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Sorry for the late reply Beredras. I didn't see your post until now. But...I like it. Simple but it says much. Please keep posting. Well done!
Thank you Arwen and Elberet for your fair words.
Moria I mine so steep Men dare not go Unsteady feet Bring only woe Stairs that now crumble Hear a deep, low grumble Blades at ready Feet more steady Swords shine in darkness Breath's are heavy Doom is at hand it's the final stand Sorry about all the short poems I'm working on a bigger one Smile Smilie
Sorry about it being written in paragraph form but I wrote this on my smartphone thinking that it would be smart enough to not disregard the "return" key. I'll do my next one on the computer.

It's so good to be back here. It truly is. I've missed ya all so much during these past 33 days. Smile Smilie

I was supposed to keep break for about two months, but I just couldn't do it. To be honest, I haven't written that much during these past 33 days. I've been doing some careful plans, musically and poetically.

I've also written a complete lyric that will most likely serve as a song lyric + some shorties.

I've now a newly built drum set, which will allow me to play better than I could've ever played with my previous set-up. It's awesome. I've been practising some drum tracks and I feel that instead of recording for that finnish rock/schlager project, I'll re-record my already existing heavy/metal songs and add a few more to the pile. That will mean that in a few months, there'll be some new music from me. Smile Smilie

Also, I've been singing this and that, and I will be covering most of Alestorm's first album: 'Captain Morgan's Revenge' at some point, when I've the time and the equipment to do so.

Lots of stuff to be done. My novella: 'Lord Saerloth Melrethis II' is progressing quite slowly. I've made a lot of mindnotes (don't get too confused), which means that I've been working on the text and the nature of it inside my head. It's all there, so I just have to put it into words. Tomorrow will be the perfect day to do it, so, with that out of the way, I should have the first 10 pages of Saerloth, just as I had planned.

Now, before my brain explodes, I'll give you all something that you - hopefully - have been waiting for. Something new from me!

And oh, welcome, Beredras. I've read your offerings. Short and simple, but well built. Your words are quite ordinary, but work well altogether. Smile Smilie

A need to be free. A desire to end all slavery.


This day shall be victorious

Rise.. Unsheathe your sword
And use it.. To correct.. All that is corrupted and wrong
This time.. You won't be the servant.. You shall be the lord!
Tonight it all will change.. We've been waiting for this day for so long..

Tonight, the stars will come to our aid
Tonight, the moon will show us the right way
Tonight, all debts shall finally be paid
Tonight, we'll set a course towards a new and golden day!


Rise up, and make a stand
Show them that you're not theirs to command
Not anymore..
Battle on, my brothers and sisters, you've to settle this score
And after the events of this day
All known singers of this world will sing about the day
When we decided to be free..
And this time.. For an eternity!
When we decided to put an end to all slavery
And break the cold chains of misery!

This day shall be glorious
Today we'll put an end to all violence and bloodshed
This day shall be victorious
Today all of our foes shall meet their end

And as the night finally falls.. So do the gates and the walls..
The moon hides behind the sky.. And then she starts to cry..
And as her cold tears keep hitting the bloody ground..
We kneel down to mourn those, who we lost in this war..
Those that shall never be revived or found..

And then we join our hands together and start to sing in the rain..
Let us sing a song for those, who were lost and slain..
And then we join our hands together, so we could feel each other's pain..
So that we could tell to ourselves that their death's were not in vain..

This day was indeed victorious..
But this day was not as joyful, as we had hoped..

'Silently they mourn.. Candles in their hands.. Black hoods concealing their faces.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

This short bunch of sentences will begin one of my upcoming songs. I don't know the meaning of the words, but it all sounded good, when I whispered it into a microphone and recorded it. Smile Smilie


Where even angels fall like snowflakes down from the sky

Exists a place, where in time, all lesser beings of this world shall die

Where even the sun fears to come out from behind the clouds

Exists a place, where our minds were created by using only fear, hate and doubt


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

I read you poem out loud Oerath and I think it was brilliant. The best you've done yet. No joke.

Nice to have you back with us!



Hi, Oerath!  Welcome back...  I'm glad you couldn't stay away the months and months you had said.

I wonder why your poems sound like music...

Be well, my friend.

Welcome back Oreath .love your poems it would be nice to listen to one of your songs someday

Thanks, all of you. I really enjoyed writing that song lyric. Best song lyric I've ever done. It still needs some little fixes and stuff like that, but I could do a singed version of it during next week.

I've my lil' amp and a mic that finally works, so, if I'd buy Zoom (which is a small recording device that consists of two small microphone's, but the recording sound is quite good), I could do lots of stuff during next week.

@ Wen: I'm glad you feel that way. The subject was perfect, and in fact, seeing the starting scene of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - partially inspired me to write it. There's a scene, where all of those, who were about to be hanged, 'cause they had either been in contact with pirates, or pirates themselves - started to sing a song, and soon it was sung everywhere.

Strong scene. It nearly made me to cry.

@ Marghana: Thanks, I know what you mean, 'cause that has always been my goal. To write words that sound like music, when rightly sang.

@ Mellon: I'm glad to hear you like of my works.

Oerath bows and leaves the hall, once again, but..

Only for a moment.

Now, this is something.. Really dark.

I am not sure why I wrote this, but, it is full of insanity.

An addition to the dark tales.

Read it with fear. (I also posted it exclusively as a journal entry, but if you don't read journal's, you can find it from here too).


Oerath Windsoul's Dark Tales

Part II

Only Whispers To Be Heard..

'This dark tale tells about one man's last day in the world of men. After losing the woman he loved, His thoughts became one with madness and insanity. And finally, he decided that it was his time to go on. He decided to be with the stars.. He wanted to walk across the sky.. Forever.'

Only whispers to be heard..

Forgotten memories..
Empty thoughts and barely supressed grief..
It's been way too long..
When I last saw the rising dawn..

This dreadful darkness..
And my overwhelming sadness..
This is too much for me..
I cannot bear the pain.. I don't want to live..

Because.. Every single night, when the ghosts arrive..
To take me away.. Back to that forsaken, but sacred place..
And there in those cold woods.. I just sit in the dark.. Trying to resurrect someone..
Why you even got lost in the night.. Why did you have to drown and die!?

And I truly witnessed your death..
And now there are only whispers to be heard..
My mind is like a broken bridge.. Ready to collapse..
My heart is like a frozen stone.. Nearly about to crack..

Into little pieces of nothingness.. Tell me..
Did you truly die? Or are you here to claim me.. Do you want me to follow you.. And embrace the darkness?
Oh, no.. Don't even answer to me.. 'Cause I won't come with you..
Even though I still have this rope.. That I so carefully made for our love to become true..

You and your spirits.. You may leave me alone..
For I've decided to follow the path of stars.. And that path lies high above..
It doesn't mean that I've to die.. If I want to see what lies beyond this sky..
In the astral realm of the star gods.. Is a place that calls for my soul and my heart..

And there I must travel.. To forget about everything..
By abandoning my physical form.. I'll be able to achieve something..
After that.. There will be no more whispers to be heard.. Oh, there'll be no more mistakes, errors or sins..
That will be the end of you and your damned presence.. And then.. All of your whispers shall die within..

For eternity..
And oh.. Grief..
Will no longer be a part of my empty dreams..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Oerath Windsoul!!blush  It is so wonderful to have you back here! It's good to read your unique style again. These last poems were both very good; the latter one was a bit, well as you described it, dark. The first was very good, one of your best in my opinion. Glad to see you!

Beredras, I love your style. Again, this one is simple, yet very strong, with a clearly defined rhythm that is sometimes lost in the more complex poems. Well done, and keep writing.

Oerath, my friend! I'm so glad you're back. I truly missed you! I hope you're doing well.


Arwen *the little elf* Wink Smilie

Thank you, Lady Rukain and Lady Arwen. Arwen, I see you liked of that 'little elf' nickname. Smile Smilie

Also, thanks for reading my latest works. 'This day shall be victorious' was quite a fine one, and I've been singing it's parts quite often lately.

And oh, I'll write something new either today or by tomorrow. I meant to write this a week ago, but I've delayed it a bit.

The working title is: 'Dance of the Winter Spirits'.

Good evening and cold weathers!

- O.W.

Oerath, my friend, I already said I like that nameWink Smilie btw I have another nickname too, which Amarië came up with. But I'm not going to tell, Big Smile Smilie that just remains under the council xD. But yes I like that *the little elf* thingy. Wink Smilie

That title sounds interesting. Looking forward to read it.

As I said before, I'm glad you're back!

And cold weathers, yes sure!

Thank you for your kind words Oerath. Your poetry is amazing it crates an amazing picture and it's unbeleivably vivid picture. Please don't stop writing and posting your poetry and I too will post my poetry so you can tell me your opinion because there's no better feedback than that of the best poet this site has.

Beredras, I am not sure do I deserve such praise, but thank you for your words.

All in all, it's positive feedback that partly keeps us writer's up and running. Smile Smilie

I'll try to post something new during today or tonight. I always end up to delay things and I always keep some days off, 'cause I don't like to write constantly. I think that by doing so, one may easily run out of ideas or inspiration.

I mentioned the title earlier in one post, but it's not so bad to repeat some things.

'Dance of the Winter Spirits' is the title, and it will be yet another poetic tale. I may also add some narrative parts for fun.

I've been here and there for the past week, so I haven't focused much on writing.

So, I'll take my time, as always, and then I'll post the work when it's complete. At times, you just gotta do it bit by bit to make it brilliant.

Meanwhile, here's something very short, but catchy. I once sang this shorty randomly, and figured that it could become the chorus of some power metal song.

Step into light, bringer of night
And destroy all of it's brightness.
Ride swiftly forth to the dungeons below
Where your throne awaits for it's master
And always remember.. That you stand alone in the darkness

Good night.

Reposted with paragraphs hopefully.

Seasons change in a green world.

Rain from the West refreshes my home.

From the mould on the rocks to the moss on the bole.

From root to tip of the forest towers.

The tiny flower close to the ground.

The acorn dropped from the heights unknown.

Yavanna knows and unlocks them with love.

For the life of Eru she guides without thought.

In Ages long passed it began with words.

From Oak to Ash to forest Beech.

The Elves of twighlight with Maian Queen.

She began it at first with patience and knowledge.

To learn and to listen Not too hasty now.

We loved the Elves voices for years uncounted.

Awoken by voice where before the were none.

Our voices remained hidden until we were sure.

That our language would be heard and understood.

Slowly we woke to look at a world.

Under starlight and twighlight.

She slept for a while with her cousin Isil.

Anar the day star born of the West.

Born of the bosom of The Land Undying.

From West to East and Back to West guided anew trailed by Moon.

He loved her before and follows for ever.

A new road was chosen as even now is follows.

Growth and life was changed forever.

For great light was received with joy and love.

Our flocks grew and flourished and became strong.

A balance of life of renewal was made Over ages uncounted we grew and watched.

As the powers ebbed and flowed.

Now the Men have come with their hasty lives.

The Elves have gone home and my world is dimmed.

We shrink and wane as the Powers had planned.

What now for me and my world of green.

Will the dark lord finally succeed in his plan.

For his use of those who grow green will mean.

That Ages old balances will fail as my forests fall.

Look twice at a tree in a forest tall.

For we may look back before the fall.

Whisper close and slow and speak with your heart.

Perhaps you will hear an answering voice.

From Fangorn of old the voice will return.

From Ages past and forgotten by most but not all.

Listen with your heart and remember me.

Fangorn of hold shepherd forgotten.

Well, I must say that, Brego. That was very Tolkienish.

I wasn't able to see the whole picture of this text, just like I couldn't understand all of Tolkien's poems / writings, when I was still reading the books through for first time. So, I find myself to be in a similar situation.

I still recognized some of the names etc; that you wrote.

Anyway, I enjoyed of the text, Master Brego. This could've very well been one of Tolkien's own writings, since to me, it was a little hard text to grasp, but that, my friend, is a good thing. Smile Smilie

Oerath bows.

I didn't intend this one to grow in length, but I couldn't help it. Once I got to it, I knew what kind of text I wanted.

Originally, this was supposed to be a joyful winter tale, but it turned out to be something so much more. This one may be a tough read, but I hope that it won't be a disappointing one. Smile Smilie


Dance of the Winter Spirits


Cold winds of the north guided me that night

As I journeyed forth without any source of light

And when it finally started to snow, I knew that I was on the right path

Tonight I would witness their dance.. Tonight I would have to face winter's all beauty and wrath


But first.. I must sing into the wind..


And as I started to dance and sing my ancient songs

I felt that this forest is the home I've been searching for so long

And if I've to abandon my only dream, and leave this all behind

It would only break my heart, and destroy both my soul and my mind


Oh, I shall not despair..


I've come this far, holding my hopes up high

And I feel that the time is nigh

Soon I shall step forth and walk through the coming storm

Only then I'll understand how it all began and how I was even born


'And his moments of joy truly disappeared, as he got caught in that great snowstorm. But still, even that wasn't enough to prevent him from singing his songs.'


For tonight, with the light of aurora's by my side

I'll venture deep into the woods, where it is always night

It is said that the loud sounds of their shaman drums can be heard far and wide

Even in the distant lands of evergreen and undying light


For tonight, I'll be ready to forget everything about my mortal self

I am prepared to leave this body, and ascend high into the dark heavens

But I won't be able to achieve either of the two..

If my existence dies with this storm and fades into the midnight blue..


Oh, stars, do not abandon me...


'Awake.. Awake.. Earn your place.. Among us..'


So, he woke up, somewhere in those woods..

His body was weak, it was so dark and cold..

With all of his remaining strength, he arose up to his feet..

And then he heard something that finally awoke him from that cold dream..


And so, he started to walk forward in the snow..

While three raven's kept flying in circles above..

And each time, when he took a step, he felt something deep inside his heart

The chapter was about to close, it would be his time to move on..


And behind the snow clad trees..


He saw something that he had never expected to see..

There the winter spirits just danced and singed..

And his whole body froze as he looked at their dance..

Then he collapsed, falling to the snowy ground..

He fell into an unending trance..


Whisper after whisper, he kept hearing the following words..

He knew it to be real, he knew that this was his chance to leave this world..


'Join us, mortal one. Become one with the white sun.

Heed our whispers and accept your death..

Leave your body to care of soil and earth..'


And he did like they said, and became a spirit, just like them

He also now understood, why none had ever returned from these woods to tell his tale

You either join them or fade into oblivion..

It's not cruelty, it's just their way to live on


I've no regrets, this is what I came here to seek

I feel so powerful now, I could conquer any land or any mountain peak

This was my decision, and now I can join their eternal dance of fate

Together we shall continue to observe the winter's might and storms of late


So, do not seek to witness the dance of the winter spirits

If you want to keep dreaming, if your mortal self still wants to exist


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Another oldie reworked.

Hope you get in Wen.

Water like crystal, black, polished and smooth.

Reflected from nothing, but thought and fear.

The viewer is held, held by Elvish power, not magic or sorcery.

Its the Power of ages, ages gone, ages present and ages future.

Will you look in the mirror? States the Witch, blunt and high.

What will I see? says the viewer, longing and horror in heart with no idea why.

Who can tell? Says the witch, but said with mind alone.

But look he must, but he knows not why.

But look he must, as though His Eye will know.

For he brought it from home, to a place unknown to him.

But the Dark Lord knows now, and he's now with him, how?

To Lorien, Her realm he brought it, he knows it.

What will I see? He says with his mind.

What will I see? He says with his heart.

What would you See, In the Elf witch's mirror?

That Lady in white, terrible and fair.

Queen of Elvendome on Earth even she does not know all.

Nay, she's no witch, she's a lady, fair.

Her power is ancient, the oldest, bar none.

Born of West of West in the Age before Sun and Moon.

She watched as they rose, above Taniquetil of old.

Her home beyond memory and now removed.

But she's here for a time to guide those who's doom.

Is to battle the power which stole freedom from Nomes.

Brego dearest. Amazing! Truly beautiful. Please share more works, with us. I can really ''see'' what you wrote, I love it.

Amazing work, Brego. I can really imagine the poem! Keep writing
Thanks Betedras and Arwen. I'll try.

Brego! Nice to see you on this thread...what a surprise. a nice surprise though.

Here is a short verse from me:


Fifty-two thoughts,

A dream and a face.

A strand of hair and a silver vase.

Flower, red. Eyes, green.

And now there is nothing in between,

I have ripped down that wall,

You are close to me.

Maybe I should let you be.

Eleven words, one word short.

I love.

The air is bright,


I can wait,

A few months.

Now I let you be...





Yet another very cheesy work, and oh, there's latin involved? A simple line of sentences, but it was more like a test / a good way to put an end to the work itself. I wanted to write something Oerathish, so I did just that.


The Wanderer's Song


A wanderer knows no such things as sleep or rest

A wanderer travels from land to land, from forest to forest

'Cause only that calms his heart that pounds so wildly against his chest


Trees and animals are his most trusted friends

There's nothing in the wilderness that his mysterious will couldn't bend

But would he use his gifts only for good, and if not, then to what end?


Nay, for peace and joy reign in the wanderer's heart

No mortal being could ever torn his heart of wisdom apart

Protected by powerful enchantments and by the nature's might

A wanderer is a man, who banishes evil spirits by merely singing into the night


Seeker of ancient wisdom, watcher of the stars

Sent from the forgotten kingdom to end all battles and wars

He has lived for countless of lifetimes, he was born to carry the torch of holy light

And every single night, after the great bell tower's three promised chimes

He lightens the torch and disappears into shadows of the midnight


And wherever he walks, the ancestral spirits always follow him

Wherever he sets foot, grass starts to grow and dead trees and flowers come back to life

And darkness has always lost to him, 'cause he knows something very important within (his heart)

As long as the sun burns brightly in the northern sky, he will keep fighting until the end of times


A vagus est is prudentibus et gloriosa vir

Ipse semper auxilio omnes de illis qui ipse possum

Si vos invoco pro eum, ipse volo perequito ad vestra adminiculo

Ex aliquis anguli de in mundus

Per usura in magia de in mater terra, qui ipse habet semper sic fideliter servierunt


A wanderer is a wise and glorious man

He always helps all of those who he can

If you call for him, he will ride to your aid from any corner of the world

By using magic of the mother earth, who he has always so loyally served


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

And yeah, Brego, you should keep writing on. I liked of that Tolkien themed stuff.

@ Wen: Your works are always like puzzles, so I don't know what to think of them. ^^

But I surely enjoyed of this one, just as I've enjoyed of all of your other works.

Oerath Windsoul's Dark Tales : One Last Sane Thought has now been uploaded and is currently being corrected..

This thread has been unactive lately so I guess I'll get it up and running again with a poem I just finished writing.

Deadly Shadows


Shadowy fingers grasping...

Not a single sound...

The woman is gasping...

Not a soul around...


Creatures of the night...

 She fears them all...

The execution of light...

Brings her fall...


Darkness surrounds her...

Like a venomous dancer...

She draws a last breath...

Her soul taken by death...


A little dark but right now my life isn't the brightest and jolliest. I still hope you enjoyed it.

That was a nice read, Beredras. And oh, I've posted two poems that kind of went unnoticed, but that can't be helped. I bet november and december are busy months to each of us, 'cause of upcoming holidays and such.

Anyway, well done, Beredras. I'll post something new today as well.

Oh, have you read my 'One Last Sane Thought' yet? I personally think that it's a damn good work. I used some time to write it and lots of time to read it through/correct my own spelling mistakes. Smile Smilie

No, Oreath i have not read it but I will now and I'll tell you what I think about it. I do not doubt that you will amaze me once again.

Let this work take you on a journey, for it is the only way to truly understand it.

I left a few details untold and all in all, there's lot of mystery in this work too.

But I've to say that when I wrote this, I knew exactly what I wanted to write, right from the start.

So, enjoy.


A Sailor's Fate (Sea is now my only home)

'So many losses, grief and pain. Cursed by the gods to live again and again!'

The waves kept hitting the rocks on the seashore
There he stood, still and emotionless, he didn't care anymore
Everything that one could lost, he had lost it all
In one cold and dark nightfall

The woman he had loved, was now gone
There was nothing left, nothing to be done
So many unknown faces, mocking words and cold stares
He couldn't take it anymore, so he decided to follow her into the dark waters

He sank and sank, down into the depths
But he didn't drown, somehow his life didn't end
He took a knife and tried to cut through his own heart
But somehow his heart couldn't even be torn apart

By realizing that the gods wouldn't let him to die
He decided to stay down there 'till the end of his mortal life
No last words, no goodbyes to anyone
He wanted to be forgotten, and soon he found something that could help him to become one

From a shipwreck, he found an old, but long rope
First he tied it into his right leg, then he tied it tightly around a mossy stone
Then he found a sailor's jacket, a brown hat and a pile of human bones
He dressed up the jacket, placed the hat into his head and looked up to the shores

A figure stood on the edge of the shores, it was the spirit of his dead wife
At that moment, a tear of joy and sorrow fell from the corner of his left eye
He waved his right hand and whispered to her, but his whispers faded into the sea
Then her spirit disappeared, and he wiped the tears off his eyes, before anyone could see

For one last time, he looked up, and this time he looked at the blue sky above
And he thought that why men do such strange things for love
Then he closed his eyes and started to dream a dream that would never end
Not until he would be forgiven by the gods and be allowed to ascend

'If they want me to be down here for a thousand years, then I will face those thousand dreams without any doubts or fears. I am a sailor, sea has always been a second home to me. And if I've to die here, then so shall it be.'

Fifteen years later..

'An old man was fishing at the spot, where the man had drown himself, when suddenly, something grabbed unto his hook. He reeled the fishing line of his fishing rod, and to his surprise what he had caught, was a brown fisherman's hat. But, before he could take it off the hook, a hand covered in seaweed and moss reached from below the surface and grabbed the hat, pulling it back into the depths. The old man got scared so badly that he took the oars and rowed as fast as he could, but while he kept rowing, strangely, he heard singing from the depths of that sea. It was a man's voice and it kept repeating the following words all over again: 'I am a sailor, sea has always been a second home to me. And if I've to die here, then so shall it be.'

'And after telling about this to the local townsfolk and fellow fishermen, they all boarded a ship and the old man took them to the place, where the horrible event had taken place. One of the men had a diver's suit, helmet and one oxygen bottle, and after thirty minutes of preparations, he was lowered to the sea by the other men. He dove for several minutes, until he reached a point from where he saw a man, whose leg was strangely tied into a rock that laid in the bottom of the sea. The man was wearing yellow fisherman's jacket, but he wasn't sure about the color, 'cause the man was all covered in seaweed, moss and mud. In his head, he had a brown fisherman's hat and to the diver's horror and surprise, his body was quite fresh. There were no signs of decaying on his face or in his body, so he assumed that this man had only been there for a day or two. But, when he dove closer to take a look at the man's face, he suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the diver's hand. The diver went into panic and tried to get the man's hand off by all the strength he had, but then the man started to speak, and by looking straight into the diver's eyes, he said the following words:

'They won't let me die, the gods.. For love ever so despairs.. I tell you.. Love is nothing, but pain! I should've been stronger. For by trying to drown myself, I only ended up to curse myself. Now, be gone and never return back to this place. Tell to your kind that this sea should be forgotten, nay, it shall be forgotten. Let me be forgotten, for that is what I wish for. I haven't been forgiven during these past fifteen years, but I forgive you by letting you go. Tell them this.. And tell them that love.. Love is full of despair.'

'After hearing these words, the man let go off the diver, and so he dove back to the surface. And when his friends pulled him up from the water to the ship's deck, he took off his diving mask. His eyes were full of fear and insanity, but he still managed to tell them what the drowned man had said to him. And a few days later, that part of the sea was closed and the drowned man became a legend and a myth. Even the sea's name was changed to: 'The Forgotten Sea'. And after these horrible events, none ever went even near to that place. And there, in the deepest depths of the forgotten sea, that sailor still awaits for the gods to forgive him, but he no longer sings the song that he used to sing in the past. Now his words are few, but they tell more than a thousand mortal words could ever tell.'

'Forgotten and alone.. Sea is now my only home.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Sad that my favorite thread has been out of active use for weeks now.

I haven't written anything new in 1-2 weeks, but I've been silently doing some re-writes.

Now I am going to represent you: And where the black raven's fly' in it's newly edited form.

I'm going to do 1-2 more re-writes of some selected works during the next week. Many of you haven't read them, 'cause they're taken from different pages of this thread.

'Where is the rainbow of my dreams' is one of them.

Now, enjoy of the work that even my former literature teacher praised.

9 shorties divided into parts + a epic ending.


And where the black raven's fly

Pt. I : Raindrops and Fallen Leaves

In this realm, it rains forever..
The sky is weeping for those who are now lost and gone..
Leaves are falling down from branches of all trees..
And though most of them are already yellow and red
Still some of them will always remain as silvery green

Pt. 2 : Silent Nights and High Hopes

Spirits were dancing in the rain, awaiting for the call of storms
When suddenly, something awoke from the night's shadows
But it wasn't a threat to anyone, they all remained calm and bold
When the rain finally stops, will the morning sun greet them once more?
Like it used to greet them thousands of years ago..

Pt. 3 : The Arrival of Crimson Dawn

The sun slowly arose from beyond all mountains and hills
Flowers began to bloom once more, and even birds dared to sing
Leaves were dancing with us, and as we raised our swords to honor our ancestors
Someone noticed the golden dawn, a sight so enchanting and beautiful in every way
And those of who managed to see it, will surely remember that sight until the last of their days..

Pt. 4 : Cold Seas and Northern Winds

An ancient ship approaches from the western shores
It's sailing towards it's destination, towards the great north
Fortunate, but cold winds are guiding it's sails
And though it has been yet another stormy and rainy day
These mortals were made to carry on, it's not their time to wither away..

Pt. 5 : Visions, Darkness and Rain

O' Mother Earth, it has rained for so long
Let us see the splendor of autumn, we don't want the sky to weep anymore
This day is not like all others before it, tonight even the stars will unite as one
Darkness has no place in this world, it's presence will always be denied
The lady who travels through our visions and dreams, she is the one that you must find

Pt. 6 : The Daughters of Water and Grass

I know of a place that lies deep within the heart of this forest
There the dryads live, their rivers and lakes are so pure and clear
There they await for adventurers and travelers, for merchants and farmers
Seductive by appearance, but still so wise and old beings
They're masters of knowledge and lore, and watchers of mother nature and protectors of her trees

Pt. 7 : Fates and Dooms, Sailor's Gloom

Unfortunately that ship never made it's way to these shores
But though it sank, all of those sailor's still fulfilled their dreams and goals
Those men were seeking for a brave and heroic death
And they had already found all of the hidden treasures of wind and earth
Now let us honor the memories of those men that fell today.. So that their deaths weren't in vain..

Pt. 8 : The Realm of Unending Rain

No matter how many seasons will come to pass.. Each one of them is always more beautiful than the last
But why this world won't ever change, why we cannot put an end to this rain..
But as I write to you through this tale, my own words seem to remind me about hope and fate
It rains and rains, forever it rains, do you wish to know more about the secrets of this world?
'In the ancient times, we were able to see the daylight once in three days and after that it was all the same.. The mist was our curse.'

Pt. 9 : The Final Dance of The Leaves

And soon this season will see it's end, you were always right, my friend
Nothing can last forever, in this world we live and die together
This shall be the final dance of the leaves, and tomorrow we shall all awake and see
What has happened to those leaves..
Are some of them still yellow, or even silvery green..

And where the black raven's fly
Far above the clouds of this sky

Their cries are meant to awake us
They want us to see the rise of a new sun
More golden and brighter than ever it shines
This is the beginning of new and glorious times
And where the black raven's fly, there shall always be joy and hope
Because in this world, there's no room for such things as pain or sorrow

Days are few, and nights are cold, but one thing will always remain the same
Autumn is here, but not forever, so remember to enjoy of it, as long as it's here to stay..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

I too like this thread very much. I haven't posted in a while either in a long time so I will probably post one of my pieces tonight. But great work Oerath! I really liked it. Keep this thread alive.

Beredras- I love the first stanza of your poem:'

Shadowy fingers grasping...

Not a single sound...

The woman is gasping...

Not a soul around.

It's stark and spare but describes perfectly the fear in the dark.

Here is one of mine,written recently.

Cast adrift on an empty shore
The tide carries my path away

I had been so sure

Certain of my task my dream my love my life
Now the detritus of shipwreck lies around me

So many empty shells

The sea so vast before me
The promise of my life moving on

The lonely birds call above me

Perhaps they know the way back
Back to my tasks my dreams my loves my life                                                                                                                                      


Sorry Oerath, I simply just haven't had time to read your last works.(and of course the works of others here) But next week I've holiday so.....

Edit: Drunken posts never seem to work out that well. I removed my last post. ^^

@ Beredras: I'll try to keep the thread up then. Smile Smilie

@ Arwen: Now, there's no need for that. They won't go anywhere, so read in all peace. =)

@ Soora: Welcome to Planet Tolkien.

@ Arwen: By the way, I finally started to read again. Last night, I opened The Hobbit and journeyed 70 pages forth, which was quite fun. The book is better than I remembered. After a hour or so, I fell asleep while silently singing 'the misty mountains'. (If that even is the real title for that one)

I hope I'll slowly start to read more and more books again. I could already name tens of books that I'd like to buy, including lots of Dragonlance and A Song of Ice and Fire.

Now, off I go!

I haven't posted in a while but here's one. It's simple but fairly long, so I hope you enjoy.


The Place


The mountains gap...

Reveals the sun...

Where children play...

Where children run...


Oh blades of grass...

So green and tall...

Support the childrens feet...

And trees that fall...


A lovely place...

A place so kind...

A place that elves...

Shan't leave behind...


Furthermore into this place...

Not only elves...

But every race...

A land where creatures suit themselves...


A happy boy...

The men enjoy...

The crimson wine...

From the grapevine...


A homely place...

A lack of knives...

A place where men...

Shall live their lives...


The warmest place...

The finest ale...

Here the dwarves...

Shall prevail...


Mines of gold...

Dogs playing...

"Hurray" "Huray"...

Dwarves are saying...


A treasured place...

A place that shines...

A place where dwarves...

Explore their mines...


Pitter patter...

Halflings feet...

Mugs they clang...

So find a seat...


They rest inside...

Their homely homes...

Enjoying warmth...

And their cozy bones...


A nice little place...

A place so warm...

A place where Hobbits...

Have come to swarm...


Enjoy this place...

Be Dwarf or Elf...

Be Hobbit or Man...

Enjoy yourself...


This one isn't that great, sadly. I think the reason is that I'm better at writing sad, unfortunate, or scary poems or stories. Oh yea, Oerath, I'll be working on a story to post because I haven't posted any of my fictional works here (except, of course, the poems). So yea, cheerful and jolly stories aren't my strong points in poetry or stories. Anyways thank you all for reading.



Oh yes, Oerath. I will post my story on this thread just because it's not that long. I will probably post the piece tomorrow or wednesday. I'd post it sooner but I have a really busy week at school with final exams and all the damn school work.
I swear if somebody steals this I will bite your fingers off! Roses are red the precious is gold. Where did they go? O my dear sweet love, isn't my caress enough? We care for you and. Would do anything for you. You are our precious precious precious. Looking for over thirty six years only to be downed. Now we must lead them and be so near you you, yet so far away. Ere you cry and call my name. I will not st until I hold you again.

Hey Smeagol, I like the poem. Oh, and I owe you an apology; i thought you were wrong for pitying Gollum but after seeing the Hobbit, and seeing the way he was when he got to the entrance of the tunnel, and seeing his face, i wanted to cry. I truly pity him now. I literally wanted to cry. I am sorry for my attitude. I understand your viewpoint now.

Ok, Oerath here's the story I promised you. Of course it's not just for Oerath it's for anyone else who wishes to read it, but Oerath asked me to write a story because he wanted to see my works (apart from poems). I finished it in a rush so it is not the best quality. I will later do a better quality one.

The Lurking One

By: Beredras

      He was down to his last days and he knew it. His scruff beard, white as winter's snow, depicted the restless years of searching for his son's killer. The night was young and as he took each step he thought he could hear foot steps right on his tail. He tightened the grip on his walking stick and kept on treading through the snow. For half an hour this went on through the dark forest.  

      He suddenly turned around sharply and shouted:

      "Be you man or beast show yourself, for what look like brittle old hands are actually wielders of a sturdy stick that will beat you to a pulp!" No answer. At that moment he saw a shadowy figure leap from branch to branch and for the first time in a long time he felt cold fear coursing through his body.

      "I should keep walking or the snow will kill me before this THING does"

      His whole body shook as his fragile ears picked up what sounded like a breathing noise.

      Inhale, Exhale.

     He looked up to the leafy branches but saw nothing. He sharply turned around, but to his surprise... nothing.

      Death was not something he dreaded. In fact he almost welcomed it, but not death in the wild. Not death by a beasts' doing. No the old man did not welcome death by being ripped to shreds in a solitary forest.

      He felt the ever-lurking presence of the sinister being right behind him and sometimes above him, but sometimes below almost touching him, breathing his deathly air right onto the back of the old man's neck. He decided to just ignore this presence. He thought it best to just get out of those dense and gloomy woods, and to go find his son's killer.

      Inhale, exhale.

      "Show yourself, demonic foe!" shouted the man. It was in that instant that the man saw them. Two circular beacon-like eyes staring at him through the dark bushes. The blood red eyes kept staring intently at him, then they suddenly disappeared.

      Inhale, exhale

      With the breathing now even closer he quickened his pace. The foul evil air still just behind him. The old man now at a jog with the demonic feeling still about. But suddenly CRACK! An old oak tree snapped like a twig.

      "Aaaargh!" cried the old man as his legs were smashed under the frightening weight of the majestic tree.

      "Death!" the man shouted "You, who could have come to me in so many peaceful ways, decide to end my life horribly and unfairly with this beautiful oak!"

      But then he smiled at what he saw. From the edge of the forest, which was now so close to him, a figure was walking towards him. He could barely make out the figure, for the fog was dense.

      "I am saved!" he cried.

      But as the figure got closer the man noticed the two glowing, beacon-like, red eyes.


It is a short one and not very high quality but it was done speedily so forgive me. I will be working on a longer story later. I will be going to the Caribbean so hopefully there I will find more inspiration to write my poems and stories. Thanks again for reading.

Not bad, Beredras. I took the time to read both your poem and your story and I've to say that you've good skills to go on with.

As for me, I have been as lazy as ever. It's been 1-2 weeks since I wrote something new, but of course, I've been doing some re-writes + there's those two 'Durin's Vengeance' entries too.

But I dare say that next week will be quite promising for that part. I intend to write a lot of stuff during my holidays.

Also, happy 21th of December, 2012. Oh, all of those people who so awaited for the world to end. ^^

My holidays started today, actually, so we shall see if I decide to deliver some poetry during the weekend.

This is a bit cheesy. I wrote it during the time I sat in a train.


The Legends of Arcadianth

The Frozen Waterfall


During the first winter of Arcadianth

A mysterious man was seen traveling across Nímdis' snowy field

Wearing wanderer's clothes, wielding the Sword of Xethalian

On his back, he carried a great wooden shield


He seemed to know no coldness

There were no signs of joy on his face

And oh, such young eyes, yet full of sadness

Fire, wisdom and grace


On his shoulders, he had many ravens

And many flew in circles above him in the sky

With him, he had his apprentice and one maiden

Whom carried the rest of his belongings; many wondered why


Strange people kept following him, despite the evening being so cold and dim

But soon they all stopped, when all light disappeared

Fear struck into their hearts and so they all fled

And upon seeing this, the wandering man only grinned


'When there is no light, there can be no might, but my heart is without fear or fright. So, while we can, let us disappear into the shadows of this night.'


That's what he said..

For the three of them were not afraid..


And soon they arrived to the edge of a dark forest

A forest that is known as Dórmost, the Forest of Whispering Winds

The wanderer told his two companions to rest

And alone, he decided to climb up a long and dangerous hill


And once there, he saw the frozen waterfall

It was higher than any tree; no matter how mighty or tall

And soon he found himself standing on it's edge, looking down, thinking about the long fall

From which any mortal man would die, he wouldn't, for if he was to fall..

He would unsheathe his burning sword and thrust it through the waterfall's frozen wall


And then he turned around and saw a great stone

He climbed on top of it and then he sat down, just like any king would sit down on his throne

Winds were so silent and even all clouds faded away from his sight

The dark blue sky and it's dancing aurora lights filled his heart with hope and light


And then he arose, spreading his hands open and wide

By shouting into the wind, he casted a spell, becoming one with the ancient spirits of the wilderness

Hoping that his wise and powerful words would mark the end of dark times

He knelt down and sent his hails to the one, who could guide him on his long journey through the lands of evil and darkness


And this is what he said..

Boldly, not afraid..


'I am Oerath Windsoul, one of The Sons of The Mother Earth!

Wisdom is my only true power, and my heart cannot be corrupted by darkness nor death!'


Upon hearing an answer from the spirits

He jumped off the stone and landed softly on snow

And by looking at the night sky once more, he thought:

'I should go and wake my companions, we cannot stay here, we cannot set up a camp. Tonight shall be long, dark and dangerous, so I've been told by the sacred spirits of this land.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Alright so, if I knew anyone on this site I would be too afraid to post a single word. Just thought I'd say that if anyone ever encounters me and wonders why I'm such a recluse.

Here's a poem I wrote, inspired by the night sky. I love how it inspires (Hopefully) so many people to write beautiful words. This is going to be far from beautiful. It barely even looks like a poem (I didn't know what format to put it in.) I'm babbling because I'm nervous for no reason but okay here it goes.


I worry for this world

Fading light, dawn difficult to see

I stare at the sky and wonder many things

Each star is a memory, a moment

I only wish I could delve into these shining moments in time

As if they were books of fantasy that I could read to escape reality

And I sit in a weathered chair

In the corner of a library

A lonely library, sharing this feeling with all the others

For nobody seems to read from books anymore

Nobody really cares anymore

And now I stand on a dilapidated porch

Beholding the twinkling stars

Behind all the buildings and power lines

And again my mind wanders to one thing

Am I the only one who can still see stars?


I don't have a title for it, I never really think of making titles for what I write. Call it... My Jumbled Thoughts.

Welcome, Penneth. I'm Oerath Windsoul, one of the many poets that use this wonderful thread.

And first I must say a few things. You sound like a person who doubts what he writes, so let me tell you something. What you've right there, is a good piece of your imagination.

Best in poetry is that you can write and execute it in so many ways. You don't have to be all strict and official to be able to write magnificent poems.

Poetry is like music and while I noticed that your sentences and ending words didn't rhyme that much, I also noticed that reading it all at once, or more like singing it all the way to it's end, gave the work a good feel. It felt like music and that, my friend, is what I always seek from poetry.

Keep on writing, Penneth. This is what I'd call a good start and I hope that in future, I get to read more of your works. Smile Smilie

As for myself, I'll strive to write something sometime during the next week.

Walking along a well worn trail

My friends and family call out with love

Their song fills my old heart with joy of old

But ever shrunken their land has become

Ever shrinking thanks to Eru's latest born

Ever shrinking despite the warnings of Elves

For ships and war they fell, burn and fall

They need timber and wood and care not from where

The timbers come from me and my family born

We should clothe the Earth in growth and shade

Not burn, build and shred the temporary scorn

There must be a point where they've had enough

The progeny of Numenor and Men of other blood

Their insatiable thirst for all that is green

There'll be nothin left soon and no air to breath

My mother, Yavanna, the Queen of the Earth

Cries constantly at her gifts being wasted with greed

For they wont last forever these gifts from afar

Then even Fangorn will diminish and leave our world

Along with myself and my Love, the Rivers Daughter

For Old Tom I am and shall no longer be

The guardian of an ever a shrinking land

I once saw a Ring and thought nothing at all

It made, to me no sense, but now I understand

For I now know the meaning though missed It long ago

The halfling possessed it and gave it to me

For a moment I had it but didn't know why

Perhaps I had the chance to use it and save

The last chance to keep the forests alive

But nay, that is foolish, a trinket it was

But at that time and age my world was vast

Now it is spoilt and ruined and almost gone

Lets hope that what remains can preserve a time

Before the First Born were gone

And the Shepherds roamed

They're all gone now and so am I

Awesome job Brego and Panneth. Panneth don't doubt yourself that was a really great piece. I know I haven't posted anything recently but school has been a big problem. Anyway I will post a poem and a short story in the near future, but I just wanted to let you all know what was going on. Just so it's clear my work is open to criticism. I encourage it actually to better my material.
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