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LadyAlyss: That was a very good read. I enjoyed of it in many ways. Good use of words and your poems seem to follow a certain style, which is good for a writer/poet to obtain. Well done. /points from Oerath.

And Fahvier, I'm glad to see you're back once more, and if you just find more time, please do pass by and share more of your poems. I've enjoyed to read them, and even if it's random, it can be magnificent, and in this case: it definitely is!

Good lines and it kept me interested during the whole read. /another points from Oerath. ^^

And Leelee: The series isn't that old! 16-17 years. Wink Smilie

It's full of good actors and very pretty actresses, if I dare say.

By the way, my next poem shall return me back to the darkest depths of my mind.

Usually I think about entitles too much, but one day, I was listening to my favorite music: metal, and this sentence struck at me like a bolt of thunder:

'Born To Forget The Meaning of Life'

It will be dark and mysterious, but I still doubt I can top my 'Dream is a path that you must walk'

I'm off now, so good night. Smile Smilie

I just realized that why I shouldn't write that piece right now. I did some first-hand sentences a day or two ago, so I see no reason 'why'.

Here I go.


Born To Forget The Meaning of Life


As cold and still as a winter morning.. There she stands all alone..

A dead smile on her face.. Stains of blood all over her white clothes..

What is her name.. Who this woman truly is..

A forgotten ghost.. Or a daughter of the shadow and the mist..


I see a wall of abandoned faces.. Their cries of anguish cannot be heard..

Who could've done such a thing.. A mortal soul should be spared from the hands of death..

I wonder if she knows about the fates of these men.. I believe it is my destiny to follow her..

This night is colder than the bones under my feet..  But this darkness.. It is more than a relief..


These trails of blood.. Does she have to bleed..

Is she a daughter of some unknown god.. If so, I cannot let her to be free..

Maybe it befalls to me to use this sword that I am holding in my hands.. It may be true..

I do not believe in the gifts of this world.. This flesh won't hold me..

I do not believe in the prophecy of a blackened moon..


And there she stands.. That same empty smile on her face.. Holding a broken wand..

I can see grief and hopelessness in her grey eyes.. Even her shadow has a story to tell..

If she has never lived a mortal life, I believe that she cannot even die..

If so, then who I am to judge the deeds of her past, if she was born to forget the meaning of life..


If I knew her by name, then it may be that I am now lost..

If night has already taken my soul, then I cannot trust this vision anymore..

But it feels so real, more than ever, and my heart tells me to not open my eyes..

If I do so, will I become one with her uncontrollable and shivering cries..


I may have no will, but I still feel the presence of fear and chaos..

Why her dress is covered in blood.. What she has done? Or is she dead?

I do not desire to go any closer.. She tells me not to.. She speaks to me through my mind..

She tells me to seek for a cathedral of frozen beauty.. She speaks of a eye of snake..


If she lied to me, then I hope that this walk will become my last..

I've no desire to live in the eye of this vision.. It is like collecting shards of a broken glass..

As I thought.. The temple is real, but I can see only darkness before me..

So, it has finally become true.. A thought of losing a soul for eternity..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Brrrrrrrrrrrr, shiver, this one rather scared me. I hope I won't have a night mare.!

Wonderful Master Windsoul!

You really out did yourself there Oerath! My hands are still shaking... Great piece! 

Wow, I really mean it, I didn't expect that this piece of work would turn out to be something extraordinary. It's surely a little bit scary. A bit shady overall.

So, as strange as it goes, do you fellows wish to read more works in the same vein? Wink Smilie

As many as you give usSmile Smilie

I  don't wish to give advice, this thread is not for that, but I would urge you not to write a single thing based on what we like or dislike dear Oerath. Whatever touches one's heart, whatever matters, that should be the subject of one's writing unless you are forced to write other for pay or something. Writing upon demand as it were seems rather mercenary and perhaps then the poems will be a bit contrived instead of flowing unimpeded from the heart and mind as these inspirations come.

Well, Leelee, that is one way to look at it, but I've no struggles with writing something that someone else asked me to write. I often write some short poems to my friends, if they ask me to do so.

I guess you could call it 'mercenary writing'.

I don't accept requests that much, only on certain occasions, and even if the idea is not mine, I always deliver it with style.

So, thanks for the advice, Leelee. I always heed it, but in this case, let me say that the inspiration is not a problem.

I've even thought of offering my services as a lyricist to some bands. Smile Smilie

Hello, folks. Silent mood, eh?

I've been working on a darker lyric for some days now, and I think it would fit to one of my band's songs or to one of my own songs when I get to it.

It's called: 'The Hands of Darkness'.

But since I won't post it here, I'll write some new poetry instead. All tomorrow, be sure to check it out.

Dont put too much on your plate Prince of Poems, you are tres busy right now with this job and you nead rest as well as excercise. We can wait in happy anticipation for as long as it takes.

a poem of those who have to suffer in the wars.




Lights fill the sky,

The only sounds are screams

People fall around me,

Am I alive?


Everyone is in pain,

I cannot find anyone,

Another bomb falls,

Am I alive?


Fire lights up the blood red sky,

I cry, tears and smoke in my eyes.

I don’t understand any of it,

Am I alive?


Why is this happening?

Why are we killing each other?

What has happened to sanity?

What has happened to love?


I thought we were human,

The world is like hell

Fire is the sky and bodies are the ground,

I thought we were human….

I think dear Lady, that you created effectively the shock and numbness that comes from horror and trauma. I have felt that numbness that tries to shroud horror  and I know my little one has asked me several times following a trauma' Am I alive?" Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to share deep thought with your friends on this thread.blush

Riddles of A Shady Crow

'It's cold, it's cold, Can you feel the chill of this wind, flesh and bones. Lost, lost, what is the cost, what is the price of life? What if you've only one chance to survive and even a more higher chance to die?'

I wonder what awoke me from that slumber..
Was it this coldness, or something entirely different..
Sadly, I don't even remember who I am, I am a man without a name..
But I do remember the name of this forest, it's said to be a home of the bird of shades..

It's so cold, I cannot even feel my hands or legs..
But I can still feel the beating of my heart, so I am not her's to take..
I don't know what awaits me out there, but I feel that I've to carry on..
And even though my body is cold and numb, somehow, I still have enough strength to rise up..

And as I keep walking, my eyes are slowly opening, but it's way too dark to see..
I've to be careful, if I fall from one of these cliffs, then it will be the end of me..
I still have no answers to my questions, I wonder who led me to this place..
I've to find a way out of this forest.. I long to see the daylight once again..

But as I take three steps forward.. A black bird flies past me..
Strange.. But I've seen it before, it's the crow from my last dream..
Has it come to devour my soul, is it my time to leave this world?
Or is it just a messenger, a teller of stories and legends?


I wish this would all be just another of those dreams, but no, this is very real

I wish I could just awake, and leave this all behind, I've no desire to stay

This coldness is too much for my heart, I believe that soon it will tear my whole body apart

I hope that the crow was sent here to bring me back, 'cause this hour may very well be my last


But as it finally lands on one snowy branch of a tree, it suddenly begins to speak

'I am the bird of the shades, a shadow within a shadow, a black sun of every day.'

And there I stood, wondering that do I've to listen to the riddles of this shady crow..

If I've to stay here for any longer, I fear that I will become a ghost of winter snow..


Maybe it was my fate after all.. Maybe there isn't any tales to tell or songs to sing about..

I just realized that it has been raining snow during all this time, maybe I am slowly becoming blind..

I guess this is why I found myself from this forest,  and I'm actually in need of some rest..

But who would've thought that awaking from a dream would break the whole wheel..


Death, I am yours to take..

Swing your scythe, do not hesitate, do not delay..

Even the crow is laughing at me, but I do not judge it's deeds..

And as I finally close my eyes, and as my heart turns to ice..

It's so silent and distant, but my soul is at peace and it is so warm..


And I've no regrets, but I wish that I'd remember my own name..

I hope that someone will remember me, may it be my friend or my enemy..

And if someone finds my body and decides to bury me..

I hope that he leaves one candle and some flowers on my grave..

Just to remind me that I truly died on that cold winter day..


And so.. A riddling crow turned out to be something so much more..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Ah that is so very very sad. So, since I came through the wood and saw you lying there, your dear face in repose, two glittering tears upon your cold waxen face, it must be that I will bury you. See I have called my friends and even the animals of the forest are come to wail and grieve over you dear one.Together we have built a carven bed and put down all the gold and silver we had with us upon your heart. Winter flowers and ever greens we found and made a beautiful snowy bouquet which we placed in your now still hands.Songs we sang, for we have heard of you, you were not unknown, unappreciated. And one descended from a skin changer wrote an ancient poem for you on parchment and we nailed it to the tombstone fashioned from a thick branch from a revered tree. And then after the pyre was lighted and you had turned to cleansed ash, we were silent a great while. Finally your ashes were reverently scattered throughout the forest and as we were parting from one another the faint cries of a crow were heard. Broken cries, defeated cries. And then all was silent.  

Oh, such kind and beautiful words, a fitting end. I agree on that. Smile Smilie

I guess you liked of it, and somewhat, so did I. It was very enjoyable to write and the text nearly formed itself.

Sorrowful, dark and melancholic; it seems to be my calling.

And this time, there's a glimpse of truth in that tale. Once upon a cold winter evening, I stumbled to the stairs of my home, quite drunk from rum and all that kind of nonsense, then I took a few bottles of something and went to the nearby forest for a walk. I stopped at my usual rock that I use for sort of meditation during spring/summer/autumn, and then the storm grew wilder, and oh, the snow poured down from the skies, and I was tired.

So, I sat there, putting my feet against a pine tree, and drank those alcoholics.

And to be mentioned, it was a good spot to keep some break. Snow barely reached behind that rock, so high it is.

And at some point, I fell asleep. It was only -10 celsius, so it was easy to let that happen. Then some hours later, I awoke, feeling a bit cold, and as I arose, I saw a crow circling the skies, as if trying to say something to me, and at that moment, feeling quite shaky, I staggered down the hills, went to my home and laid down on the floor of our bathroom, and I thought: 'I wish this would be another of those dreams.'

And that, my friends, may sound a bit dangerous, but it wasn't that bad. Somehow, I had even set a timer to wake me max. 2 hours later, if I would fall asleep. I even had a lot of clothes on back then.

But, a lesson learned. Smile Smilie

How fortunate you lived to tell us about it dear Oerath. Your tale brought tears to my eyes and I concur heartily that dark and brooding words are your calling as it were. You have a gift in weaving jewelled words upon dark fearful cloth and creating wonderful images. Thankyou.

Of course. But to be honest, -10 celsius is nothing.

I am a very hot blooded person, which has always allowed me to enjoy of winter and it's days.

And that night, it wasn't very windy, but a lot of snow poured down from the sky.

These past few days have been more colder, and my usual set, jeans, t-shirt and a jacket works almost always, but yesterday evening, temperature was from between -25 to -30 celsius, and it was biting coldness. That made me to shake a little.

But nonetheless, a child of winter snow always prevails, but I understand your concern and coldness isn't surely something to play with.

It may sound crazy, but I've been like this as long as I can remember. Even my mother always said me to be 'So stubborn, but very hot-blooded indeed.' Wink Smilie

But, as a little reply to my 'off-topic' message, there'll be some new poetry due to weekend. I've had some good ideas and my inspiration is very good at the moment + I've an urge to write. One possible song lyric in works at the moment and a story part to write. Lots of work to do, but I enjoy of it. Smile Smilie



Our love was eternal,

We had all we needed,

No-one could hurt us,

We together, against the world.


But fate soon took its toll,

We were torn apart,

Once lovers now enemies

Cursed forever by our fate.


Lives were torn,

Our dreams shattered,

All was dark, all was grim,

No-one saw the light.


What was the point of life?

All was taken from me

What is left but death?

It makes the pain end.


All it takes is one knife,

One stab then peace.

Soon enough we’ll be together

Heaven or Hell, I’ll see you there.


Together forever we will be

And so death is sweet,

I wave goodbye for one last time

And then I leave.


Now as spirits do we roam,

Hand in hand, together again.

Us against the world.

Till the end we will remain…

by Lady Alyss

Looking forward to your new work Oerath. And...............listen to mummy , you may be ther Prince of Poems, but mummy knows best! indecision

Lady that was very melancholy and touvhing, and it does seem doesn't it that problems on earth are so hard to bear. I would like you to read your poem again with the view that it could be greatly expanded. Who are these lovers, what happened, why was death any option, why would death make two persons who had become enemies lovers once more? So much mystery and intrigue.

Do think about this option Lady. I like it just as it is, but I see potential for something epic.

Yeah, right. ^^

Anyway, Lady, I did read both of your recent poems and it's good going. I've been drinking during the weekend again, so I'll save my own tricks and treats for this evening/night.

A continuing part to 'The Secret of Three Graves' and some new poetry. I am not sure about the theme yet. Probably something to remind me of yesterday. Let's just say that I've kind of chosen my own religious path, but since it is not permitted to talk about religions here, I will say no more. Smile Smilie

Be seeing you due to evening. And oh, please do continue 'A Journey That Never Ended'

In case any of you didn't notice, I already posted my follow-up ages ago.

I've no time to focus on it today, but next week. It's a whole different thing. Smile Smilie

And here's the short poem.


The Child of Frost and Blood


She said that I would meet her again.. Someday

'But did she lie to me? I haven't even seen her in my dreams..'

I wonder why I still walk the snowy paths of this forest..

'She knew I would always return.. There's something strange about this world.'


And I wish that I could explain it all to you.. I want to see the arrival of midnight blue..

Something is calling out for me.. Someone wants me to be free.. For the dark and cold eternity..

I believe I once said to her that..


I am the child of frost and blood, and even all of the dragons will heed my call

When I cry out to the skies, they will know when it is the right time to fly

This coldness is enough to freeze any mortal heart, but somehow, I cannot feel it's touch at all

Is my soul made of sunlight and warmth, am I the one that will always watch for the night to fall


These winter days seem to be so long, but I don't feel sad about it at all

Let there be snowstorms and windy nights, I can survive without any source of light

Like every forest watches as the seasons come and go, I will be staying here to show

That I am as proud and wise as any god, I am the child of frost and blood


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Bravo Oerath, well done. I just love the sentence referring to midnight blue. Awesome.  Now then, have some hot chocolate and a bucket of some sort of protein. If you are so awesome having drunk a bunch, then the very heavens cannot limit you when you are well fed, have good sleep and an opportunity to write. You amaze me.

I was trying to work on this one for a while but continually had a loss for words. I thought I would share it none the less. An unfinished poem is better than none... I hope.Smile Smilie 


The frozen breeze sifting over a land of white,

The first bite of frost clinging to the earthen ground.

All life has the will to fight,

Against the bitter cold surround. 

The first crystal to meet the earth,

Now let a world of white rebirth.

Freeze the water to glassy stone,

Shrouded by the smoke of hearth. 

Such beauty trade for so much death,

The world has turned in now to rest...




That is it for the present. Maybe sometime I will finish.

Wonderful, totally captures the essence and great beauty of winter. I love the sentence"the first crystal to meet the earth" as if that tiny thing is somehow an ambassador from a far off frozen place.

With all the challenges and time schedules you have been facing dear Prince of Poems I am astonished at your ability to just let the words flow uncaring of all the obstacles in your daily routines.

I'll start out by saying that weekends are wonderful. And good evening.

And Fahvier, for an unfinished matter of work, it was a good one. And in fact, even short poems have their dignity. Well done.

Ey, Leelee, thanks for the words. It cheered me up so much that I could deliver some wordy words this weekend, but not today. I am feeling very tired.

And just like last weekend. One piece of story, one piece of poetry, but this time I will write a longer one.

If it helps to imagine the work, it will be one of those cheesier pieces; here's the entitle.

'Shrine of A Sleeping God'

Good night.

Fahvier, your writing skills are exquisite  and though it is unfinished it is amazing, I cannot wait for the finished piece

This one will be something different. A mix of two dear subjects.


Shrine of A Sleeping God


Lost in the endless deserts, there's none to be seen

Is this the end, or will she find a way out of this painful dream

Staggering down the dunes, there's no light left in her eyes

Will this day become her last, did she come all this way.. just to die..


I may have no choice.. I've to save this mortal's life

I desire to grant her some joy.. There's something that she has to find..


And so I descended down from the heights of the sky

To greet this mortal woman, so beautiful and divine

And as I touched her forehead with my hand

She opened her eyes once more, to see more than just dying trees and sand

And I told her that she needs to go on..

'You are on a quest to find the shrine of a sleeping god.'


And I told her that..


You're not alone on this journey, I shall walk beside you, so I can fulfill my only dream

There's so much we could do, if given the time, we could travel through the space and the time

But now we've to find the right way, and don't be afraid, the night cannot replace the day

And if you watch closely at the sun, deep inside your heart, you know that the journey has just began


And as we arrived to the temple of golden runes, I said to her:

'Behold, the resting place of Unriel, The Sleeping God of Stars.'

She looked deep into my eyes, and spoke in a tone of fear and wonder

'I am glad you led me to this place? But why have you come this far?'


And before I casted the spell of elder blood, I said to her

'Do not fear, mortal one. Soon, we shall retrieve the eye of a sleeping god.'


Enter the ruins of the forgotten..


Marks and runes.. Long hallways.. Strange statues.. Is it night or day..

This darkness feels alive.. Is he able to see.. With eyes not visible.. Eyes that burn..

We must go on.. His chamber is without guards.. But he knows of us.. We cannot trust..

He's not a friend.. A dark fiend.. He may be a god of stars, but his heart.. It is tainted by dread..




And as we got there, he was standing at the end of the room, very much alive and awake

'You're far away from your home, mortal, and you.. You shouldn't be here. Why are you helping her?'

'I believe in her. And I saved her soul, so she could fulfill her destiny.'


And when Unriel tried to cast his wicked spells, I blocked all of them

I gave her my own weapon, and as she trusted a sword through his eye

Unriel didn't bleed, but he staggered back, and I casted my final spell:

'By the powers of spirits and specters; I banish you from the world of men!'


The whole chamber was destroyed, and the roof came down upon us..

But I knew that it would not be the end.. For she took the eye, before all hope was lost..

And I called upon the strength of beyond.. And as I arose, I revived her soul..

And so, she too, arose once more..


'Your quest is now complete, mortal one. You may go wherever you want.'

'I want to come with you, even if I do not know who you really are, this eye is meaningless, but my heart..'

'If that is what you truly desire, then we'll leave this realm behind.'

'And because it was never about vengeance, we may enter to the realm of hope and timeless light.'


'And when I decided to save her, I didn't know that we could be together.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


A quick series of events, but in the end, it was all about helping a mortal woman.

By the way, I've been correcting some spelling mistakes from 'And where the black raven's fly'.

Some of you may remember the poem, and well, I think it's one of those highlights of my poetry career.

So, with that said, I will post the whole poem as a journal.

It should be posted sometime during the night. Smile Smilie

Fahv fogive me, my computer was acting up and kept moving up and down and I thought it was Oerath that wrote that piece. Stellar. I will always remember some of the lines, for they hang in the black night air like diamonds suspended in space. Fahv, have you tried writing a word here that strikes your imagination or a few words there or a sentence down on slips of paper to be looked at later and used for something wondrous? Agatha Christie did that and look at the end result I have taken to doing that and I am surprised how well that works.

Oerath do you read epic novels or poems such as Beowulf. I know you listen to Middle-Earth sort of music, but what is the source of your inspirations, I would be very interested to know. For you have the perfect feeling and words and sense of desolation, isolation and yet determined choices that go into your work. How does this come about?

Well, to be honest, when I write, I do not think about anything particular. Mainly I focus my thoughts on the words I am about to write. And in this case, I had imagined a certain line from this text: 'You're on a quest to find the shrine of a sleeping god.'

And that alone gave me enough inspiration to write.

I haven't read that many poems, or works of any poet, so I've no idols or inspirations from that field.

From all writers out there, I respect many, but Tolkien has always been the best.

His style, books and his creative use of fantasy inspired me to write 'Arcadian' related tales and stuff.

So, I hope these are the answers you were looking for, but as my motto goes: I write when I want to, and when I do, I collect the words from depths of my mind.' Smile Smilie

Many works I write are done in the name of silence, but at times, there's music to accompany me.

Hi my dear ME poets Smile Smilie

Here's a poem from me after a long time.


It calls to me

In voices, in vacant memories,

Dreams I had in a forgotten childhood

About a home, on Tol Eressea.


There I would sit forever by its golden beach

And count the Mallorns that rode its heights

I have known all the Ages, their turmoil and their kings

And I have seen Elves, how they fought and died.


I recall the Valar, the anger of Ulmo,

The crescendo of fire and arrows

As a world ended before it had even begun.


But my journey continued as I felt I should see more of the world.


I travelled to Middle Earth, on a ship with a thousand oars

I saw fear I had never known of this kind before

I saw death and felt it in my bones

I felt the glimmer of evil in every dark story and moon.


Oh the peace when I returned,

To my little home on the glimmering shores

Away from battlefields and shrieking birds

Beneath a mallorn tree I opened a book

With a steaming cup of milk and my feet in the grass

I sang to myself about flowers and friends and being warm in my home.  


Yes dear Oerath, that explains a lot and good for you that you know yourself so well and can abide in the atmoshpere needed for poetic musings.

Welcome back dearest Odette, I have had you in my thought a great deal the last month. Your poem is an exquisite contrast of that which Illuvatar meant to bless and beautiful the minds and hearts of all creation with, and the determined dark thought of the enemy of Middle-Earth to strip barren all that beauty and peace. I absolutely love this. One question have COWS there?  blush I never knew.

Yeah, I did read Odette's tale, and it's quite good, but I'm a bit sad about her absence.

I wonder when she will come back for the next time.

Well, hopes up high, as the saying goes. Smile Smilie


I will probably delay my next story piece. I am a bit ill, and I simply cannot focus my thoughts on the particular story, though I've some material already.

So, instead of that, I'll write something short and mysterious.


A Secret For Those of Elder Blood


Silent whispers within the wind.. Voices that shouldn't be real..

Only sounds are those of earth and trees.. Is this the prize of my darkening dreams..

Who is that woman.. She has no face.. She's clad in blackest of all shadows..

She shouldn't be here.. Not in this place.. Maybe she is a ghost..


One to judge my deeds.. One to end my pain and my grief..

I've seen this all once before.. In a vision that I cannot even recall..

I wish.. I wish to know more about her.. But first.. Where I really am?


I can feel the touch of life, but I am not here.. Like a wanderer.. Lost.. Lost in the darkness..

What it means if I can see the sky.. But no.. No stars.. Never.. This feeling, so pure and timeless..

I cannot hear their voices anymore.. I once belonged.. To the council of elder guardians..

But my visions.. They were too much.. They casted me out.. No words.. No mistakes..


But I cannot return.. I cannot even tell what is real and what is not..

I am not worthy of a secret that can only be told to those of elder blood..

I feel no sorrow, and I've no desires to let go of this life.. But it is all.. So distant and hollow..

And if this is what my mind has to bear for all ages to come.. I may've to accept my downfall..


None deserves a meaningless life without hope of better days that will never come..

So it may be true.. It may be a waste to even think of a secret for those of elder blood..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


The message should be very clear in this one. Losing all sanity can be the end of everything.

By the way, Leelee. You've heard some bits of my low vocals, but then again, it was a vocal cover.

For long I've thought that I should do a vocal version of my writing: 'The Hollow Halls'.

It is one of those older pieces, and if my memory isn't failing me, I once tried to make it into a singable version.

So, I may succeed. And if I do, it can be found from youtube. Vocals only, no music, but still, it should be something nice.

Good day, fellows. Hehe, I recorded that little tale. Unfortunately I've no microphone in use at the moment, but I worked out some kind of backup vocals and main vocals. Low and easy, basic stuff, and for a one-shot-thing, it sounds pretty good.

Background stuff may not go all the way with the other vocals, but I included some whispers in this one.

Support me and check it out!

Youtube/Oerath01. (precise link)

Oerath, you know i will always support you, but for some reason I tried and was unable to be linked up and so I gave up for now. I had no problem the last time when I first heard you sing, i wonder what the problem is?

Just to let you know that besides this glorious thread I am starting a short story one, one in which we have only fifty words allowed with each post to come up with something readable. The subject matter can be anything except for things not family friendly. So no suicide or murder or unacceptable sexual content as well as no political or religious content as this can spark anger and fighting on this site and it is forbidden on this forum. Any questions about the rules just check please with Amarie or Rednell, Vir or Loss or Taz.

We have young people as young as eleven that love this place and come to be safe and to learn.

I was thinking that if some who don't feel comfortable to post poetry tried their hand at writing prose, they may feel more able to tackle some poetry down the line.

At leelee's request I revisited my poem together and have  added to it, i hope leelee that it answers the questions you asked.




I was a black, you a white,

Supposedly never to mix.

But I loved you and you loved me,

It was as if we were meant to be.


Our love was eternal,

We had all we needed,

No-one could hurt us,

We together, against the world.


But fate soon took its toll,

We were torn apart,

Once lovers now enemies

Cursed forever by our fate.


War came, we were torn,

On the wrong sides.

Forced to hate each other

By our own kind.


Lives were torn,

Our dreams shattered,

All was dark, all was grim,

No-one saw the light.


We could think of nought but death,

It seemed the only option left.

No-one could help us,

No-one but death.


What was the point of life?

All was taken from me

What is left but death?

It makes the pain end.


With death no-one can stop us,

Together we can be, happily

Arm in arm walking along,

No-one to keep us apart.


All it takes is one knife,

One stab then peace.

Soon enough we’ll be together

Heaven or Hell, I’ll see you there.


Together forever we will be

And so death is sweet,

I wave goodbye for one last time

And then I leave.


Now as spirits do we roam,

Hand in hand, together again.

Us against the world.

Till the end we will remain…

                                               Lady Alyss

Dear Lady, thank you so very much, yes i have some understanding. This piece made me weep as much as Romeo and Juliette ever did, and that play broke my heart.

Oerath, help me, i just cannot get to your music this way, it does not let me for some reason. Can i just go to youtube and look for your name like I did for the other?

Not bad at all, LadyAlyss. This post shall be a little update on my doings, since I've been off for over a week.

At first, my apologies to those, who have been waiting on a new chapter of 'The Secret of Three Graves'.

It's under progress, but due to past days 3-5 days, I haven't had access to most internet pages. A bit of crashes and so forth.

And as for some poetry, well, I've had interesting song ideas for my own project. Interesting lyrical names such as: 'The Hands of Darkness', 'Book of the Devourer' and 'And When The Night Falls'.

But, as for my new poem, in terms of concept, it will be about winter. One last piece of work for the glory of winter.

This entitle may sound a bit too common, but it fits more than well, believe me. I've seen a vision of the whole story, and it will be a combination of love, sorrow, death and darkness.

Three different poems to act as one: The Queen of White Sorrow and Frozen Tears.

I've no actual date yet, but I think that I'll post it as a whole in 5-7 days.

So, that's some update, and more is to follow.

Dearest Oerath, however long it takes be assured it will have been worth waiting for. Life must go on and we all have our duties to see to. We travelers would be grateful though if you would write a little something, even a single paragraph on the A Journey That Never Ends. We cannot possibly do it , you created it, you alone know how you want things, it is your quest, we are merely coming along. So please, just a minute or two of your time perhaps twice a week and I am certain it will be the best journey, very exciting and readable.

We shall see about that, Leelee. I haven't even been much on computer during the past days. But, a weekend approaches and so does my winter holidays. Over a week of free time to focus on writing, and I will get the thread started again.

Some vocal recordings and that poem. Primary goals.

And well, I've been writing some bits to my next chapter of TSOTG, but I've had quite long working days, over 12 hours yesterday, so I've slept a lot during daytime.

I may have told you that I value an easy way of life, and this work as a trainee, well, it's a good job, but I don't know would I be able to go on with these days for longer than a year or so. ^^

Well, that's it. A longer chapter of story before sunday night, some bits to 'A Journey That Never Ended'.

Why did you take that trainee job I wonder , was it because you had no real idea of what it entailed? I cannot imagine what you mean by the 'easy life' dear, that is foreign  to me, my siblings and I worked very hard since little children, it was our way of life, I personally thrive on discipline and so that has no meaning to me. Perhaps you are just not in a job that is compatible with your personality and skills, perhaps it is just too draining emotionally. A little word of advice, just grab a piece of paper and write down your honoest realistic goals for the next ten years, what would you like to do vs what you see yourself honesly doing. With that in mind could this present job be a means to an end, by that I mean, would the money and position help you achieve personal goals, give you the means say to publish your work down the road, buy a recording studio as they are known as here, we have one for about two thousand dollars, state of the art and we can record anything we want musically. Or perhaps to buy a house, help mummy as she ages, that sort of thing. Or would you honestly like to live raw, have enough for now and no more and take things as they come. Both can be rewarding but you must know your own self. You have a lot of wisdom imparted to you from grandmother and mummy and I am sure you know what is best for you. But if that job isn't in the plan perhaps you could look around for something more suited to you, more lay back. Because the company training you also desires someone who will stay and be worth the time and money invested, You will work it out.

 And concerning the Journey.... perhaps you could assign it to one of the guys like Wenlaesel who is also very gifted. You could message him, give him the general gist of the story line and let him take over until you can do it. Then we can get on with things, but under your direction . Think on it dear poet.


The Death of Arwen Evenstar

The Lady felt cold

and no shawl could keep her warm,

Black ice dwelt inside.


Her raven hair damp

with sweat of fear and sorrow,

Her eyes swollen, tired.


She stumbled and fell-

unable to rise again.

She had wandered far.


"Aaragorn" she called,

hoping somehow he could hear

athough he lay dead.


She knew not mortal

death, knew not where they went to.

Could he hear her now.?


"My dearest love, Please!"

I  understood not the grief,

This pain,this anguish!


Our children can't help

Their outstretched arms seek to heal

They seem like shadows.


"Aragorn, husband"!

In vain have I tried to live,

Each breath is torture.


I will lie here now

will my broken heart to stop.

A strange mortal's death.


Will I find you then-

Again to see your dear face

hear that gentle voice?


Death is shrouding me

I can feel it taking me-

But where shall I go?


Father, can you hear?

I need your arms around me,

your elven arms.


Mother can you see

your child with tears in your eyes?

Goodbye then to all.



Leelee, as you have directed me to this thread, I will post a couple of my poems. They are short, and not Tolkien related. But as I also like mystic, fantasy and medieval genres. It sort of fits.  The third one is actually a riddle. The title is the answer. Enjoy!



A coat of armor,

 A fiery steed,    

A shield, a sword,

This is all I need.

I make my way through fern and thorn,

Away from the land where I was born.

Away to battle and away to war,

Away to the land that I adore.


                                                           I walk the forbidden shore by night

Entranced by all I see,

I have not time to take fright,

For soon all is unknown to me.

Dark and villainous, crafty folk stir by the waters edge.

My senseless body they bind up and throw off a craggy ledge

All this is to say my friend

I would not walk that shore alone

                                   Unless, you wish to lend your life unto those wraiths unknown


                                                                                The Sword


Beautiful but lethal,

Hero in the land.

The tool of destruction,

But the true man’s right hand.

A jewel among stones,

A gem among bones.

Created by man for wicked ways,

Loved by man for all the days.

To wield it thou must have the skill,

But also a clear conscience and a good will.

The deadly gleam,

May, beautiful seem,

But darkness will not dim it.



The wind,

The sea,

The storm,

The plea,

The plea that rides over the waves to me,

I on a desert island be,

With an ocean to separate you from me.

I live on dreams and hope alone,

And stare at the void where the full moon shone,

Whenever it comes round again,

I hear love wail across the lonely fen.


Well, Leelee. What I meant is that full-time working is not for me. And I live one day at a time, I cannot even think 1-2 weeks further. That's just me. My current job is good and I like it, but there are some things that I cannot change in my life, and one thing is my interest for work, but I don't want to discuss the matter any further in this thread. It's not necessary.

And concerning the journey, it's not something I can pass to someone else. If I start something, it is my duty to finish it and carry on. I don't even know Wenlesael well, and he/she is quite young, from what I've read in 'Stories, fifty words'.

I will strive to write some bits for it now and then, but not everyday, that is for sure.

@ Wenlesael: I did spent some time today at work, reading your shorties, and it's quite good. I started to write when I was a bit younger than you, and considering your age, it's good going. Keep it up.

Consider it a token of respect from me. Smile Smilie

Well, it seems to me that I popped into this thread at the perfect time, talking about me, eh? as for the the Journey, I would rather it not passed on to see, it is his, not mine, and if he can keep it going, it is just as well. Oerath, thank you for the compliment.  I have a question, have you done sonnets? I have taken an interest in them and hope to give one a try...any advice?



PS. I am a guy. The name may sound feminine...but don't take it wrong.

Yeah, a good timing indeed. As to your question, I am not very familiar with that. I guess it's a form of poetry or such, but I can admit that I have never studied almost anything official concerning poetry or writing, even my english is almost completely self-learned.

So, I am a self-learner in many ways.

I am sorry I couldn't give you a proper answer, but concerning other things, if you need any tips, I'd be glad to provide you with some of my knowledge.

As for some poetry, I wrote one at work today. I've decided to write more mythology based poetry, and this is one of those. For Valhalla!


Champion of the Gods


He raised his shield and shouted for victory

For the kingdom of the gods, and for the glory of the lord of all storms!

Fire burned fiercely in his heart, he was ready to fulfill his destiny

He desired to become a champion of the gods, but first, he would've to vanquish all of his enemies


And like the sun, nearly timeless and indestructible, a star unlike any other

He held his ground, with a golden sword in his hands, he would always protect these lands

And like the wind of north, strongly blowing forth, he cried for freedom and hope

He defeated all of his foes, and by looking at the rise of the blood red dawn

He knew that the day of glory and honor had finally come


And as he walked across the bridge of gods

He could hear trumpets ranging loud and far

He had proven himself to be wise, proud and strong

Would this be the reward for his deeds and goals


And as he arrived to the golden halls

There they all stood, a hundred warriors or more

All of them wearing golden armors, wielding golden spears

And at his sight, they all hailed him and knelt


Then Odin spoke to him, and told him to step forth


'Come, Warrior of Valhalla, and claim your scepter and your crown.

You've proven yourself to be worthy to become the champion of the gods.

And from this day onward, you shall be the one to rule the lands of Midgård!'


With a raven now sitting on his shoulder, he still remembers the words of Odin

And that day won't ever be forgotten, for it was the day, when he became a king


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

That is fine then Oerath, you alone as I already said must direct the journey. My only concern is that those that signed up I think thought you would be regularly contributing to keep the story flowing. Now adays their are literally thousands of pursuits clamoring for our attention and perhaps you have lost most of your company, it is so easy to forgot to pop back on a site when we have twenty others to go on or role playing games or our DS or our Wii !  So crazy now a days.

That was a fine poem Oerath, for it gives such a feeling of might and strength, so much like the Hercules series of long ago. That is stirring and makes the reader want more. Well done.

Wen, I would be interested in seeing just what you have been reading the last two years, not modern works but older ones. The free exuberant way you write, your youthful approach with such color and pageantry almost puts me in mind of  the golden age of The King Arthur writings. Very emotional and quick paced. You are amazing for your age. I would encourage you to read as many books that appeal to you emotionally and whose subject matter touch your heart as you can and practise in the same manner to hone your craft. And never rest on your laurels but continually reach for the next plateau until you have found your exact signature. I am very excited for you.

Oerath, I would love to see you flesh out your characters, each is so very unique and powerful in his own way. We learn what you do, but we need to learn more why, and who, who is this wondrous person, what brought him to this; and also what world is he in , what is the background of this world, how came it to be so. Sort of make a world we could all walk in with you. Then you make the whole thing a sweeping and complete movie so to speak. There is so much I long to know about your people and where and when and why . I would even like to know their names, who are their brothers and sisters, mother and father and why are they not there. Who are their enemies and how did it come to that, just a general war or dark versus light, or did someone do something , some one person and how are the rest coping. I would so love to learn about all this. But of course only if you agree any of this background is useful or even necessary. It is just my longing.

Wenlesael- Welcome to the thread! I very much enjoyed reading your poems. They all flowed freely off the tongue in an elegant manner. Well done.   

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