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Lady, this meant much to me. Waiting day by day to see if my daughter will live or die has made me rather fragile and feel a wreck. This spoke to my heart and I am sorry for the loss of so dear a friend. A hug and prayer for you dear.

Gledon, I am a trifle confused, is this your work or were you sharing another's , I could not be sure. Whoever wrote it - it is lovely and deeply descriptive. And  since you are new here in our little corner of Middle-Earth I will tell you the one rule we have here. We never critique another's offerings, for here is a sanctuary where each of us can come and bare our souls as it were and try any sort of way to express that which lies deep in the unplumbed depths of our hearts and souls. Criticism here is something that chases away those who would timidly come forth and try their hand at poetry. But if something touches us we are free to praise and tell why we praise.

Ah our young friend Wen, so full of wisdom with words for one so new to the world. I have genuinely liked every single thing you have offered in every thread you offered it in. You seem to have a rare gift of being skilled and happily gifted in both prose and poetry and that is amazing. Remember to study others you appreciate and learn the rythmn of their works, study the flow and ebb and read on other cultures and countries in the time period you love and you will become like one who walked in their midst, a native of the place time and political climate and that will make your works magic and authentic. Wonderful. You know I have a dear friend in China, a professorial type who is also the most amazing artist and he tells fabulous stories of his childhood and the people around him with both written stories and his art work. His name is Wenzali but he is called Wen. It strikes me as wondrous that he is of a great age and you are a budding flower, both so talented and yet so different. Thank you, each of you for sharing and enriching this site.

Yep, I wrote the Lay of Ending poem as part of a three novel series (featuring a female dwarf) called Helgori's Saga.  The character Nari, who in the story sings this song/poem, is a bard and a close friend of Helgori.  

Leelee, many thanks, I hope that this piece did not dampen spirits, but it was meant to focus on the importance of friends and the danger of loneliness. A new theme of mine. I hope to improve by studying more works by Renaissance artists. Yes, that is very interesting, though I am not Chinese, Canadian Smile Smilie



PS. I'm hoping that I will post another poem soon.....get ready for a new one!

A bit from one of my stories:

... It was here that, after much coaxing, Liah-Haarion set her golden lyre upon her knee, and began to play. Her fingers nimbly flitted across the strings, as if knitting the music that filled the air. As the beautiful, eerie notes swirled into the night sky with the curled smoke of the fire, Li began to sing:

Where there's long, dark shadows,

in the dark of night,

and the sky is burning

in the fading light,


Where the earth is silent,

Void of joy and pain,

Void of any feeling,

Void of sun and rain,


There is naught of shadow,

There is naught of light,

Only half exsistence

Between day and night,


There has been no war,

Yet there has been no peace,

Only long, thick silence,

that may never cease.


As the last note faded away, Kayitarien felt a sudden terror at the silence, the stillness of the night air. "It is the nightmare of my people," Li spoke in a soft, low voice, "And only a part. The song goes on, to describe the horror of silence. Not that which is temporary, that lasts moments, but the silence of forever, the nothingness that is nightmare."
 Kay slept not that night, always deeply aware of the quiet of the nightime.

Not bad, not bad. Welcome Gledon and keep it going.

I'm not much for words this time, so I'll go straight to business and write something. It's been a rather busy week, or more like a sleepy week.

This may be one of my best ones in a while.


And when the oceans shall be freed..


Still, no leaves of life in sight..

But the sky is crystal clear, there the birds just sing and fly

I greet the morning rain, as it keeps pouring down from the heights

The return of spring is finally at hand, but will it be enough to break all of that ice..


Fortunately, the sun is shining so brightly today

I can feel it's warmth, even though it still rains

I can hear the roaring sounds of water, coming from under the ice

And if the winter finally surrenders, then it will mark the beginning of a new tide


We've all been waiting for a new sign of life..

I know a wanderer, who is very ill, there's no light left in his eyes..

But he wants to be there.. Where none else dares..

His last wish was to become one with the waves..

'Mourn my death some other day..'


Standing on the sunlit ice, a man cries out to the skies

He asks for the end of cold times, he wants to feel the breath of seas, before he dies

And in this time of need, we all have to hold on to our hopes and dreams

Any of those dreams can become real, pray to her, the mother earth has eyes and ears


And just like that man, here I stand, on the frosty shores, awaiting for a call of storms

And when I can hear it, I know that our lives have been redeemed

And when the oceans shall be freed.. I should be able to see the rainbow and the azure sky

And that wondrous sight alone can give.. Another silent reason to live this joyful, but short mortal life


'And always when it starts to rain, do not despair. Just close your eyes, feel it's magic and sing about those grey, but remarkable times. The rain is a gift from she, who walks the path of eternity and life.'


And there that man lies on the ice..

His heart no longer beats, he dreamed for one last time..

But when the oceans shall be freed from the chains of ice and grief

Those waves will carry him away to the outer seas..

To a place.. Where his true life finally begins..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

It seems you get better and better Oerath, you have gone way past brilliance. An amazing read.

Majestic Oerath .. Thank you..

Hi! I have decided to try and let you read some of my poems. Well, I begin with this short one, I have translated it from Portuguese to English so let's see...




There is no greater silence than a broken heart

blood falls drop by drop

in an infinite weeping, without strength

 and will fades already forgotten.

If people could learn to see,

they've could seen the face of despair;

someone walking, nonetheless there's no trace left behind.

Now he's just a memory,

but what will he become when nobody else remember about him?

Only a little bit of dust in a split jar,

floating in the air we can find his smile,

he flies high to reach eternity.


It's not that good... It's a difficult task to translate such things in English but I hope you get the message.



Here is another one, this time the original was written in English so that will be better, you know I use to write in sevwral languages, it depends on the mood, it depends on the moment, it depends on whatever...

To give up


Silence died inside my throat

tired of looking for a voice

abandoned, it decided to give up.

In its place a continuous moan

speechless but it says everything of a heart

one of those that are broken.

Life, hate, pain, love killed it.

During the agony it realized

that bitter taste of the end was already known,

however death was warm

as the tears escaping from my eyes.

Well written Elbereth, both your poems were really good.

Here is a older one of mine, I'm not sure whether I've posted it yet or not but here it is.




Coldness spreads within you,

Your eyes go dull; unlit

No one is there beside you

And so you decide to quit.


Life becomes meaningless

The pain is hard bare,

You decide to end it now

For it’s too much of a scare.


Once you were happy,

Once you were brave.

Now she has torn you,

Stripped you of your soul.


Soulless and wandering,

Alone and unloved,

Conscience of nothing

But pain and sad love.


You decide it’s too much,

You think you can’t survive

Your hand around it tightens,

You drive it up to die…


Now you are gone,

Now you’re at peace,

All feelings have left you,

You know you’re complete.


People cry and mourn for you,

The loss of you is great,

Yet they’ll forget soon enough

And so you decide to leave.


Up you float, high to heaven,

At last no longer alone.

No one can hurt you,

So rest my friend, goodbye.

                                                            Lady Alyss

Yeah, it's a good start, Elbereth. I will write something by myself this week since I only wrote one work last week, but then again, I've never cared to write too much at once. Not my way of doing things.

My next one will consist of four shorter pieces, and the genre will be fantasy.

Tales from the realm of secrets and legends : Stories about the Sky


Pt. 1 : Birth of those who walk the clouds (A new kingdom shall be built)

Pt. 2 : Creation of infinite and timeless stars (A new era is about to begin for those who live)

Pt 3 : Devourer of all life (A new foe that was born from the energies of the void)

Pt 4 : Dimensional gates are open (A chance to end the existence of all that is evil)


It won't be something easy to grasp, that's for sure. But it will be my next TFTROSAL-part, which is fifth or sixth, if I do remember it right.

Edit: I've no choice, but to let these things evolve for a while, it's a tough day ahead, so I won't be writing nearly anything today. I just came from a short drumming session, and things are good from that field. I've now four drum tracks (nearly complete) for four songs. Give it a month or so, and maybe then I'll upload some full versions to youtube or to some other site. I'm planning to record together with my guitarist friend, and I hope my godfather will be able to bring his recording equpment + hit some bass notes. It would be perfect. But now, I'm so tired that I'd best go to sleep.

Ah Elbereth, that was so very touching and somber and thought provoking ,thankyou for that dear.


Lady that made me feel very lonely, was that poem about your friend who died? Lovely.

Can't wait Oerath.

Thank you for your comments.

It's great to read so many talented poems and stories in this site. LadyAlyss, your poem made me go backwards.. towards my teens. I used to write like you do. I think death inspires us both. It's so difficult to find the right words in such sad days. Loneliness, death, lack of love, etc. everything we fear is always the best source of inspiration. Well done, I love it. I hope I will read more of your work here in brief.

It had also opened my eyes. Long ago I wrote poems and short stories but actually I left everything. Some of the works were almost finished but I forgot about them and left them in a corner. Now I decided to give them a new chance. I will be never so good as Oerath (he's our hero, as Leelee had said) but at least I will finish some stories. If I write whatever in English I will post it here. If not, I will try to translate it but it loses the essence...

I just thought that I'd write the first part to my current TFTROSAL tale, and during the very second I focused my thoughts on it, I saw a glimpse of written story, entwined with poetic verses and mysterious word groupings. It was a very interesting sight, or a vision if one may call it, so let's see what kind of words I've in mind. There won't be that many names, but I will give you the name of this kingdom. Maybe, maybe this is something worth writing, not only as poetry, but as a possible novel.

'Let me tell you a story. More than thousands of years ago, the mankind was at the edge of destruction. Wars had reduced our overall popularity, and it had continued for too long. Generation after generation, nothing ever changed. And then one day, leader of the rebel division, Hardos, realized that the only place we hadn't destroyed was the sky itself. But how we could ever benefit from this knowledge? We all thought the same, but Hardos saw things differently. He was a respected and gifted man, and without hesitating, he told about his plans to us:

'If we cannot live in this world, if we cannot put an end to this unnecessary fighting, then we must depart from this world. The sky will become our new home. We'll build a new kingdom, and for the first time in ages. Mankind will get what it has been desiring for so long. Hope.. And peace.'

And so, we abandoned the mortal world and casted our physical bodies away, and as spiritual beings, we walked on the clouds, and with the weight of less than a feather, we climbed the cloudy stairs.I was so proud that we finally did something our elders couldn't do. We found a way to continue our existence..'

'And that is all the book revealed to four men who found it from the grasp of soil and earth. From high it had fallen, to be found by mortals. They didn't know, for how long it had lied there, but along with that text, it contained four separated stories. Written in vein of poetry, acting as one grand tale. However, they couldn't understand the meaning of those words, but as they looked at the first tale's entitle, they suddenly turned to face the sky, and thought: 'Birth of those who walk the clouds? A land that cannot be seen.. Could it be real?'

Tales From The Realm of Secrets and Legends - Part VI
Stories about the Sky
Part I : Birth of those who walk the clouds

A land shrouded in mystery.. A land that cannot be seen..
Hidden from their eyes.. They can't ever learn the truth about the sky..
There our kingdom stands.. It is a creation of truly astral beings..
We once held the gifts of life in our hands.. But our growing pride destroyed all of our dreams..

We were born to use the energies of space and time
We were able to control things that were so unimaginable and divine
But every single gift comes with a price, and we didn't realize it by ourselves..
And then one day, our leader, Hardos, ordered us to draw energies from the void itself..

Madness and chaos was all that we gained from using those powers..
But Hardos forced us to continue.. We had to make more experiments..
And then one day, the most horrible thing happened, one of our researchers.. he fell..
Down to the spiraling depths of the abyss.. And after that incident, I knew it would herald the end..

So I left and deserted the cloudy kingdom of Darbeian..


I was there at the very beginning

I witnessed the birth of those who now walk the clouds

And here I am, cursing my home and everything..

Once I felt like I would be reborn someday, full of new life and hope

But I don't believe to his words anymore..

He has become a king, who is not worthy of his crown..


'Forgive me, my brethren. I will leave.. And I won't ever return. We didn't build all of this, so it could be used to start another mindless war. So, if you all meet your end by using the energies of pure void, then so be it. I won't be there to mourn your deaths. Farewell..'

And so, he opened a portal to another dimension. With no possible choice to turn back, he couldn't stay in the kingdom of Darbeian, and he couldn't descend down to the surface of their former, now lifeless homeworld. He had to leave this world and search for a world and a dimension, where he could live in peace.


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


I feel like I almost have to expand this story into size of a novel, at least, but for now, I'll keep posting these. So, that was the first one, and more will follow along the days and weeks.

A good start oerath


So, I guess the tale was to your liking, Lady Alyss?

By the way, sorry for that rather 'drunky' conversation yesterday evening. Smile Smilie

I'll try to write second piece of tale sooner than later.

Meanwhile, I'd like to see some poetry. Leelee can't be here all day along, 'cause she has her things and duties to carry out, so I'd like to be commenting some of your works in her absence.

Hmm, more than in weeks, I've been thinking a lot about something particular, and I've now come up with a battleplan.

I will write my first novella in ages, and while I still have that 'the gathering of lost spirits' to continue, I'll try to write more to it, and keep some break from 'the secret of three graves'. It all can't be done at the same time, and even I don't want to get my hands full of writing. Writing daily non-stop isn't my kind of deal anyway.

I feel that upcoming weekend will be more than fitting to write and post 'the queen of white sorrow and frozen tears'. I've changed my plans about it's structure a bit. It will be poetic story almost all the way, with some short songs to add some atmosphere, and it will have a base story to go with.

But I intended it to be divided into three poems. I don't know why I always want to expand things so much, maybe even too much at times, but I decided that it'd be best to post it as one piece, containing three chapters.

That's it for now, and oh, novella's entitle goes as follows:


'Darbeian: A Secret of The Sky'


The genre will be something from between fantasy and science fiction, but mainly fantasy. Just like the bit of story I shared in that first tale, this work should show my interest towards astronomy, astral things, stars, space and time. For long, I've watched and studied stars with my eyes, and I think I'd be capable of learning some astronomy by myself. Definitely worth of studying.


Yosh, I always make such long posts, so catch ya for now.

Well I can not wait then Oerath for your piece.

As for now, I wrote a short poem last night and thought to post it 



The moon is a lantern,

Amongst the stars it hangs.

Shining down upon us all

Lighting the way for many.


It appears from nothing,

Its light so bright.

It hangs low or high

Forever just there.


But one day it will fall,

It will fall from its place.

No longer shining above

But shattered beneath.


As for now I stay with it,

Every night it waits for me.

To sit upon it proudly.

For I am the one,

The one on the moon.

                                                   Lady Alyss

That sounds like a large task Oerath, but if anyone can manage it it would be you. It will be interesting I am sure.


Lady I very much loved your reference to the moon as a glowing lantern, that was visually peaceful and lovely. A nice approach to the subject, I liked the emotional feeling it brought to me.

LadyAlyss how a beautiful poem! I'll stare at the moon with other eyes now. It has always been something that inspire us but your poem is really deep and also tragic.... Wonderful!


Oerath, you never stop, don't you? I've been reading some of your post in PT but you don't give me time to read them all. You are always writing new stuff and epic stories, what for an imagination! Go on! As you can see LadyAlyss is also waiting impatient for you new posts with poems or stories. You have all of us in an anxiety.... blush

Yeah, 'the moon is a lantern'; very good imagery.

And a little about this novella idea of mine. I guess I've to delay some things even more for it's sake, so I hope some of ya don't be disappointed at my decision.  I've been shaping the main story and list of possible characters in my mind. I think it will be a good project to work on, and a friend of mine said yesterday that I should've done this long time ago. He stated that my idea sounds like a sci-fi one, but I don't know. Maybe it's a combination of different genres, even I cannot tell.

But that's it for now, and concerning the holidays, I wish you all good holidays, or if not that, then good weekend! Smile Smilie

I feel like writing something short.

Such strange piece of text, I must say.


Silence of the Trees


Clouds are not moving in the sky

It's all so white, it's all so bright

This snow is heavy enough to carry my worries and my weight

This feeling is so pure and free, and I hope it will stay that way..


Last night, it was so cold and dark.. But this morning light, it is so bright and warm

Just like a scene from my recent dream.. I can hear nothing, but silence of the trees


I see an old and abandoned tower, a sight full of wonder

Covered in frozen moss and vines, surrounded by crystallized flowers

Years ago, I used to come here to pray, but those times are long gone

Yet, here I stand, once again.. Is this a place where I do belong?


One song, so old and mighty.. One voice, so cold and enchanting

Just like a scene from my recent dream.. I can hear nothing, but silence of the trees


This forest is full of living memories.. This heart is full of hopes and dreams..

And that tower still calls for me.. All of those spirits within.. They are whispering:

'Seek us out, and fulfill your destiny.. Become one with silence of the trees.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Charming! I can imagine those trees, feel the cold and even the silence around trapping me.

I have no words to describe it. Touching!

Another amazing piece Oerath!

Hey Lady!

How are you doing? Have you written something new? Here the PT members wait for your stuff too. Hahaha. I'm joking, inspiration doesn't work that way... I will be pleased if you post something.

You are right Elbereth, creativity does not come when called, It comes when it wishes.

However I have written another piece but it's a little rough around the corners.


What If

What if I was a bird flying high,

Away from all and free.

What if I was leaf in the wind,

Dancing down gently.

What if I was a cloud asleep,

Floating along lazily.

What if I was a storm above,

Howling through the long gone trees.


What if I was an ocean wide,

Lapping up the shore so soft.

What if I was a thief at night,

Crying gently O so alone.


What if I was a shadow swaying,

Slowly to the aching beat.

What if I was a child lost,

Knowing not right from wrong.

What if I was a lonely widow,

Long forgotten, unwanted, tainted.

What if I was your death,

Would you still love me then?

                                                         Lady Alyss

Not bad, Lady Alyss. I was about to write something earlier today, but then I got bored and decided to watch some One Piece. Anyway, I will finish it now. More or less, it's norse inspired.

Nothing so great, it's pretty much about being a guardian, to earn something promised and to be something more than just a mortal. Just another idea that I came up with, whilst I worked.

I consider it a little bit cheesy one.


A Guardian and A God


Tranquility and peace are the words of power in these halls

From here I can see the very flow of time itself, from here I can look into the eye of every storm

For so long, I've withstood the restless power of wind, but it won't ever be enough to bring down these sacred walls

And as long as I'm the guardian of this temple, I'll continue to defend this place - in the name of the nordic gods


Even the sky shall know and fear my name

As I raise my staff and send my hails

Heed me out, the gods of north

The time is now at hand, the time to fulfill a promise of old


Today, I want to see the might of thunder and rain

Today, I want to forget everything about sorrow and pain

Today, I will abandon this mortal shell and choose another form

Today, I will leave this plane of existence behind - to become a god


And when swords and spears will clash, my shield shall not break

And when my foes will fight with me to death, only I shall prevail

And when I will stand before thousands of armed warriors, my heart shall know no fear

And when I will ride across the sky to challenge Sol, my mind shall be purified and clear


But god or man, one thing will always remain the same, this temple is mine to protect

Now and forever, until the time loses it's meaning, until this world sees it's end

But god or man, I'm just one among many others, and if we're all equal in power and will

Then there's no need for any bloodshed, 'cause gods and men were destined not to kill


'In the heat of battle, always remember that wisdom is your greatest weapon against those, who would only wish to take lives. By saving lives, you're one step closer to become something more than just a mere mortal.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Oerath, I like the rythmn and cadence to your pieces, i always in my mind see a huge figure, something like an ancient hunter made from the constellation striding across the void and silence of the universe.

Lady, for you I see delicacy and wonder mixed with pain and a little bewilderment and it is very melancholy.


Elberath, i disagree quite vehemently about your assessment of yourself. You have great sensitivity and depth, and if you let things go it was surely out of a lack of discipline or too much stress. I would like to see you take something you still have that was unfinished and go into a quiet place, let your mind wander over each word in the body of work and with no restraint follow through. You will be , i think, quite surprised at the depth and beauty of your piece. Oerath writes the way he does I have often thought in a way because of his surroundings, what he listens to and that which is in his blood. The very landscape he dwells in , the forest and the wild beauty inspire his elequent words.  Each of us come from a different place and you can almost see it as it were when you read the subject matter, and the words of description to do our poems. That is what makes poetry so awesome really. The man in New York who is busy busy busy and lives for the most part in that concrete jungle is still able to craft mental pictures as delicate as the woman who lives in Japan and daily waters her precious plants and reposes in a quiet gentle home reminiscent of ages gone past. Well done everyone.

Thanks, Leelee. I've been quite happy lately due to many kind of things, and despite early wakes, it's all going perfectly fine. It all has certainly given some extra meaning to text that I've written recently.

I'm too tired to start today, but I've everything as ready for my novella. A suitable writing book, some good pencils and some background story to start with. This time around, I'll strive to give it a good start, by writing a lot of details, before the actual story takes place.

'Darbeian: A Secret of the Sky' - It will strictly tell about a world, where war and bloodshed are everything to most of it's people, and due to this fact, they will divide into smaller societies and groups, and those who seek peace, will be forced to become rebels. And if a whole world is destroyed, what will be left?

The sky is the answer.

That's all I can give to you all for now. When I progress with the writings, I will maybe post some bits of it as journal entries.

But, my intention is that this year, 2012, will be a glorious year for me. I shall try to publish this novella, in a way or another.

- Oerath.

Hello everyone! This thread becomes better everyday...

I have so many things to say, they are all made a mess in my mind. Well, first Leelee, your words pull me to make an effort and write with my mind in peace, leaving all thoughts and worries apart at least for writing and being conscious of what I have around. You had given me strength. Now, LadyAlyss, I always feel reflected in your poems. It's like if you write in words what we fear or what we have thought once. It's blue,  delicate. I like it very much. And Oerath, you are a nordic warrior always looking for the voice of wisdom. I wish you the best with your novel.

Now my post will finish with a short poem I wrote this evening after a tired working day!


Stop your steps for a while

breathe in, breathe out

can you hear the wonderful sound?

sweet voice calling your name

it's awake in the deepest part...


Sense the universe bursting inside

a kind of fiery energy pulls you

walk ahead, towards the unknown

have you ever dreamed of freedom?

face it without hesitation.


Don't try to grip it

it dies, it flies

two stars sparkled in your face 'til

the heart was locked up into the unbreakable cage, again

it's asleep in the deepest part... of everyone.

I know I haven't been posting or commenting, but do not doubt that I have been reading as much of your works that I can, and continue to be blown away.

Elebereth - You have great talent and a very defined style. I appreciate all you post. 

Leelee - Without your soft spoken words of support where would we be? You are the life of this threadSmile Smilie Thank you, though I do not contribute as much as I would like. 

And all the rest of you who never ceasing contribute, I acknowledge you for what you do.



What do I feel? 

Nothing, nothing at all.

But that is not the truth,

I feel... I feel it all.

My hands are cold, aching muscles tugging at their roots.

A twisted gut, forcing the last tear from my eyes. 

My legs are buckling, my mind is letting loose.

With all I have I cry my last of anguish pain and grief.

What more can they do, 

How much more can they take,

From my life like a skillful thief. 

I wish to go back home, 

To the fire, the fresh made bread.

All of that is gone now.

Ah’ but a memory, 

Floating round my pounding head.

My fingers slide, 

Down the wall, catching surface as I drop.

I have the sensation of a thousand feet,

Fell in one but small. 

My feet glissade below me, 

Till at last I now lay still. 

But the pumping heart inside me, 

Makes blood begin to boil, 

Spilling out before me the room begins to fill.

Does anyone remember, 

The sound’s of my joyous voice. 

Can anyone succor me, 

If life is yet a choice. 

Fill me with a mirthful sound, my elixir of life. 

Pick me up from the grave I lay, 

And say but one soft word. 

Give me naught but happiness, 

Give me back my life.





Elbereth, yet again you have dazzled us all!blush

Fahvier, that was very touching, you have a brilliant skill of writing

Thank you very much Fahvier and LadyAlyss. I'm very pleased with your comments and that pushs me to go on working and try it day by day.

Fahvier, I didn't hear from you before. Nice to meet you! Your poem has grief and strength too; it's curious. How can people express the darkest or deepest feelings in words? It's so hard and rewarding at the same time. I hope I can read more of your work here. 

In Ages past, long ago, we still remember stars reflected in still crystal waters.

The sky in twilight wonder, not dark, not light, somewhere in between.

The stars of our Queen Varda shine, like beacons of power against the dark of the North.

Our hearts yearn for the early days, the days beforedays, when the fallen Valar abode to our North.

Our first site of Orome on Nahar his steed, tall and pure but dreadful and terrible in his splendour, came unexpected.

His light drew all to him, except those with doubt.

A message he brought from the Western powers of light and love in the bosom of Eru, the father of all.

We knew him deep down, though we knew not how.  What will become of us, the newly awakened?

Shall we follow West to shores unknown. Follow the chosen who return from lands undying, somehow changed, empowered, tall and strong.

A light now kindled in face and soul. The beginning of doom long planned and ruined for the Dark Lord of the fallen has plans as well.

Plans that will ruin our destiny and the twilight of Arda. 



Elbereth, your first two lines give such a powerful message to me, for whatever happens, whatever comes past this minute, take that moment to breathe in and out and listen to the wonderful sound. For it might be the one thing that holds you together when the Balrog comes from nowhere to cut you asunder. The breath in my mind is straight from Eru, a gift , sweet and pure and holy somehow. Thank you. And as for thoughts being scattered or 'a mess' that is very normal. I will tell you what Agatha Christie did. She kept scraps of paper in her pocket and a pencil or whatever. Whenever she heard a bit of interesting conversation where ever she might be or thought something worth noting she jotted it down immediately and put it in her purse and days or weeks or whatever later she would dump them on to the kitchen table, just a jumble of thoughts and look at them and after a while, the thoughts lined up and she was able to make marvellous sentences that formed her books.

And Fahv, I can so relate to much of your riveting poem, I feel those feelings at the moment, waiting, waiting to know if my child will live or die, I find you have a gift of relating to others in a most unusual and fresh way, keep it up.

When you said Elbereth that Lady's work is blue, I totally agree. I also think of a wounded butterfly, so ethereal, so real in a vast universe that mostly does not care. lovely.

How happy I am for you dear Prince of poems, how very happy all is going well for you . hurray and soon we will be once more swept away. Take a lesson from this dear one , for when he started on this thread he did well, but as time went on and he pressed into the wind, he just kept getting better and better and I do believe practice and reading others you admire makes for great strides in one's craft. thank you all.

I am pleased Brego came to us at last for here in this person I have perceived a long time ago a sublime mixture of beauty, genius, mercy and kindness and such intimate knowledge of Tolkien's Wilderness Canon is what i call The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, that I could almost believe it was all real and he was there standing near to Eru at the beginning. I cannot wait to see more and that was most beautiful and one dared not breathe to loud, absolutely beautiful imagery.

Thanx again Dearest Lee Lee. You truly are a wonderful Elf. I'm loving reading poems and writings from all. How wonderful to think that people from all over the world can speak with beauty and terror thought up by a man who I believe was one of the most important people ever born to Arda.

Arda, A, the beginning, so appropriate.



Tomorrow I may perish

at the axe of orcs

or cunning of Saruman.

Maybe tomorrow

But this is today

and the woods and sky call me.

"Legolas, come play,

breathe the soft scented pure air-

behold the blue sky.

I drink in this day.

Tomorrow there might be pain

of heart and anguish.

Loved ones murdered for nothing,

to appease The Eye.

But today there  is sweet peace ,

born on wings of hope

where evil has not found me

I sing on this day.

I am Legolas.

And one last time Middle -Earth

Is my sweet playground

The gulls have called me.

"Hasten, Grey Havens call you "

they cry, and I run.

Tomorrow I pass over.

Middle- Earth-- no more

will we play and be dear friends

Tomorrow has come.

Ahh Lee Lee. As Annie Lennox sings in the wonderful theme from Return Of The King "they are calling, from across the distant shore". Lovely. I have written a children's tale/poem. I kept in mind the terror that the Gondorian and Rhohan people's had towards Galadrial and Lorien. Perhaps Beragond heard this from his Mother or Father. Water like crystal, black, polished and smooth.’ Reflecting from nothing, but thought and fear. The viewer is held, held by Elvish power, not magic or sorcery. ’ Its the Power of ages, ages gone, ages present and ages future.’ Will you look in the mirror? States the Witch, blunt and high.’ What will I see? says the viewer, longing and horror in heart with no idea why.’ Who can tell? Says the witch, but said with mind only.’ But look he must, but he knows not why. But look he must, as though His Eye will know.’ For he brought it from home, a place unknown to him.’ But the Dark Lord knows now, and he's with him, how?’ In Lorien, Her realm’he brought it, he knows it.’ What will I see? He says with his mind. What will I see? He says with his heart. What would you See, In the witches mirror? Don't look, for it will be the last thing you see.’

Fahvier, it's good to see you once again, and meh, you did a comeback with style.

I like of your writing, no matter what you dot down. Good job. Smile Smilie

I was at one school today, and there I saw a stuffed wolf in a glass vitrine (showcase)

I wasn't happy about looking at it, since wolves are magnificent creatures, though feared, still so mysterious and great beings. After seeing it, I wanted to write something about wolves, and then I remembered a few old songs and music video's I had seen, and got a sudden inspiration.

By the way, good going, Brego and Leelee. Rachel, you always write such nice middle-earth themed stuff.

But, back to business.

'Vorelfos was barely two year's old, when his parents abandoned him and left him to a forest, far in the north. He thought they would leave and come back for him afterwards, but his hopes were all in vain. Now, lost in a forest, with no chances to survive on his own, what fate will befall him?'

Vorelfos: A child who became a wolf

Part I : The Call of Wilderness

He was left all alone with nothing, but a gift of the nightfall..

No parents to protect him.. He was without care and love..

He had nothing at all..


And being not able to rise on his feet, he cried and cried..

Asking for someone to save his life..

He didn't want to die, his only wish was to survive..


And when he saw the first of his nights, he feared for his life..

But at the arrival of morning light, his existence would no longer be denied..

Salvation.. It was finally in his reach..


And when he opened his grey and sad eyes..

He saw the mother wolf, sitting by his side..

She howled and howled, asking for him to climb to her back

Vorelfos saw no evil in her eyes, so he did as she asked..


Together, they rode through lands and great forests

And Vorelfos fell asleep, before they even reached the den of wolves

But once they were there, he cried no more, and as he looked at all of those wolves around him

He felt no fear, only comfort and love.. He had been given a second chance.. A new beginning


And as the years passed, he finally reached the age of ten

He was ready to fight for his clan, but he still had to grow more in size and strength


And then one windy day, whilst riding on the back of mother wolf, they encountered a wanderer

He looked at him and asked: 'What are you doing here, child. Where are your parents?'

Vorelfos understood him, but he wasn't capable of speaking, so he said the only word his parents had teached to him:


'Is that your name, lad? Why are you with the wolves, answering to the call of wilderness?'

He laughed, but Vorelfos looked confused and asked: 'Wil.. Wilder.. ness?'

'Look around you, boy, this is the wilderness.'

By lighting his pipe, he said:

'It seems that you cannot speak, but you can understand what I'm saying?' asked the man, and Vorelfos nodded

Then the man took a pointy hat off the grass and placed it on his head, saying: 'Mind if I accompany you two?' Then he said a few words in a tongue unknown to Vorelfos, but suddenly, the mother wolf howled and lowered her head, as if she was bowing to this wanderer.

Who is this man, he thought, but then the man placed his hand on Vorelfos's shoulder and said:

'Do not worry, lad. I know what you're thinking. I was sent here to protect you, and I will teach you how to speak. I can also write and sing songs, but we should be going already. Night is at hand.'

But then he saw a mystical mark on Vorelfos's forehead, and by pointing at it, he said: 'How.. How is it possible that you've the mark of nightfall. It is said to be a rare gift of birth. It symbolizes one's eyes being able to see completely in the dark. And according to the legend, someone who has this mark, is able to become one with the shadows. But I don't know, it's a myth after all.'

Vorelfos touched his forehead with his hand, and thought: 'A gift of nightfall.. What.. could it.. mean?'

But he was too tired to think about such things, so instead of that, he only smiled and nodded. It was surely getting dark, but his heart was somehow at ease. And soon, in warmth of the mother wolf's fur, he fell asleep again. And in his dream, he saw his parents, just like every night before that. He didn't saw their faces, but he still knew they were his parents. He just knew.. And in that same dream, he saw the wanderer smiling at him, he smoked his pipe and kept singing something about journeying to the ends of the world. And at that moment, Vorelfos wished he could speak and sing too, but in time he would learn how to, and that thought was enough to calm his mind.

'Who is that man.. Is he.. a guardian?'

Those were the words he said aloud, while he fell deeper into sleep.

The wanderer looked at the mother wolf, and suddenly started to laugh: 'A guardian.. Hmm.. What a strange mortal child. He's already looking more wolf than a human should, but I can see it in his eyes. He wants to be a wolf, and who knows.. Any dream can become true, after all.'

Looking at the moon, he blew smoke rings out of his mouth, and said with a grin: 'This wind surely is biting, but I feel that there's something more to this night than meets the eye. Don't you agree, Frelath?'

Howling to the night, the mother wolf silently agreed, as they kept walking towards the den.

To be continued.


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Thank you LeeLee for your kind words. I don't take paper and pen with me everywhere but lately I have been searching for a word to inspire me. It works. So at work, I have my computer with a blank document ready to be written. I wrote 2 poems this week and it makes me feel very good, relaxed to put all my feelings on a paper.

For the other members of PT, it's wonderful to see that more people write and post their works here. Everyone of you has a different style but all the stuff is deep, sincere and beautiful in its way.

An amazing story so far Oerath

Nice work as usual Master Windsoul beauty written with Noldorian skill. Wonderful. I must apologise to everyone for the strange lack of paragraphs in most of my recent posts. I haven't had access to my PC and the IPhone, well at least mine seems to have a glitch.

Thanks, Brego. I will most likely write a second part sometime between evening and night.

It will contain more poetry and of course, some story, and if I can write both two last parts before tomorrow, I'll post all of the three as a journal entry, and focus a bit on other things.

I've been watching the anime adaption of 'One Piece', which is my favorite one, 'cause it tells about pirates, so here's something short about seas and ships.

Okay, I guess I can't call it short anymore, but anyway, have a good read! Smile Smilie


Treasure of the Seas


Fifteen years ago, I left the dock and the shores of my hometown far behind

My dream was to become a pirate, but one who would rule with wisdom instead of might

And for many days, weeks and months, storms and raging winds shook my ship

But I couldn't give up, my heart was too proud, so I decided to challenge the power of wind


And then one fateful night, my ship crashed into a deadly reef..

I cursed my journey, I cursed my life, and then I fell on my knees.. (praying)

'Oh, lords above, is greed the greatest of my faults? Is this the end of everything?

Even so, I'm the only to blame, I cannot question the will of the sea..

And if there's nothing else to be done, then I will gladly sink along with this ship..


Willing to die, he looked up to the sky, and to his surprise

Those black clouds, they were fading away

Waves kept hitting his ship, but it didn't sink

And when the mist cleared, he saw the sun once again


And within his sight, a great island awaited for him

So, he jumped to the water, and ran towards the shores

Knowing that the gods had forgiven all of his past crimes and deeds

Throwing his pirate hat to the embrace of sea, he was no longer the man that he was before


And fifteen years later, here I still stand, looking at the restless sun

So brightly it smiles at me from high above

And that light shines through the dark waters, keeping all of those fishes and turtles alive

With all of these fruits, seafood and water, there's nothing else I could want from life




The greatest treasure of the seas is to breath and have a healthy heart that still beats

All of that gold is useless, if you live on an island, where you can freely fulfill your dreams

The greatest treasure of the seas, is to be able to live on your own, without the weight of weekdays

But if the comfort and warmth of home calls out for you, then just build a new ship and set sails


But not me..


I've chosen this path, I'm just a wrecked man, but I still know how to enjoy of life

Birds are singing with me, I can feel the breath of seas, I feel that there's nothing else for me to find

This is a place where I shall remain for the rest of my days

And under these long palm trees, I will eventually wither away.. someday


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

I was supposed to post that second part last night, but ironically, even though I didn't feel sleepy, I fell asleep on my 'laid-back' chair. ^^

I still managed to write a good deal of it, and if I don't have anything special today, I'll finish it and post.

Really good again Oerath!

How wonderful for you Elbereth, I am really pleased and happy in my heart for your accomplishments.

Brego that was riveting and reminded my of plain talking down to earth Sam's background. The Gaffer in the movies so sure he knew all about all and his dim view of anyone not Hobbity and hairey so that I am quite certain he terrified half the little ones about all the Elven things he gleaned anything about, twisting it all around to make a dark murky picture. And again from the movie poor Gimli's description of that Golden Lady. My how he changed with a bit of knowledge and one look into those eyes. Smitten forever.  I was riveted. No apologies necessary. You would be as poetic and thrilling were you to do it by smoke signal.

Oerath , our dear dream weaver, I felt like crying from the words'gift of the night' and I don't know why.

That was my favorite poem of your contributions. The relationship of the mother wolf and the babe. Do you know a writer called Farley Mowatt, he is from my country though his people from Scotland and he journeyed far far up north and lived a while with the Eskimo and studied the wolf. His writings are amazing, astounding and give such an exquisite beautiful picture of the wolf hierarchy

Looking forward to more from you dear Lady.

Fahv, I am waiting for the bottomless well of wondrous words inside your heart to come up and be put down on paper once more.

 Leelee, your poem about Legolas was amazing, I very much like the style. It made me feel such a great sorrow at the death and destruction brought about by Sauron, and again, my heart was broken as I saw the elves leave Middle-Earth. You also reminded me, as I am constantly reminded, of the uncertainty of tomorrow, and of the importance of today. So few realize that we have no control over the way the time goes on, and the happenings in our lives. But I know. Truly, I know. And so do you, I see that in your writing. Thank you, Leelee.

   Well, I have been having some trouble with poetry. I have tried so very hard to write the way you all do, to bring to life the images you do, and to stir the feelings you do. I try to write in the way you wonderful poets do, but I just can't seem to do it. I don't know why, maybe I can't get into the mood, or I don't know enough, or I have no artistic style. But I can't write about what you do. At first I thought I was just terrible at poetry, but know I thing there is something more, or different. The other night, I decided to sit down with a notebook and a pen, and see what happens. Not try for anything, or force words, just write. This is what happened:

 "How strange it would be," do men often quote,

"If a goat were a toad, and a toad were a goat!"

But the viewpoint I hold,

Is if a goat were a toad,

Then "How strange it would be," the men all would quote,

"If a toad were a toad, and a goat were a goat!"


"How strange it would be," do men often say,

"If the clouds were all green, and the trees were of gray!"

But if these things truly were all this way,

If the clouds were of green, and the trees were all gray,

Then "How strange it would be," the men all would say,

"If the trees were all green, and the clouds were of gray!"


"How strange it would be," have men often said,

"If the sun did shine blue, and the sky was bright red!"

But if the sky was bright red, and the sun did shine blue,

Then all men, I think, a new thought would pursue,

"How strange it would be," Is this thought they pursue,

"If the sun did shine red, and the sky was bright blue!"


It's a bit of a different style than the usual poem you'd find here, but this thread is for all poems, right? Please tell me what you think, and be honest! Don't say it's good if it's not. Honest, constructive criticism is good.

Dear Rukain you want honesty. Here you are, I'm ASTONISHED with your poem. I found it a bit chaotic at first but it's really original, you know, you have a great imagination. It's great to read something that makes you think and you get it. I mean, I began to read the poem and I was not concentrated on it because I'm in a Cafe and the people, noise around... you know. But suddenly I realized I had forgotten the world and was putting all my attention to your post. It's unbelievable! It waked me up! That's the best description. I cannot say it's the best stuff I have ever read but I can truly say, it is perhaps the most original. Changing the real things for new options. What if....? Cool!

Here I am again and this is my latest work :


Silence, the voiceless void around us.

Darkness, the cloth blinding our sight.

Fear, the most terrifying ghost.

Loneliness, the eternal companion.


Speak wisdom for being of help

for those who have lost their paths.

Quieten your mind just a second

and find the peace you pursue.

Close your eyes to see inside

and you will find the imperishable light.


Silence, the sound of wherever.

Darkness, the life still to be born.

Fear, the paralysis or the action.

Loneliness, the most loyal friend.


Life is the addition of memories

those you want to keep asleep.

Dreams become true at night

like wishes could live in a heart for good.

The moon changes regularly its face

for drawing shadows according to its mood.


Silence, the old known wanderer.

Darkness, the inspiration for us all.

Fear, the tricky enemy to defeat.

Loneliness, the spirit begging for love.



I love this thread, each of us open his/her soul to others PT members writing to whatever our minds whispers... It's fantastic!

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