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leelee, you have a most brilliant gift which touches hearts. it brings forth such sorrow...

I have not commented or posted any poetry as of late, but I have been reading others poetry posted hereSmile Smilie 

Here is something I have recently wrote; A little bit different, but is that not what we strive for? A little dark for my taste though.




The closer I look, the less I see.

The darkness, the darkness.

Its closing in; Slowly? No, quickly.

I am drowning in my own world that no one sees.

I am drowning in darkness.

I hear voices, screams; Far? No, close.

They are screaming at me.

Pain, Pain. 

I feel the hurt but can't tell where its from.

I strike out, and know its not right, 

but the more I fight, the more it hurts.

The louder I hear their screaming words.

But all is black.

I don't know what they say.

Who can I go to; To where can I flee?

But the voices, the voices; they follow me.

They follow the dark that it over me. 

Its too late now; it's over me.




Fahvier, your poem is brilliant, it shows so much!

Favhier I must agree, that was deep and it made my heart ache. Thank you Ladyalyss, I think I spelled it wrong and I can do nothing as for some reason for two weeks now my computer is frozen each time I come on Planet-Tolkien. It just says PT is not responding and I have to wait for up to half an hour to make a comment. it is exhausting.! I look forward in a way to the fall and the settling down of most of  us anyway so that once more our thread can sizzle with a myriad of posts.

Very nice, very nice! I see familiar faces - The usual group of elves (or goblins? Wink Smilie

Good poetry, from both of you, Leelee and Fahvier. I've also worked on one poem by myself.

It won't be hard to guess the nature of that poem.

This is a tribute to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I consider it the most scariest game ever made, and I fear it and love it at the same time. I took some in-game sentences and words from the notes/diary and flashbacks. I hope you all like of it.


Buried Secrets, Lost Memories


They hide behind the closed doors..

Oh shadows of night.. Silence the wind.. I don't want to step out of the light of moon..

We who dream of death in it's purest form..

Do not fear.. Do not shed a single tear.. You must bleed for the children of blood..


Come, The Spring of Lifeless And Grey Leaves..

Come, The Summer of Smoldering And Burning Trees..

Come, The Autumn of Eternal Dusk and Broken Dreams..

Come, The Winter of Unrelenting Coldness And Grief..


I don't think it's my time.. I am too afraid to cry.. My sanity is fading..

Empty dreams.. (haunting nightmares..) .. Breaking down the reality..

I can still hear her laughter in the empty rooms of this vast castle..

But she's not anywhere to be seen.. I've nothing but..

Buried secrets, and lost memories..


Redeem us both, save this corrupted soul..

My mind was too weak.. So I had to consume this drink..

Remember that I chose to forget, find strength and comfort in it..

Curse this night.. Curse this castle.. Curse this life..

I do not wish to die.. But I cannot carry on with my sins..

If I've to live a life of death and lies..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

Thank you Leelee and LadyAlyss!!

Oerath, I very much enjoyed your poem, it was enough to send shivers down my back... But I enjoyed it all the same.

brilliant poem oerath

Thanks to both of you, I left it quite short (only four verses), but I still managed to capture some of the atmosphere of the game itself into those words.

I liked it by myself, and it is good for a writer to make sense of his own works. Wink Smilie

Here's another, and this one is a pure tribute to the most mythical and beautiful creature ever to exist in our thoughts and minds, and who knows if this mighty bird rises from it's ashes to bring beauty and glory to the darkest of our nights.

Phoenix, the ever-living bird of fire and wisdom.

PS. I write this lyric from the bottom of my heart. I want to return back to those days, when I reigned with the wisdom of nature and fantasy, and this lyric shall be my long-awaited masterpiece.

For the glory and beauty of Phoenix, I've a request.

All of you, who will rate and give feedback about this lyric, utter the following words, speak them as your own and light one candle to keep the shadows of night at bay:



'From Ashes You Will Arise'


He was born in the flames of the old world and it's domains

From fire he gained everything, his knowledge, wisdom and burning wings

None of us do remember, when he spread his wings and flew away

But all of us do remember the day, when he soared down from the skies

With the power of firestorms and clouds of black and grey!


And from the ashes you will arise, to set the skies ablaze with your might

You were born to be the keeper of eternal flames, the ancient guardian of the light of day

Oh, Phoenix, the ever-living being of rebirth and immortality, show us the path of wisdom and destiny

Imbue our hearts with the fury of volcano's, bestow us with the gift of the ancient gods


If you can feel his presence, then look up to the heights of the sky

If the sky is glowing with the colors of black and red, then you should be able to hear his battle cry

When he descends down from the heaven's of this world, the whole sky burns in all of his fury and might

He is the true guardian of lore and history, he is the only one..

Who can vanquish the impure spirits of the night..


All of the dragons and lords of dragonblood, they all were taught and protected by him

He taught them to understand the elements of fire, and to learn of control and powers that lie within

They all had to face their dooms, build their instincts and see all of the secrets of the sun and the moon

Once upon a time, before the birth of men, dwarves and elves..

The Order of Ashen Lords ruled wisely and without any claims..

But it was all to change with the coming of the age of chaos and despair..


We used to hold our ground.. We used to hear his fierce, but enchanting call..

But one day, he faced something horrible.. A being that was not from this world..

He was fatally wounded, but he never yielded, and he fought until the bitter end..

And he said to us: 'The flame never dies.. It lives on forever.'; before he fell..


It all happened hundreds of years ago.. But he helped us to win the great war..

We still remain as The Ashen Lords, fighting for this world and for it's united forces of mortal souls..

And now as we all gaze at the valley where he was consumed by the flames of his own.. We still know something deep in our hearts and souls..

Let there be more than thousand nights so black and dim, but nothing can stand against his might..

He is the fire that burns within.. A fire that burns within our hearts and minds..


He dreams.. His shackles will break soon.. And then he will be released..

One thousand years have passed beyond the walls of time.. And soon the ritual shall be complete..

There he flies in the realm of spiritual beings.. Waiting for the day of reincarnation, so he can fly once more..

He'll seek out the mortals of this world, and he'll offer them aid to survive through the coldest and blackest of their dawns..


'And from ashes of my funeral pyre I shall arise

This world is truly sacred.. A realm of hope and blessed light

Those who decide to harm my children, or any of the mortal beings

Will face all of my wrath.. And die in the embrace of my flames and smoldering wings'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

Wonderful Oerath, I really mean that. I  love the phoenix and the awesome mystique that goes with it. I love that line about smouldering wings, it is so very very emotional and says it all really. Wonderful. And I agree dear friend it is a good thing to touch base with that that was the beginning of your excellence and that which was the essence of you. I am proud of you and all of you who contribute. I like to tell my friends about you all and share some of your work by reading it out loud.

If any of you have a theme you would like explored, by all means share it. Or a method of poetry, such as haiku, whatever you are feeling in your creative self share and let us see if we can all come up with something

I'm very glad you liked of that one, 'cause I feel I might have written something legendary.

I did read it one more time after I got off from work last night, and I really liked of it.

It reminds me a lot of those days, when I wrote purely about fantasy and such other magical and wonderful things. I've wrote a lot and my subjects have been varying from one side to another, but at this point; I feel like I should take a firm grip of the three subjects I love the most.

Fantasy, Darkness and Sadness.

oerath, you  have truly out done yourself, if it is possible for you. you have such a brilliant imagination. 

Thank you once again for your kind words, LadyAlyss, but let me remind you of the fact that I am just one writer among many others, and all of you others here, You, Fahvier, Leelee, Odette etc. are very good writers and friends in my eyes, and I hold much respect and kindness for each of you!

'From Ashes You Will Arise' - was my long-awaited masterpiece, and I knew it even as I wrote it, and works like these are something that truly makes me to feel more confident, more motivated and passionate to write wonderful works such as this one.

Fantasy lives on forever, my friends. And it is our duty, honor and responsibility to make justice to it, by creating wonderful and magical works beyond imagination!

you speak the truth Oerath

Wow Oerath! Even the beginning of your writing was as well as the later! I find it is very important to reflect on thing of our past, our writings and such. It gives us a perspective on where we have come and where we would like to go to on with our works. It is always fun to see how our style has formed and changed... What other masterpieces are you hiding from us?Wink Smilie That is directed to the other great poets here as well!

A good question, and I began to wonder do I have something I haven't shared yet, and I came to a very pleasant conclusion; Yes I do have indeed.

So, this is something very old, and I've re-wrote some bits, 'cause it was quite incorrect in shape and some words were just wrong. Smile Smilie

So, here we go once more (I'll prolly keep some creative break for a couple of days after this one)


Call from the depths (The Legend of Atlantis : Part I)

Far away under the vast and raging seas, there lies the forgotten ocean, Atlantis
For many centuries, countless of mysteries and stories
Have been told about this sea, of it’s legends and endless secrets
For we believe that there lies a land under the waves of this sea
In the depths of Atlantis

And none of these stories cannot be denied
So I must prepare my ship and sail away to find..

A land that is lost, a living dream, will it ever be fulfilled
I hope I will hear the calls from the depths of the underwater world
The fallen city of Atlantis, did it sink so it could never be found
I sailed across the endless seas, now I’m finally here, but will I also sink along with my ship

A great storm is approaching

I had the light of the shining stars with me, the light of moon guided my way
I had sailed for many days and nights, always hoping that I would be granted a new day
Then one stormy night, my ship crashed to an underwater mountain, and I fell over the deck
The sea was raging with fury, quickly I lost my way, and so I sank down into the depths..

I knew that I had met my end, my final day, my death
With my last powers and vitality, I opened my eyes and kept my breath
I was still falling down towards the bottom of Atlantis
Could this truly be the end of my life, the end of this long story..

Then I looked closely, and before I lost my light of life
I saw the city of Atlantis down below
The city gates, roof-tops of houses and ancient pillars
First I couldn’t believe my eyes, but then I only smiled
And so I died, and with my last thought..
I thought of my family and this strange, but happy life..

The stories were always telling the truth
But the people of this world won’t ever come to know anything about it
For I took everything with me to my underwater grave
And I hope that none won’t ever try to seek for this land again

Because.. This is truly..

A land that is lost, a living dream, will it ever be fulfilled
I hope I will meet the folk living in the depths of this underwater world
A fallen city of Atlantis, did it sink, so it's secrets could never be revealed
I also sank with my ship, but nothing is lost to me anymore

I believe that it was the will of god of thunder, wind and rain
The Lost City sank, so it could never be found again..


Who knows if I died at all
Who knows if they were there, watching as I experienced my own downfall
And what if they carried me to their city, and gave me a new life
It’s just a another story, but sadly I cannot tell, because I already said goodbye

Written by: Otto ’Oerath’ Timone

I have the same thing as you Oerath; every time I see my old writings or stories I always find more that needs to be corrected. But as they say, an artist never finds satisfaction in their own work. But I would be very happy with your last work if I were you. It seemed very vivid and very real. I enjoyed the unexplained mystery it held. Even at the end, it keeps you wondering. 

brilliant work oerath

Once again, I thank you both for your positive feedback. And Fahvier, I'm very proud of most of my works, even if I'd not admit it, but it's not good to think too highly of one's own writings.

I always look at other people's styles and works, and each writer has something that none other has.

It's called magic and imagination.

Oerath's philosophy;

'Some works are meant to be masterpieces, and some works are meant to stay behind in the shadows.

But even those works that are not good in the eyes of the writer, can be good in the eyes of the reader.

And even the most unexpected writing can be turned into something brilliant. It can become a creation of it's own.'


Have a good start of the day, and for now, good night!

you are totally right oerath. every writing and writer has a good quality and it's good to know that so many people agree with it that statement for it's true, you can always find flaws with your own writing yet others think it amazing! 

Although it has been nearly unbearable hot here still the leaves have begun to fall and I sense the call of Autumn. It is a sad time to me and yet a time of great hope and joy. I wonder how each of you feel about the coming of Autumn and can we each have a go at doing a poem about this wondrous time of the year?

Let us see in September.

I have never tackled poetry...  Some of your poems are fantastic!

I quickly jotted down something which I call Durin's Dream.

The water runs deep.

The Mountain is high..

The Valley is gouged through the rain from the sky

The air is clear.

The clouds come near the sun, the moon, the stars, the Mere.

Reflected in Durin’s heart.

The seven stars of Varda’s art.

The Mirrormere, The Mirromere.

Mahar’s gift to Dwarven folk, adopted kin of Iluvatar.

That was well said Leelee, and true indeed.

As you may know, I belong to the category of those people, who nearly overjoy of nature and times of year. Smile Smilie

And Autumn is my second favorite time of year, but it cannot even hope to match to the glory of winter.

But there's something very magical and beautiful about Autumn that I cannot explain with mortal words, and all of those leaves and their colors always manage to stun me in a good way.

And your suggestion is more than good. I am also sorry for my absence, but my school began on monday.

But, I can reveal the entitles of my next two works, and they'll both tell something about this wonderful season.

'Child of The Woods' and 'And where a raven flies'

Alright, I wrote some bits of this tale yesterday at school, and it's finally beginning to take shape.

I'll give you a little sample of it.


In this realm, it rains forever

The sky is weeping for those who are lost and gone

Leaves are falling down from branches of all trees

And though most of them are already yellow and brown

Still some of them will always remain as silvery green

Dearest O'erath, how proud and pleased I am for  you . congratulations on the number of reads you have received, how much proof do you need that your vibrant imagination and passion and manner of writing touch and inspire.Well done dear friend. And each and every one of who who have contributed should be proud of your achievements, I could read all of your contributions a hundred times and not tire of them. I am so sorry I am not on each day as before, but the strangest thing has happened for about a month. EAch time I log on to Planet-Tolkien there is a flash on the screen and then it freezes and a message comes on  that says 'planet tolkien not responding. AFter it stops freezing all the names at the bottom of the screen have to turn blue before I can move the bar. But as soon as I click on to a thread it freezes once more and continutes to do that so it can take about fifteen minutes to do a single reply. This does not happen on any other site. It is rather depressing and exhausting. so forgive me, I don't know how to mend  this.

Alright, so this is going to be quite fun, I've thought to separate this poem into different parts, each meant to be sang by someone else, or with a different voice.

I re-shaped the entitle a little, and this is my solution.



And where the black raven's fly


Pt. I : Raindrops and Fallen Leaves


In this realm, it rains forever..

The sky is weeping for those who are lost and gone..

Leaves are falling down from branches of all trees..

And though most of them are already yellow and red

Still some of them will always remain as silvery green


Pt. 2 : Silent Nights and High Hopes


Spirits were dancing in the rain, awaiting for the call of storms

Something awoke from the night's shadows

But it wasn't a threat to anyone, they all remained as calm and bold

When the rain finally stops, will the morning sun greet them once more?

Like it used to do thousands of years ago..


Pt. 3 : The Arrival of Crimson Dawn


The sun slowly arose from beyond all mountains and hills

Flowers began to bloom once more, and even birds dared to sing

Leaves were dancing with them, as they transformed and raised their swords

Someone noticed the rising dawn, a sight so enchanting and beautiful

And those who managed to see it, would always remember it for the rest of their days


Pt. 4 : Cold Seas and Northern Winds


An ancient ship approaches from the western shores

It's sailing towards it's destination, towards the great north

Fortunate, but cold winds are guiding it's sails

And though it has been yet another stormy and rainy day

These mortals were made to carry on, it's not yet their time to wither away..


Pt. 5 : Visions, Darkness and Rain


O' Mother Earth, it has rained for so long

Let us see the splendor of autumn, the sky cannot weep anymore

This day is not like all others before it, tonight the stars will unite

Darkness has no place in this world, it's presence will always be denied

The lady who travels through our visions and dreams is the one that you must find


Pt. 6 : The Daughters of Water and Grass


I know a place that lies deep within the heart of this forest

There the dryads live, their river's and lakes are so pure and clear

There they await for adventurer's and traveler's, for merchants and farmers

Seductive by appearance, but still they're very wise and old beings

They're masters of knowledge and lore, and keepers of nature and it's ever-living trees


Pt. 7 : Fates and Dooms, Sailor's Gloom


That ship never made it's way to these shores

But though it did sink, they all still fulfilled their dreams and goals

Those men were all seeking for a brave and heroic death

They had already found all of the hidden treasures of wind and earth

Now let us honor the memories of those men.. So their death's weren't in vain..


Pt. 8 : The Realm of Unending Rain


No matter how many seasons will come to pass..

This world won't ever change, we cannot put an end to this rain..

But as I write through this tale, it reminds me of hope and fate

It rains and rains, forever it rains, do you wish to know more about the secrets of this world?

'We are able to see the daylight once in three days, and after that it's all the same.. The mist is our curse.'


Pt. 9 : The Final Dance of The Leaves


And so this season will soon see it's end, you were always right, my friend

Nothing can last forever, in this world we live and die together

This shall be the final dance of leaves, and tomorrow we all will awake and see

What has happened to those leaves..

Are some of them still yellow, or even silvery green..


And where the black raven's fly

Far above the clouds of this sky

Their cries are meant to awake us

They want us to see the rise of a new sun

More golden and brighter than ever

This is the beginning, the first chapter in our history

And where the black raven's fly, there shall always be hope and joy

Because in this world, there's no room for such things as sorrow and misery..


Days are few, and nights are cold, but one thing will always remain the same

Autumn is here, but not forever, so remember to enjoy of it as long as it's here to stay


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

brilliant oerath. you are quite right about autumn, it is a magical moment

Oerath: Part 5 and Part 8 ...Brilliant... That is all that needs to be said.


Here is one that is slightly about autumn... Wasn't originally going to post this but... here goes... 


The wind; blowing, so soft, so silent.

A voice without a word, a call without a message.

Silent stirring; gentle without touch.

Moving, but never leaving, paused but never ceasing.

Carried but never held,

Not touched, only felt.

Wrath without anger, Peace without love.

Freedom forever, chorused above.

The deep breath of mountains, the sigh of the hills. 

The path of my longing, an empty that fills. 

A road undecided, a journey of fools.

A swift escape, from my world of pain.

A path soon lost still nothing is gained.

Whispers, whispers; the journey of wind.

Come, Come, it shall never end.

A brilliant poem Fahvierblush

Thanks to both of you for reading it, I'm going to write another tale about autumn, probably due to the weekend. I also enjoyed of that poem of yours, Fahvier, as good as always Wink Smilie. I've also forgot to greet our newest contributor, Brego.

Your poem was pretty good. It gave me momentarily inspiration to take The Silmarillion from it's shelf, and read the best bits of it. And who knows, I might begin to write Tolkien-themed poems, 'cause they're surely magnificent.

Be encouraged to write more and share it here. I'll be waiting for that!

Favier, wonderful, Oerath, I don't know how you do it with all you have going on , but I am grateful.Well I tried the virus scan to fix the problem I have of trying to get on this site and once on of posting, but nothing happened. I was on a site that specializes in trivia and such on planet-tolkien and from that moment on I have had nothing but trouble posting on here I cannot even access any of  my mail. sigh. And yet I have had the computer checked professionally and nothing seems to be wrong. All else i do works perfectly and no problems. what a head ache. So don't think I have abandoned you, I am just struggling here. Keep up the stellar work, I am so proud of you all.

Hey everyone!Been absent a while from this dear site and this awesome thread.I've caught up with all your work and I must say they are so insightful and full of things to chew on.Most mesmerising..Leelee,Oerath,Brego and Fahvier.I've been very busy lately.I graduated this May so I was at crossroads regarding career choices.I've finally made my decision..I've applied for Postgraduate studies in mathematical and international economics.My classes at the Uni are due to start from the 5th next month so have a bit of free time now.Leels,I'm so sorry,you're having so much trouble,did you ask Taz for help?Hope everything turns out well and fast,Missed all you dear people.So now here is my poem,its partly about AutumnSmile Smilie

Cold water silently trickles down the marbled gates and the pitch pathways

Autumn has been raining for seven days and seven nights at a stretch

Bizarre sun and water fighting incessant, the trees however have started to shed their vibrant red mane

Orange twilight is reflected by the flooded soil beneath feet

In puddles of dusk-time rainwater worn coloured leaves float

Audaciously braving blistering, burning soul of fire-star

Waiting to be silvered in the rising moon

Autumn blanches in its ferocity the smooth silk of Spring

But all dying is an explosion, not the quiet unhinging of a dead flower or leaf

Awakening us to the harshness of impending Winter, the cloaked heart of ice ready to blind

Removing the curtain of comfort, of filled and brimming to scarcity, to reality, to the eternal poverty in life

How much we desire, how less we need!

Burdened by the green pastures of our personal Springs we are tottering unsteady on our feet

Autumn is the last gatekeeper, the last horn for battle, the last embrace of drums

Before awakening,

Before girding ourselves, prepared for battle out of lush homes, into the foreign of pain and hunger

But Autumn has been raining for a long time now

When will its weeping thaw into snow?

Frozen red leaves burning crystal-like in memory of an afternoon

Fossilized in stagnation beneath velvet feet and minds which do not think anymore 


amazing as always odette, you can always expect brilliance from you!blush

Wow Odette!! That was stunning. The amount of intense description enhanced the poem so much moreSmile Smilie Really loved that one. Congrats about getting into Uni. That really is a new leaf in life! Hope you have funSmile Smilie

Thanks a million LadyAlyss,always appreciate your encouragementSmile Smilie

Thanks to you too Fahvier, I'm a huge fan of how you write,I really like your thought process,you bring out the emotions very well.

And yeah Uni will be tough,so thanks againSmile Smilie

Why aren't you guys trying writing about Autumn?

Please do,that would be funSmile Smilie

I loved just everything, and oh the bittersweet feelings  that overwhelmed my heart as I read each poem. Brego I find your work extremely emotional and yet in a very subdued manner. Please contribute as much as you are able, please. Odette, little one, congratulations on your choices of schooling. I know you will do marvellously well and I am proud of you. Each of you is so unique in your work, all of you make me want to cry as I read your pieces. I wish, oh I so wish it were in my power to see face to face each one of you. And Prince of Poems this latest is very alive and fresh and mystical. How you do it time after time , I know not.

Well done my my darling Middle-Earthlings. well done. Anyone else reading this thread, do come and join us. Your fresh way of seeing things will be most welcome, it will be a thrill to read your poems and get to know you .

I'm not amazing but it's a start...


Last Breath

 I wish you were here, here next to me,

 As I fade into nothing, clinging to life

 My last breath is nigh, yet I am alone.

 I see around me angels, score of them

 Dressed in white from toe to head,

 They each hold their hands in prayer.

 I know I'm dying for i feel no pain.

 I finally relax, breathing slowly,

 As they mourn, death walks in for my final journey

 He nods his welcome, gowned in black.

 I remember my past, it flashes before me,

 He brings down his scythe and i fade into nothing,

 My soul has left me for heaven or hell.


By Lady Alyss

I'm very sorry, my friends. I've been absent for over a week, but luckily I've a reason, since I've been ill. I've had this usual autumn cold for a week now, so I haven't been able to concentrate on any kind of poetry/writing, but I'm now getting better.

I'm really glad so many of you have been posting these autumn related works, it really inspires and amazes me. And oh, Odette, I haven't seen you in a long while, and I think there's much to talk about, if we just get a chance to do so. Wink Smilie

I'll be starting the writings of my next work: 'Child Of The Woods (The First Druid of Stormfire)'

You may've heard those names before, so it's true, this will be my first book-oriented poetic/lyrical piece of story, which I'll only send as an email or via Planet Tolkien messages. I've been scheming some kind of background story, and I'll probably be busy writing the actual story for the rest of this year, but, I won't leave this site, ever. I'll occasionally pass by, share some poetry and strive to be more active on the threads.

In the other hand; 'The Gathering of Lost Spirits' shall await for it's rightful time. Now it's my time to create something that I can try to publish, or even hope to.

It'll be a mythical and epic journey, and I'll keep you posted about my progress.

'The Spirit Gods have finally returned back to this realm.. Once banished from the very surface of this world, they found a way to return.. They have been away for hundreds of years.. And now, The Phoenix God has set the sky ablaze with his might once more, and I think we're all eager to see what happens..

When the last battle for the reign of this world finally begins..'

i am glad that you are well and with us again Oerath!

I have to confess, I have been absent as well, for I was away, one week counting. I have not experienced any fall weather so far where I am, thus making it hard to get into the autumn mood. But it will come, with time. I'm thinking I will just set myself down soon and focus solely on writing. The month of September is shaping to be a busy one, so it may be a great chance to take a breath. 


Oerath: I am not pleased with how you gave us a hint of your writing but never let us see it in wholeWink Smilie I am greatly anticipating its coming. 


Lady Alyss: Your poem was very serene, but edgy, I enjoyed the sense it gives to a reader... Great job!

Odette what a beautiful poem just super .
I am wondering if you have more of these nice poems makes.

Well, Fahvier, who knows if I'll make an exception and post it.

And welcome to PT, Arwen undómiel. I haven't seen you here before, but I hope you'll enjoy of your stay.

I'm Oerath Windsoul, I hail from the glorious lands of Lothlorien, and I'm a poet and a singer.

Keywords: Explore, write and research. Smile Smilie


I've one poem under writing right now, so you'll all have to wait for it. I'll probably finish it due to nightfall.

- Oerath.

Now, I've something new for you all to dig, if you just are up to it. And Fahvier:

It was all planned!


Child of the Woods (The First Druid of Stormfire)

Pt. 1 : High Above All Trees, High Above The Sky of Our Dreams

The morning sun awoke me from the darkest of my dreams, and I arose to heed it's enchanting call

'You've saved my soul, you've given me wisdom and strength to banish the spirits of the evil gods.'

Winds calmed down, and clouds were still, as I walked towards her empty throne

'And on this throne she shall sit once more, before this world sees the last of it's dawns.'

Spirits of rivers, trees and the sky, guide my visions, give me a sign

Legends of the ghostly woods, they are speaking of the first of all druids

Born under the high trees of this world, raised by a unknown man, who hails from the great seas

None remembers his true name, but none could ever forget his powers, the might of white flames


High above all trees, high above the sky of our dreams

A great mountain stands in between the red sand shores and all of those oceans and seas

It's top reaches well beyond the heights of this sky, and if you believe to the tales of day and night

Then you should know that the daughter of sun once tried to conquer the mountain as her own

(But from high she fell, down to the ground. Earth and soil, welcome her, but spare her flesh and bones.)

Long before the rise of the first of all suns, in the wake of the oldest of all gods

One child was born under the red and broken sky, and even at his birth, he was struggling to survive

His illness was so strong, unknown to the healers of old, and we all were prepared for the worst

But then an old wanderer stepped forth from behind the trees, and spoke out the following words

'Can't you see, his soul shall soon be free. His illness cannot be healed, 'cause it's a gift, not a curse.'


Pt. 2 : Birth of Son of The Seven Lights


And at that very moment.. All of the clouds faded away from the sky..

And we all watched as the sun yielded all of it's powers to the moon and her stars..

Those stars began to glow like motes of the sun itself, and then something unexpected happened..

That boy.. His body began to glow with a golden light, it was so bright, it nearly blinded my eyes, but..

I saw something that shouldn't be even possible... The golden starlight healed all of his wounds..

And like a lightning bolt from the heights of the sky.. He arose and was able to walk on his own..

And without saying a word, he looked at the sky, and it began to rain once more, winds raged and thunderbolts were clashing down from the sky, as he opened his eyes and spoke to us with a thundering, but soft voice:

'The sky weeps for this world. It weeps for all of these wounds and scars that cannot be healed. Unlike me, this world will fall, and if none of us can prevent it from happening, I'll die with this world. It's stars have cures me off my illness, it has shown a path that I must follow. I'm the bringer of light, and just like a candle, my goodness will guide the people of this world, and I will give them all of the light they need. I am Xathor, The Fate of The Seven Lights.'

And with saying that, he fainted and I had to carry him to safety, before people would notice that he was not one of us.

'Now I know his name, but I'm not sure will he be safe in this world, but whatever happens, I'll raise this child as my own, and in time, I'll tell him the truth about his identity. And if Rae'lyth is truly his father, then this child.. Is the last child of the ancient prophecies.'


And so, The Legend of Xathor Andriel was born..


Pt. 3 : Melody of the Sunborn


Stormfire is the source of our powers, O' the glory of the sunborn

It is our weakness, it is our strength. It heals our wounds, it helps us to heal and mend.

This realm holds so much lore, countless of legends, secrets and tales of old

We are the masters of knowledge, we use these gifts for greater good


And we will always remain loyal to the spirit gods of this world

No foe could ever change our minds, no weapon could ever bring us down

Unbreakable is our allegiance, a white flame of purity burns inside our hearts

It's brightness is blinding, but it helps us to find all of those who are lost and gone


And this shall be the melody of the sunborn..

Bask in the glory of the starlit sky, and utter his first words..

The sky weeps for this world, and for all of these wounds and scars that cannot be healed..

No matter what happens to us, we cannot fail, 'cause our fates are forever sealed..


Who remembers the first druid of stormfire, who remembers him as a savior

He is a man of goodness and valor, he always helped the sick, the poor and the blind

But did he really depart from this world as a spiritual being, or was it even this world that he truly left behind..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

oerath it's astounding!

I absolutely agree with Lady Alyss,Oerath you surpass yourself.Well done.But Lady, you are no less yourself,your poem has an elegance I love.Do try more.

And Arwen,thank youSmile Smilieand welcome.

I do write a lot of such poems but I publish only the ones which are Middle-Earth(ish)..if you take some time out and browse this thread you'll find stellar works by our members.

Do tell us more about yourselfSmile Smilie

And Leels I miss you soSad Smilie

Is your computer alright now?And when are you joining us on Facebook?

How hard can it be now,Leels?Sad Smilie


Oerath: You have exceeded my expectations, once again, just as you all do. I was stunned by part 1, incredible elegance, and poetic design. I really liked the way the whole thing was put together. I am very glad you decided to share it with us... Not one to easily forget.


Arwen:  Welcome to the site! I hope you will stay to share, read and search aroundSmile Smilie

Thank you all for such positive feedback, it really keeps me going.

I had a very haunting vision a while ago. I was walking in the rain, and then I stopped for a while, and looked at the forest, how wind waved all of the trees, and how rain poured down from the sky and hit the ground softly. And at that moment, I saw myself in a dark and lonely graveyard, carrying body of a woman in my hands, and before I returned back from that vision, I spoke to shadowy figures, who were all standing in the rain, and I said the following words: 'Even the moon weeps for the loss of my wife. Come, broken spirits, feel my sorrow, and help me to carry her.. Together.. We'll send her to the world of her dreams.. And under these cold and glimmering stars.. We'll all sing a song to her.. A song that I will always remember, until the end of my dark days..

A Funeral of Rain..'

And such will be the entitle of my next work. It'll be a truly touching and sad work, but like in every sad story, there's always hope. So, let us feel his sorrow, and let us hope that the coldness of night will keep his heart alive.

And just to add something, I think I can manage to post it until tomorrow night.

Edit: I've delayed the post of the poem, 'cause I've had a quite busy weekend.

PS. I haven't written much of that story, 'cause I'm kind of facing some problems, since the long-term writing is so different than my usual poetic writing, which I prefer more.

I bought myself a rather expensive writing book with metallic covers, dragon's head in front, and some epic markings on the back. It did cost over 20€, but it's worth it.

It will be my poem book, and I'll write all of my notorious/good poems to it's pages, and see can I make something out of it.

i cannot wait to hear or more read more of your wonderful work Oerath

Your creative mind never ceases to amaze me, Oerath!!  You are blessed with a very special gift. I, so, enjoy reading your prose and poetry.

Your creative mind never ceases to amaze me, Oerath!!  You are blessed with a very special gift. I, so, enjoy reading your prose and poetry.

A Funeral Of Evening Rain

I still remember the day when you passed away..

And I still regret I wasn't there, when your soul broke and disappeared..

But I haven't ceased to love you, and as I close my old and weary eyes..

I can still hear.. the funeral chimes..

And as the night falls, I walk through the doors of my house

Darkness is the only thing that keeps me alive, it gives me hope, it makes me to smile

And even if I'd be lord of the golden stars, lord of the weeping sky, or lord of the blessed earth

I couldn't still do anything.. Because I know.. That nothing cannot bring you back from the realm of death..


'And so, I had to accept her death with bitter smile and heavy thoughts..'


And as I now leave these black roses on your grave..

I know that my love for you will change their color from black to red..

And even if I won't ever see you again, the memories of you will always live on inside my heart..

The sky is opening once more.. The moonlight will find it's way through those darkened clouds..

And so we all silence for a moment of sorrow and pain.. This is a funeral of evening rain..


Come, the shadows of night, you've to follow me..

I'm the spirit of time and eternity..

Even if I cannot bring her back, or give her a new life..

I still want to say goodbye to her for one last time..


There is nothing in this world left for me..

Only broken dreams and despairing grief..

And if you truly wish to honor her memory..

Then you'll all kneel beside me..


Speak out the words.. Let her hear your prayers..

She was a part of my own soul, but I believe that she's now something so much more..

She used to fight by my side, she always managed to heal all of my wounds and scars..

And even if she's now gone, I can still see myself holding her gentle and soft arms..

But I'm truly glad that she is now one with the moon and all of those golden stars..


And no power in this world could ever take away all of my memories and my love for her..

The funeral is over, but those black raven's will guard her tomb forever..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen


PS. Thanks for your kind words, Rednell. Smile Smilie

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