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Hello Fahvier..have you introduced yourself on the New Member's thread?

This is such a beautiful piece and such seemingly simple words have such power,keep writing friend and post and discuss poetry here with us as much as you wish.

Do tell us about yourselfSmile Smilie

I agree with Odette. In my opinion, it was quite ordinary text, but yet so well written.

And be sure to introduce yourself, Fahvier, and also..

Be sure to write more poems.

Welcome to PT. Smile Smilie


Thank you for the warm greetings. I did introduce myself on the new members thread.Smile Smilie  A little bit about me... I have written little poetry, but love to work with words. The works of Tolkien have inspired me to write more. I have also an interest in writing stories, but of that I do not have much to speak of. My poetry cannot compare to that of yours, and I am inspired by all the works posted on here, they are just beautiful. But I will try to post some more in the future.Smile Smilie 


Odette and Favhier,

I am completely blown away by your beautiful poetry!!!!!!!!

Odette, I would not consider your work mushy, at all, but heartfelt, lyrical and full of love and passion. I have no doubt that our dear profession would have been proud to have read such a beautiful song inspired by his pen.

Favhier, your poem brings a sense of warmth that a love of one's home can only bring. A timeless piece.

Thank-you to all our wonderful and talented writers for sharing your hearts with us.

Well said, Rednell, we've promising writers around these corners, and quite a number of styles too.

I bring in some fantasy and darkness (which is arguably true), while Odette strives to keep our minds pure and clear with her splendid work, and same goes for Leelee. Both of them deliver very nice poetic surprises time after another. And Fahvier, in this realm, you're a friend, and I'm looking forward to read more of your work, so I can see the fruits of your own style.

Oerath bows and leaves the hall - to sing some opera.

Fahvier,thank you.

I find Tolkien's world a very very rich source of inspiration.We all try my friend and we are not here to judge you or anything.We have a wonderful moderator,Leelee(aside-we have a new poet,show your face,Leels?Smile Smilie)and I want you to write as much as you wish and post it here.

Rednell and Oerath,thank you again.I'm glad you enjoy my poetry.You are all too kindSmile Smilie

Good evening, my friends. I'm quite excited to announce that I'm going to finish one piece of story tomorrow, and it will be the fifth part of my series. And then I'll have to buy a new writing book, so I can write down all of the five lyrics, and then begin writings of my book. I've also changed the entitle of that project, and I think this one will be more than fitting.

'The Gathering of Lost Spirits'

Hmm, it seems that I've to delay the writings of this one. I'm feeling really tired and I'd rather write tomorrow. It's good to keep break, as many of you've said to me, and I've now had some time to rest, so..

One more day? Why not. Smile Smilie

I had a surprisingly long day, so I'm pretty tired, but.. I wrote a small, but decent amount of text, and here's a little sample from my up-coming work: 'A tower that lies within the heart of storms'.


'She took a step.. One step too much.. From high she fell..

To the embrace of earth's soil and dust..'

For you see.. She really wanted to die..
She wanted to become one with the dark and impure spirit of the night..
And as her last effort as a mortal, she uttered the following words..

'Darkness.. Take my soul.. Drain it empty.. Then leave me alone..
 No warmth.. No coldness.. Silent whispers.. Hollow voices..'
'Magic is the blackest of my desires.. The void of all thoughts.. It is my home..
 None laughs.. None cries.. Death is a choice of my life..'


I welcome you to this site of dreams and tears, of hopes dashed and restored, of all that is wondrous and lets the feet lift the good earth for a little and soar into a rarified air.

I liked very much the cadence and general feel of your work. I could walk along with you and see what you saw and feel to an extent your emotions and at the end there is a fullness by claiming that place as your own. Beautiful and I am so very glad you are come to us. Please stay.

And my little chickadees, it seems if I turn my head for a moment , when I come back to you I see I have missed worlds and epic pieces and everything good and exciting. which is pretty much as I expect this place to be with such honest genius walking Middle-Earth.


The Ending

Where are the hills that so inspired us the  Elves,

that filled our senses with awe and wonder and as many

dreams as there are ice stars in the black slate skies

Where are they?

Where are the water falls that tumble noisily, boisterously

in great liquid crystal strands down a rocky mountain side

to blend into the great deep pools,

Where did they go?

All is behind us now as we walk, silently, each with our own grief

at parting Middle-Earth as a mother parts with her only child.

We are weeping.

We go to the Grey Havens and look now they come into view

and there is the ship.

The great and glorious made ship to take us back across the water

and we are excited, but we are stricken

and comfort is nowhere to be seen.

Goodbye dear Lothlorien, Golden Princess and orc


Goodbye Imladris, mother, teacher, healer, friend

Our tears soak into you and perhaps, just perhaps

they will be the water that grows something lovely

our thought left behind.

Beautiful poem Leels,really touchingSmile Smilie

That was quite nice indeed. What did you two like about my sample, too dark and deadly? Smile Smilie

Anyway, good to see you around, Leelee and Odette, and Odette: How often you can be found from FB, 'cause it would be easier to pass by and talk a bit. Smile Smilie

Thank you Leelee. Well... here is a piece that I wrote a little while ago, it is a little cliché but that's ok...Wink Smilie 



May it be that when the sun dawns and the moon hides,

The flowers bloom and creatures rise,

May it be when time goes by

When lives say goodbye and darkness lies,

May it be when all you know seems gone

And all you love seems wrong,

When what you trust is right,

And what you believe be your light.

May it be when all hope fails,

When you have not the courage to prevail,

May it be when the light fades away,

And the hope and joy of morning is washed away.

May it be when you are all alone,

In the darkness of the world,

Left to your own.

May it be when family fades and friend fall,

When hope crumbles and courage crawls.

May you be a shining star,

A joyful tear,

A word of hope and an end of fear.

May you rise to a dawn of open doors,

Where love of all freely pours.

May it be when all else fades and turns away,

May you be the light of day.



That is dark Oerath, but I can relate to it on certain levels, having had a couple at least family members take their lives and a few try and fail before reaching out and coming back into the light and moving on, though rather haltingly and in pain  for a while. It was honest and well done.

And Fahvier, that made me cry. I won't say more, for I am feeling blue today, missing my little sister that died. Thank you for that.

I decided to create as I post.

I've been a bit ill, a good ol' cold, lots of coughing and a fever.

I have to get myself back on the road as soon as this illness leaves my soul alone, and then I'll finally begin to write material for my book-project.

So, here I go.


This night is so cold.. My soul is freezing.. My mind is wandering away from my reach..

Why my eyes are so tired.. Why my heart doesn't beat.. Is this song of the dead and the deceased..

Those stars.. They're just like me.. Shining so brightly.. Until they fall down.. And meet their end..

Once there was joy, but it didn't last, it was far too brief..

Once there was life, but then it all died, and my heart was consumed by grief..

'Those who can still remember how they lived their lives.. Unlike me, they're careless and free.'


Heed the words of the blind man.. He sees not, but his words are full of truth and hope..

Awaken the spirits of this night.. Let them see my empty grave.. I chose another path..

There's no mirrors in my old house.. No glass to break.. No images.. No pain..

I can still play my flute.. But I don't remember any melodies.. My thoughts are too empty..

'If I once knew how to play this flute, then why I can't even hold it in my white hands.'


Listen to the wind.. It chooses to remain silent and still.. And so do I..

I've no words left in my mouth.. There's nothing I could say.. So I'll just fade away..

Just like you.. I don't know where to stay.. This is not my sanctuary.. This is not my home..

Go back to the world of mortals.. There's much more awaiting for you.. Many dreams..

When the time is right.. Spread your wings, shatter the silence of night, and fly back as a crow..


And don't lose your faith.. Always when a good and dear person dies.. You must remember these words..


'Don't be afraid, I won't ever forget your name, you'll memory will live through me.

I'll always follow your footsteps, wherever you walk, and even if it's hopelessly dark.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

Oh, thank you, Mellon. I'm glad you liked of it. Due to this cold, it proved to be quite difficult to focus on the right words and endings, but once I got into the right phase, it all began to take shape.

It ended up to be quite similar to some of my recent works, which is a good thing, 'cause combining of darkness, mysticism and sadness, it's just a category of it's own in my mind, and thus I'll keep writing more stuff in the same vein.

But since the spring is coming, and with it comes the summer, I'll definitely write a lot about nature and about the good side of fantasy.

Smile Smilie

i agree with dear Mellon, it was very absorbing and wonderful Thank you.

@ Fahvier - I am sorry I didn't say anything about your poem, until now that is.

It is well done, and I really liked of it. It has a very Tolkienish feeling to it, especially for the words: 'May it be when all hope is lost.'

I've said it before, but there's something about your style that I really like. We all have so different styles, and while mine's very complicated, you tend to keep yours quite ordinary, yet so magnificent.'

I consider many of my own works to be quite strange, and at times I cannot realize what is the true source of my ideas, but I guess it doesn't matter.

In general

Tomorrow is a good day to begin the writings. I'm quite excited about it, since I don't do any kind of notes when I need to think about a background story. I could call it: 'Mind storing'.

I'll tell about that some other time. Now there's only two words left to say.

Good night. Smile Smilie

Fahvier:My friend..your poem is spellbinding and hopeful.I'm sure your a  bright shining star yourself.

Oerath:Awesome feeling,very descriptive as always.

One from me then.

Frodo's Conscience

Shire dreams no longer cradle my sleep,

My eyes are dry with the tears I don’t weep,

My hands bleed,my face bleeds,

My skin is flamed,cut and raw,

Ignited in evil blade and stab of monster jaws,

I cannot stop myself from wanting the One,

I cannot fight when words unwilling leap from my cracked lips,

I hurt him every moment,

But without him,

I’m no one,I cannot accomplish this accursed deed,

Good Sam,know that I love you and need you,

That I’m so bound in my fate,

I sometimes underestimate you,

This double-edged sword gnaws my living life,

I cannot breathe,drink or crying,get respite,

Yours is a physical pain,

And perhaps you feel betrayed,

But know that I can’t help it Sam,

Know that I’ve got this burden,

Much worse than you can ever imagine,

How this will of mine is torn and broken,

Against an enemy who I cannot comprehend,

Forgive me Sam,I beg you to understand,

Give me another chance. 

Well, that was unusually painful text without much of hope, but I liked it a lot.

It's more than certain that's how it really went. It must have been a unimaginably tormenting task for Frodo to be the ringbearer. Good and true words indeed.

Oerath-- That was a great piece, I always seem to love your works. Even they have a style of their own. Hope intertwined with despair, that leaves you thinking long after the piece is read.

Odette- I loved that... It gives a real perspective on what Frodo had to go through, that is many times over looked. Something I know Tolkien meant to have in the books. It was a smooth read and I enjoyed it very much. I would love to see moreSmile Smilie

Thanks a million,you guysSmile Smilie

Thank you for your kind words, Fahvier. I wasn't sure about the text, since I wrote it when I had a terrible headache and a bit of fever, but I'm glad you liked of it among others. Such good feedback definitely should keep me going, but unfortunately I haven't got much of inspiration to write, since I'm still a bit ill. Nothing much though, 1-2 days and I should be back to normal.

I've some material already though, so it's only about time and right mood.

How tiresome, I just replied to your wonderful works and then after I pressed enter it took me to a page which said ' bad request ' and now I start over.

Oerath, I am greatly worried about you. I am worried you have some sort of infection somewhere that needs serious tending to. And I think you need much rest and extremely careful nutrition. Please please go to doctor, I know Elrond is not there for you, but go and submit to what you are told , please. You are precious to us. And as usual everything you do inspires and makes one think and come to decisions about things in our own lives.

Odette, how I loved your work and I think that our Sam might say something like ' those there words brought tears to my eyes and I think I will bury them deep into my heart and keep them there Master Frodo, if you take my meanin'.  Lovely, lovely

Thank you Leels *hugs*

I hope I managed to write a good piece of work, and well, I don't think it's nothing too great, but surely a good read. But as you can see, I finally decided to come back to the realm of light, and write something joyful once more.


If you're about the read this, then be sure to hear this song. It's part of a great legacy that the brave warrior, Quorthon left for us to study. Now he resides in the golden halls of Valhalla. Rest in peace, fallen brother. I've gained more inspiration from his songs than I could ever admit, and he was a true god. And even if he's gone, I still believe that he's flying somewhere, high up in the sky, in form of a black raven. And there he flies, watching upon this world and it's people.


Symphony of the Spring


Go now, my friend, and look out of the windows of your silent room

the sun is shining through the clouds, the spirits are dancing around your house

Go now, my friend, and dance with them, and together we'll all sing

a song about the glory and beauty of this spring


And together we'll all stand there and watch..

how the heart of this world is about to age once more..

and we know that it's going to withstand all of the months and years to come


And as the thick ice breaks, it frees all of the oceans and seas

from the chains of coldness, and even all of the birds will sing once more..

and we know that our days will be joyful and full of hope..

but we also know.. that the spring cannot stay with us forevermore..




As long as the strong winds blow from the great northern seas

and as long as there's no room for worries and grief

Speak the words of power, and call forth the spirits of four winds

and let them to decide what shall be the fate of this spring


Do you remember the times of old, when the days were dark and cold

she came from the depths of woods, and spoke the words of truth

She showed us a new path, and we accepted her as the one and the last.

'I shall never stray from this path. I'll carry on with my life, I'll fulfill the nature's task.'


'One hand will catch all of the leaves as they drop from the branches of trees. And the other hand will prevent the tree from falling, when it's roots are far too old and weak.'

'Night is soon at the door, but remember that the spring is here, there's no need to be afraid, no need to fear. In the end, there will be nothing to regret, nothing to say. If the light decides to leave your eyes, I'll bring your spirit back to life, and I'll give you shelter, when it begins to rain. The light of stars and moon will be your guide, when your journey is without hope and without the light of day.'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

And Leelee, I am doing better already, and though I still have a little cold, it's quite nothing.

It's always quite depressing and boring when I fall ill or catch a cold, it always affects to me greatly, since I cannot sing that much if I've a cold.

Also, I cannot focus that much if I'm ill, my thoughts are kind of going there and there, but I don't know where. ^^

So, no worries. I'm going to drink today, but I'll remember what happened earlier, and I'll keep my head clear enough, so anything bad won't happen. So, have a nice weekend, same goes to all of you, and see ya!

PS. I'm really getting into this 'I wanna quit smoking' thing. I have been able to resist cigarettes pretty well, and I've no interest to return to that business. And though there has been two times in three weeks, when I've smoked a bit, it felt awful on both times, so it only encourages me to go on with non-smoking, cheers!

How PROUD  I am of you Oerath, how very proud. It is ahuge undertaking to even attempt to quit smoking. No matter how it all turns out in the end, each moment you perservere is a triumph and you must be very happy with your work.

As to the poem, well there are so many things that touched my heart I feel quite tired even thinking of getting into them! But I especially love 'together we will stand together, oh how beautiful and happy and full of hope that thought is. Thank you dear friend.

Thank you so much, Leelee. It's really hard to quit smoking.. I am not sure how long I've been trying.. Two years isn't enough, but now I'm really confident about myself, and though I know that there will be times when I may fool myself with smoking a cigarette, but now since I've finally understood how bad it tastes, how awfully it smells, I somehow know that I can overcome this challenge.

As for your words about the lyric, I must say by myself that this poem is very strong. It gives a clear picture of the brave heroes and friends as a one group, watching as the spring finally arrives and the long and cold winter ends. I wasn't sure about this piece earlier, but when I decided to read it with time, I found it to be very interesting. Surely a writer can like of his own work? Wink Smilie

Also, I've noticed that I kind of use some basic elements of common philosophy and my imagination to create very interesting parts, such as:

'One hand will catch all of the leaves as they drop from the branches of trees. And the other hand will prevent the tree from falling, when it's roots are far too old and weak.'

What a strange feeling.. to wonder about something you've written by yourself. Not a daily thing. Smile Smilie

They wait in the star-light

Kings and noble-men

In the dark they bide time,hooded and silent

Their swords are cold against their horses’

Their hilts shine in the shadows of their hearts

The Nazgul are ready

To wield the final stroke,to gain what is theirs

To pound their victim and crush him beneath Death’s hooves

They wait for the final alarm

Reckoning it’s time

For blood to seep into their cold hands and mirthless eyes

They stab and they shriek

Outside their horses neigh in bloodlusts relief

But the evil are defeated in their plan

Screaming they retreat into night’s barren glare

Anger rips through their soul-less hearts

And beneath the waning moon they howl their despair

But they are not done yet

They will grasp all that is fair

And turn them to their rising Lord

So that he can kill and torture

And malign all that is good and dear

So be afraid and be wary

Shut your windows and

Never venture out in the dark alone

Or you’ll become their quarry 


I wrote this silly thing to scare my little cousinSmile Smilie

Has Oerath fallen asleep during one of his long and tiring journeys? The answer is: not.

I am sorry for my absence, which has lasted for bit over two weeks. I've had some real life issues and that kind of stuff, so I haven't even been able to concentrate on writing.

So, here I stand once again. In the front of those same old and heavy doors, which allowed me to enter the halls and galleries of vast knowledge and inspiration, and I feel it's time to do so once more.

Anyway, I hope you've all been doing well, especially you two, Odette and Leelee.

I'm going to come up with something, maybe a token from my unfinished sections or a new writing, who knows, but it shall be posted by tomorrow, and that if something, my friends - is very certain. Smile Smilie

- Oerath.

Dear Oerath, your post greatly alarms me. If there is anything I can realistically do, you have only to message me. I shall light a candle for you and say a prayer, may blessings fly upon the eagle's wings to you. And yes, you are greatly missed.

Once again, I thank you for your kind words, Leelee, but I can assure you that I am doing finely, though I need to get prepared for the hot and unbearable summer and a lot of physical exercises.

I fell asleep too early last night, so I wasn't able to finish what I started, so I did it today.

This one line of words has been bugging me lately, and every time I've tried to continue it in my mind, I have lost the grip of the required words, but now, I've come up with a very good solution, and thus I want to write it down.

So, here I go. (PS. I know it's kind of riddleish, but that's how it was meant to be.)

When the rivers are all dry, and you don't know why

just take a look up into the sky, far beyond the clouds and the sunlight

something calls for you.. something that was left behind..

When the grass is pure and green, you know that it's finally spring

just go out and see if this world still exists, if there's fog or mist

then you must seek out the one, who calls for help in your dreams..

Let the candle burn, let the crows swarm in the sky

they're not waiting for you to die

Let them know that your spirit is old, but yet so strong

let them know that your heart is wise and bold

And maybe they'll give you wings and teach you how to fly

'If you accept the gift of life, then you don't have to say goodbye.'


When nights are getting cold, remember the sun, the light of old

If your soul is pure and without scars, then you may able to feel it's warmth

Think about the past days and weeks, try to remember the one who sought you out in your dreams

'If a well seems to have no bottom, then you may try, if a stone can manage to reach it from up high.'


The stars are seeking for your aid..

The night is without the light of day..

If you're able to bring her back to the sky..

Then you may see, how she really smiles..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

That is rather romantic a piece, don't you agree? Were you thinking of someone specific, a special place, a special time in your life? liked it whatever the motivation.

The Splendid Tree

When my heart was bleeding, my breaths coming in gasps and my arms

trembling with grief-

There you were. I came stumbling out of the thickets and looked up.

There you were most honorable, grand and beautiful tree of Lothlorien, all

covered in golden leaves. Alone in a wide space standing stately tall like

Queen Galadriel herself.

Like the Elven child I was so many ages ago I ran to you, wrapped my arms as wide as i could

against the soft bark of your amber trunk. Sobbing, frightened as no elf should ever be, as I had

never been in all my long life

That is what comes of mingling with men and the sons of men and being grafted into their hearts.

And like a mother who loves deeply you let me feel the life coursing through you; your bark felt comforting , the hugeness of you began to dwarf my grief and gradually

peace came upon me like a swaddling blanket of warmth.

I was saved, saved from destruction of mind and thought, my heart began to mend.

IT has been one hundred long years since i ran to you my friend, my comforter and each time

I have faced dark dreams and black realities there you were, my Splendid Tree.

I have  to leave you now and the parting is almost more than I can bear. You cannot come and I am both stricken with the thought of never seeing you again, never knowing your silent fellowship

and knowing that some day someone else will run to you and be the one you nurture.

Farewell Splendid Tree, may the soil under you remain rich and healthy and secure and may Lothlorien always stand guard over you  even when  we three are  no more than a half forgotten legend.

Hullo everyone!!

I'm afraid I haven't got anything to post.But I really love your pieces,Leels and Oerath.Really different ideas you got there,but both are extremely well done.I loved the images they evoke.

So see you around all and be safe and wellSmile Smilie

Anything you will have to offer will be well worth waiting for dear Odette, and I am quite sure Oerath would agree.

I have been wondering for quite a while now about the creator of this thread, Undale. I never met him or her, and I would so love to know something about the person who took the time to start this lovely thread. Does anyone have any information that I could have ? I would be so grateful and thank you in advance.

@ Leelee: Thanks, Leelee, and yes, we'll just have to wait for Odette, so she can catch us up once more, and throw us another good piece of work. Her latest was good, if I haven't said this earlier (now I've said it, ha!) - and I'll be waiting for more. And oh, I liked of your writing, as usually, I'll clap my hands together and bestow you with the gift of knowledge and wisdom. /kneel and send your hails to the gods.

@ Odette: I haven't seen you around for quite a while, and I guess the same goes for me too.. (I kinda miss ya!)

The reason to all of this and to my break is the fact that my computer got pretty hacked bit over three weeks ago, and now it's all back to normal.

It was a bad situation, along with all of the stress and things of the past few weeks, man, it was so tormenting.

Anyway, I'll now have to sort out a lot of things and stuff, but I can assure you two that I can be found from somewhere around this site. Any day, any time, it's possible. Smile Smilie

- Oerath.

Hi everyone

@Leels,Oerath:Thanks for the faith.Really appreciate itSmile Smilie

@Leels:I keep wondering about Undale too especially when I'm waiting for the page to load and stare and think about who this person was and why he/she never posted a poem.

I really wanted to write a Tolkien-inspired something.I thought about how Frodo felt on seeing Tol Eressea for the first time but then I thought I won't write on The LotR because I tend to overdo it.And even though it's been sometime seen I last read The Silmarillion,I could muster up a few of my favorite scenes.So I'm posting something,I don't know if it's a poem or not..but here goes:


The light was stripped into black,burning flesh

And the Trees bled to non-existence and sure death.


The terrible Valar

Fierce and challenged

Rose to meet Melkor’s deeds.


The gift-bearers’ of water,earth,air

The child-flames of Eru

Fought on their powerful steed

In black rain and solitary landscapes

In the heath of unformed rock

In the cold of deadly water

They drove Melkor farther and farther to the east and north

And after much battle

They caught him alive

And brought him

To where his home once was

But now he knelt,bitter and scheming

And accepted with bowed head


But soon he played into the dark fractures of some Elven hearts

And found,pleased,he could move with his serpentine words,

The entire lot

So he schemed and betrayed

Played his ideas

As someone else’

Till all of Elvendom was erupting into fragile pieces


And he stealthily waited

And bided time

Till one day

In his clawed hands

He grasped Feanor’s life

Taking with him The Silmaril

He hooded himself and fled into the wilderness


It was too late when they sounded the horns

The battle hour was close

But most knew all was already lost

Broken in minds

Now in spirit

All that was left of the Valar

Was the burnt lands and the dead trees

Feeding on the salt of Nienna’s tears

Hello my fellow friends! I have to apologize for my long absence to this thread; My computer crashed, first from virus and then went completely on the blink. I have not had much time to come on here, but I have the computer problem fixed. Now I just have to post a writing soon. 


Oddette: I really liked your last poem. It had great meaning and flowed very nicely. Please continue with more like this...Smile Smilie


Here is something I wrote last night, hope you enjoy...

Sister of love, daughter of pain. 

Giver of life, nothing to gain.

Take nothing back, bring nothing in,

love till you die, sorrow you sing.

Wandering soul of a broken heart,

naught is gain, taken apart.

Strong she hold, weak in frame, 

tears of death from the pit of shame. 

Walk along the dawn of day, 

ghostly shadow of beauty untamed.

Wear the veil to hide your face, 

from wandering souls who take your place. 

Take you in and cast you away. 

Leave you here, the beauty of day.

You are all alone, nothing left,

but your beauty hidden under pains cloak. 

Given up, but given out,

not to fail as duty sees. 

But lay your soul to other hands.

Why do you wander under sleeping trees? 

Come out, come out oh one of shame.

Come back oh beauty,

my sister of love, and daughter of pain.    



It's good to see you, Fahvier, and I think you both managed to bring up something very enjoyable.

I am also sorry that I've been quite in-active for some time, but I am going to put an end to that.

Now it's my turn.


There she walks with her head up high..

Under the blood red and broken sky..

She wields the scythe of endless torment and shivering pain

A weapon of growing hate.. And her lust for death and decay..


'You know her name.. But you cannot speak out the words..

You know that death is much better choice than her empty promises and curses..'


Thousands of stolen souls.. Awaiting to be freed..

And wherever she roams.. Chaos follows her and fulfills her tasks and needs..

Night is nothing, but a reflection of her true malice..

Death is nothing, but a small relief, if she resurrects you..

To serve her eternally in the afterlife..


Death is her name.. And such is your fate..

She is the harvester of souls.. Colder than any winter..

More darker and crueler than any storm..


Her heart knows no grief.. And as silently as the river's stream

She will steal your soul.. She will take it as her own..

And after that you'll no longer be a part of this world..


'And when the sun and the moon unites, when she engulfs the sky with her darkness and demise..

Nothing can end her reign.. And those who decide to try, they all are doomed to fail..

Her will cannot be undone.. Her words are poison.. Her desire for power knows no bounds..

Her eyes full of blackness and despair.. And all of her thoughts are without the light of day..'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen.


PS. This will probably end up as the lyric for one of my planned songs, but I don't know yet.

I've shelved many projects, but my current one will hold it's ground, and once I get to recruit some people, it'll all be fine.


Fahvier, that is lovely. For some reason your poem is barely discernable on my screen. The words are very pale against the white background. I would like to see you explore many different facets of your thought and put them down, you are a very interesting penman. Oerath, those words were very chilling indeed and I could feel such emotion when I read them. shiver. Brilliant.





Hey, Leelee, and I'm glad to hear that it was readable.

I wrote it in a very short time, and though I had the basic idea of it in my mind, I had some troubles with certain parts of it.

I've always thought of death as a woman in black robe with a long and gruesome scythe in her hands, and in many stories and myths, she has been described just like that.

If that writing should bear an entitle, it would be: Death, The Harvester of Souls. Smile Smilie

PS. Next one won't be a dark writing, it will be something very joyful and full of peace.


Hmm... I cant seem to get my letters brighter, anyway, I will try to write some more and post as soon as possible. I have been getting a little bit more inspiration in the last little while and this week I wont be so busy. 

Oerath: I cant wait to read your more... 'uplifting' pieceSmile Smilie

Hey Fahvier thanks so much, I'm glad you liked itSmile Smilie

I absolutely enjoyed your work too.

@Oerath:Great as always.Keep it upSmile Smilie

I am sorry Fahvier, but I think that my next work will be something from between the light and the darkness.

I've a very good entitle and some speaking parts as ready.

This will be a sequel to: Dream is a path that you must walk.

I'll reveal two of my up-coming entitles:

'The Temple of Crystal Rain' and 'When she awakes from the eternal sleep'

Both of them will follow the story-line of 'Dream is a path that you must walk', and I'm going to tell more about the priest and her daughter, who tries to reach the form of infinity, so she could become a god.

So, stay tuned. Smile Smilie



Sorry I misunderstood you a bit Oerath, but still I eagerly wait for your next piece all the sameSmile Smilie 

It is quite a.thrill really to come on to the site weary, exhausted and then, behold, to see the do you have a poem thread up at the top. It is wonderful and refreshing, a little stop along with dusty path of life in which to stop and rest and be filled up with good things.

I am so very impressed with the power in all of your bodies of work. I loved certain words, they lashed out at my senses and made me think deeply with greater care than I normally would have reading along.

I like all of your imagery and yet each is so different than that of the others. I am constantly reminded of a costly and time consuming tapestry and each of you has skillfully woven your thoughts in awe inspiring colors and shades and tones , so that standing back and looking at the overall noone would think that the threads came from all over the place, a fragment here and there. No it is all so smooth and rich and satisfying. I know you are all so busy in your particular worlds but I want to thank each of you from the depths of this Elven heart for taking the time when you can to bless us here and give us much to think about as we move and live and go on.

And, please, do not worry nor feel bad or obligated in any way to come on here and post a poem . A poem is a very personal thing and not that easy, so be it once a month or once a year, it is even more important to come on to this thread to talk about poems and thought and just be together. The other will come in its given hour.

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