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That this life was not for me

And so I left it, let death consume me,

And finally felt eternal peace


Dear Lady, you always keep your style. For the sentences I have copied above, I DO REALLY UNDERSTAND THAT FEELING.  These days have been hard but the sun raises everyday and we can stand up every time we fall. Courage!

Go on writing as it helps you to take out all those feelings you probably don't say face to face to anyone. It's a good way to put them on the paper and share them.

Take care.

Dear Lady, I can relate to those words , haunting, lovely. Thank you.

Elbereth, whatever you are going through, I am here for you should you need a friend to talk to. Mean it.

I have missed you all, nothing is right yet, so I must go on. We all must, i insist. hugs

Elbereth i feel for you, know that you have us as friends here for you!

This isn't exactly a poem but I just thought of it when I heard about my friends mum in Afghanistan falling ill, she sent her here because of all the trouble.


If I love you I will be killed

But if I hate you I will die.

Know that you are my reason and my life.

Let it comfort and strengthen you

For I must leave.

If I were to stay they would find me,

It is tearing me, thought of you alone

With no-one to help you while you struggle

But I must leave it and let it be.

Don’t forget this, that no matter what happens,

No matter how far apart we get

I will love you and be with you.

Forever and always,

With love....

                                   Lady Alyss

It has been two weeks or so, or maybe a bit more, and I thought I'd log in to share some information with all of you guys.

First of all, it has been quite nice to be off once in a while, but I already miss this place.

@ Lady Alyss: I am enjoying of your wordy offerings, and as usually, I'm singing to the rhythm of your words. I hope you'll always keep writing the way you do. Keep it going, my friend!

As the sun rises up to the skies, it sends a wave of sunlight to purify all of the shadows surrounding us..

Golden is it's powerful light.. Full of spirit, magic and trust.

@ Elbereth: Concerning my vocal videos, I haven't done much lately, but I've recorded a few of them, it all just needs some editing and maybe even re-recording in some ways.

There will be videos sooner or later though. As usually, they should be found from my youtube channel (Oerath01).

As for recent works and stuff: These two weeks have went very well, but I haven't been writing that much. It was a part of my overall plan to do so, but I've three news: Tonight, I will start to translate some of my grandfather's poems, I will do a 10-15 numbered collection with a few poems from myself too, written in finnish.

I will also record my first story-telling video today. It's supposed to feature some work of mine, spoken in my low voice. It will be awesome. Smile Smilie

Also, I've been writing a kind of poetic tale alongside with some darker, short stuff. It's called:

'A Lightless Dream That Became Real (Shadows of Andareth)'

Some of my new lyrical stuff include: 'The Hounds of Darkness', 'A Dead Man's Ring' and 'Rise of Cthulhu'

Those three are possible working titles for future songs.

That should be all for now. Catch ya in a week or two.

- Oerath.

How thrilling, that your grandfather left something wondrous for the world and you will be the one to introduce it to us. What a momentous honor for you.


Have a good break dear Otto.

Tadaa! Hullo!

I am not sure is it yet my time to come back, but here I am.

I just wrote my english version of one of my grandfather's poems. He used many old finnish words in his works, which makes it harder to do 'translates', so I had to add bits of my own to this one too. It still stays true to the original version.

He surely had some imagination. Anyway, I'll be here for this evening, but it's soon midsummer, so I'll come officially back due to 25th of this month. With new ideas and new things. Cheers, and have a lovely and (drunky) Midsummer!


Winter Evening

Here, I just sit my time.. all alone, it’s a shady winter evening
Moon is my only company and the silver bridge it just created
Those thousand stars that shine in the sky, are they smiling at me?
No.. I don’t think they can even see me, nor acknowledge my existence
Maybe they share their joy and laughter only with others..

Deep is the peace of this winter night
It is so quiet.. there’s just darkness and silence everywhere
A worn and weary man returns from the woods, he has worked ‘till the fall of sun and daylight
And now he would wish to rest and remain silent..

‘The white nature glows like the shimmering light of a silvery pearl’

It’s light aids the ice, it has a power to solder all shores and cliffs together
It’s light tells about the fair winds and about the peace of future
And may that bright and white light shine forever
I believe in it's might, it's so much more than any vision or illusion

Written by: Otto ‘Oerath Windsoul’ Timonen (Re-write/translate - Original language: finnish)

Oerath, I enjoyed that very much. I think it is wonderful that you are translating his works. Very good of you. I guessing you have a lot in common with him>


Hello all!

First of all, thank you Lady and Leelee for your friendly words. It's fantastic to see that you can someone else's shoulder to hold when you feel a little bit sad. I am fine but full of doubts. I tell you my current days in brief, next month I will quit my job and after the summer holidays in NZ I will move to Germany. I think I can find a good job there easily. On the other side, I will miss my family and feel soooo lonely that I fear this change as much as I wish it! I need it for many reasons indeed. Too long to explain it here openly!

Regarding to the lastest posts here. A friendly caring poem you have written this time Lady. Congratulations again! And Oerath, I knew your talent came from your roots. It's so beautiful that you translate your grandfather's work! It's a tribute you do to him. Clean the dust from those old papers and show them to daylight! Moving.

Wow. I have been too busy to think. I wrote this some months ago and only just got the time to share it. I hope you enjoy, for it has no other purpose. 



Silver springs leaping over the crystal rocks.

Clouds soaring above, never stopping to glance down at the fields of grass,

Rolling like a wave, crashing to the ground. 

The sound of thunder, roaring in the distance. 

The scattered blue sky turns to black and the creatures go a’hiding. 

The trees delicate leaves spread their wings, 

Taking in the first drop of water falling to the ground. 

It soars for a thousand moments while the world holds its breath. 

The down pour lasts only a moment in the lapse of time.

The mountains stand in defiance to all that comes against,

The lake of silver follows its path.

Rocks pushing their heads from the ground in defiance to the still endurance of life.

A bird flies overhead viewing the first movement of the land below, 

Laden heavy with the first of the snow.

Each crystal a work of wonder. 

One by one have fallen to the ground, 

Being sucked in by the last warmth of the soil. 

Soon the earth is white. 

Perfect, clear, momentarily undefiled. 

So silent, it feels like a splitting screech. 

Silence is only the thought of absented noise,

For the world never sleeps, 

Even when the moon displays its vibrance, the world is not exempt from life.

A bud creeps open in the dark of the night, 

Barely daring to open its eyes. 

The fields of colour around it spur it on. 

Each one, a work of intricate art. 

So brief it the season of its being, 

Just as the sun will only cascade through the forests of green once, 

Before setting its golden rays to new horizons.

Letting the wind and ravenous destructions set foot upon the land, 

Carving rock and stone to the desire of its travel.

Only an art is left behind its journey, 

And ever will it revisit the transformation of its works.







Thanks to both of you for your much welcome words.

And Fahvier, hey. It's good to see you around. Good stuff you've got there.

By the way, folks. I cannot talk openly about this stuff, due to the site rules, but I've decided to continue my learning and study considering Norse Mythology and it's wondrous and many tales.

So, in future, I'll write much Norse related/inspired tales. For long, I've been interested in Norse beliefs both religiously and professionally, and I think that this decision is a right one to do.

Next work in line will be: A dream that became real, and I'm going to post it along with a recorded vocal version of it. So, I've got some work to do. Then there's 'The Queen of White Sorrow and Frozen Tears', which will most likely become more like a story.

I'll post something after this Midsummer is done. See ya and happy little boozing!

- O.W.

I just wrote a very harsh and evil lyric that will most likely become official lyrics of one of my faster songs. I've been planning some songs to be recorded with a small group. I believe that I can finish the arrangements / hire people, if I get a spot in one heavy metal band as a singer.

This one is called: 'Secret of the Executioner'.

The concept is very old, but it features some wicked lyrics and I will not post it on this site, unless I'm given a permission to do it.

I posted some works featuring gore and other stuff in the past, and I had to delete those for reasons that I fully understand.

Anyway, it's a good lyric, I don't write lyrics to become songs that often, so it felt good to do this one. It's all based on an old three lined version that I found from my -04  -  -09 archives.

Hi everyone!

Fahvier, I have read your poem and it made me stop for a while and get inside it. You know what I mean? I could close my eyes and see all that you wrote. Beautiful. Did you say that you wrote it months ago? Keep on writing as you do it so full of descriptions that we can live inside the poems.

Oerath, I wish you the best for the project of joining a band. I think you will feel "complete" there as you can put music to all you write and share different points of vision and inspiration with your band mates. Keep us informed!

Nice weekend to all!

Well, as you know, Elbereth, I already am in one band. Unfortunately, we decided to follow different paths with the band I auditioned with. I've to say that the musicianship was decent, but some of their song lyrics were quite odd and some of their songs were tough for me to sing, due to the massive amount of words and sentences. Overall thing is that my vocals were too heavy and harsh for their liking.

I'm probably going to try something other out. Maybe going to try to get into a heavier band as a singer. Another black metal oriented band would be a good choice.

As for this thread, I will post new stuff during this week. Smile Smilie

This may not come as a surprise, but I've decided to put nearly all of my current and past story projects on hold, except 'The Secret of Three Graves' and some stuff that I've been writing for Rachel's (Leelee) story thread.

So, in other words, due to support from some of my friends, I've decided that I've done so much for The Arcadian Tales that I cannot let it go.

I must continue it. So, for now, I'll strive to focus on these few poetic works that I've on-going and try to write a newly structured story-line for Arcadian.

I'll let all of my Arcadian related works be, but I'll delete those posts I made long ago.

Here's something short and heroic.


They're the heroes hailing from the northern and legendary lands

They hold the lost powers of the flame of eternity in their hands

And with it's evershining and powerful light

They'll cast the creatures of darkness through the dark doors of night

And on the back of a great dragon they'll depart from this world

But they promised to us that when the time is right, they all shall return!

Caeth Velathrim Oe' Aquathas, For The World of Arcadian!


Fahv that was so beautiful and reminded me of a one minute film on the four seasons in this one tiny secluded area with a creek running through it. I liked your illusion to the first drop of rain and the uniqueness of frozen water, each one its own masterpiece. Honestly one could make a documentary on this poem and it would be spell binding. thank you.

Elbereth, what a huge choice you are making. think it over , very very carefully and make sure you have emotional support-big time. You are wise and you will make the right decisions in your life. Of that I have great confidence.

Prince of poems you stagger me with your dreams and your energy and i shan't be surprised at anything at all you accomplish. go for it and may good fortune be at your right hand and your left always.

Lady, i can see you in my mind teaching artistic and moving poetry to aspiring young ladies.

This is a little bit different from what I originally intended to write, but it's still a good piece of work.


Child of the Woods

Sunless paths and dark landscapes, now lay in front of me
I wonder how long I've stood here, for one second or for an eternity
And as I look around me, I suddenly realize that I don't even recall this forest's name
Is my arrival a mere coincidence, or a part of some unknown fate..

Looking confused.. I turned around, took three steps and walked towards a beautiful grove
But then a single leaf fell down from the sky, and as I took it to palm of my right hand
Strange images and visions started to appear into my mind
Images and visions that I couldn’t even understand

But then one image got stuck into my mind
And then I remembered why I came here, when I saw a very familiar light
Suddenly I remembered everything, every reason and every answer
All secrets of creation, hidden truths and forgotten legends

So, here I stand, watching the sky and it’s beautiful colors
All of my memories have been restored, my soul is no longer empty and hollow
And this darkness feels very unnatural, but as long as I keep staring at the silvery moon
I feel at home, and deep inside my heart I know that I’m a child of the woods

In the end, my arrival wasn’t a coincidence or a part of my destiny
But why I didn't remember anything when I came here, how I even lost my memory
Maybe this forest has it’s own secrets, but somehow I still know..
That this forest is a peaceful place, and this forest is my home

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

I agree, it's a brilliant piece Oerath

A Lightless Dream That Became Real (Shadows are closing in)

‘This castle.. So many.. Memories.. Shadows are.. Close.. They’re never far.. Real.. Too real for this life.. Or what if.. It’s all been an illusion..

What if our whole existence.. Is just a lie.. A mere myth.. Consider it as a fact, my child.. In time.. You'll know.. One day.. You'll understand..'

Those were the last words of Aldareth’s father. He disappeared nearly a decade ago, and those are the words she won’t ever forget.

Aldareth was sleeping peacefully in her room. She had sent one of her servants away hours ago, and then she suddenly awoke. She thought she'd heard something, and so she decided to open the door and go to find out what it was. She walked down the stairs to the entrance hall, then to the dining room and all the way to living room and her father's former studying and research chambers, but she didn't find anything or hear anything. It was all so silent. Feeling relieved, she went back to her room and decided to go back to sleep.

But then.. A few hours later.. She awoke.. Again, and this time, she knew that something was going on.. And this time, she took her lantern.. Lighted it up and walked out of her room.. Into the darkness..

Part I : And so she awakes..

(First two verses tell about her awakening)

‘Clock is ticking.. The midnight approaches..
She awakes, shivering.. All light just vanishes..
Her room’s fireplace is cold.. It should still burn..
And even though she’s sixteen years old..
She is afraid to walk amongst the shadows without a lantern..’

Something awoke her from that wonderful and pleasant dream
At first, she looked around confusely, but then she arose to her feet
Even the moon whispered to her. ‘Rest, my child. Go back to sleep.’
But she didn’t care to listen to her.. She wanted to be careless and free..

And as she walked out of her warm and cozy room
She found herself to be surrounded by darkness
The atmosphere was very uneasy and gloomy
And then wind slammed the door shut behind her..

Wearing a white and silky dress..
Holding a lantern in her right hand..
There isn’t much oil left..
If it runs out, will she be able to see anything, or ease her breath..

There she just stood in the cold embrace of darkness
An angel, lost in the night..
Shadows kept dancing around her.. Silently and soundless
Is she everything that is left of true light..

And as she kept walking across that dark corridor
She kept wondering what in the world was going on
Even mirrors and paintings seemed to stare back at her
Tears kept dropping from her eyes, she had never been so scared

And then she heard a ghostly scream, coming from below.. From the entrance hall..

And as she descended down the stairs.. She kept telling herself that she was all alone..

That there was no scream at all..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


That's as far as I've wrote it, so, to be continued..

Edit: I had no time to write a sequel yesterday. So, we shall see about that.

It has been like two weeks, since this thread saw it's last post.

I know that you all have your reasons. Oh well, this summer shall end in no time, and after that, my long-awaited winter will reign supreme and beyond the limits.

I just recently posted a Winternight Trilogy as a journal, but I feel that at these times, some things are better to be posted, even if it means twice.

So, those of you that haven't read the journal, I hope you'll like this one. I just corrected some final things and did some editing, and now, it should be something worth of reading.

Enjoy. Smile Smilie


A Misty Winternight (The Winternight Part I)

'I awoke in a very familiar forest.. It was cold, and I had no idea, how I ended up there..'

Rain is pouring down from the sky.. So heavily..
The sky is finally clearing.. My eyes are slowly opening..
Is this reality.. Is my mind playing tricks on me..
Or am I just dreaming..

Even if this is just another dream
It seems to be so wonderful.. It feels so real
I can hear distant howling, I can feel the rain, it's touch is so cold and shivering..
I can see all of the shapes of this night, the moon is finally rising up to the sky..

Only two can be heard.. And their voices are so different..
Wind is slowly calming down.. Silence is followed by a rain of snow..
It doesn't feel real, but still, I want to hold unto this dream..
A howl echoes in the forests.. And it also echoes in my mind and it's depths..

'Three steps.. Towards the light.. Then I saw.. A creature, so pale and white..'

A frostwolf cries with the moon, only water rains down from high above
Then it just disappears into shadows of the winternight
A frostwolf cries with the moon, tears are dropping to the snowy ground
Then it just disappears into shadows of the winternight

'I have to find a way out of this forest, or this coldness will take my heart and my soul..
Why is it so misty.. And I wonder.. Where did that white wolf go..'

A Mysterious Frostwolf (The Winternight Part II)

'I followed a snowy path that seemed to lead somewhere.. I had no strength left in my weak body, but somehow, light didn't leave my eyes.. No.. Not yet.. It couldn't happen now.. I wasn't ready to die..'

Shadows of these long and white trees, they seemed to change and grow all the time
Wind just kept waving their branches.. It's breath had a touch of pure ice..
Then I heard strange whispers.. And looked over the hills.. But only silence answered back to me
Those whispers called out for me.. It was enough to give me chills.. Then I saw something.. Moving.. Behind the trees..

'And there that creature was.. Sitting in front of a frozen lake.. But as it turned around to face me, there was a bright burst of light, it blinded my eyes, and I fell down to the snowy ground.. But before my eyes closed, it happened again.. The wolf.. It started to cry..'


A frostwolf cried with the moon, only water rained down from high above
Then it just disappeared into shadows of the winternight

'I awoke for a second time that night, though I still wasn't sure was it real, or just a part of some never-ending dream.. I had never felt such pain in my eyes, but I had to go on.. And as I arose back to my feet, I noticed that the wolf was gone.. But just when I thought I had lost the sight of it for the last time.. I heard it howling.. In the distance.. And I.. I had no other choice, but to follow it..'

I kept following the snowy path, stars were leading me somewhere.. Far away..
And somehow I felt that I wasn’t even alone on this journey..
My body felt ever so weak and numb.. But I had to carry on
I wasn't ready to surrender my life to that cold and relentless snowstorm..

'But I was wrong.. I had used nearly all of my remaining strength, and so, I collapsed and fell to the snowy ground.. Could this be the end of my life.. No.. It didn't feel like I was dying.. Not at all..

It almost felt like.. I would be given a third chance to find that wolf.. And then I closed my eyes once again, and I witnessed that same scene one more time, before I passed out.. The wolf.. There it sat.. It kept howling at the moon.. And it cried.. But why?'

A frostwolf cried with the moon, only water rained down from high above
Then it just disappeared into shadows of the winternight
I wonder.. Will I still awake..
It not.. Then farewell.. Death.. My soul is yours to take..

One Silent Wish and A Cold Winternight (The Winternight Part III)

'I was right.. I awoke one more time.. And this time, it felt more real than before..
Were I finally awake? Strangely, I didn't seem to remember what had happened earlier..'

I was walking in a nearby forest, when I heard a fearsome howl
Then I looked into the distance, and I saw a great and white wolf..
At first, I was horrified, but then I saw an owl flying in the darkening sky
And it whispered to me: 'Do not fear that wolf.. Just go on.. And follow him into the night.'

And so I casted away all of my worries of late, and I decided to follow the beast
And as I kept walking on, it just snowed and snowed, it all felt like a dream
Then I came to a clearing, there were no trees to be seen, and there that wolf sat.. In front of me..
It howled once more, then it suddenly transformed into a being that I had seen many times before..

And there she stood right in front of me.. The mother of all animals and trees

Wearing a long and colorful dress.. She had a crown made of leaves.. Her staff was made of roots and branches.. She was surrounded by an aura that was both golden and green..

I knew it was her, so I knelt before her and hailed, but she told me to rise up and then she said:

'I greet you, oh mortal one. You're the most noble and loyal of my servants. And when you saw me in form of a wolf, you still wanted to believe, and you decided to trust that owl. And here I am, in this forest, but I feel sad for all of these trees, they were all my children. And since you're here, I want to show you that there's no need to fear.'

And then I watched, as she walked to front of a dead tree, and then she took it's roots to her soft and green hands, and in a blink of an eye, it's wounds healed and new trees began to grow from under the snow. Going higher and higher, even all of those dead trees around us started to come back to life. Then she hit the snowy ground with her hands, and all of the broken branches and leaves arose from under the ground. I just stood there, still and amazed. How she could revive something all of those.. And without hesitating, she gave everything back to her children.
'She's truly The Mother Earth, I thought.'

Then she turned around and smiled at me, and pointed at the sky. And by snapping her fingers, it started to snow again and the crescent moon became complete. And then she spoke:

'I sense that you've been dreaming for a long time.. And know this.. I will show you a way out of this dream.. But for now, enjoy of this moment as long as it lasts, and fear not, my child, the winter shall come in time. That is what you wished for.. Is it not? You wished that the winter would come at last.. Well, let it be known that when it finally starts to snow, I shall come back, and then this dream of yours will become real, and no matter, how many times you'll close your eyes, it won't ever fade away nor disappear. Farewell, Oerath.. This is my gift to you.'

And so she transformed back into a great frostwolf, and then she howled three mighty howls that still echo in that forest, and after that, she just disappeared into the shadows. It all felt so unreal and magnificent that I just fell down to the embrace of snow. And even though I knew it was just a dream, I wanted to sing, just like I had always done before..

Here I just lay in the embrace of snow, facing the starlit sky..
It is so silent, and even winds won't blow, until I awake and leave this night behind
I feel freed of all troubles and worries, I feel that now I've no friends or enemies
I'm all alone, silence is my only company, this forest is my home, and as I look at all of these trees

I know something deep inside my heart.. I know that I chose this dream right from the start.. 'Cause..
When I fell asleep, I didn't want to feel any warmth nor see the sunlight..
I just wanted one silent wish and a cold winternight
And now I've seen the coming of winter, and I feel so calm and so relieved..
And it is a shame that soon I will have to open my eyes, and bid farewell to this beautiful dream..

'Then I arose, and she opened a portal to me and said that if I'd go through that, I would awake for one last time. I was ready to do it.. And as I entered through that otherworldly portal, I could still hear that frostwolf.. Howling and crying with the moon..'

There that frostwolf still cries with the moon.. Only water rains down from high above..
Then it just disappears into shadows of the winternight..

'And then I finally awoke.. It all felt so strange.. Almost like I had dreamed for an eternity, but I felt both joyful and reborn, 'cause she made a promise to me.. She promised that the winter shall arrive in time, stronger than ever.. And I believe in her..'

'After all.. It was she and her three winternights that finally brought me back to life..'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Just magnificent Oerath. Here I just lay in the embrace of snow, facing the starlit sky.  That sentence is so wonderful. And I loved the feeling of his being assured that the snow would come on time. There is something so upsetting, in my opinion when the rain or the snow does not come when it should. It makes me feel fretful, worried, anxious, I cannot say why. And then that perfect moment when it comes , peace covers you like a comforting blanket, life surges through the body and joy to the heart. wonderful 

I'm very glad you liked of it, Rachel. And that line is surely good. My own favorite part is the first 'chorus', since I wrote that part and the original Winternight text many, many years ago. It has some personal value.

A frostwolf cries with the moon, only water rains down from high above
Then it just disappears into shadows of the winternight
A frostwolf cries with the moon, tears are dropping to the snowy ground
Then it just disappears into shadows of the winternight

And the thing is that it's going to be my next Vocal Session text. Smile Smilie

Also, I've planned to start recording videos, where I read Silmarillion. A little experiment, ye could call it.

- O.W.

Hey! How nice to read new stuff here! I always love reading this thread because it makes me know you better. It's very beautiful!

As I can see Oerath you never stop working. Well, well, I wait for those videos then.... And Leelee, I would love to read some of your epic poems... What about our youngest poet, Lady?

About me, I have visited PT for brief whiles those latest weeks and even if I have written few these days; I would like to share it with you:


I long for a star to carry me home

to hold it close and with trust

running after the voice I once owned

no words left inside my chest.

Where are all those memories of a cheerful past?

still alive or buried by darker days of today?

I go miles away from here and everything

my feet begin to move leaving the soil behind

no roots in my suitcase but in my head

all those faces smiling to me, crying for me

it's life, departure means to say goodbye

though often it becomes "see you soon".

To escape from my fears for achieving a dream?

to hide from myself for daydreaming again?

where is the line that defines desire or insanity?

aren't they both relatives sharing a fire?

let my heart guide the steps I draw.

I see only tears in my eyes

time leaks down my skin relieving the bitterness

caused by never-ending doubts, menacing

taking control of my existence, silent invaders

devouring my dawns and at dusk too

until the sun sinks for good.




I am sorry if it sounds a bit sad but my mood is not very cheerful lately. I try to see the positive side of things but there are weak moments where the load is heavier than me. Anyway, when someone is at the bottom, the only way from there is always climb high! Let me take breath and I will show my smile again!

Thank you all for being there! Smile Smilie

Hullo, Elbereth. Good to see you. I enjoyed of your work, it has something that only you'd dot down. Nicely done. Smile Smilie

By the way, I wouldn't call Lady Alyss our youngest poet, even though she's quite young. Smile Smilie

Cheers and happy weekend.

- O.W.

Oh Elberth, my heart cries for you. Every word was alive with deep emotion and the visual was so perfect. i am grieved you are going through such a testing time. I will remember to light a candle for you this night and may you have days of sublime peace and joy in the future. Thank you for your courage in sharing.

May you find the voice you once owned and may it be even better for the suffering you have endured.

Dear Oerath and Leelee, it's great to see that you liked those lines I wrote. Thank you very much for your kind supporting words. I use to write when I feel blue, I carry a big sorrow from long ago even if people around ignore it because I'm often joking and trying to cheer up everybody.

Time to time. All the wounds will be healed. Thank you for the candle Leelee, in fact, I have lighted 3 candles today. One of them for a different purpose, it helps a lot. We must always have faith in what we do with the best of ourselves, with love and respect.

Coming back to the thread itself, where are your works? (this question is for every PT member). Even if they are only a couple of lines, it's fantastic to read your words. Come on!

Well, here's something for you, Elbereth. I'm bloody tired, but at this point of night, it would be a poor excuse to use that one. I love to stay awake, when others are not.

PS. This will be something so, so very, very different. I dare to promise that much.


Nothing, but darkness below.. A colorless sky above..


'Arran.. I know that mountain. I've been there. I jumped down from the edge. Why? None knows.'


His friends were standing behind him.. Shouting and crying..

But there he just stood, at the mountain's edge.. Looking down at the lightless ravine..

And they say that none has ever looked down from that high.. Without throwing his life..

Away.. But he was ready to say farewell to the world and to all of those, whom he loved and cared..


For.. At that moment, he saw the rising dawn..

Nothing, but darkness below.. A colorless sky above..

Did he want to fly and never ever fall down..

No, maybe he wanted the sky, and just one night, and it could be his own..


But as he took that one and last step.. He saw something he wouldn't have expected..

An eagle soared down from the skies.. It desired to become a god in his eyes..

But he didn't wish to be saved.. So he looked at the eagle, and told it to forget everything about salvation and grace..


And then it took flight.. And he started to smile.. While falling down.. Facing that same colorless sky above.. With no chance to lose or win.. No debts, no worries, no sins.. A clean and painless death.. In the hands of soil and earth.. But as his weak body hit the ground.. That fall didn't hurt, it didn't even break his bones.. He looked up at the eagle with doubt.. Could it be magic that saved him from this tragic fall that he wanted to make after all to take his own life tonight.. To leave it all behind..


'And then I started to climb up. I didn't die. Why? I wanted to leave this world. Am I not ready?'


His friends were waiting there for him, when he finally made the climb..

But instead of feeling joyful, he looked bitterly into the sky..

There that eagle kept flying in circles, crying to him that he should wait..

Life is a wonderful gift.. And death's chariots can arrive some other day..

And he couldn't even understand, how it had saved him..

But he still thanked the bird, and looked down at that same dark and lightless ravine..


'I threw myself down without any doubts, but instead of being dead, I'm here, looking down below. Did that ever happen, was it all just a dream? If I decide to fall again, will it be another false jump, or will it be deadly and real? I dare not to think any further, or I will make that jump.. It could seal my fate forever.'


'By leaving the snowy top of Mountain Arran behind, the man looks above. It is as colorless as it was before, but more pale than ever. And the ravine may still look dark and bottomless, but so is his mind, and his thoughts are like wandering spirits. Restless and ever awake. Awaiting for it all to turn into reality. He would've desired to die, but his friends would've not. Was that eagle a god in form of an animal? Or was it death herself? None knows, none guesses. None believes, none confesses.'

'Life is a gift.. But from who? Another question without an answer.'

'In the end, I didn't die that day. Not physically. But, deep inside my heart I know that I truly died that day.. But why.. I'm still here?'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Oh, Elbereth. I don't know what's been happening, but whatever it is, stay strong! All darkness shall indeed come to an end and give in to a brighter tomorrow.

As some of you may know, I'm not really a poet. I just sometimes jot things down, when suddenly my feelings turn into words in my head. It's not much, but I've written a few, which I'll share starting with the shortest:

If love is a river and hope is a flower,

If faith is a mountain and life is a tree,

If a cliff if belief and a hailstone is power,

Then what in the world can you and I be?

Oerath, thank you for the poem. It's a story that says more than the story itself. I like it very much and take it into account.! Hahaha. Even if fear exists I will try to climb the mountain -never will jump from there, I would be even unable to look down, I fear high places and the sea too-.

I'm terribly sorry if I have worried all of you. I am not bad but as my poem says, doubts are so paralyzing! I have made some decisions in my life that are for good purposes in my future.; the real matter is that I know not everyone agree with me and I suffer a lot because of it. The only idea of hurting someone by an action that I will do for me, for my life is horrible. Anyhow, life is to decide and with my sorrow and everyone else's tears on my back, I will begin the new path. Where? no idea! At the end of August I will have to choose the destination. The world is sooooo big!

Thank you all for being there. You are also part of my life.

Oh, Rukain I forgot. I began writing the kind of things you make notes and whether they are brief or simple, they say things from the heart and that's beautiful. You must put them here more often. The comparison between love being a river (flowing calm and sometimes has falls, finally the sea) and life being a tree (from the very deep roots growing high trying to touch the sky with the weakest branches..) Lovely!

Speaking of youngest poet, I think I might fit that character! ANyways, I have been having a busy summer and have sadly not been getting around to all. 

So, here I have a poem I wrote a few months back. It is strange but is also odd but it took me about ten minutes to write! I'd call that I sudden inspiration!


Restless Creature
On the verge of traveling far,
I feel the sun’s rays shine.
When I leave without a care,
I feel the want to resign.
What are these shifting thoughts?
Why do they change this way?
They are like gold ingots,
That I must give away.
I move around and wander away,
The way I always have done.
Am I to wander everyday
Beneath the scorching sun?
On foot and horse and cart with hay,
I travel the entire weary mile.
I watch the time pass slowly away,
Yet, it has been long since my last smile.
Through forest, swamp and dreary fields,
I follow an unknown path.
All the others carry shields,
But for me, I have my wrath.
Over meadows, hills and dusty roads,
My lonely spirit leads me.
As I go on, the world erodes,
And soon a void is all I see.
Now there is nothing, and no more,
Time is left behind.
My savage body pushes on before,
Past memories to find.

Good to see you, Wen. That was something different, I'd say. And yeah, sudden inspiration is sudden inspiration for a good reason. I've had some of those too, but the truly best thing in writing and in being a writer, is that when you figure out some key elements and know your own style and methods more than well, you can pretty much write whenever you want.

But, hey, enough of chit-chat. It was a good one, and I hope to see more of those. Keep it up, Young Master!

PS. I'll be less active for some time, since I've been reading some books and preparing myself for longer writing sessions. It's my third or fourth novella idea, and this time, I feel confident that I am not going to leave it unfinished.

The whole idea is original as ever, meanwhile, I've two other stuff (sequels) and a collection of poems to work on. Busy, busy. Smile Smilie

- O.W.

It's nice to read something of yours Wen. Beautiful lines. It seems you are astonished with the sudden inspiration that made you wrote those words. That are good moments. Me, for example, I have written the following text today during my work time. I hope you like it.  It's very simple, not the style I use to do it but here it is....

Hail to the king


Here I am standing on my ground

Facing those thousands hungry eyes

Smelling the fear and frozen sweat

Is this for I am supposed to serve?

Is my life the one of a hero?

Or is it flesh for the dark crows?


I belong to my folk, to my land

I swore loyalty to my king, noble man

I am a warrior with great pride

Show my armour stained in blood

It will shine at my return home

Among the open arms of women and children


Our welcome is a bitter victory

We will sing the facts at midnight

Lighted by the heat of the fires

Which will burn until the new dawn

Making us realize of our doom

Survivors by killing someone else’s sons.


Come back to the battlefield

Hidden behind a shield, protected by a sword

Taking a long deep breath, maybe the last one?

Shout out loud encouraging words

Riding my horse with rage towards the enemy

But from where arise this hate in my guts?


Madness, yells, terror, death,

Nonsense driving us to nowhere

I stare around and see only simple men

There’s no enemy, just fathers, sons and.... greed.

Oh, sharp iron blade going through my chest

There’s no pain, no honour, no glory.


Lay down on friendly and unknown corpses

Cold come to grip my body und soul

The day collapses under my eyelids

Another light sparkles in the shadows

The knight of Infinite Void greets me gently

I become the king of my fate.



Not bad, Elbereth. You haven't been with us for that long, but you surely have introduced us a bit of yourself. And just like we all in this realm do, you too possess a style of your own. I appreciate and like of it.

I'm quite drunk (there's no denying it), but I couldn't go to sleep without giving some words to the world.

Edit (24.7) : Actually, I did just read it through, and oh my.. There's no need to say more.. It may feel strange towards the end, but I think I can say with great confidence that this is one of the best works I've wrote in a while.


Lady Silvermoon


She cries thousands of tears every night..

Her tears fall to the ground like stars, her tears are made of love and moonlight

So many times, I've tried to ease her burdens, but she tends to ignore my wise words

Do I've to be a true son of darkness to understand, what it feels like to be one of the lights of the world


From year to year, she sheds her tears.. She won't stop crying, she wants to live her own dream..

She has so much power and will, yet she remains so quiet and still.. She is afraid.. Of the shadows that roam freely these days..


Oh, I believe we all can see that there are so many wounds and scars in each of her stars

But it all makes me to wonder why others cannot see the real sky, and why I can look so high and so far

There's magic in the air, I can feel it's presence everywhere, even now, I feel it somehow..

There's something so strange about this place.. It's almost like a fairytale, it's not just another night of pure silence and unending rain

Could this be true.. Am I a true son of darkness after all?

Here I stand, watching through the mist and the clouds, and for once, it seems that she isn't crying at all..

Or maybe I'm just dreaming.. But there's always something about her that makes you to question why..

You'd stare endlessly at her earliest creations, at those little tears that never fell down from the sky..


I truly do hope that one day, she will stop crying..

But as long as she remains uncertain, I shall watch over her vast star garden of dreams..

I'm like a son to her, and she's like a mother to me..

Without her magical light, I would be truly be lost, just like any sailor could get lost at sea..


And she's the one who has a power to make all of the nights to feel so real and true..

I believe that this world would be lost forever, without her guidance, light and glues..

And I do not blame her for crying so much.. Since her tears can make all of the flowers of this world to blossom and bloom..

And I don't know, if there's something more to know about you..

But I feel that you should never stop crying..

'Cause it could be the end of everything..

Don't you think so too.. Oh, Lady Silvermoon..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

"I belong to my folk, to my land".  "The day collapses under my eyelids" These are fantastic lines, well done sir. Awesome poem.


And Oerath, i should be wearing a t-shirt with  your name and all the titles of the extraordinary poems you have shared with us. I am proud of each and every person that has lent to us something of yourselves. Please when you are able, come back and do it again and again.

Oh, a t-shirt.. (Gotta store that idea)

I'm glad you found it enjoyable. Oh geez, I had some editing to do, when I got up, online and managed to read it by myself.

One does not simply drink magic potions and write without doing lotsa mistakes!

I've been writing and posting quite a bunch of stuff lately. It feels great to be active and full of fresh ideas.

Pst, already working on the novella, officially. Smile Smilie

- O.W.

Oerath you are one of the more creative people I know. You keep writing poetry, beginning tales, thinking about novels, singing, playing drums... and you even have time to post it here! Hard working man! Hahaha.

I love the last one, Lady Silvermoon. The night and this includes the moon has something special to all of us, it makes us feel more vulnerable, romantic and inspired too. Furthermore, those long nights in Finland with the northern lights. I wish since years to stare that beauty of nature.

This is a kind of poem that I have wrote. I don't write much and if I write I never post it let someone read it. I'm absolutely not good. And it's far from good.  And it's weird. But....

The real end?

It's night, everything is dark
So many questions but there is no one I can answer.
It's night, everything is silent.
Is this the silent before the storm?
Did they foreseen this long ago, did they knew the time?
I'm scared is this the end?
So many questions but there is no one I can answer.
It's night, I think about the world.
About the beauty and the grief.
Could this be the real end?
I'm scared, but am I sure this is the real end?
So many questions, is there no one I can answer?
I always learned that there will be a new day.
Can I be sure about that?
Or are the saying that because the are scared?
Don't they really trust the one?
The One who knows the real end?
Now I'm thinking,
Do I really trust The One?
Do I really believe this is not the end?
First I always trusted Him.
But now when the moment is here, I'm not sure.
There's a voice deep inside me.
It says that I still believe.
I don't know who he is.
But I think what he says is true.
I hear a voice inside my mind.
It says that I have to be strong, and never must lose hope.
It's The One I can here.
He still believes in me, so I will always believe Him.
Until the real end of the world and further.
Time has past, now I can see the sun.
It wasn't the real end.
The One will always be there for me, for help and hope.
My whole life I was waiting until this moment.
Until I would be sure he trusts me.

Yes I know it's weird. I'm not good at English. And It's really nothing if you look to all the great poems on this thread. Don't think too bad of it.......

Bad English? Not at all, well, I make many mistakes writing in English and it is worse when I speak it; but I don't see any in your posts. You have a good knowledge of this language. Trust yourself, you are fantastic! We all love you here in PT for being the way you are lovely Arwen. Really, I say these words from the deepest part of me, you are the kind of person that makes us show the sweetest side of us. 

I hear a voice inside my mind.
It says that I have to be strong, and never must lose hope.

Regarding to your poem... I think is the first time I read one of yours and I like it. It's simple but full of meaning. The sentences I wrote above shows a fact that everyone has felt from time to time in their lives. Our treasure is our inner light, that part of us which sees the positive side of every situation, the one which shouts "get up" when we fall and sit down crying. I do think your poem says much than you can even suppose.

I hope you share more of your works with us and let us enjoy the lines. blush 

Oh, Elbereth. You're so very kind. It means so much to me that you like it. Really, I'm very glad you like it. It makes me smile to read that someone likes what I have wrote. I absolutely wasn't sure about my poem. (Often I'm not sure about what I write and what I post. I haven't much self-confidence)

Thank you very much

Beautiful my little angel, and I know exactly where you are coming from, but you can always trust the One, you know that. What you wrote is essentially the cry from every human heart. Which path is taken after that is up to us. Illuvatar i am sure had anguish watching all that he created with such love , such music start turning unaturally dark and strange and no longer in harmony. But it did not bow him. We have only to look at the end of Frodo's quest and see that all the hurt, pain , fear, anguish, despair turned out to be tears that watered the seeds of hope and finally the reality of victory and peace came. It really did.

Keep writing my dear and tell Wim to do the same. I think about him always as I think about you.


Oerath, I never wear t shirts with, er , stuff on them, but for you I will make an exception. And, my dear man, if you want fewer errors, substitute tea for the wild stuff. It is amazing what can happen. Smile Smilie

Dearest, you are so kind. It means so much to me that you think it's a good poem. Yes, I will tell Wim to keep writing. How much it means to me that you also think about him. Love.

I know I repeat myself but when someone writes, his/her feelings or thoughts are noted on the pages. It's a good way to heal some wounds that often we cannot understand or share with others or just to take out some deep doubts that need to be answered.

Arwen, I wish from the deepest part of me that you share your works with us. If you feel like it, do it. Don't be shameful, trust yourself!

Hullo, folks. It's been a while, a week or so, and hmm. Gotta do some replies..

First of all, it's nice to see that even you decided to write and post something, Lady Arwen. I liked of it.

And oh, don't worry about your use of english. It's easy to do mistakes whilst writing. I believe many of us do. Even I have some editing from time to time, just because I wrote while drinking, or I was just too tired to notice my own simple mistakes.

Either way. Well done, young one!

And hullo, Elbereth and Rachel. Smile Smilie

I'll post something new in the days to come.

Elbereth, thank you for your kind words.
And Leelee I say it once again, Thank you, from the deepest of my heart.
Oerath, I'm glad you like it.

btw. That idea of a t-shirt is pretty good. Yes I like it Wink Smilie

You're welcome, Lady Arwen. By the way, this whole talk about Oerath t-shirt is getting so odd that I will do it!

I may know someone or some people, who do/create t-shirts. I guess it wouldn't cost much to get one done.

It would definitely be a proud thing to do.

I've already a good idea: 'Oerath Windsoul' with my choose of letters/style to front of the shirt, and to the backside: O.W. + one of my personal favorite quotes/poetry parts of mine: 'There's nothing to be seen and nothing to be heard. Winds are so silent, and so is this blessed earth.'

- O.W.

I'd wear that t-shirt!

Oerath, if you have that t shirt, please send me a picture of it. I must see Wink Smilie

Symphony of the streets waltzing on rocking boats

Black monsoon horizon over apocalyptic blanched white roads

Sunny bright cabs resting in a grey storm swoon

A vividness reflected by the bleak morning moon....


Wrote this nonsense in the bus to work yesterday. I really want to write more and better things. You guys, I have missed you all and I'm so sad I have missed so many of your beautiful poems. I will read them all, as soon as possible. Love and hugs. Keep writing Smile Smilie

I will post my newest work tonight. I meant to post it last night as a mere poem, but of course, I had to turn it into a poetic tale..

Bad habit.

It goes by this name: 'Eyes of the Bloodred Mist (Instruments of Fire and Chaos)'

- O.W.

Ah Odette, you are back and as usual a complete genius with words as usual.

Now see here Prince of Poems, I am beginning to get the sense you deliberately tell us and make us wait, so we stay glued to this forum. You should write a Finnish soap opera set in the eighteen hundreds, you'd make millions. indecision

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