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Yey! It's up! This is going to be so great! *runs to read* Gasp! Pixie Smilie Oh no not the twins!! I was going to join anyway but this really made me hyped! I just don't know how to continue and to introduce myself.. Hmmm *puts thinking cap on* So who else is joining? Big Smile Smilie

18. June 20004
Posting some of the bios in this post too.

Etharion elf of Harad
A strange and new twist was brought into the story when from a wrecked ship were recovered the elf Etharion. He is from a kingdom of elves in the far south, next to the barbaric men of Harad. His people are a part of the Avari. The Moriquendi that went to the south soon made the kingdom from which the two elves came. Those elves had many times cursed their decision to stay in Middle Earth, for life in the sun blasted south is not easy. Now they bring great news of a huge army of the Haradrim that is on the move northwards. Joining the Quest, they hope to gain more trust and alies with their friends from the north.
Etharion is from a noble family. The long voyages that their people made into the north are always accompanied with a large part from the noble familys from their ranks, so that they can be ambasadores in the name of their kingdom. Etharion is a skillful elf. From young he was talented in swordplay, so he perfected his fighting with two longswords. Later in his life he was intrested somewhat in ancient elven magic. He also has great love for stonework and masonry. He was a great help in many construcions that were constantly in work over their war torn land.There are not many trees in the desert, so they mined deeply and started to love stone much more than their relatives in the north. Yet some places were intact. A great oasis is the site of his familys city in which he spent many fair years in peace and quiet that bettered his studying in many fields of life. For that is one of the prime requisits in a ambasadors life. Etharion is a gentle and fair person, always fighting for the good in life, and always seeking ways of leaving a mark to show his people in the best light. The last few years he has learned much about the life on sea, and likes the voyages aboard great vessels.

Dorin Mighty-axe and Moori Bladeswinger, male and female(!) dwarf
Dwarves from Dale, among those who followed Broda to rebuild Moria. When Arkantos died they are ordered to carry his casket and to be at service for Aragorn. At first the fellowship isn't too pleased with this, especially not the elves, but they soon find their place among the others. When they all meet Nilgaerien she finds out that the dwarves minds are closed to her. She can be around them and not be drowned in feelings and emotions, something she is very greatful for.

They win Amari’s respect and friendship when they gently, tiredlessly and without complaining help her take care of Roth and Nilagerien after the mindmelting and healing.

Dorin is constantly doing his best to woo Moori, she usually replies with an insult, a threat or a knock over the head, a clear sign that this is true love. They are jovial and cheerful, but also Brodas best warriors. Strong, proud and enduring, but also gentle and wise with a good advice to those who need it.
Great start, people!

Now, to remain consistent with characterisation throughout the story, I thought I would compile a character dossier. If the character Valedhelgwath is a tall, male, human (?) warrior at the beginning of the story, he cannot become a female elf at the end - does that make sense? This is a method that professional writers use, and it comes in very handy. Contributors are also given the chance to speak up if they think that the character is being used incorrectly.

Character Dossier

The Fellowship of The Gem:

Roland of Osgiliath: Now Dead
Experienced fighter, but very clumsy.
Is a friend of Valedhelgwath
Can become beserker in battle

I edited this characters initial introduction for the purposes of time frame clarity. This story is taking place after the end of the War of the Ring, and to be honest, I am a little surprised to see Aragorn there. My concerns are that he will have a hard time not being the leader of this expedition, but he can stay for the time being, as long as his other duties to Gondor do not require his attention in the near future. I think we are all familiar enough with this character that I don't need to say more about him here.
-Is suspicious of Valedhelgwath
-Is now the leader of the Fellowship

Amari’ of Rivendell
Amari’ father Authon fell in the War of the Ring, her mother was one of Lady Celebrians maidens and she went to Valinor with her Lady. Amari’ grew up with Elladan and Elrohir and feels very close to them. She have served the House of Elrond all her life, and as she grows up her skills as a healer is discovered. Her father taught her to use a bow and sword so she can protect herself, she misses him and her mother and her heart longs for Valinor.

When the twins are poisoned she feels useless and alone. She leaves her safe life in Rivendell and joins the quest, where she hopes she can be of more use and test her skills, leaving a window open for them to leave her behind with her kin in Lothlorien if she is hopeless. She finds herself to be stronger and more useful than she ever thought she could be.

Amari’ is sensitive and caring. Her nature is to take care of people and look for good in anyone. She is fiercly loyal and loving to her friends. Her healing skills lets her see the persons pain as a glowing light and she can sense how to heal it, both with her healing hands and her herbs and medicine. Her voice can be filled with healing powers, especially by singing and can comfort and incourage a troubled soul, but not heal physical wounds.

She know knows that Arkantos is keeping a secret from her, she feel a bit hurt at this and senses him pulling away from her and she doesn't know why.

Arkantos of the D’nedain
Arkantos is of the race of men. He is a good swordsman and like a friend of all good beasts and birds. He is gentle and wise. He knows the lands east of the Misty Mountains and has walked in Mirkwood many times and is thus not afraid of darkness or strange creatures and beasts. He is loyal to his king. A kind and caring man, tall and strong, a trustworthy man.

Arkantos is a friend of Elladan and Elrohir. He is debt to them as they had saved him once from the orcs. He too thus chooses to go for the quest. Another reason is that he likes Amarie and wants to impress her in due course! As he gets to know her better he realises he is in love with her. Falling for an immortal is no easy matter and he is torn between what his heart wants to do and what his head tells him is best.

In the Mines of Moria, invited by the newly returned dwarves, the fellowship is attacked by Wedjats, large snakes spitting acidic venom. Amari’ is attacked by one and Arkantos saves her, being showerd by the venom and dying a horrible, painful death. The fellwship bring his dead body with them to Lothlorien, but on the way a great spirit arrives and ressurecs him so he can continiue the quest. His body is mutilated by the venom, but with the help of Lady Galadriel, Amari’ is able to restore him to his old self.

Arkantos keeps his feelings for Amari’ to himself, but both Nilgaerien and Vaeltira has found out as his bottled up feelings become harder to controll.

Roth Now Dead
Axe wielding half-elf (very unusual, I like it!)
Seems to be a loner
Has led a hard life, so looks old/careworn
Has been a prisoner of Mordor
Speaks with an accent of some kind.

Nilgaerien, Guardian of the Gem of Eldamar
A female elf of strong telepathic skills, her mind was perilous to herself and others before her healing by Amarie of Rivendell and the half-elf, Roth. Her mind is more sensitive and fragile than most elves', so as a young child, she was kept near to the Lady Galadriel for long periods of time then to Gandalf, when he could take the time.

One of the many precious Gems of Eldamar was given to her father, "chief" of their elven village, to guard until it was needed. Young Nilgaerien's mind suffered from this as the power of the Gem gradually broke elements of it down, though no one suspected the cause. The village being near to paths used by those in Mordor, it was only a matter of time before tragedy struck, in the form of Roth, once a childhood friend of Nilgaerien and her brother, now possessed by the dark spirit of Melvorion. It is suspected that Melvorion's darkness, combined with the power of the Gem, attracted an army of orcs to the unprepared village, utterly destroying it. The Guardian family was murdered, along with the elf she was to marry, and Nilgaerien just barely escaped with her life, somehow taking the Gem with her, though the shock of her family and friends' deaths destroyed what small hold she had on her wayward mind. Roth disappeared after trying to protect the family, not to be seen by Nilgaerien until the Quest of the Gem. Gandalf found the elf days after the destruction, deep in the woods, her frail body curled around the Gem. He took her with him to conceal the Gem on a lonely Isle out to Sea, then brought her to Galadriel's care, though it was soon found that she was beyond help.

She was sent to Rivendell for a year in hopes that her stay would repair her mind. It did not, though she found incredible rest in the peace and healing of Elrond and his wife Celebrian.

The elf wandered for years in the wilderness, her only companion a black stallion given to her by Galadriel. She stayed away from all settlements - though occasionally a person here or there would be found with a shattered mind - until Galadriel again called her to Lothlorien, requesting that she lead the Quest to the Gem. Nilgaerien agreed only out of her debt to Elrond's family. During the journey, she wavered between the chance of relationships with people again and the pain it caused her and them. Though she didn't immediately realize it, she took a special affinity to the healer Amarie. When she saw Roth again, it caused her mind to become even more unstable with unresolved hatred until he restored a part of it to her that had been taken forty years ago. With Amarie's help, the broken pieces were mended and Nilgaerien was restored to herself, though the strong telepathy remains along with a certain fragileness in certain situations. The healing was further promoted by the finding of one of her kin, Valruin, picked up on the way to the Isle.

Though considered the last and only Guardian of the Gem, Nilgaerien did not truly accept this duty until connecting with the Gem, therefore sealing her own doom as Melvorion, in Roth's body, sensed the bond and plotted how to use her for his own purposes, eventually taking her with him by force when he escaped the Meneltauros, Lord Aelric's ship.

Nilgaerien is toughened by her years of solitude and wandering but her body is easily weakened and her mind's recently restored defenses easily broken. She has come to see Amarie as a close friend, the first she has had since her village's demise. A very unusual fondness has been established between she and the dwarves, Dorin and Moori, as they seem to be the ones somehow best able to understand the strange elf. Though at first at extreme odds with one another, the Lady Vaeltira and Nilgaerien seem to have made amends and even a friendship of sorts.

Vaeltira Lady of Umbar
A proud Numenorean, loyal to those she respects and loves. She is used to being alone, having only Aelric to trust. Lived with the fear of the curse since her marriage - if one of them dies so does the other. She finds it difficult to make friends outside her own people and meeting the elves and dwarves and Men of Gondor as allies is a new experience for her. She is sometimes torn between her need to live in peace and her support and loyalty for Aelric. She was aware the swordwraith was a danger to him and that some of his more abitious ideas were fed by the wraith. She can defend herself and has had training in use of sword and the fighting knives she uses but does not have any particular fighting skill.
*Vaeltira was once a servant in Barad-Dur (where she had an encounter with Roth) until the dark Lord found out she was from a once noble house and forced her and Aelric to marry for political reasons. A curse was used to ensure their co-operation and prior to the marriage with Aelric her first husband was killed mysteriously and her new born babies taken from her. She suspects Aelric of being involved in at least the murder of her husband.
*Although the marriage was forced on her she is fiercely loyal to Aelric.
*Spent time in Barad-Dur and in Mordor although her home is in Umbar.
*Has a dragon pendant. forged by Aule and the dwarves which was stolen by Melkor who attempted to corrupt it. It acts as a reservoir for dark power/magic and enables her to use this power but it is limited. Has been used in conjuction with Amarie's healing powers.
*As Lord Aelric's wife she was deemed suitable to represent Mordor on an information gathering visit to Isengard where she met Saruman who she refers to as Saruman The Traitor because he he betrayed the race of Men.
*She had little contact with elves apart from those imprisoned and tortured in Barad Dur. She has now befriended the elves in this group.
*She met Roth in Barad Dur under not very pleasant circumstances. He hates her for this and has attempted to kill her.
*She is on the Island with the others and is hoping to rescue Aelric from Thuringwethil. She can sense him through the pendant but only during the day when Thuringwethil is asleep.
*She trusts Urdon, Aelric's manservant and Drogba a young Lieutenant and Aelric's second in command.
*She is learning to trust the others and wishes to live in peace within the world of Men and to see her people reconciled and become part of Gondor. She recognises Aragorn as King.
*The spirit from Barad Dur which has possessed Roth is none other than the sorcerer who set the curse upon her and Aelric at their wedding. She now finds out he is Melvorion, necromancer, sorcerer and servant to Melkor and Sauron and also working for/with Thurngwethil for possession of the Gem. He fears that her bond with Aelric and her use of the pendant will enable her to rescue Aelric.

Lord Ael'Mynaur-Tar of Umbar
aka Lord Aelric.

Born into the ruling House of Umbar, his family having descended directedly from the line of Kings of Westernesse, but his kin were not of the Faithful (Elendil's men) they were the King's men, descendants of Ar-Pharazon and latterly known as the fell Black Numenoreans.

Known to most as Lord Aelric, he was born to lead his people, a warrior, a general and a prospective king. Aelric's formative years were spent being trained for war and conquest. He quickly developed a mastery in warcraft and in leadership. Charismatic, ruthless and possessed of an iron will, his peers and tutors liked very much what they had moulded to be their new hope.
However, they had not anticipated a challenge from the weakened state of Gondor and could not predict the coming of Elessar much later.
Umbar being the puppet state of Sauron for so many years, meant that Aelric's fate was ultimately bound up in that of the Dark Lord. This would also mean that Aelric and Aragorn (Elessar) were destined to be the most implacable of enemies. The fifty years leading up to the final confrontation at Pelagir, were frought with hostile actions, each pitting their wits against the other.

Chief among his advisors was the enigmatic and ageless Melvorion,his Chamberlain and Ambassador to the dread tower of Baradur. Aelric once trusted him, afterall he was an elder statesman of the House of Ael and his great-uncle. But the time he had spent in Mordor had corrupted his mind and filled his heart with dreams of mastering the Dark arts of Sorcery. From the very day Aelric was incepted as Umbar's Lord, Melvorion was close at hand plotting his next move.

This was how Vaeltira came into Aelric's life. Her first husband was killed and his body brought back to Mordor or Barad Dur by Aelric. Vaeltira recognised her husband's injuries as having been caused by orc weapons and she suspected Aelric of being involved in his murder. Then her newborn twin sons were taken, and shortly after that she married Aelric. Her time after that was divided between living with Aelric in Umbar and carrying messages to Mordor, also acting as representative of Mordor. She was also kept under guard in Mordor at such times when Aelric's absolute obedience was required.

So a political marriage was arranged, and overseen by Melvorion personally, he saw to it that Sauron's orders were carried out, to the effect that Aelric's loyalty was assured - Wedding gifts were borne from Mordor, among them a great blade forged by the the Dark Lord himself and invested with ancient power (unknown to Aelric, it contained the spirit of the Herald of Sauron, Thuringwethil) given to him to wield in the War of the Ring. However, upon the newly weds was secretly set a dweomer which bound the soul to the other, so if one died the other would also.

The day came, when the powers of Middle Earth were ranged against each-other. Aelric commanded the fleet of Corsairs, Variags & Black Numenoreans up the Anduin toward Pelagir. It was to be either his crowning glory or his final defeat. As great a general as he was, he did not and could not foresee that his nemesis would bring an undead host to the field. None, but a cadre of Black Numenorean Cavalry held the the field, all was lost.

All that remains to be told lies herein the pages of the Quest for the Straight Road, to which he is now a part.

Description: A very tall, broad-shouldered man, with aquiline, chiselled features. Piercing icy grey-blue eyes, Long straight raven-black hair. Wears glossy black platemail and wields an ornate and diabolical seeming Greatsword.

Valruin, warrior and sailor:

Valruin is from the village where Nilgaerien is from too. He is able to sense the Gem too, as all villagers, but only weakly. When his village was destroyed he was travelling around in Middle-Earth. After years of Orc hunting, Valruin had enough of Middle-Earth and his pain and he decided to go to Valinor. At the Grey Havens, he met Etharion who wanted to go to Valinor too, and they set out to Valinor, Etharion to ask the Valar for help, and Valruin for Eternal Peace. Etharion and Valruin became friends and Etharion told him about the south. But on their way to Valinor the ship was attacked by pirates, and although Valruin, Etharion and their crew fought bravely, their ship was overmastered and Valruin was the only one alive, for he was captured by the pirates. But he was wrong, because when he was rescued from the pirates, and joined the Quest, Etharion was found overboard. Then, ofcourse, Etharion joined the Quest too and a new adventure was started.

Valedhelgwath: [Now dead]
Noldo of the House of the Golden Flower (Glorfindel's family)
Knows the mountains well
Keeps two mountain cats as pets (could come in very handy during a fight)
Is a bit of a loner.

One of Valedhelgwath's mountain cats.

Sonnet [Now dead]
One of Val's cats. Male

Minnet's kitten

Trusted friend of Elrond

Trusted freind of Elrond

Trusted friend of Elrond

[Edited on 4/12/2003 by Allyssa]
[And by Amari’]
Let me clear things up for Aragorn! He heard the news of the brothers Elladan and Elrohir through Arwen, his wife! He at once set out for Gondor to know the full story. The rule of Gondor was handed over to Faramir, the lord of Ithilien. He will act as a steward in Aragorn's absence. Since Faramir is an able ruler, Aragorn can pretty much be free about Gondor's concern as Most of the enemies of Gondor have been destroyed. Eomer too will be there to protect Gondor. Aragorn need not worry!

I don't think that Aragorn will mind not being the leader of the quest. I beleive he is still pretty much shaken up for the wrong desicions he had taken while leading the Fellowship of the Ring.

And then how can a company be formed in these dangerous times without an able warrior and a strategist. Also as an added advantage, Aragorn too has seen a lot of Misty Mountains and its ways during his Ranger days. I m sure he will prove to be a great help in the Quest!
If the character Valedhelgwath is a tall, male, human (?) warrior at the beginning of the story,
Just for clarity, Val is a Noldor elf of the same House as Glorfindel, who was born in Gondolin shortly before its fall. He's pretty much a loner, prefering the company of beasts to fellow elves or men. He's more of a Ranger/Tracker/Beastmaster type character than a warrior, although he is quite handy with his bow. His favorite tactic is to hide in the safety of the treetops and take his enemies out with a carefully aimed arrow rather than get involved with hand to hand fighting. He does have a sword, but only as a last resort will he use it.

He's been known to slink back into the shadows when the going gets too tough rather than get hurt, which is why he has a poor name around Rivendell.
I have intro duced a new character, Arkantos! He is a friend of Elladan and Elrohir. He is debt to them as they had saved him once from the orcs. He too thus chooses to go for the quest. Another reason is that he likes Amarie and wants to impress her in due course!

He is of the race of men. He is a good swordsman and like Valedhelgwath is a friend of all good beasts and birds. He has walked in Mirkwood many times and is thus not afraid of darkness or strange creatures and beasts.
Another reason is that he likes Amarie and wants to impress her in due course!

"But my heart belongs to daddy, so I simply couldn't be bad"

This is going to get interesting. Amarie loves the Twins like brothers too and truly would give her life to save them. She is aware of Arkantos' feelings for her and sees him for the good man he is, but her heart is longing to go to Valinor and to her parents there.

The important thing for her is to find the Gems, no matter what happens to her. If they are successfull and the gems are found, she could go there by boat and live with her mother and the twins would be saved, if she dies in the attempt she will go to the Halls of Mandos to be with her father. Failure would be if the Gems where not found. Arkantos' presens may cause her a great deal of heartache.
She is aware of Arkantos' feelings for her and sees him for the good man he is.......Arkantos' presens may cause her a great deal of heartache.

Uh....make it that Amarie is NOT aware of Arkantos' feelings for her but will be during the quest. And why wld it cause her a heartache? She needn't fall for him! Also I have other plans for Arkantos! U will know as the story progresses!
**Name Change**

I've decided to change Rhodry's name to*Roland of Osgiliath*, as I'm about to introduce a charactor, or, creature very similar to one from Katherine Kerrs books, who is also closly tied to *rhodry of Aberwyn* in her series and I thought it wise to make the change as i'd not like to cause any breach of copyright.
So if you guy's could make an adjustment in your previous posts it would be much appreciated. ty.

*background on Roland or Osgiliath*
Roland is a young man*in his early 20's*, born in Osgiliath to a very wealthy Merchant. And as such was given the finest education, including litriture, mathmatics, the sciences and history. His Father secured a place for him in politics, but Roland had dreams of joining the military, to which his father scoffed at, saying he was much to clummsy and cowardly. This only goaded him to run away from home at the age of 15 and join the army, where he discovered that his father may have been right, he stuggled to leard sword play and other military things, and he also earned the wroth of his superiors and was scoffed at by his peers.
He became withdrawn and unhappy, but even more determined to prove them wrong and more importantly, to earn his fathers respect, it was during the war of the ring how ever where his luck began to change, amidst one of the early scirmishes, Roland was bonked on the head, and became berserk. Almost mad with beserker laughter, he sliced through the enemy ranks like a scyth, sure footed and all signs of clumsiness forgotten. That was the turn of the postThreadIDe for him, and he became known as one of the greatest swordsmen in all of Gondor.
After the war, he was sent to Rivendell to act as the voice of the gondorian army, he took this responsibility very seriously and why he was one of the first to step forward when Elrond asked for aid..

[Edited on 1/11/2003 by Rhodry*of*Aberwyn]
Editorial Point of Order: What the heck is Elrond doing back here in Rivendell? I seem to remember him shipping out with the rest of the Ringbearers a few years back. You better have a pretty good explanation why Elrond returned. Maybe you should have Lord Glorfindel now be in charge of Rivendell, as he wasn't mentioned as being in that party, and that would require a much simpler explanation such as:
In preparation for his final journey from Rivendell to the Grey Havens, and ultimately to hidden Valinor, Elrond had turned over the Keys of Imladris to Lord Glorfindel. With them he had transferred the responsibability of maintaining Rivendell as the Last Homely House in the West.

Elrond had given this charge to Lord Glorfindel, as he had known that his sons, the twins, wanted to hunt Orc rather than be classified as glorified innkeepers, while Glorfindel had not yet become ready to leave Middle-earth, as he still had an epic poem he wished to finish writing: The Life and Resurrection of an Elven Lordling.
Feel free to adjust the tense of my quoted wording to fit its time and place in the story. Happy Elf Smilie
Grondy: This story takes place immediately after the War of the Ring, which ended in March 3019 as The Tale of Years tells us. The Last riding of the Keepers of the Rings did not come to The Grey Havens until September 3021. They seem to have been delayed for two and a half years. Something must have held them this story?
Excuse me Rhodry! U say that Roland is there to represent the Gondorian Army. Then wat do u think Aragorn is doing in Rivendell? He is also from Gondor if u remember. But yeah, Roland can come in as an Esquire for Aragorn who was a little late due to reasons unknown!
Uh....make it that Amarie is NOT aware of Arkantos' feelings for her but will be during the quest. And why wld it cause her a heartache? She needn't fall for him! Also I have other plans for Arkantos! U will know as the story progresses
Ok, without knowing what Lord A has planned for Arkantos, the last part here seem to fit what I've been thinking too.

Amarie may not have noticed his actions as an attempt to impress her, but if a girl doesn't notice her friends usually does. Wink Smilie It depends on how obvious he has been and for how long its been goin on. She might not have belived her friends if they told her. But ok, she will become aware later on, that will work. It will be interesting either way. Smile Smilie

I had planned for her to bring lots of ekstra bandages and ointments and stuff expecting poor clumsy Roland to get hurt alot. Maybe Arkentos will be a bit annoyed at Roland for getting so much of her attention, even if it is purly out of friendly worry and consideration for other peoples feelings, like her friend put it "Oh you have always cared for stray cats and lost puppies, bless your heart."

[Redigert den 2/11/2003 av Amari’]
Oops, sorry. I ignored that the party was going to get Galadriel's advice, which makes my comments rediculous and my effort wasted. Dunce Smilie

Oh well, my idea stands if anyone needs it for a future story. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I joined the story too, but as a minor character, Minnet the Mountain lion. She's one of Val's pet cats, and ends up following him throughout the story as his guard.
Going really well, people! Keep it up! Big Smile Smilie
Allyssa y don't u too contribute to the story? Maybe not as a character but as a narrator?
I think I will stay out of the actual narration as much as possible. But if the story gets 'stuck' or lost, then I'll think up something to set it back on track.
Darous, plz explain ur character Roth.
My hero! Wink Smilie

Now it makes sense again. And look! Amari’ gets to do cool stuff! Big Smile Smilie "But Amarie quickly fitted three arrows to her bow and loosed them at the same time killing the orcs." Legolas beware, there's a new elf in town! *lol* Wink Smilie
Umm.. is Val of to save a cat? Amari’ would have helped I think.

The question now is: Which path will the rest of the fellowship take? The bridge of Khazad Dum is still broken isn't it? And who was the second bowman on the grassy hill? Wink Smilie
And who was the second bowman on the grassy hill? Wink Smilie
Are you referring to that grassy knoll near the book depository? Elf Confused Smilie
Ok, grassy knoll then. Just trying to make what I though was a funny referance, that's all. Didn't work apparently. Wink Smilie Was talking about who shot Roth. And I won't try to make that look like "Who shot J.R?" (The major question in the soap series "Dallas").

I think this story needs its moderator to clear up things. It went dead untill Val made Roth an evil sorcerer as Darous never explained who Roth was. Then it went dead untill Lord_A had Roth shot. Now Roth seems to be in denial or in post-traumatic shock. Obviously evil wizard was not what Dar had in mind.. Neither the victim of the shooting or the shooter seemed to like that part of the story..

Ally!!!! Ally, where art thou? Thou art needed!!
Fear not, Lady Amarie. I commeth. Wink Smilie

Okay, a little plot clarification: Valedhelgwath managed to escape the evil sorceror, Roth, only to immediately return and kill him? Umm, sorry that post where he comes back contradicts the preceeding one too much. Val is still off somewhere at this stage, but we know he is close by because his cats are still around.

The fellowship were then attacked by orcs and rescued by dwarves (nice, I like that bit lord_Aragron). Very "Battle of Hollin". And the dwarves give the story an interesting turn.

Roth recovers from what should have been a fatal injury (makes sense, he IS a sorcerer). Roth is (understandably) very upset at almost being killed and mistakenly thinks that Val shot him, but it turns out to have been be a stray orc shot. It would have been very out of character for Val to have shot him. Elves (even Noldo) are very just and do not kill without just cause. So sorry lord_Aragron, but I had to do some pretty lengthy editing. The story just wont work if Val is suddenly a murderer.

Valedhelgwath leaves in some confusion. Can't say I blame him, he did almost get the blame for some unexpected shooting and elves are very sensitive creatures.

Also,elves don't like dwarves, so maybe its just as well that he does not join them for the dwarven feast. Perhaps he will catch up with the fellowship outside Lorien? or sooner if his feelings aren't too badly hurt. Big Smile Smilie

I am very much looking forward to meeting the dwarves. I have experienced dwarven hospitality before! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there is an troll-skirmish or something in the plot of the near future Wink Smilie

The character Roth needs to be explained. If no one else is inclined to do so, I will do it in a day or so and you will just have to put up with what I decide.

On a final note, remember this is supposed to be a collaborative effort. It is not roleplay. Everyone is free to kill or introduce a character, but it has to make sense and be consistent with previous story.

If anyone decides to kill off everyone, well, there wont be much of a story left, will there? Elrond will be very upset if we let his sons die. Sad Smilie

C'mon people. The idea of this exercise is to teach us all about writing - ie: how to write a story given a particular situation. It's hard, but then anything worth doing is a little challenging, is it not?

Please don't take my editing personally, people! I am just trying to get the story to keep flowing.

Lol! Amarie, you ought to thank me for that! That was a product of my imagination!
But Ally replaced Vals name with mine/Amari’s. Let's call it a team effort shall we? Wink Smilie And I agree, introducing the dwarves was great and I was begining to wonder where the orcs the mountain was swarming of had gone.. I'm looking forward to read what Val is doing by himself and to visit Moria! Yey!
"I think Aragorn wants to deal with Roth in a controlled environment till he explains himself. He has still not completly recovered, but he will soon. He controlled us like puppets back there, dwarves are more resistant to spells like that and will react if we start acting strange."

WOW Amarie! I hadn't thought of that before! By the "restoration" I meant "cleaning-up" watever creatures were left in Moria. I have already thought of one such creature and an encounter with it! Wink Smilie
"How shall we enter Moria?"enquired Aragorn.

"From the East gate,"replied Broda.

"But isn't that barred?"

"Yes it was. But we worked hard and long to remove the rocks that had fallen in front of it and thus clear the gate."

"And the watcher in the water?"
I think Broda meant the West gate, the Hollin gate.
I think Broda meant the West gate, the Hollin gate

Yes Grondy. you are right. just a bit confsed of the directions. thank u!
Well done, writers!

Amarie, I especially like what you are doing with your character Amarie. All sorts of possible plot developments with Arkentos getting jealous of Roth.

Big Smile Smilie
*blushing* Thanks Ally! Smile Smilie
The character Roth needs to be explained. If no one else is inclined to do so, I will do it in a day or so and you will just have to put up with what I decide.
So will he be explained soon? Elf Confused Smilie

I'm also a bit confused about Arkentos now. Is he or is he not a ranger? Lord_aragorn86 went offline befor I could ask what he ment. "He's a man from the east of the Misty Mountains" he said. I thought the Rangers lived in Rivendell under Elronds protection, so ho he would have kin there if he was a ranger?

If he wasn't a ranger, why did he spend so much time in Rivendell (as he must have if he had been trying several times to impress Amari’) ?

Just wondering.. I'll edit my post when I find out all that is wrong. Tongue Smilie

Was planning a raid on the nasty evil snakes to revenge Arkentos btw. Wanna join?
Ok, I finally caught up and re-read the whole story thus far.
I added my two cents worth in today too, and had a little idea in mind. Maybe Minnet and Sonnet (Val's cats) could find their kitten, and in the process rally up a mini-army of mountain lions to help in later battles?
Just a suggestion, but it doesn't have to be final Wink Smilie
OMG!! Valedhelgwath is dead??? His comrades may have to avenge him at some time in the story. Maybe after the female cat returns with the kitten?

Roth is still an enigma. The best place for Roth to show his character is in Moria. In the heat of battle, will he save the day or turn traitor?

Friend of Elladan and Elrohir
Has the hots for Amarie
Good fighter
Knows the lands east of the Misty Mountains and does not fear beasts of shadow

I was under the impression he was a human ranger. He could have been stationed east of the Mistys for some reason and yet still return to Rivendel now and then?

OMG!! Valedhelgwath is dead???
Only the character, not the Council Member might I add Wink Smilie

I'm afraid it happened for real though. I was actually playing a game with my son in the High Pass at the time this story began, so saw it as a way of bringing reinforcements into our game. If anyone had followed him from here, I would have added their character to the game I was playing with my son. As it was, just the two characters went there alone and Val caught a nasty critical from a troll that ended his days as a character. Quite sad really. I've been using him on and off in Rolemaster for over 15 years.
That's too bad, Val. Can you ressurect him for another game? or is that not allowed? Just curious.

A Female Dwarf has entered the story! Great stuff, Amarie! I have always wanted to know more about the fairer - ehem - at least feminine gender of the Dwarven race. Could there be a romance? I have always wondered what kind of courtship rituals dwarves might have. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Can you resurrect him for another game? or is that not allowed? Just curious.
I don't think it is ever allowed in game play. However, in literature and story telling, one can always place the tale at a time prior to the date of demise of the character in question. And even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle resurrected Sherlock Holmes after his fall from grace at Ricketybacken* Falls. For that reason, I hope to read the further adventures of 'Valedhelgwath, Elven Ranger'. Of course, if Val, like Doyle, has grown to be bored with his character, then only public outcry can bring him back to the written page.

Pretty please! Jumping Flame Smilie

I have always wondered what kind of courtship rituals dwarves might have. Big Smile Smilie: Big Smile Smilie
Lots of name-calling and head-bashing are entailed at first, just to get and hold the attention of the other party. Then when they start picking stray pieces of bone, straw, and food out of each others beards, the spectators know things are starting to get serious.

When a female birth has occurred, the female of the species wears for the remainder of that workshift, a pink ribbon in her beard; similarly, her husband wears a blue ribbon, also just for that day, signifying the arrival of a male. Any cigars handed out are only chewed due the flammable nature of beards and the ostracism encountered by premature beardlessness.

* I can't bother looking up the actual place name where Prof. Moriarity went over the falls and where everyone, especially Dr. Watson, also thought Holmes had met his death there too.
Can you resurrect him for another game? or is that not allowed? Just curious.
In Rolemaster there are certain high level spells and a few herbs that can restore life to dead character. These must be administered quickly after death, however, otherwise the character suffers permenant damage. Before this can be done, the injuries must be healed too, either by spell or herb, otherwise the soul will just depart again.

I'm afraid neither the herbs nor spells were available at the time of his death. I asked my son whether he was going to bury or cremate him, but he replied that they'd better get out of there quickly before anything else came along. So not even a nice elven funeral to remember him by, just food for the next troll to come along Sad Smilie .

Still, I've a lot of fond memories from playing him over the years. Characters like this seem to come alive after a time, complete with histories and deeds. From the start his background was as an elf who had fled the sacking of Gondolin as a child, so there is plenty of scope for adventures in between should I choose to write them. As far as future gaming goes, however, that is that for him. Even if I set a game in the past, the fact he can only die once really precludes him from playing in the past.
Of course, if Val, like Doyle, has grown to be bored with his character, then only public outcry can bring him back to the written page.

Pretty please!
Funny enough, Grondy, it's only on this site while talking about him, that I've ever written anything about Val. The stories I normally write are directly Tolkien related, but I suppose I could have a crack at putting some of his adventures on paper at some stage.
Had to edit the last post by Andrea. Sonnet, the male chetmig is dead (his back broken by the troll that killed Valedhelgwath) so it can only be Minnet and the kitten, Tenor.

Are the new characters elves? We now have a plot diversion, so this introduces some more complexity to the overall plot. This can be a bit confusing to read, so when you make a post, please be sure to make it clear which group of adventurers we are with. I think it helps to restate who the characters are also. Just some thoughts.

I hope the enthusiasm is still alive for this story! It has mountains of potential for an epic fan fic. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Belethcrist, Firedhel and Gorisil fits into an idea I have had for a while. I was thinking some help would come from from King Thranduil in Mirkwood once the news got there. It would explain why there suddenly are three strong warriors in Rivendell ready to take of in few seconds, when there where only five who wanted to go just days earlier.

I'll start writing on it now, unless Andrea has their story planned, then of course I'll stop writing or remove my bit, it is her caracters after all. Smile Smilie
I re-wrote what I added to the story yesterday. Now it's a lot better and has minimum of skipping back and forward in time. It doesn't fit 100% with what Andrea wrote though..

[Redigert den 5/12/2003 av Amari’]
I like your characterisation, Amarie, and it does fit well with the back story. I will leave it up to Andrea to say if she is not happy.
I m happy Big Smile Smilie
Come on folks! We've got to revive this story! Everybody can join!
Amari’: Your post today, the segment with the healing song for Roth, was beautiful. Thanks
*blushing* Thank you Grondy! Wiggle Smilie
As he walked he heard a soft melody bein' carried over the wind....."more of yer trickery is it,well not this time. Soon my blade will find you and cut out whatever beats in that chest."?
I take it Darous didn't like Amari’s song..

And slowly several wraiths came through the shadows. Screams of fallen souls howled in the air as they grasped for escape.
Umm... I thought they all 'died' when they lost their master Sauron. Or does it just mean gosts?

I don't understand where Darous is going with this. ...which is not good as we're the only ones writing, and I am the only one including the other caracters. It's a story not a rpg.. Very Sad Smilie
Ok folks! I finally decided to rejoin the quest.

And yes If u r confused with wat I did with Arkantos, no problem, I'm at a loss too with wat I've written. Tongue Smilie I just had to write something and this was it!
So Arkantos is alive again? Elf Confused Smilie I am happy to run with that. In fact it's rather interesting. Big Smile Smilie

I think we can let the wriaths be 'ghosts' of some kind, something like barrow-wights or elves who have faded. The Nine are destroyed, so it couldn't be them.

Hmmm...this gives me an idea....
Well, actually Alyssa, the idea of resurrecting Arkantos all came up from ur character dossier. hadn't mentioned there that Arkantos was "now dead". So I thought, it will be nice to have him back again. Well, anywayz, I like the way u contined Alyssa. Hope they reach Lothlorien soon now!
So do I, it all depends what Aragorn saw further on and what shape Arkentos is in, that nasty snake venom realy messed him up as you might remeber. Killed him even. *heh*
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