous, but at times I wonder that how I get all of the ideas for these lyrics/poems and stories, but in the end it doesn't matter. This is how it should be.

Have a nice day!

This thread has become the existence of undying silence.

Time to unleash the wave of inspiration.

Someone has to raise his both hands up high, higher than clouds or the grey sky. Even though it's misty, and the sun is cold, my heart still seeks for adventures, it's more than just bold. Dragons, warriors, magic spells and swords of strong steel. Warlords, kings, wizards and a handful of drunken men who are like savage beasts.

Raise your pint, drop it if you think it's a sin, or drink it with delight or misery, either way, it's an epic victory.

And here's a lyric, I wrote this bit over a year ago, so it's quite fresh.

Enjoy, my friends.

PS. War is one of my themes, certainly, and this is something like a memorial song. Requiem of the Fallen is also name of one of my two music projects. Smile Smilie


Requiem of the Fallen

A time has come to honor the spirits of our ancestors
with blood and glory, they ensured the safety of this world
They sacrificed themselves, so we would live to see the sun once more
and by remembering them and their deeds, they will always grant us a new dawn

Requiem of the fallen ones, song of the brave warriors
who died in the great and ancient wars
Like a river that flows through forests and lands so beautiful, but unknown
they'll always be there to guide us through every night and storm

All of them chose the path they wanted to walk
and deep inside our hearts we know that the same choice lies ahead of us
There's nothing glorious in war, but if we fight for freedom and for a good cause
then there's certainly something worth of fighting for

Requiem of the fallen ones, song of the brave warriors
who died in the great and ancient wars
Like a river that flows through forests and lands so beautiful, but unknown
they'll always be there to guide us through every night and storm

Like a silver leaf, which has fallen from the highest of all trees
it wants to be found, it doesn't want to wither in the cold and rainy ground
Like a little bird, which has fallen silently down from the sky to embrace of earth
there it lies, with it's both wings being broken, but it's not afraid to die

Every being that lives in this world, has it's part in every story of our times
And when we finally stand at the end's door, we'll all be ready to give our lifes..
For freedom, honor and pride

'A silver leaf has no meaning to most of us, but still, it doesn't want to fall down from the sky, and that is the difference between it and that little bird, which boldly chose to die.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

A walk is not a walk for me,

If I can’t pause,

To watch and hear,

What the cold snow,the trees,the sky contrive,

In the waking of our spirit,

Through their white land.



Voices none,

Just hurried whispers,brushes of arms,

I can feel their absolute meditation,

Veiled in white flowers of cold flakes,

The moment of hilarity when your nose itches,

But you can’t scratch,

You have to remain still,

I laugh,alone on a path,surrounded,

Possibly by notorious wayfarers,

Dark guardians of twig and bark.

Ents and Huorns,

From the past,into the now,

By the barren road to Isengard,

I suddenly have a feeling I’m in Middle Earth. 


Ah, dear girl, how absolutely refreshing and lovely. I , with your permission am going to print that out and put it on my wall to remind me to get out there. I love the feeling, indeed , I can feel the air and smell the fresh intoxicating air you are describing. Thank you so very much.


Sam's Lament

I am Samwise,

simple Hobbit from a simple place.

The Shire is my home, my dream,my sustenance,

and here I wanted to stay.

And I didn't, if you take my meaning;

For Elven Lore and Elven ways have always called me.

So far away and mysterious and so high above us Hobbits.

Not our world of toiling in the soil, eating and drinking and marrying

with simple abandon.

Silver and tinkling and wondrous things wrought by the smiths,

all magical and delightful and that is no lie.

I am Sam and I was living and dreaming of Rosie and gardening

quietly and without hurry.

Then Master Frodo was given That Thing, that accursed Ring

and I went with him on his journey.

Oh that the Gaffer could have been in my place one day,

there would be respect given me his son if you take my meaning.

A nightmare we walked through and that is the truth, a nightmare not to be

spoken of even in the glare of the Shire sun.

To our last breath we went on and finally the Stinker brought things to a close.

And oh the glory of it, the downfall of the Enemy, oh the joy.

In time after bowing to king Elessar, old Strider I distrusted,

and having partaken of the magic of a wedding of elf and man,

We came HOME> Shire home , and I was glad.

There was Rosie and the good earth and the beauty of the Shire,

and Master Frodo to talk things over with of an evening before the Fire.

But our peace was broken, for deep in both of us was the call of the Elves.

Frodo left first and I thought I would die, it was that terrible to see him sail into the West.

But there was Rosie and the children, strawberries and cream in season and Pip and Merry and LIFE.

I am Samwise and I am on an Elven ship, I cannot believe it. My heart feels torn, but I know all I have left will go on and live and laugh.

Wait for me Master Frodo. Wait and live and breathe and take me into your embrace when my feet come to that Silver Shore.

Thanks Leels.

I just loved Sam's lament.That dear hobbit has huge respect from me but he cannot always be torn in two.Sad business seeing a best friend leaving forever,alive and well too.Life goes on though.Beautiful write Leels as alwaysSmile Smilie

So you two decided to stumble upon this thread once more, it seems. Smile Smilie

Anyway, good text as usually, and by the way, this is quite off-topic, but my voice is finally fully healed, and I feel that it even sounds slightly better than it did before the surgery, which is a very good thing.

And I'd like to ask that did you two like of the lyric I posted some days ago?

And I'll be here again, when the night falls, so if you're online, come to normal chat or the prancing pony.

- Oerath.

Odette, hugs to you. Honestly you are a one girl cheering band, love it. Smile Smilie

Oerath , first I am so relieved and happy to know your throat and voice are intact and you are alright.

And, honestly, do you have to ask at all if I enjoyed your last entry into the Middle-Earth hall of fame? I pace the woods of Lothlorien often of an evening waiting and then checking to see if you have come to thrill us with a lay, a song, a word, even just a word. The answer is a definite yessssssssssssss.

Heh, well, I suppose I don't have to ask, but I still like to do it at times. Smile Smilie

I've also decided to drop one of my projects, which concerns my own fantasy world, 'cause I feel that it's time isn't yet at hand, and there's a lot of things to do, before I can finally begin to create songs for it.

So, now it leaves me two projects; first, is Requiem of the Fallen, which is under slow, but steady progress, it will probably be something quite easy-going metal oriented stuff, if I'm ever able to find a keyboardist and bassist to aid me in the quest.

But my second project, which I really want to do as my primary one, is something quite unordinary.

I named it already: Order of the Timeless Void, and even the name has a dark sound to it, and the music itself won't lack the atmosphere and darkness either.

I know a girl from one town (2 hours of driving from here), who may be able to find me in this project, since all good neo-classical darkwave projects consist of two members; one male vocalist and one female vocalist, and in this case, I'll play some drums, and she would play keyboards, and if there will be any need for guitars or bass, then they will be done with programs/keyboard.

It should get interesting, and I even know a person, who can help me to record some songs. So, stay tuned for the months to come. Who knows if one day I just decide to come up with a couple new songs. =)

- Oerath.

how intriguing, I hope she will be able to help you out. Please keep us posted.

Well, I actually called to her yesterday, and she said that she is willing to aid me in my quest, so, now I just need that darn keyboard and some other stuff. Smile Smilie

And there's even more.

I just wrote a lyric, and well, I used some elements from my old work, which is called 'You are now lost', but I wrote that lyric over 5 years ago, and since I wasn't happy with it, I decided to write a new version.

And well, I like of it, and though it's not my best love story, it's still pretty good.


- Oerath.


There's no more tears to shed (You are now lost and forever gone)

 'If I just could bring her back to life, I would be ready to risk    everything..I would even give my own soul away, just to see her smile for one more time..'

It wasn't supposed to be a blinding truth..
It was supposed to be a second chance of my life..
But when the light left your eyes, my heart broke for the last time..
And at that moment I knew.. I wouldn't ever fall in love again..

You were the only star in my blackened sky.. My only star..
And when you just suddenly disappeared from my life
all of that pain and grief consumed my heart..
and even if I cannot cry anymore, I still don't know..

How I could ever forget your eyes and your smile
and all of those other things that made you so beautiful and divine
And despite all of those fights we had, you were always the love of my life

and now I finally understand it..
As I look at the door that you left open and wide..
When you passed away and died..

Every night when I wake up, I can still see you sitting by my side
you just keep smiling, you're trying to ease my thoughts and my mind
But when I reach out for your hands, you just suddenly fade away
And wherever I walk.. I can feel your presence..
But you're nowhere to be seen.. Nowhere to be found..

I couldn't find you from the shadows of the night..
Nor from the lights of the day..
And though my heart denies your death, I've to accept the truth..
You are now lost and forever gone..
I wish we could go back to that day, when we swore this oath..

'Our love will last forever, and our lives will shine far brighter than the morning sun.'

One lonely leaf is falling down from the branches of a high pine tree
you are now lost and forever gone
I would even throw my own life away for you..
and every time when I think of you.. I remember our first dawn..

I am watching, how rain is pouring down from the grey skies
you are now lost and forever gone
Now I'm all alone.. I've no one to protect..
And I cannot even cry anymore..
Because.. There's no more tears to shed..

'Everyday when the night falls, I look out through the windows of your room.. I know that I can't bring you back, no matter how I try..
But I won't ever forget you, my love.. I won't ever close your door..'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

Oerath, that made me cry, it hurt in my heart.  And your writing that  it would have meant so much to you to see her, look into her eyes one more time reminded me of the movie and how a tear fell from Lady Arwen's beautiful eye as she said how she wished she could see Aragorn one more time.  Thank you very much for sharing.

The mountains deep, their earthen bones
That jewels keep, are golden homes.

I'm glad you liked of it, Leelee, and yes, I also recall to remember those parts in LOTR. It feels always good to write something beautiful, but sad text. I've said this before. Even though I lack all the possible experience in this field of matter, I can still write strictly about love, sadness and death pretty well. Three main subjects of the life itself.

Also, I see a new face. Welcome to PT, Aridyogi, and may your hand be swift and prepared to write magnificent tales and things for all of us to read. Oerath bows and leaves the hall.

ah Oerath, so lovely a greeting to our newbie and your proud leaving of the hall leaves behind the scent of leaves and wild berries touched by the sun's gentle fingers.

Welcome Aridyogi, I love those lines, I and my family only just finished reading out loud The Hobbit last evening and then about two pages in to LOTR. I wonder how long it will take us to go through that?

The jewels. I cried for half an hour straight at the describing of proud and noble Thorin Oakenshield buried under mountain with the great jewel he coveted laid upon him. And dear Fili and KIli, so young as dwarves go , lying dead with him until  Middle-Earth and time should be no more. I felt my heart should break.

Oerath ,

No More Tears to Shed is a beautiful work - so heartbreaking. An experience I know all to well. This poem will stay in my heart for a very long time.

Thank you so much, Rednell, it is always very pleasant to receive positive feedback, and similar of my works like: Even time cannot end our love, The Last Tale, Hollow Halls and Where is the rainbow of my dreams are also very dear to me, and I don't know how or why, but I just love to write about love, sadness and death.

And as thanks to all of you and many other people, I'll promise one thing.

I'll keep writing text that deals with the already mentioned three subjects, and that is a fact.

Even if I lack the experience about those things, I still want to write about something I really like. Smile Smilie

Rednell, a hug to you for what pain you have suffered. And one to you as well dear Oerath, so much you give of yourself and we here in Middle-earth are the richer for it. Thank you.

Good evening, Leelee, and I can already tell that you could guess what I'm about to say.

I'm writing once again, and this one shall be the work of the next 1-2 days.

I am not even sure by myself, how I got this idea, but it's going to tell about two mortals, a man and a woman, who are lovers and they used to be grey wolves, before they met Xathor, who took them under his shelter, and then together they sought out Oerath, who could help them, 'cause they had been hunted by the servants of Mógrah for over half of their own lives. And Oerath taught them well, and blessed them with a very rare gift, the gift of transformation. And Xathor also gave them something very important and precious.. A chance to redeem themselves and to live a full life.

A classic werewolf inspired tale in a more romantic way. Smile Smilie

'The Bond of Our Love (Tale of the Wolves)' will be the entitle of this lyrical story.

It'll not be that long, maybe a few pages, but I'll promise that there will be more than amazing lyrical lines full of fantasy and beautiful words.

Even the writing of this feels like pure art.

Oh my, i shall wait with impatience. Please though, because you are an active person and expend so much time in thought and such, remember to get rest and eat well. Let nothing happen to you, you are much appreciated here and it is lovely when you come on in a regular fashion.

Need I say how much I like No More Tears To Shed,Oerath?

And oh,welcome Aridyogi,nice to have a new faceSmile Smilie

By the way Oerath,werewolves?Sounds radical.Make me a werewolf character can you?Really creepy type?And what about my story?Just got the first partSad Smilie

Oh, Odette, a werewolf? You're more like a powerful fairy full of magical powers and good will. Smile Smilie

And well, the story itself won't be creepy at all, more like the opposite. And as I said 'a classic werewolf inspired tale in a more romantic way' - In my world, as I've thought it through, werewolves are very rare creatures, and one can only become a werewolf, if someone who has enough power blesses that person with the gift of transformation (example - from a wolf to a mortal and back), or if one has been gifted with the magic to transform into animal shapes, and he slays someone who is innocent, then he'll turn into a werewolf, and he/she won't be able to change his shape, nor control himself/herself anymore, at least not for long periods of time, and if that happens, only saving the life on an innocent will help that person to redeem his/her corrupted heart.

So, my ideas and thoughts differ a lot from the original werewolf stories and their outcome. =)

@ Odette: Long stories, or supposedly planned long stories require a lot of time, and I haven't been able to continue your story, 'cause I need a perfect time and inspiration for it, like for any other work.

It's now done, and well, it is good, but not anything perfect. Just a story among others.

I kept the writing of it quite simple, and decided to cut some lore parts off it, so I wouldn't be sitting on this chair for the rest of this night. Smile Smilie



The Bond of Our Love

Our names are Aerryn and Ulmen, and this is the story of our lives. And without this magical tale.. we wouldn't be nothing, but two scared and lost wolves..'

We've seen the wonders of this world through our grey eyes
we've travelled from land to land, running without an end
If he hadn't ever found us, we would still be hunted like wild beasts
He showed us a secret path.. He taught us to respect and trust..
And he showed us the true beauty of sunset and dusk

When a star fell down from the sky, I wondered why
then I saw the bringer of light, dressed in a robe so glimmering and white
And he told us to stay, he told us about the wonders of night and day
He told us not to be afraid..
'From now on, you don't have to run anymore.. None won't ever hunt you again.. So, let go of your fears, my dear friends.'

'He began to walk towards the nearby forest, and told us to come with him. He said we would meet the guardian of woods and lands, Oerath the wanderer. We followed him, as the shadow of moon grew in size, soon it covered the path we walked. It's light was so soothing, it's calmness was more than enough to ease our minds and our hearts. And after we had walked for two hours, we cave to front of one cave. There he sat on stump of a tree, the man in form of a black raven, and as he had transformed back into his normal form, we bowed to him, but he told us rise and look: 'Behold the treasure of the queen of night, bathe in the light of her shining stars. Then tell me, why you look so sad, 'cause I can see both fear and grief in our eyes, I can also see it in your hearts.'

'And so Aerryn and Ulmen told him the same story they had told to Xathor earlier that day.'

Aerryn: 'We're loyal servants of the mother earth.'
Ulmen: 'Forever hunted by the servants of darkness and death.'
Aerryn: 'We used to live in the shadowy forests of Dol'Mirthein
Ulmen: 'Then the blackheart arrived, and all of our friends were slain.'
Aerryn: 'We managed to escape, so we would live to see the rise of a new day.'
Ulmen: 'But the memories of that tragic day won't ever fade away.'
Aerryn: 'We cannot return back to our home, we're cursed to run away forever.'
Ulmen: 'But no matter what happens, we'll always be together.'

And so Oerath arose, and said to them:

'I'll help you, 'cause you've truly suffered, and because of him, you've lived over half of your lives in endless fear and torment, and no living being deserves that fate.' - He took a pipe from his pocket, lighted it up, smoked it for a while, and then he finally said:

'Even the blackest of all shadows aren't as dark as Mógrah..'

'Well, we shall now begin our training, and when both of you're ready, I'll bestow you the gift of transformation. For now, you can change your shape during the daylight, but once night falls, you'll transform back to wolves.'

Aerryn and Ulmen only nodded, and then followed Oerath as he began to walk towards his cave.

'And days flew quickly, as Aerryn and Ulmen fulfilled Oerath's tasks and meditated with him to reach the final state of nature's peace, and as six months had finally passed, Oerath called them to front of him and Xathor, and said:

'You've been good students, and you can now use the pure energies of nature itself, and as I promised, I'll give you a chance to forget the past and move forward in your lives.'

'And so Oerath looked up to the sky and spoke a few ancient words, and only moments later, Aerryn and Ulmen found themselves to be glowing like the sun, and slowly their bodies began to transform. And finally, only a pile of hair was left on the ground, and where two wolves had just stood, there now stood two mortals, a man and a woman.

Oerath gave them some spare clothes, and said:

'Use my gift wisely, and live freely without any worries. And now you'll be able to change shape whenever you want.'

Aerryn and Ulmen bowed to him once again, and then they turned to Xathor, and he said to them:

'There's only one thing left to do. I'll open a portal to your homeland, and you'll finally be able to live a full life without any regrets or fears.'

Aerryn and Ulmen are very silent persons, but as thanks to both of them, they said:

'We're very grateful to both of you, and we won't ever forget you.
Farewell, Oerath and Xathor.'

'And as those words were spoken, they entered through the portal and disappeared. And as the portal closed, Oerath smiled, looked at the trees and said:

'Xathor, I'm glad we decided to help those two, and it is also very strange that they were able to use the gift of transformation in such a short time.'


'It may be so, but still, I've a feeling that they won't ever return to their past lives. Now they can enjoy of peace and quietness, and explore the lands and forests of this world.'

Somewhere in the woods of Dol'Mirthein.

'They sat on a high hill, grass was green and wet from the evening rain, and there they just were, looking at the shining moon, and as they looked at each other, they only laughed and smiled, and this is the last song they decided to sing for us.'

Aerryn and Ulmen

I don't know, how I couldn't ever realize..
how beautiful you truly are, how your eyes can be so blue and bright
Do you remember the times, when we used to stare at the silvery moon
when we used to smile at each other, when we used to howl together..

Now we're more than just animals, but I still long for those days..
when the both of us were just two scared and lost wolves..
And even if you do not want to recall those times..
it won't ever be enough to break our promise, because..

Nothing could ever break the bond of our love..
Here ends the tale of two wolves..

'And so they closed their eyes, crossed their hands, and there they stayed, until the morning sun gave them a reason to awake.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen


He is Elrond, half-elven , leader of many who themselves are beyond the knowledge of men.

A story teller, a craftsman, ancient in days and beautiful, healer and prophet,

That is the inside and the outside of this gifted being.

He is full of wisdom and many nights have I and the assembly sat spellbound

while he quietly, without show or fanfare or drawing attention to himself

told  of his doings in The Place where everything started.

He it was who welcomed Bilbo of the Shire to stay as long as his heart wanted; who healed

Frodo when he seemed past hope from the Wraiths.

He, is so many things to so many elves, men, dwarves and Hobbits now too.

But to me, his Arwen he is simply


Oerath, there were many points I liked very much in this last piece of your work. One thing made me smile , it was very child like . You said he gave them some 'spare clothes' and I wondered what that meant exactly, spare from whom and did he carry them about with him? That was sweet.

I loved the feeling when the two were just sitting there on the green grass looking up and the moon.

I think I identified to an extent with their longing, not for the torment of before, but the closeness and the joy of overcoming together. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much, and answer to your question: Oerath is one of the guardians, and well, if he needs to give clothes to someone, he either uses magic to conjure it, or is even ready to give one of his own robes if needed. Smile Smilie

He's truly the best character I've ever come up with, so I see it.


Calm and silent as the northern winds..

So much love and peace he has to give..

If you look high up to the sky, he'll see you from high above..

And he'll only smile.. and as you keep wondering why.. he keeps flying onward to find..

What lies beyond the clouds and the gleaming sky..

And even from the blackest of all nights.. He'll always find a source of light.

And from the roots of a barren and dead tree.. He shall give birth to new life..


I also liked of your work, but I'll read it again at some point of this night.

For now, I'll blow out the flame of the candles, I'll close the windows of this hall. May all of you sleep well, and dream silently, as I leave this realm to see what lies beyond the light of golden dawn.

I also forgot to say that I really like of this work as it is now, and I've no intentions to shape it. It has many good parts, and I kept the story simple, so I could add as many lyrical and fantasy styled parts as possible.

Even the text at point, where Xathor takes Aerryn and Ulmen to Oerath's cave, is quite lyrical. And well, it's very interesting if normal parts of the story itself can be like fragments of one great song. And that is exactly what I'm trying to achieve with my works. A unique atmosphere and a story that can be either read, or sung. =)

Edit of the night: Another thing that I forgot to mention, is that I was considering to post one of my most darkest works as a journal, but it may be too dark for the readers of this site, so, if anyone wants to have it, just give me a shout. It's called: 'Book that has no words is a fragment of past.'

I love when you say things like you will close the windows of the hall, it is like really being there.

As for the part of your canon that is perhaps too dark, since we are a place that welcomes children , perhaps you could, if you ever feel to, give an excerpt to one of the council and see what he or she says. it is always best to be careful of our dear and precious very young elves, men, hobbits , etc.

Well, one can never be too lyrical, right?

Anyway, you're right about that, and it is also why I spoke about it in the first place.

But to be honest, even though I understand why it's not suitable to bring up dark or gloomy writings, most of the children should really explore and venture into more darker areas of writing/reading. When I was just ten years old or so, I already had some kind of fascination towards those kind of things, but then again, it all depends on a person.

If you want to read it by yourself, I can send it in a message. Smile Smilie

Oh, I totally agree, I mean look at Bambi. That show traumatized me for years because i had no mother.

I only meant that I honestly do not know just what the rules are concerning content and how they are to be applied, else I would not think a thing about it.

And, I should love to receive such a precious gift , I am very curious to read your 'darker' work Oerath. Thank you very much.

The dreams of Arwen entwine in a myriad waves,

Silver,golden;like offspring of the Telperion,the Laurelin,

Her eyes never close,but in her heart much is now cold,

Her sight is transfixed far far away,

Her tears tremble with the heartbeat of a man,

Every moment braving death;

She knows she has a choice,

To live forever safe,cradled in her gift and her father’s wishes,

But her heart does not sway,

Does not falter at the brink of merciless fate,

Her glances are askance, her merry lips silent,

But in her mind she knows she will never leave him,

Bound in her light and his doomed fate,

She whispers her fears to the immortal maze,

The one that transcends birth,death,immortality or wealth,

The one called Love,

Which she has known and kept guarded,

Never to be parted again,

From her king,her lover,her protector,her mortal husband,



Forgive the mush please..I got carried away..half sobbing,half asleep.

You must be very beautiful Odette, such beauty inside of you and it is wonderful that you share it.

I did not consider your work mushy, those are the unadulterated feelings of your Arwen and they are genuine and legitimate. Having to choose such an agonizing thing, the loss of mortality to which all elves were given , to choose someone who you love more than words or thought can convey , and to know it will be over one day and you will linger on in agonized lonliness and sorrow. I thought it was beautifully portrayed, and I am so very glad you are come back to us.

Thank you Leelee,you are really too kind.Your words and genuine affection and patience so motivate me.I'm glad I'm back too.

You are one of the true beauties on this site.Really.

That was quite beautiful text, Odette. Your hand-writing can be noticed easily, and I always wait to see what you've to offer, and I cannot simply say no to your work. Smile Smilie

I told to Leelee earlier in a message that I'll begin to write something great and something that will cause the ground to tremble. I don't know when I'll begin, but first I need to write 1 or 2 more parts to back up the material of that planned work. It'll be my longest, I think, and after it's done, I'll pursue to continue my past projects and works (including your story), and then I'll look forward to new challenges and entitles.

There's so many unfinished tales, and since I need to keep break at times, I think I'll sacrifice this whole year for this project and my other unfinished matters.

So, during the next nine months, there'll be a lot to read!

Thanks Oerath but you better do my story firstSmile Smilie

We shall see about it, Odette, but for now I don't want to make empty promises.

I'm just too excited to focus on anything other, 'cause this will be my first try to create a story that should be long enough for publishing, and I'll be very careful with my choices and style in this one.

I'll open my pencil bag and begin to write on Friday evening. It'll probably cost some of my evening time in the next weeks and months, 'cause I don't want to hesitate with it, I want to create a story that cannot be related to my own world, Arcadian. It'll be something more darker and mystical. And just like the name of my little series, this story will take it's characters into the depths of the world and it's secrets. Into the depths of the dark abyss itself.

That's all for now. Smile Smilie

My good friend,I was just jokingSmile SmilieYou take your time and do as you wish.I'm excited about your new project.Make it great.My best wishesSmile Smilie

Yes, this sounds wonderful. Just one page at a time and read it out loud over and over, put it aside and try again and tighten everything until it is just as you hoped it would be.

To any that read this thread and are from Japan, my heart felt sorrow at the earthquake, my prayers all of you and yours are safe and hope that any alive and not recovered will be so immediately,

Umm... I have never posted on this thread before, but here is a poem I wrote last night. Hope you enjoySmile Smilie


 Call Me Home


 Oh lands of river tree and leaf,

 of flower bloom and striving cease.

 Oh, land of honey, rolling hills,

 of birds and beasts where no home fills.

Oh, land of countless hours of sleep,

 long walks the trees of utter still.

The stars a gleam the stirring nigh,

like river streams into the sky.

No stop to one I call my own,

 no till of ground no seed is sown.

 The fruit reaps though men unseen,

 the grass grows long the water clean.

 Oh, I love the one I miss,

 the one I cannot come.

 Oh, call me home this land I beg,

 pardon me not for my wish my pledge.

 Bear my heart my soul my love,

take not my mind in this world above.

I seek to lay, I seek to sleep,

 I seek to drink and only reap,

 not what my hands have toiling sown,

 but what is freely given in this land my own.


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