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I'm glad to see that all of you have returned safely.

And I want all of you to remain here and write some poetry.

And Leelee, I do have some notebooks, but I do not carry them around all day along (not just yet).

And LadyAlyss, what a nice short poem. I enjoyed of every bit.

By the way, I feel very sad about this winter. It's december already, and I see no snow.

And there's nothing worse in this world, than a winter without snow. It totally breaks my heart.

So, I gotta keep my hopes high and soothe my mind with writing some poetry, and maybe you fellows will like of it too, who knows.


The Stream of Golden Stars


It's a lonely night, and I find myself staring at the paintings on the wall..

One of them reminds me of legends and secrets, of past and times of old..

And as I take a step towards the dying light, it ceases to rain.. For the first time today..

And as I start to remember the names of all those stars.. I imagine myself walking up there..

High and so far..


Do you wish to see what lies beyond those snowy mountains and hills..


I wish I'd be able to walk on the clouds of this sky, never to fall, never to wonder why

I long to see a storm of snow, I want to go higher, I don't want to return to the world that lies below

Ahead of me, I see a stream of golden stars, it's light is more than enough to calm my thoughts, it eases the beating of my heart..

Isn't it wonderful to know that we all can have our own hopes and dreams

If we all could fly, it would be worth of a try

A journey to the ends of this world, A journey through the space and the time

But if I'm not able to go so far.. I can still remain here to witness the powerful light..

Of the stream of golden stars..


I hope that you believe to the gods of ancient times

We're not alone in this world, this life is a gift, it's not a curse

And what if they speak to us through our own visions and dreams

Is it only dreaming, or could it be real..


What if they can change the color of the sky, and make the rivers to flow

What if they could restore the balance of darkness and light, and make all of the stars to glow

Once more.. I hope.. I want to see them one day, before our sun begins to sleep, before it is too late..

Tonight I saw one stream of stars.. There are many of those..

Many new skies to create, many snowflakes to fall..


And maybe one day.. I can revive all of the dead animals, flowers and trees..

With the touch of knowledge and warmth..

It's a feeling that shall never fade, nor disappear from our souls, so pure and free

That is what I believe from the bottom of my heart..


Do you now know what lies beyond this sky..

Do you know where to go, if you see a stream of golden stars that you must find..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

I meant every word dear Brego, and our Prince of poems is right, do let us stay together, at least until the holidays are over and celebrate our professor and his genius and be grateful to be alive and fellowshipping in this wondrous place.

Lady, the imagery I received from this little diamond reminds me of the same feeling I have whenever I have the courage to watch or read The Velveteen Rabbit. I shall say no more as I am getting teary eyed and I have had enough of that over the last four days.

Oerath, I allowed myself to walk right alongside you in this contribution and while the air was melancholy and filled with fatigue and frustration, still your words that we are not alone and that life is a gift not a curse rings loudly and for me dispels all else.

I completely understand the despairing feeling of winter without masses of snowWe have endured a few Christmases where no snow down here in the valley could be seen, very rare and although it came following Chrismas it was so depressing. I cannot imagine how anyone can stand winter without snow at least a couple of days a week, it is ugly and even the remaining birds appear to be sad and do not sing.

I also deeply feel that about rain in spring and summer. Although we are surrounded by green mountains and hills, have three lakes and countless trees, we are in a semi arid area and every four years or so it seems the very heavens dry up and no rain. Then come terrifying forest fires and evacuations and one year week after week having yielded no rain , I began to actually feel very very ill, I felt I was dying. I was so desperate I went downstairs into our usually very cool in the summer basement only to feel heat. With litle strenght I put on an interactive game and part of it has rain, pouring rain and the sound. I was amazed and grateful to find my nerves calming down after a minute or two , in my mind I was walking in the downpour and I felt at peace. It is a most terrible feeling when you long for rain or snow or I suppose non of the above and your hopes are continually dashed. I shall light a candle and pray with my family that you might have a deluge of snow for a bit anyway.

Well spoken, Leelee, and true indeed. We've returned, with new poetry and new things.

I personally liked of my yesterday's post, maybe a little bit too much, but it's just so clear that it was written by me, 'cause when I read it, it reminds me highly about my past works. It's all there; fantasy, questions that make you to wonder and the flow of words is good.

Not my best, but one of the works that I shall not forget.

Also, I haven't continued my story for a week, and now I've some new material, which will last for more than few pages of writing.

So it seems that I have to do some creative paperwork today, alongside with my school things.

And by the way, I'll be starting a new thread, a story thread, in which you all can create your own characters and follow me on my journeys to explore the world and find out what is going on in the most northern lands of Middle-Earth. Is a new evil rising to dominate these innocent and pure lands once again? Find out!

This will continue from my posts in 'The Khazad-Dumish Inn', so pay attention.

Thread will be called as: 'A Journey That Never Ended'

Good evening, my fellow friends and poets. I've finally made some vocal attempts to sing a song I've been working on for a while now. I've only vocals now, but as I get back to drumming in the beginning of January, I'll start working on it's drum track, and one friend of mine should provide guitars at least.

I'll try to do my first vocal track about it tomorrow. I've nothing qualified stuff, but I will still upload it to my youtube channel. Smile Smilie Got nothing to lose, I suppose.

I've the lyrics as almost ready for it, and it's a nice, little, battle-sworn tale.


In The Wake of The Ancient Gods


'I believe that the gods are real and they do hear us, but there they stand in all silence, waiting for something to happen. They know that we haven't forgotten them, they know that we haven't ceased to believe to them, but still, they await.. And I believe that they await for a day of awakening.'


From the north they came, riding forth into the battle, ready to strike!

Those men clad in armors of golden steel, with winged beasts fighting by their side

One of them blew to the battle-horn, and the fire began to rain down from the sky

It burned their enemies, as they rode towards them, showing forth all of their power and might


And there's only one man who can sing about the events of this day..

Is he one of them, or just an old wanderer who has no place where to stay..


Behold, the skies are darkening once more

The evil gods are casting their spells, but our heroes won't fall

And as the sun breaks free from the chains of coldness and ice

It shines down upon us again, it gives them strength to fight back and prevail


The sky is finally opening, though it's colors are different, clouds are fading away..

It is all that is left of this dawn.. But it will mark the victory of this day

And an sacred prophecy shall be fulfilled, and by my will and my blood

Only ashes and fire shall remain, in the wake of the ancient gods


This kingdom is now safe, trumpets are ranging, shouts of victory are echoing in the air

Today I saw a battle, unlike any other, and I saw the gods ascending back to heights of the sky

Today I saw something that wasn't a dream, today I saw, how everything in this world..

Slowly came back to life..

And as silently as the birds fly

They descended down from the sky

I believe that they heard my prayers and my cries..


'And in the wake of the ancient gods, the balance of this world will be judged.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Eloquent as ever Oerath!

Hey you guys.Exams still on so I'll you be back later.Love you allSmile Smilie

Keep writingSmile Smilie

Hey Odette, thankyou for dropping in, can't wait for you to be able to come back. Smile Smilie

O'erath, A HAPPY ENDING, WOW! I liked very much the feeling this poem evoked in my heart;it was descriptive,fast moving and came to a gentle end full of hope and promise. well done sir!

Many thanks to all of you three, AND LEELEE! It felt good to write a lyric with a happy ending, very rare of me to do so! ^^

Anyway, more poetry to follow this evening, be sure to check it out! Smile Smilie

Okay, I already promised some poetry, and it seems that I'm in a good mood this late evening, so before I go to sleep, I'll write something for you to read.

Let it be a storytelling time with Oerath. Smile Smilie 'Tis supposed to be royal stuff!


Old Dungeons and Glorious Chambers


Behold, another crimson sunrise, so proudly it shines on these lands

But it never grants it's brightness for my castle, and slowly it has become a home of the damned

Nameless beings are haunting me, there they roam in my royal halls, they're so careless and free

And I want to restore my castle back to it's past glory, so I want you to go there and slay those beasts


And then we shall see, who's the real king


Let us walk on the red carpet of the main hall

Let us walk beside my trusted knights, they've all sworn the blood oath

Let us face the fearsome creatures, open all of the curtains, let them bathe in the light

It will burn their skin, and it will grant us a chance to win, but we've to be careful and swift


For the evening is falling, and our light is fading

It cannot help us much longer, 'cause the sun is already descending

Beyond the hills!


And as darkness crawls out of it's den, all of the dead shall be awakened

We've to hold our ground, we cannot surrender our souls now

'Cause then we would've to bend to the night's will!


'And I'm not ready to give up.. My pride won't allow me to stop..

I've to calm my thoughts, I've to call upon all of my remaining strength and use the magic of souls

Isn't it obvious to do so, 'cause I'm the king, and these are my halls!'


And so he rose up, and ran through the enemy lines

With sword in hand, like a whirlwind he attacked, and he even broke through their spells of demise

I have never seen such fury in my whole life, and I believe that he is right

We cannot let this castle to fall, heroes should always answer to the adventure's call

We have to remember that we cannot ever surrender these old dungeons and glorious chambers


And so we banished the undead from these halls

And as the battle ended, we walked out of the castle to see the rise of a new dawn

Our armors shone in the newborn sunlight, our swords sang in the wind

And the king took two bottles of ale, and raised the goblet of glory and fame


I didn't say a word, there was no need to wonder, I just grabbed the bottle of ale

And I drank it without hesitating, since I couldn't restrain myself

But a good knight is a knight, who knows how to impress the ladies

And a good knight always avoids fist fights, but instead of that, he drinks until he falls asleep


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


Hah, I hope that one lifts up the spirits. I think this might just be one of the most brilliant things I've ever done. ^^

"Heroes should always answer to adventures call and 'newborn sunlight' are to me the most striking  words in your brilliant poem Oerath. Those words speak to me. A hero only becomes one because he or she responds to the urging deep inside the heart and through the suffering and pressing on, in the end are acknowledge by those greater to be in fact a forever hero. And new born sunlight, something rare and precious and fragile and pale and holy, that indeed is the feeling and light that comes after a long battle with evil. Tears wash away the filth and that new born sunlight brings healing and dignity and joy and peace. lovely.

Hehe, I'm glad to see it turned out to be a good piece of work.

The last chapter was more or less funny for an ending.

But it fits, and in fact, it may be right. Knights always try to impress the ladies, but they dislike fights, but in the line of duty, they often face many kind of horrors and battles alike, so it's more than deserved to have a go at tavern or a few, and then happily fall asleep. Smile Smilie

Well certainly your sort of knight would rather dread the encounter, it is with pure evil. However in the age of chivalry it behooved any good knight to go in search of a good fight, to restore the honor of a lady, or one's country, town or shire, or simply in reply to a careless or rude word. It is beautifully described into the wonderful book called The White Company by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who also penned the Sherlock Holmes body of writing. The only thing that could ever stop even a knight at heart was the want of a good sturdy horse and saddle and proper clothing to wear to arms. Other than that anyone that was anyone of a certain age seemed to leave hearth and home in search of a good fight! And mind you perfect fighting etiquette needed to be adhered to or face the ridicule and scorn of other knights.

Truly well spoken, Leelee. Smile Smilie

By the way, in case many of you haven't noticed, and well, the most strangest thing happened to me last night. I was randomly listening to some scary ambient songs, when a song started to play, and it immediately triggered something inside of my mind. Some sort of magical inspiration. I could feel the words racing through my mind, searching for possible linings and endings.

So mysterious and dark, the music almost instructed me to write in a certain way, and as I began to recall the events of horror games, films and books, it all made sense.

'The Secret of Three Graves' - A mysterious horror story about solving an old case of murder.

It's there in the journals, and I must really consider this to be the beginning of something truly extraordinary. I gave my best in ways of describing and introducing.

Anyway, that's it for now, so I shall return tomorrow to present you some new poetry. I'm not sure about the subject, but it's a choice between dark/mystery and nature/winter. Smile Smilie

Somehow it does not surprise me that you had moments of pure magic and I rejoice for you and look forward to what you have created.

I wish all of you on this thread and on Planet Tolkien peace and joy and happiness  and come back to us for each one of you , even those of you who just read the posts are what make this such a noble and inspiring and awesome place. And I care deeply for each and every one of you. And for those of you who have contributed and have not been here for a while you are terribly missed and we look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

To all of the wonderful people of Planet Tolkien universe. Have a wonderful Festive Season! Where I am it's Hot at this time of the year, however no matter where you live or what you believe in I hope you are warm and happy and have enough to eat. In my limited Elvish ( which I repeat from a previous thread. Elen s’la lumenn’omentielvo!

Thanks, Leelee and Brego, so wise words. I shall wish all of you the same: Merry Christmas!

We're not allowed to talk about religious things, but I must say that even as I do not believe to christianity and to The God of Men, my mother does, and thus, I respect her decision and joy with her for this once-in-a-year celebration.

That is something already, you all must admit that, but anyway, I shall represent some of my newest writings tomorrow. Be ready for that, O' Noble Poets and Poetry Lovers of PT!

- Otto-Aaro 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen.

What beautiful words Brego, merci. And Oerath take care of yourself, get your strength, have many wonderland walks and come back refreshed.

I hope this one is allowed, I guess I should've asked for a permission, but I've had this very good idea of making a finnish/english poem, and well, while it's mainly english on threads, I guess it can be allowed?

So, here I go. It's a poem about norse mythology, in a way, and it tells about four heroes, who sailed from across the oceans to prove themselves in a battle against the minions of Loki, who has become mad and no longer recognizes friends from foes.


Pohjoisten Sankarien Kunnia


Kaukaa merten tuolta puolen, muinainen laiva purjehtii kohti satamaa,

neljä tuntematonta sankaria noiden aaltojen harjalla ylpeästi ratsastaa.

Kuunloiste ja taivaan tähdet antavat heille voimaa ja toivoa,

jokainen yö on pitempi toistaan, ja siksi heidän täytyy rukoilla


'Jos tänään laivamme uppoaa, oi, Thor, annatko meille anteeksi

Haluamme jatkaa tätä matkaa, vaikka se kävisikin kalliiksi.

Me olemme pohjoisia sotureita, sankareita maassamme,

Verivalan vannoneina, taistelemme kunnes viimein kaadumme.'


Ja niin koitti uusi aamu, aurinko säteili heille kirkasta valoaan,

se antoi heille voimaa, ja rohkeutta uida kohti rantaa.

Satamaa ei näkynyt missään, siksi laivan he jättivät,

tämän metsän toiselta puolelta, he vihollisensa viimeinkin löytäisivät.


Ja siellä seisoi, Loki, petturuuden ja kavaluuden jumala

hän komensi joukkojaan eteenpäin, kohti Valhallan uloimpia portteja.

Mutta silloin aurinko tuli esiin pilvien takaa, ja häikäisi kaikki valollaan

se antoi sankareille mahdollisuuden juosta kohti kunniaa ja mahtia.


Ja miekkojen soidessa, ja kilpien hajotessa, kaikki kääntyikin parhain päin.

Jumalat laskeutuivat alas tantereelle, Odin katsoi pohjoiseen, ja sanoi näin:

'Loki ei tiennyt mitä tehdä, jos hänen joukkonsa voitettaisiin. Te neljä olette tehneet

mahdottoman, ja ansainneet minun kunnioitukseni. Ja tästä päivästä eteenpäin, ei yksikään tule

uhmaamaan jumalten mahtia. Valhalla on ja pysyy, ja nyt ja ikuisesti, te vartioitte näitä rautaportteja!'


'Ja niin toteutui tahto jumalten, ja koitti aika ihmisten.'


Glory of The Northern Heroes


From across the oceans, an ancient ship is sailing towards the harbor

Four unknown heroes are proudly riding on those waves.

Moonlight and stars of the sky gives them strength and hope

Each night is longer than another, so they've to pray


'If our ship sinks today, oh, Thor, will you forgive us

We want to continue this journey, no matter what's the cost

We're northern warriors, heroes in our land

We've sworn a blood oath, and we'll fight until we finally fall.'


And so a new morning arose, and the sun shone upon them once more

it gave them strength and courage to swim towards the shores.

There was no harbor to be seen, so they had to abandon the ship

And from the other side of this forest, they would finally find their enemies.


And there he stood, Loki, the god of treachery and betrayal

He commanded his armies forward, towards the outer gates of Valhalla.

But then the sun returned from behind the clouds, and stunned them all with it's light

It gave our heroes a chance to run towards all glory and might.


And while the swords were singing, and the shields breaking

Suddenly it all ended, and it turned out to be a good day.

The gods descended down to the field, and Odin looked into the north, and spoke these words:

'Loki didn't know what to do, if he's forces would ever be defeated. You four have done the impossible,

and you've all earned my respect. And from this day onward, none shall ever question the might of the gods. Valhalla is and stays, now and forever, you'll guard these iron gates!'


'And so the will of the gods was fulfilled. And a new age dawned; the age of men.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen.


PS. It's not anything so long or magnificent, but I guess it's a good short poem, and one of my first finnish ones ever.

Good evening, folks, I just wanted to post an update on my doings and to add some more to my latest poem.

I've to delay the rpg-story a bit more, but I'll strive to post 2nd and possibly 3rd part of my current story in 1-2 weeks. It's taking some time for things to evolve and I've to keep the story intact and make it exciting.

Anyway, happy new year to all of you.

Oh Lady A you're such a treat to read. You, who lurk around our pens praising us with words sweet as honey. Now that rhymesSmile Smilie I loved the white rabbit. Interesting.

Oerath,my good old Finnish friend. There's nothing like going back to your roots. And I love the intensity and the aura that you breathe into your poems. Having said that, I can kill you for not finishing my story. Beware.

Leels darling I love you so! Just watched the Hobbit production video 5.  High on pipe weed and NZ locations..

And where is that Fahvier fellow? I miss you tooSmile Smilie

I promise to write something by this weekSmile Smilie

And thanks to Brego for sending around warm wishes of the season. Right back to you my good fellow, have a great time yourself. And we don't have snow but it's really really cold where I am.

What a treat, Odette, and that great poem by Lady. Somehow when I know where you are from Odette love I laughed when you said 'right back at you' it sounded to American and unlike you!

Oerath, I am certain JRR would have liked very much your going from Finnish to English, after all he was first and foremost a philologist, a delver into words and he so loved to plumb the depths of languages, especially ones like Finnish. Well done and thankyou.

Our snow at least in the valley melted away with the warm winds that descended from on high during the night. So for now I: must content myself with gazing up into the hills and viewing the high snow drifts up there. But at least for Christmas all was white and wondrous.

And I too miss Fahv, life certainly does get into the way of our fellowship!

Thank you all for your encouraging comments!

here is another poem i wrote....


Fated to Die

Mournful sorrow echoes silently

Everything still, listening sadly.

Alone in the deafening silence

she stands by the grave.


Everyone dead, she's to follow,

No-one to help her through the tunnels,

Lonely and lost, frightened child

No way to understand.


The blinding light can't be seen.

Everything eerily mute and quiet,

Sunlight vanished from the sun

All is dark and still.


She is afraid, afraid of light,

It has brought nothing but sorrow,

T'is evil sweetened, nothing else

Served upon a golden platter.


Struggling through alone in vain,

Everyone ignorant to her pleas.

She watches sadly as life passes,

She readies herself to die.


It was written that she'd die,

No-one to help her, no-one to care.

The curse was one her,

The curse of fate...

                                                     by  LadyAlyss

Wonderful Lady Alyss Some how your poem reminds me of the Tale of Turins Sister Nineal in the Silmarillion. Heart breaking

Aw, so many recent events. Oh Odette, I miss you too, quite a lot, believe me, and I haven't forgotten about your story, it's just that at times, things can be tough.

Leelee, I'm glad you liked of it. It's not a perfect translation, but I did it purely from finnish to english, so I used a lot of my skills in short time to make it work.

And oh, LadyAlyss, it's good to see you!

That was a lovely poem, and I thought that maybe I should give something to you guys, since it's been a long while I posted something.

And Brego, thanks for commenting on our work. I appreciate it.

So, be at ease, all of you, and I shall give you a poem during this very day.


Of Memories and Times Past


I know I can help you, I want you to sleep

not eternally, but silently, I can teach you how to open the gates of dreams

It's not entirely forbidden to desire for something that doesn't even exist in this world

I believe that you understand what I mean, 'cause there's so much power in these words


So many things to understand, is it right to step out of the light?

I wish I could follow you, there's so much I could give to you from the depths of my mind

Oh sanity, purify me, show me what is left of my past self

Is it this book that I am holding in my hands, or is it entirely something else..


No matter what happens to me, I want you to fly high and free

take these wings, accept them as a gift, and fulfill all of your secret hopes and dreams

Don't ever run away, don't lose the sight of this day, embrace the beautiful sunlight

I wonder will you remember me, if I decide to leave this realm of joy and love behind..


I wonder is it wrong to dream about paradise and eternal rest

Is it wrong to enter to another dimension, and forget everything about this world and it's secrets

Is it wrong to seek for stories past and for treasures, so magnificent and untold

Do you know what lies ahead of us two, will it all soon unfold?


Even if it won't, then cherish this thought within your mind:

'Were we meant to be together, is he the one I was supposed to find?'

And this second thought, let it cross your heart, and let those words fill the air:

'Whatever comes, whoever leaves, this heart never forgets, even if it breaks.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


Somewhat.. mysterious.

Lady, that is truly devastating, and for personal reasons I can quite identify with some of it. Thank you.

Stirring as always O'earath and I want to know just what happens. For a frightening moment I thought you were talking of suicide, for many wonder all those things in confused way before they leave the world. Thank you.

May this New Year bring healing from sorrow and hope for tomorrow for each of us.

Brilliant Lady and Oerath,strangely I could relate to a lot of much of each of your work. Hauntingly lovely and sorrowful.

Sprodo Fahv,and all the rest that belong here, we miss you terribly, long for you to come back. And for each of us I pray a more peaceful and hopeful New Year and time to mend, rest and refocus for the new year.Sorry fpr the two posts , I did not think the one above went thru.

Oh Leelee, I'm not sure about the meaning of that poem, since I wrote it in a very short time.

But I wasn't talking about that option.

Happy new year to you too, it's the first day and I bet that this year will bring a lot of new poetry with it.

Including continuation of my story and some other stuff I started with during the last year.

I'll strive to write more mysterious kind of works and some nature inspired works too.

Ye just have to wait for it. Smile Smilie

Happy new year everyone! I hope it is a year of great achievement and progression in every endeavor you may come into. I have been reading all your poetry, but rarely find time to comment on how much I am enjoying it. It is a great privilege to delve into the minds and creativity of all your works. You have my greatest thanks.



What a wonderful way to start the NewYear Fahvier with your dear 'face' appearing on the page. Thank you for your explanation, it is a comfort to know you have not had to forsake us entirely. One day it will be your turn to come upon the stage once more and bring the wealth of your thought to bless us.

And the rest of you may you walk on gentle paths this year, and may your enemies be few and easily dispatched with as you journey through our beloved Middle-Earth.

What a wonderful way to start the NewYear Fahvier with your dear 'face' appearing on the page. Thank you for your explanation, it is a comfort to know you have not had to forsake us entirely. One day it will be your turn to come upon the stage once more and bring the wealth of your thought to bless us.

And the rest of you may you walk on gentle paths this year, and may your enemies be few and easily dispatched with as you journey through our beloved Middle-Earth.

Good to see you, Fahvier and happy start of the year to you too!

Leelee is right, as always. And by the way, I just listened to one of my all-time favorite 'Moomin' related songs. Very grand series, and this song is even a metal version.

This song and all my memories about watching those winter themed episodes made me to think:

'A poem about some certain episode?' and that is what I shall do.

Maybe a bit childish, but my skills are enough to match for the atmosphere. Smile Smilie



A Bonfire and The Midwinter Day (Inspired by Moomin)


I see many snowy fields, white mountains and silent hills
And even the trees are sleeping so quietly
The sun has been away for so long, and it's sister guards us now
So proudly it shines from high above

We've been dreaming for so long, and what I now see with my eyes, it explains it all
It's the midwinter day, something tells me that this isn't the right place where to stay
We've to go out, and see what is going on, I want to see the ancient beings of ice and snow

And as we climbed down the ladders, we saw an open door
It was broken, someone had stolen some of our firewood
But to what end? We must find out who is behind this theft

And so we kept walking amidst all of that snow
The sky was so pale, it was so dark and cold
And then we saw someone moving under the trees, suddenly it was so hard to breath
And then we saw that creature, it was so horrible..
When it looked at us with it's freezing stare, it felt so unreal.. It was like a nightmare
We wanted to run, but we couldn't do anything at all

But then it turned and walked away, we ran towards the snowy shores, there was no need to stay
Then we ate and sat beside the heated stove, and as the evening fell, we knew that it was the time to go out

And there on a high and snowy hill, a great bonfire stood still
It was waiting for someone to light a torch, soon we would witness something magnificent and incredible
And as the flames burned with desire, the smoke arose up and high
The spirits of our ancestors kept dancing, the sight of it all completed that night
But then they all ran away.. And we saw that creature again..
It walked into the fire, and it's cold desires extinguished the flames..
It seems that it desired for more warmth, but in the end, that being spoiled it all..

But I was glad to see my ancestors, and after that being finally disappeared
We decided to head towards our home
And so we climbed up to my room, I lit a candle, and looked at the roof, and I thought:

'Spring is still so far, we've to sleep for many months. But it doesn't matter at all
 Because when the spring finally comes, he'll return from the east, and then we can all
  rejoice once again. And when it's my time to awake and rise up, I want to hear that same old song.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

This is an Alphabet Poem I wrote for a creative writing class. I like it because Zen and meditation are important to my spiritual life.

Zen and Trees.

Zen. A quiet state which calms the mind.
Yawning, breathing, searching within.
Xerxes the King should have searched within,
which might have led to realizing he was
vain in his attempt to be a God.
Usage of Zen brings me peace,
tomorrow I will benefit,
serving in a tranquil state of mind.
Reach for you toes, breathe.
Quietly pant, feeling the rhythm,
pulling the air in, pushing it out.
Overkill is not the object,
Never feel the tension,
make every movement relaxing.
Laugh with your body as a joy,
knuckle relaxing joy, surges,
jasmine scented candles flickering,
inside the window like laughing spirits.
However long you wish to sit,
give yourself over for that time.
Forget about the work ahead,
eternal armistice can be anyone's,
dauntless and disciplined are we,
countless one's who sit and feel.
Believe in the Zen, who call its children,
acquitting is with power, with understanding.


Well done you two, one so full of heart pounding drama and emotion, one so silent and reflective. Lovely.

Yeah, that was quite something different. First time I ever heard someone using the word 'zen'. Smile Smilie

It must be some kind of spiritual thing indeed, and I'd be glad to hear more about it, if you happen be in the chat next time around  (when I'm online, I mean.)

And, Dolamroth92.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien!

- Oerath Windsoul.

PS. Leelee, thanks once more. I wonder do you know the actual series. Smile Smilie

If fates be kind, I shall write second part of 'Secret of The Three Graves' this evening/night.


Amazing work Dolamroth92!

Here is something of my own.




Our love was eternal,

We had all we needed,

No-one could hurt us,

We together, against the world.


But fate soon took its toll,

We were torn apart,

Once lovers now enemies

Cursed forever by our fate.


Lives were torn,

Our dreams shattered,

All was dark, all was grim,

No-one saw the light.


What was the point of life?

All was taken from me

What is left but death?

It makes the pain end.


All it takes is one knife,

One stab then peace.

Soon enough we’ll be together

Heaven or Hell, I’ll see you there.


Together forever we will be

And so death is sweet,

I wave goodbye for one last time

And then I leave.


Now as spirits do we roam,

Hand in hand, together again.

Us against the world.

Till the end we will remain…


Thank you all for your positive feed back and friendly welcomes!

Oerath Windsoul, I hope that in the future we are able to exchange our thoughts on spiritual life.

And LadyAlyss, I love you poem! I have tried my hand at romantic poetry but none have compared with your lovely words.  

My friend just gave me two sets of words: 'Shadows' and 'So true' and said that write something about those two in a short period of time. And like a servant does his master's bidding, I did too.


The Lament of Night


Shadows now fall, devouring it all, much isn't left of sun and it's light.

Moon has the will to wind up the chill, as darkness silently engulfs all of the mountains and hills.

None it spares, feel the cold hands of death, touching your shivering skin, feel the fear and the thrill.

If her scythe is already red, then you may have time to save yourself.


You're so cold, weary and old


That may be true, but oh, why your lips are so blue.

You're so cold, weary and old.

Look up high, to the heights of the sky, do you see all of those birds, I wish you could fly with them.

But no, not you, there's nothing you could do, not anymore.

So, accept your fate, and surrender your bow and your blade.

There are many gods, choose one from the hall.

Swear to his name, and maybe he'll put an end to your sorrowful and wasted days.


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


Across The Untamed Seas


Here I am, so far from everything, I'm still trying to find out what is my true destiny

strong and fateful winds are guiding the sails of my ship

The crescent moon is my only friend during these cold and dark nights

It's much more beautiful and soothing than the sun and it's golden light


I wonder what this journey may do to my soul, will it break like a flake of snow

but if it is my fate to sail on, then it is all that I need to know

And if I shall perish on this journey, I want to face my death without any grief

My journal is nearly complete, and so is my tale across the untamed seas


Always when something truly ends, it heralds the beginning of something new

and if the sky of my own world truly breaks, then I've to start it all anew

Like the coldness; it can take one's soul, but to someone, it is a blessing of old

and if the sky of my own world was made of ice and snow, then I believe..

That there may still be hope left for me


As I now look at the stars, they do not seem to be so far

so, why I should trouble my heart with these heavy thoughts, it's not sane at all

Always when I find something I love the most, always when I sail away and then get lost

I've only two thoughts upon my mind..


'Why we all are ready to risk so much for something forgotten, am I ready to leave my life behind?'

'If not, then why do I worry so much, if there isn't anything that I desire to find?'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Some new poetry, remember to check out the last two shorties too!

I've been off for some days, and as I look at it, so have you others too.

Do come back, it's way too silent. Smile Smilie


My RPG thread seems to be alive and well, so I shall post my continuing piece of tale by tomorrow, and I'll also post chapter two to my story. It's been a while since I posted the first chapter, so there you go.

As a bit of a reminder to all of you people here on PT, who are interested in writing, poetry and our little thread:

I encourage each and everyone of you to try your hand at poetry. It took me a long while to come this far. It took me a while to assume my style and knowledge, but it was all worth it.

Write some, share some. From now on, I shall be giving descriptive reviews/feedback on each poem/work I read.

- Oerath.

Wow, way to go dear Oerath. ER, and please get on to your own a journey that never ends as regularly as you can please, else it will be too hard for the rest of us to maintain our characters and momentum. You are after all the one who is leading this strange group of us on a journey to , well I don't really know where to.

Yes dear Tolkien fans, I believe that each of us has a thought, a theme, a song from our very own selves echoing about inside our minds and it would be lovely if we could share with one another.



Glistening gently it sits alone,

Frozen in place, never twitching

It eyes softly chiselled, never blinking,

Full of fear and sadness.


Time does not affect it,

Merely bores it, frightens it.

No-one to care for it, no-one to love,

It sits watching and waiting alone.


Sitting on its haunches,

Waiting to move,

Waiting to roam free ,

The Hare sits afraid.


It dreams of greenlands,

Dreams of family,

It hopes to find it,

It hopes to escape.


No-one can help him but his master,

Only his cruel, master

Though he shan’t,

Darkness consumes his heart.

Only he can help but he shan’t….

                                                                              by Lady Alyss

I finally have a moment to comment on your words yesterday dear Prince of poems. This particular thread is only to share what is on our hearts through the style of poetry, or as in your case many times, poetid prose. We do not and never shall review or give comment on the poem's style, perfection or merit. We only give praise such as we truly feel and tell why a piece captivated our hearts. Otherwise I would have to give technical correction and so on and it would wound those who simply wrote from their hearts with no view to the technical side of a poem. And it would discourage many from even coming on this thread. So forgive me for not making this clear every so often so all the newbies can know and feel safe here. Just so you know dear friend. Praise only if one honestly feels it and examples of what touched the mind or heart and why if one feels like it. okey dokey?

Lady, you have an uncommon gift of piercing the heart with raw emotion. I sometimes feel terrified while I am reading because certain lines or words bring back memories of my own struggles.You get under the skin and don't let the reader hide anywhere. That is powerful. I would like to read a short story from you , say a thousand words. That would be exciting. And as for the hare, I so understand it's trauma. Thankyou.

Truly well spoken, Leelee, and you have most experience to talk about the subject of writing itself, but, me for example, I do not follow the codes of poetry so directly, 'cause I've always found writing a very free art. You can build whatever you want, you can make as many lines as you wish, but what matters the most, is the art of rhyme and sense of building up those sentences in a way that keeps the reader interested.

Even if you use some same words from time to time, you can give them some twist, and hence, a new sentence, a bit unlike the other one in some other work of yours is born.

And well, those are my basics to go on with. Smile Smilie

And despite my knowledge about the structure and the fact that I use too many comma's in some of my works, even my literature teacher was fascinated with one poem I gave to her as a way to cover up some of my absence hours. It's all in the words and how you use them, just like a warrior uses his sword.

What do you think about this all, Leelee?

To my favorite hero character of all times: Hercules.


A Hero of Ancient Times


He was born half a god and half a mortal

And when Zeus abandoned him, he decided to fulfill his own destiny

And as he grew up, he began to seek for wisdom through the deeds of heart

Saving the mankind was his true calling from the beginning of his life


Running forth into the battle, armed with the arms of steel

And in front of his might, all of his enemies shall either fall or kneel

If a heart can act as a sword, then it should never break or lie

And only Heracles would know, what it is to be a hero of ancient times


Hunted by Hera, the goddess of Olympus and wife to Zeus

Spawning beasts and creatures in her path, commanding them to attack

But not even dragons, giants, or hydra's and other beasts of this evil god

None of them couldn't prevail against the powers of his soul and his heart


A true warrior never dies, and I believe that he has finally become a god

Judging by his deeds, he has all right to enter their golden and long halls

In the end, he's Heracles, The Son of Zeus, but still a mortal by blood

And what if he wants to remain with those, whom he truly respects and loves


Walking across the battlefield, the day is nearing it's end

But a night is about to fall, and new battles await for his call

How one man became a legend, a myth and a hero who truly never dies

There's none to tell it, but we all know that Heracles is a true hero of ancient times


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


Another bit cheesy poem, but it was fun to write. Even at the moment, I'm watching Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and the spirit of those characters, it is truly undying.

One of the best series ever made. Cult stuff. Smile Smilie

Oh how I have missed PT in the last while. Life moves so fast you feel yourself grasping for extra time. But none the less, here I am. I finally have a poem to share with you all. Something I wrote at the beginning of the season, but thought you still might enjoy.


Come and dance to the song of kings,

Only need of the song to bring.

Come dance round the fires ablaze,

They flicker till the heavens amaze.

Oh' come and dance the lady's and lords,

Bring the voice of secret before.

Cry the lyric of a broken soul,

Scream to the wind to break the shores.

Fly to the beat of a pounding drum,

Hand to hand, what's next to come?

Sink into eyes of circling flare,

Who is next to dance with the one,

Of flaming beauty, oh' one so fair,

Fair to eyes but heart has none.

Trust not her who holds no tongue.

Only sing and dance tonight,

Fire be the only light.

Sing young maiden, oh' so fair,

A song of kings to the fires flare.




I just realized how random this poem really Smilie


Dear Oerath don't call that cheesey, it was stirring and in fact I proclaim it my second favorite of all your poems to date. I used to watch Hercules when I was a tiny child, some sort of reruns and I was totally captivated by Hercules, especially his hair! Wonderful

Welcome welcome back our precious Fahvier, it is so good to have you in our midst once more if only for a little. And I must tell you from my heart that this poem was so worth waiting for. Thrilling and the line about causing the very heavens to be in amazement was so very picturesque and pulsating with life. In fact I think the germaine word is pulsating, for that is the feeling I got from the first word. Oh please find a quiet moment or two once a month or so and let that fertile mind of yours bring forth another water color of words. We will be so pleased to read them.

Leelee - You give much praise, and I thank you for it. I have some time to sit and rest now, I will try to write more indeed... It is a joy to hear your opinion and read the creations of all the others. 

Oerath- They poem of Hercules kept me glued to the screen, wishing there was more at the end. Making a poem fantasized does not always mean it is cheesy. It was a joy to read, and brought me back to my early childhood... If more of your pieces are like this, bring the cheesy on!Wink Smilie Though the dark aspect of your other pieces is always greatly enjoyed.

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