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Hah, well said, Rachel. I truly have something to offer this time, and while I remain uncertain about the spelling mistakes that I might have missed, it's a good Arcadian tale. And this time, I did put some effort in writing it.


Oi, Odette, The Fairy Queen, how're ya doin' !?

And good to see ya. I've missed ya.. a bit. Wink Smilie

Anyway, this is it. The work of many days.

After considering a few entitles, since I'm quite focused on some youtube stuff etc; I've come to a conclusion that: 'Eyes of the Bloodred Mist' will do.


(Story Part)


'Eyes of the Bloodred Mist is an artifact, which consists of two eyes that once belonged to Mógrah, The Guardian of Death himself. This is a short story, describing what happened, when Mógrah removed his own eyes.'

When he had lost his eyes, a great mist approached from the south. He ventured there, breathing that mist inside him, filling his lungs with it, since he knew that the mist held unkown powers. He had never seen such wicked and evil mist. Then he called out for a dragon he had once captured, one who now served him loyally, and gave it a task.

That dragon was to take him to top of Mount Arran, greatest mountain that exists in Arcadian, so he could release it's destructive force once more by setting it's heart ablaze. He wanted it to erupt again, so he could breath all of that mist out of his lungs, to strengthen the magma with it's ghostly abilities. Then he would cast his eyes into the fire, trying to turn them into stony artifacts. And the dragon did his master's bidding, and soon, they took flight, and after two hours of flying, they finally arrived to Ishmazen, The Land of Snow and Frozen Tears. And then Mógrah ordered the dragon to unleash all of it's power and will, and turn it into a great breath of fire.

The dragon obeyed..

And soon, a horrifying ball of fire smashed against the stony walls of Arran, and so it happened, just as Mógrah had expected it to happen. The ground started to shake, and he heard clearly, as the lava started to rise in depths of Arran.

And as Arran was about to erupt and unleash it's molten fury, Mógrah laughed and remembered the old days, when it had erupted for the first time. The sky would split in half, the smoke would replace all of the clouds, and countless of deaths would follow by this disaster of nature, caused by none other than Mógrah himself.

And then the burning lava hit the sky, and sent it's tens of thousands of burning fireballs flying across the sky, smashing into lands, forests, oceans and even other mountains.

And there he stood, casting his eyes into the lava, as it kept falling down on him, and as he muttered his own words of power, suddenly, fire covered his once precious eyes, and then he casted a spell that did far more damage than the lava itself. The very ground started to tremble, almost splitting in half, and he watched, as the mist darkened the eyes and as the fire gave them it's own red and fearsome color. Then he took those eyes and casted them into a lake, far in the distance. And by touching those waters, his eyes cooled, turning into stone. Then he went there, and retrieved them from the bottom of that lake. Those stones now possessed a bloodred and misty color.

Stones that now possessed a power to unleash the wrath of any extinct volcano's in The World of Arcadian.


(Poetry Part)


'Here's some poetry and story, telling about a man, who decided to obey Mógrah unknowingly. He lost his sanity and helped the dark one to fulfill one of his chaotic plans.'


'We all are adventurer's in some way. Some of us seek for long forgotten treasures and for relics of the past, while some of us seek for something that no books or songs tell about. Something that is both evil and powerful. Yes, it is known.. Some of us seek for power.. But what.. Do we do, once we get hold of the power we seek for? That.. Is not known.'


Eyes of the Bloodred Mist (Instruments of Fire and Chaos)


Evening fell, cold and harsh winds started to blow, freezing the air and the ground..

I knew very well that I would have to bow down before it's destructive force, just like a master's hound..

And then the spirit of the wind told me that I would have to find a pair of mystical eyes..

Eyes that can find and bind those that serve the night, eyes that are eternal and eyes that can free..

A painter who has a forbidden ability to paint and therefore change the color of the skies..


The shadows arrived, the moon smiled, but the existence of a path I sought, was denied..

Someone kept laughing in the darkness, as my heart kept fighting against the coldness..

I knew it to be a lost battle, oh the sadness..


After wandering planlessly from forest to another, I finally found an underground passage..

I felt that if I'd go down there, I'd be lost forever.. And I thought that should I have any last wishes, or use these walls to carve a secret message..


Nothingness ruled inside my sleeping mind..

Snow had already erased all of my footsteps that I had so carefully left behind..

Somehow.. I knew that the spirit was not the one, who it was supposed to be..

Then why.. Did I even accept this quest.. If I knew that I'd be lost for eternity.. Never to be free..


(Story Part)


'He knew that he had to go there, and as he stepped inside the cave, darkness created an impenetrable wall, blocking the entrance. Now, there was no chance to turn back. He had to go on, and venture deeper into the depths. It was cold, but not even nearly as cold as it had been outside, but dark, yes, it was so dark. He could see nothing, but then.. As he kept stumbling in the darkness, his fingers reached out to something.. A stony switch.. And as he pulled it, suddenly, candless were lit all around him, just like that. And in front of him now stood a figure that he knew all too well. It could not be true..


It was Mógrah. Wearing his black and silky robes, such dark clothes.. Then he revealed his pale hands, holding one stone in each palm. He did not speak a single word, he just stood there, holding those red stones that glowed with eternal power.

'Why.. Do you hesitate.. I offer you.. My eyes.. eyes.. eyes..' - Said the whispers inside the man's head. He knew that those whispers belonged to him. He did not lose his sanity though. He knew.. He knew..


No words were spoken, but then Mógrah watched as the man's eyes started to gleam with certain light. He smiled, knowing that this poor and wretched mortal would carelessly take the eyes, while he should've just turned around and ran. None had blocked his path, none of his footsteps had been erased. It wasn't even dark in there.

The man had lost a battle, but not a battle against the coldness. He had lost his sanity.. Forever.

And then he took the stones off Mógrah's hands, and as the man touched them, Mógrah took a few steps back, pointed up with his fingers, and then a horrifying sight opened before the eyes of the man. With the light of those candless, he could see that they were standing in the center of an extinct volcano.


And as the stones in the man's cold and shaking hands started to glow with red ever so brightly, he looked Mógrah into the eyes, saying.. 'No.. No.. I.. Don't want these stones!'

But it was all too late, Mógrah spoke the words of power, and as he hit his right hand to the ground, he spoke for the first time, saying only one single word: 'Fool..'

Then the eyes of bloodred mist revealed it's true power, and by burning the man's hands and setting them on fire, he dropped the eyes to ground, and then the ground began to tremble, lava started to emerge from under it, and as it touched the man, his weak body didn't last long. The heat was overwhelming, but Mógrah just stood there, unharmed, enjoying of the man's fading cries of torment and anguish.


Death could never take his life..


He simply watched as the lava rose to unseen heights, soon to fulfill all of his tasks and needs. Then he just left, ascending back to safety, which should've belonged to the man he had just burned.

'Spirit of the wind..'

It was a second volcano to erupt within a year, and I had only two questions that remained without an answer..


Why he had chosen someone else to use the stones.. That is not known..

But he had used that poor soul to destroy a part of the world.. That is known..


'If he lights all of those volcanic torches, then this world shall be lost forever.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


PS. It may be a hard story to grasp, but it's purely Arcadian material. Also, this is a little foretaste. I'm definitely going to use this style in writing of my novella.

Well then Otto i guess our first task is to keep plenty of water about to continually douse those torches!indecision


Haha, that was a good one, you! Smile Smilie

It was a little metaphor, if that's what it's called in english.

Did you enjoy of the work itself?

I just got a sudden inspiration to write about the end of the world.

When This World Shall Sink Into The Void of The Sky

Every night, when I close my old and tired eyes

I dream about the day, when this world shall be unmade

And when that day finally arrives, I shall be standing on the forgotten shores

Awaiting for thundering and chaotic storms to arise.. And I'll be there to welcome the burning winds and to behold the destruction of this earth's weak and hollow core..

And then.. All mountains, walls and stones shall turn into dust..

And then.. All clouds will cease to move.. The sky will be torn apart.. The stars shall be crushed..

And then.. All oceans and seas will turn into endless wastelands of nothingness..

And then.. All forests and trees shall burn.. Creating a rain of burning ash.. Which will cloak the lands of this world with darkness..

'The sun and the moon will join together to fight against the chaotic forces of the void..

But their efforts will all be in vain.. Everything in this world shall be destroyed..'

But oh, something will always stay alive..

If nothing else, then the memories of that day will live on inside our dead minds..

Or maybe some of us will manage to find shelter.. Maybe some of us will survive..

But the question is.. Is it just a chain of false visions that I've been seeing during all this time..


If nothing is certain, then I have to wonder why..

I still keep seeing visions about the day, when this world shall sink into the void of the sky..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Of course I loved the poem O'erath Windsoul. And the end of the world, how sad and beautiful at once. Of course being the elf  I am and trusting Eru implicitly I am sure that will not happen. I felt sad at the description of the eyes, old and tired, to me signifying exhaustion mentally physically and emotionally. There would not be anything in real life triggering that now would there my dear friend? Like, hmm let me see, ten thousand gallons of excellent beer , eight thousand cigarettes and absolutely no sleep for a while  now would there? You can draw a sigh of relief that Leelee does not live near you. There would be quite a drastic change of lifestyle for her beloved Oerath I can tell you. And being an Elf, there would be no where to run or hide for you. I would bring about ten of my most trusted family and we would make our own Elven version of an exclusive spa ........just for you . Healthy food, pure water, tons of excercise in the great out of doors and bed at ninish. Hmm, perhaps I should take a short vacation with my beloved family, I mean there is four elves right there..........................

Hey, I don't drink and smoke that much, dear Rachel. Smile Smilie

My school kicks off again in a few days, then I'll have no time to drink that much, and I'll smoke less, trying to get rid off it. My daily smoking has lowered to 2-5 cigarettes.

I've thought of starting a diet that includes a lot of vegetables, and only some red meat, mainly chicken and other protein giving food, since I'm starting to go to gym regularly, once a local gym opens their doors after the summer holidays.

I so appreciate that you care for this little poetic wandering man!

I guess I've no choice, but to return to the lands of Lothlorien and live like other elves.

PS. It would be nice to get some surprise visitors one day. ^^

Man, another week without PT, sorry folks, but I have had some things.

Sadly, I haven't been writing much. On occasions, I keep some break. 1 week per time or so from writing.

It's for the sole purpose of not getting a writer's block, which I haven't or do not even want to face.

Break does good to brains, though I am not sure if I've any brain cells left. ^^

I am going to write surprising things between this weekend and monday.

A Norse themed piece of work and a new part of story, but I won't reveal, which one it will be.


In a week or two, I'll upgrade my singing equipment a little bit, so I'll get back at doing vocal covers, but this time, the quality will be much, much better.

By the way, that norse inspired work has an entitle, and I'm going to expand it a little by saying that:

'The Battle of Swords and Souls

Part I

Nightfall of Blood, Of Kings and Gods

I've written 7 or 8 TFTROSAL parts and I feel that I'm going to put that one aside with two more planned parts. It will all be done in time.

But this one, it shall become my brand new serie of poems. I'm excited for it. It will also give me more spark to continue writing of my novella.


- O.W.

Two to five cigarettes is awesome, i am proud of you. Never mind Otto, take your time, whatever comes forth whenever it comes forth will be totally epic and awesome. I will send you some perfect health giving and highly delicious recipes.

This part will be a bit cheesy.

I will start this serie by telling about a war, a battle of good and evil, and it will most likely end in a same way.



The Battle of Swords and Souls

Part One

A Nightfall of Blood


'Let the battle horn start this war.'


Thousands of soldiers, living and dead

Are marching across cold and bloody battlefield

Clear and blue skies lie behind, stormy and raging skies lie ahead

These men of honor are ready to fight for their lives, even if they won't win


Night is about to fall

A nightfall of blood

The High King's final call

Will start the great war


And so they ride through the mist of night

Those brave warriors of light

This is their chance to prove their worth and their might

This is their chance to kill and fight!


They all left their villages and homes behind

They all came here to find..

Something to ease their thirst for blood and war

They all want to protect the realms of the norse gods


'Many are the ranks of both armies.'


Thousands of swords, thousands of spears

Glimmering armors, helms and shields

Kings and their sworn warriors and archers

Fierce war horses and their fearsome riders


Lords of the dead, children of the evil gods

Creatures of pure dread, thousands of undead that hunger for nothing, but blood

Dark sorcerer's and riders of the night

Corrupted souls, wicked beasts and unholy knights


Forces of evil are great and they increase in numbers all the time..

But their greatest weakness comes with the rising dawn.. And that is sunshine


'And so, forces of the two armies clashed, and the bloody battle began. The night fell, turning the sky red. The men looked at each other with fear and confusion, but they all knew that there was no turning back. This battle was foreseen hundreds of years ago, and this battle shall be fought!

And when the bards will sing about the events of this night, they will include the following words in their songs.'


'Of Nightfall of Blood, Of Kings, Evil Lords and Gods'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


PS. I won't most likely have time to write anything else this evening/night, so I hope you'll all like of this one!

I just wanted to add that I haven't forgotten about some works that I've announced. I haven't had time to focus on the following: A lightless dream that became real and The Last Flight of Rae'lyth.

I've loads of unfinished stuff. That's just how it goes.

Sometimes you write something, but plan too much. And sometimes you just notice that there's nothing to go on with.

But even unfinished tales are often meant to become finished at some point of life, so no rush! Smile Smilie

- O.W.

I wish no one ever h ad a blood thirst for war. It breaks my heart. But I enjoyed the pageantry and pace, thank you .

Yeah, I think that it had some nice bits. Definitely a strong way to start a lyrical series.

By the way, I knew that you might not like 'bout the 'bloodshed' part, but that's how it goes.

I've always imagined norse warriors to be fierce and fearless. Driven by the thundering will of Thor, Imbued by the eternal wisdom of Odin and guided by the good and innocent will of Baldr.

Though Thor is my favorite god. He may have the last word in this all.

As you know, in my own right, I do believe in the norse gods. I just need more studying on the subject and mythology itself. It's vast, and it needs years to master. Just like any religion would. Smile Smilie

(Sorry, Council! I tend to bring up 'religion' in my posts from time to time. /bow for forgiveness)

- O.W.

This is something quite inspirational. I just wanted to write something Norse themed, and I wanted to write it right to the point. I had some hard time remembering all of the names I used.


Raven's of the North


There he stands under Yggdrasil, the great world tree

He who possesses both Wisdom and Might

O' Odin, All-Father, honored and blessed art thee

Ye know secrets of the ages, ye won't bow to day nor night


Let Huginn and Muninn fly

Across Midgård's vast sky

May they bring back news and whispers

Those yer black eyes and ears


On back of Sleipnir ye ride

To watch the sky and it's blue tide

Nine realms lie down below

Some of 'em are safe, others are darkly hollow


Return to Válaskjálf, yer silvery halls

Before the evening falls

To greet Huginn and Muninn, as they fly forth

Yer messenger's, two raven's of the north


Leave the halls, for a feast is about to begin

In the Halls of Valhalla, slain warrior's gather 'round to eat, drink and sing

Songs of old and drunken laughter echo throughout the stony halls

And the feast goes on and on, until the daylight finally calls


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Return to Válaskjálf, yer silvery halls

Before the evening falls    Definitely  my favorite line, beautiful. Also the part about morning calling.

Thor was a bit of a fine fellow in certain aspects and you remind me of him. Did not Odin have some sort of sleeping thing or was that only in the movie? I know the man , can't remember his name, that played Thor did a good job, but the appearance of him always reminds me of your typical large red necked man in the southern states and so I did not really get the feeling of the grandeur and to me rather Nordic ambience that I always felt anyone playing him should have. But never mind.

itelyi Tho

i do not know if it will be good but here it goes 


Im oh so lost in this night of fear

no one oh no one will ever find me here 

ive travled long and far to this place called today

everyday i wish to be found, to not be forgotten 

sewing and cleaning is such hard work and to make the cotton.

"help me" i call out to the people walking past 

but no one seems to hear me, i will never last

they walk past with not a care in the world 

people walk through me as if i am made of a cloud

no one knows me, i am the one who found the shroud

i long seek for the day i will be found 

for now i am forever bound to this day called today

devil please give ur feedback


Well, Alonzo a very warm welcome to the Planet! You will find many fellow poets here, for a poet you are. You have a wonderful way with words. I am not really the one to look to, however, as I am not the best at poetry, and am rather new to the art. But you seem to have the heart and the talent, so continue writing, please, and show us here!

Welcome Alonzo, brave guy! I have read your poem and as usual, I feel that I have something in common. I always read this thread because it helps to know other PT members better. By writing we all show our deepest part and many times I find that we are not alone, that we all share these feelings. I liked it very much! Keep on writing and sharing your works with us of course! Smile Smilie

Rukain, you are a good poet too. Do not judge yourself so poorly boy. None of us is a genius but the simple fact of writing a couple of sentences with that passion makes us being in the group of possible new artists! Hahaha. I tell it to you from the heart, anything you write is part of yourself and if you are a kind person -as we have seen here- you are sharing your love and gentleness with us. It's fantastic. Please put your poems in PT for us to enjoy them! blush

Thank you, Elbereth, you are so kind, but really I'm just not a poet. I'm more of a storyteller than a refined poet. 

 And, this has happened before, I think because of my name, but I think I should clarify that I'm actually a girl. It doesn't really faze me to be mistaken for a boy; really, I've always wanted to be a boy, though less now than before. When all the other little girls wore pink and played with dolls and tea parties, I wore black and green and played sharks and dinosaurs. When all the other middle school girls talked about clothes and make-up and drew horses covered in flowers, I talked about swords and dragons, and drew horses with armour bearing valiant knights into battle.

   I've always wanted to prove I could bear a sword as well as any man. But oh well, I'm a girl, even if a tough one. Still, boys seem to be able to do everything better. There's nothing I can do that boys can't do better. Well, except maybe writing a story from a heroine's perspective... one like me...ideasindecision

Ups, I didn't know you were a girl but thanks for your explanation.

Ain't bad if you feel better taking the role of a boy. I mean, I am also a girl and I am stronger, courageous and make decisions with more courage than many men. Even so, I wouldn't like to be a boy. I think we all have both sides, you know? It doesn't matter if our body is of a girl or a boy, our mind have both parts. It's unfair those stereotypes that we place in sexes. I can cry if I feel touched and I can stop someone else's but raising my voice louder if it's necessary. I have my sweet and my hard face. We all have them. It depends on the situation, life teaches us and I think it's stupid to decide which side you must choose. There is no choice, you can be whoever with different nuances, male and female. Both live perfectly.

I have to say that your post made me think about Eowyn. She wanted to fight too, she didn't want to accept her fragility because she was brave and wanted to show it. However she was kind and careful and I remember when she cried for Theoden and when she fought next to him. You see, she has both characters.

Well our little valiant ladies, be proud of just who you are. When we are very young we girls long to jump upon a noble steed(some of us anyway) and wielding glittering sword take chase and battle the forces of evil , free this sad bleeding world from torment and grief. It seems then as if the boys are the fortunate ones, they be free and go and ride to battle and be free. But I promise you, if you were for instance Jewish like me and you lived in Israel and suddenly becoming of age you had to put in time in the military whether you wanted to or not and had to live day by day with lonliness or anxiety or fear, you just may think that the natural strength of a female, her ability to strengthen others with her words, her nutritious meals , her understanding nature, her strength in times of bad things is just as noteworthy and wondrous as her friend that goes out to war and does the hard physical fighting. That is  only one fragment of what it takes to overthrow an enemy and sometimes it is the day to day putting up with things, comforting those that have to go forth, staying back and seeing to the next generation of warriors, these things take such strength and application and hard work that really you can't judge one over the other.

If you have not already i encourage you to read the letters of Tolkien and see what he really went through and the truly ugliness of war and having to do all the 'manly' things involved. When he came back he regarded other things just as worthy of being called brave and heroic, and you will notice that he gave certain females the credit for being the stronger in certain situations. Now adays women enter the military and die the same as their male counter parts and you can always do that down the road . But to say that men do better than women is to not understand the dynamics of life and what it takes to be a hero. You both are genuine heroes on this Middle Earth

Nicely said, Rachel.

@ Alonzo: Welcome to PT, lad. Your offering was some good evening reading. I hope that you'll spend more time with us and help us to raise this thread back to it's rightful place - right to the top. Smile Smilie

Yellow, Elbereth and Rukain. Smile Smilie

I'm quite tired, but I really wanted to do this, before going to sleep.

Two hours ago, I saw azure colored aurora's with my friend. We were going to sauna, when my friend saw those aurora's, dancing in the sky, and told me to look too. It was quite amazing. A rare sight to behold in early september.

So, yehey.


Azure Lights (A Rainy September Night)


I was standing in the pale moonlight

When my friend told me to look up into the sky

I dared to question his wisdom, and so I asked why

Then he smiled and said: 'You've to see this one with your own eyes.'


And then I looked up, and I couldn't believe it to be true

I saw so many blue aurora's, dancing towards the full moon

I froze to that place, and stood still

I forgot about the wind, I couldn't even feel the night's chill


And so we watched, as those aurora's kept traveling across the sky

Slowly losing color and shape, it was still an amazing and unforgettable sight

And then, in mere seconds, those blue northern lights were gone

And in my silent mind, I asked from the mother earth: 'What have you done?'


And she answered to me, like a whisper in the wind:

'You should joy and celebrate such a sight, 'cause you truly saw those azure lights.'

'And it is quite rare to see them on such a rainy september night.'

'Nothing is meant to last forever. In the end, it all shall crumble into the spiraling depths of time.'

'Keep that in mind, when you wish for something to last longer, it's almost like asking for three new chimes.'

'Time after time..'


After all, I saw those beautiful, dancing azure lights

And though winter is quite far, I guess it just needs one rainy and lucky september night


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

How beautiful Oerath! just as usual. It's nice to read your works again.

I have never seen an aurora and I think it's a great experience. I have seen them in books and wow, it's like being out of the Earth, just within the space. Don't you feel like living somewhere else's when you see such amazing skies?

About Leelee's words.. you are right. We must be happy and proud of who we are. I did want to be a boy when I was younger as life seemed easier for them but it isn't so. Actually I am very happy of being a woman because someday I can feel how it is to have a belly with a child. It must be quite fascinating to feel life inside of you.

Happily she's gone smiling

no tears in her eyes abandoned

will pushed her to a new horizon

even if everyone else's where left behind

confidence and courage they said...

Meanwhile longing and sorrow invaded

her lonely smashed heart

tears ran inside, she swallowed

it wasn't a choice, but a must.

Now here I am, she I say

now there they are, missing me

stronger than I've thought, she is

fragile as have ever been, she cries.

Sun rises everyday for everyone

those words in mind feeds her

darkness will fade blown by her sighs

family, life, me together under the same light.

" blown by her sighs" just beautiful, love it.

Thanks Leelee. I wrote it as it came to my mind, I was just looking what's new in PT and all those thoughts came and just noted them here.

Hello, folks. It's been a rather odd week, I haven't written nearly anything.

Maybe this week was meant to be a silent week.

Anyway, I'm going to a metal concert today, so I'll be able to come online by tomorrow evening. So, until that, let me write something that I've longed to write for a long time.

I just simply cannot keep myself away from the darkness. It calls to me! Smile Smilie


Story / Background Material


'The short story behind 'The Cursed Necklace' is quite ordinary, but still, not so bad. It tells about a girl, who got pregnant at the age of seventeen, and despite her father's orders, she didn't do an abort, and decided to disobey her father by keeping the child. And then, when she fulfilled eighteen, just a week before the child's calculated birth, her father couldn't take it anymore. She had kept the child, and even married the father of her unborn child. So, he ventured into the woods, and made a dangerous deal with the demonic shadow of the forest. The demon decided to help him, but only on one condition..

It would need a sacrifice. Sooner or later, someone would have to be sacrificed. Her father, of course, promised a sacrifice, not knowing what he had just done, and so, the deal was sealed.

The demon gave him a cursed necklace, and said that upon the day of her child's supposed birth, he would have to give this necklace to her daughter. Once she would wear it in her neck, power of the necklace would call upon the demon's shadows, and they would cause an fatal accident that would damage the child in her womb, killing it.

And it indeed happened, but her father didn't know one thing. The shadow demon had decided her to be the sacrifice, and by possessing her after the accident, the demon had only one possible solution in it's mind. She would eventually kill her father, and then commit a suicide.'

And that is the story of 'The Cursed Necklace'.


Oerath Windsoul's Dark Tales

The Cursed Necklace


Feeling empty, sad and heart-broken..

She opened the rusty gates and left..

A necklace that had been a gift from her father..

Now held no meaning, so she casted it into heart of the forest..


How it all had began.. Why she now cries tears of pain..

She was pregnant.. But the child is gone.. And she knows..

That she cannot bear a child ever again..


So, like she did, let us walk on the broken glass..

For these glimmering, but sharp and wounding shards shall lead us to the past..


It had been a rainy, but lovely day..

She wore her new, red and silky dress..

It poured and poured, but she wouldn't just turn and run away..

The touch of that soft morning rain was so purifying and fresh..

But upon hearing a mighty roar of thunder..

She saw the darkening horizon, and she decided to run..

And a black necklace that she had received from her father..

It started to glow.. And she didn't know that it had just begun..


Oh, the horrors of the cursed necklace..

It calls for the unseen shadows.. Those that are hiding in the rain..

And that necklace.. It is always given from father to daughter..

And that poor girl, who wears the necklace.. She will be lost forever..


Never to be seen among those that love the sun and it's warmth..

Never to be known by those that once loved her.. And her kind and gentle heart..'


Oh, all those stains on her red dress..

She just ran and ran.. Blindly.. Without thinking at all..

Something kept chasing her in that forest..

Until an earthly root saw it's chance.. Yes.. It made her to fall!


And now, lying on mud and moss.. With eyes closed..

She hit her head to a rock.. Bleeding wounds and broken bones..

Shadows dance around her.. Mocking her existence..

None to help.. She's lost forever.. All of her thoughts are wandering and drifting..


And then she finally awoke.. Feeling hurt and terrible..

And then.. She touched her belly, and noticed.. That her child was dead..

Suddenly, she knew.. That those shadows.. Her father had sent them after her..

So, she arose, feeling furious.. There were murderous thoughts going on inside her head..



And after a long walk, she finally arrived to their family house.. And she knocked on the door..

Her father came to open it, smiling, he knew what she came there for..

And then, she stabbed him with a rusty knife that she had picked up from the garden..

And so, her father fell.. She hid the knife in the only pocket of her dress.. And departed..


Feeling empty, sad and heart-broken..

She opened the rusty gates and left..

A necklace that had been a gift from her father..

Now held no meaning, so she casted it into heart of the forest..

And then she took that rusty and old knife.. And said..

'Forgive me, mother.. And forgive me, my beloved husband, but I cannot no longer be your wife.'


And then, she stabbed herself..

And fell down on the bloody grass..

In one day, it all had turned into a nightmare..

It all had to end.. And break.. Like those shards of broken glass..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

That work may be a bit incomplete, so I'll see if there's anything to correct, but I'll do it tomorrow, once I get to it.

And sorry for it's content. It's darker than my usual dark stuff.

If the text is too violent, I can remove it.

- O.W.

How very sad Otto, she seemed so sweet and kind. I wish you would explain the history of the necklace and why her father wanted to hurt her, kill her unborn child. I so want to know.

I have now added a short story for those, who want to read it with the story, or understand more about the work itself. Smile Smilie

More to come in near future!

Here's something short from me, and oh, this is for you, Rachel. Smile Smilie

I hope it's not too sadly written.

Let it be a kind of birthday present.




Once there was a time..

When I heard a silent, but beautiful chime..

And since of that day..

This world has taken so many years away..

From me, but I do not feel sad about it

I've spent those years wisely and without doubts

Those years have given me so much love and hope

And even, if those years are now lost and gone..

I still think brightly about all of those years that yet remain to come

Life goes on, and so do I

And as long as I've these wings

I can joy, age and fly

At the same time..

And one day, I'll finish everything that remains undone, I'll choose a right path and a right way..

I'll close the book of my life.. I'll look at candlelight for one last time, and then..

When there's no more words left to say..

I'll just fly away..

Leaving behind the shades of that one last day..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Otto this is beautiful. It speaks right to my heart. I love it. Beautiful. Well done!

Oh, Oerath, I see why you are called Prince of Poems!( I think that every time I read you're poetry) It's a really beautiful piece, wonderfully written. It has that magic in it, like all yours do. Lovely.

Oh, but thank you, you two.

I feel that 'Shades' (Strange and short entitle) was a big step from my usual works.

Anyway, let's see what Rachel thinks of it, once she gets some time and logs in.

I doubt she has had a chance to read it! ^^

In reading it I must say that it is one of your better pieces. Really. Nice job, friend!


Oh Otto, I feel the breaking of my heart for you. Whatever is hurting you dearest, may it fly away like a bad storm, to be forgot in the gentle sunshine and clear air that follows.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, my heart will follow and to the best of my abilities i shall watch over you my dearest friend. Namarie.

Congratulations Oerath!

I find this poem much mature as the others. I mean, it doesn't talk about fantasy or a tale, it is the truth of life and it's really moving. Well done! Everyone reaches a moment in life when need to take a breath or just push it a bit harder to get true path done. Look at me, I have left my country, came with just a couple of suitcases and begin from nothing. Let's see what future has for us, for every one!!

Best wishes!! Hauska tutustua!

I couldn't leave without giving something, and this time, I give something to all of you.

I hope you all will like of it, and I certainly do hope that many people will read it.

Thanks to all of you, and see you.. *

- Oerath.



Golden shores and crystal clear skies..
I left it all behind.. All of those past glories.. All of that shared history..
But I'd be just telling meaningless and heavy lies..
If I'd say that I don't want to be a part of this long and beautiful story..


That you all helped me to create..
These past three years.. Spending that time here wasn't a mistake..
I've seen and learned many things..
And each time, when I've fallen..
I've risen back to the sky by using my wings..

But those wings won't always be there to save me..
A day will arrive, when I won't be able to feel, hear or see..
And when that fateful day finally arrives..
I'll use those wings for one last time.. And I'll fly across the skies..

But before that happens.. I promise that I shall return to the halls
Where all candles are always lit, where even the daylight answers to each of my calls
And I know that many elves, dwarves and men, will be waiting there for me
And I also promise that once I return, I won't ever leave..

Upon my departure.. It rained heavily..
Now the sky is clear.. Winds blow so silently..
I wish that I would've stayed, and even if it's not too late..
To turn around and return back home.. I won't do it, 'cause I hate..

To be wrong.. And to be honest, I've been wrong all along..
I belong to those halls.. 'Cause inside those beautiful and stony walls..
There's something worth of returning back for..

A place that is full of good friends..
A place that is full of good spirit and innocence..
A place that I found many years ago..
A place that I call my home..

'And when all flowers will wither and die, when the first snows will pour down from the sky, I shall return, so, light all of your candles.. And let them burn.' *

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


Safe travels, Otto. Namarië. and lykke til (good luck)

As Ama said , beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever read. Lovely. As always I really like it a lot.
Save travels my friend,

I will light my candle for you and I hope others will do the same.

Arwen *the little elf* :-)

I will weep for you one last time , for your decision, and then no more.

But there will always be a winged golden candle shining defiantly against the dark, and the name carved into the golden beeswax- Oreath Windsoul, man of valour.

Wonderful words .keep safe Otto

I've been working on this one it's a little short and it's my first one. A little feedback would be nice Smile Smilie Thx!

The Proud King


He spoke only pride

Too far and too wide

Of a king tales were told 

Of a king lies were sold


Gold was his shower 

He was full of power

Soon grew the shadows

Soon the king went to the gallows


After your done reading please tell me what you think about it. Thank you Smile Smilie


May I just say, Beredras, I am glad you are here. This poem of yours made me smile. The structure and rhythm is simple and straightforward, and it gives it a feel of frankness and sincerity. A simplicity that gives it power. As I read it I can hear a tone that says, "Just goes to show ya!"indecision It's great and well written, and I like the style.

Thank you Rukain. Im glad you liked it. You always say generous words and I thank you for that!

Thank your for your poem, it is a good start on this thread. If you are interested you might wish to read some or all of professor Tolkien's poems.  Or any other poems you like. Poetry is a unique way of sharing thought and some like it, some do not. but if you are keen on it there is a wealth of reading out there to help you become an avid poetry crafstman. I hope you will stay.

Oh, I am so touched with Otto latest poem... It's beautiful and not only, I feel it's like a boy saying goodbye to his fellows as he will start the path to be an adult. It's as if this chapter finishes and he knows that when he return nothing will be the same.... We all shall be here waiting with our arms opened but his experience will turn him into a man. 

I wish him the best and also light a candle for him. Follow the light your heart draws, that's the true path, no other! Best wishes for the northern poet.

Sadness, it's the word that comes steadily to my mind. Last week a person I known despite we didn't have no relation, died. He was a young artist, musician and death came so soon to carry him... now must be in heaven's choir singing with angels (this last sentence was a comment someone left about him). 


Beredras, I completely agree with Rukain said. Short, simple and direct. 

Go on writing and you'll see in brief you could write long poems or stories and every time it will be easier.

Smile Smilie

Thank you Elbereth you've inspired me to work more on poems!

I´ve been working on another poem and i hope you like it Smile Smilie


The War


A war was churning

Evil assembled

The fields were burning

The ground trembled


Power was sought

Men assembled

Battles were fought

And mountains trembled


When hope was dim

The men retreated

But survival was slim

The men were defeated


The elves heard the cry

Not all was in vain

For time went by

And the orcs were slain


Hi Beredras,

I like your poetry because it's pretty simple, few words but can hold the whole idea. Even if you write about war (horrible thing), can we smile satisfied as at the end good has defeated evil.

Go on with your writing..

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