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This is obviously going to be a vast and intricate body of work, I enjoyed every word.

But we have a problem here Oerath, now what shall we do.

For this is a piece of prose and not poetry as such. This thread is poetry only.

So I am wondering if we should set up a thread for our particular kind of prose as well, epic prose of sorts as i realize there are other threads for prose. This way we could have the best of both worlds-poetry and prose to release our creative energies into . What do you think? Because, I feel sure Undale would want only poetry poetry on this thread. I need your input, all of your input. What say you?

Oh, and I CAN'T wait until the next installment. Wink Smilie

This is obviously going to be a vast and intricate body of work, I enjoyed every word.

But we have a problem here Oerath, now what shall we do.

For this is a piece of prose and not poetry as such. This thread is poetry only.

So I am wondering if we should set up a thread for our particular kind of prose as well, epic prose of sorts as i realize there are other threads for prose. This way we could have the best of both worlds-poetry and prose to release our creative energies into . What do you think? Because, I feel sure Undale would want only poetry poetry on this thread. I need your input, all of your input. What say you?

Oh, and I CAN'T wait until the next installment. Wink Smilie

Thank you very much, and yeah, I didn't think so clearly when I decided to post it.

I can create a particular thread for it and for all of the other stories similar to what I'm writing right now.

It's going to be a vast project, but well, let's talk about this later in the evening, if you're just online. Smile Smilie

The first part of my story has been transferred to another thread with the same name. Smile Smilie

If you're interested, read it, and remember to leave a comment! =)

- Oerath.

When the sun descends beyond the skies


He mounted his silver horse, and rode into the east

through the nameless woods full of darkness and mist

Nothing could stand in his way, nothing could end his journey

One candle is enough to keep the evils of night at bay


He has sworn to protect his kingdom, the realm of nature's might

He's one with the daylight, he's one with the clouds and the sky


When the sun descends beyond the grey skies

When the strong winds and the storms will unite

There he rides on the back of his silver horse

Riding forth into the battle, in the name of the northern gods!


No hammer could bring him down, his spirit is unshakable and strong

his shield is his mind, something that cannot be destroyed or denied

His heart is wise and bold, and even though he may seem to be weary and old

The flame of eternity burns inside his heart, a flame that does not fade in the dark


When the sun descends beyond the grey skies

When his golden spear finds it's way through the shadows of night

There he rides on the back of his silver horse

Riding forth into the battle, for the glory of the northern gods!


You don't have to speak out his name, 'cause you know him by heart

He is the guardian of life, protector of mankind, he's fate is not to fall

On through the dark night he rides, searching for the sun and it's light

And when he finds what he's searching for..

The other guardians of this world will grant us a new dawn..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen


It's quite cheesy, but I wrote it from the bottom of my heart!

Not cheesy at all!!!

I think this is my favorite poem, to date.

I have never been able to wrap my head around poetry, so tend not to read much.  This thread has been changing my attitude as I am amazed at the talented poets who have contributed.

Thank-you for sharing your gift with us!

Oh hullo there, Rednell. It's good to see you once again!

And I am glad you liked of it, 'cause it was written in a very, very short period of time, and I was even a bit drunk when I wrote it.

I felt that I should activate the poetic sections of my vast mind, so I did. Smile Smilie

wow oerath! your writing skills are amazing even if they are used in a short period of time whilst being drunk!!!

Oh, thank you, LadyAlyss, but to be honest, I am not so sure about that writing. It was done while being drunk after all. Big Smile Smilie

Bleh, once more I confessed that I doubt myself greatly. I don't know why, but that's how it goes on many occasions. ^^

My style differs so much from styles of other writers/poets, and I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but oh well..

I guess it's good to have a own style.

Oh by the way, I just began to wonder about your choose of name, for you see, I've developed two characters for some short works/stories by myself, and they're called: Alyssarian the Bard and Alyssa Silvershade, a very nice coincidence. Wink Smilie

'his shield is his mind' is my favorite imagery from this wonderful part of your body of work. And, I wonder why the woods are nameless, is it because they are part of a vast wood in the middle of nowhere and not much visited so that noone has bothered to name the woods or....................................

Use of the word 'nameless' is quite interesting. To me, it means that the wood is either a dark forest full of darkness and evil, or a forest that has stayed untouched for nearly decades, which in both cases, gives it a more magnificent and darker image. Wink Smilie

I highly regard you for that amazing piece, being in which state of mind you were. Alas, you have blown my mind once more. You do have your own style of writing, but that is surely not to be discouraged! It is something to take hold of as an advantage; it will stand out in the best of works. Keep heart and keep writing, it is a motivation and encouragement to us allSmile Smilie

well Oerath, I believe that it is a good thing that your writing is different to others for it was the same as the other writers then it would be rather boring. As for my name, i have took it from the looking glass wars so it isn't original

Heh, well, I suppose you're right, LadyAlyss.

Looking glass wars.. Doesn't sound familiar to me. I'll have to check it out from the wikipedia. Smile Smilie

Anyway, expect nothing and fear the worse. (That was a joke, or was it!?)

I will hopefully write some poetry during the next two days, and it'll be a purely dark work. =)

  A bit long winded but...   



The Great Golden Serpent

A tiny spark ascended through, to the middle here below.
No sands of time dictate where this spark is sure to go.
The certainty of everything exists upon one plane,
that no two objects great or small, will ever do the same.

As that spark grew in expectation unknown to those who knew,
the womb was converted to accept the tree as it grew.

The petals dropped, the fruit appeared,
light made it ripe and firm.
Mars and Venus smiled that beautiful day
for what they could see
in a physical way
is that this fruit was devoid of worms.

The inner core of this small spark was solid and robust,
strength and vigor did abound as well as honesty and trust.
The light of truth rested heavily in this ones seeing eyes.
Black night of test would certainly have to don a great disguise.

Novelty passed, the winds of growth began to whip and blow.
The other objects on this plane traveled to and fro.
Mother hen draped her wing to ward off what she sees,
as threats to her fruit
and to her,
but unfortunately
For this small lad of ruddy lips and eyes as live as the sea,
Mother hen had not the truth, wisdom or love
to let the boy be what he would be.

Straight and tall did the boy stand, blowing in the wind.
Smell of battle upon the turf gave him a smile grim.

Day turns to night, warm turns to cold,
Tides eddy, swirl and go.
Mars and Venus beheld their sprout
from seed to tree
and leafing out,
but also turning from familiar shoot
to someone they didn't know.

The change had come, the setting sun
was going behind the clouds.
A night was come, and those who knew
were uneasy as this night turned cold,
for two would be nestled at home in their beds
while snow fell deep,
the fire danced on the walls,
and the one was outside looking in.

The Great Golden Serpent
usually comes when you are alone.
He appears through the night in a seamless gap.
You will lock eyes and know that now is the time of that test.

"You see my boy, the time has come,
and now you listen to me.
I've been watching very close and I have a deal for you.
All your life you have been saving up,
skills that you can use."

The man knows what is expected of him.
The course looks so simple and true.
But the discerning man with eyes alight
weighs all words to see different views.

"I know what you like, I know what you've done,
I know who you are to the core.
It's me can't you see,
just turn around in your sleep,
this terrible sight
that sings through the night
is purely your face in the mirror."

"I offer you something to complete your wants.
the drive behind men from the start.
All you must do is claim it, its yours,
but I must warn
that of you, I am part."

The stones had been cast.
The move had been made.
Decision lay for him to see.
The serpent remained still,
watching his eyes through his lids
waiting for the young mans plea.

The young man thought about his life and lessons.
What comes from being true.
The friends that you make,
the lives that you take,
and the feelings that will ensue.

"I won't take the deal", said the man to the snake.
"And I'm not afraid, to face you and say no".
The horror had changed from dirty to clean,
The familiar face softened and was kindly, not mean
and a new voice was heard from below.

"You have passed the test that is usually taken in death,
the time was ripe and true.
You are free to move on to the next phase in life,
You have chosen well.
You know the truth,
And most importantly, you know what's behind."

"I free your spirit to become whole,
to fulfill your wants and needs.
Your essence is safe, live out your life
find a mother and sow your seeds."

"You've already died a death tonight,
more important than the one you knew
Now another death will free you from this worlds cocoon
but now that you know,
it must not be
until your seeds' seeds will bloom."

"You are now the father, the old as well as new,
The death is a beginning, and life is a death
The Great Golden Serpent and God are meshed
And both of them are you." 

That was a very good one, Lugdush, now here's something I've been working on this whole night.

Let there be darkness and light.


A Statue That Stands Alone In The Embrace of Relentless and Cold Night Rain


The crows are soaring above a lonely grave..

in which you once used to lay in eternal rest..

No single flower has grown around it since of that tragic day..

When your spirit ascended up into the heights of this sky..

When it was finally your time to fly away..


I never asked for anything at all.. The only thing I needed was your love..

And I cannot even mourn your death anymore..

Because soon all of my memories and thoughts will be gone..


I cannot no longer carry this weight of sorrow and despair..

My body is broken.. My mind is lifeless.. I cannot even remember my own name..

This fallen star is everything that I will ever lose or gain.. I am too old to feel any torment or pain..

I am nothing, but a statue that stands alone in the embrace of relentless and cold night rain..


This stony shell.. The tides of time will break it into little pieces..

This blackened heart cannot no longer bleed.. It shall not pound.. It shall not grief..

If you can hear these last words of mine.. Then I will gladly speak them before I die..


Take my cold hand.. And lead the way.. I want to find my former self.. I want to find my true destiny..

Can't you see.. This sky belongs to me.. Though I'll soon be dead.. It's colors shall remain as black and red..

I've never seen anything so dark.. My eyes are closing.. I cannot feel the touch of rain.. It's not cold.. It's not warm..


If I'll ever be able to explain all of this to you.. You may be too old to listen to my words..

If an eagle flies into the west.. And finds itself a new home.. If it finds a place for it's nest..

Everything will be forgiven.. Or everything will cease to exist..


Those shadows cannot follow your footsteps.. You're just like a spark of light amidst the undying darkness..

Your eyes may be just like night stars.. But in the end, you won't even be able to foresee your own downfall..

Only ashes shall remain.. When you'll finally meet the god of coldness and unending rain..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

PS. Once again, I used quite a short amount of time to write it, so don't expect anything groundbreaking. Wink Smilie

Oerath, this is a brilliant poem... you have a true skill. it seems that you truly enjoy it

Oh, thank you, LadyAlyss. Well, I do enjoy of writing, 'cause it's in same category as reading.

Both reading and writing can create a very unique atmosphere and a moment of time that no other art could ever be able to do.

It is indeed very enjoyable to write, especially when you can write anytime you want. I've lately been in a very good shape, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Let the burnout burn in the wicked flames of the underworld.

Edit. I also had a magnificent idea earlier today. But that lyric will be too harsh for this site, I think I'll try to mix it with one of my songs I've been practising on my drums.

I'm glad that many people, (including you) enjoy writing

Lugdush, welcome I was so very grateful that 'this one had real live eyes.' Yikes. I felt great tension and  weariness at times as I read on. Good atmosphere and I like that word seamless. It gave me a strong impression in my thoughts. Thank you for contributing, we really appreciate this. Oerath, I have dubbed you our resident poet. I felt emotional when you wrote that you wanted to be your real self as it were, That is the cry of so many hearts and important to me. Thank you , lovely.

The Last of My Dreams


I picked up one forest flower, but it just withered in my cold hands

time is like an impenetrable fortress, it cannot be destroyed by the wind nor by a storm of sand

I feel that the last chapter of my life is closing, but I don't want to leave this world behind, I don't want my existence to fade away

I'd even cast my own soul into the well of infinity, just to live for one more day..


There is so much left to be done, I want to find the truth about the moon and the sun

I want to feel the warm touch of the evening rain, I want to feel the soft breeze of wind on my face

If I could just lay down on green and wet grass, look at the stars and the moon as time would just silently pass

It's all that I want, it's all that I'll ever be, and this may well be the last of my dreams..


But there's hope as long as I live.. And even though the whole sky is weeping for me..

I don't want to cry.. I'll save the tears that my bold and wise heart so strongly denies..

If any of the gods truly exist, then they should help me to find my way back through this endless mist..

If I could just find a source of light, then I could at least see all of the shadows of this cold and moonless night..


But sadly I know that I won't live to see another day.. Those crows at least know my message and my name..

They'll fly onward from land to land.. Seeking for someone who could redeem my soul.. Seeking for someone who could offer me hope and stretch his hand..

And save me from the prison of my own fears.. If he could just give me wings, then I would fly away..

There's one rainbow I'd like to see.. Before I finally awake in torment, and fall on my knees..


Even if none of this was real, it has helped me to accept my fate.. I know now that it's too late..

I will throw myself into the embrace of the darkest of all streams.. May I find peace and purity from it's waters so blue and clean..

The end is just a beginning of one's journey.. But you can't take a step on that path, if you don't truly believe..

If you can find peace even from the darkest moments of your life.. Then you're truly prepared to die..


And remember.. No matter how much you experience or see..

A day shall arrive, when you'll dream the last of your dreams..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

Those words are so true dear Oerath. I have often thought about the day when my last dream shall come and go.

Listen Oerath, I know that you are so very busy and for that reason I almost hesitate to ask this favour of you , but if possible will you take over for me ,for I shall be gone a while, someone precious in my family is in a life or death way and I must away to her and do all I can, she is young and frightened. Could you carefully read any contributions and give what praise and counsel needed, you are kind and appreciative. Take care of my little ones on here, they are awesome and somewhat fragile. thankyou.

It's sad to hear that, and may my sympathies and best wishes be included in your prayers.

'A true servant of holy light won't ever lose a battle against the unyielding powers of darkness.'

May this sentence help your family member, and may it also give her more strength to fight on.


Well, I currently have a job, which has slowed me down in every possible way, but I enjoy of it, and it's truly worth doing.

But, this is one of those offers I cannot simply refuse. I will gladly accept your kind and most generous offer, and promise to take care of this wonderful realm as long as you'll be gone..

I hope you'll come back soon enough, 'cause you will be highly missed! Wink Smilie

your poems touch hearts, be they cold or warm. you writing truly makes you wonder...

Many thanks, LadyAlyss. It felt damn good to write that poem, 'cause as Leelee said, it is very truthful one indeed. I didn't plan to write it like that, but it's good I did.

It is a good one, and at last I am truly proud of some of my writings. Many have been pretty good and decent, but this belongs to same class as: 'Where's the rainbow of my dreams'.

At this point of the day, I would like to wish Happy Midsummer to each and everyone of you.

May The Mother Earth guide your green and winded paths of fate.

I shall be gone for the next two days, since my drinking habits are at their worst during Midsummer, but I'll remember to keep my head clear enough. And I recommend the same to each of ya!

Spend this quality time with your friends and your family. And remember to have fun!

Oerath bows, and boldly leaves the hall of whispers and quietness behind.

Dear Oerath, I am come back early, I have her with me now. She has stopped coughing up blood and is resting. In our country as soon as you are not critically ill , or at least can take liquids, including liquid food, you cannot stay in hospital because there is simply no room and people live and die while on the waiting lists. I had a terrible night but the sun is quietly performing her majestic dance in the heavens and all seems so much better. You did a fine job , really I am quite proud of your kindness and welcoming attitude to others.

Thank you for your solstace greeting, and Oerath, Prince of Poems, I will be watching over you in my prayers. My sister also had the same problem you mentioned earlier. She worked, for some years way above the timber line in western Canada and although she really was not very interested in alchohol, because of the phenomanen(spelling) of the sun being so brilliant most of the day and night she found she did not sleep, drank excessive amounts of alchohol and generally broke right down. Just do your best and remember, we need you here. Always see in your brilliant mind's eye your family here watching over you for your physical and mental safety. And, thank you again.

It's good to have you back, Leelee, though you weren't gone for long. Smile Smilie

I think you're praising me a little bit too much, but I am thankful for your words, and glad for the good situation.

I've had enough of this drinking for a while, and besides, two hours and it's back to work.

So lovely.. ^^

Leelee:My sympathies,I hope you will keep us updated as to how things are going.My prayers are with you and your familySmile Smilie

Lugdush,this comes so late and I'm really sorry but your poem is a stunner.I was mesmerised as the story within it unfurled.Wow.

Oerath:Greetings and so well crafted as always.

Lady Alyss:WelcomeSmile SmilieI've left a review of your poem in Journals.Join us here if you wishSmile Smilie

I'm so glad this thread is going well with inputs from new and old members.

See you aroundSmile Smilie

Oh no you don't chickie.You yourself are a skilled and exquisite writer miss. And I very very much miss your contributions. So come along now, reach into that beautiful mind of yours and give us a little something. Pleeze.

Leels don't speak like make me feel so heartbroken and sad.

It's just that I've moved to a new apartment and what with studies and the hassles of moving I don't have the energy to write anymore.And to write something about Tolkien's world does need special attention.So Leels dearest please don't be sad..I will post as soon as I'm able to.

Thanks for your words.Take care of yourselfSmile Smilie

I've been keeping a well-deserved break from writing, though I enjoy it, sometimes I just feel like I could keep break for at least one week, two if I must.

By doing so, I get to develop new ideas or learn how to strengthen older ones.

This is kind of new kind of lyric, but I promise it'll be a good read. Smile Smilie

Have a nice evening, all of you. (The lyric will be posted around midnight.)

Ah darling Odette, forgive me, I in no way meant to sadden that beautiful heart of yours. It is exhausting moving to a new flat you just rest.

Lady Alyss I want you to feel part of our family and come see us as much as you want.

Oerath, since we all seem to be rather burnt out at this point I think I will take the liberty of saying just everyone rest and if you only feel like coming on once a week or every other week until rested that is just fine. In fact there is nothing wrong with only coming on weekly just to say how you feel about poems and perhaps mention a favorite or beloved poet and tell why in a sentence or two. hugs to you all.

Actually, I've no real-life hero when it comes to writing, or more like poem stuff, (The Professor will always be my supreme idol though, but he didn't inspire me to write as I do now), but since I found my way into a game called 'The Witcher', it's regular poet, and good friend of the main character, Dandelion has been my fav. char. Smile Smilie

He always talks so well and has some good poems up his sleeve, in The Witcher 2; he is about to hang for accidently burning one watchtower, while spending some quality time with the town chief's wife or sth. ^^

He is also in my avatar. Coolest poet ever. Smile Smilie


Now, to deliver my newest work.


Far Beyond The Starlit And Azure Sky


Once there was a time, when all of the swords sang in the bloodred sunlight

and all of the leaves danced with the warm evening wind.

Kings and nobles, all of them desired for more power and fame

and all of those bold and brave knights were ready to die in their name.


Sadly, I am one of those knights..

Thus it is my duty and honor to defend my king, even if it'd cost me my life..

So I ask now from you..


Will you be there to aid us in the battle of unending night

will you be there to stand by my side.

As long as there's a chance to escape from the cold hands of death

then I will choose to be with you, until the dark and silent end..


I want you to know that even though my heart is pure and without any wounds

I am still not like you.. I am not so gifted and strong

But my heart is wise and it knows how to withstand the weight of sorrow and pain

and as long as I live..

I won't ever surrender my pride nor will to the lord of treachery and disdain..


Something magical and powerful calls out for my wandering spirit

Something that is of astral origin.. Something that shouldn't even exist..

'Release your mind.. Tear the veil of your very thoughts.. Be free.. And follow the golden moon..'


And far beyond the starlit and azure sky, you'll find the keys of death and life

Unlock the chest of ancient stars, their magic will heal all of your wounds and scars

Catch the teardrop of the weeping queen, though it is frozen, you can still touch it and enter her dream

From there you'll find what you've always been looking for..

But is it the love of your life, or a chest full of gleaming gold..


The decision lies within your own heart..

But if you return now, you can still be with the one that you truly love..

Don't give in to your desires and temptations..

Or you'll walk through a door that leads to your false redemption..


Do you really wish to know what he chose..

Did he choose the gift of life, or did he choose the queen of snow and ice..

The answer should've been simple, but that is not true..

Because he chose the both of them..

And it did cost him all of the memories and feelings of his former self..


So.. He's now a man, who can only try to dream his own life away..

He's no longer part of neither night or day..

He lost his lady and the title of knight..

Only to live through timelessness and the colorless light..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

And Leelee, I hope we could talk sometimes. Have a real conversation. That would be more than interesting.

By the way, I think that my current job is mostly responsible for my in-activity on this site, but that's going to change soon enough.

I hope that my writing is at least readable. It felt good to write it, but it isn't so good as some of my older ones.

When people ask from me that what are my highlights, then I instantly answer that: 'The Last Tale and Where's the rainbow of my dreams'.

Masterpieces were meant to live forever through our memories.

And PS. I think that we need to encourage them a lot. Writing has become an essential part of this site, and I am more than honored to have been a part of that progress. (And I won't ever leave this site behind again)

But still, many people do not feel so comfortable and serious about writing as I do, and I even post nearly all of my work here, 'cause I know that people appreciate it and won't ever try to use my works for any other purposes.

Such is trust and friendship. And this site is the fountain of those two. Wink Smilie

So, we can only wait, my dear friend.. I hope to get this thread active again. I started at The Khazad-dumish Inn, and will be participating weekly from now on.

I'm afraid I've got nothing to post.Yet again.

Actually I write quite a bit but it's mostly non-Tolkien,rather non-fantasy stuff.I'm a member in different websites where I post my poems.It's rather interesting to meet new people,creative people who have such wonderful ideas.And it is inspiring.

My favorite poet hands down has to be Pablo Neruda,though I read ALL good poetry,modern,classical,any era,whatever. If you read Neruda,I think somehow you imbibe some potential from his words which makes you write better.

That's how it is with me.Come on you guys,share your inspirations.

I loved so many pictures in this poem dear O'erath.The leaves dancing, so lovely. Stand by you in the never ending night eh? And here I thought I was finished with grave yard shift !

I am glad to know the story behind your avy, I like that picture very much. And I should very much like to 'talk' to you. I am wondering if I would be boring and you would slip into a coma as I shared though. I absolutely avoid talking on the phone, my friends laugh about that so I have to meet them for lunches. Smile Smilie

How very interesting Odette, keep reading those you admire dear, it will fill you up with amazing things and you will have fuel for your own works of genius, and I do not use those words lightly.

I'm glad that you liked of it, Leelee. And well, I am a very talkative person, when it comes to that. I think that we should begin the planning of a in-real-life meeting, which would be really cool. It's a very tough one to arrange, I know, but still; it would be damn cool. Wink Smilie

And @ Odette: Good to see you again, my dear friend! How's life?

I've been busy with working, and a month or less, it's back to school. Quite boring..

Anyway, I hope that you've been alright, and I am sorry that I haven't been in FB for long lost ages.

It's just not my kind of thing, 'cause mostly when I am on my computer, I either write, play my RPG-games or am here on this site, of course. And if I tend to do something else, then I'll check my email and a few other things, FB included, but it happens rarely these days.

But, I'll try to come to FB, but I'm still not so sure about the timeline of India, which would be nice to know. All I know that it's like something from between 5 and 6 hours, or sth. Smile Smilie

My next work is under making, and it will be in the vein of my older stories, pure fantasy and epic tales.

I do still write about fantasy in many ways, but I noticed that many of my works miss the magical touch of my wanderer soul.

So, the next work will bear a very interesting entitle.

'The Forgotten Kingdom of Heaven's Light'


'Do you remember those days, when the skies used to be stormy and grey.

The Great Stormfire gave birth to dragons and creatures of old

And they were all raised and taught by the spirit gods, so it has been told..'

If those days past were stormy and grey, what are they now I wonder? I look forward to 'hearing ' your new installments dear prince.

White wind swallows up the clearest of dawns

And Faramir stands alone on the precipice of his city


Beneath him are the sounds of fear,the curtailed weeping of an imminent loss

He knows it is nothing but the close flapping of Death’s wings descending over him lower and lower


Above him stands the White Tree of Gondor in the Court of the Fountain

Shining arms and shields flashing,flags unfurled in the might of the deadly wind


Earlier he had stood before his father

He had been mocked for his honesty

Told on his face,he was wrong not to have brought the One Ring to Minas Tirith’s safety

Boromir would have done better,he wouldn’t have succumbed to his own character

But would have thought only of the resurrection of his pride,the rekindling of Gondor’s famed history and line

But Faramir hadn’t

Now he wondered if he was weaker than his brother and father

Why wasn’t he ever not in love with power?

A strange fluttering broke out within his silvered chest

Incompetent,fearful of consequences,a coward for his father

A brief,humiliating shadow within his brother’s glory

He felt so incredibly defeated

He bowed his head and stood at a defining momentum

He made his biggest mistake

Returned to his palace,broken by a Southron arrow and the Black Breath

The Nazgul had seemingly finished the weakest link in Isildur and Anarion’s city


But they hadn’t

It was Denethor’s last straw

He set alight his half-alive son on a final pyre

Maddened with grief,betrayal and his own ingratitude

He grew senseless with rage and fear

But he was thwarted in his macabre effort by Gandalf and Peregrin Took

Who couldn’t prevent Denethor from burning to his own doom

But they had saved Faramir

And with time and the care of Aragorn and the eventual love he found in the Rohirrim-princess Eowyn

He soon became what he had lost

After the battle and all the celebrations and the honours

Faramir had thought,silent and to himself

Good did come of what he had done long back

Letting Frodo go and not succumbed to his own greed

However disguised,however sweet it seemed

He had defeated the blackest of forces one could slay

The ones that torment from the inside

Ghastlier than any which ride on storm or sea

He had slain his own evil

And had peace within

And now forever,as long as he lived. 

I have been meaning to write something for so long.This thread does deserve better but I was at a loss about what to write and then my friend told me...Faramir sounds interesting,why don't you write about him?

So I just did.It's long and well everyone knows what's happened but I have huge respect for this man.I find his integrity really inspiring.What I find more interesting is how Professor Tolkien just suddenly created the character(it was not pre-planned) and his son states that he believes that the Professor has put into Faramir a lot of himself,something he hasn't done with any of the characters.

I sure wish I knew Mr.Tolkien personally.So much to askSmile Smilie

i agree odette. it would be a thrill to meet Prof. Tolkien and we could learn so much from this amazing man

your poem is brilliant odette

Good to see you once again, LadyAlyss. How have you been during the past weeks?

As for Odette; You've my token of gratitude and respect on writing. Keep it up, girl! ^^

I am going to post my next work today. I've thought a lot about it and now I've a perfect picture.

It's a little complicated one.


'A woman who is both druid and true-sworn servant of the spirit gods meets a man, who is too lost to see that his own mistakes and errors have brought him to the edge of his past and future. Madness drives him forward to abandon the gift of life. And she sees something potential and strange in this man, and thus she wants to help him. She wants him to open his eyes, and see all of the truths about this world, but will he be able to return back from the realm of darkness and despair?'


The Forgotten Kingdom of Heaven's Light


The Ghostly Entity


I am so lost, there's no roads to follow

I am too weak, nearly a ghost, the core of my soul is empty and hollow

My eyes are frozen from inside, I cannot no longer feel neither sorrow or pain

Is it my time to leave this world behind? Is it my time to open the final door of dooms, and become one with the rain..


The Druid of Stormfire


I was flying high above in the form of a crow, when I saw him sitting down below

So I soared down from the darkened evening skies, to save him from the cold fate of demise

And so I asked from him: 'Why are your eyes so dim? What is the darkness that is silently burning you from within?'


The Ghostly Entity


'I do not know can this be true. There she stood in front of me, a being more beautiful than any angel, a woman in the robes of midnight blue. And as I looked at her, her beauty made me to wonder, it nearly broke my chains of misery asunder.'

And so I asked from her: 'Who are you, and why are you here? Can't you see that this is my dying day, there's even none to save. I died so long time ago, but my death was replaced with yet another spark of false hope. Do you wish to see that spark, could it lead me back to the shades of my past?'


The Druid of Stormfire


'Listen to me, oh broken one, your only hope is to stand and fight on. Best the shadows of your tormenting past, throw them out of this reality, our of this time. Lead them to the edge of your never-ending dream, and vanquish them with the powers of holy light. Your life must go on, I'll help you to survive through this dawn. Just close your eyes, and take my hand.'


And so he looked at the woman once more, and stretched his hand towards hers, and at that moment he felt the magic of beauty and love. Those two feelings filled his mind with ease and hope.

And so he arose and watched as the woman transformed into a dryad, and began to sing with a voice more divine than anything in this world.

And so he bowed down before her and listened..


The Lament of Forgotten


By the blood of the goddess of stars

By the tears of the goddess of moon

Oh why his eyes are shut..

Why he is so blind to the truth..


If I won't be able to show him the right way

He may not live long enough to see the light of a new day

I've to take him beyond the borders of this world, beyond the limits of this sky

He'll see a place of magic and purity.. A place where even dragons are alive


I'll take him far beyond the reach of day and night

I'll take him to the forgotten kingdom of heaven's light

It is a place of true power, home to the ancient spirit gods

Fly freely my friend, and explore the heights of this sky, see all of the colors of the promised dawn


'And so she opened a crimson portal, and they entered through it together, and found themselves floating in space. And then she said to him: 'You're now a spirit, mortal one. Open that astral door and see what lies behind it. It may be your past, it may also be your future, or it may be something that you aren't prepared for. Open the door of redemption and see the truth!'


The Spirit of A Man


'And so he took a few steps closer to the light, he knew what he was leaving behind. Nothing but torment and ghostly thoughts, he wanted to have a better life without any worries and doubts.'


And as he got closer to the door, his heart began to pound for excitement and love

He had already fallen in love with this druid, he wanted to follow her even to the depths of the great void

And as he opened the door, he saw a bright new dawn, and thousands of dragons flying high up in the blue and cloudless sky..

'Is this truly the forgotten kingdom of heaven's light?'


So many castles and gates to see, so many great rune stones and fulfilled dreams

Is this the paradise? Is this the land of evergreen and life?

I hope this is not part of a long dream, I want to break these chains, I want to be free

None can stand in my way anymore, I am now the guardian of my own soul


The Spirit of A Man


I cannot ever thank you enough for bringing me to this place

And I now know that it's not my time to pass away

I'll silently wait for the hands of judgment, may they come and end my days

But it's time is not yet at hand, a time has come to break these mortal bounds and fly away!


'And so he took her hand once more, and they teleported back to the ruins of his home. And though he didn't know where to go, one thing was certain than anything else. He had met the love of his life, a treasure that he would protect until the very end.'


The Druid of Stormfire


I am glad that you decided to live on, mortal one, and from now on, I'll aid you in your quests

May the spirit gods protect us and give us strength to carry on with our lives.

Now we must depart from this place of memories. Shed all of your tears, and listen to me!

'Her voice grew like a rising storm, as she uttered the following words.'


Do we all remember those days, when the skies used to be stormy and grey

The Great Stormfire gave birth to dragons and creatures of old

And they all were raised and taught by the spirit gods, so it has been told.


We all know that The Forgotten Kingdom of Heaven's Light truly exists

It's not just a part of our own dreams, it's as real as any of the star streams

And one day everything will be finally revealed to us

So we all may seek for this magical kingdom out of curiosity and trust


Even a man with no will to live.. Can become the guardian of thoughts and dreams..


And so the two walked away, hands crossed, waiting for the night to turn into a beginning of a splendid new day..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

brilliant as always oerathblush

I think you misspelled a little, LadyAlyss. ^^

Anyway, why it has been so silent for so long. I want to see some poetry by those who I've learned to respect. Wink Smilie

Stun me with the splendor of your words. Fill these empty and stony halls with magic and purity.

Though I've to admit that since I've been working quite hard this summer, I haven't been able to create anything so mind blowing, but, I've a very good idea, which has it's roots way back in the past. It was year 2005, I was trying to come up with some of my first characters, and in the midst of evening, I was staring at my dragon-shaped candle. It burned with desire and at that moment I felt that I wanted to create someone who could harness the powers of fire, the powers of the dragons, and use them to vanquish his enemies, and thus, I came up with Caen of Dragonblood (also known as Dragonlord Caen Thalion)

And while my 'the gathering of lost spirits' is on-going, I'll put all of my past projects aside and focus on these two. I have too many ideas for my mind to handle, so I want to keep it simple, until I'll get to finish these two projects.

'The Birth of Ash and Fire (Story of Caen)'

I'm going to deliver this piece of old fantasy with style, but this won't be related to any of my previous worlds or creations. This will be a work that shall stand on it's own.

Approx. length: 25-30 pages (a short novell).

I'll probably try to publish it, if lucky enough.

  Gimli's Lament


Come back my brothers, slain and lying quiet

to fill the halls under mountain once more.

In our great numbers we sang and we danced long

and rejoiced in the work of our sturdy strong hands

But now is all silent save the evil below

We delved too deep and we bathed in our pride ,yes

and to our grief a terrible consequence won

Oh kith and kin how my heart grieves.


Grieves for those days now not known


Come back wondrous lady of sweet golden silver

Whose eyes shine with the great light of Silmarillion true.

She loved me though dwarf kind, gentle was she

She touched my bruised heart in a mysterious way

Not even my dear mother could stir my heart so and

kindle flames of courage and hope like she

Oh come back hallowed Woman and with thy lips talk to me.


I sleep rather badly under the stars now

I dream of the Arkenstone , I dream of my home.

Yet wakening is dark too and I am so weary

of this life circle.

Perhaps it is time to look for the orcs that shattered the number

of kin and fight and then close my own eyes and meet again

the laughing eyes, hear merry words of welcome.

What ho here comes Legolas, dear friend, almost brother

and he calls to me and my heart lifts high and sings.

We are going on a journey and the Lady shall shall she greet us?

I shall laugh with my friend and in good time close these eyes and know

that Someone heard me. I am content.

Thanks so much Lady Alyss and Oerath,but I guess it was written a bit too hastily.

Oerath,you write so well.Just always feel motivated and keep writing.

And Leels.that was heartbreaking..I could feel so much pain and anguish,so brilliantly done.

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