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Elbereth, that was totally amazing, beautiful, achingly sad and yet so true and powerful. WELL DONE.

Gleddon, FORGIVE ME, I have been so overtired and did not see your post. Please come back and share some more, I am excited to get to know you a little through your thought and words. You honor us by coming.


I have studied for years the middle ages , the culture, the politics which we cannot speak of here, the religion, also taboo. And the life of a bard. Did you know that a bard was so revered and feared even that some kings and queens happily gave great gifts and wealth to a bard that in rhyme and song could make a could image for the king in front of his people. Bards were magic, every word they said was held as if it was pure gold.

I believe you are a bard in the making. That was amazing and in much the same manner as many of the bards. You blended humour, seriousness, puzzle and rhymn to make something one would remember all their life. You just relax and practise and read some work from the middle centuries and compare.

Also,many people like myself suck at poetry per se but write in a poetic style. when I was a women's editor I would also do poems and poetic prose and that was my place. I think you also are a poetic prose writer. And with that in mind i shall start a prose thread in a day or so.

Elbereth, as I read each of your works, I feels that you are a very understanding and caring person. Good work! Thank you for all you posts on PT!

Rukain, that really was outstanding, I read it through twice and thought about it for awhile afterward. Congratulations! You really out did yourself. But you want truth...? Here it is, you need to relax more if this is what comes from it!

Leelee, please do that! A prose thread would be welcome. Also, on the topic of bards....I have often contemplated being one. You know, many times when people think of a bard, they picture a wizened, old man with long white hair, a beard and a unique staff. No. Personally, I think a bard can be anyone. The way I imagine myself as a bard is a young man, strong, tall, smiling, singing and overflowing with creativity, truth, and poems, songs, stories, etc. Really, I think that most of us here on this thread are bards at heart. Don't you think?



Hail Wen, Lee & Elbereth. Wonderful words from you all. Lovely.

A Wonderful poem Elbereth.

Here's one of mine now, it's a bit sad I think, inspired by many past wars all put together.



Lost Child

Once he was a happy child

With family and friends to confide.

Once before, a long time ago,

Before they came and took them.


They came within the dark of night,

They came so sudden and so secret

They took all and leaving none,

None but the frightened child.


He had hidden from all, too scared

Had not realized what they had done.

Though he was safe; they wouldn’t take him

Thought they’d left him with his family.


Little did he know that they were waiting,

Watching for hiders, not leaving any.

Little did he know that they were there,

In the dark beside him, aware.


He snuck out and went to find them,

Went to find his family gone.

He looked around in loss and despair,

Then he saw them standing there.


He turned around, he turned to run,

But they chased him.

Shot him dead, broke him down,

There they left him, alone for death....

                                                                          Lady Alyss

Lady, if you were here I would enfold you in my arms and hold you close. This is as Tolkien would have described things in the more serious of his work. i was literally ill through most of The Children Of Hurin, I felt like part of me was dying as i read tragedy upon tragedy. Thank you for that.

Wen, you are so effervescent and full of adventure and life and you make me smile. A combination of Robin of Loxley, Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot and the local story book reader at many of the big book stores.

I personally could never be a bard Sir Wen, because you sit there on a chair or a rock or whatever and the whole world as it were is gathered round to listen and be spell  bound. Unless my audience is under about eight I would be too shy and nervous. No any bardness I have is in the nursery or with sick children or children that need healing in their bodies, minds or emotions. If I had to do it in front of a body of grown ups i would want a bag over my head or st. John's Ambulance waiting in the background.

Now you dear Wen, i can see you touring the country coast to coast doing a one man theatre show and getting standing ovation. As for the others I think Brego is too elven and private to be a Bard, a teacher in a small classroom sharing his passions perhaps. Oerath of course, the perfect bard. just as you would be,.Lady I see sitting elegantly in a peacock shaped rattan chair on a marbled balcony telling stories to all the children and their nanny, and all your girlfriends, at least the ones who will be quiet for a bit and listen!

The rest I would have to get to know a bit better before I speak.

My what a motley crew we are, you are all dear to this heart.

Thank you for your words. It's wonderful to read such encouraging posts! That makes me work harder and happier too.

Lady Alyss, I almost cry with your last work. How sad it is! It's beautifully written but when you imagine such story, it tightens the heart! Your poems are always so full of a dark emotion, infinite sorrow, etc. I love them but they make me think about you and sometimes I wonder, how a young girl can feel those things? It's stunning the way you express them, simple and direct.

Regarding to the bard discussion, I feel the same as Leelee, I couldn't be in front of an audience because I am too shy so I would turn suddenly red and forget everything I had to say. By the way, a bard was one of those people that are not mentioned in the books such as the names of Kings or Battles but they had an interesting role in the society long ago. 

Ah, nice to see some new words and sentences, something new.

Good job, Elbereth and Lady Alyss. I've been quite silent and sleepy for over a week, and now I feel that I should take some tricks out off my sleeve. So, I'll post something surprising tonight. Just for fun. Smile Smilie

By the way, Leelee, I wish ya lived a bit more closer to Finland, it would be fun to do some music. I guess you once listened to some of my youtube stuff, but that's not so serious, just singing over music to a microphone that even doesn't work properly. But I can do lot more with my voice. I've been thinking about joining to another band, so I could use my harsh vocals again. Scandinavian style! Smile Smilie

Elberth I completely agree with you about Lady, so dark and haunting, so real and intimate. Lady my chat thing refuses to work most of the time, could you try once more please? I laughed so hard about you turning red, for shyness has plagued me since a very young child and I could almost fry eggs on my cheeks when anyone even looks at me. So why I was in ballet, taught interpretive and rock ballet, and sang in a rock band and played Celtic music is rather a mystery. It is just that I love music and dance and like to share with others that might benefit from it emotionally. In one of my dance classes I simply could not get rid of the dancers afterward, It was like suddenly having sixty other family members and they all wanted to sit about and talk and that was AGONY for me for I like being quiet and alone. All of us here are quite monastic most of the time and actually that helps my daughter to be able to be here and rest. I suppose if we were both together El we would look like red apples most of the time!

Oerath I would LOVE to jam with you. We do everything from classical to rock to metal to Celtic, Middle-Eastern, all of us would love to jam with you. your voice is like thunder from the mountains. love it.

I had a late call to early wake-up work yesterday, so, I didn't have time to post this one, but now I do.

I will finish it and write it right to this window, just like always before.

Here I go.


Lost and Forgotten..


Is it the rain that makes me to think and wonder..

Why I can still hear the raging sounds of thunder..

I am all alone, I've none to accompany me..

These woods seem to be my only home.. These nights are relieving..


Is there any hope to find a way..

To see the luminous light.. Far away..

In the sky.. There it shines.. But it can't hear my cries..

Do I've to sing that song once more?

Do I've to accept the offer of darkness and shadows?


Long ago, before the age of frost and snow

When the days were darker and colder than the winter storms

I got lost, never to be found again..

I was afraid of every shadow, I even feared the touch of the rain..


Unable to hear the voices of earth and trees..

Unable to see any visions and dreams..

Nothing to give to anyone in this world..

Lost and forgotten.. A broken spirit.. So weak and cursed..


And here I am, lying on the burning grass, trying to reach a star with my hands..

But it's too far away, just like the shadows today.. And I wish that there would be a way..

To end this all without any sorrow or pain..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Hey everybody! Smile Smilie

Such beautiful poems on this thread. I'm so glad so many new poets have come and are contributing in this dear place Smile Smilie And I hope you all are well and happy. Especially my oldest friends Leels and Oerath and Lady A and my gorgeous new poets too.

Have a great day, guys Smile Smilie

"Lying on the burning grass, trying to catch a star" very lovely O'erath.


ODETTE!  like the new sublime spring breezes you waft into our midst. Stay yet a little while, for you are loved and sorely missed.

Odette! The Fairy Queen! Here? Not anymore!?

Do come back, darn it. ^^

We miss ya and your works. It hasn't been the same, since you decided to spend less time on this site, but I know that you have your reasons, unlike I, if I decide to be off for a while or not post stuff for a while. It's either pure laziness or stacking of different real life stuff.

Either way, good to see a post from you in a while, and I hope to see more of those along the days. Smile Smilie

Ah, so those words were something? I must admit, it was a quick write. Less than 15 minutes, but the results were pleasant enough. Always nice to get some additions to the archives, though I haven't archived stuff in a long while. It's all on the pages of this site, I think, except Darbeian stuff. Slow progress, but good so far. I'm hand-writing it all to pages of a book.

that was brilliant Oerath!


Regarding my newly written version of 'Xaié, the guardian of knowledge and lore' - I just remembered that I had four of those works as written, but the fourth one, I never posted it. I guess it wasn't good enough by that time, but now, I'd like to finish what I started, but with a lot of stuff going on today, I guess it'll have to wait some days.

Nonetheless. Heh, this should be funny. When I started to write Arcadian related stuff, my first character was Oerath Windsoul, a wanderer type, a guardian of life and nature. A Savior and a hero of people. Pretty much the inner me, and then for some reason, the name 'Oerath' got stuck into my mind, since it begins with 'o', just like my own name. First it was just Oerath, then I changed it to Oerath of Shadowmight, and lastly, to Oerath Windsoul.

I just remembered all of that stuff, so that's the truth about my artistic name.

Furthermore, I'll give you the entitle, just like always:

Oerath Windsoul, The Guardian of Nature and Life

Hello! I thank you all again because since I post the first poem here I've been writing much these days. I have no much time lately because of many other duties but I hope I can post something in brief.

Beautiful work Oerath, you always give your best. Well done! By the way, it's nice to read about the choice of your name...

Odette, welcome. I don't know you but have read some of your posts. Nice to meet you, I hope we can chat someday.

Have a nice weekend!

Due to my tiredness, I've just been chilling on my sofa for the last two days, and I don't feel like finishing some story this evening, but I feel like doing at least one more 'memorable old school' re-make.

It's 'The Hollow Halls' - work that never got attention, despite the beauty of it's lines. I want to cut some of it and add something that I should've done ages ago.

I don't know will it become better or not, but if I feel like doing something, then it shall be done.


The Hollow Halls (Where the lost shall meet)


For long ages, I just wandered all alone
I walked through the darkest of all forests, in search of a new hope
And during my journeys, I learned many things about the ancient world
And I'd wish to live those times, when the dragons still ruled upon this earth


But still.. everything I did.. It all was in vain..

I couldn't find your lost soul..

I even tried to forget, but I just couldn't forget the day, when you passed away..

And now I know.. That there is no other way.. I won't leave you alone..


I am too old to carry on with your wishes and your hopes

There's nothing left in this world for me to live for

For one last time, I'll spread my wings and fly like an owl

Night, be gentle, and take my soul.. Give it to the one to whom it belongs..


The Hollow Halls.. A palace.. Made of broken stars..

Where the rain never falls.. Where the daylight is forever gone..

I've no choice.. I will do it all for you..

If you can hear me, then listen to this song.. And our love will become true..

Once again..

This life is so short, and dreams are too long
Before I finally awake, I may be already gone
Sky is now so clear and blue, I will come to the hollow halls with you
Because.. You're the only one.. To you, I would've even given the heart of our sun..

And now we've both passed away

We've left the realm of life and joy far behind

I once said to you that we would rejoin someday..

So, here I finally am.. You're the one, I came here to find


And now, my beloved one, we can sing and dance again..

Together now and forever, in life and in death..


'These halls are so cold and dark, often, there's no laughter to be heard..

But he still protects us, and keeps this realm apart from the outside world..

There he just sits on his iron throne.. With his dark steed beside him..

Even his eyes are full of unimaginable power.. Those eyes are so deadly and dim..'


And where the lost shall meet..

And where life is just a dream..

There they wander, spirits from times past and gone

The Hollow Halls is their new home..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Leelee: I do not know if you remember, but awhile ago you mention to me a way to capture words or phrases and make them into poetry. As mention, this was the way of Agatha Christie. I never really stopped thinking of it. Well, lo and behold, I had the joy of putting it to work. The phrase: 'This shell is my prison shell' caught my ear, and I decided to expand. I did not do well alas; it is short, and odd. But it is something. Any writing we use as an expression, or out-flow of what is inside is something that should not be disregarded. Everyone has something to share. That goes to all our soon to be poets that feel they "cannot write". Fallacies I call them...Wink Smilie Just an encouragement to all. 



My own body is a prison, my mind is its keeper. 

Locked away, no one can hurt me. 

No one can get past the depths of my fear, but neither can I.


My eyes are a prism, just look a little deeper.

I’ll hide away, no one can burn me.

Dig in my world and you wont come near, theres too much pain to hide.


Tell the world to listen, imprisoned heart is leaping.

It fears of the day when its own soul turns me.

I’ll break apart - wash away my tears. There will be nothing left inside.





, I hope Elbereth, that your weekend is going well. And i also hope you get some mental as well as physical rest. Don't think about how much or when you have time to write. Just live and breathe and like the gentle rain, when it comes unexpectedly and drenches tired trees and grass, turning everything so vivid and green and rainbow, so too will words surprised you just when they should and we shall be blessed by them

O'erath, palace made from broken glass, to me that speaks of all the inhabitants that are or were have been wounded and have fragmented thoughts and pain . Very moving the whole piece.


Fahv I do of course remember and the results are stunning. How poignant and heart breaking, and it made me cry. i still have tears, those words will haunt the halls of my memories forever. thank you.

Hehe, luckily it's not glass. It's not a usual sentence: 'A palace made of broken stars.' - but, thereäs a reason for it, =)

When a star no longer shines and it falls down from the sky, only Xaié is able to save it, but if she cannot retrieve it in time, then Mógrah will take the star and use it to build or reinforce The Hollow Halls.

A star that has lost it's light will become as dark as the night itself, and it's harder than any other material found on Arcadian.

That's his domain. And no matter how dark or evil he has become, he still has to protect the place, where all of the lost and the dead finally meet. Such is his duty. That's the story behind 'The Hollow Halls'.

@Fahvier: Good to see you and nice work. Just keep it coming, will ya? I'll sit here and read everything you folks have to offer.

Yeah Leelee, you are right. I cannot force things to come but writing helps me to get out those painful things we use to keep inside. Those words we swallow just for avoiding  to hurt anyone, even when they deserve them.  However who am I to teach anyone? Everybody must learn by themselves through the lessons life brings to them; if they refuse to see what they have to accept, let them be! Lately I've been writing a lot without even thinking of it. It's great! As for the tiredness is due to my job and because last weekend I went to a concert and only slept for 3 hours before I went to work! Apart from that, I have too many things in my head, there are moments when we must find our way and I find it nowhere!!! There are times.... I suppose.

Well, coming back to the thread itself. Favhier, I'm sure you will scape from your "prison" step by step, through writing it's a good therapy and you'll see how good you will feel when from those fearful feelings you create such precious poems as you've done. Go on! I understand you pretty well. We are all in the dark sea of doubts....

Oerath- forgive me for not mentioning my thought on your last piece. I meant to do so in previous. The whole piece was so enticing, just a force of connection to the story that makes the reader want to finish, and yet hear more. You have a great gift to be able to do this, and I applaud you for it. Keep writing, as you always do! 

Leelee- I am glad I was able to touch you in some way, my thoughts are with you always. 

Elbereth- I appreciated what you said, even your encouragement to writing. Your own works inspire us all. 



Hehe, it's alright, Fahvier. It's not so serious after all. That commenting and stuff.

And oh geez, another week - more or less well spent. I've even got a day-off tomorrow.

Hmm, took me a week to post something, but I guess that can't be helped. I've had some serious early wake-ups lately.

Anyway, while I've been madly watching One Piece (Japanese manga/anime), I've also been dotting some stuff with open office.

So, now that I'm back in the business, I guess I owe a few story bits. I'll try to post the ones that have been under progress lately, and well, let's see how it goes. This weekend should be more than enough.

I just logged into for first time in over three weeks, and I noticed that I had won a contest with 'My heart was made of ice and snow'.

Quite surprising. I had forgot about that one. There were a total of 140 entries, so I guess it's a job well done.

Now I'm about to raise my activity on that site, so if ya gonna go and watch my progress over there, be welcome to do so. One contest running already, it's a 38-word one.

Oerath bows and leaves the hall.

PS. A new work by tomorrow, it's a proo-oomise. ^^

Well done Oerath  no surprise to me.

Don't let that intimidate any one. Everyone has a poem a song a story in his or her heart and the rest of us so appreciate your sharing. Keep on please, we have so much to learn from one another, and each person has his or her absolutely unique and beautiful style.

Well spoken like always, Rachel. Geez, I totally forgot about that poem I was supposed to write yesterday. It's 2/3 done. By the way, there's new story piece in that thread of yours. Smile Smilie

It's a follow-up to Vorelfos pt.1, so I thought ya would be interested to read it.

Footsteps hushed

Snowflakes alight

On her hair, her nose

While she smiles

Running around

In the dimming sunlight


I have a LOT of catching up to do.. I mean reading all the awesome poetry you guys have posted while I was away. Looking forward to it Smile Smilie

It is good to a have you back Odette alongside your eloquent words!


It's good to have ya back, fairy queen Odette. Smile Smilie

And it's good to see that you stil do write. Let us have a chat sometimes. I miss those creative talks with ya.

This will be something quite different from what I usually write, but the usual elements are still visible there and there. I hope it's a good read!


Song of Oceanic Depths


I've sailed these seas for long enough to know..

That there are many dangerous waters, and things that are better left alone..

If you ever hear music or voices from under the waves, then cover your ears..

Or you'll be lured into a deadly trap.. Do not be deceived by the beauty of sirens



One night, I heard a woman's voice, followed by a silent underwater choir

And then I looked down, at a place, where many men have drown

No matter how much I tried to ignore it, I still kept hearing that song

And so I thought: 'If I go down there, will I find what I'm truly longing for?'


And so I dove.. That seawater was so cold..

But I didn't care.. My only desire was to witness the beauty of those maidens..

Mesmerized by their singing.. I forgot about my ship, crew and everything..

A song that is known as the sailor's end.. A song of oceanic depths..


No matter how much I dove.. No matter how much I prayed to the gods..

I couldn't hold my breath for long enough.. I had no other choice, but to forget about it all..

But then someone grabbed my legs, and I thought: 'Is this the end?'

And then I saw something that my mind couldn't comprehend..


It was a siren, but there was no signs of beauty or innocence in it's eyes..

It looked like a vile serpent.. With a desire to devour the very energies of life..


And then I felt the touch of pure darkness, but with all of my remaining strength, I managed to escape..

And as I dove back towards the surface, that creature kept chasing me..

But luckily, I was saved by my crewmen, they pulled me out off those waters..

And ever since of that day.. I've told everyone to fear the song oceanic depths..


'Do not be fooled by mere beauty and lovely singing..'

'Do not surrender your heart to those beings, or you'll truly lose everything.'


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

Hey Oerath and Lady A I missed you guys so Smile Smilie Thanks for the welcome back, can't wait to spend more afternoons here..and yes Oerath I miss our crazy talks too..let's just fix a time and get together. I got some Finnish word meanings to verify from you :p

Take care y'all Smile Smilie

P.S: I never did stop writing. I just didn't write fantasy anymore. But I hope to read and write more Smile Smilie

I did a very good job in editing and re-writing this one, and now I feel that it is finally complete. For long, I had felt that I'd have to do something about it, but I just didn't take interest in doing that.

I can't promise will it be better than the original one, but behold.


The Last Tale ’Of a mortal woman and a fallen man.’

I : Memories, Sadness and Despair

With my eyes I can see clearly into the heart of emptiness
And now I feel that even there’s nothing left for me
For so long I waited for something real, for so long I just sat alone and cried
And now I’ve no will to carry on anymore, ’cause all hope has already died

All of those good memories, they’re now lost and forever gone
All of those feelings have disappeared like fog into thin air
My heart is ruined and frozen, no fire could ever break that ice
Inside it lies nothing, but sadness...
(Just take a step on the path of loneliness and demise.)

’There’s nothing left but memories, sadness and despair.’

II : End of everything

Moon is the only one shining in the darkness of this night
Hatred and fury are both burning me from inside
I’ve nothing to live for, and even though I've no reason to die..
I still want to feel the cold touch of a scythe..
I just want to disappear...
I just want to become a part of the sky.. So blue and clear..
Forever lost from this world...
The wheel of my life will not turn..
Ever again..
No more, I shall rise and defend..
Farewell, 'cause this is the end.. Of everything
Was it all just a dream?

III : Unexpected journey

’And after that day, my physical body ceased to exist, and I became a wandering spirit. But by becoming one with the astral world, I knew that I could now search for my dead wife. And for thousands of years, there I wandered and wandered.. But I just couldn't find her.. And yet still, without knowing the way, I just kept walking forward.. For long, I had longed to see the daylight once more, 'cause there's no such thing as light in the dreamworld. There's only darkness.. And even something more than darkness.. Pure void..

But then one day, I encountered a being, who gave me an unique chance. He said: 'Do you wish to become flesh and bone for just one more day? Do you wish to see those that you left behind and casted away?'

And without hesitating.. I accepted his offer, and so I came back. Wondering, doubting, searching for something. And then I found something I wasn't even looking for. I crossed paths with a mortal woman, whose beauty nearly broke my heart.
Her hair was made of gold and silver, her smile was more divine than the sun itself, and overall, she was as beautiful as a flower that is about to bloom and blossom for great summer seasons untod. And so we met, and before even realizing it, I fell in love with her, and so did she with me..'

’And that truly was an unexpected journey.’

IV : End of the Road

'No matter how I tried to escape from that cruel fate, I just couldn't. Always when I tried to walk away from her, my body didn't move. I knew that I could not be with her, and my time was running out, so I had to tell her the truth..'

Spoken by the woman:

'It is unfair if you leave me now, I just met you..
But something inside me told me to fall in love with you.
And I don't know what to do, if I'll be left all alone again...
I am not sure will my heart be able to bear the pain of it...'

Spoken by the man:

'I..I've no choice, this wasn't meant to happen, but it did...
At least there's one thing I can promise to you: You'll never be left alone.
From now on, I shall always walk beside you, no matter how it rains or pours. And even if you're being chased by a storm or by creatures from the beyond..
I won't abandon you.. I'll keep you safe and enlighten your paths.. And I shall even smile at you when you're alone, just like the sun from high above..
And I want to let you know that I love you too, but I cannot stay here for any longer.. My place is in the sky.. In the world of lost dreams.’

'And so I departed from that world, but before doing so, I sang to her for one last time, before I disappeared entirely.. She cried and cried, but I knew that this song would soothe her heart and soul.'

V : The Last Tale

There’s no words left to say.. Wind is still so calm, sky is still so grey
This tale has come to it’s end, and now it’s time to say farewell..
But my spirit, it will always follow you wherever you go
It will guide you when you’re lost, and far away from your home

There’s no words left to say.. Wind is still so calm, sky is still so grey
This tale has come to it’s end, and now it’s time to say farewell..
But my spirit, it will always follow you wherever you go
It will guide you when you’re lost, and far away from your home

This is the place, where we have to depart
This is the edge of reality
This is the place, where we have to depart
On the other side lies my path, the path of dreams and fantasy

This is the end of our tale...
The last tale...
And I shall never forget..
That for one more day.. I had someone who to love and protect..

Written by: Otto ’Oerath Windsoul’ Timonen

Originally made: y. 2004
Re-written: y. 2008
Finished: at the end of year 2008
Edited and partially re-written: y. 2012

It is brilliant like all your other work Oerath, you truly are a master

Hey, this isn't my poem, it's an extract from The Lay of  Wala, taken from the Icelandic Elder Edda, translation by Pfeiffer from his "Visit to Iceland". I found it quoted in a very old copy of "Asgard and the Gods" by Wagner and MacDowell (1880). I think it may have given Tolkien some ideas for character names.

"Then Modsognir became the first

Of all the Dvergues [dwarves], but Durin the second

They formed of earth the multitude of the dvergues

In the human figure as Durin proposed


Nyi and Nidi, Nordri and Sudri,

Austri and Vestri, Althiofr, Dwalin

Nar and Nain, Nipingr, Dain

Bifurr and Bafurr, Bumburr, Nori.


Anarr and Onarr, Ai, Miodvitnir,

Veigr, Gandalfr, Vindalfr, Thorinn,

Fili and Kili, Fundinn, Nali,

Hepti, Vili, Hanarr, Sviorr.


Frar, Fornbogi, Froegr, Loni,

Thrar, and Thrainn, Thror, Vitr, Litr,

Nyr, and Nyradr. – Behold, I have enumerated exactly

The Dvergues powerful and intelligent."

Shades of Tolkien Pignut, that was a surprise. Thank you. You might expand upon it for us, tell us some of the meaning and how it affected you. I liked very much the ancient feel to it, the mythological shades it evoked in my mind. And welcome to this thread, nice of you to join us.

Shades of Tolkien Pignut, that was a surprise. Thank you. You might expand upon it for us, tell us some of the meaning and how it affected you. I liked very much the ancient feel to it, the mythological shades it evoked in my mind. And welcome to this thread, nice of you to join us.

Pignut! What an enlightening poem that is! It astounds me how if we look just for enough, we can find in history, the foundations of fiction. You know? Thank you SO much for adding that poem.


Hmm, that post surely made me to wonder. Upon reading: 'Asgard' and 'Gods', you immediately got my interest, since I'm greatly interested in Norse Mythology/Beliefs, and have studied it via books and internet. Scandinavia prevails.

Iceland, you say? Quite interesting.

Anyway, welcome to the thread. I'm Oerath Windsoul, and if you ever happen to see me in the chat box, be sure to throw a message at me. A bard, a poet, a musician and a writer at your service! /bow

Those of you, who feel hungry for some poetry, you'll have some by tonight. I hope my latest ones were enjoyable, 'The Last Tale' re-make has been gaining some favorable comments on Allpoetry too. It was surely a right thing to do. Smile Smilie

I am famished for more dear Otto, I am sitting at my mental table, snowy linen cloth, crystal and china, silver plated silverware, napkins of fine Irish linen. Proceed please.

Hullo, Rachel. Good to see ya around. By the way, I didn't manage to finish that work I started last night, 'cause I was feeling way too sleepy due to drinking and eating good food.

So, I think I'll write that one today.

Nothing much, so have a nice and laid-back sunday, all of you.

Gash, I've written a foreword/story + actual material for that work, but since I've been suffering from a terrible headache for this whole day, my thoughts are too far off. Too hard to concentrate on writing.

I am going to do something at least, so here's the entitle.

'The Last Flight of Rae'lyth'

It tells about the dragon I mentioned in 'I have lost my wings'.

I originally wrote it for Arcadian Tales, as an legend/old story that is known among the people of Arcadian. And well, that's how I want to keep it. 'I have lost my wings' ends with a sentence: 'I lost my wings for the cruelty of mortals and their wicked deeds.' - It tells the truth, but the story itself will tell that she lost her wings in a war. For what reason? You will find it out, once I finish that work. Smile Smilie

So, as usually, I'll take my time and relax.

20 years ago When I was at school, I found "Asgard and the Gods" on a table in the school library, and started reading avidly. The illustrations alone were amazing. My English teacher came over and said:

"You like it? It's yours" I guess he had decided to pass it on to the first person to show an interest in it.


Back to the lay of Wala. The story is that Wala was a dead prophetess. Odin descended into Hell to speak with her ghost and ask her about the future. The lay of Wala is her reply, and describes the creation of the world through to its destruction at the final battle of Ragnarok.

The tone of the poem is somewhat grim, and the prophetess is not happy about being woken from her everlasting sleep: ""Who is it?" she replied in a hollow voice "That troubles my repose? Snow has covered my bed, and the rains and dews have watered it for many years. I have long been dead.""


Odin introduces himself as "Wegtam" ("Knower of the road"Wink Smilie , and after many questions, Wala concludes saying:


"Thou art not Wegtam, thou art Odin and knowest all things. Go home now to Asgard. Thou hast wakened the dead with thy mighty runes, and made her speak with thee. None other will disturb my slumber until Loki is free again and the gods are about to pass away."


I think Bishop Snorri Sturlesson who recorded the Eddas was perhaps putting a Christian spin on the Norse legends, as Tolkien also did. The portrayal of Ragnarrok sounds a little like something from Revelations, and Loki changes from a mischievous trickster into a Satanic figure

I personally disagree about Norse Mythos being inspired by Christianity, but then again, it's just my opinion.

Paganism all the way. That's my rule.

Besides, I think that if you're going to post more stuff, concerning Norse Mythos, you could create a new thread for it. I would be glad to share my thoughts and opinions over there.

Oh, I have read something about Odin life in a book about the runes in Scandinavian countries. I love mythology. Regarding to the opinion about the religious touch, it doesn't matter. I think this is not the place to discuss about religion but in any story real or fantasy there is always a good and an evil spirit / character or whatever. It's very human, we all have both sides  . Nobody is perfect but who wants to be?

As an anecdote, I should tell you that when I have a child (in the future I would like to have several children), I like to call him: Odin or maybe Merlin. I find those names so strong and also wise.



I haven't posted anything in a while, so here's something to read.

This tells about Serannah, a witch I mentioned in one story, and this is a lyrical description about the forest she lives in, and about her final act to destroy the world.


A Tower that lies within The Heart of All Storms


Misty hills.. Silent fills the air..

And the shadows are moving.. Where none else dares..

And then the darkness lands.. Engulfing it all.. Covering the ground..

Shadows are answering to her call.. Swiftly, and without sound..


And ten thousand steps away from here..

There's a forest of which none speaks about..

And where even the sun won't show herself, 'cause she fears..

There stands a tower that lies within the heart of all storms..


A tower.. being guarded by lightning and powerful enchantments..

A tower.. that is full of death.. none has ever returned from there to tell about this tale..


You may see that tower with your own eyes..

Just go closer.. Step forth and be ready to throw yourself..

Into the embrace of death and demise..


And if you look closely enough.. You may see her standing there.. High above..

She is the mistress of night, the devourer of light..

Serannah is her name.. And her heart is full of venom and lies..


For hundreds of years, she has lived in secret.. Hiding in the shades of night..

But today is the day, when she will descend down from the sky..

To claim her place in this world.. She's a witch, a rotting plague, a real curse..

As long as she lives, there'll be no peace.. She is a human form of death and diseases..


And even one look from her deadly and black eyes..

Can kill you instantly.. Without pain and suffering..

And even one drop of tears, when she starts to cry..

Can burn everything.. Leaving nothing, but blood and ashes behind..


'I see two mortal men.. Standing at the gates..'

'Holding torches, wielding axes.. But they're far too late..'

'Should I steal their souls.. And cast them into the black nothingness..'

'Or should I summon my minions.. And let them to eat and devour, until there would be nothing left..'


Either way.. There's no escape.. The end of this world is at hand..

And soon my shadows will engulf every forest and land..

This day shall be known as a day.. When the mankind disappeared..

And there's no way to stop me now.. This dream of mine shall become real..


But before I will destroy this world..

I desire to sing.. With a voice, so evil and cursed..


Welcome to my home, to the gallery of darkness and lies

This is the hall of emptiness and demise

I've a tongue of poison, I've a mind so dim and cruel

I'm the face of every mirror, I'm the serpent's truth


'And those two men just watched, as she raised her staff and called forth all that is dark and forgotten.

And by using those forces, she casted a bolt of black thunder, and as it exploded, it destroyed everything in it's wake. And thus, she had fulfilled her promise.

The world ended.. Forever?'


But not everything was lost..

Something new will always arise from the ashes of destruction..

Though she ended the world, our spirits will still live on..

And in shadows we shall await.. For a hero, who will arrive one day..

To save and redeem us all.. He'll resurrect our spirits, he'll take back our souls

He'll show us a way, to put an end to her wicked and evil play..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

What a day it has been. First, I wrote one whole new piece, re-wrote an older work and then went to record some vocal videos at my training house.

I also wrote some new stuff over there, but I won't be posting it today.

I think it would be too much for just one day. Wink Smilie

This is the new work I was talking about. It is one of those re-writes, but I left a story part out, since it would've needed a bit more work than I liked to do, so here's a short version of it.

This tale tells about Oerath Windsoul's downfall and about his miraculous return from the realm of shadows. Once, there was a time, when Oerath longed for Vael Nemathrel, The Guardian of Dreamworld, but he didn't have the courage to talk to her about his feelings. And Mógrah knew about this, and as a part of his own plans, he somehow convinced and corrupted Oerath's mind, by telling him that she would never love him, and being angered by Mógrah, Oerath attacked him, and so an unimaginable battle took place. It lasted for nearly three days, but in the end, Mógrah succeeded to take Oerath down. He was so blinded by anger that he couldn't see through his own errors and mistakes, and thus the battle was easily won by Mógrah. And then Mógrah unleashed a shivering cry that made Oerath to fall on his knees and for a moment, he was vulnerable. Mógrah didn't hesitate, and he used his only chance and breathed five evil spirits out off his mouth and used them to take control of Oerath's mind. Then, he ordered him to destroy the sun, so that The World of Arcadian would see the coming of night.

But when everything seemed to be lost, Vael Nemathrel appeared from out of nowhere, and before Oerath could reach the sun with his hands, she ran to him and said: 'Do not believe something a snake speaks out. Return to the light!'

And so he returned, and while the sun nearly blinded his eyes, it's light cleansed him off the evil spirits that were residing within, and purified his heart. And while life slowly returned to Oerath's body, he opened his eyes and saw Vael Nemathrel, and by taking hold of her hands, this is what he said to her, like he was singing a song.


Forgotten Memories, Forgiven Deeds (Of Oerath)


'Death is only a punishment...
Life is nothing, but part of a long dream...
And if you fail on your journey into the land of golden and distant stars...
You won’t ever be able to try again...
You won’t ever be able to float so far...
Because the sun is already descending beyond the realm of eternity..

And if I can't see it after this day, then my heart shall turn into ice forever..'
How could I forget those days of horror..
How I could ever forget all of the things that I've done..
It all happened so quickly, I lost the battle of my heart and mind..
But I know that I've to carry on, I just have to leave that part of my life behind

I was the darkness itself, I even tried to destroy the sun and it's golden light
And for my deeds, this world nearly saw the coming of eternal night
I had no soul, I had no own will, I was just an instrument of hate and lies
Dark were all of my dreams and thoughts.. And as I think about it now.. It was a curse to be alive..

But then.. I found something that awoke me and filled my heart with love and light's brightness..
I watched, with empty eyes, as you walked out of the darkness..
Being surrounded by a powerful aura.. You shone like a bright evening star..


And as you touched my pale and cold face with your soft hands.. It was enough to purify my heart..

And so I returned.. From the realm of night.. My soul didn't burn.. I finally saw the light..

Xathor always used to say: 'When you're lost and nowhere to be seen.'

'Do not lose hope, and remember to stay away from the shadows that will try to devour you as whole.. No matter how you cry or scream.'

And when I finally opened my eyes, I saw her standing in front of me..

She smiled at me, she said I was free and that none could corrupt my heart ever again..

And then I looked at the sun, and I knelt before her and before the dawn, and I whispered to them both, asking for forgiveness for everything I have done..

But both of them said: 'Do not apologize to us, but to the people, who were worried while you were away. Win back their trust, before the arrival of dusk, and then you'll have to battle against him after this day. But remember, he's a soulless being, and none has ever won him in battle. But do not falter, use your dark dream as your strength, and prove that no king can rule forever. Beat him in fight, restore the power of light. Use all of your might and take away his power to rule the shadows of night.'

And so he challenged Mógrah and won that battle, and managed to banish him back to his Hollow Halls. And in a short amount of time, the wounds of Arcadian and it's people healed, and everyone started to remember Oerath and who he used to be, before he lost his soul to Mógrah. He used to be a savior, a hero among the people of Arcadian and thanks to Vael Nemathrel, that is what he shall always be remembered for. And after the tragic events of those days, he has never doubted himself again, nor he ever will.


But no matter how he tries to forget, he won't ever be able to erase those memories from his memory..

But being forgiven by everyone, lighted a spark of hope inside his heart that can never fade or be destroyed


Written by: Otto ’Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


(Some of you may find it a bit cheesy, but I've said it already and I may as well say it for one more time. I created the character, before I took it's name to use. So I'm just kind of trying to be one hell of a guardian in real life!) ^^

Also coming as a journal entry.

I hope you'll like of it. Possible spelling mistakes shall be corrected in a day.

- O.W.

I am quite surprised that I decided to start doing these re-makes or re-writes. It's quite refreshing and I believe that I've managed to add a lot more than I could've done in my early years of writing.

I've improved a lot from those times, and to be honest, only when I fulfilled 17 or 18, my english started to be good both in writing and speaking.

Took some time to study through books, movies, series, various other stuff and of course, I had to learn a lot about fantasy words.

I'm glad I did, and I'm also glad I turned my attention back to Arcadian Tales. I think I cannot even permanently quit something that I've done so much for.

Alright, time to end this post. Good night.

Hello everyone!! How are you all dear?

Wow Oreath, you always astonish us with your continuous work, you are full of inspiration and always bring something new but with your own seal... This last posts are so romantic? and plenty of hope. Beautiful! Regarding to these sentences:

'Death is only a punishment...
Life is nothing, but part of a long dream...

The first one surprises me a lot, death a punishment? I rather say another step further or path. (I don't want to correct you, just give my opinion)

The second one, I totally agree! I couldn't say it so good and with few simple words. Fantastic!

Well, I will try to write something and post it too. I wish all the PT members write something too, because in this post is where I can find the most deep side of everyone. Well, maybe there are many other threads in which we all show a little bit of our feelings but this one is special.

That sentence or more like those particular sentences are quite old, and I didn't want to change them, but 'Death is only a punishment' makes sense in The World of Arcadian. There isn't much of criminality or people who do terrible deeds and crimes, but if one kills another, a punishment is death, and those who die with such a deed upon their shoulders, the spirits of those people will be left to wander on the surface of the world, unless one of the guardians decides to save them.

So, death is only a punishment.

In that work, it could be what Oerath thought about those who came into his way, while he was being controlled by Mógrah. Like: 'Those who desire to stop me, deserve death as a punishment.'

And please, do write. I suggest you to do it as I do, though I don't believe most people write that way. I usually open up a new post and write it as I post. It's quite teaching and by doing so, you'll get to understand, how much time you use to write, or how easy for you it is to write from one-stand.

Well it's been a while. Some brilliant work here and now for mine though it isn't one of my best.


Free At Last

I felt a cold and empty feeling.

As if it was my life, not his, taken.

I did not weep for it was hard to bear,

I tried to forget or at least to ignore.


You had left me alone to struggle.

I felt only sorrow; nothing would fade,

Your presence still there, ever haunting,

Driving me to insanity, showing no mercy.


I tried to fight it, to keep my senses

But there was just too much that time wouldn’t take.

For you had left me, forever gone,

Taking alongside you my sense of mind and state.


You left nothing of me,

Had broken me whole.

No-one could help me,

No-one but you.


I decided that I had had enough-

That this life was not for me

And so I left it, let death consume me,

And finally felt eternal peace.


Now no more do I need you

For I have my own gentle peace.

I am at rest with no-one to disturb me,

With no-one to hurt me nor to harm me.


For now I am nothing but a soul,

A soul alone who needs no-one….




The flame burns gently against the wick,

Dancing and eating away at it.

It is full of life and of joy

Yet it has no heart of its own.

As its heat radiates away

It starts to fade.

To fade till finally,

The light goes out…..


                                                                Lady Alyss

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