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Just when you had to mention about it. Smile Smilie

By the way, what you said about creating a world of my own. I have kind of done that already. The Realm of Arcadian, remember?

I could always continue that, or go back to one of my other projects. I've had many plans and ideas, but some of them weren't meant to become anything serious.

I think I will search up for my old Arcadian related works and stories, and begin to wonder how I will continue it.

I will write some follow-up to Journey today. A larger update.

Leelee, I am reading things like Ivanhoe, the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Three Musketeers, and others such as these.....many more! Your encouragement and flattering is more than I can take! I am literally jumping in excitement! My love for writing has flared violently, since you talked with me! Is it all right if I get you email address, I am writing a longer story and maybe you can help me with it..... !!

Oerath, thanks anyway. Your poems are great. I will be working on a Tolkien related one to post here soon.

I remember Oerath, that was awesome. Go to it my man, go to it!.Actually I don't know how on earth you find any time to come here, your life is tres busy.

Wen, I knew it had to be that type of books, the Ivanhoe especially calls to me , you have the sound of one who has been into that sort of books. You have rightly captured the essence of the time and the chivalry involved. I would urge you to do your homework though. Watch some old episodes of Cadfael, about a Benedictine Monk of the twelfth century  who after forty years in the world, including as a soldier in the holy land during the first Crusade and as a seaman, herbalist, becomes a monk. The author, actually a woman and a scholar made sure just everything was accurate, some of the people in the Abbey were actual people. And just watch how she crafts her stories from beginning to end. It is a real education.

And about the email, I would need to speak to our Taz. For it is a serious thing to exchange emails , we don't in fact actually know who each other on this site are, only what the other tells us. And you my gallant Wen, are a minor. If you Taz or Am or Fen or  Loss or Vir or any of the council could tell me the rules if any, i am too new in the council, please do .

Yeah, well I am not so busy, but working daily from monday to friday adds more bits to my usual tiredness.

I just cannot help it, my sleep rhythm is really what it is. ^^

Now having said that about Arcadian stuff, I shall get back to it, but not immediately. I have that grand poem under works now.

Good day, my friends. I decided to inform you that I've now began my work on that grand poem, and as I said, it includes three parts; three different poems, short or long, they shall act as one.

Here's some details.

It will be a poetic story about a woman, who abandoned her home and fought her way through all dangers and threats, then fell in love with a noble king, became a queen, and then sacrificed herself for the sake of the kingdom. But in death, she was rewarded for her deeds of heroism and faith, and the judge of spirits sent her back, and dressed in white and blue clothes, she returned as a mortal, and all of her people knelt before her, and began to cry in front of her beauty. Thus, a legend was born:

The Queen of White Sorrow and Frozen Tears.

Today I will only post my next chapter of 'The Secret of Three Graves', if possible.

And during next week, I will solely focus on that poem. It will be a grand tale!

When it's all done, I will post it as a journal and as a divided one (in three parts, of course) unto this thread. Smile Smilie

Now, have a good day, all of you.


Edit: I've barely had access to internet, again. I've managed to log in every now and then, but the whole thing is very unstable. I've been dotting some material into notebook, but it's not complete.

I am sorry for all the delay and stuff. I will strive to post the new chapter by tomorrow, now I just have to keep writing. I just got disconnected again, but for now, I'm online, so I can finally post this update.

my poem about prejudice




I am alone in the dark

No-one to guide me, no-one to care.

I feel broken inside,

I'm incomplete in life.


No matter where I turn

Scorn chases me away.

I am who I am,

I didn't make myself so.


You never gave me a chance,

Instead you looked then turned.

But I am human just like you

I look different, nothing more.


But you judge by look,

You do not think of me

And so I am alone

So alone due to you.


It isn't my fault

I was made as such,

Different on out, same within.

I do not laugh, I only cry.


Difference is bad

Difference causes pain,

People do not think,

That I feel like you.


I do not look the same,

So you just condemn me,

To a life alone,

With no-one to turn to,

Just fate and tears...

                                 Lady Alyss



Oh LadyAlyss, you really do have something that I really like of, I always sing your efforts as I read them through. Enough convincing?

You're good at what you do. Smile Smilie

@ Leelee: My deepest sympathies goes out to you, Elder Leelee. You're a kind soul, a soul unlike any other. And you're the keeper of this thread. Be well and let us hope that everything will be alright.


I am having a difficult time trying to express what I meant in this poem. The best possible way to describe the 'message' is the want to give up but the will to go forward through everything. I didn't want to give the wrong impression, so I thought I would clear that up just in case. Hope you enjoy. 



A tear sifts over the pastel face,

Stained in mourn of those, the lost. 

The road to death is not a race, 

A path for those whose hearts cannot;    

Cannot contain the pain inside, 

Cannot remain in silent hide. 

Who are we to try compare. 

We cannot feel the hurt that’s theirs. 

The will to live, 

The want to die, 

Who are we to hold their lives. 

Take no more, the pain is great.

 Shall we leave them now to only wait. 

To wait for those whose time has passed,

 For time of theirs is passing still. 

But do they let their soul to rest?

 Nay! Though pain is yet to fill. 

They walk past death,

 Walk past the grave.

 So take their hand and leave them safe. 

Walk beside If dark the day. 

Though Hades may yet bar the way.

 Hold them if the lay to rest,

 Wake them if theres nothing left.

 Life is hurt, but death is more. 

The pain will fade,

 The emptiness replaced,

 Not in full, but just a breath, 

Until they see the open door...




Brilliant Fahvier, your poem touches me deep inside. you have a true gift. 

yes i do i have many of them which one's do you want me to share with you can you tell me. i'll give you the titles and you can pick which one you want me to send to you okay

1.Our vivid Personalities

2.My Pristine Deceptions

3."The Book Of Revelatioons


*You can pick which one and i will be more than happy to send them to you for you to read



Very good, Fahvier! Good to see you, and hails to Lady too.

And hey, Elfqueen (forgetting the numbers).

If you just want to share some of your poetry/work with us, feel free to do so.

But well, part of a writer's knowledge is to know which pieces to share.


You can post them all at once, if you want. It's all up to you.

In any case, when you do so, I'd be glad to spend some of my time to read it through.

We always support newcomers. Smile Smilie


Edit: I was on a vacation, so I had no access to my computer/internet. I forgot my laptop to home.

My poem is in a good shape, but far from ready, so I'll take my time and post it when it's complete.

It's everything, but short, so it will be worth the wait.

I am fairly new to poetry, so it's a little rough, but I'd love to improve, so please, offer advice, point out problems/mistakes and places to improve, etc!

This poem is from the point of view of a young elf who is shocked and confused by what some men would do for fame. In his eyes, it is folly. Elven songs to him seem always to tell of matters of the heart, while the songs of men tell of great heroes who died glorious deaths in battle with fierce enemies. It is, perhaps not obviously, about the races of Middle-Earth.

Of dragon's song,

Of golden fire,

Of men who to glory aspire,

Who claim the right to right and wrong,

And dare to sing the dragon's song,


Of them do song,

And poem tell,

Those heroes who for glory fell.

The lives of men, they last not long,

And so, they say, to sword belong.


Mortal men fight,

For glories past,

From life's first breath to very last.

"For glory live, for glory die!"

The sons of men shall ever cry.


Of golden song,

Of dragon's fire,

Do minstrels sing with flute and lyre.

A man would fight a thousand strong,

To die a death worthy of song.

Well, Rukain. First of all, welcome to Planet Tolkien. I think I've to go over to our 'new members' thread, and welcome a few others too.

As for your writing, it's a good start. I know it may be hard to get into the right mood, and obtain a right style, but it's worth the effort. Good start in all terms. Keep it going and if you want to post non-middle-earth poems, it's not forbidden to do so. This is a free poetry thread.

But, back to the business. I just realized that I haven't posted any poetry for quite a while, oh well, a week here and there.

I've some personal lyrics as ready. I'm working much on my first good and solid song, called 'The Hounds of Darkness'. I edited the entitle a little, but I like of it.

First I've to create complete drum tracks and vocals on my own, then I'll ask from a guitarist friend of mine for advice for the rest. Guitars, bass, keys.

And now that poem.

It tells about a mythical being, called the raven god. His name is Merwath, and this is one of those ideas that I thought about, when I wrote stuff for my 'The World of Arcadian' story-line. I've looked up at those files again, and I think that I could continue to write more poems about the guardians and other beings of my fictional world. This piece of work has all the style and originality that I could possibly grant it. A good work in my opinion, so I hope that you others will enjoy of it too. Smile Smilie


Mountain of The Raven God


Far in the distance, he sees a mountain, so dark and tall

It is said that a being of darkness resides there, high above the clouds of this world

And he knows that it's not a myth, in his dreams, he has seen it's dark and great halls

He has not seen it's true form, but it's either that of the blessed or the accursed


'With tens of crows flying in the air, and three of them sitting on his shoulders. He arises and speaks with words greater than any mortal man. But are those the words of a true god?'


And where the sun never shines through the clouds

And where the wind never blows from the south

There stands the mountain of the raven god

A being who cannot wither away, he has a fate of his own


And where the mortals climb up high, in search of a truth

And where storms shake all of the mountains, with a power so great and cruel

There he sits on the throne of dim feathers, always awaiting for the night to fall

Whoever comes and challenges him, none of them will ever be able to take his crown


And from the fields of green grass, full of long and living trees

A man looks far into the distance, at the mountain he saw in that dream

And he knows that he cannot make the climb, he knows it's not worth his time

But still, he would be curious to find out, who the raven god really is..

Is his existence just a myth, or is he truly a messenger from the depths of the abyss..


'A shadowy figure arises and steps out of the darkness, into the light, which shines so faintly through the windows of his dark halls. He has face of a mortal man, but he has no signs of aging on his face. And as he keeps walking forward, a mortal woman seemingly awakes and moves on the floor. And as he stops and looks deeply into the eyes of this woman, he speaks the following words:

None of them knows of my existence, so you've no salvation in your reach. Accept it, you're nothing, but a mere mortal. I am surprised you've come so far, but I'm afraid that this is the end of your road. Death is the only thing that can set you free. I am Merwath, The Raven God, and this the castle of darkness and broken dreams.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

a good poem Rukain.

Oerath, reading your work always makes my day, every poem and story of yours echoes through my mind long after i have read it. T's the sign of a good poet /writer.

Here is another short one of my own.


Lady Alone

Mercilessly conquering all,

Traveling swiftly, alone but free

Caressing child, master of all.


Controlled though she is,

By those above.

She controls those beneath.


Howling silently through the sky,

Howling gently through the tree.

People keep from her, fear her.


People turn from her,

Unloved is she, lonely Lady.

Lady of the darkness.

                                                     Lady Alyss

Oerath, that last piece is still running through my mind. Wonderful. It is always a joy coming on and seeing a new masterpiece you have written. I especially liked this last one. 


Rukain, Welcome to the thread! Your poem was well done. A great start. Feel free to post more.

Good to see both of you, LadyAlyss and Fahvier. I'm very glad you enjoyed of that work.

Lady, your offering is good as always. A good read in many ways.

I'll leave this post short, 'cause I'm feeling quite sleepy + I'm quite, well, you know me. ^^

I would also like to encourage our new members to write more. A little quote by me:


'When you write, the sky should be your only limit. Do not hesitate and do not delay. Always deliver it with passion and style, even if you cannot see the splendor of your work with your own eyes.'


I'll continue writing of my grand poem tomorrow, if possible. So, good night.

Thank you dear Oerath, Lady and Fahv for carrying on. Stellar work and so varied and awesome, what fine minds you have.

Rukain your work was a deligth and gave the true cadence and feel of medieval poets and bards who travelled the realm delighting their audiences.. I really enjoyed this piece. As for giving comments on what you can improve, I don't permit this please. This thread is simply to enjoy what a fellow poet has shared from the heart and mind. There are poetry clubs or night school or getting a teacher or other to show where you might improve. But really to my mind the best way of all is to devour poem after poem by writers whose work you admire the most of all. Afer a bit you will clearly see where you might tweak your piece.

            A recent poem of mine, I named it, The Song of the Moontide.               

Oh, early on,

Ere the land was marred,

The magic gone,

And the earth so scarred,

There was a time,

When all was young,

Oh, the moon did shine,

As oft is sung!

Oh, that sphere in the sky,

From which tales have sprung!


He glowed so bright,

And conquered all.

For in the night,

When the owl gave call,

The earth was covered with silver light,

Alas, the Moon was very young,

And without knowledge or foresight,

His plans to rise in power, far-flung,

                                                                  For he relied upon his might.



The Ocean, then, the Moon did clasp,

In order to test his strength,

The waves beneath were in his grasp,

He pulled them to great length.

Twice each day he brought them in,

And twice he let them out.

So vigorously did he begin,

 That from the waves he did force out,

The magnificent mare and stallion!

And they leapt on shore to run about.


Thundering foothills,

Thundering plains,

Thundering hoof beats,

Cloudy white manes!


The Ocean is surging,

The breakers, they roar,

Thundering horse hoofs,

 From the Ocean floor!

A brilliant poem Wen, I hope to read more of your writing as you have a true gift


Yeah, well done, Wenlesael. As I already said: Keep it up. You've some potential for such a young person.

Now, as for my doings: As you folks probably know, I enjoy of silence every now and then, and novadays, I write when I want to, and this time is no exception. I've been thinking about another Norse-themed poem, and it will be called:

'And like the wind, he rides across the roaring waves'

I've some school stuff to do, so I won't be writing that today, but maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow. It's going to be quite poetic and striking.


I often get the sense of despair and true lonliness when I read your work. And yet there is always and accompanying lightness, not of emotion particularly, but of actual movement. I always have a sense of you or your heroine on a white horse gliding through the pitch dark heavens and it is beautiful.

Wen, you have outdone yourself in this, it was fabulous. The word imagery flooded my senses and I could clearly see every single thing in my mind and it was like watching a superb movie at a great 1920's cinema.

Good for you Oerath, you are really master of your creativity. Rest deeply when you want, it only makes your mind sharper. Oh and on your walks in the deep woods, remember, no lying down and sleeping! period.

Yeah, well spoken, Leelee. I agree with you,

By the way, as I said, I've some new poetry, but today, I realized it's true concept. It's about love. In a good and nordic way.

It tells a tale of Rókhar Ironhand and Elewyn Silverhair. Two nordic warriors, who fell in love with each other, when they were at their twenties. And since of that day, they had served Thor for nearly two full decades. But on Elewyn's 42th birthday, she fell in battle, and this tragic death caused all of the other things and events that were to come in near future. Leading up to Rókhar's death. (PS. I know it's a hard concept for younger people to read, but my works don't involve gore or such things. It's not too detailed in that field, O' Council. So I guess I've the green light on this? ^^)

So, this is:


In the Memory of Rókhar Ironhand and Elewyn Silverhair


'This part tells about the day, when Elewyn died. Rókhar tries to write a letter to Elewyn's parents, to tell them about her death.'


Part I : Will she sleep for an eternity (Rókhar's thoughts about Elewyn)


I used to have so many tales to tell

But after the day when you fell..

I couldn't even think about them..

Anymore.. Anymore..


And as I now write this letter to your parents

None of it's content makes any sense..

I am still deeply in love with you, no matter what I do or say..

I hope that you know.. I hope that you know..


We had so many things to do, so many journeys left, so many unspoken words

And here I just stand and wonder if you will ever return

Return.. Return..


And as I walk down the windy path that leads to your forest grave

I try to close my eyes, and become one with the silence, but I can only think about things too painful to say

My hands are shaking, and my eyes are full of tears, I've four thoughts upon my mind..

'Will you sleep for an eternity, my love? Will you sleep until the very end of times?

'Will you be there when I've to go? Will you be there, when I've to leave this world far behind?'


'Just like the previous one, this part tells about Elewyn and about her feelings for Rókhar. And though she would like to meet him again, she still hopes that he would carry on with his life, and not give in to grief and despair.'


Part II : And like the wind, he rides across the roaring waves (Elewyn's thoughts about Rókhar)


There he stands in front of my grave

But he doesn't know that I am still here

Even though I now exist as a lesser spirit, I can still see, feel and hear..


My days are so long without you, my love

There's nothing here in the golden halls of Valhalla

To replace the joys of life..


I long to see you once again, but I know that your life must go on

So, here I just stand in the embrace of morning rain

Hoping that you still do remember this song..


'And like the wind, he rides across the roaring waves

Seeking for new challenges, for new journeys..

And for something that could change the course of his sorrowful days


But what if all of his deeds have been in vain

What if he cannot live without those painful memories..

Only the gods know the real truth, but it is so clear..

He cannot live without his beloved muse..'


Part III : A cry of victory


'And this part, it's events occur a year after Elewyn's death, and on a misty morning, Rókhar and his men heard a battle cry. And it could mean only one thing. It was a call to arms. They were at war.'


On that morning, we all left our homes to serve the gods in this great war

We gathered in a small village, and brought our armors, shields and swords

And as we began to march towards the rising sun, we cried: 'Hail, in the name of Thor!'

There was no escape, no chance to turn back, upon this night, our enemies would fall!


Riding forth into the heat of battle, the brave warrior's of Midgård

Their hearts know no fear and their fighting will is unbreakable and strong

Thousands upon thousands, all of them clad in golden armors, so brightly they shine in the light of sun

A cry of victory echoes throughout every land and forest, a new era has begun


And after countless months of fighting, they finally surrounded the last of their enemies

They had sacrificed so much, and luckily those cold and rainy nights were all behind

And as Rókhar, their leader, stepped forth to face the remaining warriors of Loki

One of them challenged him, a combat to the death, and he accepted, by unsheathing his sword made of golden steel


And for long they fought, but in the end, Rókhar proved to be victorious..

But he didn't know that his enemy would do something so weak and low

He was backstabbed, and it was a fatal wound, and so, still smiling at his victory..

Rókhar, the leader of all armies of Thor did fall..


Part IV : Meant to be together in life and death


'And so Rókhar's spirit left it's mortal coil and sought out the realm of Asgård. And there, from the beginning of The Rainbow Bridge, he awoke and saw his wife, Elewyn, sitting beside him.'


And as he slowly opened his eyes.. He saw Elewyn sitting by his side

He wondered could it be real, or was this just one of his wishful dreams

But then she touched his face with her pale, but soft hand

And on that very moment, Rókhar learned the truth.. They were dead.. And so he said to her:


'I cannot believe my eyes, but if we're both truly here, then shouldn't we walk across this bridge, shouldn't we go to the golden halls? I long to see the gods that reside high above.'

'Maybe this was meant to happen, but I still hoped for you to carry on with your life. But if you're truly here, then we have one last chance to make things right.'

'I never knew that this day would really arrive, and as I now look at you, my eyes are full of tears of joy. Maybe we were meant to be together in life and death, until the very end.'


And by crossing the rainbow bridge, they finally arrived to the golden halls

And by bowing before Odin, he gave them the blessing of all gods

So much suffering, so many battles behind, so many journeys to make, so many hidden treasures to find

There are so many things that they both left behind, they've so many things to understand..

But instead of accepting it all at once.. They just smiled and crossed their hands


'Even death cannot keep us apart from each other!'  they cried, and the sky answered. And as it began to rain, Rókhar looked at Elewyn, and as she nodded, they both cried for one last time:

'Let the journey begin!'

The End.


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Eloquent as ever Oerath. Bravo!

Thanks, Lady. I'm glad you liked of it. I didn't plan it to become that long, but I guess it's fine. It's one of those story poems.

Now with that work done, I will focus on that grand poem. So far, I've written it during my free time at work and before going to sleep, it's all in my phone's office/notebook. Smile Smilie

I cannot wait for the master piece dear Oerath

Another very short one of mine



Fly no more

I feel the intense heat at my feet,

I turn and see another fall;

Screaming silently as it went.

I turn back in horror, afraid of fate.


As It comes closer I start to pray

That my family is safe and not dead

And that I may escape somehow.

It corners me against the wall.


I gulp and look up to heaven,

Then It sprays me,

My wings flop and I fall,

Fall into devoid darkness…

                                                          Lady Alyss

Thank you for that Otto dear. Well done, full of great imagery. loved it.

Lady, that was terrifying and lovely. I love how you want so badly to protect those you love, the bravery and the peril. I wonder, what is the 'it' that threatens that you refer to. Do you know?

Good to see you, Leelee and thanks. As for you, LadyAlyss. Good as always. I am not so descriptive as Leelee, but I enjoy of your entries. Each of them has something interesting.

It's sunday tomorrow, and time to do some posts. One last good deed before a new week approaches.

I have learned that at times it's hard to keep some promises, but this time I'll write a new chapter of story and a new entry of journey.

Well Leelee, the It is a human as it is from a Fly's point of view and as you ca imagine the fly would be terrified of the human for it is much bigger than it. I was not sure on how to make it obvious indirectly 

That was amazing Lady, very interesting.

Oerath dear, you put too much upon yourself, just do what you can when you can. That is enough and well appreciated.


He heard a cry, a shout, a scream, 

the rest is silence like a morning dream.

One step, one breath, one whisper of death.

A call that was heard by everyone left.

A field of souls, one heart does yet beat. 

Standing slowly, though standing tall.

Rocking back on unsteady feet.

The ground is red with his tears of pain. 

The warriors death was not his bane. 

His muscles ache, head pounding with shock.

To take it back, oh’ to take it all back. 

Is one mans soul enough to trade. 

One soul forever enough to trade?

Each step is a memory, of sword against steel.

Flashing before him, again and again.

Pick up your arms, and again may you feel.

With a cry it came down, a blade to the mire.

It stands as a grave for all who have fallen. 

All but one man, and one mans desire,

To take it all back, oh’ to take it all back.

To leave that place seems as to betray. 

Shall he die with them now or toy with his fate.

One step the further, leads back to a life.

“I do not belong, no I do not belong,

In the land of the living, of turmoil and strife. ”

He looks to the skies, now deep red in rage.

Come rain down the blood of the men who were slain.

Do the heavens have mercy, will they really hear?

My plea, my plea, my mournful desire,

To take it all back, oh’ to take it all back.

Is one mans soul enough to trade?

One soul forever enough to trade,

For the lives of the graven,

The mourned over dead,

With a sword as a grave stone, 

And his soul as a pledge.








Very nicely done, Fahvier. I think you should write more pieces like this one. It was a good read.

Btw, Leelee (Racheeel!) I did heed the words of advice, and I've rested well and from now on, I'll take my time with these projects. I did write some new stuff, but with these busy days, I'm going to take it easy and edit them with time and care. So, some posts to follow some day this week.

I've been working on lyrics for my first song 'No Time to Mourn'. It's good so far. Melancholic stuff.

I think I'll post 'em this evening, so you'll know what is to come. Smile Smilie

A brilliant poem Fahvier carry on writing

The Oerath Windsoul-Project : No Time To Mourn


Sleep.. You've to dream..

It is said that some dreams can heal..


Heed the voice of the sister of night..

Listen to what she has to say..

But do not go close to her..

Do not become one with the silence of this unending rain..


No time to mourn..

No tears, no sorrow..


Sleep.. You've to dream..

It is said that some dreams can redeem..


Sleep.. Your life must go on..

Just close your eyes and open that door..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Wow Oerath, that was amazing, I loved it. I think it amongst my favorite. Well written

Oh, thanks, LadyAlyss. If I may use this quote at this point: 'If a lyric is short, it doesn't mean it can't be epic.'

So, those are song lyrics for my project's first real song, 'No Time To Mourn'.

There's a youtube link in Musician's Guild, check it out, if you want. Smile Smilie

Bathe In The Light of Stars


So here I am, standing on a misty hill

It is so quiet, and even the wind is so calm and still

And despite this darkness, my heart is at ease, my soul is free of all doubt and fear

And with a crescent moon shining high up in the sky, these visions of mine, they feel ever so real


Just a few more footsteps, and I'll reach that star with my hand

I don't want to fall down, I don't want to look back..


I hope she can hear me.. 'Cause I've only one wish..

Before I am ready to go back, I want to experience something..

That I will remember, when my physical form finally ceases to exist..


Oh, the queen of all nights, I mean you no harm..

I want to discover the secrets of the sky, I want to bathe in the light of these stars

It is the only way to cleanse my spirit and my soul, so I can return back to the realm, where I do belong

There's so much for each of us mortals to see, if we're ready to learn what lies beyond the starlit sea


And with my body free of all diseases, and free of all that coldness and pain..

I feel like a newborn child, and if the fates allow me to do so, I would make that journey again..

So, walk in the air, feel all that timelessness.. And after that, nothing will ever be the same

So, seek her out and bathe in the light of stars, my friend..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

that poem is stunning, you can feel as you do and the yearning contained within. It is amazing. Once again Oerath, that was brilliantly done!

Time for one mysterious poem.


Unheard Voices From Below the Waves


Empty, long forgotten shores.. Broken cliffs, sinking ships..

When we lost the sight of dawn? When did it all end, when it all will begin?

Once more.. The sun is growing weak and cold, and it's light is about to die..

Will it all end, if I just keep walking towards the horizon.. Will I surface, if I decide to dive?


Shivering coldness.. In the embrace of clear waters.. No chance to breathe..

A feeling so eternal.. And instead of seeing a glimpse of light.. I hear singing..


'Take care of the dormant souls of those who I loved..'


Sun is falling, I can see it's crimson colors underwater.. So destructive, but yet so beautiful..

My heart is still beating, and I won't even accept the gift of death, if I don't know who keeps singing that song...

So, here in all peace and silence, I await for one last verse, then I may have to give my soul away..

An eagle flies near the surface.. If it can hear me, it may stay and await for those who yet remain to awake..


But if I was wrong, what if there was no music or singing at all?

Does it matter, if I've already drown, if I cannot ever return back to home..

A sound of serenity echoes in my mind, and for the rest of my astral and hollow days

I will wander across the oceans, but they won't ever be able to hear..

The unheard voices from below the waves..


'If given more time, would they send me back to end the unwise decisions of the mankind itself?'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Well done dear prince. i felt these last two poems were more mellow, more i think something of the real Oerath that i have come to know. A little closer to earth and not so much in the vast vault of the heavens. They were refreshing and lovely. Marvellous.

Cpme Lady treat us to something more from your pretty mind and soul.  

Yeah, thanks, Leelee. I have come to understand that my mind has a certain will of it's own to call upon these themes that so much are visible in our lives, in a way or another. If that's even sane to say. Smile Smilie

I can handle many things concerning writing, but I guess this is what I can do the best. In addition, I thought about this sentence, and it's somewhat interesting:

'Sun is falling, I can see it's crimson colors underwater.. So destructive, but yet so beautiful..'

So, is it safe to say that if there has to be sorrow and death, why there can't be joy and life?

And @LadyAlyss: I would wish to see more of your work, as journals, as poetry, it's all the same. Also, I've been wondering when that little fairy called Odette has enough time to pass by, and roll all over these forums again. I greatly miss her.

And one more piece of information before I go. I haven't kept the journey active for some time, so I'll finally post my next update today. Not sure about the time, but it will be there. I will also continue to write 'the queen of white sorrow and frozen tears'. For once, I've been doing some careful picks among words and how to line it all up. It will be poetry all the way, in the form of story. This makes me think of Elias Lönnrot, and how he wrote 'Kalevala'. Quite awesome.

I do not think I have posted this one yet, it isn't my best.


Bird so high
It flies high in the sky,
O so free, O so calm.
It loves its life
It has no care.
That is the life for me,
A bird I want to be.
Lovely and soft,
Free and gentle.
I will be happy.
A family to love,
No rules to bide,
Amongst the trees I would fly.
Wings spread wide,
Head held high,
Soaring through the open sky.
At night I’d nestle,
Family around me,
Lovely and warm they sleep.
But I am left to dream,
In reality life is cruel,
No freedom, all laws
No one there to guide you.
                                                    Lady Alyss

Not bad, not bad at all. I guess you heard my little request somewhere in the depths of your mind. Very nicely done and once again, I could just forget about amp's and microphones and just sing away.

Anyway, this is going to be very tough to get into, but I don't know, the idea just came to me, and I decided to dot something down.


Flight of A Nightshade Owl


I see dark and tall trees and silently flowing forest streams

Night has a beauty of it's own, whether it's misty or cold

There's no sign of light, no traces of life, but somehow I know that..

I am about witness the flight of a nightshade owl


And there it flies, out of the sight of my eyes, but I can hear the clapping of it's wings

I can also hear it's loud, but enchanting cries

It's so grey and dim, nothing like I've ever seen, so mysterious and horrid

It may be a messenger from my shadowed dreams


And though I do not believe to something, which I cannot even see

It's existence cannot be denied, it's more than real, it's more than alive

Here, under a full moon, I just keep wondering about an owl, can it be a herald of doom

Maybe it's cries are meant to echo through the night, maybe it's here to devour all of the light


Nightshade owl.. I answered to your call..

Will you lead me to a forest lake.. I wish to cleanse myself..

Are you here to instill fear into my heart.. Are you here to remind me about my past..

Yes, I once came to this place, but I don't have anything left, not even any old and forgotten memories..


'And I don't know, do I want to remember, some things are better left alone forever..

I would desire to leave this place behind, but if I decide to follow you, then what will I find?'

A truth.. A secret.. Will I discover a myth.. Unveil a forbidden legend..


Who knows, none except a nightshade owl..

Who knows, if it will be there when the bells shall toll..

Last of our long chimes..

Pure music of the night..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Fantastic as ever Oerath, you always keep my mind full of your brilliant writing

Her is another one of mine,





Lost in the depth of woe,

Alone in the darkness.

Your last light fades,

Your tunnel goes black.


Silence fills your world,

Nothing else can distract you,

No one can console you.

You feel nothing within your abyss.


You try to forget,

To give yourself peace of mind,

But it’s hard, it wastes you.

So you engulf yourself within it.


It consumes you entirely;

The darkness and gloom,

It surrounds you like a shell.

It isolates you.


This is true sorrow,

The sorrow of losing one close,

It makes you insecure.

Insecure and lost… 

                                          Lady Alyss

I know that grief and pain intimately Lady and I would add to that the horrific panic that can follow the emptiness when you realize that in this life you shall not behold the face of that loved one again. Very well done, very believable.

The Outcome of Great Loss



A sunset valley under a broken bridge,

A single tree on a lofty ridge,

A lonely branch with one drooping leaf,

A lonely warrior bent with sorrow and grief.


Treading wearily over every rock and every stone,

He had not foreseen that he would take this journey alone.

The sight of dead bodies, in his memory would stay,

As they fell, one by one, on the fields they now lay.


Only he would return by the way they had come,

Only he would see again the land they were from,

Only he would resume the life of before,

Only he would again set foot on the shore.


And as he drew near to the sand and the waves,

He came across familiar shelters and caves.

So by the ocean, in one of these,

He let his tears flow, his burden to ease.


But, alas, weeping did not settle his soul,

And the man confined himself to that miserable hole.

Not a syllable, from his parched mouth, issued,

Then he lay down, never to be renewed.



From Helgori's Saga by James Galbreath:


As they passed the ravaged house and burned out barns, Tilgi winced at the pain radiating from the ruins. Nari stared at the row of graves, the wooden markers all made at the same time in the same style of the same wood. Her fingers touched imaginary tunzumrili strings as she hummed the Lay of Ending:

The Lay of Ending

Under the green, green grass I lie, not in the world of breath and light.

Under the thick-grown sod am I, who walked and talked and woke from night.

Now walk I not nor speak a word, nor wake to see the sun ascend.

Yet you may find some wisdom stirred by my bitter or gentle end.

Each moment blessed or cursed reveals the direction your life’s trending

And fragile life most precious feels when confronted with its ending.

For as I once was where you are, out in the world of joy and pain,

You, too, will come and join with me below the Maker’s green grass lain.

So love you strong and drink you deep of the goodness which you cherish,

And give your gifts before you sleep so they shall not with you perish.

All quiet now beneath the sky, my days gone past my mending.

Under the green, green grass I lie. May the Maker bless my ending.

It was one thing to sing of brave and tragic heroes and heroines in mighty battles that turn the tide of history, and quite another to witness the forlorn ending of this family who simply wanted to plant and harvest and raise their livestock. Who would sing of their brave and futile defense of cow and corn, of house, barn and field? Who would value their lives or mourn their deaths?

A good poem Gledon. Well done.

A dear friend of mine died which inspired me to write this, barely hours after finding out.


Who am I?

I stand, silent and observing,

I wait, calm and tranquil.

I  kill quick and hard,

I cry gentle and soft.


Unloved am I, uncared for too.

I am hated, I am despised.

I do my job efficiently

But no one cares, no one does.


It is not my fault,

I was made to kill.

If I could change

I’d do so gladly.


Yet I am peace,

I am the end.

For I am the one,

The one and only death…

                                                      Lady Alyss

Lady, this meant much to me. Waiting day by day to see if my daughter will live or die has made me rather fragile and feel a wreck. This spoke to my heart and I am sorry for the loss of so dear a friend. A hug and prayer for you dear.

Gledon, I am a trifle confused, is this your work or were you sharing another's , I could not be sure. Whoever wrote it - it is lovely and deeply descriptive. And  since you are new here in our little corner of Middle-Earth I will tell you the one rule we have here. We never critique another's offerings, for here is a sanctuary where each of us can come and bare our souls as it were and try any sort of way to express that which lies deep in the unplumbed depths of our hearts and souls. Criticism here is something that chases away those who would timidly come forth and try their hand at poetry. But if something touches us we are free to praise and tell why we praise.

Ah our young friend Wen, so full of wisdom with words for one so new to the world. I have genuinely liked every single thing you have offered in every thread you offered it in. You seem to have a rare gift of being skilled and happily gifted in both prose and poetry and that is amazing. Remember to study others you appreciate and learn the rythmn of their works, study the flow and ebb and read on other cultures and countries in the time period you love and you will become like one who walked in their midst, a native of the place time and political climate and that will make your works magic and authentic. Wonderful. You know I have a dear friend in China, a professorial type who is also the most amazing artist and he tells fabulous stories of his childhood and the people around him with both written stories and his art work. His name is Wenzali but he is called Wen. It strikes me as wondrous that he is of a great age and you are a budding flower, both so talented and yet so different. Thank you, each of you for sharing and enriching this site.

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