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Amadambarierie gonna ZAP Me Me???

For whose purpose are these Bio's if you dont mind me asking?

Are they an idea to keep readers or other writers in touch with characters and events?


Are they an imposition from on high to get ppl posting more often, personally i prefer quality to quantity, (however their are certain areas where their is an exception to this rule...Uhm?)

Just asking Angel Vee. Wink Smilie

{personally i dont mind doing a bio - but do you think it better for the readers & writers to discover more about the characters and story as they read it. Just an opinion, i hope you respect it and me in the morning, You dont want to make me to cry like a blubbering baby if you criticise or contradict me - Cos I will y'know. heh}

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To keep writers and readers up to date without having to trawl through pages and pages of stuff. Also to help anyone who wants to join in especially when taking over a character.

Also suggested that every few pages someone posts a quick update in the Story. This does not mean that we can get away without reading what is posted before.

As for criticising you........ ha! so many errors in that post I don't know where to start...

Wiggle Smilie
On the matter of criticism... i'm very sensitive y'know.

And i'm not alone...


i just gave my opinion about what should be changed. Period. If everyone respects each other's opinion, you don't try to go into that or criticize it. Also, commenting that i should reread parts of the books isn't really respecting an opinion, is it? And why is there only comment on what i posted on not what other PT members posted then? It's always the same.

Solidarity Comrade Viromir...

Oh dear!

Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

{PS *whispers* Btw Vee its "criticising" not "criticing" - n'yer}
So it is!


People who live in glasshouses should close the curtains at night!

Anyway we are going to try something........ I am going to post a summary here any minute now.
The story so far........

Aragorn, Amarie, Nil, Roland, Arkantos, Roth, Dorin & Moori were joined by Aelric and Vaeltira. Using Aelric's ship they have sailed to the island where Nil remembers the Gem was left. They were joined on the journey by Valruin and Etharion, two elves rescued when their ship was sank by pirates. Etharion brings news of impending war and messages have been sent back to Gondor to make preparations.

The group has reached the island where the Gem is to find it inhabited by strange batlike beasts, orcs and possibly some humans taken there orginally as slaves and food by the orcs. The batlike beasts are the children of Thuringwethil, Vampiric Beast and messenger/servant of Melkor and Sauron.

Aelric has finally been taken over by Thuringwethil who was trapped within his sword and had been drawing strength from him every time he used it. She has gone to the island to meet Melvorion who in turn has possessed Roth. Melvorion is a necromancer/sorcerer and is working with Thuringwethil. Melvorion forced Nilgaerien to go with him to guide him to the Gem. She escaped from him with the help of her horse, Gondolin, but not before Thuringwethil had taken a nibble of her and sucked some lifeforce out of her as well as blood. Gondolin dies after saving Nilgaerien and Nilgaerien is currently outside the cave where the group made camp, being looked after by Amarie. Nilgaerien is now blind and her mind has been affected.

Vaeltira has connected to Aelric using the pendant and knows what is happening to him. She tells Aragorn. The marines from Aelric's ship who had gone ashore earlier were attacked by the bat beasts and are all near death.

Moori is inside the cave with Daria, a woman who lives on the island. Etharion has suffered some trauma possibly from contact with Melvorion's mind. Melvorion is desperate to find Nilgaerien and the Gem before Thuringwethil gets angry at his failure.

Arkantos, Dorin, Aragorn, Roland and Valruin are outside the cave. Aragorn tells Valruin and Roland to take the wounded men back to the ship.

Aelric is in Thuringwethil's lair. She sleeps during the day and he has more control. He gained strength from Vaeltira and Amarie but also became aware of what was happening to him. He has been possessed and almost absorbed by Thuringwethil.

Have I forgotten anything important?
Looking good. I'll write about the "old days', befor Vee and Aelric since I am the only one left from the original writers.

Oh, and I deleted Aelrics one word post. You know the rules, Charlie.
Aye... Vee you forgot the bit where Aelric claims the throne of Gondor as his own, after a short bloody duel with Elessar Hairdresser, then he and his wopping hordes rampage all over Middle Earth, finally get bored and travel off across the sea and plunder valinor, After wedgying the entire host of Valar. Thus securing Aman for Aelric and his many wizards, and entrusting the throne of Eldamar to his dear Vaeltira, so she can hold court over the her Vanyar slaves.

remember that Vee, Ama? Bad King Smilie

Oh thatsa reet, we hev nae git tae that yet! (thats me scottish typing dialect btw)
Hahahahaaa!!! I was picturing groundskeeper Willy from Simpsons so clearly when reading that! Not many scots around you see. Wink Smilie
Amarie I ask you very nicely because to delete the word 'b*gger' from Earlick's post!!!!!

[Ama: Done, thank you for bringing it to my attention and for asking so nicely.]
OI! What's wrong with that word... i used it in the most innocuous tense one could use.

Ok i'll change it to "repair" or "motion" or "charge" or summat

Bl**dy wimmin!

Thought the plan was at least worthy of a giggle though, no fun you lot!

Bad King Smilie

TRAVEL OFF??? what in hells teeth is that?
It doesn't matter how you use it, it is not to be used at all. And if you thought travel off sounded odd, booohooo, you'd better write post that noone needs to edit then, don't you?
Jesus wept gal, Calm down wont ya.

Criminey ya think i was being serious?

Rolf! Very Big Grin Smilie

Can i say Booger? Go on Can I? Please? lol
I did find it amusing, but we already knew what you planned. Wink Smilie But you still have to play by the forum rules even if you are the evil one.

Aww isn't Drogba a good solider? But where is he planning to look?
Roolz... Schmoolz.


Ever heard of the saying
"Rules were made to be molten"

Hot n Malleable

like my good self Bad King Smilie

Anyways, have a great weekend Angels, and Vive le France!

Lighening Smilie
Awwwww.... poor Aelric...... yes your plan was funny but then all your plans are funny!

As for Drogba - he hopes Vaeltira will go with him. He has to ask her nicely. He'll want to take Dorin and Moori and maybe Arkantos if he wants........ He'll be home by dark.

Arkantos of the D’nedain
Amari’ of Rivendell

moved to front page.
Guess it's my turn, eh? Big Smile Smilie Here goes...

Nilgaerien, Guardian of the Gem of Eldamar
moved to front page.
Goody goody!!
All new bios are now put on the front page. Etharion, Gildor and Earlick, we need your too. Smile Smilie
What about Roth - do we need more bio for him?

And as we are tidying up a bit what about Daria? If Moonstone isn't posting can we lose her somehow? Feed her to Mummy?

Dorin Mighty-axe and Moori Bladeswinger, male and female(!) dwarf
Moved to front page.
Kill kill kill.. that is all you think about. Wink Smilie

Let us just let Daria run away, she gets a chance now that the people are busy with other things, looking for Aelric and moving sick people and stuff. She can pop up if Moonstar comes back to post, if not we can always find what is left of her body later when we leave the island or when we know more.
Etharion elf of Harad
moved to front page.
Valruin has already been established as a member of Nil's village, left before it was destroyed and is now the only kin she knows.

But other than that great stuff...... now write like that in the Quest!
"Morning M'Lurvely Angels"


Yikes... that mean i gotta think n stuff?

'Morning Angel - I mean Charlie.

Yes, think.... you know.... something you don't do often.....

And think of a way to rescue Earlick please.
Ok, a bit late but here is my bio:

Valruin, warrior and sailor:
moved to front page.
Well, that's my bio...... Don't like my ending though.....
Its ok Gildor. But i dont think we acctualy know how much Haradrim there is. There is probably more of them, we dont know. Bu its lot of them! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Lord Ael'Mynaur-Tar of Umbar
aka Lord Aelric.

moved to front page.
You need to write /b in the last [ ] after the headline. That's all. Now that is quite a novel! Interesting!
Vaeltira lost her husband in a tournament, Aelric slaying him. Her twin sons, her wealth and status all were lost, and she was cast into the pits of Mordor. Melvorion had planned all this from the beginning, deeming Vaeltira to be a "good match" for Aelric, so he maneuvred events to suit this outcome.

Er........ not quite. Her first husband was killed and his body brought back to Mordor or Barad Dur by Aelric. Vaeltira recognised her husband's injuries as having been caused by orc weapons and she suspected Aelric of being involved in his murder. Then her children were taken, and shortly after that she married Aelric. Her time after that was divided between living with Aelric in Umbar and carrying messages to Mordor, also acting as representative of Mordor. She was also kept under guard in Mordor at such times when Aelric's absolute obedience was required.

Melvorion spent *ages* imprisoned in Barad Dur. He was corporeal for the wedding and then trapped inside Roth.

If you want the great uncle thing it could be a very great great great uncle, stories of which told of his power....... etc...... and you only found that out at the wedding....... or something.......
i was going to do that, Great great etc... but for the purposes of simplicity i didnt. I'll amend, though it looks clumsy.

As for the tournament, i'm certain thats was the original idea, back in the days of yore. Suit yourself, just pick holes and i'll fill em.
That may have been your original idea but it isn't what was recorded so you must have compromised somewhere. That or I completely ignored you.....
I reckon on the latter, knowing you. lol

So thats the bio, thinking about posting something the now. maybe an epic booger.

Tongue Smilie
Please someone write something!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Vael and the others succeed? How will they rescue Aelric? What is happening with Nil? Are the men safely back on the boat?

Do we have any C5?
Poor Vee...

Dont worry i'll save ya!

Very Big Grin Smilie
I'm waiting.......
hey guys sorry i've been gone so long, my liitle sister died last week she was only 14. Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
if you guys don't wanna keep daria you don't have to. Sad Smilie
althuogh she could probably help amarie.well her necklace might be able to help.
i do have some ideas though. because she's watching amarie heal everyone and because she too is in need of healing amarie could be reaching something in her. she could be remembering her father. when she looks at aragorn she could see her father in a little way even though aragorn's so much more powerful and truly has the look of a king. she could also perfer to be with amarie rather than anyone else almost like a child with her mother around lots of strangers. she could start mubbling about stuff and they could relize that she is not only talking about her father but also about the gem........

you use what you want. i might have to leave for a few more days. funeral stuff Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie .
Oh honey! *gives Moonstar the biggest, warmest hug in the history of mankind* Words can't tell how sorry I am. Sad Smilie 14 years is far too young, we are here for you if you want to talk.

We just didn't know what to do with Daria when you weren't here, we want to keep you both. We will wait for you to come back. Think I'll write a bit about Daria now.
Wow, so sorry that you and your family have to go through that..... can't even begin to imagine what it is like.

We'll look after Daria. Take care.
I am so sorry, Moonstar. I wish there was something I could do for you and your family to ease your pain. Take care, hun. *hugs*
Thats a tragedy... my condolences for what its worth.

Chin up.

Bad King Smilie
(returns amarie's hug. gives red a kiss) Kiss Smilie Very Sad Smilie thanks you guys i appreciate it . really i do. i'm gonna be gone till monday so if you decide on what you want to do with daria go ahead and do it.
i do have a request though. if you could say a prayer i'd appreciate it.
see you guys on monday.
Man. Im really sorry for your loss. You must feel terible. Sorry, i know you must feel sad now so i wont mention it again.
A prayer - just one? Consider yourself well prayed over from now on. That had to be the hardest thing you go through in life. I've lost a grandma and almost my dad. Your post made me dread to think of what it would be like without my own 14-year-old sister. Just remember that you're not alone, okay? Smile Smilie
Need your help guys and gals...

We are close to Aerlic..... should we...

a. rescue him
b. be unable to rescue him but leave the pendant with him for strength
c. get Aragorn who can then fight Thuringwethil and rescue Aelric which of course would be the pits for Lord Arrogant, I mean Aelric.
d. all get killed?

a. rescue him
b. be unable to rescue him but leave the pendant with him for strength
c. get Aragorn who can then fight Thuringwethil and rescue Aelric which of course would be the pits for Lord Arrogant, I mean Aelric.
d. all get killed?

I'd go for alternative c. Not only will Aragorn actually get to do something but it will also annoy Aelric a lot!

Ok, Nil has to wake up and get herself together, Ama needs to look after Daria and talk to Arkantos befor he explodes. Tongue Smilie
a. rescue him
b. be unable to rescue him but leave the pendant with him for strength
c. get Aragorn who can then fight Thuringwethil and rescue Aelric which of course would be the pits for Lord Arrogant, I mean Aelric.
d. all get killed?

I'd say: let's try D, and if that doesn't work, we could always go to C.... Tongue Smilie Nah, I'd say we do C, it seems to me that it is the only logical thing to do.

Tsss, my bio still isn't on the front page Shaking Head Smilie Wink Smilie
OK... going with 'c'.

Bear with me..... haaving a bath atm and bit warm and woozy... yes, I did get out of the bath to post but will be returning shortly.

OK - about to post something that explains a lot about Thuringwethil and her plans and her brood.... so if I mess what has gone previously please say so here so I can amend where necessary - this applies in particular to Aelric because he has more of an idea than I do about Thuringwethil.... or does he? Hehehehehehe......

Nah, if something is out of synch tell me.

So, please don't post anything for Vael and her group or involve Aragorn in anything as he has to fight Thuringwethil...........

Get this done and I can top the bath up with hot water and resume my soaking and thinking.....
Bios are moved to the front page and slightly edited (like the part about Vaeltira in Aelrics bio), any changes you want done to them, PM me or something and I'll edit them.
Hey Nil posted!!!!!!!!!

Champagne everyone!

Maybe the lovely Earlick will post soon as well.

I miss the 'Good Morning Angels'.
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