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I will probably upload the first chapter of my story, for anyone who's interested, tonight. It ended up longer than I thought so it's now a short chapter story.

It seems that yet another month has passed by and I didn't even realize it..

But what I realized, is that during these past thirty days, I've barely been online on this glorious site.

So. Absent as always..


I have been way too lazy with writing, but I guess it's good that I've kept some break, 'cause I always fear that a day will arrive when I find myself suffering from a writer's block.

And I cannot let that happen.


Today, I re-worked two lyrics that I've planned for our band's forthcoming second demo/EP, but nothing is certain, since I need to show them to our guitarist/frontman first and get his approval to use them on the demo itself.

And those of you who have been waiting for something new will have that today.. or tonight.

Depends on how fast I get to work.

'The Blackened Moon' is the working title and it's going to be partly a poem and partly a short story.


PS. I'll strive to upload the work in time, but then again, I'm the master of delays..

So if nothing else, I wish you all a good evening!

- Oerath.

I'm very glad to see you posting here again dear Otto.

I hope you are alright.


Just take your timeWink Smilie

I guess I'll put some more effort into that work and write it as a short story. I haven't done those for a while, so..

Ah, but here's something. I found this one from my 08-09' archives and after re-writing the whole text, I'm quite satisfied at the result, though I must say it isn't that great.

Oh well, cheesy mind can only create cheesy things. I hope you folks will enjoy of it nonetheless.

Oerath bows and leaves.


The Lord of Unholy Light


A black raven flew across the dark sky

It was flying towards the ghostly lands, it was the messenger of night

And when the sky finally changed it's bright colored clothes to dim black

That raven arrived to it's master's den.. To home of the damned


There, it told to it's master about the strength of mortal men

And that sooner or later, they would march here to challenge his might

But he only laughed at the raven and ordered it to fly back to the world's end

To welcome these brave mortal men, who would so boldly challenge him.. The lord of unholy light


And fourteen days and fourteen nights later, when he was standing on the balcony of his castle..

He looked into the horizon and saw tens of thousands of golden spears

Upon seeing their vast army, he readied himself for the great battle

Which would finally show to this world that a true lord of the night does not fear


And then it finally began.. A night that didn't seem to end

But despite the efforts of the mortal warriors, the lord's minions finally managed to corner them

And with all of their shields, spears and armors broken, they had no other choice but to surrender


''The demon's kept dancing, mocking and laughing around the warrior's of men, but they all silenced when the lord himself jumped off the balcony of his castle and descended on the battlefield, almost breaking the whole ground in half. Wearing a dark and heavy looking armor and a burning skull helmet, he looked like death itself.  And he wielded a burning two-handed sword that seemed to have thousands of eyes on it's steel.. Eyes that kept blinking constantly. Upon seeing him, the remaining warrior's of men fled in terror and fear. The demon's seemed to fear him too, even though he was their master. And then he looked at those wretched and weak little mortals, trying to reach a nearby forest for safety.

And of course, he couldn't allow that to happen.

By thrusting his burning sword through earth and soil, he muttered a few ancient words and sent forth an massive earthquake that tore the whole land apart. And then he just watched, as the mortal's fell into the depths, one by one.. Such a sight made him to smile with great pleasure and when all of their agonized screams of horror had faded, he pulled his sword from the ground and spoke for the first time during the whole battle by saying:

'Such weak creatures.. Such arrogance.. But at least they're good at something.. They're good at dying..'

Then he looked at his sword, which flames seemed to fade a little and continued: 'My sword.. It hungers for more..'

Soon, he realized that now he had something to satisfy the sword with.. And so he shouted at the demon's: 'Come, my minions..'

And by laughing madly, he ordered them to fetch all of the corpses from the pit and declared a great feast by saying:

'Let the harvest of souls begin!'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

As usual .it's a pleasure reading your poem

Beautiful Oerath. I feel as if I hasn't ever left this website for a while. Like Mellon, it`s a pleasure to "read you".

I accept your apology durin the deathless. Oh here's one not involving smeagol, k? Love is dark. Love is light. And thus a thing of the night. Kiss the jewels of souls. The dwarves eyes of gold. Elves oh so bold. Hobbits......yup, we all get old.

Thanks, Mellon and Elbereth.

And oh! Nice to see you again, Elbereth. It's been quite a while.

Damn it was a mistake to start playing Diablo 2 again. The game feels ever so great, but it's so time consuming.. That's why I have been offline for the past few weeks.

Anyway, I'll write something new in the days to come. For once, I am not going to give away any entitles or such, but what I can tell is that it's going to be a song lyric. Smile Smilie

hi I'm new here and I'm writing a book here is part of one of my poems....


When good is gone and evil conquers,

 be a light to they that wonder,

though the road grows ever longer,

follow the brighter path.


Okay, here's a poem/song from the fan fiction piece that I wrote called "The Tale of the Blue Wizard."  I posted the entire story on the Forum as well, if anyone can get the time to read it.  Anyways, this is called The Song of Nyérë Úvëa.  The formatting/style was patterned on Galadriel's Song, which is 14 lines long and contains 14 syllables in each line.  The rhyme scheme is AABB, for anyone interested.  I would appreciate your comments!


Here is the paragraph before the song to set up some context.


"Nyérë was also known for her sorrowful voice. It is said that when she sang, the grief of all the woes of the Elves could be heard in her voice, and it had caused more than one stalwart Elf lord to weep. Often she would sit beside the waters of the lake, or in the foothills of the mountains, and she would sing. All the birds and fishes would come to listen, and the Elf maiden counted them as her friends. Thus now she sat beside the waters of Lake Amanya and sang to ease her troubled heart."


The Song of Nyérë Úvëa

Beyond the twinkling of the moon, far from this dark abyss,
Past valleys deep, and hillocks fair, and mountains veiled in mist;
Over winding streams, and oceans deep, and Fangorn’s dark floor,
There lies in endless beauty fair the land of Valinor.
I long to go and dwell in this land of undying bliss,
To feel the warmth of Summer and forsake Winter’s cold kiss;
To wander in the gardens fair and climb the mountains steep,
To hear the flutes of brethren Elves and visit Manwë’s Keep.
O Valinor! Too long have I dwelt upon these bleak shores,
Beset by doubts, beleaguered and worn, weary of all wars.
O Valinor! I feel your breeze from the Shadowy Seas;
I hear the song of blissful birds from all your wooded leas.
To this place I must go, to join my sundered kindred there,
Though none may take me to this hallowed land so dear and fair!

Well done Marriel and Kyelec! one is so simple and the other so deep.... Beautiful, most of these poems make me think for a while.... makes me wonder about who wrote them, their feelings, their home and how oft can I feel identified in some of them.


Marriel, your poem is pure, very simple but it had touched me. Follow the light my friend!


Oerath, I had missed you and wait for more of your lovely dark stuff!

It has been a while since I wrote poetry, so this is not as nice as I would like it to be. It is a Shakespearean sonnet.

The Evenstar

Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Estel;
Son of Gilraen, was brought to Imladris.
Espied an elf-maid; cried "Tin’viel!"
For she had her grey eyes and long, black hair.

The maid laugh'd, sweet and clear; her smile dazzl'd;
"Nay, nay, I am Arwen Und’miel,"
She spake, yet at first she had been puzzled,
"Daughter of Elrond, Lord of Rivendell."

Aragorn loved her, though 'twas frown'd for man.
Between two courses, she must needs choose:
Become mortal, never to see Aman;
Or stay undying, fam'ly not to lose.

She chose to die, she chose King Elessar;
That beautiful lady, Queen Evenstar.

I'm still experimenting with the formatting on my phone, so I hope this turns out right.

Good stuff everyone, good stuff.

@ Elbereth: Lucky for you, I've been working on not just one, but two works that I will introduce as part of my dark tales.

'The Blackened Moon' and 'The Garden of Tears' are the working titles and I will post 'The Garden of Tears' at some point during this week.

I also have to start thinking what I should do with the wanderer's tavern.

So.. That's all for now.

And oh, everyone, keep up the good work. Let's make this thread active once again!

Nice poem Galandir. Keep it up!


Oerath dear, where have you been? You didn't even reply on my message Sad Smilie But I'm glad to see you're back. I missed you in the chat.

The lift of eyes to seek a meaning

The flame of Star 

The sparkle gleaming

The vapor, tears

once streaming


leaves the broken



Welcome to planet-tolkien Desmotti.

And, what a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep it up!

I once wrote and posted a work called 'Two Days before The End' and it contained two short works, naturally.

First of them was called: 'And so the world was cloaked with mist'.

Later I re-wrote it and turned it into a song lyric and I already suggested it to the guitarist/frontman of our band, but I haven't received any word from him for a long time.

So that's why I want to share the lyric with you guys.

But I will remove it, if our band's guitarist wants to use it in our upcoming second demo. So, for the time being, I will keep it up.

And oh, I won't be posting stuff in a while, or maybe some poetry, who knows. I'll be focusing on those two short stories that I've told you about, so expect nothing new in a week or so.

- Oerath.

And so the world was cloaked with mist

A cold morning arrived, full of dying light
All of the landscapes changed.. You couldn't even see the sky
A mist arose and it was so pale and thick that through it no eye could ever see
And so the world was cloaked with mist
We were given nothing, but one dark and unending dream
Clouds ceased to move in the sky and the wind ceased to breath
The sun began to lose it's light and soon it fell beyond the grey fields
Upon witnessing it's destruction, I turned around and left it all behind
Then I looked at the sky for one last time with my eyes so old and blind
There's no salvation in reach, it's so dark..
Everything is now so silent and distant
The air is too cold for us to breath
Because the world was cloaked with mist
And now there's barely anything left of this world and it's lands
All of the oceans and seas are now nothing, but dust and sand
Everything else already ceased to exist, but here I still stand, just like always before
And from the ashes of all life, chaos and destruction will be reborn
(I will stay here forever.. And watch the growth of a new and chaotic world)
(Eternal Twilight.. Is the fate of the mankind..)
There's no salvation in reach, it's so dark..
Everything is now so silent and distant
The air is too cold for us to breath
Because the world was cloaked with mist
'Despite this coldness, my heart still beats.. And the only thing besides me, is this dying flower that remains from the age of men and all other beasts..'
Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Sad, none uses this thread these days.

Come on, people, don't be afraid to share. Smile Smilie

I've decided to return to the art of writing by myself, since I've been a bit off the hobby for the past few months.

It's been a good break and the results are good too. I've some pretty good ideas now and given a right day, I might be able to continue my novella. I feel that I've to publish something in the years to come, 'cause after my time in Finnish Civilian Service, it's going to be quite busy. I am to secure a permanent job for myself after that and I've already something in my mind.

But 'ey, 'till the next meeting!

- Oerath.

(PS. Taz/Arwen or anyone of the Council. If Leelee isn't going to return, I'd be happy to take over this thread as it's moderator, if it's just possible.)

And oh, my newest offering will be called, hmm, 'A Song For All Seasons to Come'.

Sth liek dat. ^^

This work turned out to be something totally different from what I intended it to be.

It's more like a song than a poem, but see for yourself. Sing it through and I bet it'll rhyme just finely. Smile Smilie



A Song For Spring, A Song For All Seasons to Come
Water flows in all rivers again, the sunlight has returned to us
Oh the babbling sounds of water, it's like music to my ears
Whether it's rainy or clear, whether it's dawn or dusk
At the end of each passing day, I always find myself crying silently..
And each time.. There seems to be no end to those joyful tears..
Crows return to their nests in the apple trees
From there they look for shiny things with their greedy eyes
All the others birds return too, but unlike the silent crows
They're singing about what they've seen
During their wonderful and long, long flights
Sing.. With me..
Spring is here once again, I hail it's cold winds
I bless all the growth and beauty that it brings
Sun is with us again, giving warmth to our gray days
And even though I age after each passing year
This mortal heart of mine will always remain the same
I promise that I won't ever stray from the path of nature
And to ensure the truth of my words, I shall now sing..
A song for spring, a song for all seasons to come
Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, I always enjoy of each one
All this warmth may be too much for me
But what the sun of summer takes away from me, winter nights always heal
And let's not forget the splendor of autumn
Nor the dance of the leaves
Oh, all those shady nights and beautiful full moons
Is something that I seek even in my own dreams
And with the other three seasons far behind
Winter may return back to us with all of it's snow and cold nights
Snowstorms, harsh winds and beautiful snowy landscapes
It's worth waiting for, even if it may sound insane
And so ends a song for spring, so ends a song for all seasons to come
So ends another fine day and so begins the daily wait for the rise of the morning sun
Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen
Done! Wink Smilie

beautiful! loved it as always!


Thanks again, Arwen.

Hey everybody! How are you all doing? Oerath, Leelee, I miss you my old, old friends on this thread! Hope all is well. 

I miss you too, Odette. Do come here more often, if you just have the time.

Rachel (Leelee) hasn't been online since last year's december or something and I took her job of moderating this thread.

I hope that this thread will become popular once again and that you'd return permanently to PT. Smile Smilie

Welcome back Odette. Smile Smilie

Does anybody around here remember me? I'm glad to see that you are still hanging around Oerath.



Wen, how glad I'm to see you online again. I actually wanted to send you a message earlier, but I didn't have the time to do so. Welcome back my friend.

Yup, I'm still here, Wen.

Welcome back, friend.


I can't post any journals for some reason, so I decided to post this one unto this thread instead. I originally wrote this work about a half year ago or so, but it was in an early state back then. I re-wrote some parts etc; and now I'm finally satisfied with it.
Also, I'm currently working on a epic sea themed poetic tale, called: 'The Windbringer'.
A Sailor's Fate (Sea is now my only home)
The waves kept hitting the rocks on the seashore
There he stood, still and emotionless, he didn't care anymore
Everything that one could lost, he had lost it all
In one cold and dark nightfall
The woman he had loved, was now gone
There was nothing left, nothing to be done
So many unknown faces, mocking words and cold stares
He couldn't take it anymore, so he decided to follow her into the dark waters
He sank and sank, down into the depths
But he didn't drown, somehow his life didn't end
He took a knife and tried to cut through his own heart
But somehow his heart couldn't even be torn apart
By realizing that the gods wouldn't let him to die
He decided to stay down there for the rest of his sinful and unending life
No last words, no goodbyes to anyone
He wanted to be forgotten, and soon he found something that could help him to become one
(With the sea..)
From a shipwreck, he found an old, but long rope
First he tied it into his right leg, then he tied it tightly around a mossy stone
Then he found a yellow sailor's jacket, a brown hat and a pile of human bones
He dressed up the jacket, placed the hat into his head and looked up to the shores
There, a ghostly figure stood on the edge, it was the spirit of his dead wife
And at that moment, a tear of joy and sorrow fell from the corner of his left eye
He waved his right hand and tried to whisper to her, but his faint whisper faded into the sea
Then her spirit disappeared and so he wiped that tear off his left eye, before anyone could see
And then for one last time, he looked up and this time he looked at the blue sky above
And he thought that why men do such strange things for love
Then he closed his eyes and started to dream a shadowy dream, hoping that it wouldn't ever end
Not until he would be forgiven by the gods and finally be allowed to ascend
'If they want me to be down here for a thousand years, then I will face those thousand dreams without any doubts or fears. I am a sailor, sea has always been a second home to me. And if I've to stay down here, then so shall it be.'
Fifteen years later..
'An old man was fishing at the spot where the man had drown himself, when suddenly, something grabbed unto his hook. He reeled the fishing line of his fishing rod and to his surprise what he had caught, was a brown fisherman's hat. But, before he could take it off the hook, a hand covered in seaweed and moss reached from below the surface and grabbed the hat, pulling it back into the depths. The old man got scared so badly that he took the oars and rowed as fast as he could, but while he kept rowing, strangely, he kept hearing singing from the depths of that sea. It was a man's voice and it kept repeating the same lines all over again: 'I am a sailor, sea has always been a second home to me. And if I've stay down here, then so shall it be.'
'And after telling about this to the local townsfolk and fellow fishermen, they all boarded a large ship and the old man took them to that part of the sea, where the horrible event had taken place. One of the men had a diver's suit, helmet and one oxygen bottle and after a few minutes of preparations, he was lowered to the sea by the other men. He sank for several minutes, until he reached a point from where he saw a man, whose leg was strangely tied into a rock that laid in the bottom of the sea. The man was appeared to be wearing a yellow fisherman's jacket, but he wasn't sure about the color, 'cause the man was all covered in seaweed, moss and mud. In his head, he had a brown fisherman's hat and to the diver's horror and surprise, his body was quite fresh. There were no signs of decaying on his face or in his body, so he assumed that this man had only been down there for a day or two. But, when he moved closer to take a look at the man's face, the mysterious man suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the diver's hand. The diver went into panic and tried to get the man's hand off by all the strength he had, but then the man started to speak and by looking straight into the diver's eyes, he said the following words:
'They won't let me die, the gods.. Love ever so despairs.. I tell you.. Love is nothing, but pain! I should have been stronger.. By trying to drown myself, I only ended up to curse myself. Now, be gone and never return back to this place. Tell to your kind that this sea should be forgotten, nay, it shall be forgotten. Let me be forgotten, because that is what I wish for. I haven't been forgiven during these past fifteen years, but I forgive you by letting you go. Tell them this.. And tell them that love.. Love is full of despair.'
'After hearing these words, the man let go off the diver as he promised. The diver didn't hesitate, he pulled the rope of his helmet, signaling the men on the ship and so they started to lift him up. And after a few minutes, he was safely back aboard the ship. And when his friends had taken him out off the heavy suit, he removed the helmet on his own. His hands were shaking and his eyes were full of fear and insanity, but he still managed to tell them what he had seen and what the drowned man had said to him. And a few days later, due to wishes of all local fishermen that part of the sea was closed and the drowned man became a legend and a myth. Even the sea's name was changed to: 'The Forgotten Sea'. And after these horrible events, none ever went even near to that place. And there, in the deepest depths of the forgotten sea that sailor still awaits for the gods to forgive him, but he no longer sings the song that he used to sing in the past. Now his words are few, but they tell more than a thousand mortal words could ever tell.'
'Forgotten and alone.. Sea is now my only home.'
Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Thank you,  Arwen Smile Smilie Greetings!

Oerath, I miss you too and I miss Planet Tolkien all the time. It's sad news about Leelee. It's good to see you have kept this thread alive along with other members. Makes me happy Smile Smilie

I'll try to come on here as much as possible, but I never seem to have the time. Time must be made though, for all you wonderful folks. I want to read all the things you write Smile Smilie

Take care.

Hello, everybody. I see that this thread hasn't been very busy since I posted my poem. I will write more whenever I get time.

By the way, does the poetry on this thread have to be Tolkien-related? And is there a certain length that I should try to keep my poems to?

Galandir, there are no specific rules on this thread, except of course the website rules. The stories or poems you post don't need to be Tolkien related (of course that would be nice, but it's not a must) Your story or poem can be as long as you want.

Wink Smilie

@ Odette: Hehe, btw start bouncing online already, dammit! ^^

And hello there, Galandir. By all means, do more posts unto this thread. Length or subject doesn't matter at all and the material itself doesn't have to be Tolkienish.

PS. There aren't that many active writers/contributors on this site, but that's something that can hopefully be changed in time. Smile Smilie

- Oerath.

Hello again, fellow PT members. It's surely been a while. I haven't found time to be online during the past few weeks, 'cause I've had a lot of business oriented things to take care of, due to my graduation from a technical school.

Over seven years of studying and I've finally a degree to go along with. I am very happy about that fact.

Anyway, I haven't been writing much during the past weeks and months either, but I just wrote a quite fictional, poetic or even musical tale about two beings, who oversee a whole world and all of it's weathers, thus possessing great powers and having great responsibilities as well.

I may write more about them in near future. I've also continued my novella project, which is looking good, but the progress is still way too slow. If I don't manage to get a summer job, I will definitely strive to write more actively than I've been writing during the years.

But without further chit-chat and blabbering, I give you..


The Rainmaker & The Windbringer


Everytime when you hear the ocean roaring

Everytime when you see a storm approaching

Don't be afraid, just look up high

And you may see them walking on the clouds of the sky


Two beings so old and wise

They've seen the world and all of it's wonders

They've existed among us for more than a thousand lifetimes

They're called The Rainmaker and The Windbringer

For they're the creators of wind, rain and thunder!


Always when you ask for rain

You'll have a taste of their powers, so great and divine

Always when you're lost and in pain

They will paint the sky with the colors of blue and white

And decrease the darkness of the night


So that you could find your way back to your home

Back to that cozy and warm place where you do belong


Always when you're seeking shelter from a terrifying storm

Remember their names, call upon them for their aid and wisdom

Shout into the wind and listen what kind of answers it brings back to you

Follow the signs in the sky and they will lead you back..


To the lands where the sky is clear and blue


O' The Rainmaker and The Windbringer

Whoever gave birth to you two

Must have been the most hallow and godly being

That this strange and magical world has ever seen


Or were they born in the eye of a raging storm

Did they travel here from the outer space or even from far beyond

This small and silent galaxy.. Either way..

I don't know what story to believe

But I know that they're real

Their existence is not just another dream


And as I now stand on the edge of this lonely cliff, looking far to the sea

I place my right hand on my chest and raise my head towards the sky

And say..

'Whenever I go, I know that I won't get caught in a storm.. Because you two will always protect the people of this world.. You've the power and the will to save us all from the coming of The Great Fall..'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Hell-o, wait what? It's been almost three months since this thread was last used?

I dunno what is going on, but I really do hope that some of you guys and gals are coming back at some point. It's just way too silent without you.

Truth be told, I haven't been that much online either but oh I've had some stuff going on. Some pretty good stuff.

I joined a new band some month ago and we've gone through two songs successfully and I've written one lyric and partially fixed an already existing one and done the vocal arrangements, though it all needs some finishing and practising. I still expect us to release some material in the weeks to come. Genre wise the music is groovy heavy metal with death metal influences, maybe a bit of trash and other stuff too. I use a pretty versatile range of different growls, grunts and screams these days.

Anyway, writer wise I haven't been that much active. I've written some song lyrics, but that's pretty much it. But oh, I aim to continue writing in the near future. I just need some break from it all, 'cause you know, I've written a lot during the past years. (O'rly?)

And.. I guess that all took it's toll, no matter how often I kept saying that I'll just go on and on.

But oh, no matter how busy it gets, it's been a month since my last work, or a bit more than that and I'll stick to my plan. A brand new work shall be posted during next week.

I hope you'll all look forward to that. Smile Smilie

With hope and thoughts of brighter days.

- Oerath Windsoul.

The Wanderer's Song
A wanderer knows no such things as sleep and rest
A wanderer travels from land to land, from forest to forest
'Cause only that eases the beating of his heart that pounds so wildly against his chest
Trees and all animals are his most dearest friends
There's nothing in the wilderness that his mysterious will couldn't bend
But would he use his gifts only for good, and if not, then to what end?
Nay, for peace and joy reign in the wanderer's heart
No mortal being could ever torn his heart of lore and wisdom apart
Protected by powerful enchantments and by the nature's might
A wanderer is a man, who banishes evil spirits by merely singing into the night
Seeker of ancient wisdom, watcher of the stars
Sent from the forgotten kingdom to end all battles and wars
He has lived for countless of lifetimes, he was born to carry the torch of holy light
And every single night, after the great bell tower's three promised chimes
He lightens that sacred torch and disappears into shadows of the midnight
Wherever he sets foot, grass starts to grow and dead trees and flowers come back to life
And wherever he walks, the ancestral spirits always follow him
And darkness has always lost to him, 'cause he knows something very important within (his heart)
'As long as the sun burns brightly in the northern sky, I will keep fighting until the end of times.'
Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Hello! I wonder how all of you are! It's been a while since I've been around....

Oh! Oh! The Fairy Queen has returned. Words can't describe the splendor of this most unique moment. All I can do is ask.. Oh what the hell, how fare ya!?

It sure has been a while, Odette. You're first of many people that I've been waiting and waiting to see online or post something.

By the way, I'm still on facebook if ya wanna be friends with me again! You! Big Smile Smilie

And another by the way, I'm all good! Or depends on what can be consider good.. Oh well, good it is. Smile Smilie

- Otto.

I have the biggest grin on my face now. blush 

Dear dear Otto, I've missed you too. And your fabulous poems! Life is crazy and busy and I don't have enough time. But I've been watching the Hobbit movies and my thoughts keep coming back to you guys on here. So thought I'd peek in. And I kind of thought you'd left. I'm so glad you didn't. Any news of Leelee?

By the way my Facebook a/c got hacked and I left. 

Check your messages. I hope you've been writing lots and lots of epic stuff. You also have to finish my story 

Talk soon. 

Well, one can safely say that I've finally returned! Stronger than ever and with plenty of works and all kind of writings in my pocket. Last year was good in means of writing, but this year's going be insanely good!

I write something every week and I've finally started to write my first real novella. It stands at 21 pages for the moment being with more than 50 more pages planned. With careful steps, it should be ready in a few months.

I've no rush, no hurry. For once, I'll write a novella and not leave it unfinished.

Also for the first time in my history as a writer, I've decided to modernize a little and get myself a modern day printer. With that, for example, I could start printing my works from along the years and make a collection out of 'em.

Some of you may've noticed, but I just posted my first work in 2-3 months. It's something I wrote some 1-2 months back and it's a fantasy themed poetic short story. What else could it possibly be? Wink Smilie

More and more works to follow in near future!

- Oerath.

Maiden Of A Quiet Lake


In a land, so far away

Brave warriors prepare to face each other

But no blood will be shed today

They've agreed to negotiate a lasting peace

Under the watchful eyes of The All-Father


A great bonfire has been lit near the shore

Of a large, revered and most hallowed lake

There they shall meet, when the night has fallen once more

For only after dark, the spirit of those waters shall awake


There they now stand beneath the darkening sky, in the embrace of evening rain

Words of wisdom and peace are spoken in presence of the gods of north

There they now wait for the spirit to accept their offering; fruits and herbs from nearby plains

Hoping that these valuable treasures of nature would make the spirit to come forth


And suddenly, they all silence to watch the lake's surface

As a high whirlpool rises from it's depths

They see a noble and fair lady emerge from it, and so they all kneel before her beauty and grace

She is a water maiden; one of the great spirits, in her right hand she bears the chalice of oceanic purity, and in her left hand she holds the glass sword of many fates


And then she speaks to them, greets them

And accepts their humble offering

She tells to them that their eyes and minds have been opened

Upon this rainy autumn evening


She blesses them with magic, knights them with her sword

She lets them to drink from her chalice

Imbued with ancient power, no longer mere warriors, but mighty lords

They all kneel before the maiden of a quiet lake, where wonders were made tonight

Stories are written, songs are sung, describing the night when all malice was forgotten

Describing the night, when mere warriors were turned into noble knights and mighty lords alike


Gifts of a quiet lake, a maiden so fair blessed them today

Now they can boldly walk home, for their true lives begin upon this day


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Look out, beware! The poet has returned, this time for good. The chat is back, some people are back, and I am going to re-open the poetry realm once more. Do come to visit, do come to post. And Rachel, it's so good to see you! I'm glad you've returned to PT. So have I. I'll email you as soon as I get to it. And needless to say, I missed you!

PS. I hope you still remember this little thread of ours and notice my message. Smile Smilie

- Oerath.

Otto Smile Smilie So glad to see you!


I have actually been writing. Nothing to post here I'm afraid. But at least I'm writing something. Wink Smilie

Good to see you too, Arwen. Smile Smilie

And oh my, could you post just a little something for my reading pleasure? Smile Smilie

Like on many older occasions, I'll post my newest journal entry here too.

Say hello to: 'When the Wanderer answers the White Wolf's call'.



When the Wanderer answers to the White Wolf's call
Written by: Oerath Windsoul
Do you remember the white one..
The white wolf, who saw the first of all moons
When our world was still so young
When we still learned how to walk..
When the flowers of our existence were about to blossom and bloom..
It is said that to be able to send a message
It chose the highest of all mountains
And wildly it ran across the snowy mountain sides
Of that towering creation of earthly stone
Forged by many an age
Where waters of the crystal fountains
Run pure and clear along walls of the mountain
Where most hardened of all plants grow
Where spirits of the elements dance in silence of the night
There the white wolf chose to go
And once it had reached the mountain peak
It looked upon the landscapes, so harsh and bleak
And yet it felt so free and alive
It felt the absence of time itself
And in the embrace of the northern wind it stood
Howling into the black of night
And the whole world heard it's mighty cries
And they all understood..
That the white wolf had appeared to bring good news
And to tell..
That great tides lay ahead of them all
And so it wished them well..
And kindly said..
That when the wanderer answers to the white wolf's call
The very heart of the world shall be born anew
And burst in bright flames
Of life..
And now the time has come
To visit it's mountain shrine
And before the day is done
One of us will be chosen as the wanderer of time
To become youngest of the sons of the sun and it's light
And now the time has come
To honor the white wolf's wishes
And before the night shall fall
One of us will be chosen to oversee the land and the forest
So that the white wolf may finally rest
When the wanderer answers to the white wolf's call
Days will change a bit brighter for us all
But when days finally turn cold near the end of the fall
We know that the white wolf has chosen
And gone beyond the timeless walls
To seek for peace from the legendary golden halls
Under the snow-white winter sky
The white wolf waits..
For it's dream to come to life
Under the snow-white winter sky
The white wolf waits..
For one more glance at the moon
Before it's ready to turn into a sphere of luminous light
Before it's ready to leave the mountain
Never to run again along it's snowy sides..
'And the wanderer did indeed appear. And the white wolf gave all that it had in it's power to this yet unknown man, knowing that whilst it had seen the first of all moons, this man, the wanderer.. would come to achieve and see so much more. And howling for one last time, at the range of the whole world, the white wolf stepped on the edge of the mountain, and turned into a being of unimaginably beautiful light. And while ascending into the heights of the sky, it spoke with a warm and soft voice to the wanderer and to the people waiting below:
'Goodbye, mortal kind. However, this is not farewell, for I know in my heart that there will be a time, when the white wolf shall be needed once more. Until then, remember me by keeping the shrine of my memories intact and always.. Always.. Respect and honor the moon and her silvery and eternal.. light. Goodbye..'
'And so the white wolf was gone, but the moment it departed, all of it's promises were fulfilled. The world started to feel like a warmer place, though the winter still held unto it's purifying coldness and frozen touch. But that aside, all was good. The heart of the world had been born anew. And now burning with a flame brighter than the sun itself, the wanderer couldn't help but smile. And while Looking into the sky, at the clouds that seemed to remind him of the white wolf, he silently said to himself:
'The white wolf.. It's news were good indeed, for this.. Is the beginning of our time!'
'Basking in the light of the winter sun, the wanderer raised his wooden staff into the air and declared peace throughout the world.'

Ahhh... The pictures you paint with words never fail to steal me away to faraway realms.

I'm glad you liked of it, Amarië. Smile Smilie

Thank you for the kind words. For quite a while, there was a time when I didn't write anything fantasy themed. Not because I had lost my interest in it, but because I couldn't come up with anything as near as good as something I had written years ago. (This, of course, is just my take on it..) But it kind of got under my skin, and so I turned my interests towards more darker themes again.. Good works, but I feel like I've reached my limit in writing too evil and dark things. From now on, I want those aspects to stay in our band's songs and their lyrics.

So I'm sort of done with those, because this work, it felt so good to write and it had that same feel of the olden days. And now I even have discovered good and relaxing music, which to turn to when I write.

So once again.. Let there be fantasy!

Hullo! I wanted to post 'Golden Wings' in a more simpler, poetic form unto this thread, since the story elements that I created for it are (at least in my opinion) maybe a bit too cheesy. Who knows!

So, here's 'Golden Wings' as a more straightforward, poetic piece of work. Enjoy!


Golden Wings


Written by: Oerath Windsoul


I fly through red clouds of the crimson sky

My vision reaches far and high

And maybe you can hear me cry

But not tears.. I cry for the beauty of freedom

Because for the first time in centuries, the days of peace are nigh..


I was given golden wings; the colour of sunlight

My claws glimmer like the nightstars

And maybe you can see me flying in the night

And if seeing me doesn't invoke any anger inside you

Then it means that you believe

That I am more than just a fiery beast..

That I too can weep, be wounded and have deep burning scars..


For so long, mortal kind hated us without a reason

Was it, because we were something beyond their understanding?

Those times were painful, and what made it even harder to go on

Was to watch my brethren, and even my own children fall

One after another..

In their meaningless war against mortals

And oh, all that suffering I felt inside my heart

It felt like I had lost everything

For eternal is the grief of a mother..

Who has just lost all of her daughters and sons


And so we chose that as a race

Our only option was to flee and leave our homes behind

And yet, by all of the world's light

We hoped that one day, they would learn of kindness and grace

And also learn to respect our kind..


Though after some time, some of us returned..

And I was one of them..


And in time, many of them forgot everything about hatred

And began to appreciate life instead of death

Then one day.. One of them did something truly sacred

For I watched from the shadows, as a young woman brought wild roses

And placed them in front of one of our abandoned dens..

And at that moment, my heart sang of joy and I thought..

That had all darkness finally disappeared from the face of earth..


And slowly, I stepped closer to the edge of sunlight

For I feared that she would just run away

But instead, upon seeing me, she greeted me and smiled

And for once, I didn't know what to say..

I only cried..


And as I collapsed and laid down

She hurried to me, and asked what was wrong

And in their tongue, I said to her that I had only dreamed of this day to dawn

That I had waited for this moment for so long..

And I told her..


That even a dragon's grief can turn into a joy of heart

When someone chooses to see them as they are

Do not pass judgment so lightly, do not let hatred tear you apart


And always believe in right things

Keep your mind open, give your imagination wings

And let all of that sadness go.. To be able to see all and everything..


And after I had talked with her

About everything that happened in the past

She said that that she would like to come with me

To where never and forever

Aren't just pale words that do not last

In a most strange, yet beautiful world..

The dragonworld of dreams and fantasy


And on golden wings across the crimson sky

She boldly chose to fly

Towards a wondrous realm of magic, where nothing ever withers or dies..

Where long rainbows always appear after rain

Where birds of legend and rare butterflies circle great waterfalls

That run endlessly down the arcane edges of the azure sky

Where all beings live in a complete harmony with their forgotten world

And where thousands of free dragon's cry as they fly..

Where the whole nature bathes in the sun's undying and eternal light

There on golden wings, flew a curious mortal child


Where dreams unite to become one.. Where the moon shines together with the sun.

Where dreams unite to become one.. Where a dragon of golden wings and a mortal child continue to fly towards the enchanting dawn..

Good people of Planet Tolkien! The Time has come to re-open the mighty poetry thread of old that is: Do you have a poem to share..

Yeah, I thought that since I now write stuff quite frequently, why shouldn't I post stuff here more often in the future and try to keep the writer section of the site active.

The thing is this: I'm in the process of writing a short story that I shall then share with you (PT), and Allpoetry. I don't wanna say much, but it's surely going to be a very mysterious tale.

So, that about that.

And then sorry for the whole blabber-ish speech..

Oh well, ya gotta keep trying.. Big Smile Smilie

And oh, here's something for ya. Smile Smilie

Be well, everyone. Smile Smilie

I hope the weathers have treated you all well!

Until the next time..


Oerath graciously bows and quietly leaves the hall..

Written by: Oerath Windsoul
A melting candle..
A single snowflake..
The memorial stone of finest marble..
And a silent wish to make..
A hooded man..
A falling tear..
Trying to understand..
Why.. Oh what a sorrowful year...
A lost princess..
A broken comb..
My beloved mistress..
Now lies all alone - inside the black tomb..
Grief has blinded my eyes..
And turned my heart numb..
To me, all light has already died..
For so did the child in her womb..
It was none's fault..
Yet she blamed none but herself..
She ended her life in my castle's bright evening hall..
I couldn't do anything.. Oh, I tried to support her.. I tried to help..
For you see, she was to be my wife..
Two chosen souls, we were lovers indeed..
And a ring in my pocket turned into a knife..
When she chose the coldest of all destinies..
And now all I can do..
Is place red roses upon her grave..
Do I look broken enough to you?
Oh, even the winds keep whispering her enchanting name..
I find myself unable to continue my life..
I know that none else in this world could ever have my love..
I've made my choice.. That ring which turned into a knife..
Shall now grant me a chance to meet her..
In a quiet place.. Somewhere high above..
Apart in life, together in death..
As if we never even walked upon the face of the Earth..

Dear Otto, as I always I love your work. Full of emotion. And I love how I visualize every description.

But, please let your next piece be a little more joyful? Wink Smilie

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